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The day Adam Levine decided to sell out to “The Voice”

Posted on: 1 March 2011

New York: this very morning. LOVE.


I’m at JFK.

Ready to take off from New York to Paris.

It should have been such a wonderful time, full of lovely expectations and also some sprinkle of Fashion because although I have to be in France also for working duties (and so is Karim), tomorrow time of ours was mainly going to be a fabulous time at Casino De Paris, watching Maroon5 live in the first of three incoming European dates.

Except that that particular first chance has become THE ONLY CHANCE we will get (really, to get the first admission from TG Com was awful, too) for way a while time (there is the whole situation of the April Golf Event… but I think that’s on hold as well honestly).

No more cute fanmails from European fans that could interest them?

And I am not even sure I want to keep still watching the gig in Paris at all, frankly.

It would feel just too much of a farewell to my former love and admire of a band and a man.

What did happen?

There you go: The Shame. I mean... "The Voice". UGH.

By now many should know: Adam Levine is along Cee-Lo Green the first of a 4 panel judges to be part of the new Reality Singing Contest “The Voice”, namely the NBC answer to a question nobody decently smart enough cared for anyway, namely American Idol (and a fill in for that position before XFactor USA will reach the airwaves in the Fall).

So Adam decided to give up to his amazing talent, he decided to sell his bandmates to the shrine of self-indulgence, he kissed his world-fans a stinky goodbye, and WITHOUT EVEN TRY TO EXPLAIN OR APOLOGIZE (that makes me disappointed the most, because it truly shows how much he doesn’t care and he’s self-absorbed) he SIGNED TO BE A FRIGGING TV “PERSONALITY” on the NBC attempt to make even more losers get a record deal out of a saturated, completely idiotic market segment (read “reality show singing competition”).

I really lost all my respect about him in the very moment this news surfaced.

Somehow I am trying to dig deep inside me (and I don’t know why… because he does not deserve such a care now) if this refusal of Adam I strongly feel at the moment comes out of the momentum and it’s gonna get a patch over in a while, or if REALLY I do have to get accustomed to the way I am properly feeling I am disgusted by him, like I’m reckoning now.

If you have ever read me over Internet, you know how BIG this has to be for little Miss Z.

I have spent years adoring Adam, pros and cons, just because I have always found him – way before hot – a wonderfully talented and gifted and TRUE human being.

And now all is trashed by the worst choice he’s ever made, that screams in high volume “I am a hopeless fame chaser a person who cannot cope with lower than expected latest album results“.

Because to me this whole new event is linked to that… and it’s such a lame reason for such a full of bad consequences move.

I am appalled the way his bandmates are allowing him to ridicule them all… They really love him, but this to me more than a love proof is an enabling blind mistake that will cause a damage not quantifiable.

This is something the band won’t ever recover from because you don’t put a tv show in front of PLAYING LIVE… nobody serious about love for music will ever look up to them ever again!!!

This of course must mean something… it must give you reasons to ponder over, whether or if you feel like a real musician.

Which I fear Adam has stopped to.

Is it a temporary loss of senses?

Will it be forever?

The answer to this, the timing of this fuckery oblivion… it’s the thin line that may keep me care somehow about them or him.

Even though at this very moment the disappointment is so vast and wide it just eats everything around, and it doesn’t seem like my heart has space inside to still care about them at all.

It’s so bad and so sad for someone like me who has grown a total feeling of empathy with them, and with him, for almost 8 full years.

What did happen to the man who used to say reality shows sucked?

What did happen to the man saying proudly his band meant the world to him?

What did happen to the man pointing out he wasn’t a singer “like America Idol’s times”, because the way he used to do his job was rooting in way deeper inspirations?

Oh, Adam…

What an incredible, huge, incomparable disappointment you are.

I still worship your voice, but since this news surfaced, I’m not able anymore to like you as human being and I feel really like I’ve lost a friend there.

I hate this feeling I get anytime I think about you… I hate to hate you.

But right now… I truly despise you, I can’t help.

You’ve trashed my respect in such a mean, obnoxious way… it hurts inside… physically.

It’s awful, and maybe surely is an idiot way to feel… but you’re part of my “good inspiring people lot”… or should I say you WERE.

Oh, how it hurts.

I don’t recognize you anymore, and worst of it all, your words now sound all fake to me – and people know I can’t stand fakerism in any way, from anybody.

It’s this distrust that is forcing me to feel detached and negative about you.

I can’t like people whom I don’t admire or at least respect.

I can’t: to me the human factor is the main thing and right now to me you’re acting like a plain blind FOOL.

Sure, I can see what you did: you took a chance to make yourself popular again; it’s a free and respectable choice, IF BY DOING THAT YOU WOULDN’T HAVE DISRESPECTED AT ONCE YOUR FANS AND BANDMATES.

And worst of it all, if by doing that you wouldn’t have given up on MUSIC first.

It’s THIS… it’s your music betrayal that is making me bleed.

I rate music as the highest high form… Darn, in my previous post, in that Jewish Chronicle Interview you’ve given out a MONTH ago… YOU were the one speaking about music importance and greatness in your life and now WHAT?

You sell yourself to the lamest tv sham?

Really, Adam?


The credibility your quick announcement and cancellation made run away from your band and YOU especially won’t come back: you’re delusional if you think that could be restored or repaired.

We got your focus is in the USA only, by now it’s a certainty, but trust me that’s a choice you’re gonna regret pretty soon. Also your credibility in USA is gonna be trashed, because you’re now ONLY a tv puppet, and not a serious musician anymore, and all those with some decent salt in their minds will see it too much clearly to bypass the awkward feeling and give you a second chance at being anything more than “somebody like anybody else”.

You’ve sold out and it has nothing to do with music, but with the giving up of your musical essence in front of a cheap kind of popularity that won’t last (if it will ever come at all).

What a shame, for someone so incredibly talented who used to be so wit, passionate, smart and genuine.

I don’t see it anymore in you… certainly I couldn’t in this heat of the moment after you admitted the NBC signing on: this is so coldly calculated and so much of a loser move to me, I can’t even forgive myself for feeling bad FOR you, while I should just feel bad ABOUT you for the way you’ve flushed in the toilet anything that was once so distinctive and lovely about Maroon 5 and yourself.

The passion for music you had and represented is gone for what it matters, to my eyes at least, and I don’t give a fuck about seeing your sham on tv (because NBC is seable in Italy too); I don’t give a fuck about seeing you patronize young losers who are gonna make the music market even more pre-fabricated…

What are you gonna teach them, the way to betray loyal fans?

Because that is what you did when The Voice idiocity became more important than prove YOURSELF ON A FUCKING STAGE, no matter if whenever you go on that stage is clear you can rock the fuck out of it, because you have the talent to be simply awesome…

If you were bored with touring life, your band, and whatever was that made you disillusioned about the last year, you should just have had to be DAMN HONEST about it… I know a lot of your fans are so retarded they can’t even process a basic thought, but – this may surprise you – there were also types of fans like me who REALLY did care about your music and who have a really smartly functioning brain and developed music taste, and who are never gonna forgive you for what you did because your move just represents anything that’s OPPOSITE to smartness and vision and true music love.

I would have kept respect and love for you untouched if you had just been honest about the whole downwarding spiral out from HAO under-perfomance (I still think the album is great, just not promoted by all the worst kind of singles, and your laziness in going out of USA…), and you did admit and reveal you just wanted to try something out, in a clear and crystal way and confession.

Instead (oh, the shame!!!) you are not speaking a word about this damn choice at all, filling twitter with fake notes about loving the things you’re doing now (it can’t be true and you know it), neglecting truth and moreover keeping LIE about how many shows are gonna be canceled.

Because if the preparation of The Voice Of Fuckery will take you up and occupied in March, you certainly won’t be able to play around the world when it airs on tv, right?

What about Asia canceling then, Mr. Levine? Be honest, damn...

That runs from last week of April till MIDDLE OF JUNE at least… then why not telling it already to your Asian fans that you will never made it there, eh?

Grow a pair and face consequences, pretty boy.

You’re 32 in a while: you should be grown up enough for facing the outputs of what you’ve started, or is it good only when you have to count bank checks accounts in?

Talkin about money (which is amazing and important, when you make them HONESTLY), have you got an idea on how much people were spending to arrange trips and staying for your supposed dope shows?

No refounds can be given there, Mr. Levine.

I don’t care because I’m fucking rich and to me losing bookings is not a drama; I could even fly whenever I’d liked to to NBC studios and see your FUCK SHOW live often for what it means…

But MY reality isn’t everyone’s reality and it’s repulsive the way you haven’t spoke a WORD directly about this all in more than 30 hours.

Oh Adam… while at Hanky Panky yesterday in Amsterdam, you should have requested your new tattoo shouldn’t read I love “mum”: it should read I love mirrors on me and “$$$”.

It’s not a bad thing in itself… but at least be openly spoken about this all, and stop telling you love Europe and the World, and touring, when you just like to be at your home.

It’s not bad “in itself”: it’s bad if you FAKE other things instead to cover how you really feel.

What a grieving shame.

You know it all already; you know how many more fans are gonna be tricked that yet are unaware and keep hoping: but you’re staying mum and I guess it’s a deep sense of shame (I’d wish it’d be: it would mean to me you are still be someway true somewhere under your paths of self-destruction of what once was such a wonderful display of talent and creativity, instead than a rushing orientation to a spotlight that will never suffice to your parameters anyway…).

I wish you had been canceled gigs for whatever other reason than this one; for starting a family (which I would have SO loved, really), for becoming a MONK even…

I wish it had to do with something more relevant and noble than a way to make yourself pathetically visible like any other regular pop shame personality out there.

I am finding an impossible hard time in getting you this time for finding a small way to forgive you; the main obstacle about this process of copying stays in the fact you’re not being real nor true about the reasons of this move.

It’s the lies, or the truth untold and hidden, that make me icky and sick about you.

It’s a feeling that makes me die inside in my most innocent part.

It’s the youth I had that goes away, I fear.

It’s sad and it bites me inside like a poisoned cobra.

I thought you were an artist… I always, always, always thought of you mostly and mainly as a wonderful, unique artist.

Instead by now you’re just Adam Levine. My former favorite person out of my real world ever, who is hardly battling me and my stubborn memory after proving himself through a terrible choice one of the weakest and most insecure people in recent memory.

I’m so tempted in saying you farewell, and just wish you the best…

I would always wish you the best for the great times and inspirations you’ve gifted me with till 24 hours ago, even though right now you seem like you’re never gonna be a person I will trust or respect or look forward to anymore.

I have this voice inside that wants to push me to say goodbye to all that was so incredibly amazing and good about you: I could still love your singing voice, which is a miracle of perfection and uniqueness; I could still just cherish and adore your songwriting ability… but from what you’ve done, this voice wants me to profess I just can’t like you anymore as person or artist.

You’ve decided YOURSELF you are not an artist, in fact, so I would  just follow your lead there, for one last time.

But maybe as I said it’s just the heat of the moment.

It’s so hard to give up on you and the guys… because after so many years of profound empathy, get rid of you is like get rid of a too much of a chunk of me.

I don’t know if I am ready to.

Time will tell what this will leave me with.

I hope it was worth it Adam: I truly hope you’re assured it was, because like me, you gotta realize a wide cut of your no USA fans feel like you’ve just proved yourself like a giant, uncaring, horrible douchebag (I hate to have written this about you, but this time… oh man, you are so deserving it!) .

I have in this iPad I’m writing this update from all the framed passages of what still your greatest gift to me, these days: Stutter, my marriage song.

The video which I have been prepared is too beautiful to be canceled and anyway I unlike you have a way to maintain my promises and words.

And I don’t cancel things just because I don’t like the way sun or clouds fill a day instead than another one.

These images, these drawings… the way you and Anne are shining through colors in what I have so carefully ordered and detailed… this still keep please my heart.

I got a sunny feeling when this very morning, just when, as  I twittered my New York morning cheer, I read that Anne was there with you in Paris, in your free day, after her Los Angeles party time at Vanity Fair Oscar Party.


That let me know I keep feeling strangely happy when I picture you and her together… and if I do, it’s because I know with her you are happy Adam.

So maybe yet I don’t fully loathe you, even though for the way you’ve silenced your artist’s side, you’d deserve me – and all of your loyal and music-lovingly fans – to.

So… let’s go to Paris.

Paris still beautiful no matter who hangs in there, who’s not such a beautiful soul to me anymore.

Maybe watching your gal at defilées (I knew she was going to be there, so I think in the end I’ll actually see her catwalking) will make up about you too.

Maybe… maybe time will heal this awfulness I am picturing now about you, this disturbance I get if I try to recall why I have always liked you so for, which right now is punching out and battling with the unnerving action you’ve decided to sign on to.

And the most awkward and stinging thing is… I don’t even know if I want to hope about this, or not.

Time holds all answers… so let’s just make it pass.

Au Revoir, Mes Rêves! Et À Bientôt ou…non?

Nous verrons ce que nous verrons.


7 Responses to "The day Adam Levine decided to sell out to “The Voice”"

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omg i totally agree. i love him and i get excited when ever i see him on tv but i dont wanna get sick of him. it totally sucks. I dont know how i feel about this. but i cringe everytime i see the commercials. ugh! annoyed. im going to have to “un-maroon” my ipod . im gonna be so sick of him and his voice.

this is gonna take me a while to get over. i have a hole in my heart 😥 how dare you Adam. i wasn’t this pissed since A-rod opted out of his contract… i atleast he’s back. my life isn’t totally empty.

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[…] add-ons) because it marked in many ways my re-acceptance of him fully post Hollywood Bowl gig (though sorry, I will still NEVER approve of his choice to be on a reality tv competition, and I will never watch a thing of it until I have breath, no matter how into it he genuinely […]

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[…] It wasn’t easy for me to almost hate them and Adam for a full year… […]

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