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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

From March 2011, and until Maroon 5 and Adam Levine will progress in their decision of givin up to art and sellout to tv shams and all various shames of fuckery they are linked currently to, in spite of art, THIS IS WHERE you can read about them.

I hope soon these bad decisions they just made will be erased by their getting back to their former roots of great musicians and pure musicians only but until then, I can’t fake a respect that I lost in its wider part when Adam signed on that tv show ditching his fans for it.

This Japan Lover Blog can’t be anymore a house for every Maroon5 related writing, sadly (believe me it was all but an easy decision on my part… you must have understood how much I love them during these years…).

Until Adam won’t amend coming back to art, and only to it, THIS is where you can read about Maroon 5 and about their every move.

Note that I provide only the space for it and the publishing keys, but I don’t write there, even though as the blog space still paid by me, all posts read in the caption “by zairaamaterasu”, too.

The only post I there wrote is and will be the first one (and the last one, in the hopefully coming soon day when Adam will stop being a “tv personality” and will get back to be a fantastic singer and musician on world stages ONLY…).

Trust me, all I want is to get back to my former liking and full worshipping of them/him soon, an attitude of total love which was bounder less and immense, because I feel deprived without my daily dose of the music I love the most.

It’s that I am not gonna change a bit of who I am, craving for it, so… ball is in their field.

I will patiently waiting till they won’t start to be true to themselves again, fully and without such degrading commercial compromises as The Fuckery Voice feature clearly is.

I will wait most silently, though, and only occasionally give tips back after their gigs (because that’s what keeps me a fan and a lover after all, even amidst all the reality tv fuckfests).

It’s the best solution I can find at the moment because if I would speak of Adam or Maroon 5 every day like I used to at the moment I would risk to be speaking too many bad words at times (I already did after the shock of them canceling their tour for the TV sham) and so I prefer to stay put and shut and give them their time.

Time to redeem themselves…

End of the message, and if you like enjoy Margherita and Serena trying to be music chronics.

They will do their best and I will still provide them videos, when I can :).

Zaira 😉


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