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From Paris to Kyoto. In a little while. in a little WHITE :)

Posted on: 31 July 2011

private planes ROCK.

Good morning universe!

Sunday morning.

No rain falling… but lots of things to be happy about for this gal, who’s spending her morning time all tied up and nakedly merged with the most awesome creature ever.

My Karim.

My love.

Miami time rocked.

I won’t say “my life”, cos my life is so much other than just another person, no matter how amazing, but… “the highlight of my life” is pretty okay when speaking of him.

In a short amount of hours – well, tomorrow – I’ll be jumping again on our little (not so little) private plane (am I saying “ours”? It’s not. It’s Karim’s uncle one but he’s gonna be family soon… he already is ;)) and heading to the Land of my Joy, Japan along our families and closest relatives.

Hopefully weather won’t be a bitch, but it seems over Saturday in Kyoto sun will shine (of course).

Our friends are also coming from literally all the world, as we have arranged flights and staying for them as well, for an entire WEEK.

Shiooooot I’m gonna marry.

Who would have believed it?

So many thoughts and feelings, but in so many ways this month-long partying all over the world (if you follow my twitter, you know what I’m talking about… ) felt like a celebration of my life and my friends and family ties, all heading, merging and mashing towards an event that somehow is gonna re-shape them all.

Enforcing them all.

Re-birthing them all.

We had an amazing and well-shared fun… we had mega parties in multiple towns all over Europe and US… we had CRAZY bachelorette parties and bachelor’s one (but we weren’t there so… I can’t judge ;)) we had very satisfying sexual plays (you know I’m mastering those, and kinky’s my second name), we went to Hamptons, we did sail in yacht and had amusing family time, we flew through Miami and had luxury treatments, we moved West Coast to enjoy friends and Maroon 5 (and Stevie Wonder, for me and Karim only pleasure though) at the Hollywood Bowl (nice, but somehow I couldn’t digest the presence and the flair of the Fuckery The Voice’s guest Javier Colon, who’s a good singer but nowhere he ever touched any inner chord of mine, sorry… Luckily the amazing Stevie Nicks saved the feeling of my night and somehow helped me re-assessing my good feeling with Maroon 5 and Adam), then we had fun in Catalina (ziplining rocks!!) in place of Las Vegas, before friends head back to Europe and their Usa’s place and only K&I enjoyed time with our families reunited first in his hometown (Love San Fran to death) and then here, in Paris, where we are takin off from in just a little while more.

Stevie Nicks bit was awesome…overall though I like Maroon 5 better in smaller venues; and what you will hear Adam say later on in a video that I will upload explains why (his voice is amazing but too thin sometimes for stadium sized venues).

yesterday night. Lovely Paris

Back on marriage though…

It’s funny because I still feel like marriage, whose concept is surrounding us from weeks and weeks, amidst dozens of references, bookings and plans, ain’t my thing.

I didn’t need it.

Somehow I still don’t.

I would have lived perfectly without it… it doesn’t add a thing to my life and my love BUT it does to my lover’s one and that’s why I agreed to marry him.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m putting myself 1000% behind this step (in my own way, which Karim knows and approves and love).

It’s just that I don’t necessarily thing it adds or detracts a thing to a relationship.

Marriage is mostly a way society of only A PART of the world and only from selected historical sections of it has found to preserve conventional tranquility.

Often actually damaging the reality of relationship statuses, teaching how to deceit, how to lie, how to be hypcrital just for a void “sake of the institution of it”, alienated longtime from the real FEELING of it instead.

I have been lucky to have gotten great examples of marriages working around me, firstly in my own family but I have never been naive about that.

Philosophy, History, concepts of Law and abiding of that have taught me much other things and all not flattering about the “sanctity” of marriage.

In a way I agree with what Adam declared about it on a very beautiful interview he did last week with Piers Morgan on CNN.

It’s a very beautiful interview that I’m willing to post here in its entirety (with my usual styled add-ons) because it marked in many ways my re-acceptance of him fully post Hollywood Bowl gig (though sorry, I will still NEVER approve of his choice to be on a reality tv competition, and I will never watch a thing of it until I have breath, no matter how into it he genuinely seems, also from this interview):

Anyway, back on the reason of my likings of this interview, which links to my pre-marriage status.

Yes, I see how marriage and real love or good relationship truly have never had much to share or depend on to.

A real happy relationship doesn’t need marriage, as much as marriage won’t in any way guarantee anything about the good output of a relationship.

What matters are love, respect, sincerity, acceptance, care, interests, clicking, out-sights about life – they don’t necessarily have to be coming from the same point, but have to be heading in the same direction –  and sexual correspondences.

MOst adorable celebrity couple Adam Levine and Anne V at backstage of Hollywood Bowl gig on July 25th 2011.

I’m sure Adam and Anne have those, as he clearly seems glowing in her and she seems to in him; and I always love when I read more about their menage – à – deux, especially when coming directly from either of them… definitely Karim and I have those kind of bonding at an upper level already (which is why we actually marry I guess: you know how I wish “A-squared” the same soon though).

Love is important; in the sense without it not much else can give the same satisfaction.

Look: I’m talkin love in the widest of senses, not only or just the romantic/sugarly kind of it.

Love is love of a family and friends and the general skill in makin another feels that you have a heart beating for them.

In any form.

I have always thought empathy is a key to a good relationship: you gotta try and understand another point of view…

People never think “all the same”, and especially that never applies to “everything”, nor “under every circumstance”.

Love doesn’t measure at all over that, and in fact many successful links and bonds survive just because they are existing among very different people.

It’s the outreaching and the willingness to outreach to join another one’s dimension that gives the measure of your love for that person.

And it’s all but easy or given; which is why not many relationship are often that successful after a while, given the different level of passion and enthusiasm about one another that forcefully time sets in.

You gotta put so much work in any bond for it to survive, evolve and broaden.

But I do believe relationship can be eternal, if they apply to change and remain SINCERE and true.

Fairy tales don’t exist.

Hard work does.

You may think I’m cold but trust me I’m very happy and joyous instead.

These joyous days for instance though have been also worsened by a tragic news: Amy Winehouse died alone and sad out of her misery and solitude.

Falling under the evil power of drugs, that this heartfelt tribute from Russel Brand detailed amazingly (it was a surprise… I don’t generally like him but this was amazing).

I was shocked and saddened and destroyed because I’ve been a fan of her incredible talent since she first surfaced in UK.

It’s horrifying that no love could help her loneliness and heal her wounded soul.

And therefore we lost one of the brightest talents EVER in popular music:

So sad nobody helped her quest for true love; that would have saved her, and her amazing songwriting ability to keep blessing our lives too:

That’s what I meant when I say love is important, and the key for anyone’s life.

Catalina's bliss!

I found it… and in some lil time I’ll be walkin down a beautiful aisle, with the most amazing family and friends, in the most amazing other Country ever (which is LOVE for me, too), all dressed in white (creamy white, camon) to join my path along the most amazing man who ever walked down this planet.

Don’t expect personal pictures to surface though… and so no guests will be allowed to share them (ehi… our bodyguards can be tough… lol!).

Private times are sacred for us, but you will get a glimpse and a stream of joy that’s for sure, because happiness is ruling me so much I can’t avoid to share it 🙂

Karim… I love you.

I promise you will never regret putting that ring on me.

See you after Japan bliss… keep checking twitter if you wanna look out for more 😉

Incoming bride Miss Z. salutes you…and what will I be after? Missus Z.?

Maybe 😉

Take care and have a great August everybody 🙂 I leave you with the return of >The Chief!!!

Hail to Noel Gallagher and his beautiful Death Of You And Me from High Flying Birds‘ incoming record – that of course I already pre-ordered.


PS: I finally agreed in doing something for Marghe and Serena and their Maroon 5 dedicated blog that I host 😉 BUT… I will just put up things… THOSE things… without editing. because for edit them I’d have to watch em and NO WAY 😉 Yes… I keep being in denial of that and pissed off on the whole Fuckery thing.

Wait some hours days. We’ll work on that in Japan I guess 😉 from on the plane ;).

That will help chase away tinglings probably… ouch?

Sounds like I am turning bridezilla???

One of Karim's amazing gifts made out of fresh roses, in honor of my own name 🙂


Trust me I won’t ;).


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