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Good Life be with ya’ll, Universe!

Writing (in steps, because this is gonna be frigging LONG!) enjoying some caressing Cali Sun (in the desert, in LA, and at airports if my ideas for chances to develop this post coherently actually will take place as planned), I am back at ya to wrap it up this masterful 2013.

Because it has indeed been QUITE a Year, don’t you think?

Now I have actually almost 5500 of them :)

Now I have actually almost 5500 of them ๐Ÿ™‚

I know I know… I’ve been MIA most of the Year from these pages, and in fact I have written over this blog almost… never during the Year which is gonna end soon.

But I had warned you: time is not my blogging friend luxury anymore, and practically all that I find “bloggable” about myself comes finely through Twitter and Instagram anyway (hello, followers!), in such a fitting way I never feel like I lack other writing outlets.

I practically gave up on Tumblr too, for the time being, because it was just pointless to find time for it when those two accounts aforementioned sum up pics&words already, and very well.

I am aging, I am a 28 years old and to be frank is not like I believe blogging is such a cool thing anymore, with all the things that are going on with my life.

I would never take any time off from my life to find a space to blog these days, let’s put it this way.

Of course if our plans for a baby go well (K&I are testing waters a lot… and with pleasure and fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) this blog may just change its purpose and become something like THIS (courtesy of former Adam’s love Kelly McKee) ( without all the personal pics of course, because you know K&I abhor those fiercely), but for now it stays up just a s a space that I may fulfill just when I please to.

And this “when/if”, it’s clear by now, is a very rare moment in time.

But surely there have been tons of awesome occurrences in this blessed 2013 tho, something that I have put my writing onto already and profusely over Twitter and Instagram. In a rush, the firsts that come to mind have been:

1) Pope Francis’ everything existence;

2) Berlusconi’s condemnation;

3) my frigging perfect family life (this would well be the first position, but I am trying to learn how to be humble);

4) Traveling and discovering the Far East;

5) Working achievements;

6) Life long friends’ marriage(s);

7) Realizing I am far more blessed than I could have asked for;

8) The fact I keep marvel at so many things, thus my love for life only grows wider as I grow older.

9) My crew(s) which give me always the best love and support and which I couldn’t live without;

10) A lover who is my absolute best counterpart, and mirror, and everything (and THIS values like for ten spots multiplied by ten)

Pope Francis is THE BEST

Pope Francis is THE BEST

There Have also been not so great things around this Year of course, like:

1) Tragedies of entire Countries gone to waste due to economical and political struggles;

2) Notable deaths that have hurt my heart, soul and spirit;

3) Realizing I am starting to have to plan how to spend my energies better, because I am starting to feel less super charged than I used to (and believe me, it hurts my pride A LOT);

Hard to be lovinhg in sports this year... but always FORZA MILAN!!

Hard to be lovinhg in sports this year… but always FORZA MILAN!!

4) Understanding that being based both in Italy and USA sometimes is a huge task that causes family friction, and even tho nobody puts any pressure either on myself, or Karim, we have to get used to accommodate to many and many wishes, which reduces our completely free spare time (otherwise called: organizing maturity downsides), and that sometimes affects my mood, albeit not for long, or not too deeply.

Can Destiny stop being ugly against my idol? Thanx...

Can Destiny stop being ugly against my idol? Thanx…

5) This 2013 has been a truly sucky sporty year (Milan, Lakers… my dearest Kobe’s injuries… a friggin NIGHTMARE I tell you).

Well, at least still for the Year that is soon ending the pros outweighs the cons by a double size so it’s clear I have in fact no complaints about this 2013.

And I am practicing (the best I can) some true Zen approach to life so I can still focus only on the good anyway.

I look forward to a wondrous 2014 and I am SURE that will also bring the most expected family news (I know, I have not to be stubborn on this or it won’t come… but you get me… ;))

I want a baby Eva could play with too!!! * maternal needs *

I want a baby Eva could play with too!!! * maternal needs *

*feeling maternal a lot*.

So why I am here, if not only to wish everybody a “Happy End and Happy Start”?

Well, as we get ready to move from California to… The very beginning of the Earth (but down under) for New Years’ Eve celebration, I have to clear off like 800 and plus posts I have been getting for 6 months, and videos for more than 12 hours, which mirrored my music passion & related stuff since July of this now ending Year.

Yeah, basically I have come logging into on the blog to make a mega post encompassing all of this material so nobody of my freaky friends (they, not me) will give me hell because “ehi!!! I sent you material and you never published it! So long for being a good friend right?” type of extortion (yeah. I have grown up friends in my crew who STILL do and talk like this. ;)).

Many of the videos have actually been already published in the NAWWAL pages, but not all the mega video collages with pictures (and those are over 6 hours) and never many of Behati’s related videos actually, because NAWWAL focuse on Maroon5 and Adam and I try to keep the working of the guys separated from their private lives.

So let’s try to recollect memories linked to this side of my lovingly world once more (it’s a luxury I give you) and patch a kiss over my disappointed Maroon 5 adoring crew people (Marghe, Serena, Teo and Lea being the cheerleaders for this request).

Are you ready?

Behati Perfection Prinsloo

Behati Perfection Prinsloo

It’s gonna be REALLY long (I will try to keep it as synthetic as possible but 6 months can’t be really shortened that much).

My last post was about how happy and shocked (and HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!) I was when the unexpected news of Adam and Behati engagement broke by the middle of July.

I still beam in joy recalling how it felt: I never thought anybody was as fitting as Bee to share his unique life, and the more these two show (better: the more they AVOID to show, like real couple must) about themselves, the more I feel Behati + Adam is THE ULTIMATE perfect couple match EVER in Hwood.


They are so much alike it’s incredible.

They are laid back, honest and true; they hate being posers, and they would NEVER change the way they intimately are for the sake of publicity or (yikes) to fakely please the “public” (public which honestly doesn’t even deserve them, as they ask just to be entertained by puppets, and Adam, as well as Behati, is the farthest thing I know from a biz puppy, hence the way he gets in trouble for voicing his strong liberal beliefs, or his strong molded visions about art and or music or anything else).

But you all know this already.

Will they last forever? Who knows… odds in Hwood are never in favor of the “forever” but one thing is for sure: if Adam, who has always believed he would never marry, has GOTTTEN BACK to Behati after trying to escape from her, it means FOR SURE he believes SHE IS THE ONE, and he will do anything he can to make this one his ONLY marriage; then Bee obviously feels he is the one too, because who else would have endured in letting him go and free to bang whoever, confident true love would have prevailed at last, and Adam would have gotten back to her, and with a proposal? Only true love makes these steps Adam and Behati took with one another.

And this for me is awesome, and just so romantic and amazing…

I adore A&B, and I just can’t wait for their perfect children to bless this world.

The true perfection will come as they will be parenting future world royalty.

And they will ๐Ÿ™‚

Back to the memory trail now: take this first mash up video to recollect some piece first:

Adam and Behati news broke the outlets, causing commotions and the usual inaccurate reports (no, Adam didn’t break with anybody by text AT ALL… this is just some PR trying to exploit his status to make some not relevant people known through his name… a move we have already seen by many others, similarly sad losers).

The fact is that Adam instantly gives ANYBODY relevancy; so when you add to his status (massive by any standard, and destined to grow even more when he will add “movie actor” to the resume) to a Victoria’s Secret CERTIFIED Angel since 2009 – VS spokeperson since 2007 – what you get is a super sized Power Couple which any media outlet will try to exploit, in ANY Country, not merely the US.

In Italy the news broke straight, too, and so it did all over Europe.

Guess we have to get used to this, but what I love is that Adam and Behati keep being as reserved as possible, unlike many famewhores around, which I despise (and they despise too, hence their couple behavior) and whom I am so happy Adam never got back with, and never ever had any regret over.

Behati Chat for VS Victoria Launch July 2013 - she ROCKS

Behati Chat for VS Victoria Launch July 2013 – she ROCKS

I laughed endlessly about the fact as soon as the news broke of his engagements, the usual losers&haters of Behati stepped in claiming an array of absurdities, like:

1) she must be pregnant;

2) it’s a stunt;

3) he’s faking it;

and alter mean lies, ranging from the fact she would be a druggie, to the fact she blackmailed him into something he didn’t want (yeah… sure, lol).

Beauty  and talent in a nutshell

Beauty and talent in a nutshell

Hilarious because the only reason OBVIOUS of the engagement in all of Adam’s entourage and family was CLEARLY love; and in fact, a HUGE, unmissable one.

He tried to move on: he failed because REAL LOVE only comes rarely and he was not stupid to let his soulmate go.

Adam has been in TONS of relationships, and has been with girls either for a few months, and then with some for 2 YEARS (Kelly, Rebecca, Anne all had him for multiple years, even if only Kelly and Rebecca actually spent that time with him, the latter of the list was almost never with Adam in those 21 months together, so it’s almost like only Kelly and Rebecca had Adam for yearly times anyway); and if he felt with Behati she was the one, so much he couldn’t avoid even to marry her, this speaks louder than any other thing.

As simple as that.

In fact, to get engaged for him is not even a good career move, because his following is also made by obsessive creepy middle aged stalker housewives who have little clues about his real personality and he would sell better to those boring types without being married – especially to some very hot slim and successful young model; so why he decided to do something which is not really his best PR option, even more considering Adam and Behati love to be COMPLETELY private about their life, to protect their well being and their real feelings from intrusive nobodies?


Only stupid people, clearly not bright, can think differently on the matter.

And they will keep on hating Behati, calling her the worst names, spreading the worst lies, all because they simply cannot accept a truth they refuse.

Poor souls.

Adam and Behati care nothing about these losers anyway, and it’s rightly so.

Many strange and unreliable media outlet are also trying to put dirty on the new couple: but let me teach you something in this. Often career’s opponents feed the slimiest media with fake stories to damage the reputation of those they feel are getting threateningly successful: so mind you, many “strange” gossips are actually made up stories by people trying to derail people’s career (especially when said fake stories can never ever been really proved).

Behati in Interview Magazine "The Goddesses"  Aug 2013

Behati in Interview Magazine “The Goddesses” Aug 2013

Basically anyone can spread a lie about someone successful, make it mildly “self evident” as to whom that looks to be referred about, and enjoy the plus of fake gossiping spreading, without the actual risk of being confronted (or sued) for it.

Adam had already to face fake gossips in times when he was only moderately famous, when he said he would sue a magazine claiming he offended Maria Sharapova calling her “dead frog in bed”, while he never said such things at all; the magazine retreated, but still to today nobody knows about the falsity of that statement, and only recall the first launch of the fake news.

Now that Adam is worldwide uber famous, his position is even more delicate; and his haters even more hard-weaponed in falsity against him, hoping to make some damage in his perfectly conducted career.

Behati is in the middle of this “popularity war” and supports her lover, by that taking herself also a very unfair share of fakers, losers, haters and lies on her shoulders.

There is a reason Adam hates Internet for most part, and the evilness of its worst connections: he doesn’t trust people and he doesn’t acknowledges them unless they are introduced by real friends of him; this is his nature… he’s kind of an overprotective snob, but he is because of a series of experiences and by his life background as a wealthy kid growing in LA.

Nothing is going to change him and he won’t fake either a proximity with strangers he just cannot bear.

Don’t expect him to get back being more active online anytime soon (in fact, expect a faster decrease as his family will grow larger): he doesn’t like nor respect any of the people who are aggressive and mean towards his beloved ones and Adam is a person who NEVER forgets and NEVER forgives, this is a very well known thing in Hwood, so there is no way he will get more social now that he knows people bad-mouth his adored fiancรฉe daily.

Kiss my ass - says Behati ;)

Kiss my ass – says Behati ๐Ÿ˜‰

He’s lucky that Bee shares his same views on the matter of lies and fakes and social media engagement, and that they give one another much strength.

There are lot of people who are envious of this couple because of their status, which multiplies since they have gotten back together.

I guess it’s also easier to hate instead of supporting because it takes someone brained to understand facts rather than simply dismiss them without accepting their impact and realness: but again they don’t care and also they are well aware of the meanies, and probably have fun at their backs anytime they check Behati’s Instagram or Twitter mentions (and Adam may not be social-media savvy, but Bee sure is, so for sure she has acknowledged those who hate on her, no matter if they are trying to hide their conversations from her – that never works).

There will be more later on about how amazingly tight and incredible is the bond between Adam and Bee; I love how she speaks through songs, I always have, and the interview she has given to Los Angeles Times about her This Here Very moment capsule collection confirms she is the perfect soulmate of musically inclined Adam.

She has given notes about Lykke Li’s song “I Follow Rivers” which speak volumes, VOLUMES about how in love she has always been with Adam, and how deeply she connects with his very complicated soul.

But more on this later… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course Behati’s name got out more since they got engaged… but she is NEVER the one pushing for it; she can’t avoid people talk, but she never fuels it and never once she has used Adam (unlike others past abusers of him).

More of Behati while Adam - Less: GQ March 2013

More of Behati while Adam – Less: GQ March 2013

Their editorials, up until September publishing, like this Love Magazine one for instance, were ALL done while her and Adam were not together anymore:

Behati for Love Magazine

Behati for Love Magazine

I love her effortless coolness, never too much in the face, but always so clear and empowering.

She has this amazing allure about herself, and she truly has personality.

Behati for Glamour May 2013

Behati for Glamour May 2013

A rarity in beautiful people, especially those who grow up being told they are beautiful; she instead stays that lovely tomboy, and never let herself wander in the pretentious realm.

I love that about her so much :).

Behati Prinsloo for Jalouse Magazine June 2013 - shot in April, with M5 crew support but without Adam's one

Behati Prinsloo for Jalouse Magazine June 2013 – shot in April, with M5 crew support but without Adam’s one

Haters started immediately to blab she got more campaigns out of Adam’s link: too bad her perfume pick was done by VS when they were BROKEN UP; all of her NEXT and Juicy campaigns also were shot when they were broken up: but haters are way too stupid to do the maths, or the reasoning about these things. They are far better at spitting nonsenseful hatred out of envy, because this is what losers do ;).

Has Victoria’s Secret tried to use Behati’s suddenly exploded exposure more since the engagement?

SURE they did. THEY did… not Behati.

They did what they always do with models they have on the roster who suddenly get paired with a real superstar: they put her on the front but her campaigns were given her BEFORE this, because you know, she models for them very successfully since 2007, and that has NOTHING to do with Adam.

Haters again are too stupid to understand this basic fact as well, but not anyone can have a brain ;).

Behati is famous on her own worldwide since 2007...

Behati is famous on her own worldwide since 2007…

Behati’s career has always been amazing WAY before Adam; she doesn’t sell herself constantly through social media because she’s not a famewhore and thinks social media serves for other purposes than not promoting herself annoyingly; but that doesn’t mean Behati is anything less than a REALLY SUCCESFUL and globally praised model, both HF and commercial (she can pull off anything with no effort; she’s just THAT cool).

Behati is a very successful girl since many years; her new media relevancy still hasn’t changed her one bit: she doesn’t believe the hype, and she’s so far away from others stuck up models she will never let this go to her head; most importantly, she will never SEEK for this kind of media feed: another reason Adam chose her as his wife for, I can bet about it.

Behati is cool since all her life

Behati is cool since all her life

Since Behati career is based mostly in New York, Adam and Behati have been starting searching for Soho apartments immediately as they got back together: a family life based on two coasts is something these two can afford (and mind you, Behati has more than 4 Million $ on her own from her modeling, so it’s not like only Adam could afford some fancy new digs).

Adam love is as true as the Sun; and in fact, I can’t wait for Maroon 5 new album to witness how it all went down between them: it fits that at first Fifth Album was meant to be dark (in SAJ way) because they started writing it on Tour at the start of 2013, when Adam and Behati broke up; it fits that then James revealed “later the mood of the album shifted”… because of course Adam got the love of his life BACK.

Adam levine for Life Style Magazine List July 2013

Adam Levine for Life Style Magazine List July 2013

I can’t wait for the album honestly… it’s gonna be finally the album of LOVE ACCEPTED, a first in Maroon 5 career (and it could be a great way to end a chapter for them, too).

As I said, all of Maroon 5 crew, and Adam’s acolytes, were delighted about the engagement (and they pulled massively for it and for them to get back together for all of the time Adam parted with her, never giving any other of his temporary encounters, most notably model Nina Agdal, any attention or relation); his family was in it fully, too.

Because what’s not to love in Bee? She’s a lightening bolt of energy and love, and has one of the greatest personality ever. She’s blissful, that’s it.

One of the best supporters of Behati has always been Savannah Buffett, whose links with all m5 boys date back by their teenage times:

Savannah Buffett for Avenue Magazine

Savannah Buffett for Avenue Magazine

This has also been a massive year of success for Maroon 5 as a band (you will see later on, they grossed by far their best tour EVER, capping a golden Year, even in the solar months when they actually were supposed to be “out of the map” as their album was growing older).

The Tour they partnered with Honda Civic has been HUGE.

You will read it later in Billboard but it was by far their best ever as I said; not only that… it was by far the tour where Adam looked and sounded THE HAPPIEST ever and guess why?

Because again his fiancรฉe, no matter her commitments, would be by his side at ANY given moment.

Behati and golf made Adam and Maroon 5 some happy touring campers (and you know Adam actually hates all the chaos which comes with touring… but once one is at his happiest in his private life, guess what you were used to hate becomes something you can easily love).

After all, as Billboard testified, Maroon 5 have by now a juggernaut status in music history, which is amazing for a pop band; 10 years and more of amazing success GROWING into their second decade is an astonishing achievement, and even if many dismiss them not knowing their craftsmanship in music, just because they have the bliss and the downside of being fronted by someone handsome (more talented than handsome, but the curse of beauty is always a bad trait with hipsters you know), the truth cannot be overlooked, and the Billboard HISTORIC Charts just proved any Maroon 5 fan RIGHT in their love for them, even middle Year in.

Maroon 5 Groundbreaking Career Steps by Billboard Magazine Aug 2013

Maroon 5 Groundbreaking Career Steps by Billboard Magazine Aug 2013

To be fully clear: Maroon 5 is not like any other pop band: they are by now American Music History. Certified. It makes me very proud, too ๐Ÿ™‚

I can admit (it pains me but I have to) that a lot of this new wave of impressive success for Maroon 5 has to be credited to that awful karaoke show that terrible excuse for a singing competition that unwatchable mess of a reality show The Voice (argh… I hate to write its name down) because it brought Adam up to MILLIONS of Americans who didn’t know how perfect he is previously; I still hope he detaches from it soon, but I can see if it’s in his hands, he won’t, because it’s making him ridiculously rich and popular and it has given him the resources to launch an array of other ventures, which are making him even richer, as well.

That is quite funny too: think about Adam’s Style, which is effortlessly personal and cool, since forever, and then translate it into affordable chain retailer line.

You will probably laugh BUT Adam Levine for KMart’s line has immediately been a HIT, and incredible one, with customers.

It is someway almost ironic, because Adam has always been snobish also in fashion, being the born rich kid he is (not in the sense that he only dresses in suits, but he only buys really pricey things, and even when they look simple, they cost a fortune); but his line has really great prices and still it maintains somehow his trademark laid-back imprinting.

It is also funny that his line is made for males, because Adam has a huge following of females (and gays, that too), but he is not exactly seen as a guys’ guy, unless you get to actually be part of his crew.

And, last but not least, the funniest and most ironic thing is that celebrities engaged in personal merch, shall be first and foremost ass-kissers of potential buyers (that values also for his perfume, of course); but Adam REALLY isn’t that type of celebrity.

He won’t fake ass-kiss nobody, he won’t make many meetings with buyers (only those he can’t avoid) and he for sure won’t ever avoid to voice his well-sided opinions, despite being at risk to alienate a huge trunk of buyers (read: rednecks republicans who he properly cannot stand).

Adam Levine and Seth McFarlane singing at Emmys Party 2009

Adam Levine and Seth McFarlane singing at Emmys Party 2009

I have been endlessly entertained these months by Adam’s complete lack of fake diplomacy, and actually i have admired him more and more for any tweet,, interview or blooper which was showing how much of a difficult-to-sell-fakely kind of celebrity he is.

And still… his lines are all hugely successful, especially when he is a non-solo pop male singer out of his teenage shell.

I find Adam’s exploits absolutely incredible, for real.

Oh, and he deserves all so much, because he’s such a hard, passionate worker.

And he, just like Maroon 5 as a whole, have always been VERY charitable and into good actions; but they are this way out of publicity, which makes them that much better in fact.

For all of their tour they helped kids and promoted valuable charities.

They also always promote new ways to get kids into music and art, and act towards this artistic push in words AND actions, and moreover they inspire kids towards art and music by connecting with them in person.

They love kids, especially unfortunate ones.

This also makes me very proud as a fan, and confirms my ways of appreciate them as people, even before than as very talented musicians and artists.

The Summer Tour was starting while Love Somebody became ANOTHER Top Ten hit out of Overexposed (4th single to achieve that consecutively out of their album, but if you count Moves Like Jagger run as well, and Stereo Hearts, it’s practically since Summer 2011 that ANYTHING Maroon 5 and Adam put out just get incredible success.

Adam Golfing at pine Tree August 2013

Adam Golfing at pine Tree August 2013

They never had a better run ever, and they even picked the wrong singles after One More Night! If they had paid better attention at the charts, Overexposed could have spanned a number 2 (Payphone) a Number One (One More Night) ANOTHER number one (Lucky Strike) and probably another number two in Love Somebody, which had the unfortunate position of being another ballad after Daylight (the sappiest song on Overexposed, which still, despite its lower quality, and the mess which was its video, managed to be also a Top Ten hit, which I was very skeptical about), and still it was the fourth consecutive multimillion single seller from the era, despite that.

During the Tour Adam showcased through Maroon 5 his protegรฉe Rozzi Crane, the girl he created label 222 for (I am not that much of a fan: cute voice and nice energy on stage, but she’s really not that much to me, but that’s just me: always remember I also completely loathe The Voice and anything related, and I had to experience The Voice contestant already a few times while following Maroon 5 on Tour, and I never fell into those traps either ;)).

Even if I don’t really care for Rozzi at all, I am hoping she finds success just because Adam seems to really strive for this, and moreover because her success means HIS success as a label boss as well (but labels are not really a profitable venture anymore in Years 2K, Adam knows it, so I believe in creating 222 he’s just being generous as usual with the people he likes).

One of the things I loved the most about the tour were their pick for songs to cover.

Flawless taste, indeed.

Whenever the guys had a moment of spare time, Adam and his similarly obsessed mates would golf all around the Country, spanning some really nice looking stay, even if Adam still quite bad with irons ๐Ÿ˜‰ (but he’s so stubborn he won’t give up until he won’t reach what he wants to achieve there).

I like for sure that he’s making so many powerful friends while golfing tho: golf is a sport which will give him the connections he needs to develop even more once he will decide to start up the second phase of his biz career, out of the limelight of a stage (I don’t think it will take that much longer for it, you know).

Adam had also to reconcile his touring with his love for Breaking Bad (the series); I was actually thinking he would have dressed as Pinkman for Halloween, out of all his love for Cranston&Co, but I was wrong ;).

Some of the time “off” from the Summer tour was also dedicated to the taping of Adam’s Tv show (ewwww), which was at least at his home in LA, so more or less a not so stressful task for him in between gigs (hopefully, and then he was with Behati too then).

Behati was with Adam at any given moment in fact, but when she wasn’t following her beau and all of the guys (who all adore her, the same as all of Adam’s colleagues, since it’s clear how positive for him it’s her influence) all across USA, she was working her ass off, for Victoria’s Secret and not only.

I loved during those days her sweet tutorial about make up: she shines so lovely there, and she always appears for what she is, namely a simple girl with zero bad attitude and a really cool and refreshing approach to fashionably matters.

I love this about her so much.

Whenever it was possible to cut a small portion of spare time in the tour then, Behati and Adam would unite to enjoy luxury vacations and, also (wow, that’s so NOT hipster ๐Ÿ˜‰ but Behati before being a hipster is in love with her man) try to connect in together with golf (Bee is looking stunning in golf attire ;)).

Although they don’t like to publicize their love (which is a private fact) Adam and Behati are always cute with not intrusive fans also in their spare time, and if you are kind and not harass them, you will get something like THIS (I guess the stalker housewives who talk shit against Bee would fake their lives to be that near to Adam, and the woman they claim is “trash” “druggie” “ugly” “without class” and so on in their funny Twitter rants against her. I just wonder: the husbands of said housewives never give them some good dick, so that they keep dreaming about a dick they could never have, being Adam’s taste into fit slender supermodels and not overweight wrinkled old witches?)

Adam and Behati in LA with fans on August 17

Adam and Behati in LA with fans on August 17

Their favorite places to enjoy small spare times in tour?

Adam’s Los Cabos retreat and of course, Hawaii (maybe the place of their incoming wedding? who knows)

Even when back in Los Angeles, they swiftly passed at the chances of being pap snapped, never offering anything more than a low head, because people not in their world just have no rights to share their light (beside, often gossip rag are so stupid and misinformed what was their RETURN to LA after the Los Cabos lil holiday was written as if they were flying FROM LA to some buen retiro… not that gossip magazines have ever been reliable anyway, but at least date checking before writing could be good ;)).

During Summer, the last of Behati’s amazing spreads came out: it was a GQ Mexico cover feature and her feline beauty, so mesmerizing and fiercely animalistic was shining in all sexyness:

Behati for GQ Mexico Sept 2013

Behati for GQ Mexico Sept 2013

Her impeccable physique and adorable personality also shone in the video out of the backstage for this.


When at the middle of August Adam and Behati came back to LA from Los Cabos, they could spend two days in sunny Cali home… and what did they do then (beside having to attend The Fuckery The Voice taping , where they probably snapped the picture Behati would later publish of Adam running naked in his boxer briefs, and where they kept making out without camera rolling at any given moment)?

They went to Brian Randolph (Adam’s fav tattoo-man) tagging Milo De Cruz along and they (of course without ever tell anyone publicly) tattooed their mutual love permanently on their skins.

Adam tweeted a very hilarious thing from Brian’s store, too (well of course he always has sex in mind whenever with Bee… who wouldn’t ;)).

I simply melted when it was clear they did.

I felt so much of their love going on I was like blinded by the Sun due to it.

You have to understand all of the hidden meaning of this, but Adam and Behati permanently inked (in each other’s calligraphy) a sentence out from Behati’s favorite movie, “True Romance (which movie choice ALSO tells so much about how passionately they love one another, too):

The tattoo they have (Adam on the inner side of his most naked arm, and Behati on the side of her bust, in a position which makes easier for a bra to cover it) reads:

“You’re so cool, You’re so cool, You’re so cool”.

And if you learn about True Romance movie, you will get the power and importance of what Adam and Bee did by inking this to their bodies.

True Romance IS Adam and Bee

True Romance IS Adam and Bee

It sounds more of an eternal promise than even the $ 385,000 diamond he put on her ring finger.

I find all this so touching, and again, Adam and Behati are just SO connected on so many levels it’s so wonderful they found one another AND, even more wonderful, Behati was there with her love and patience and heart and spirit to save him even from himself, and even though he tried to escape his salvation (Adam has a tendency to self destruction, or his favorite Ninja Turtle wouldn’t be Rapahel, as himself stated two years ago ;)).

It is such a bliss when True Love wins ๐Ÿ™‚

Around that time news came out that Behati was selected (after Daria Werbowy and Gisele Bundchen before her) to be the face of Italian Wool Brand STEFANEL Fall Winter campaign.

Behati for Stefanel FEEL MORE campaign

Behati for Stefanel FEEL MORE campaign

I was happy because that meant I was ready to see her beautiful face all over Italy (which I did).

And of course once again this campaign was a success she had on her own, as she was shooting all this exactly in the months of her break up from Adam (some of the locations were then clear which she instagrammed around April).

I love the video of the backstage so hard:

Behati moved to be on the road with Adam some more, and the lovely thing was that she was NEVER trying to steal his spotlight (the way a girlfriend in love does) but he acknowledged her EVERY night she was with him, by singing passionately to her his songs, which now have a real meaning because he has finally found true love in her.

To witness this live has been a bliss.

I pity those poor minds who cannot reckon how huge is the love these two have for one another, and I condemn whoever is trying to put dirt on them, and her especially.

Behati is an Angel for real: she saved Adam with the power of her incredible love.

One of the tasks Maroon 5 highly successful Summer Tour (read please this excerpt from BillBoard and get into Maroon 5 tour magic) had in store for Adam was the fact he had to carefully pinpoint all dates to wrap around all of his other commitments: the launch of the KMart line, which switched, and also, of course, the fact his first movie, Can A song Save Your Life? was premiering in Toronto at TIFF (which caused one of the tour dates to change, to allow him to fly in Canada for it).

More on that (the movie) later on.

Before noticing this though, we have to update the list of Adam Levine’s biz ventures with one more notch on his belt: producer (for real this time) of comedies (based on himself, mind you… that is a true sign of being A list).

I also love that he extends his wealth and fame and opportunities to those who have shared his life for real, in this case Gene.

Adam is very generous with his people.

So generous he spent FORTUNES to help friends who couldn’t afford what he can and could for his beloveds (even when his beloveds are pets, like Frankie Girl).

I can see Adam in this position until his grandpas days, and after all a tv producer is what his grandfather is, so it’s in his blood anyway.

Even though music is such a solid spot for Maroon 5 now, I don’t see Adam being a touring full on musician when he will be 40… I sense he won’t (though he could be as long as he likes to).

I love how his longtime supporters in Hwood are all ecstatic about these series of successes of him.

It tells how much of a good boy he is that those who were there for him when he was not known are still loving him now that he is a superstar in multiple fields.

Adam joy was so evident on tour and I am happy there is not a single aspect of his life since he got with Bee which isn’t pretty perfect; I also love how they are so touchy and intimate whenever together, but they never publicize that at all, so you can know that only if you are sharing live spaces with them (and you can be blinded by their passionate bond).

At the end of August Behati blessed us all by sharing a picture which became easily viral, which I suppose she took while attending the Voice taping a few days earlier than the date of the actual Instagram post.

She posted it before having to fly away from him for working duties, like she wanted to cap the time together in a festive way, and was so kind she wanted us all to be part of it (either that, or Adam lost a bet – they play a lot of those from what I have learned – and she had her winning to be celebrated through mockery, which is also so much A&B in my book) .

The picture is this, and the caption is almost as iconic as the image (they are two goofballs full of love, and I like it):

MOst Iconic Instagram of 2013: Behati shows what Adam is like backstage ;)

MOst Iconic Instagram of 2013: Behati shows what Adam is like backstage ๐Ÿ˜‰

No need to say the snap went uber famous in a split second; Ellen DeGeneres in particular made it one of the most shared posts of the Year on her feed ;).

Deservingly ๐Ÿ˜‰

He could really rival her in underwear modeling after all ๐Ÿ˜‰ and apparently Kelly Clarkson agreed, too.

I love how fashion magazines had to republish this as well; it’s a smart move, because an icon sells and Adam is undoubtedly an icon by now (poor haters will eat their livers on this fact as well ;)).

This post also got the envious witches even more envious, but again, is not like Bee cares so good venom to them… one they they might choke out of it all, and that’d be actually right.

Behati has what everyone would like to have, and it’s all for herself and haters can have a seat.

That day I began to notice how People Magazine was starting to be REALLY up-on-date with anything Adam related; they finally created a page on him (a personal one) and they also made an article out of Bee’s post.

I saw later on, at the time of Sexiest Man Alive material publishing, than those were the days when they probably decided Adam would be their SMA (and maybe the feedback off Behati’s post had something to do with their decision).

This means… endless coverage in the future of ANYTHING Adam and Behati will like to see published in their pages (well, maybe less naked-y… but who knows ;)).

Guaranteed (that’s a Power Couple prerogative, if you please).

After all, it was about time People realized Adam’s status and certified it in stone for the incoming ages (I mean, people even create cocktails out of his name!).

He makes millions and millions out of multiple endeavors each year; he’s someone anyone craves to be in the presence of; he is classically beautiful, he is multi talented, and he is also a very hard, hard worker (that is a surprise for himself first in some ways); he never stops, and still is able to not sell his private life for fame (in this, people who are with him are helpful too).

His future children will have a father they will be very proud of.

And I don’t think we will wait too long for said children ;).

Behati for Stefanel FEEL MORE campaign

Behati for Stefanel FEEL MORE campaign

As Behati was flying back to New York for work (while Adam was playing golf in Connecticut with his former The Voice winner Javier Colon), her amazing pictorial for Interview Magazine (The Goddesses feature I posted already above) came out: so much sexy there, and she does look like Kate Moss so much there… I fell in love immediately like many other times with her, because her nudity is so chaste and still so powerful; she is so classy even naked because she isn’t a try hard and has never those fake faces models put whenever undressed.

She is amazingly unique, and constantly praised for her personal style by the apt sources (see, VOGUE).

But what was Behati called for that she had to fly back to New York so fast?

She was styled for two amazing things those days

A future VOGUE MEXICO cover.

And also her incoming THVM capsule collection.

As usual she sounded in her – never too revealing – Instagram hints so humble and grateful and so cute towards anybody helping her realizing her dreams…

she is so lovely in her works; she always expresses gratitude and is never ever self-entitled.

I admire her way to be so much, I always say this like a loop but it’s truly so different from usual paths models take, I always get astonished by her.

By the start of September though, Behati was again by Adam’s side, and they as usual were always kind and adorable with their fans.

You can feel when Behati and Adam are together also from the silly-ness of his tweets, which are rare, but always happy and absurd when he is with Bee (I bet they laugh all the time).

Before going on with September though, let’s recap August better with this mash up video:

Adam and Behati were in New York, at their beloved Mercer in Soho (their future NY apartment must be in that hood too, I bet); and not even rain could destroy their parade.

The Mercer Hotel was also the location of Adam’s interviews about the KMart line which was set to launch definitively on October 1st (to not interfere too much with the tour).

Cosmopolitan was always a fan of this it seems…

And I must admit the line, even tho it’s Kmart (!!!!) it’s really well crafted and good looking.

Just like him ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good partner he chose to collaborate with, too.

Another thing that caught my eye then, and even more NOW: at the time of the presentation of his line for Kmart, Adam said his style icon is BATMAN…ย and well, later on, we would know the symbol of Behati’s line (which she made BEFORE Adam’s one) is a fruit bat, because she is OBSESSED with bats.


Absolutely NOT, I can bet on it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Once again at night they went out and as usual they were super nice with their encounters, but always attached to one another like glue, too (awwww real love).

Behati street style is so rock and cool and she always pairs it up with totally make-up free face

If this isn’t a perfect down to Earth girl I don’t know what down-to Earth is.

For real.

Not that when she goes full-on model goddess she fails, either: just take a look at the stunning editorial for the cover of Vogue Japan BEAUTY feature Behati was the star of in September, and let your jaw drop (talking about jaws, her own one is so perfect and beautiful… her face is a wonder).:

Behati for VOGUE Japan September 2013

Behati for VOGUE Japan September 2013

Behati and Adam New York times are always enjoyable it appears; given that Behati has to remain work-based in New York, I am sure the couple will enjoy their times in the Big Apple whenever they will occur, as they are doing since they gotten engaged, all the time.

The tour was starting again after the NY break and Behati had the chance to spend some lil time with her partner in crime (the crime being to be the lady loves of Maroon 5 band members) Ali Tamposi, James’ adorable other half.

The two are simply great together, and Ali has been the greatest supporter of Bee when she was away from Adam (with James) so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gonna be a bridesmaid during their marriage ๐Ÿ™‚

That night, Adam serenaded Bee again openly during Love Somebody (aww so cute).

Immediately after, Adam flew to Toronto for the Film Festival.

By the time of its first ever screening, Can A song Save Your Life was still without a distribution deal.

Toronto was exactly the showcase it needed to span a bidding war on itself and the movie not only was a major hit, but it was THE BEST SUCCESS of them all, sparkling a wonderous bidding war won by Harvey Weinstein (AKA most powerful distributor in Hwood).

The bidding war was amazingly battled, which means only good things in foresight.

The movie is considered to be such a great assured hit, many were thinking Weinstein Company would make it out on the halls immediately after TIFF; but since Harvey Weinstein TRULY wants to promote it (read: he thinks it can be a contender for Oscars) he will wait till Spring 2014, so that it won’t be overrun by movies already established this year or so that it couldn’t ruin with its power other candidates at academy Harvey has THIS Year.

What is the sum up for all this?


Adam Levine is gonna add a major movie hit to his already well impressive curriculum; given that Can a Song… is a musical movie, I can already see the chance for an Oscar nomination in the field of music, at least.

Harvey knows what he has in his hands, and the fact in Toronto he and Adam were profusely speaking can only mean one thing: Adam has now a supporter which is BEYOND powerful.

And this only means more money, fame and fortune on his incoming deck.

I still convinced People Magazine’s push about Adam being the Sexiest Man Alive has A LOT to do with Mr. Weinstein’s future plans about his movie career.

And if any, that’s a GREAT move on his part because Adam has that silver screen cut beauty nobody in Weinstein’s position could overlook.

I also love the pairing with Keira: she has a timeless beauty quality to her own and I am a fan since Bend It like Beckham so… it couldn’t be any better for my fan heart than all Can A song… is gonna provide me in terms of satisfaction ;).

And the future Missus Levine, what was she doing while her lover was starting his moves to become a certified actor?

Well, Behati was back on the NY Fashion Week Runaway as an exclusive for Alexander Wang collection:

Her pictures also from the capsule ready-to-wear snaps were similarly stunning.

Behati can be so wonderful in high fashion; I know Victoria’s Secret has made her rich, because it’s the best contract in modeling commercially speaking; but I miss her HF outings because she has just the height, the frame, the grace and walking personality for HF, more than anything else.

But her pretentious-free attitude probably makes her not really miss high fashion that much; and after all some selected things are better than too many runaways (gives her more time for her future hubby’s needs :)).

Hubby-to-be has in fact so many things to think about his lovely half MUST be the one less occupied or he would collapse; Behati luckily understands this, also because she LOVES HIM FOR REAL and not for need of a publicity spot, so she can support him first by being by his side whenever she can.

Adam is in fact VERY blessed, because also his bandmates are sincere friends and since Behati couldn’t be with him in Toronto due to her duties (VOGUE shot and NYFW), Mickey and James flew in Canada to support their man in her place.

This is adorable, as it is the fact the whole band is proud of Adam’s external ventures and triumphs, rather than being jealous over them and him.

They’re like brothers indeed, and I bet they are excited to see how the acting bug will end to catch up on Adam.

By the middle of the month of September, and in the middle of the mega Honda Civic Tour, Maroon 5 had also the iHeart Music Festival duty; no rest for the best, I guess ;), and no hyper successful tour ever comes in terms with no effort, right?

Interviews and all

The secret is touring with people you admire and whom admire you equally and Kelly on this was an amazing partner for Maroon 5, for sure.

Well some rest came out in golfing terms always anyways, and briefly in Tampa Adam had still Bee by his side (she flew in as soon as possible from New York… the sweet commitment!); but soon she had to fly over Europe, as it was time to shoot the Xmas commercial for Victoria’s Secret in PARIS and after that the Swim Collection snaps in St. Tropez (this year it seems any place I went to, Bee went there as well, with or without Adam, just a lil after me ;)).

She flew away to Paris just when Adam stopped in Savannah Buffett’s realm (Miami!) and I guess to honor his fiancรฉe he wore what is meaningful to them even in her absence (as smartly noted exactly by Savannah).

Those days he filmed the People Magazine sexiest Man Alive short videos (I post them here so you can reckon the location), which may as well be Savvy’s place).

Take a look:

And to this one too:

These videos were totally made those days in Miami.

Hands down.

And the fact the Sexiest Man Alive stuff were filmed right after The Toronto Film Festival Triumph adds to my theory that Harvey Weinstein gave more than two thumbs up to People’s choice for Adam.

Harvey knows what Adam can achieve in movie goodness ๐Ÿ™‚

After all, Adam showcased he can act well for instance by doing a perfect impression of Catfish‘s Nev (appreciated by Nev himself, you know).

He just needs training… because Nature has provided Adam with all possible other qualities: talents, vision, and beauty.

And beauty is also what Adam gathers to himself; like his perfectly beautiful fiancรฉe, who was up in mood and adorable even freezing herself in panties and feathered wings on Parisian nights, shooting like a super pro.

Paris after all is the town of Love and Beauty and Behati is all of those things for sure; a rocking Beauty she is.

As September was rolling and going on, I caught the news that Maroon 5 had signed an exclusive Administration Deal with Kobalt Publishing; it’s a smart biz move, because Kobalt is a rampant company in the biz, which benefits especially established worldwide acts; after all Adam had reached all he could with BMI with his award this past Spring and it was time Maroon 5 all reunited under a single Publishing deal (previously Adam and Jesse were under BMI and James was an ASCAP member).

Maroon 5 for Kobalt

Maroon 5 for Kobalt

In the Year End number of Billboard that I will put up later on it’s clear this move is all about a smarter executive administration of Maroon 5 royalties worldwide (and Adam is very careful and intelligent when it comes to money, and knows what to choose to expand his portfolio).

But as biz savvy as he is, Adam also cannot avoid to voice his real persona despite the fact this could cause his “image” some squats… so after he voiced his (totally right) appreciation for Pope Francis those days (and of course he loves him, this Pope is BEST!!!!), and after he got to share space with someone he really admires, he couldn’t avoid to voice out his distaste for impersonators in music/art/life…

They were at iHeart radio Music Festival, and while there were MANY performers there, it seems someone really didn’t impress Adam much…

Art Police Adam Gaga Quarrel

Art Police Adam Gaga Quarrel

Now please notice just one thing: NOBODY can say Adam was directing this at Lady Gaga.

He has actually always expressed praise towards her openly in interviews (see OUT Magazine, twice) and the only time he said something not really fine on her was when he compared Born This Way to Express Yourself (which he was totally RIGHT about).

But that one time he made his tweet direct.

This time what he said could have applied to at least ten performers he probably had to witness at iHeart Festival.

What made this absurd was how Lady Gaga’s troopers and feeders acted all chip on their shoulders and automatically made Adam’s tweet referring to Gaga.

Of course after he got insults thrown, Adam just said (quoting Shakespeare) that all that fuss was really not a cool thing, and that maybe somebody was making a big deal out of nothing.

He also stated that, since all of Gaga’s troopers complaints were based on “Art” (not that Gaga’s latest album is even remotely art… it’s more or less garbage, in fact) and the fact she was art and he was trash, he doesn’t strive for art at all, nor puts himself on any art pedestal.

He got this peculiar vision where what he does (pop music) is not at a level of greatness to be compared to art and in this he is actually valuing ART way more than the screechers troopers of Gaga are doing.

Adam is actually very humble regarding what he does; but by nature he won’t ever accept the insane and absurd hate he got by leechers while he was probably not even talking about Gaga in the first place.

Then he has a very peculiar humorist take at life not everyone gets (but it’s their limit and Adam’s greatness).

But whatever; they would meet at The Voice finale in December, proving that in fact Gaga was in need of Adam’s thunder while Adam couldn’t care less about her (oh, and The Karaoke Show also won an Emmy… a thing that American Idol never achieved…wow, I don’t know if it’s worthy celebrate this? Naw ;))

Adam probably got the comfort of Behati through phone, as she was shooting still in St Tropez, being her bubbly happy self always (he needs her light so much).

It’s also to be noted that anytime right now Maroon 5 have a special private performance that they could randomize in any location… somehow this location ALWAYS came up to be New york.

I don’t really think it’s a casual event… I am more driven to think Adam wants to accommodate Behati’s schedule with his and I find this amazingly sweet.

The tour was progressingย ย  and the grand Finale was approaching and The Voice was starting on screens, meaning more exposure for Adam and therefore to Behati; it was also clear both were starting to find acceptable to speak in interviews about their engagement, albeit always in not exaggerated amount.

It also meant that the newsfeeds would constantly link all things Behati did to Adam; somehow messing up with times, like when they started to say she followed in her fiancรฉe fashion ventures with THVM campaign while in fact she was the one doing that first.

Or when they mentioned her being “Adam’s fiancรจe” all over the report she was getting FOUR version of ELLE ITALIA cover in October (out in September), while all those pictures were shot in April, while she and Adam were broken up and he was linked with Nina Agdal (some major Instagram memories, there):

Behati for Elle Italia Oct 2013 - shot in april

Behati for Elle Italia Oct 2013 – shot in april

But by now we know Behati has a (un)fair share of haters who cannot even see how wrong about her they are when put in front of evidences.

Let’s move on ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I am glad at least one of Maroon 5 special gigs was in San Francisco Area ;), because that gig was AWESOME and I can tell it well because you know, I know ๐Ÿ˜‰

And by then Lovely Bee was already where she belongs, and happy about it.

Also Adam was very happy… so happy he did a couple of things: first he said this thing about crooked teeth and you can see who has unperfect ones

look... it's a love declaration for Bee :)

look… it’s a love declaration for Bee ๐Ÿ™‚

As I said before you can tell when Behati is with him because he becomes so happy and stupid and kid-like… they are so in love it’s so natural for him to lay all barriers down, also because she shares his way of being too.

So they went golfing in the mountain storms, they went buying Nike together, and they just acted all lovey as much as possible, and so happy were they not even a sudden gig cancellation could dumper their shining mood.

Oh, and I have been asked to post this: Look how Hollywood people are regarding their reciprocal HEIGHT (ps: Adam and Bee are exactly the same height, 5’11’ 1/5, and this means whenever Behati wears heels, she’s gonna be taller than Adam: a wedding in flip flops? Hawaii wouldn’t mind ;))

And while Overexposed was crossing the 1,500,000 copies mark in USA (amazing achievement), they kept their tour going while keeping being adorable.

This tour surely marks a milestone in Maroon 5 career (I had the clear feeling of it already before this fact being testified just the other day by Billboard Magazine).

It’s also so rare that a pop band can endure such a long term success.

It’s also majorly deserved by the guys.

Adam Levine cartoonized

Adam Levine cartoonized

Then as a decade plus longer fan of them I am happy to see the guys on their ways to complete settle down; make their families soon, and having the bliss of seeing their significant others ALSO getting along.

I loved to see while free in LA those days before the final dates of the Honda Tour, Bee and Adam went double dating with Jimmy V and Ali.

Evidence of this in this TMZ video (click).

This is simply precious.

And Adam is extremely linked to his people so he could have married only someone perfectly fitting in with ALL of his beloved ones. Behati is this kind of person, and that is why everybody is happy they are gonna marry soon.

And while I do believe their marriage will take place in February 2014, I never believed they were going to have TWO weddings, as many outlets started to erroneously report (Bee denied this in an interview I will post later on On Air With Ryan Seacrest (RADIO).

To recollect all of September, take this other super mash up video (and a link to funny mean tweets feature):

October came and so it did the grand opening of KMart’s collection (Jesse went to support his friendhow cute is that? and how I cannot wait for Jesse to be back with the band, as well? Fifth album will be perfect… PERFECT!).

The collection as I said is really nice, ESPECIALLY if you think it’s Kmart.

Adam can make anything work, basically.

Before the final dates in Hollywood Bowl, Adam and Bee had more chances to be adorable; then THE date came and all family gathered and you could see the LOVE all family has for Behati, pretty clearly (even tho I don’t like this particular family member praising her here…); once again Behati was gracious and never stole any spotlight unless requested.

It was also Jimmy V’s Bday so it was one more reason to celebrate and the outfits were certainly on point ;).

Not that Ali and Bee need any further reason to be happy, but they are really amazing messing up togetherto not love them would be criminal ๐Ÿ™‚

I personally loved the gig(s) I witnessed in this tour a lot; I still ROYALLY PISSED all that Maroon 5 do is to put Europe in the back and disrespect European fans at any time our poor Continent crosses with anything The Voice related, but I guess I can’t argue since they are so successful now, and were capping this year the 18th most successful tour WORLDWIDE (and this WITHOUT Europe!).

I love when they play live… that’s it!

Hollywood Bowl October 2013

Hollywood Bowl October 2013

After the mega days, Behati flew back to New York to do some work… but also because something HUGE was bound to happen.

At the same time, it took just Bee being parted from him and Adam went all nostalgic and romantically lost again (they were skyping then, I could guess ;)).

But Behati would soon return by Adam’s side, and with some VERY WELCOMED company: HER PARENTS, arrived from Africa to meet the Levines in Los Angeles (via New York).

I can’t tell you how happy I was when Behati tweeted that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Too bad Adam had to endure paps on his ways to dine with such important people in his life (see his face whenever paps try to interfere with his precious real life: if he could fire lasers from eyes to them, he would!).

At lest tho we know from Behati’s father Facebook all meeting went great; we saw actually the future home Bee and Adam will share in total renovation (that’s the property Adam bought back in Bev Hills code zone in Benedict Canyon, which is being completely remade by Mark Haddawy while he is renting another house in Encino he currently lives in), with Charlie and Bones all happy around their owners, too.

It’s so wonderful that the meeting was a pure sparkle of intense love and everybody loved one another!!

Behati has already said her parents will come again for a month or so in Between January AND February (EHM: what could that long stay hint at ;)? it’s clear to me…) and that they are all ecstatic about Adam (what’s not to adore about him); then that Behati is loved by Adam’s family is well clear out of the personal praise everybody in Adam’s camp has for her (she even acts big sister with sam in the cutest way, patronizing his little lover, Luna like a perfect real sister would do).

You will see some of the pics I desribed here in the next mash up video for October and November…

Now let’s move and talk about Behati VOGUE MEXICO cover, which came out in October (for the November issue).

One word: STUNNING.

Behati for Vogue mexico Nov 2013

Behati for Vogue mexico Nov 2013


I mean… she’s just perfect in every way, a chameleon who can turn from tomboy to goddess in a blink.

Look at this video, thanx ๐Ÿ™‚

She is so pure and great… and she TRULY rocks :).

I wonder what Behati will make her and Adam’s kids watch when they will be there.

I mean… what do you tell your kids when your father has a cartoon version of himself in Family Guy?

I bet it’s gonna be a cool moment in their family, that one ;).

Adam talked about his future as a family man on Jay Leno, where he also revealed what we knew: that he didn’t believe in marriage, UNTIL Behati came and made him a marriage believer.

Only a true lover could change his bachelor status; only a TRUE LOVE could mold him into a family man.

This is real love, let’s just face it ๐Ÿ™‚

And about his ventures?

Since his private life is so perfect, you could expect Destiny got brakes on in other sides but.. no way: Adam’s life and touch is just unbeatable; so much that his line at Kmart sold like hot cakes immediately.

Basically, his KMart line outsold anything else, surprising everybody (but him, because Adam is a cocky winner ;)).

And what you do when a celebrity who is supposedly better selling to females make a super splash in a male targeted biz?

Simple, you immediately add a SECOND line, this time intended for his core marketing, and wait for a super-sized cash flow.

I don’t know if Behati is for real going to help him with that, but he will surely get inspired by her flawless style, that is a given!

Not that Adam ever lacked money… but I guess also his nephews will ever hardly need to worry about that in the future ;).

By the way, it was coming Adam and Behati’s favorite holiday (even tho Bee later said that right now Thanksgiving is her favorite, now I guess that she has a real family also in the USA), namely HALLOWEEN!!!!

This year, The Hollywood Forever Cemetery couldn’t be used by Maroon 5 for what is the IT party on the West Coast among celebrities; that because there was a special event two days before and the Cemetery couldn’t be set in time for Adam and Maroon5 grand plans.

No problem: they rented an entire hotel and recreated THE OVERLOOK Hotel (and you know which one is my fav movie, right? EXACTLY ;)) at The SportsLodge up Los Angeles Drive.

The location made the guest list smaller than usual (the size was smaller compared to the Cemetery) so less pictures came from drooling guests and Adam forbid the press from the inside (ah, the privacy holder!).

Adam had declared at Leno he and Behati (and we saw, also James and Ali) would have gotten into Eyes Wide Shut characters; and they did in spectacular fashion, from head to toe (thanx to the masks creators at Creature Effects, which is a company which works for Hollywood Movie Productions ;)… peons to the left, please).

Halloween marked the official presentation of new Mickey’s girlfriend, style blogger and personality Niki Takesh (they went as Britney and Justin in the infamous full jeans MTV Awards matching outfits… too funny!).

Not that Maroon 5 are only about fun, guys… they also promote good activity for kids and education and they do something about that at least every two months (take note, okay?).

It was then time of panties and feathers, otherwise known as The Annual Victoria’s secret fashion show (i.e: the reason models would like to kill one another each year to steal at least a spot in the most watched worldwide fashion related event).

After Halloween, The Voice was about to go live, and since the show is on Monday and Tuesday and the Victoria’s secret Fashion Show was going to be taped on a Wednesday, I was thinking Adam couldn’t have made it in time.

Behati seemed anyway happy about her incoming show and I was sure she would have got her reward in any case.

I was skeptical he could squeeze it all into a presence for the feisty catwalk, also because Maroon 5 were having the private Malibu Event in the Big Apple on Saturday and I thought schedule was just too tight.

I underestimated Adam’s and the guys’ will to honor and please Behati – and I am happy I was wrong, in full. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adam also found a way to honor Behati while filming the Voice: in a lovely little excerpt he presented to the world little Charlie, their new golden retriever which is the companion they chose for Bones (aka the dog muppet).

I still consider the picture of Bee in the patio of their house cuddling minuscule Charlie baby and showing her ring the most beautiful personal picture she has ever shared (and that was taken by Adam, I am sure of it like I am of nothing else… almost ;))-

During the after party (and you will see their joyful glow in the pictures from the mash up videos) Adam let Behati shine, and imitating her, he never stole her spotlight on red carpets (he knows she has a stature on her own and doesn’t need him to have snappers interested in her, she’s an Angel after all), and then Bee and Adam tho spent the night at the party making out, as witnesses noted (they always are doing that whenever together).

I will post here only the first reaction to the taping of the show, because the whole show I will post later while we talk about December; but of course Adam’s presence made Behati the star of the show (he could make a nobody relevant in two shows for VS, imagine what he can do now when showing up to cheer her REAL VS ANGEL fiancรฉe… it’s a news dream made fashionably loud statement).

I am sorry for any Behati hater (no, I am not, I am amused at their demise): what you have now is a power Couple and unless Leo Di Caprio marries Candice Swanepoel next year, there is no way Behati won’t be the star of VS in 2014: live with it, and enjoy the effortless ride.

She achieved all she has on her own, she has walked with this 7 years for VS, and she was made an Angel in 2009, but now that Adam actually wants to show her his support, she is already superstardom certified and nobody can make a thing against this.

Everything she is gonna do will make People’s headlines; and just for good measure: Adam and Behati have now a relevance Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom only could dream of when they started to be a couple.

Take a look at some of the previews of the show which came out immediately after it got taped.

Therefore put everything in proportioned foresight, and enjoy the Behati’s takeover (haters can’t fight this although they will surely try, making it all even sweeter for Behati in the end).

No need to argue; resistance of the lessors is futile ;), but entertain us if you please with your so misplaced gratuitous hatred…

And talking about misplaced hatred, Adam got his fair share too, and for a series of reason which are actually VERY POLITICAL.

Let’s go in line.

Just around VSFS, Adam started to be mentioned by relevant outlets as the next People Magazine “Sexiest Man Alive”.

The newsfeed stating he got that was Gossip Cop so it means what they wrote was 100% TRUE.

I immediately thought “Finally!”, and then I realized that would have been a really big change in the way People usually shapes its list: then, as I wrote above, I started also to picture Harvey Weinstein plans to sell Adam WORLDWIDE for his movie.

And everything made sense (for instance all International sites lauded at Adam’s pick, because they are not prejudicially against a liberal getting this, being out of USA political spectrum of motions).

The SMA honor is indeed the most important People Cover of the Year; it makes whoever gets it a staple in relevance all over the world, and that is so true, right now EVERYWHERE (Italy included of course) any kind of important magazine will mention Adam with that title aside, like he’s a Knight now or something.

Adam in Italian fashion magazines with his SMA feature

Adam in Italian fashion magazines with his SMA feature

While Adam was in New York post VSFS and before his Malibu Rum special Event with Maroon 5 he had a series of shows he was slated to attend; they were all cute things, and he was lovely talking about Behati and the VS show, but you could see him being defensive about SMA honor (in fact he knew he was since that famous Miami date of Maroon 5 tour, we saw it above).

and then here (so cute interview!):

During these interviews Behati was with him and you can see her staying lovingly behind Adam carrying a labrador puppy in many ways so reminiscent of their little Charlie.

I can see Adam holding their incoming baby (2015 after Behati’s 2014 Fantasy bra? I can picture this easily) so well everytime I see how he holds puppies with that adoring gaze ๐Ÿ™‚

Adam and a puppy with Behati at Today show

Adam and a puppy with Behati at Today show

The guys were followed in their NY outings (still trying to find their happy place in the Big Apple, (which was awesome as reviewed by Billboard) always looking effortless cool when together, and always so affectionate and in synch), and by now people are starting to get used to them as “Romeo and Juliet” like:

Adam and Bee like Romeo and Juliet :)

Adam and Bee like Romeo and Juliet ๐Ÿ™‚

Then it was confirmed: Adam was People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

And while balanced people didn’t see anything strange with this (it was two years, since he got so popular thanks to The Voice, that people actually were throwing his name out for the honor, unsatisfied with anyone not named Ryan Gosling to get it, so it was not THAT out of the blue), some sites really vented out against his election, in really catty and completely wrong ways.

But I guess proto feminist sites where women claim men are pigs, but then they behave exactly like pig women, aren’t exactly the places we should look upon to (right Jezebel?): it’s also funny that said “site” while spanning hate towards Adam had its best click-throught just by mentioning him, resulting in them hilariously re-putting up the same news in days after, just to obtain that increase in their shrinking readership. Good luck in five years, girls: you’ll be gone and Adam will still hot, relevant and rich ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then there are the sites which are PURPOSELY against Adam anyway, which have ALL a connection with the FOX News property (Jezebel is part of that galaxy as well actually, as they are New York Daily News and satellites such as Page six, and so on… all those sites are paid by REPUBLICANS and they promote a take on their “news” which has as a ultimate purpose the one to diminish the impact of openly liberal celebrities towards their public).

Those sites IMMEDIATELY started a campaign of defamation regarding Adam and how fitting he was to be crowned sexiest Man Alive.


Because Adam is dangerous for them: he voices openly his liberal views, and he is an open Obama supporter (in fact days ago he became one of the face for Obama care push in California); he is never shy to voice his opinion and his opinion MATTERS to the youth, so whoever is Republican oriented MUST destroy Adam’s credibility and popularity when it risks to overflow (and now he is at a peak for sure), molding the youth towards something Republicans don’t want.



It’s simple as that: some people MUST hate on Adam because they actually reckon his power in society (and here we could debate why celebrities are this relevant in societies, but I won’t dwell there as it would be useless).

Not that Adam cares if ordals of retarded rednecks (funny enough, all the fat housewives hating on Behati are rednecks… and so far away from anything Adam would appreciate also humanly as possible… coincidence? NOT. They are scum and of course scum hate on Behati… you hate what you cannot understand or imitate, right?) mock him: he has proved he will keep fighting and voicing the things he believes in and let’s face it, he is a NATURAL progressive Democrat.

It’s his core and I can’t see how people so into red-neckness can like someone so far away from their crooked beliefs; I have long time ago realized they actually don’t like “Adam”: they lust after him, but don’t get a thing of his amazing personality at all, whatever they claim to be doing instead.

But back at The People SMA Gate: of course any choice is subjective, and if you’re not Ryan Gosling you will be criticized for it, but Adam is in everything a fitting pick for this, unless you are blinded by his dislike in not intelligent ways (have you noticed the sites claiming he is “slimey” rely on things he actually never did – leaving girls by text is a thing he has never done – or put on the table things he did or do when he was way younger and prone to make stupid things? I did, and this of course proves just how much the haters don’t have a clue on him, especially they don’t about the one he has become in the past few years, namely a great man in all).

Adam Levine SMA

Adam Levine SMA

But haters can try to diminish his status as much as they like: the fact is that Adam is not only wildly popular, he is also WILDLY LOVED.

Then as I said this cover marks so many other potential steps in anyone career, and it’s clear whoever gets it, especially a non-actor, immediately is perceived as a menace to those who are maybe waiting to being named just to be able to ask through their agents a higher paycheck for the projects they are involved with, and this can lead to attacks.

But ehi, Adam is always gracious and really open at taking also jabs, and you see this in the way he reacted both to the mention, and the fuss it generated.

Jimmy Kimmel docet:

Adam is the less pretentious celebrity out there… if haters hope to affect him, they can wait until World will stop spinning.

And he is UNDOUBTEDLY beautiful AND super sexy, in fact.

Hear him talk On Air with Ryan here:

He exudes sexyness in a very primal way, science could also explain why he is indeed a great SMA, and his talents only adds to his true handsomeness.

There are way more than just 28 reasons for Adam is a perfect fit for SMA honoree, actually.

And those who know him LOVE him, whoever they are or in which field they excel at.

He is also somebody who has already achieved so much in what HE excels at, namely music, he can be very satisfied with who he is, screw haters, thank you.

Won’t happen, and this is why he and Behati are a perfect match: the same goes for her: she is carefree, humorous and down-to earth, so much she could LAUGH about Adam being SMA.

Behati went home in LA a day before Adam, because she had some working to be done there; she also celebrated her bestie Ali’s birthday in loving way.

In the main time, another special private show for Maroon 5was scheduled IN NEW YORK on January 31st (I guess Bee parents will be there too by then…), and while The Voice was still running, the opinions on Adam’s BIG day started to be a normal question in interviews for everyone related to him.

This note by The Voice host also explains what I meant when at the beginning of this recap I said the fact Adam got engaged was in many ways something he shouldn’t have done career wise, but if he did it means he REALLY wants to be with Behati forever.

A man of success with a fiancee of great success, too: what one could possibly want of more? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Behati went to St. Barths to shoot for VS and she offered us flawless beauty and a clear view of her tattoo on the beach.

Look at her.. she’s always so luminous and happy

A true sparkle of life.

A beauty who doesn’t take herself too seriously is such a rare gem, and this even more once she gets so famous at such a young age.

Behati got back in LA in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with Adam and his family, which is now also HER family; this Year no picture were slid out by no family members and I am happy this didn’t happen because it’s fair Bee and Adam let their private life stay… PRIVATE.

Some glimpse we got were actually by Behati herself but as usual all those were just very discreet and VERY goofy (like they are).

With December starting, the Year was about to get capped.

This is the time when practically all the Year End list come out; but before we get into details, let’s recap in a lil mish mash video what did happen in October and November, won’t we?

December first got immediately a good news: Criminal Ali Kavoussi, I.E. the one who has milked Adam’s fame to the maximum at any given chance, trying through him and his name to give relevancy to a couple of famewhores, has finally left Women NY Agency, leaving Behati free.

This is a wonderful news, so that we won’t see anymore him trying to milk her (and him) no more.

Further evidence that he is a dirty opportunist?

He made a shot he realized with Behati back when she was Adam free available for 7 Hollywood Magazine guess when? Just when her name, linked to Adam, was starting to become one of the most relevant in all media (after the VSFS).

This is the tacky shot (Behati still beautiful, but I despise that man so much I can’t fully appreciate anything that comes with his name onto; Adam hates him and he’s SO right in doing it):

Behati for 7 Hollywood MagazineNow that criminal Ali ain’t part of Women no more I can relax a bit: I still hope Behati goes to IMG, but I can live for a while more with her being with Women, once Women has left the trash outside.

December started then and Adam went to The Ellen Degeneres Show (I always love him there, because Ellen loves him dearly, like Kurt Sutter as well):

The interview was so adorable… I can so well picture Adam’s trials to Use Bee’s fingers to play a game (LOL), and in all this is so intimate and comfy... they are so… AWWWW ๐Ÿ™‚

After the interview Adam and Maroon 5 had a LOVELY task to commit to: a private gig in Hawaii (where we were just stayed for OUR Thanksgiving time… Bee keeps following me ;)) and the girls were with the boys, enjoying Paradise ๐Ÿ™‚ I love how they all get along ๐Ÿ™‚

Behati then is a true tomboy... but even then she shines whenever with Adam – and she wears his absurd shirts way better than he does!

In those nights the Grammy nominations were given and as I expected no nods were for Maroon 5 this time, but PJ Morton got one ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s okay, we will get it all with the Fifth Album out (and if he is not away to get married, I guess Adam will present some Award, and who knows, maybe dueting with someone… SARA BAREILLES?)

I am actually VERY pleased with the nominations, as you may have gotten from my Twitter feed: all my predictions and tastes for the 2013 in music got confirmed… because my taste is flawless, ya’ll! ๐Ÿ™‚

Behati went then back to New York to keep working for the end of the Year; she shot lots of stuff, and went to the American Hustle Premiere with Shannan Click:

She is a friend since a life and I like the connection.

She was on Air With Ryan Seacrest to talk about the broadcast of the VSFS:

Always adorable in all her interviews, isn’t she?

Then who wouldn’t be excited to get married, and especially to Adam?

And she enjoyed the party with her girls when the show was aired.

This is how the show went:

And this is the mash up pre- and after the show:

Adam beside was also on Conan:

waiting for his lady to be back; but as after the party for the broadcast of the show she was working with VS, he thought about sending her SOME LOVE:

this is love

this is love

The pride he has is so touching!!!

And the flowers are, simply stunning.

I wish people would just accept his love for her…wholeheartedly, because she really makes him happy.

It’s VERY significant that Adam has favored only ONE tweet so far, and that tweet is linked to THIS paragraph, which speaks VOLUMES about how much he is in Love, and hates and gets sad when people hate on the woman he loves so much.

Please, read… and UNDERSTAND:

Adam is in LOVE: accept it.

Adam is in LOVE: accept it.

People should praise Behati, not hate on her…

Anyway: Adam said this about marriage:


I bet if you are believing trash, you won’t.

I pity you.

Adam is very happy and he doesn’t need anything else now that he has Behati, on this people all near to him agree.

Out of The VSFS airing, Behati got the most relevance, and her increase in popularity SURE had also to do with her supportive fiancรฉe, but then she has a great merit on her own, because she is relevant since she’s a teenager, remember, for VS.

The usual array of articles related to the show were put out, and it’s hard to overlook the fact Behati is becoming household name.

Accept this too, because it will remain this way, folks ๐Ÿ˜‰

Behati is also a very talented woman outside of the fact she is a great model.

She is a photographer, and actress (she got credited for her role in Hawaii 50 at least, unlike some other posers claiming they’re actresses ;)) and now she is also a stylist.

After all the months before they were just talking about the line in various magazines, finally now we can see and hear from Bee’s words directly what her This here very moment capsule collection stands for.

About the beautiful Interview of Behati for THVM capsule collection, three things stand out:

Behati for THVM

Behati for THVM

1) Behati is wonderfully talented and her style is just perfect, original and real, and her personality is the best ever;

2) Behati obtains her career achievements on HER OWN (this was also made when her and Adam were broken up, as she candidly reveals, and of course she ventured in fashion BEFORE him, so once again haters who claim always so stupidly she copycatted Adam are wrong as per usual);

3) Behati is a music soul who understands music deeply: and the fact she quoted LYKKE LI’s song I follow rivers in her line she created while PARTED from Adam is a marvelous evidence on the fact she is Adam’s soulmate.

The full on of the two spreads for LA Times

The full on of the two spreads for LA Times

To understand this, you need to listen to the lyrics of “I Follow Rivers”, watch the music video and then follow some of the meaning of the song, which I have posted after the video:

THESE are then the correct insights on the meaning of the song: remember Behati chose this when Adam was not with her anymore and remember also in that time, when Adam was bed-jumping from Nina Agdal through at least three more eagerly willing ladies, Behati NEVER tried to use his name to sell herself once.

She never ever used their failed link to gain relevance, titles, interviews or anything else: she respected him, even if what he was doing was hurting her heart filled with love for him, and throught this, throught her force, willpower, patience, respect and given freedom she got him back, because what she gave him especially in times of separation was still true and unbound love, and Adam never ever was loved the way Behati loves him.

Behati just waited for Adam to realize you can’t forget, much less leave a soulmate and be fine: that’s what made Adam sure she is the one, and that is what allowed him to get over his fears and disillusion about marriage and ask for Behati’s hand.

I Follow Rivers and the love of Behati for Adam

I Follow Rivers and the love of Behati for Adam

I find this all so wonderful to be honest.

It makes my heart tingle and be happy for them, even tho of course our worlds are never meant to collide.

I still a well wisher because Behati finally gifted Adam with what he was searching for all his life: a TRUE feeling of unconditional love and acceptance (because Bee knows all sides of Adam and ACCEPTS them, rather than trying to change them, which is also, just listen to all of his songs, something he had searched for all his life. And finally found it in her).

Take this last lil mash up video now:

As we said before, Adam may have not been nominated with Maroon 5 for ANY Grammy this Year but Maroon 5 certainly had the most beautiful 2013.

Billboard certified this in any possible way.

Any possible way. I am so proud as a fan of theirs…*sniff* ๐Ÿ˜‰



Behati was not in Los Angeles when The Voice wrapped up (Adam won with his contestant) because she was in Tulum shooting for VOGUE SPAIN (can’t wait for it):

Bee for incoming Vogue Spain

Bee for incoming Vogue Spain

But as soon as she could she went back by her lover to spend Xmas holidays together, taking presents for the family from her Mexican time I guess ;).

She is so adorable even pigs look like fairies through her eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰ and she can turn Bones into a reindeer with no effort, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not much we know, except a few snaps testifying once more they are the perfect couple, and she holds on his family values perfectly, too (she will be a great role model for little Sam Levine’s girlfriend… aww):

Adam and Bee at Xmas times

EAdam and Bee at Xmas times

Everyone freaked upon Bee’s post of wrapped up Adamso cute!!! Of course us and the internet got mad, but this time in a sweet way.

It’s hard to hate on the most adorable couple, after a while you just cannot ๐Ÿ˜‰

Everyone loving Adam cannot avoid to love Behati and to see how she is for real his soulmate; soulmates are a rarity… so I hope soon or later anyone will just accepts Bee for what she is: PERFECTION for Adam and in herself.

Maroon 5 are now in Las Vegas for their New Year’s gigs at Mandalay… I can’t say I regret not going because we are personally heading towards a stunning place for celebration so it wouldn’t be fair, but I am sure those who are there will have a precious time (and I guess after that like last year they will all lead for a couple days to Los Cabos? Maroon 5 have to be in Europe immediately after Epiphany tho).

So by now let’s just cap this post (It has been long and probably not very coherent but it was for real too much to recap six months…please understand!), and wish EVERYBODY a WONDERFUL 2014.

We are going to spend it in Nature and on The Beach…

See ya on Twitter and Instagram and who knows… maybe here too and not after 6 months again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Missus Z. salutes ya’ll ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hey there world ;)!

Karim took this at the airport while we were waiting to fly to Paris for Thanksgiving.
I love it.
So it’s my new twitter icon ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay okay it’s not technically December yet…

But here I am again writing, even tho I said I wouldn’t have this soon after two near posts last times…

Ehi… it’s ALMOST December anyway right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

And then I needed to update posts with my new profile picture (that in itself it’s a rare and worthy event right?… ;)), and write some stuff before the December season strikes in and I won’t have as much as free time because to do all things that I am supposed to in December I’d just need a day of at least 30 hours (multiplied for 31, of course. December kills me. I love it. But it does kill me…).

So before this afternoon post work we leave towards Val Gardena and before the week after it’s the HUGE La Scala time weekend (does it makes sense or?) I thought this was the only space (of time mostly) allowed to some blog update (which means the rest will come around Xmas, so if you want to see full broadcasts of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Hawaii 5-0 and The Grammy Nomination Concert + other stuff before it, you better address yourself to the NAWAAL Pages, because there I will upload things before next update.

I think.

It’s not like I have to oblige to do that, but upload stuff it’s way easier and faster than write around the uploads ;).


So while today I seem to be having a very quiet day at work (after an insane Post-Paris Thanksgiving week) I can customize a decent post now, in pieces, as breaks allow.

And I have a few things to trace ๐Ÿ˜‰ so it’s going to be cute.

For me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Barack! YES!

As you should have learned about by now, I write here only for my own pleasure anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰ so you stay here at your discretion BUT as absolutely irrelevant entities for me ;).


Let’s just start with one thing that you know I strongly care for… and which made me fear a lot in our past post:

Barack is STILL the President of The United States!!!!!


(and pheeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ too ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am so inspired by this man, and so happy everything went in the right direction…

The other option was equaling war and hate and demise for the world for me so you know how I feel there.

I just couldn’t fathom the reality of a world ruled in ANY frigging way by a combo “Romney/An Idiot Racist VP”.

But all went fine, so let’s just forget our scare.

Let’s dwell into Barack’s greatness by memorizing (I did) his coronation speech:

His passion for his Country is so gushingly clear and true… and I am glad also people I care of were as enthusiastic as I was about Obama’s win ๐Ÿ˜‰

How I wish in Italy we had anything (anyone) even remotely similar…

Instead we have Berlusconi ready again to compete for Prime Minister role (God help us and possibly make this one trick pony DIE. I mean in every sense you can imagine we are in need of. Naturally of course… he’s old enough for it isn’t he?), and the Right here again being ridiculed by this midget whose only interest is to FUCK this Country while fucking prostitutes and then avoid any real political project to take off, but instead minding only his own ways to stay out of where he belongs, namely JAIL.

Poor my Italy (if as I presume there will still be retarded believing this one is what we need)…

And on inside the fence’s side of mine… Renzi and Bersani are up to their final face off after their debate the other day, and after the first round of voting about The Left candidate has been done (click on aside for the full video, here it’s just an excerpt of it):

I wish we could mix the two… but instead we have to part them and I honestly still don’t know whom I am about to pick on Sunday.

Nut. A rockstar cat. King of our house now ๐Ÿ˜‰


Speaking about doubts, choices and people who could/should/must have been picked…


Lakers did me so wrong a few weeks ago.

SO wrong.

They let me hope and climbing the tree of happiness, when they finally SACKED MIKE THE DISGRACE BROWN (and you know how long I was asking for this to happen) and they seemed to be getting back THE ONE AND ONLY PHIL JACKSON

Only to destroy me again, and hiring Mike D’Antoni instead.


I repeat… why?

That was SO disrespectful to Legendary PJax… I can’t believe how bad we treated him… I can’t ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .

I am a huge Olimpia Milano fan and I love Mike D.A. to death but… no way he is fitting for this hard job.

And results are still proving me right once again…

Do I have to surrender at hope of a great sporty season already?

Paris Thanksgiving Time…

Because my teams are so bipolar…

Milan is there to pull and push me up and then shoving me down… We get humiliated by Inter, we struggle in Champions, then we play well in the Cup, and we beat a super Juventus...

what I have to do to keep track?

I am getting old and I don’t feel secure sometimes with all these rollercoaster of feelings, teams.

So please… get it together and help my sanity.

Love, your devoted Zaira ๐Ÿ˜‰

*end of the sporty pledge* ๐Ÿ˜‰

But ehi… I know I have such a great time on my journey onto this planet I shall not really worry (much less complain) about anything.

Just this past week I have gotten to celebrate the most family-oriented of American’s holidays in the most European of towns (and in the most hybrid of ways, give the people involved).

We went to Paris with all of our families and we just had the greatest of times for the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Not only that town is magic for K&I, but we also got to spend some unforgettable time at a party which was held… practically AT the Louvre.

That was simply awesome.

One of the best nights of my whole life, truth to be told.

… winning ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am very grateful for my husband, my family, my friends and relatives; my Swifty, and all of those treasures my existence is made of.

I hope all the people whom I love and treasure are knowing it.

I always try to let them know anyway, because it’s the right thing to do.

Know I never take ANY of this for granted you guys…

And now, I can also say I have a new love in my life… because Karim surprised me with another pet.

Not quite as big as Swifty, but trust me… he might be just as fast ๐Ÿ˜‰

We have a gorgeous all-white cat now, with eyes of gold sparkles.

We’ve baptized him Nut.

No, it doesn’t mean that he’s crazy (though… maybe… ;)): that is the name of a tool people use while climbing rocks, peaks, mountains and since he’s all white as eternal snow on the Alps… there came the name ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am quite scared about the moment when I will be donning the Xmas tree (s) in the house, because Nut will probably tackle them down.

Gotta find a smart solution for his proclivity towards mess.

But he’s just SO cute, and you know I just can’t be mad when beauty is involved ๐Ÿ˜‰

And speaking of Xmas, gifts and engaging activities related to all that, I have started to think at gifts but all that I have come up with so far are purchasing for our houses (… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ops!).

We just found the best chairs for the tavern… tell me these are not amazing (it’s actual fabrics INTO a structure of wood and laminated plexiglas):

Our new set of amazing chairs. Cheers ๐Ÿ˜‰

What else of mine?

I guess if I don’t get over inspired later on, I can move onwards and start The Chronicles of Life & Love (which I love).



Well, after Behati and Adam had their love Time fest which lasted like… 2 days into The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show taping (that is dedication, girl… GO!!! Your amazing Halloween costume still an highlight in HW Forever Cemetery, be sure!), she had to fly to New York and he kept being busy with the Karaoke Mess his Tv dutiesย  (sigh), his stuff with Maroon 5 (guys are doing awesomely!!!) and enjoying generally everything that comes when you are as famous as Adam is.

Behati got also into acting, much like Adam, being the one chosen to appear the day before VSFS 2012 will air (in a few days)to cross-star in Hawaii 5-0 remake (more on that later on ;)).

Oh, and if you think I forgot about AHS, just because Adam isn’t featured anymore (so far), you are WRONG.

I still hooked on the Asylum and I love it better than the Damned Ghostly House ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am also sure the physical resemblance of Zachary Quinto, Dylan McDermott and Adam is not a casual occurrence. I am sure this is planned ๐Ÿ˜‰

Quote me later on ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well Behati went to New York to do her thing, and as always she just ROCKED it.

I mashed up a lot into this… so enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

She also got lucky when Lais Ribeiro (poor girl) tweaked her feet on the day before the show in the rehearsal, because then her two outfits got to be given to others and one got to Shanina Shaik (gorgeous) while the opening one for one of the segment, with glorious feathered wings, immediately went to Behati, who just shone in it.


The picture you see where Behati almost cries is taken when she got told Lais couldn’t make (I have been told by a sure source).

Behati is so generous and good, instead of being happy for herself, she almost cried for the bad luck of Lais, no matter if through that she would have got three outfits and an opening.

THIS is Behati.

Too bad the picture I am telling you about got used by trash press to spread stupidity around.

Interviewed about the show, and a charity that was promoted by VS for the victims of Sandy, Behati hinted at her apartment being flooded.

Now follow me, because this is cute (again, I have assurance about this whole dynamic through my links).

This is an article taken out of this thing (note the trash always comes from the same “sources”…):

US Magazine keeps being trash

US Magazine keeps being trash

Let me just point out the mess of the article.

First, I have been told Behati was never meant to speak about Adam.

She was just asked if she was fine and she said “yes, thank you”; then while speaking of her apartment flooded, she just said that while it was happening she was with her boyfriend on the other coast and she was not affected as much as she could have.

But of course magazines spun other things into her very brief and simple and totally private answer.

Poor Behati… No matter how great you are in preserving your and Adam’s business… they can always ruin it all.

Don’t let them to.

Ever… KEEP fighting okay girl? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mesmerizing Behati VSFS 2012

Mesmerizing Behati VSFS 2012

I also laugh at the way in this trash magazine they labeled the relationship a courtship (LOL… yeah, sure, because they have no sex… and because is for being totally a-sexual that in almost 7 full months Behati and Adam are together she spent with him 81% of the days of this span of time…), and how it seems that from May to November there are only 4 months to be counted (again, because Behati never spoke about the relationship, but US Magazine put into the article what they liked… or WORST, what they were paid to put up, to just cut Behati a different angle than she is).

Behati is not trash, so I hate when they use her to use Adam… why not just put the normal story up?

Easy answer… because truth is not interesting as much as lies.

Then just around these days, more garbage was thrown at Behati and Adam (and along the crew we have a pretty defined idea on whose to be blamed for all this dirt… just ask yourselves whom could be benefiting from trash given to Adam and Behati…).

First Adam was flirting with longlife pal Katy perry (who’s with John Mayer since months, and whom has always been just a friend of Adam) at his Halloween bas (yeah, sure); not only shamelessly… BUT IN FACE OF BEHATI?


How can people be SO stupid to believe this (and trust, many did).

Then, the maximum of idiocity: Patsy and Fred, Adam’s parents, would be pushing Adam at marrying Behati.




First of all: Adam lives his life outside of all these things, and his parents would NEVER intrude this way in his life.

Second: Adam doesn’t want to marry, and he has stated this so many times, and he has broken relationships over this point, at least a couple of times already.

Third: Behati is not somebody desperately trying to get into a marriage with someone famous to get more famous herself.

Fourth: they are together and very happy since the whole of May BUT none of them would ever marry out of some months bliss.

ESPECIALLY ADAM, who knows until he has a career, he has no time to have a family (which doesn’t necessarily involves marriage for him anyway).

Adam Levine with mum, Behati, a Ferrari and a Porsche _NOV 2012

Adam Levine with mum, Behati, a Ferrari and a Porsche NOVEMBER 2012

But why all these false stories are going around?

Who is trying again to ruin Adam’s private life through things he hates with the whole of himself, namely false gossip lies?


dam on Anderson. The episode was taped in October though

Adam on Anderson. The episode was taped in October though

That’s the answer you gotta face to understand this all.

I did . ๐Ÿ˜‰

Get used to lies when it’s about Adam and Behati… like when (I predicted it in my two posts before this one already) OF COURSE trash gossip sites started to wonder why Adam wasn’t sided at the VS Fashion show to cheer her walking…

Well, HE WAS LIVE WITH THE VOICE on the other side of the Country that day, for instance?

And… a real Angel doesn’t need a famous boyfriend to get relevance in the show, maybe?

Too complicated for poor retards to get, I know… but again I tend to believe all this dirt is more spun to disfavor Behati and to make others feel better.

I may be mean…

But I am sure I am right, and I have no doubts about all these strange news being manipulated.

I am just glad neither Adam nor Behati cares, and fly higher above all this trash.

They are so not worthy of all these vicious lies being spread though.

But one thing is for sure, is that Adam likes revenge.

He won’t forget who mistreated him, or the ones he loves. he can remember that for years and have a vengeance in time.

Don’t trust his smiles to enemies… he doesn’t forget and he mostly doesn’t forgive: anyone who knows him for real will tell you this (I am similar, so I understand him well).

But back at good things.

While Behati was working her (beautifully shaped) ass off, and also took care to make everybody sure she wasn’t available also at the after party, and then she was ready after the show to fly in Hawaii first for her tv stint, and then to Mexico for VS duties (can’t wait to see the shots!) along her great pal Candice Swanepoel, Adam had some great things to mind too.

He had a gig with his colleagues at the show (no, I won’t mention it ? ;)) refer to the NAWAAL page please ;)) and also Jesse (beloved Jesse!!! come back to us soon!!!) attended the show taping (sweet, that was sweet from him to tweet it).

While being taken with his stuff, Adam shared this WONDERFUL Stevie Wonder’s playlist with Rolling Stone (click on the picture, jump on the page and listen… I couldn’t save the file, too little of time to crack it sorry ;)):

Adam Levine Stevie Wonder’s Playlist _from RollingStoneUSA_November 2012

Adam also had modeled for the event you know since other updates (the GQ Gentlemen’s Ball), for which he got this page on GQ November 2012:

Adam Levine in GQ USA – November 2012 issue

He looks so dapper completely clean up ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wish instead to have yet to receive TV Guide Magazine where Adam gets honored, I had to still get People Magazine instead…

Lucky me didn’t BUY that (I got sent as a gift it by friends):

People UN-Sexiest Man Alive issue 2012

People UN-Sexiest Man Alive issue 2012

… because it’s not only a crime to have disregarded Adam that way, putting him up with a minuscule photo taken not from his regular look (even the pornstaches he worn out for a while are better than that) but from his role look for “Can A song Save Your Life?”, but it’s a blatant insult to have used him viciously in the online editions of the magazine, hinting that he may have some relevance in the printed edition, and then give him that awful space you see above.

Trying to milk readers better, People?

Oh, what a sham ๐Ÿ˜‰

But at least is something right?

Nah, it’s not ๐Ÿ˜‰

I actually am glad Adam’s management doesn’t pay to get covers on People (because THAT is the way these lists are made… teams decide whom to give the spotlight depending on how much money pressure they get from the PR teams ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s all business in Hollywood, glad Adam doesn’t strive for it though. He’s way sexier than anyone mentioned instead of him in this issue and that’s for sure ;))

But let’s hope soon THIS instead arrives in my Hand, namely…

Adam Levine tops TV Guide's HOTLIST 2012

Adam Levine tops TV Guide’s HOTLIST 2012

… the TV Guide one he’s part of (the latter, much deservedly, on the cover of course) so no scan on this update I am sorry (blame USA postal services, thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰ ):

I love anytime Adam is on magazines though.

He had also his fun at the soiree organized to honor his cover of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ like the star he is, and the super talented person he is.

I still love him all clean up and modeling actually, though I know he always tries his best to avoid these things like pest (why? why? Handsome-ness has to be shared, you egoistical man! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kidding… of course he accepts these things only when he likes to, and it’s his prerogative).

Adam also sat down for an interview with Ellen, before sharing stage with Maroon 5 for performing Daylight:

I love that he keeps being very reclusive about his personal life.

He has learnt that no one really in love with you will ever push you to give her publicity.

Now he doesn’t feel forced to speak of his private business to make others happy and I prefer him (and his love life) this way.

Sorry Ellen ๐Ÿ˜‰ not even you could break that (nor did Howard Stern in June, so… if you two can’t, nobody will ;)).

Adam in the main time is still practicing golf and being charitable through it (love this side of him, always very private as well), and so he was part of a Tournament benefiting a very well renowned Foundation in California.

Behati was then moving from Hawaii to Talun as I said… and even if for a while the beach things she was shooting two weeks ago won’t be available (the ones below are from the July shots), you can watch this video to be reminded of her fab body ;):


SEXY yet classy.

She’s an African Queen indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

While Behati was in tropical Paradises for duties, Adam went back to New York with the boys to perform one of their favorite gigs always.

They were the musical guests on the Saturday night Live episode hosted by great Jeremy Renner, and the episode was a great success (also in ratings, of course):

I wonder if the fact Adam spent all the after party talking with Jeremy will actually bring some more acting into his future.

I am sure he’s focused about it too.

While they were there (the day before actually) Maroon 5 were also the musical guests at the prestigious American National Museum of History Annual Gala (I have been there with Coldplay.. well ๐Ÿ˜‰ Chari was there with Maroon 5 instead and I don’t know who got it better ;)) and a lot of good came out from it too ;).

Well… of course Mick Jagger is a force to be reckoned so maybe Chari might have the edge there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Being in New York in that weekend prevented Adam and Maroon 5 from their glory reception of another American Music Award for Best Band (the only one the shame of Bieber couldn’t steal them of… stupid tasteless teenager giving that trick awards… ) but they were sure grateful for the win.

I wonder if stupid Bieber will prevent Adam from more awards at the People’s Choice Awards.

I say this because Adam is the single person who is candidated THE MOST (he’s up for 6 nods).


Not bad man…(though I hope he wins only where he is candidated for Maroon5 related things… because… well.. you know ;)).

While glory was pouring on the guys Behati was still on working schedule, but at least to work with your best friends is a great relief I guess (working in a paradise on earth doesn’t hurt either ;)).

But when Ben Watts said goodbye to Bee and he seemed to hint she was ready to travel to MORE Happy places… we knew where she was heading, didn’t we?

Sure, she never tells it openly.

Because well… that’s only HER (and HIS) business but…

We knew ๐Ÿ˜‰

We should never get so surprised anymore at the grace and the power Behati has to be THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND for little Adam ๐Ÿ™‚

The lively Angel who’s by his side since the whole of May (at least… let’s leave Coachella in the “hooking Up Department”, though the sparkle sparkled very much like a FIRE immediately… bless the African drive and passion ;)), no matter what and no matter how, also in this month of November has showed how it’s done to be Adam’s lady.

She has worked her ass off for most of the month, squeezing a lot into 20 days, and as soon she could, she was back by Adam’s side.


Behati for Desigual 2012 Extras

She’s a true ray of sunshine in his life.

So glad she’s there for him… so happy she gives him what he needs, especially considering how full and without breaks his life is.

Behati balances it all.

She IS love.

And we do know how much Adam needs a pure and not exploiting kind of it to be fine in his stuff too.

Behati Prinsloo for VS Swim NOV 2012. This spread was shot in July – with Sara Sampaio – before she took flight to join her boyfriend Adam Levine in Japan where Maroon 5 were playing for their Asian Tour

I really wish she would leave Women.

Because they will be trying (they are already) to milk Adam again through her and he won’t take that once again after he realized how much he has been used for two years (if you wonder why Adam’s tweets have changed that much, here’s your answer: he has gone back to be who he REALLY is, namely a very private person outside of his very overexposed working life).

I am glad Behati brought him back to his roots, because I never really loved the way he was moved (forced?) to put out on display for everyone to see his private life and thoughts.

Gloriously beautiful Behati Prinsloo is wet for Seafolly

That was NOT Adam.

That was a manipulated-from-love-towards-a-wrong-receptacle Adam… glad we are now having the real Adam back, and if this means not knowing his background days, WHO CARES.

I prefer to be assured he is happy (and I AM ASSURED OF IT ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) behind closed doors instead of seeing him fakely chased by paparazzi and having “sources” and “unnamed close friends” (read: manipulative PR teams, which are not belonging to Adam’s life) explain us carefully what he thinks about family and marriage and how he feels about his love life at the moment.

Heck! He’d never ever share these things with strangers, if it were up to him 110%!

Adam and Behati on Memorial Day 2012 – May 28 – in Hawaii

That type of info given out to – low-rated – press (?) is mostly always a front, and should almost never been given credit at all.

Instead these smiles you see during his Thanksgiving time, just like those passionate, adorable, very lovingly kisses Adam was planting on Behati’s face in Hawaii in May (where he was with private people and unaware of paparazzi around, hence he was completely free to be himself and put his passion on up), things that are real because they are happening in his PRIVATE MOMENTS, that are not meant to be seen by any other than his real close people, well, THOSE displays (not public) of affection are what matters.

Those are what real love calls for and a real relationship shall be made of.

Real life… has to be private.

No matter if you are a celebrity… your private life MUST be only yours (and it bares a striking contradictions, I know, that while I preach this then I post somehow private pictures of A&B up here, but that is not a media blog, it is just a personal one about things that I like and that happens to me, so while I am also putting up pictures not meant to be seen, I do because those – already published elsewhere though, I carefully avoid to post around pictures that have NEVER surfaced anywhere else before, that’s a rule over here – that are just meant to prove my point, that Adam and Behati are very happy, very secure lovers all into one another for THEIR LIVES and not for paps or fame. Those pictures float anyway over the web so they have ceased to be private anyway. My use of them is not evilish at all, and I will take care of not showing minors or locations anyway, no matter if others did instead).

I just feel fine seeing them happy and not for the eyes of strangers to see…

but for their only own good.

I am happy again Behati is showing (once more in this blessed Thanksgiving time… ) how she only cares to be with Adam as much and as long as possible, and never shares bits of their privacy around just to gain status, and it makes my heart so warm and happy to see how she GENUINELY wants to preserve their love intact without selling Adam to the tabloids to be mentioned once more in the media through him.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo on Levine’s Family thanksgiving party 22 November 2012. Picture by a close friend. No tabloids allowed. Thank God. Thank you Bee. Keep being awesome to him. You are adorable and TRUE ๐Ÿ™‚

So glad I am that the days of being exploited are over for Adam, and that after that unfortunate chapter of his life came to a very blessed end, a real Angel of Love came to save his intoxicated and damaged soul and give Adam back to himself, his senses and the ones who really love him without trying to gain a profit out of it :)).

All in all, I just wish tabloids would stop to spin nonsense about Adam, and about Behati, and about Adam + Behati and stop talking about them altogether, unless it’s for due work of them and not anything else but I also know that is hard for many reasons:

1) tabloids are scum;

2) tabloids write the fakest of things, often without getting punished for it (a problem that in Italy we have with supposed “high journalism” (?) also, see the Alessandro Sallusti‘s case, so it’s not like I can really wonder why those things happen ๐Ÿ˜‰ can I?);

3) tabloids get paid by PR teams to write what those teams want and request, regardless of truths – in fact, more than often IN SPITE of it – just to operate towards defined targets, so they will often try to build stories when they need to speak about someone, if they can’t find real fact to report;

4) tabloids readers are mostly REALLY stupid, so they won’t ever reckon how false all those stories, and how manipulated and scripted by PR teams all their “news” are.

Should we care?

As brained people, not we must NOT; and I am happy Adam and Behati are of the same idea, and just avoid any forced contact with the worst of “media” (?) feeders.

I should just accept that in public people’s lives the downward side of being subject of dirty tabloids gossip and manipulation is sadly a not erasable occurrence, and just stop taking notices, just again like Adam and Bee do.

Adam despises gossip blogs.

And one thing is for sure that he won’t let anybody use him through them again so I really hope Behati can keep being as strong as she is demonstrating to be and never surrender at any’s will to milk Adam, because that would be the end of this relationship and I would be sad, because this relationship has brought us back the best Adam I was used to know (beside The Fuckery The Karaoke Mess that thing being still a thing of his… But I have strong hopes that chapter will soon be finished as well).

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine with Adam’s entire family on Thanksgiving 2012.
They are just amazingly happy together. And not for the paps. For themselves only.

Really… if Behati leaves that Agency that should be called Whoring Management instead of Women I would be the happiest person EVER: they have never done much for her anyway, and even though it now seems they are starting to do, it’s never for her… it’s just for trying to upper themselves through her new spotlight, and pushing others by linking her awfully in things she doesn’t belong to, always in the creepiest ways.

She has the kind of skills to be one of IMG people anyway; she is a natural in front of cameras, she works well on motion, has a great eloquence, a sparkle of funny personality, a vision, and she is artistically educated because she is not merely a model, she is a musician and a photographer.

Behati Prinsloo and her perfect body emerges from the sea in Hawaii 5-0 feature

She has so much to emerge as a complete entertainer and her naturalness on Hawaii 5-0 demonstrates this once again (as any of her reaching out outside the plain work of a model – work that she rocks anyway, since her very start tho ;).

Of course this is just her very first (and not much prepared, as she flew in as soon as the VSFS ended) acting stint, so her abilities are completely rough cutted in there… but she is a natural force of Nature and – much like her boyfriend’s Adam – I just think she needs some practice at acting, and then she could just be BIG.

Her charm is undeniable and it takes as much as following her here, when she announced the feature, to realize how natural, away from pretentiousness, passionate and genuine she is.

I love everything Scott and Alex and Producers, Peter Lenkov & the Cast of Hawaii 5-0 said about Behati.

How people can hate on her is beyond me:

Of course envy is the reason, but I am sure anyone would love to be her friend, and that is why she is actually FULL of friends , and a LOT are actually females (which makes a double-check on her goodness because females hate easily on other females… instead Behati has GREAT friends and a lot also in the modeling world, and not as a “front friendship”… Coco Rocha, Candice Swanepoel, those are FRIENDS for real and for life. It speaks so accurately about Bee, the way she makes real friends also in the Fashion world).

Behati Prinsloo in HF Collage Shots which I find gorgeous

I also am deeply convinced that REAL people (like her and Adam are) have a BIG HARD TIME doing acting, because that doesn’t come natural to them.

Fakers are just much more inclined…. if you act in your real life, chances are you may be pretty good at acting in front of a camera (for some people, that is just a synonymy in which acting in life EQUALS acting in general… but let’s not give in there ;)).

I like the way Sun kisses Behati’s in this promo though:

And my oh my… Behati REALLY is 5’11”.

She towers poor Scott Caan a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Alex O’ L is over 6’1′ so she doesn’t dwarf him instead).

Behati on set

Behati on set

Behati’s cheerful, totally shining personality is what drives people to her.

Sure, she is a giant beauty with perfect body and completely mindblowing, unique facial features (THE CHEEKBONES!!! I can’t get enough ;))…

But what REALLY makes her unique is her personality which shines through always.

Proof of that?


Well, I was not up to post this Victoria’s Secret Angels singing over his song “Beauty And The Beat” (which is not even that terrible, but being him, it still is) because I would never touch anything Bieber BUT…

Sometimes things get to be submitted here due to their over powering adorable-ness ;).

And when I saw this I couldn’t hold grudges towards the fact it was still an awful Bieber’s song that was chosen for the lypsynch phase.

Behati, this year again, shines through this whole fragment… you can see her personality glitter all over (and how happy is she there? OF COURSE… 24 hours before that lipsynch performance she was STILL in Adam’s arms ;)):

Behati is so adorable and so herself and so lively lipsynching that I couldn’t avoid.


She’s so great she can even make me stand some Bieber (well let’s not go overboard…).

Glorious Behati. Bet Adam has a lot of fun with her infinite legs and THAT booty ;)

Glorious Behati. Bet Adam has a lot of fun with her infinite legs and THAT booty ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am sure Adam is proud of his girl and he MUST.

She is just so real and I am sure hangin around her would bright anyone’s life.

Even in these stills out of her (amazing and finally out of Pink) performance at this year Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show you can see the passion for life and the deconstructed charm this girl has:

Adam needs exactly THIS in his complicated life.

Not a drama and clinging queen… he needs somebody who’s able to light his whole life up, to bring comfort into it when he has no other way to slow down.

He has written songs about that since an eternity… and Behati indeed is the type of person who can give him JUST EVERYTHING he needs, because not only she is the physical type he favors (as tall – or even taller – than him, infinite legs, toned, slim, but curvy enough to be womanly, a face that change from being innocent to being a sexy fox, and a kinky very developed side) but finally she has the personality to match his over-demanding one, while being reclusive about any detail.

I REPEAT FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME: This relationship of Bee and Adam could end TOMORROW: and STILL Behati will always be for him the best and realest girlfriend he’s had since he got famous, because even now that he is at a HUGE peak of fame, she has NEVER EVER USED HIM ONCE TO GAIN FAME HERSELF.

Behati and Adam in Los Angeles, 23 November 2012. totally loved up. Aww.

Behati is a wonderful person and for the way she has been there for Adam (and for the REAL him,) always and constantly, for the way she has always traveled the world to be as much as possible with him, for the way she has never ever used social media to pimp her relationship with him, or any other outlet, for the way she has and is respecting and taking care of Adam and his closest friends and family genuinely and uninterestedly… for the way Behati is LOVING Adam (and we all know that is all but easy, as he is NOT an easy person to deal with), she deserves to be BLESSED and THANKED from all of those who claim they are fans and appreciate and care about Adam (even if his private life is not a fan’s business at all).

adorability at the maximum level.

I wish everyone could realize that.

But the only thing that matters is that for sure ADAM DID AND DOES.

I hope this continues, as long as possible: Behati has brought light and real love back into Adam’s darkness and this is magnificent, and I wish she could be glorified for it and not trashed.

Those people hating on her, bashing her, spreading lies about her are obviously too stupid and not worthy to understand and see the goodness of Bee+Adam’s combo.

We can’t plant sense-fulness into brainless people.

Let’s just be aware of that ourselves, and pity them enemies if they are dull and blind ๐Ÿ˜‰

PS: the pictures out from Thanksgiving have been taken from Instragram sources, which I have been sent by friends and occasional speakers.

Since they involve not willing people (kids of Adam’s family) those faces have been blurred to preserve privacy.

I have also decided to put them up only because they are flowing all over Internet and therefore anyone could catch them now through a web research, but I willingly decided to only keep the faces of Adam and Behati up, avoiding to display also Adam’s brother Michael and Gene Hong’s ones although his brother (I can’t stand him and you know it) was the one posting the first ones for the world to see (a fame oriented brother that is… I feel always creepily turn out by him actually but whatever, I just prefer to not pay attention to him tout court. He won’t change in his trials to become known through Adam so let’s just stop hoping he could, and move away and furtherly).

What does matter is that Behati still with her half and that even when she comes to the public places of him (like when she went to The Fuckery The Karaoke Mess that thing tapings, she avoids to share that through internet, and that’s cute… but lucky enough her look she was sporting on the taping of Monday 26th of November was too lovely to be not shared by Internet people (she has her Halloween wig up and she keeps wearing Adam’s clothes, here it is the cardigan, while the days before Halloween it was actually his trousers… that is so adorable I melt ;)):

Behati Prinsloo at The Voice on Monday 26th of November 2012. That’s her Halloween wig. And Adam’s sweater on ๐Ÿ˜‰

Speaking about the lovely habit Behati has to wear Adam’s pieces of clothing (that is marvelous… she’s so modest and doesn’t ask for expensive gifts, she is so natural and lovely and for her the best clothes she could possibly wear are HER BOYFRIEND’s ones and this is so pure and lovingly… it always makes me melt. Behati, you’re a wonderful SOUL. You are.).

When asked at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year about a twitter question on her guilty pleasures… SHE SAID THIS (any Adam’s fan knows why I put this up here, right?):

Awww. I can imagine them both drawn into a giant jar of Haribo’s

They are so adorable!

By the way maybe they bought some of them while shopping at their (MINE!!!!) Gelson’s after the show was taped…

Look HOW AMAZING THEY ARE… the perfect easy-going, totally relaxed, completely real-and-out-of-fake type of couple:

Adam Levine and girlfriend Behati Prinsloo shop at their local Gelson’s after The Voice show on Monday November 26th 2012. Gummy Bears are there too or… ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

But okay, I am digressing from my point (sorry, I just love to see Adam back being so very happy, and it’s ALL Behati’s touch on him who brought him back to that state he didn’t experience in so long before her).

I really like her charm and I hope they can have also some Xmas time together (these pictures from her JCrew’s spread help the mood) even though with all Adam’s commitments and the fact Maroon 5 play Las Vegas near to New Year’s Eve (and Behati goes in Africa around the Xmas holidays, as it’s right to do) that is not really very likely.

Behati Prinsloo for JCrew Xmas 2012

But who knows… their love is strong and they have already surprised us (she mostly) for their way to find ALWAYS the methods to stay as much as possible together.

And after all, if Behati stayed with Adam’s family on Thanksgiving… wouldn’t be cute for him to pay visit to her family on Xmas?

We can just cross fingers, and anyway, I am sure they DO know what’s better for themselves and for their strong bond.

Back to chronicles now ๐Ÿ˜‰

That moment where she was at The Fuckery The Karaoke Mess that showย  anyway deserves some kind of a break in of news, even in here, where it is forbidden by love of music souls (reality singing competitions = death of real artistry. THIS IS and there’s no way I will ever change my mind…).

No… don’t worry I am NOT gonna cover anything related to that awful thing in itself… because lucky enough I hadn’t to.

Let me be clearer.

That day 50 Cent and Adam premiered the AWESOME My Life collaboration, but without EMINEM.

Adam Levine and 50 Cent premiere “My Life” on Monday 26th of November 2012

Therefore I didn’t have to watch it.

I could just buy the single as soon as it came out (on Italian Monday still, just before I was going to bed) andย  wait for this video the day after.

The video is EVERYTHING and it shows the most amazing trio of power all together

I cream myself at the greatness of this song; and you know how skeptical I was when a year or so 50 Cent and Adam started to give hints about a collaboration, but it took enough to add Lord Eminem to the mix, and actually “My Life” became instantly one of my musical dreams made true.

Adam and Eminem on the same record...

My Life. 50 Cent featuring my dream combo Eminem + Adam Levine.
WOW. Straight to Number one where it belongs ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is pretty much perfection and it holds more of my heart than both Heard Em say and Promised Land (Revelations) do (the ones Adam shares with Kanye, whom I adore, despite his downwarding spiral into KardTRASHIAN lands).

But okay… I do still adore Kanye and this version of Heard Em Say video is still so dear to my heart I gotta put up also this (sorry for the step into memory lane ๐Ÿ˜‰ ):

You know that is cause of THIS video and song if any time we stay in NY I have to go at THAT Macy’s to feel it as a musical vibe? (Also, I am dead sure that the hilarious – and cool – Macklemore’s Thrift Shop video somehow is a twist of this version of Heard’Em Say…. ;)).

But enough… let’s go back to My Life.

The song shot immediately to iTunes #1 as deserved (even though two days later it got knocked down by that HORRENDOUS Will.I.Am + Britney Spears’ mess called “Scream And Shout, which is exactly what you feel like to do after hearing it… due to its awfulness) and so the streak of Adam’s uncanny hit continues, just after One More Night got displaced after 9 week at the top by Rihanna (and we all predicted this by the way), and while Overexposed continues to sell amazingly (it just crossed the 810.000 copies this week ;), and One More Night is almost 3 times platinum in USA, and Payphone is well over 4 and 1/2 platinum already. Utter Domination.).

Grammy Awards.

Grammy Awards.

Despite the great performances on chart out of our guys, I am a bit worried about Grammy Nominations.

Somehow the fact that One More Night overshadowed Payphone in terms of weeks at number one on Billboard made everyone forget that Payphone was a way more global hit selling way more worldwide; unfortunately the fact it never got past number 2 in USA makes me fear the submission at the Committee have been for both songs, and that is NOT a smart move, especially when Maroon 5 have to compete in the most battled and crowded field (Pop).

That is a fear all of our crew has, that to submit both songs will have forcefully to split votes and polarize them; and that could undermine the chances of actual nominations when the votes get counted, if people have split them in two directions without none of them clearly prevailing.

Plus the rise (deserved I think) of Pink’s star in the album category is going to probably block Overexposed in any album related nods.

We’ll know soon, because the Grammy nomination concert is behind the corner (but you will be updated of it here only way later ;)).

What is for sure is that the boys are at their peak EVER.

Maroon 5 are simply put a great REAL band…

They are pop in the best sense of that word.

Where pop is meant to be an infusion of many things heading towards large fruition without derailing out from artistry.

They still have it, and I am still proud of them (and you know I have been quarreling with some of their choices…).

I am happy because they are. ๐Ÿ™‚

And I am happy also because Adam is very very happy with a beautiful angel by his side.

(How many “happy” did I just write in 5 lines? Oh who cares… ;))

Take a look at the whole of November of the lovey dovey duo of Adam and Bee… and I hope you like my song choices for the segments, because they are well thought-over ๐Ÿ˜‰ :

I wonder which film they have seen together by the way

Another thing which is lovely is that Behati has just shot a series of things for VS IN LOS ANGELES.

Behati shooting the other day for VS in Los Angeles

Behati shooting the other day for VS in Los Angeles

She does her best not only to be with Adam always, but to bring her work to HIS place, so that she can avoid to leave him for too long.

I am also curious to know if this is what inspired Adam “I want a baby tiger” tweet.

Because I can totally see Behati agreeing with that ๐Ÿ˜‰

She would probably also be delighted if Adam could be the temporary replacement drummer of Pearl Jamย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

I can see her pushing him for that actually (like he needed it ;)).

And I also wish to them to have a great weekend, as it seems they are going somewhere from Ben’s tweets ;).

Well, speaking of which, my weekend has started and I am finishing this post on iPad and on a car directed to Ortisei.

We have picked a house there so that we can be independent from my friends’ Cortina’s place (which still near).

This way K&I can get our freak on.

No really.

That was mostly the reason that pushed us to find a place of our own in Val Gardena ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sorry friends… we know you understand!

(and probably approve ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL).

I leave you with a beautiful article and interview of James (dear Jimmy V!!!!) which I find awesome.

Read it carefully because it’s amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

James Valentine on Guitar.com

James Valentine on Guitar.com

I’d say this is long enough ;).

Wish you all a great weekend, to find a wonderful place for your mind and heart, and to find a source of fire within yourself to spread it around.

Life is a wonderful thing… but it can not come out as easy as we’d wish for.

Let’s treasure it.

Every day.

I do, and that’s why I feel fine and happy I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Xmas time from Behati Prinsloo and VS ;)

Happy Xmas time from Behati Prinsloo and VS ๐Ÿ˜‰

See ya around or after Xmas I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰

Missus Z. is on track towards Pordoi or something ๐Ÿ˜‰


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I wasn’t meant to write a blog this soon after the previous one (I have way too much things to do to update this more frequently than once or so in a month)… but on blessed Thursday September 13th, 2012 something did happen that HAD to be pinpointed, celebrated and shared so…

I HAD to come here and write, as soon as I got a lil window-time in this beautiful sunny Saturday of Summer-end.

So now after my well due horseride, after a very good meal my mum has prepared and before K&I get back to Milan for more afternoon sweet things to do (basically… visiting the FIRST reason for I am writing this post about, and some… sport event for tonight ;)) let me announce that my already beautiful life has received yet another gift for me to rejoice and be EXTREMELY grateful for.

On September 13th, 2012 the Earth has welcomed a new shining ANGEL.

Welcome my dearest Eva!

My dearest Margherita gave birth to this miracle creature, instantly transforming what was shaping up to be a terribly bad day for me (work, commitments I didn’t like to oblige, the Rotary Club dinner the evening) into one of the most beautiful, mind-shattering, heart-shaping and amazing days of my whole life.

It’s hard to explain… I thought I was prepared for such a joy but I was definitely NOT. The moment I saw the baby… and Margherita so destroyed but SO happy… something inside me probably just evolved.

That shaking feeling still here… and it will probably remain it inside my soul because Eva has now already become a part of me.

I am gonna be the best support for her… as I will also be the God-mother of her (thank you Margherita… you know it means so much and you know I’d give up my life for her… and YOU).

Even thought Karim and I yet are not planning nor willing babies (we want at least three more years alone ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanx) I can honestly say motherhood is in my plans, and in his.

We talked so much about this as we got to welcome Eva in our lives ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and if you wonder why Margherita picked up that name… its’ all due to this song that her parents loved and she has always loved to (it’s a beautiful song indeed):

Music is part of mine and my friends and beloveds’ lives so naturally… even the names of our babies are gonna be music-related easily.

I know K&I will surely find names which relate with our artistic passions for sure at least ;).

So… all about today’s post is related to love and angels and all that makes life better and awesome (which leaves me intentionally skip on the mess and chaos of that idiotic anti-muslim “movie” which is causing troubles in Middle East and that I have a slight feeling was created to favor that horrible Robo-Romney’s plans to destroy America and the world along; but as I said, let’s NOT talk about bad thing today, and let’s all just gaze in lovingly shades).

Today for instance I will go see Milan live in San Siro (after an amazing morning ride of my baby Swifty in the fields, and after a well due paid visit to my God-Daughter) after the past weekend we spent the most amazing time in Florence avoiding to catch games of any sort, other than through media reports (sex is the best sport after all ๐Ÿ˜‰ and try to deny me there ;)… the small days when I can’t do that because of my period you know are named like “The Dark Era”… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

And you know for Karim and I Florence is ALL about Love&Angelic things ๐Ÿ˜‰

As we are on sport, I have to also say I can’t wait for the new LAKERS season of course.

I have good vibes out of it, and to celebrate those, I will post here a video from Adam’s latest show up (September 5 2012) at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno because there the other guest was MAGIC friggin JOHNSON and they had also a basketball showdown:

I can’t at the amazingness of this.

He was so glowing like a little kid beside his idol, and still managed to be funny and cool.

Magic and Adam on Leno

I would have just fainted being in that room then – even watching it on the video just leaves me fluttering away, to be frank and honestย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course it doesn’t take a genius to see how much Adam was glowing there… he’s so happy these days and you will see later why (he wasn’t alone those days in California… he had his personal Angel of Love with him all time, and I didn’t expect it so when Behati was revealed being there from a tweet of them two in his living room watching Roddick I melted of cuteness… but that comes later, read furtherly ;)).

What it matters is that I don’t think the Heat will repeat, as Magic fears.

I don’t think AT ALL.

Lakers are up for prizes: I am very confident about it as season starts soon.

And I will surely catch them at Staples this season again (it may happen around Xmas ;))

Go Lakers!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

More magical/angelic things?

Before I go for the obvious (and you all expect it) let’s be a nerd some more…

In a couple of days then you know… the new iPhone 5 is out and OF COURSE I am gonna get it ๐Ÿ˜‰

During the whole Keynote Apple had, my fangirling about all Apple stuff mixed marvelously with my Maroon 5 love, because guess which music was highlighted in EVERY product they upgraded?

That’s right: OVEREXPOSED, baby ๐Ÿ˜‰ which still shitting on charts in awesome way, thank you.

One More Night just reached (again) the #2 peak on Billboard 100 (the era of number two’s… let’s hope it can produce a least one number one because that would be SO deserved!) and generally everything couldn’t be better on the Maroon 5 front.

Now that the funny song Gangnam Style is actually NUMBER ONE on iTunes USA, there is a small chance One More Night may reduce the sales gap with Taylor Swift‘s song Adam inspired to write about his friend Jake Gyllenhaal (read my previous post about it) enough to snatch that number one the song is totally deserving to touch (I still think the most perfect pop smash on Overexposed though is Lucky Strike so hopefully THAT song anyway will get its charting chance to shine sooner or later… please don’t waste that like you did with Stutter on Hands All Over… please!), but I don’t want to build my hoped up too much because also another number two peak is very consistent as result and it should be celebrated regardless.

Anyway Maroon 5 are just doing awesomely these days.

Adam Levine interview – The Daily beast Sept 2012


They are always well spoken about from the general and buying public and the popularity of the frontman is getting so big it seems there are no sufficient outlets for him to contain the demand; they are also back on the road for a month and this makes the time flies in a different way.

We left them ending their South American tour (very successful) and get back to California for some days before the Asian leg of the tour started (these days actually).

In that small span of time we have learn that the next single was getting a video (they have to optimize times for these stuff, because beside the tour and that other awful thing which has started again, –ย  besting the even worst than it competition on a three night premiere, causing certainly happiness for NBC and damage on the brain of awful Simon Cowell, and that at least pleases me – end of note. If you want to see The Fuckery those things episodes go to the NAWWAL pages ๐Ÿ˜‰ and don’t try to find those here ๐Ÿ˜‰ – Maroon 5 are forced to encapsulate all their collateral works into very small schedules) and as we did my hope was that Adam had shaved the goatee he had on Leno to film it (please… let’s hope he did because the Mexican Look isn’t the best on him… although he still gorgeous with any lenght of hair on his flawless face).

Now we all thought the third single was going to be Daylight (and I wasn’t pleased with the choice because I think like many of my friends that the song is cute but unremarkable sonically); instead… we had a surprise when Adam shouted he was shooting a video.

In a little while news surfaced (and THIS pic) that the single will actually be The Man Who Never Lied and that means it is another “No fairy tales after you treated me like shit” type of song that we are gonna get out from Overexposed.

It may also easily be an obvious reference to the fact that probably someone has gone too far with lies thrown around also? Who knows… but I wouldn’t be surprised.

In fact, someone’s camp has exceeded ALL possible lies level for about 4 months straight in between February and June that it could be… but we’d need to ask the video plotter about it (we know Adam will have to have had his say there) and he probably wouldn’t answer other than with a revealing smirk, now that he’s happy and out of the haze of that awful past gone wrong.

Anyway… this is what makes us all believe TMWNL is the third actual single:

The Man Who Never Lied is going to be Maroon 5 third video from Overexposed

About the song though, I praise the choice because first I like it better than Daylight, and that probably is the only reason the single was picked in spite of it; I also firmly believe Adam was so pissed with all the fake reports his ex’s camp spread after the break up he is willingly picking up songs that demonstrate how the relationship was poised to fail from a very long time before when People said it ended (The Man Who Never Lied was written as Payphone in early January), and how really he had to endure way too much before he realized there was no other way to survive than let that painful and failing link die (that cut thing in fact certainly had to be horrible for him to make though, since Beautiful Goodbye and Sad have been completed and written one in February and the other on March 17th, and it was clear from his face&actions in March 2013 and most of April that Adam was heartbroken from the way his love had been wasted in a no successful relationship).

Anyway, we also already know who will be playing Adam’s leading lady in the video and that she is a sort of clone version of the ex, too, appropriately since the song is clearly a very clear depiction of something that had to hurt Adam VERY deeply (legs wise, and boob wise though, and height like also, Valerie tops Anne quite much – face is totally beautiful in them both instead, that kind of typical and mesmerizing blonde beauty that eastern and northern European girl have, that makes them all resemble luminous Fairies): gorgeous new youngย  model Valerie Van Der Graaf :

Valerie Van Der Graaf will be the partner of Adam in Maroon 5 The Man Who Never Lied video. She’s SO beautiful! And her looks remind me of a (better ?) Anne so it fits the video purpose ๐Ÿ˜‰

We don’t know much about the shot other than it’s BOLD in Adam’s words (and it may be meaning anything, but my guess is that the video somehow involves screaming actions, therefore the captions for BOLD in his tweet?) and that it took two days and half of shooting and that he thinks it’s bananas ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have loved all partners he picked for his videos so far (especially Bregje Heinen in Payphone), and I also love that Behati doesn’t want to appear there in Maroon 5 videos (the songs anyway weren’t fitting for put a loved girlfriend in now, so that’s also a good reason she isn’t there yet) and that means again she is in for the relationship and not for the fame she might get out from there, because she was with Adam during TMWNL filming and she could have asked visibility, but she cannot care less and this you know will forever earn to her my utmost praise and respect (it means also she is not jealous, because everyone could be in seeing her handsome boyfriend rubbing skin with some other very beautiful girl. Behati must be very secure in her relationship by now to allow Adam to be millimeters in contact with someone as amazingly looking as Valerie, for instance. Good Bee… you keep being very good for him :).

Plus about The Man Who Never Lied video is that it is directed from my fav Jonas Akerlund (Wake Up Call & MLJ… but I love the first) whom Adam is a big fan of and that assures me of its amazing outcome already.

Other than that?

What other news in maroon 5 world?

Beside that Maroon 5 just started playing in Asia and there Adam is so popular he has become also a clothing chain endorser (eeehhh… let me NOT judge this… I promised I would have been focused on good things today ;)).

Speaking about tour and live music, well Maroon 5 HAVE FINALLY SET UP EUROPEAN DATES for June 2013 (so far only in UK, which means I’LL BE THERE also around Glasto again!) and that is awesome; and then when they will be back from Australia they will be playing a special event (Alicia Keys will in New York, Maroon 5 in LA) on October 16th and I think WE MAY GO there too ;).

Happy Adam with that— goatee? sigh ๐Ÿ˜‰

I want so bad that they come back in Italy too as well, and I will probably check some of their USA and European tour dates as long as they come off, accordingly with my working schedules.

After all, if Behati can adjust her working duties to be always along her man (and that must be not easy… she is in UK at the moment though, so the time zone gap at least has been significantly reduced between them, who are not used to being so far away and for so long… poor angels! They must find a way to reunite for at least some hours before the Asian/Aussie stops end? Let’s wish them so… We know Adam has developed a profound hate for “loving people just on a telephone/screen”. And luckily these days he has not to suffer for it too much, giving that his current Angel flies to him whenever and wherever humanly possible ;)) I can too for enjoying music, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I guess.

Oh, and finally let’s write how much Behati IS an angel to Adam, in this showup of loving post-bits.

Because as you know last time we were guessing she would have been in New York when Adam returned from South America to LA, to take part to Naomi Watts’ brother Ben Watts’ exhibit in which she was a prominent feature; I honestly thought she would have… but then Ben Watts tweeted through Milk Studios Behati wouldn’t have been there and I started to wonder… why?

What could have prevented her if she was supposed to be in New York?

Well… for instance the fact she was NOT in New York but she was still at Adam Levine’s beautiful Hollywood Hills Home ;).

And we had certainty when she tweeted her support to Roddick (bleah… at least that untalented chap has stopped playing, thank God… but Bee and Adam were supportive of him, so not everybody must agree with my joy there ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know…) from Adam’s sofa-bed (I have a direct acknowledge of that pad by now so… I was SURE that was his house even if Bee’s tweet was cryptic and as usual never revealing of their lovestory).

That wasn’t the only evidence we had as day later pictures came of the two lovers together in more than one place.. and I just melted so much I created this video for them with those pictures and as sound I have chosen the song that it is currently my ULTIMATE fav… The XX’s “Angels” which fit this post and Adam and Behati’s story PERFECTLY.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

They are SO cute together… the pics where Behati grabs his ass and the one where he gaze smiling at her as she draws the heart on the glass of the store’s fridge are ALL about true love.

He’s so happy with her… she is really a wonderfully fitting companion for him, and they share everything as of personality… from the silliest notes on life till the way more important bits about politics and fears about world state, and the state of art in it..

I hate when I occasionally surf around the web and I decode and count the lies that were carefully spread taking place of the truth regarding this blissful link these two share.

For instance sites are now writing that this relationship between Behati and Adam started “after 2011 VS show (it’s easy to make those mistakes because writers of sites have the intelligence of a hamster, and they can’t even check their sources twice to decode basic mistakes… or sometimes, you know, they are PAID to spread FALSE news… because these days reciprocal popularity can be all about bizness could get).

Well… NO WAY.

That is just absolutely FAKE.

Beautiful and naturally enchanting Behati

They met there but then Adam was with the ex for some time longer after the show (in fact, up until then their relationship was still decent.. it was when the ex missed the November flight to Russia to meet him and the band there touring that things started to definitively crumble, because Adam started to realize the hard way that all the ex was interested in was her career and not him other than when he was not conflicting, but propelling said career of hers – this is what a VERY well informed person confessed to me and some LA people a couple of months ago, and so far this persona has never mistaken ANY of the inside tips so I trust this 110%).

And how could have Behati and Adam started “meet” as a couple when he spent November in Europe, and when in December when he was in LA he hosted and guested his ex Anne at times at his home?

By the end of year 2011 Adam and Behati were no entities to one another (Behati was also taken/untaken with her previous model guy boyfriend, and in fact they were also in the phase of breaking up and testing the no couple thing back and forth between them).

Truth both Bee and Adam’s relationships by December were taunted already and irreparably (despite fake photo ops organized by someone’s camp) on Adam’s side and gone from lovers to friends state in Behati and Jamie’s case BUT that doesn’t mean Adam & Behati went on with each other as some idiot keeps “guessing” in any of those weeks, DUH!

Adam and Behati started to hook up after Middle April – post Coachella – and in middle May Adam met again (he hadn’t since middle February after the Stern interview he did with Anne) his ex at Mercer Hotel to tell her he was starting an EXCLUSIVE relationship with someone else.

Sidenote: May 16th 2012 was Behati’s 23rd birthday so that gesture from Adam was likely a sort of gift to her, even?

Nobody can know this beside them two of course, but shortly after that day Adam tweeted a funny video of a karate kid and started to word the “You’re welcome” thing that has become a staple for him as he is with Behati… and just the other day Behati has tweeted a piece of that video in one of her moments of chatting time with her lover so far away from her (the guys are on tour in Asia now, and the two lovers are in their worst state of being wildly apart, so you can tell they are online at the same times… but they won’t tweet one another still private in front of the world ;), and therefore to patch together their cryptic tweets is becoming a sort of fun game for some, included a couple of my friends, in Italy and not only – though the club of “tweet collectors loses a lot having Marghe out for daughter duties, lol), making it like that video has some special value for them (it was probably something they found together to have fun, after having come out as “official couple” for the people mattering in THEIR life, namely family and friends, and after having cut in a definite way all rotten branches from their inner spaces).

I have numerous reports on that meeting from insiders & well trusted Fashion Personalities (at hotel too) but beside those, which are private conversations I had, I reckon I haven’t been the only one spotting Adam and Anne that day there anyhow:

The day Adam and Anne V last met, middle May 2012, when Adam told her in person he was with Behati – it was on Bee’s birthday. HIS GIFT to Behati, I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰

I can’t take all the lies about Adam playing anything dirt to his ex… Because simply he has been way too much of a Gentleman to her, despite the awful way her camp has treated him through tons of FAKE press.

He did all that was requested; he spoke in person and cut all ties the way a Gentleman does.

All that has been said bout Bee and Adam of dirt is just fake reports which are trying to make either him or her or both look bad (to whoever’s eyes)ย  but truth is they are in love, they are very private and happy, and they have been since May 2012, not a day before.

Adam has been shattered and misused before Behati came in the picture… he has been so desperate and sad for all the first months of 2012… why now that he is so clearly happy people keep pushing him and trying to make him look back at when he was miserable?

He has already troubles in being confident in true love (because so far he hasn’t found anyone loving him for real… and let me cross my fingers he may have NOW?)… he has been exploited for many years by more than one person… of course he’s suspicious and not open to profess his undying links now… Has he ever had a true one which was real and not fake so far?


So far all of the love he tried to share was directed to people clearly not there for him, but mainly for his fame/popularity/similar bonuses.

This new relationship is starting just so we can’t really say a thing on it yet which is definite but please, let Bee and Adam test it on and by themselves and stop throw dirt at them while they are just progressing as an item, in such a cute and reserved way.

Adam has a very strong and SERIOUS approach at “the Big Thing” known as marriage and there’s no way this relationship is anything even REMOTELY close to it but the fact is that he is extremely happy now… and it’s a shock that it took so little for him to heal from what has been a GIANT heartbreak for him (just look at the face he was sporting in the whole start of the year, from middle January to April… you can also have the look at The Fuckery Season 2 episodes which speak more than a million of my useless words: he was looking MISERABLE and like a dead man and all this was due to how BADLY his heart had been treated in those weeks span) and that so soon somebody has been able to clear his heart and mind so well, turning him again at enjoying life fully.

Behati has been able to heal him in NO time; avoiding the thing he has ALWAYS done in his most mattering relationship, namely trying to give them (even if they were clear failures) a second try, which would have been at once useless and unworthy, and mostly damaging even more for his mental and heart-ly stability.

Behati came in and immediately she erased all of his pain; sure it had to be a work of love by her part, because the pieces she had to put together were really shattered but the fact SHE MANAGED IT shall tell anybody how incredibly FIT for Adam she actually is.

They are adorable together and we have got a happy Adam back thanx to Behati… Even if he can’t avoid to eat tons of ice cream with her ๐Ÿ˜‰ (but she stays so thin compared to him! Guess age is starting to change Adam’s once super fast metabolism ;)) I like that somehow he doesn’t care… and that anything in these pictures of them speak about a very well-connected and confident in one another type of couple.

They are so sweet and natural and absolutely “normal” kind of couple.

Way more good looking than any average couple though… but there it was Destiny and Sky Above operating on their perfect genetic so… we can’t really objectify that part of their connection ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adam and Behati all Loved Up at Gelsons September 8th 2012 – COLLAGE

All Adam’s fans should be grateful to Behati. FULL STOP.

But I already know stupidity reigns supreme in way too many heads so I give up in thinking this train of thoughts can be followed by a wide majority.

Good that nor Adam nor Bee care about the way people overreact on them together.

Adam may have started carefully with Bee, being all heartbroken and tested heavily by females’ usage of his popularity… but just look at him these days he’s with Behati and you will see an happy, lovingly shining man: and if you are like me, this is all you really care about, even though it has nothing to do with mine or yours life, my fellow readers.

So while the haters of this beautiful pair are keeping throwing dirt and spreading lies of smoke habits (Adam has always been a smoker since he was 14) and even low.kicks like drugs habits but the truth is just these people are sore losers and can’t take the truth., we can instead see that Bee and Adam are happy and at ease with one another and that they are at the peak of their respective cheerful personalities.

It’s a pity that some can’t appreciate how Adam and Behati are now a stable and happy couple; or how Behati is loved by Adam’s family, and reckoned by his most inner circle and protected by them, and how certainly she is loved by him.

Will it last?

Nobody knows.

And honestly is not mine or your business and it won’t matter in the long haul of facts because what THIS relationship they have has ALREADY achieved has been to take the toxicity out of Adam’s horizon already.

This relationship is already a success phase in his life, and it would be even if it’d end tomorrow (which it won’t, but you get my point).

NOW Adam is at one of the happiest moments I have ever seen him in; and that is enough for me to know, to appreciate and support Behati in everything of SO positive she has gifted that guy (and therefore us fans someway) already with.

The girl he is now with is lively, funny, GORGEOUS and unique; she shares with him the most of passions he has: music, photography, traveling, seasights, dorkyness, nerdyness and a very personal outsight in life; look at this video… she has his same manners (and this video has things in of when they never knew of each other, like rollerskating…):

If this of course isn’t a guarantee of anything, it is a strong sign the BOTH of them right now are certainly happy with one another and why the heck people are constantly trying to pay them (and her) dust for this beauty they have found in one and with one another?

I don’t really condone this need for hating or downplaying this wonderful girl.

I don’t… it makes me dazed and confused because I think great and unique people shall be treasured, not opposed.

The bad mouths are even stating again to question Behati’s career, which is a laughable thing to do once a model is considered ESTABLISHED since a LIFETIME

Vogue would NEVER… this is her video for the amazing June 2012 Vogue Germany editorial (I LOVE how she looks when she classies up… but at the same time I adore the way her natural style is absolutely not artifact and rock’n’roll… I love her tenuity):

Questioning if she works (since it seems impossible to someone the fact she can work but ALSO spend all of her spare time with her man… while THAT shall be the ONLY way for any girl to live… knowing that work and love have to be put in line and prioritized to make a relationship work?), if she is an Angel in Victoria’s Secret still (she is… just two days ago a new video with her came on up on the VS site… and she does YOGA there… guess Adam is proud ;)) is simply showing how out of clues her haters are, because her career is in all aspect a completely successful one, and she still quite young to reach out for way more:

Behati has shot for Victoria’s Secret for THESE Summer campaigns in VS Swim 2012, she has shot just the other month for incoming WINTER campaigns (twice, and I can’t wait to see the one she has made with Karlie Kloss) and the fact people keep trying to drag her status down at times really seems idiotic to me.


Behati is lining up a campaign for NEXT stores in the WOMEN departmentย  that is already up in Europe… And I share this lovely video of it because it emphasizes how cute she is and it’s very recent:

She is doing many works as of late whenever she finds time to and whenever she likes the option.. the fact that she is not pimping this through her twitter doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work… it means that she LIVES too and that she doesn’t need to annoy the world with her constant tweeting about her “working achievements”.

I find it a good attitude actually, rather than not.

The fact she isn’t prone to PR spins and self-spinning of any PR opportunity tells me she enjoys life more than work and this is how things shall work (a wise man has said: you work to live, you must not live to work).

Anyway… this is her amazing editorial for Nasty Magazine (she was shooting this while she was with Adam in July, in a day break from him… so she can still work even being with her man you know).

Behati’s legs and ass are perfection. SO long and slim and toned… you all know legs are Adam’s favorite feature in women do you? Well, Behati’s are the best legs he had to cheer since Cameron Diaz’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love her spunk and rock attitude in photos… but watching new and old things, all I get is that she is very unique and versatile and real as model.

She has a timeless, yet not too obvious beauty and all that she exudes is likeability, vitality, energy, and LOVE and passion.

Some of her old stuff that are amazing:

She has CHOSEN NOT TO WALK in Fashion shows more recently (and she had spent time with Adam in stead of that but it was already a year and half or so that she was not really focusing on catwalks, because that is not requested when you get established as she is and it’s anyway a personal choice…) but not because she isn’t fit for it.

In fact her walk is strong and elegant and she is very versatile to wear equally well ready-to-wear and High Fashion flawlessly (and her walks in her career testify this).

Just look some of her old walks and stop trying to question her modeling status (which anyway is FAR from defining her as a person, because Behati is just NOT JUST a model, she has way more interests and talents than just her modeling career displays):

Behati is an all-around delicious cute girl.

So sweet and full of natural charm…in this old video she is adorable and the way she tries to make fun of the way others make fun of her (beautiful) name is just so captivating and luminous:

All said, though, Behati is also STUNNINGLY beautiful…

Just look at this super picture (my gosh in the close up she gives me NATALIA VODIANOVA‘s teas and you know I just worship Natalia so…;)

Behati Prinsloo is purely beautiful. Here she really resembles GODDESS Natalia Vodianova, and there’s no better achievement in looks for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

She is perfect for Adam and I hope this goes on because among the rest she also has one of the best music taste I have ever seen, especially in such young girls.

Every time she tweets lyrics from songs that I know and from band that I love I smile so widely... because she is SUCH a musical soul…

Of course all the retards around never understand the fine-ness of her taste and hints… but those are the same following Bieber and thinking the ex was good for Adam, while she was certainly NOT, given how much she has made him suffer in the end (but I will forever think they looked amazing together because yes, she was beautiful. Just NOT the right person for him, but no one can deny Anne was good looking aside him, and I certainly won’t. They were like Barbie and Ken together… but I prefer substance over dolls anyway so I don’t miss those good pictorials of them at all to be honest now that he’s happy again with someone way more apt for him).

Behati stands tall above in all mattering departments, ESPECIALLY when it’s about taste, connections and personality (while still looking GORGEOUS you know), which are things that truly define and maintain any good human bond:

Behati Prinsloo has an awesome music taste

I LOVE her attitude and it makes me sad somehow people bash her just because she is with a much sought after guy.

But she is making THAT guy very happy… and I can see why and I hope really this can go on… even FOREVER, if so good are going to stay the outcomes.

Of course nobody has no say on Adam’s life, and it may take him FOREVER to find his REAL half… but you all know I am really supporting this latest turn of links for him and I see the positivity it has having on him, even BY CONTRAST.

what I mean with “by contrast”?

For instance Adam and Behati are now apart because as you know Maroon 5 are on tour in Asia and this time she isn’t with him.

You know what I wrote in last post… that Adam – who suffers touring life – had an IMMENSE benefit in mood by having Behati alog him touring in South America.

Well, look at his tweets now that she isn’t with him in Asia and you can TELL he’s already stressed and that his mood isn’t the same it was in South America (no matter the fact the tour is shaping up to be extra successful and he’s making money in there in more than just one way…).

Adam Levine can’t stand the touring life without his baby Angel B…

He MISSES HER already, and this makes him suffer the touring life more.

The first tweet about being in Asia from him was also a message to Behati and her love for sea… (and SO reminding of her image from the top of their Rio De Janeiro’s suite where she called the day “PARADISE”, ain’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Those two are so cute with their back&forths hints… SO cute):

Adam Levine shows us (and Behati) how the sea is in Busan, Korea ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes, Adam is stressed and he misses his mermaid angel.

Hence the:

1) lack of tweets for some days and

2) useless tweets about stupid band names;

3) the absurd idea of GIVING A TRY AT FOLLOWING FANS (!!!!!!!!!!!) which may turn into Twitter wars (I would be entertained by that actually… but in the long haul we all know any celebrity who follows fans put them on Mute and separate them from the real Timeline list, so it’s not really a “thing” other than for naive people to pursuit ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I for one I would prefer Adam would stay away from that kind of fake proximity with over-zealous crazy-heads… but his choice, I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰ he’s adult – or something ;))

So Adam may follow fans? HILARIOUS. And probably his WORST IDEA ever after that goatee ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t think it’s casual that just after the tweet about following fans Behati tweeted an amazing quote from an hilarious sketch movie… maybe a way to tell him “Dude, don’t go there… you know what mess would ensue?” ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I also can see all of her crazy heads mad about Adam trying to delete their tweets hating on Behati in hope to make him follow them without pissing him off… oh, my… that would be like comedy entertainment… ๐Ÿ˜‰ maybe it would be fun to have Adam follow some of the crazy heads? Time will tell ๐Ÿ˜‰ All I know is that certainly I am NOT interested in that. Twitter is fun but ain’t life ;))

Austin Power!!!

For a while Adam will have to endure his Angel’s absence though.

It’s gonna hurt and he clearly isn’t ready for it (so much great sex wasted… and you know when they are together EARTHQUAKES keep happening – in LA it has happened already FOUR TIMES… included in September so maybe for the poor Asian Countries is actually better Bee and Adam aren’t shaking one another or their powerful shags would be damaging those Countries already proved by Earth Power way too much recently… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and I get amused in realizing how much he just depends on human touch daily. He’s so cute when he feels lonely… you can read his mind through everything ;).

Poor Behati is renewing her VISA card in London and she will have to come back to the USA/elsewhere for some working action… I hope they can find as I said above some space to reunite before this long month apart ends though because Adam has been treated so well by her that he may crack without her presence aside for more than 10/15 days (they have NEVER been apart for more than 8 days in a row so far… which is AMAZING, but which is gonna cost Adam now a HUGE sense of solitude… and that is The Power Of Love, deal with it ;)).

Behati has always been with Adam these months they have been a couple, no matter how quietly (for instance we got a cute note out from Billboard article about that thing of how Behati was even with him at the reception for the show in Malibu at Matt Burnett’s house… but again she did NOTHING to gain visibility out of it… she is just amazing):

And again Behati kept all this quiet. SHE IS WONDERFUL for Adam

I hope they will also be together when on October 17th (Adam and the guys will be in LA then, after their City Bank gig) Adam will debut on American Horror Story

Because he will need some caring hand on him to make him stand the watch of his beautiful face & body slaughtered by Bloody Face ๐Ÿ˜‰

October 17th: Adam and American Horror Story. Is this perfection or what? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I can’t wait for this and you know it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ops… I said this post wouldn’t have contained anything but Angels and Love… but a story about an Asylum where the Hate and the Devils reign maybe is a bit off topic?

Oh well…

I am so into this new AHS season you will forgive my wandering there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take a look at one more promo for it, and shiiiiiverrrrr!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will fight the creepiness with the fact we are now going to the clinic visiting Margherita and Eva…

So no thrills and thoughts of evil will remain too much on me (but I like these shivering thirsts… AHS is awesome!).

What else?

I think nothing else…

Wish you all a wonderful time filled with ALL love and Angel Wings fluttering.

Life is marvelous.

You just gotta be receptive to it the right way and Love will find always a way to make you believe anything can turn up positively ๐Ÿ™‚

And make you SHINE from the inside.

See you in October, folks ๐Ÿ˜‰

(I promise not to write another post before… I PROMISE) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Missus ( and incoming God Mother) Z. ๐Ÿ™‚
Zaira Scotti on Twitter Counter

Good morning Universe!

Waking up soon (or sooner than yesterday ;))

Ya’ll… go visit Scotland ๐Ÿ˜‰

London is always amazing… and Olympics enhance that ๐Ÿ˜‰

So,ย  last days of Olympic bliss (can’t wait for the closing Ceremony later tomorrow tonight… my sense of music spider are TINGLING and overexcited out of anticipation!) and a last couple more after in London town before heading to Summer Italian Seashores along K & our friends (whom have all skipped this amazing UK time, letting me stay only with K., his family and mine, beside that awesome bunch of days in AMAZING Scotland, which I will talk about in just a little.

What to say?


First year of marriage has been celebrated in such a romantic, original, very literary way.

Another one of Karim’s amazing presents to my life.

He just organized the PERFECT romantic getaway.

That was.

Perfection. ๐Ÿ™‚

so much wild beauty in Skye ๐Ÿ™‚

By now I shouldn’t marvel at the skill Karim has to read inside my mind and heart, always knowing what could emotion and surprise me the most… instead I always do.

Because each time he finds new ways to break my hearts in thousands of sparkling lights that keep burning forever, erasing darkness.

He took me in beautiful Scotland for our One Year Anniversary.

We visited Sir Walter Scott‘s places, because he knows I adore Scott, Ivanhoe, and I always love to picture Tolkien’s Lord Of the Rings in these landscapes.

We went visiting Skye, and we climbed mountains, and sailed cold Seas…

Bliss of Love in remote places full of history

We composed our own poetry, we revived our marriage one year later, we learnt how to read sky’s moodied layers, we composed a song of our own, and we had some of the best sex ever (and you know we do that all of the time… so it’s always hard to beat ourselves out ;)).

There was magic… magic all around for us these days.

I am so grateful and so in love and I feel so well accepted with all my strange sides that I feel… so safe.

So in my own place.

I love my husband with all I have to call mine.

I never thought for ages I could have been “one of those soppy wives” gushing all over their love.

Geisha along Lords in London. Truly amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰

But ehi… that’s what I am too now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Deal ๐Ÿ˜‰

(I still way sexier than any of you… and way kinkier, too ;)).

But so many great news are on the desk… and since I have this slice of time I better collect up feelings and describe them along my preferences and likes.

Which is basically the reason I am keeping up with this blog still.

yes we are having fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ a lot of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

The first thing is that Olympics are AMAZING.

I love the feeling.

Even when like yesterday we picked (again) the wrong game to follow live (volley semifinal for men: Brazil destroyed Italy in a blink) in spite of the other choice, which was victorious (in the WaterPolo semifinal, Italy got it over Serbia instead, with a fantastic game).

Everything about it… I adore sports, I have practiced and still many of them everywhere I go (I mean… I brought my horse Swifty along in England because I couldn’t stay away from him this long… it means a lot or doesn’t it? Even though my Swifty is just so much more than a medium to practice sport) and I am the most competitive person you could cross so obviously all Olympics meanings and values are something I feel deep inside.

It’s not UK without a cat…

The effort it takes to be a great performer; the devotion; the focus, the determination… all these are values I strongly rate in my life.

But as much as I love and strive to be a winner, what I love also about Olympics is the humanity of it.

The stories of failures… too.

It’s just that I cherish the failures which are still informed by the RIGHT spirit of sport.

I despise all tricks, and doping and all that goes as on behind the curtains so that somebody not fit can cheat over the results. That is something that makes me thunder out.

You can’t cheat if you are up for sports…

I mean the whole purpose of it is making yourself getting better through competition, but it’s more than anything a game with yourself, not the world!

What cheating does stand for?

Lies. Just lies. To yourself. And there’s nothing worse than it.

And sadly, the stories at Olympics aren’t always great, they can’t be, regarding this attitude towards sports:

You know… for me if you dope yourself, you gotta be DISQUALIFIED from EVERYTHING and FOREVER (no redeem sporty-speaking), and this is what I think and believe in.


Humanly instead, I think Alex Schwazer needs all help and support because this is what happens when you are forced to do sports NOT WILLING IT.

Life and sport when unified request an incredible strength and super mind… and not everyone can have.

I am feeling for this guy humanly and I hope he gets help. He was not meant to compete, and it’s a tragedy he had to just because he had talent, because he didn’t want that life, even if everybody thought he was perfect for it.

Not everyone can be as shining as this woman (IDOL!!!! SHE should have carried Italy’s flag, not dreadful awful Valentina Vezzali, queen of fakes!) Listen to Josefa Idem:

This woman is all I stand for in sport: 8th Olympics, and she had again proved mind and sacrifice in sports CAN ALL AND MORE, but you gotta love what you do, not being forced to it.

Beside the tragedy in the Italian Swimming team (fire all the techs), I think this has been a fairly good Olympic for Italy.

Karim is pretty happy too, and I have again to thank him and his connections for meeting the whole Swimming and Gymnastic teams of USA (some are really cool guys), and even if we did miss meeting the GREAT Usain Bolt, I have recovered from that because now I have LORDS as friends (yes, I have, and I have also met some true Japanese Geishas… which lead to so great fun and… Knowledge ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I’ll stop it here).

But that isn’t the only GREAT sport mindset we are in now.

Because you know I planned to follow Basket in the Olympics to watch Kobe and even though I still don’t like the fact bringing NBA Pro in the competition makes it a snoozefest full of irrelevancy from the agonist point of view,ย  you may guess still any chance to witness Kobe (and Kevin Durant!!!) makes me happy.

Talking about Basket… it’s always amazing to catch Adam courtside… and his courtside people ๐Ÿ˜‰

And it did… the Final of Basketball tournament was the main reason I wanted to come to the Olympics ๐Ÿ˜‰ so that ticket was in our hands even before we planned which days we would have properly stayed over here ๐Ÿ˜‰

Prior to some days ago regarding basketball I was feeling medium satisfied; I was ecstatic about Steve Nash joining us Lakers but I was still on the fence for more, because that couldn’t have been enough.

I am always very fair in my descriptions about Lakers.

I am a die-hard fan but I can also analyze facts and until a lil lil lil while ago, I was still thinking that we were way behind OKC and some other teams in a rank of NBA favs.

Of course all things can switch but the premises were still unperfect and shaky to me.

That is PAST.

Truly past.

Because two days ago… Lakers just became again NBA favourite.

What was it? (it’s a plaaaaaane…. it’s a biiiirdddd. it’s….)…

It’s all because of THIS (hear me scream and scream and scream and go all whooooooo-hoooo!):

Dwight Howard is a Laker and we’ll kick YOUR ASS. get ready ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yessssssssirrrrrr!!! Dwight Howard is a Laker, and bye bye Andrew Bynum, we wish you all the best, but THIS is what we truly needed.

We still have no coach because Mike Brown is a senseless idiot who gets NOTHING about this game but who cares when you have Kobe&Steve in your team, who are way better coaches than him?


I can’t wait for the meltdowns and allegedly I am not the only one:

Adam Levine tweets enjoyment over Dwight Howard Lakers acquirement


This truly is huge indeed.

Dwight can provide energy and penetration, in a way that could go amazingly with Pau’s game.

And since Kobe IS getting older (you can’t stop time, no matter how immense you are) this is something that can help all the team in finding just about one trillion more arrows at our bow.

I can’t wait to witness (also live, as some trips in LA are in order of course) also live all this greatness.

My special Overexposed edition: the 19th out of 1000 items ๐Ÿ˜‰

And while we are on the subject of greatness… how awesome has the world being regarding Maroon 5 lately?

It’s all so smooooooooth over there.

Sales are very consistent, and the general perception is really nice overall.

Not that I care what others think, but sure THEY do, and we all know somebody strives so much for success he lives like a deprive any negative turn (it comes from his competitiveness, which I so strongly relate with).

Guys are just in to ready their South American Tour; Overexposed still selling AMAZINGLY while they are doing ZERO promotion , One More Night is ready to smash (still with zero promotion) and all the various projects of JJAMZ and all the stuff acting-related Adam is currently involved in are going smoothly.

(yes, I know that there is still also The Fuckery that thing going on but you also know I will never talk about that trash, and considering how the Muppets parodies even don’t contemplate Adam these days, I am sure this painful link is really ending soon, and I couldn’t be happier. Adam is so much more than a reality karaoke show “star”, and I get that gave him back popularity, but now it’s time to stop having to suffer such bad television to climb back and gain audience. he already did it. Leave the trash now, thank you).

Friends are the greatest thing

So, no Trash Talk here… instead I am SO awaiting for Adam in American Horror Story!!!

You know how I had guessed he’d have hooked up for sure with his casting partner who was going to play Theresa, his “wife” in the script…

Well I guess NOT, because although that girl is beautiful and he sure would have tried his ways under other circumstances… that girl is also MARRIED to Channing Tatum ๐Ÿ˜‰ and she’s Jenna Dewan (they all follow each other on twitter too).

I don’t think anybody would upset Channing purposedly ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ryan Murphy now is on twitter and he’s sending updates from the set, in a very cute way.

All seems just so perfect and I can’t wait to see it all ๐Ÿ™‚

I am sure though the casting of Theresa anyway took a spin on the direction of “no girl Adam could hook up with” for some reason, the main being that ADAM LEVINE IS FREAKINGLY HAPPILY COUPLED and doesn’t need sexual incentives beside the ones his super hot girlfriend certainly has in the bag to provide ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know you want to see… and did you know she loves to be a freak? ๐Ÿ˜‰

This girl is so gorgeous with that AMAZINGย  and so originally unique face, and so sexy and spunky I am sure they have the best sexual romps (is it strange that it’s already happened TWO TIMES that when they were togetherย  a MASSIVE Earthquake happenedand unlike in the past

Behati and VS Angels for Olympics

Adam didn’t acknowledged any of them two on Twitter? I think NOT. They probably were having the best sex and the fact ground was moving wasn’t perceived, as the room probably ALWAYS shake when they are in ;))

Because YOU KNOW that you gotta be really good and VERY kinky in bed to not only please Adam, but to make him stay with you all along… (listen to his songs, or the Animal song by The Cab that ADAM wrote… and you get the picture ;)).

There is no way something that has seen him involved for practically 3 months (or are they 4?) straight and continuously isn’t at least WAY more than just a hookup.

Funny Freak Bee Prinsloo ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are certainly in the relationship territory now… and this means nothing regarding the duration of it, but we have for sure passed the testing phase.

This allegedly is causing an endless hate towards poor Behati… like it always happens with all girls who start to be Adam’s one though.

This time around though, the hate this girl gets is empowered by the fact many of the haters are people who just cannot move on from Adam’s previous girlfriend image.

Too bad… because Adam did and it’s not healthy or good or smart or right for anyone keep thinkin a past that ended for a long series of mattering reasons can come back.

Bheati Prinsloo and Candace Swanepoel in July 2012 VS Photoshot

It won’t.

They have cut all ties so long ago and don’t have any surviving contact between them… they sure have been very much in love at some point with one another but that wasn’t enough to make them last.

Adam and Anne are PAST.

Face this and stop torture them with nonsense, hatred, or pressuring requests to get back together or (in Adam’s case, as Anne still single) to ditch new loves just because “fans” (?) cannot accept life moves and so should they.

Were they beautiful as a couple?


Were they happy?

At some point, sure they have been, clearly.

Behati and Karlie Kloss shooting for VS in August 2012

Were they happy in between post VS Fashion Show 2011 and 2012?


They were just not.

They were soooo done.

Done “officially” maybe only since February 2012 also as they detached to never see one another again just after the Stern Show Interview and THEY KNEW they were living their final goodbyes there, but it’s so adamant they were not a happy couple anymore way before then.

It was painful and bad and sad and all you want (don’t tell me, I shipped that couple as hard as possible, I have loved them together majorly and always, but that doesn’t mean my opinion matters in absolute, you know…), but they separated because they just were not right for each other: Anne loved her work more than she ever loved (I am sure she did love him a lot too though, or she wouldn’t have hoped for a marriage ring from him) Adam (at least she never spent with him the time he needed her to spend with him to be satisfied and fully happy and not frustrated and alone, moved towards cheating also probably) and Adam also loved her, but never enough to give her what she wanted (a RING, a promise of forever and happy ever afters, and all the things Anne wanted and surely all the things she will soon find with someone else, but that she was very naive to try to obtain from somebody she was barely spending 20% of her time with yearly) to get.

Adam for Inked Magazine. GORGEOUS.

In the end… a great love story which couldn’t be anything more than a beautiful interlude in their lives.

Adam has all the rights to be happy with his new galpal without having ordeals of idiots blasting him or her because of whatever reason which live just in the weakened and freaky minds of the haters themselves.

Move on already?

Everyone else has, Anne included: even though she is stills single (all the fake reports about guys she was supposedly seen so far are just PR spins, obviously), she has no feelings left at all for Adam, she doesn’t mind what he does and doesn’t even know about that (tweets are muted between them I can bet they are) and I am sure the next hot famous guy she is ready to date and show up with is just round the corner and she will be happy coupled again too, and soon (and hopefully with someone who won’t suffer her repeated absences for work… I am sure she will find a soulmate whom will just be perfect for her lifestyle, and I wish her that, because I still believe she is a good person and that she has a good heart).

Just MOVE ON and stop bashing Behati because of past girlfriend’s reasons.

It’s STUPID and senseless and it makes you look foolish.

Anyway… Back to Bee…

Yes ladies and gents.

The amazing Summer Love of 2012 (which actually started way into Spring… if all has to be trusted, Adam and Behati hooked up in the second half of April 2012 at a Coachella party he wasn’t even supposed to attend ๐Ÿ˜‰ Called it… Destiny?) keeps going strong.

And lovely.

Behati for Juicy Couture 2012

Officially they are together since three months (second week of May 2012), but UNOFFICIALLY they have started to romp on each other’s superbly structured bones since second half of April 2012, which means by now they are around their 4th month together.

More Bee and Candy

4 months when they have been together, I repeat MOST OF THE TIME, because Behati knows what a girlfriend with great foresight does, and uses all of her spare time to be with him, wasting none (I would too, because you know, I love sex and they do that when together, not when being apart. I think it’d be strange to miss opportunities there, right? I know this didn’t always happened with some previous ladies, but maybe they were not that sexually hungry as Adam would request and like and favor? I wouldn’t risk him to stray away if I didn’t provide the business, you know… because he will always satisfy his sexual crave, that’s a fact. But again, I guess you have to be perceptive and sexually competent to understand that, or maybe just being as much as he is into sex, which is not a taste of everybody, I know – being myself a quite HUGE sexual craver -.. ;)).

This may sound unusual to the mass of teens bashing Bee just because she is with Adam now… but wake up little girls the fact is a relationship which is true and worthy cannot last without a REALLY intense sexual activity.

Or (and this ALSO is a fact) in Adam’s world there is no way it can, because for him sex is like a daily need.

Not romantic?

Contrariwise ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t think of anything better… if you get what I mean ;).

Behati on set end of July 2012


Behati is always by Adam’s side when not working for VS, being involved in promotions and photo shoots or shooting for her own personal advertising campaigns (Seafolly, Juicy Couture, just to name the latest), and although she loves her work she is far from defined just by the fact to be a model.

She has always stated she doesn’t really care that much about being a model and she never wanted to be one… it happened because she has the PERFECT feature for modeling (5′ 11” height, a very slick frame, the longest legs, and a face which is just SO unique and original which separates her immediately from the rest, because it’s not easy to find those proportions at all and make them look fascinating).

Behati probably finds time for her man because she thinks that love comes before work, and love means you want to be physically with your man, not connected through tweets or thoughts or a webcam…

I love her cheeckbones so much!

And I have a hard time disagreeing with her there ๐Ÿ˜‰ because well… that’s TRUE (but again maybe that involves also to like sex a lot, and not anybody does ;)).

But really… it’s just a matter of different personalities.

I don’t wanna make you think that I think people should ditch their passions for love.

If somebody has always dreamed to be a model, a swimmer… an astronaut there is nothing wrong in having that conflicting with your relationship and in the end there is NO fault if you prefer the passion to the relationship… Passion has no rules, it just happens and my point is that if something else detracts all of your time from your relationship… maybe that is not worthy for you in the first place?

I am just glad Behati has many passions, but it seems none of them has the power to detach her from Adam at the moment (it’s her personality, because also with her previous boyfriend Behati was like this, and this makes me happy because this is exactly what Adam needs: somebody who is into human touch as much as he is and deserves).

This makes me happy, that Adam has found somebody full of passions (as he is) but somebody who at the same time runs for him and to him to never let him being alone.

He HATES being left alone… he always said it and keeps stating it.

Behati in fact also loves music to death, and she always did… she is also pretty educated in how to make sexy music videos so… I wouldn’t mind to see her in Maroon 5 one. She certainly knows how to work the camera along notes, and how to be super sexy and kick-assing while doing it (this is her in one of my fav songs from 2008/2009, The Virgins’ “Rich Girls”. Note that she was a teenage there. A SUPER-HOT one there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then I mean… she’s an original and true VS Angel, baby… her wings are real ;):

Also the fact she has a contract with VS is pretty helpful to let her have much time… because often that contract has clauses of exclusivity (and a paycheck) that makes you unwilling to get jobs that may NOT please the brand that covers you with money.

Which is perfect at the moment ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adam’s love for basketball dates in his childhood…

Behati loves sport (and her fav sport is basketball… linking to the previous note about Adam’s Lakers obsession, we are sure she has nothing to learn about the game, so in case of courtside presence he wouldn’t have to explain a thing to her and she’d be genuinely involved as much as he would), she is playful and it seems that she loves videogames just like ALL the nerds in Adam’s crew (and just as him, who’s a devoted game player and can get SO into them to become annoying even ;)).

Behati now follows and is followed by ALL of Adam’s personal crew; his longest friends, their wives/girlfriends.

She seems to be loved also by Adam’s family, and that has most certainly to do with the fact ANY TIME she is with him she goes silent, doesn’t tweet personal pics of their love and their houses, she is just into the life without needing to overexpose it, preserving Adam’s privacy like no other has ever done (and think she is with him at a fame peak NOBODY has experienced before her… so she could REALLY milk it so much if he just tried to.), showing genuine care and respect for all that Adam’s life is.

Because truth is… Adam and his family and his inner crew are VERY PRIVATE PERSONS.

They have always been and it’s natural for them to like somebody in their own circle who has the same attitude towards privacy (sure people can be different… but you tend to like more people in your inner life circle who have your same attitude towards some kind of important issues as these right? It’s logical).

Adam and his mum Patsy on a The Insider interview

Behati is just like them.

She highly values privacy in her own life and in this the two just match perfectly, it’s undeniable.

They don’t like to live for others to see that; there is a bounder about that and Adam has always been clear about this in all of his speeches since I have memory of him.

Behati and Adam won’t be showing off their own link any time soon.

Get used to the idea, they won’t.

And this regardless all the crap they have to suffer out from retarded press spins from retarded people who just can’t avoid to be sore losers and hopeless frustrated no-life entities.

Yes, because of course the fact that she and Adam are a (very happy, and you can guess it by Adam’s mood which is amazingly shining since he got with her, being all humorous, exuberant, fresh and all around shining up) a couple has generated lots of hatred towards poor Behati, as I pointed out above.

The amazing fact is that she couldn’t give a SHIT about it, and she carries on being herself and not minding at all, and taking care only of what she and Adam share without feeling the need to explain to others what is that they have, just to make people eat up their retarded words or guesses.

This shows FORCE, mind power and moreover this shows how much she truly takes care and love and respect Adam first, and is not there with him to gain something for herself.

I love this and her.

Behati and her rawring face ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s recap a bit what drove me to this little explanation, because in all this the thing that SHINES truly the most to my eyes is how AWESOME Behati Prinsloo is as Adam’s better half.

Truly… this girl is fantastic, I LOVE her personality and balls to no end, and although I keep (and I will keep also in the incoming times) strive that this is for now just a very young bound and love connection nobody should stress or obsess over, I can’t avoid to notice all that scream “amazingly fitting couple” in every step these two makes, each weeks that passes, more and more.

Sure it may end any time (like anything else), but one thing is for sure and that it is a true kind of interest this couple shares, and they do for themselves and NOT for the camera, the press, the PRs, or the career perks.

This already makes it all A GREAT THING.

A thing that I personally really like and support, even though of course it’s only their life, their relationship, their biz, their own thing.

But let’s being a bit clearer.

Behati in New York filming her stuff

We knew Bee was in New York filming for Victoria’s secret commercials in the crossing days from July to August: she always tweets from those things and she did, (getting us to know her beautiful work without being annoying for it) but we also got that she was telling Adam’s crew (Shawn and Gene and Noah) that she was just about to get back there in Los Angeles (where Adam was crazily busy filming both AHS and The Fuckery That thing.

By now it should be clear enough for even not that smart people that Behati and Adam WON’T publicize their romance for the crowd.

Adam never liked that. He’s very private and the fact he was forced to not be in the previous relationship doesn’t mean he loved it. It means he used to love the one forcing him to parade that love.

But now he finally is with somebody as reserved as he is about private life so they simply don’t tweet about their own business.

Which of course doesn’t mean AT ALL they don’t have business (the best kind of it).

They simply probably prefers to fuck the shit out of one another all the time instead of tweeting one another while they are apart or/and together.

I don’t know about you… but this screams HEALTHY and HAPPY relationship to me, if any ;).

Well, since the fact the couple was together in Lake Tahoe gig time just a week before wasn’t a thing for tabloids (again, just because Behati doesn’t give a shit about her fame being enlarged through Adam), some bright IDIOT from a totally loser spin site ( The Voice Wet paint, a collection of no-news from the interweb, made probably by 12 years old, or somebody way older but with even a less developed brain-size… like for instance some Bieber-lover) decided on August 4 to spin some SuperRetarded “guesses”, starting from… keep yourselves held well… TWEETS NOT DIRECTED TO ANYBODY.


Sherlock Holmes is probably trying hard to find this Rachel McRady chick becauseย  he sure would replace Watson with her.

Stupidity of people amazes me.

The one of this retarded “writer” who’s not even smart enough to realize her own lack of sense, but even better, all the people who actually gave any kind of CREDIT to that “guess”.

The Fake news of Adam and Behati breaking up in dreadful The Voice Wet Paint trash – You must really be STUPID to believe anything coming from Wet Paint…

Like Adam would ever direct anything like that let alone to his current cherished beautiful girlfriend… but even to anybody he only slept with for a one-night stand.

Or like Behati (who quotes Dr. Seuss since a life, in completely unrelated ways to her own life) would ever post such personal stuff on Twitter, moreover starting from the premise this time around their relationship is TOTALLY PRIVATE and they are not there for updating the crowds on that, first and foremost.

I know many post pubescent fanbases have no clues on real Adam’s personality and they think he’s there to update them on his likes (or that he should, even) and they skill of analyzing facts with some decent thought processing is fatally reduced by their age and awful taste… but REALLY?

WetPaint is about as credible as that other joke site called “Celebrity Networth” which guesses from blogs and random unchecked news the amount of money possessed by famous people, having stated in their site that they do, “BUT THEY ARE NOT RELIABLE” (for the record, Adam Levine’s supposed networth there is around only 15 Millions, which I think he passed in around 2005 ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL… and people do believe that? They probably don’t know how much taxes he pays… because if they did… they would laugh at that figure ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Bee tweets when she is working.. when with Adam… she never does ๐Ÿ˜‰

They just need to generate web traffic through cut&pasting the worst trash they find on web, whenever the site needs a boost to please basic advertisers.

That regardless of the value and testability of the “news”.

But back at our Behati&Adam gate.

Well, on August 4 Behati was already in LA (her tweet about American Airlines, criptic for most, was clear for me because I have a great friend who happens to work at LAX… and that was a late flight from NY to LA she was up in ;)).

She could have tweeted anything to make clear how much all those guesses were fake (she was bombed with many obnoxious tweets from many retards, and sure she had perception of at least a couple of them); she could have done lots of things to just silence it all, instead of having rallies of hateful spits on her from the webwaves (people have to have such a bad life when they need to bad-mouth somebody they don’t know behind a pc screen… how low-level your existence have to be then?).

But the point, the amazing point, is that she DID NOT.

She carried on being all the time with Adam and NEVER tweeting a single thing.

World Wide Champion, Bee. Number One indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

I love her for this.

So much.

She’s brave, and strong in her love and in her man.

Adam too is the same, because just the day after one of his best friends, Milo DeCruz (the biker bassist who’s all and always with him) tweeted Bee “Tok Tok”, like somebody knocking on the door… but ten seconds later, according to my friends in LA, that tweet disappeared and I can BET MY LIFE Adam asked for that, like “Man, don’t let losers know that we are happy… they don’t deserve to. And we don’t care. We want privacy just”.

Only a couple days after, we knew for sure they were together just because (like he does every time) Adam stopped with his beautiful Angel at his favorite Mustard Cafe, and even thought he tried to sneak away from the back with her, papz caught them:

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo out at Mustard Cafe 7 August 2012 – NOT broken up at all and REALLY LOVED UP instead. Sorry haters… they WIN, you LOSE ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was so happy about all things here, so many great things: Behati is so fresh faced, no make up, flawless rock chic look (which is not forced and so natural in her); she has THE BEST LEGS (and legs are Adam’s fav female feature, and hers are… perfect!); she keeps hiding behind him and being only focused in him… look the way she embraces him, so lovely and pure…

Behati Prinsloo knows how to dress for a Harley ride with Adam Levine and which shoes have to be worn, too

They are SO cute together and she always has the most sincere care for him first.

Behati also is just like him in the “I won’t dress up if not forced” department.

She has allergia and allegedly a need for ice cream and medicine.. so they went grocery shopping.

We knew that from Adam’s tweeting a picture the other day that they had ventured grocery shopping, and he posted this:

Now we know this picture was taken from Behati ๐Ÿ˜‰ even though Adam tweeted it.
But we do know not out of their will ๐Ÿ˜‰

well, now we know they went into Gelson’s (my own one too!!!) with Bee looking clearly under the blast of allergia (I am allergic and a doctor so I must know that face screams it).

They were both wearing things like they had just jumped off bed (and they surely have to use that beautiful bed he has in his pad…); clearly unfazed by the fact that pap they had to find at night at Gelsons (look at Adam… he is like “Really? even here? Don’t you have a life you loser?”) was going to snap them (and her especially) in the most unflattering combo ever.

Behati’s reaction?


She is all into Adam taking that picture you have seen above and not tweeting it herself, but letting him doing it.

You wish you looked THIS well with allergia and no make up and just jumped out of bed…
Fact is she is beautiful EVEN all messed up ๐Ÿ˜‰ and this makes you mad ๐Ÿ˜‰

She is so natural and true and trust me… she looks beautiful even with messy hair, and the face of allergia…

She didn’t plan to go out and she was forced to by sympthomes… she knows she’s got papped and that she would probably be seen not at her best and what she does? she DOESN’T CARE because she’s with Adam and he’s all of her world.

He doesn’t care either… they are so sweet coming off from the store… I can imagine him cuddling her with the syrup and singing sweet nothings to heal her.

That is a healthy relationship, and I am happy I got to see till which point, even if it’s NOT MY BUSINESS at all still ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sorry for all the haters who cannot get how great all this is.

You are probably very poor mindset 12 years old, or somebody who likes Twilight or Bieber or 50 Shades of Crap (I think I have summoned up the worst of tastes in the whole world with that).

I adore the fact Adam and Behati are so VERY rock’n’roll and they BOTH have the “I don’t give a shit” attitude.

Adam hates as well to dress up unless on occasions (and you know how I think he looks simply PERFECT when polished… but still this isn’t his way, it’s mine, so it’s great he has found somebody as beautiful as he is, who still doesn’t really spend ages in prettifying herself and prefers the “very natural look”, just like she did on the bike ride)… look this video… it’s so sweet:

I am so happy for Adam for finding someone like Behati out of the mess that was the painfully bad way to end the previous link, a link that already left him dried because he was never almost with the object of his love, due to the fact she would have done all of other things first, and only once in a while she would have cared to be with him, if schedule had allowed.

Maroon 5 reharsing for South American Tour

Behati has erased all of his pain, all of his tears, and since I have seen that tweet “Hug life” of him in London (she was aside) on July 1st I was sure she was for real an Angel to him, giving to him all of her time and attention, and stealing none for her own self.

Adam is so carefree and happy these days… I don’t get how anybody claiming to be his fans cannot be glad for that, and thankful to beautiful Behati for providing him happiness, peace, (lots of raw and young sex romance, laugh, energy and everything he is clearly full of these days), and this beautiful sights he has on life right now.

He sounds clearly so joyous, but at the same time he’s not anymore trying to be somebody he’s not to please somebody else.

Just remember that tweet in January, so revealing, about the need of being your true self.

That Adam was so unhappy and trapped in a toxic link… this Adam instead is newly himself, crazy, flamboyant, positive, overenergized, funny… and a dork.

And all this freedom of being himself he feels he has again now… comes from being accepted for who he truly is by Behati.

You may not like this fact… but it shines clearly all the time to me instead.

I so hope this goes on and I am sure all indicates that it can and it would naturally and very easily, if nothing happens of negative suddenly.

Remember… it’s actually 4 months that they are together… and very very OFTEN together.

It seems by now Adam is also more oriented in letting people know; not that he will ever get back to what he was forced to for two years, parading all of his stuff to the public; but I am sure we will get to see occasional gateways of the rocker lovers more often from now on.

And I am also sure none of them will be called up by ANY of them though (so expect more Gelson’s style like awkwardely natural but funny pics ;)… know none of Adam or Behati will care if you think they look “messy” or not properly done… a market at night isn’t a catwalk, and sometimes necessity doesn’t even allow you to look brushed ;)).

Of course, nobody knows, but I bless Behati Prinsloo… The Angel Of Summer Love and Bliss, already, for all that she has ALREADY done of amazing for him.

She may be hated by tons of retards and losers… but she better know that there are people who genuinely like her and are there to see how sparkling she is.

Beside Adam, I mean ;).

Adam who also went modeling while with her in New York in July (remember that strange shirt with the graphics he had put on… see where he got that from below) for the incoming September issue of Inked Magazine (which I have already ordered to be delivered, of course):

Behati was there that day along Noah Passovoy and his girlfriend Liz, but of course and again, you don’t see her trying to steal some spotlight ;).

That isn’t the only cover shot he has done… there is an incoming cover for Men’s Fitness too which will be revealed soon ;).


Some charity work Maroon 5 are involved with and also the Teachers Rock Special Adam has taken part which will be broadcasted on CBS on August 18th

A 50 Cent collaboration on his upcoming album Street King Immortal, out reportedly on November 13th.

I am so happy regarding Maroon 5 Universe as of late (still spin Overexposed daily) that I have decided to post something special (I have reworked it to not make it easy to use it… if you want the total real HD thing, BUY the Special SAJ Ten anniversary Edition, and make the guys even richer ;)):

The level of cuteness is uncountable ๐Ÿ˜‰

(and I cannot wait to have Jesse on board again…).

I also want you all to bless Mumford and Sons, and their return (buy everything again ;)):

What else?


I am sure I wrote enough.

Now let’s let August pass ;)… I’ll be soon skinny dipping in a dream-like sea along with friends and always happy and in love with best husband in the world.

*imagine freely all kinds of sexually jawdropping practices*

*cos you imagine them… but we DO them* ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Summer Of Love ๐Ÿ˜‰

Missus Z. ๐Ÿ™‚

There is nothing like amazing perfect sex

So… Gaining some time after reunion with husband, as works almost ends and I have a couple minutes to spend online.

Yesterday has been an utterly unreplicable experience of re-meeting.

We shut phones down, and we didn’t leave each other’s bodies for hours.

And hours.

And hours.

And this morning we replicated. What a holy situation of bliss…

It truly has been fantastic, and you must know by now my standards are really tough to meet, and match, especially continuously, in the lovemaking department.

But yes… this man can outdo himself (and me) so much, so greatly, all the times… that I couldn’t have married anybody else, really (without him I don’t think I would have married at all. Marriage was supposed to NOT be my thing at all, he fought to make my mind change there and it did JUST because of him).

I think I had to be someone really good and great in my previous times here because that’s the only way that can explain all of my blessings in this current passage over Mother Earth.


But let’s try to be understandable.

Leaving New York alone was PAINFUL. No High Mile nor cuddling... ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

It has been so hard to fly back from New York alone, as he had to fly to Berlin for work instead, and I couldn’t give up to my own work commitments to follow him as I had hoped to (I love Berlin, but it seems always when I have to be there, Karim can’t follow me (not all the time) and when I am too taken, he has to be there, again alone).

I had an incredible hard time in not merging with his skin for almost five entire days.

You know me… Iย develop anย incredibly bad mood if I can’t have daily sexual activities, and the Skype/cybersexual/kinky online stuff we nonetheless did just couldn’t even remotely match the way we have flawless, amazing sex together (some of you would call it making love… but it doesn’t work for me cos we make AWESOME SEX while being in utter love. We’re just so totally fitting one another’s wild dreams there, the “making love” thing seems just not enough to describe us ;). Then to me sex is one of the greatest things ever, if not THE greatest thing ever and it works just better if love is involved but you know… it can function very well even when love isn’t.).

So my days Karim-deprived were telling me right now I really feel our lives are a UNITE thing.

Not that my friends haven’t been great to be with me and make me happy while I was alone in Milan.

Contrariwise: they were all amazing.

I still believe any person has to be an individuality FIRST, so even when alone, I of course am capable of having fun, be cheerful, do my own stuff and have satisfaction.

It’s just that now that I can’t enjoy out of coupling sexual encounters (faithful, I promised and I mantain, unless we decide ourselves to be open and let somebody sneak in… but that are for very selected people, and generally my own Valentine wild card that Karim has learnt to love and appreciate…) that energetic fulfilling need that I daily have stay someway caged in, making me… feeling appetites I can’t let go.

And from there, it comes some of that bad mood above.

Thank above all my friends know me enough to understand where it comes from, and they are able to forgive me and cheer me and uplift me when things like that happen (some will still offer themselves for some revival of my amazing wild days of friendly benefiting, but by now they do know those days are gone, but always dear to my heart and memory… and somewhere other parts of my body too ;))

My crew is awesome: they know me and so they really took care of me.

Why does it always rain where Italy can't help but fall apart?

We had a quiet night out, because the tragedy in Genova just didn’t call for wild antics out; then we had an awesome clubbing night, sessions of weekend shopping, dinner out with just my gals, and sporty stuff (Milan in San Siro is always good).

But… maybe I am just growin up… I don’t know.

It seemed to me that all the fun I had wasn’t complete still, without not a single moment of me gazing into Karim’s eyes and smelling his skin.

I had fun dancing, I had fun turning down the usual plethora of guys and men tryin to catch my attention (some were cute and also classy…and as usual some kept on trying no matter my note that I wasn’t up for anything, or that I was married. Marriage doesn’t discourage any hunter, I know ;)), and I had the most awesome time of chitty chat with my best friends…

But missing Karim was hard.

I can’t wait for next trip together: it will be in Russia for the end of the month when we will be in Saint Petersburg and Moscow for partly the Maroon 5 gigs over there and partly to celebrate in a very strange fashion a far away Thanksgiving with our families (let’s just call it a reason to celebrate, why not ;)… as we all adore art, I can tell you the place we look the most to be at is OBVIOUSLY The Ermitage :)!

Our time in New York was pretty much all ours; yep, we met with grandmother but mainly we enjoyed our new apartment in the Upper West Side (LOVE IT!!!) just a shot away from The Beacon Theater, Riverside and Lincoln Center.

Gosh I love our house there so much!

Have a house in Manhattan is simply fabulous

We went to Letterman too and enjoyed at the same time (they were taping two episodes) Justin Timberlake (well, not thatย  I really like him at all, and he SUX as actor still), the awesome The Civil Wars, and then the subsequent taping JOHNNY friggin DEPP and the someway disappointing Foster the People.

We also had the great pleasure of being invited by lovely beauty Brooke Shields at her Broadway show and enjoy the cast company quite after it, and we also went to watch another piece, Mamma Mia!, as New York was preparing to find some snow hours later.

Then the whole of Soho (where some very good friends reside) and the night outs, The Chelsea Piers, dinners at the Top of The Sky…

Oh, New York!!!

As an European, I’ll never be tired of saying it, NY IS the city… I meanI love California and I love to have a house there, but California love expresses itself fully towards the entire Country, while talking about TOWNS, New York just BE IT.

We couldn’t obviously remain these latest few daysย so we missed Saturday Night Live on the 5th November (too bad, episode is hilarious and yes, I actually enjoyed Maroon 5 there even though I still only moderately like both Moves Like Jagger and Stereo Hearts):

Today we were actually invited to be witnessing the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, where Anne walks and Maroon 5 (and KANYE!!!!!) will perform; but honestly, I will happily content myself with watching it on tv, because I feel not any urge of crazy fandom by now.

I still obviously love Maroon 5, but I can live with missing them sometimes.

It doesn’t nor wouldn’t hurt me anymore at all, like it used to when they used to be flawlessly epic to me, and therefore any missing of their “existence” would have felt like a deprive to my soul.

Now, I am a fan that likes and loves and praises, but not longer completely adores and worships them, pros and cons no matter what.

This makes me somebody who has a number of huge likes in music, but not anymore a devoted and 110% fan of ANYBODY (still, I have my list of likes that I can put in a numbered list, and the top positions still always the same, even without worshipping I presume).

But there’s a thing that they did this past week that I truly loved that involved Maroon 5, and that thing was a chat they did for z100NY radio where Adam confessed his fandom for my other favorite band (and they still them two who keeps being my favorite, no matter Moves Like Jagger,ย  Mylo Xyloto mistakes of various sorts and crimes against music, bad reality tv shows The Voice shame), namely Coldplay (I also adores that he gives hints about Rock In Rio, a gig that I adored to attend to, for both bands).

Watch it because it’s so cute (in its entirety, actually, not merely the part where he talks about Coldplay, or when he rightly defends his position against those idiots of Fox News, for instance):

Talking about idiots, politics and douchebags – all things that apply to Fox News and anybody trusting that racist, angsty uninforming trash – , and I use the term way too generously, in Italy that stupid criminal Berlusconi is keeping us hanging while the Country falls apart, drowns itselfย  under water, generally struggles to survive and he still speaking like everything’s fine and like he actually has a voice to raise to make things better.

Can he die already, please?

I mean… NATURALLY (he’s old enough, isn’t he?).

I think Rino Gaetano said it best (it’s scary how this song works now like it did decades ago…):

I really hope my Country can raise the bar, raise its head up and start understanding to be OKAY, to be fine, to be respected and trusted you gotta WORK, be responsible, be true, be HONEST and never give up to ANY of these things.

We have more brain and more talent and more strength than we think; and the fact so many in this Country believed in a rotten, fake, poisoning and poisoned criminal’s “fairy tale” has brought this amazing place on the verge of despare, and bankruptcy.

I know we won’t permit this any longer.

So… as I keep being blessed and happy… I hope my generation will provide the great energy to start a new and better chapter for many, and for all the Italians too.

John Lennon wasn’t the only dreamer.

Last song I post, makes me remember New York in the sweetest way:

Have you all a great time.

The happiest woman on this planet. Ever ๐Ÿ˜‰

Missus Z. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dinner ended lovely just a few minutes ago.

Our altar

Folks… how awesome is to eat Japan food in Japan?

Very few things compare, and I say this as an Italian (and the same, true Italian food is only eatable in Italy… no matter how good the supposed Italian place is- though Da Silvano in New York stands up as a good exception after many years).


Yes, I’m writing my first blog post as a married woman.

Lying on this tatami, which is soft and smell as beautiful nature and fresh life.

I am aย very HAPPY married woman.

Karim and I are still based in Kyoto, and will enjoy much more of Japan for the whole of August (we will travel northern too).

Our closest family and friends will stay here for a couple of days more (that was our gift to them, a week-long Japanese bliss to share our joy).

Expect much cheesiness in this post.

But ehi… I plan to get married ONLY once (I would have lived happily in never marry at all actually, but you know why I decided to walk down the aisle), so my swhirlingly fluttery dreamy mood is got to be allowed.

the guest tables

Or else, just read somewhere else ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is MY HOUSE, I do what I please, and what I do please only.

Where were we?

Oh yeah… the marriage thing.

Ceremony was spectacular, and it was at the same time Catholic and Shinto.

Lots of theatrical sighting, but in the end it was all very spiritual and romantic… very much zen.

As the day was August 6th, we took a moment and a speech to recall and remember and honor the victims of hate and war, in a day of love and bliss, and so we said a prayer we did create for Hiroshima Aniversary.

Everybody cried (this girl included, because I can’t ever hold feelings back, which is one of the reasons people love me for they say).

surrounding for the trekking zen day

Weather could have been better BUT somehow the fancy unusual light of the clouded-up sky served amazingly for unbelievably great photos (we got to see some sneak peak… for the record, our photographers are… well, they are *VERY* famous. Costly, Fashionably Reckoned, and just FLAWLESSLY skilled. It was an experience to get to be photographed b that kind of pros. Wow and double Wow…).

We ditched our Western-type outfits sometime at the evening, after the first balls went in, to wear some kick-ass traditional kimonos that were the gift brought by Japanese colleagues of Karim’s dad.

Which means diplomats, of course.

It was a very touching moment because – if you get to get accustomed with Japanese mentality, this won’t come as a surprise for you – Japanese culture is very kind and gentle, and politeness and respect are the core of any Japanese relationship with the Foreigners, but as much as they are incredibly cute and disposable, the same they have an exceptionally strict and intimate relationship with their own culture and to allow a Foreigner to wear their traditional clothes, the way they invited us to do means a WHOLE WORLD for them – and thereforeย to me.

The amazing location of our marriage

It means they feel us dignified enough to step into their inmost part, which is double-checked&linked with their traditional schemes.

It was awesome, honestly.

I wish I were able to say more in Japanese but yet I still a mess (Karim is endlessly amused by my inability there, given that he’s so fluent in anything Japanese-related, and not only reads but he writes in a wonderful calligraphy too… *sigh*), to express in their melodious language what their acceptance meant to me.

One day I will learn.

It’s a goal that I gotta hit.


Our friends had a blast (they still I suppose… they better be!!) and it was really funny to se how we merged the cheesiest Italian, American, Indian (K’s mum) approaches to party-times with the Japanese concept of it (which can get wild…believe!).

Then we are in the REIGN OF KARAOKE.

Still (we plan to do a show just tomorrow, for your information ;)) karaoke here is as popular as it was in Italy when I was a kid, in the first half of the 90’s.

We also wore celebratory kimonos after the dusked sky set in ๐Ÿ™‚

That means we sang our hearts out several times, and we got appreciation by all Japanese involved (this Country values flawless singing at the highest rate I’ve ever seen anywhere… amazing, again), namely waitresses and waiters, staff at the Castle (oh yeah, we married in a Japanese Castle… did I forget to mention it? ;)), and then Karim just stole the day when he performed voice+piano a series of songs that are meaningful for us, most notably:

Elton John’s “Your Song“;

Coldplay’s “Lovers in Japan & Yellow“;

Chris Rea’s “I Can Hear Your Heartbeat“;

Maroon 5’s ย “Stutter & Sunday Morning“;

and my favorite when it comes to love songs, Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “The Power Of Love“.

It was simply precious.

Then we sang together Al Green’s “Let’sStay Together“, and the amazing Cher+Sonny’s “I’ve Got you Babe“.

I also sang somhing solo for him… the best one turned out to be my rendition of Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best“, along with The Corrs’ (don’t laugh… I love that song.. ;)) “Irresistible“.

It was so, so much fun, indeed.

I feel so happy now…

The day after marriage we just stayed in our beautiful apartment in this incredible castle and well… we did what every newlyweds couple does, except that for us that is pretty much the daily norm (because I’m a proud nimpho somehow and I cannot live a day sexless unless forced).

We enjoyed taking breaths to admire the beautiful gardens around that are composed in so much perfected balance it is unfathomable.

We so love being here… Japan truly holds our hearts and to get married here meant everything to us.

6th August 2011. Me and my soulmate forever unite.

Thank you to everybody sharing our happiness… you all truly mean the world to us as well ๐Ÿ™‚

If you follow my twitter you will be drag into more of Japan-love for weeks in, but now, as Karim is ready to start celebrate— *love* again, I leave you with a couple of things that I enjoyed while being here.

First the amazingness that was Coldplay tribute to the late Amy Winehouseย at Lollapaloozaย (simply perfect… they stole my heart):

I adore Fix You… and this is amazing. Amy— I will forever miss your talent, just as every other real music lover will.

But love shone also in different forms, out of tearful tributes, like for instance when Maroon 5 hit Today Show on August 5th and Adam frequently made faces aside in the breaks.

Of course, he was directing all at Anne (whom he described in the New York Post as “the most wonderful part of my life”… let’s awe all together ;)):

The loveliness that are Adam and Anne together - 5th august 2011

Anne is in Russia now, but I am sure the strange times Adam is tweeting at the moment mean lots of Skyping for the far away lovers (which are both in synch also with their latest mutual passion… Golfing. They both are going crazy over it, which is also pretty cute, I’ll admit it even though I am not into golf at all, beside supporting Matteo Manassero and enjoying the surroundings of Country Clubs myself).

Anyway, as this doesn’t really involve The Fuckery that thing much, I can post some Maroon5 related stuff again… after all I said before I made up decently enough with them after their live gigs before hitting Japan.

This is a medley in music of pictures from the Today Show (with one of my fav tunes from Hands All Over, that got played also at our marriage):

This video doesn’t exist

I adore to knowย Adam and Anneย are together, whatever still bug me about Adam “post tv fame” gets erased by their magic as a couple… and then there still the fact I adore hearing the band and him live, because it’s for their live sparkle that I firstly fell in love with them all.

So, enjoy these videos I made out from America’s Got Talent (where they did performed the by-now successful Moves Like Jagger):

And also all the Today Show stuff, interviews included (even thought they mention that thing):

I get how in many ways that thing allowed Maroon 5 to get visible again (this ain’t a plus in my book, but it seems to be in theirs…), and created buzz to boost their latest sparkling hit, Moves Like Jagger (I like it enough, because it’s them, but I find it way too generic in comparison to their past music… but alas, that simplistic flavour is probably what makes the song a charting success now that the average taste is so terrible that Katy Perry’s songs are tying Micheal Jackson’s ones records... hear me cringe and cry, yeah….), which has just gotten its videoย ( it’s a pretty didascalic video which some will find also cute… to me the only relevant reason to watch it is that Adam’s carved like a God in tattoed marble there. And I believe what took so long to have it made was that Xtina stressed Jonas Akerlund to death so that she wouldn’t appear as a fat midget in the video next to him: look the edited frames and notice how her image is subjected to awkward perspectives… Xtina! Just accept your body… you are a star because you have a God-given voice, stop stressing about your weight and you’ll be fine), but I just can’t support this whole tv-fame haze at all.

In a way, that thing and its undeniable successย is causing also the boycott of Moves Like Jagger by the two major USA radios – KIIS 102.7 and Z100NY, which are American Idol boundย (which is why, despite the fact it is a huge commercial success and it has hit twice the number one spot on Digital Downloads, the song has yet to amass great numbers in Radio listening, causing its Billboard overall position to be fairly under its given potential).

A furthermore prove that record industry is a mess, because when radio programmers can be more influential on charts than people BUYING a song, and aforementioned radio-programmers deliberately don’t play what is undeniably a fitting Summer pop “anthem”, in favor of way less appealing songs, just to avoid a pair of tv competitors to get too much recognition before next Tv season gets in, you have clear in mind that everything that gets successful in the end doesn’t on real musical merit, but just because people’s tastes are forcedly fed with what record companies boost and decide they want to succeed.

Sad indeed, but in so many ways this is a also a responsibility of the taste watered down by idiotic reality singing shows, so in a way Maroon 5 shouldn’t complain about this at all, being PART of this process.

And this rant comes from someone that likes Moves Like Jagger, but far from believes it’s “amazing”: it’s a very good although generic poppy happy song, with a really great and catchy hook.

Still, it stomps over anything it is getting bypassed from by those supposedly “best in Usa” radios.

Shame on you, KIIS, Z100 & Ryan Seacrest.


Don’t think so.

But lets’ stop these thoughts… honestly, why go cares?

I’m ready to fall into my amazing hubby’s arms and live another amazing night over these softly tickling tatamis…

Sex is gonna be sparklingly SUPER and we feel so blessed here in this magical place.

And as for music… Japanese one can be really sensual and innuendo, too.

Have all a great summer— catch you soon!

Missus Z. ๐Ÿ™‚

N.B.: EDITED with MLJ video and pic of K&I on August 11 ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh… how awesome!!!!!!

Perfect performance

Today could be one of the best days of the year!!!!

Back after days of COMPLETE no connection (I got hacked past Wednesday in a very obnoxious way… obnoxious especially because it faked I could have ANY darn interest in THE Voice Of Fuckery… Yikes!!! I despise despise despise all about any reality tv show, ESPECIALLY when it butchers THE art of MUSIC!!! The day I will ever watch that thing may the Judgement Day come and bury me down in flames!), today from a very quiet lab, as my tests roll on, I HAVE to get you all on the amazingness that has been the WHOLE Heineken Jammin Festival 2011 experience, and SO much more that is going on in these beautiful – although rainy – hours.

In so many ways, I loved to be not connected because I got even more pleasures out of being with my friends and lover in such awesome spaces and events.

I also had some wild super rewarding sex plays in the mud and washed up through rain which was SUPERBLY satisfying.

Dirrrrrrrt in the best way ๐Ÿ˜‰

I just took a space to read this coming from Save The Children (for obvious reasons) to honor Gwen Stefani and No Doubts efforts for Japan Relief. YOU ROCK guys. YOU ROCK GWEN!!!


Three words: WE MET COLDPLAY (that of course wasn’t my first time, but it always is a FINE pleasure, especially when Guy is all chatty. He’s a dreamboat and always will be), and this time even Karim admitted he liked them – in that break AND especially for their rocking performance on stage.

I think it could all stop there if that were NOT actually the peak.

The peak?


THAT is the peak and forever will be (though I really think he was intimidated by both my and K’s height… not that he would EVER admit it, of course).

My Oasis-Mania will always EQUALLY love both brothers, because one has THE most amazing raspy voice of his generation, and the other the most amazing easy writing skills (can’t wait for Noel’s solo album to drop… and while we’re at it, happy incoming marriage Noel!!!).

The days of the Heineken Jammin have been awesome… maybe not everybody loved the line-up as we did, but to me one of the peaks WAS DEFINITELY FABRI FIBRA!!!!

We re-met him (no big deal… he’s a homie ;)) as well, and actually as usual I had a blast.

We loved especially day one, even though weather wasn’t bright (but during the PERFECT Coldplay set, even rain stop bothering because NOTHING had to mess with the complete bliss that their set was. Gosh, they get better and better and better as performers every single time: the whole thousands and thousands were all so transfixed… males, females – because they have as many males fans as they have females, for God’s grace – everyone just stated the obvious: COLDPLAY are this generation’s U2. End of it. Another level, yep).

Cremonini and Elbow, the amazing Verdena, Negramaro (on second day) were really really good too.

Vasco Rossi on third day is a giver, I mean, Vasco is always a great fun live… but the rest of day three and some of day two was really a filler.

Taylor Momsen should just model because her music SUCKS; then… All Time Low??? REALLY???

Painful awfulness.

Never call them back again (not merely at this festival… just don’t let them come back in Italy ALTOGETHER, for the sake of music!).

Before we took off for the four days of Veneto’s magic we drowned in more bliss thanx to Apple and Steve Jobs, who revealed to the world the news about US:

Watch the whole of the Keynote from Apple Site:

Can't post the video here so CLICK over and watch from Apple site the WHOLE Keynote ๐Ÿ™‚ Steve rules!!!

I adore Steve Jobs.

He is what I’d love to become, as I wrote, he’s an imaginative genius ahead of his time and full of dreaming power, without being naive or empty for it.

Steve… I suffer seeing you so weak and consumed… you’ll NEVER know how good you did for the world and… ME.

Love You.

Keeping up with amazingness of the past few days. we had to leave Venice soon on Sunday because Ladies and Gentlemen we had to VOTE for the Referendums (please let the Quorum be reached!!!).

This absolutely fantastic video from Sora Cesira, with its distinctive half Italian-English mash up, tells everything:

Genius again.

The total bliss ensued when this morning, just as I had hoped yesterday before getting some deserved rest, when I woke up to the GREAT news that LeBron(ze) James once again proved himself as the BIGGEST LOSER ever and choked again, overshadowed by Dirk Novitzky‘s TRUE class and losing the ring (he will never get) in favor of the very deserving Dallas Mavericks.




This picture also is genius and it will keep me going smirking ALL day:

Dear Dirk and Lebron, thank you for a great movie... THE LOSS OF THE RING (Genius again!)

I’m very happy of the MEAT demise: I am sorry for Wade, who’s a great champion (in Dirk’s league), but you know my un-appreciativeness of Bronzey’s HYPE is as vast as sky and I hope finally it will stop, after the further proof that he simply CANNOT WIN.

He’s a choker, a loser, and will NEVER ever win, no matter how many (better than him) players he will surround himself with, he has NOT *that* factor that makes people win (read: COJONES).

He’s NOT a champion. He’s just a very good player with a set of natural skills that he NEVER developed rightly because he’s a lazy unfocused PRICK.

Very deserved. Congratulations TEAM Dallas Mavericks (Cuban still a jerk)


This is what he is, because the only thing that holds himself from success is… HIMSELF.

What a waste of human being (You know I consider CRIMINAL when great talents get wasted due to people’s characterial FLAWS… it’s a damage to humanity to me, and let alone how can I take such a low form of life can get HYPED??? Please… shut up and hide under rocks. Losers will remain losers forever, because it’s in themselves the problem, and they just won’t solve that).

Stop hoping he will blossom because at 26 he’s starting to get old and stale ALREADY and should be ashamed the way he lost once again, once more.

Awwwwwwwww. The Laker Fan in me REJOICES so much.

I had really hoped a lot this would happen, and I am so delighted my fears past post were overcome by events ๐Ÿ™‚

Today at lab, though, something else arrived that in a way made me very happy (I was thinking about buying it in Japan once there for marriage, because my record collection gotta remain intact a and complete NO matter THE FUCKERY that thing currently making me bleed), but on the other end still signify for some weeks more I can’t bend over that liking.

I can’t be derogatory to my life’s principles.

That means also (among brackets) that although I HAVE listened (once) to the song Adam and Gym Class Heroes did, Stereo Hearts (it’s a cute, unarming song… not a masterpiece, because NOTHING produced by those who write for KESHA and Britney Spears could ever be, but it’s a nice generically cute happy pop summer song that surely will do well everywhere, because generic is what rules the charts nowadays, if you exclude AWESOME Adele), and I reckon is a nice effort (nowhere near as good as the real rock songย  Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall, of course, but still a sweet happy pop urban song), I won’t buy the song until The Fuckery Voice ends, no matter if technically the song will be available TOMORROW from iTunes (this breaks a LONG habit, where I would buy ANYTHING off from any of Maroon 5 guys even before listening to the thing, JUST because they’d deserve… but now my fanship has way reduced, due to the musical crime Adam did when he sold his artistry out to a reality tv show… sorry, this is not amendable for me, and it never will. That super status is forever lost in my book, and it won’t come back, because I can’t really take him any seriously anymore, no matter his unmistakable talent and his beautiful voice…):

But I mean… confront the above (cute, I admit it) song with a real rock song full of guitars and real musical play, and with WAY better substance, then draw your conclusion on why I feel so let down about somebody after all:

I mean… there’s NO comparison regarding real artistry quality between these two tracks right?

It doesn’t mean Stereo Hearts won’t succeed (I think it will, and I hope it will because Adam NEEDS a hit after all) but have you looked what is in the chart these days? Kesha? Katy Perry? Taio Cruz? PITBULL???? If that’s what people buy, let me be with the music people DON’T buy, all way long (even if I am sure ETIAW will be bought a LOT everywhere, because it’s just too much of a good song anyway).

Oh well… a least so far Adam didn’t dare to ruin completely his credibility and duet with Justin Bieber or a Jonas Brother… but the way he’s now, I won’t be surprised when he would (ah, the good times when duets were with REAL people like Alicia Keys are forever gone, aren’t they?… what a shame…).

Anyway, back to the gift I got sent.

My Chinese partners sent me this as a present this morning ( they wanted to be kind after I served them with boat rides and Italian Sea last month… cute).

Hands All Over ASIAN Tour Edition, which is a CD + DVD.

I have to wait a while more. But thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

They also sent me a bid guitar. That I will immediately give to Karim.

Way to keep me cringe over what has gone that won’t return (namely the pure unaffected joy of having special M5 items, when I was proud of them…).

Lucky me, the mail was cute today though most especially because Radiohead FULL package for The King Of Limbs arrived (that’s what I call music…) ;).

That saved me someway.

And kept the mood just as perfect as it can get.

Now we just need a QUORUM.

Do it, Italy.

Do it.

I trust you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love, Miss Z. ๐Ÿ™‚


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