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Lake bliss, Lakers, Milan, Man City and… the Adam Levine Dating & Hookup Table

Posted on: 14 May 2012

Garda Lake… seems dark but it was spectacularly BRIGHT 🙂

Good morning!!!

Back from a wonderful and blissful weekend on Lake Garda… fulfilled with good vibes, good memories, good expectations (and new grungy pictures, courtesy of the millionth app I bought for the iPhone & iPad ;)… example, aside!).

Stormy weather kept fooling around, but we didn’t truly care cos the sun we carry inside shines brighter than Vega star.

We went at my house there alone because we wanted some cozy times on our own; of course when there we still see my local friends up at Lake, even when the crew doesn’t join us but beside dinners or occasional cross at the shores, we spent most of the weekend on our own.

Hiking around.

Trekking over the beautiful hills and forests that surround that part of the Lake we love so much, whatever weather comes upon it.

Exploring over the beauty that Italy offers as for Nature and locations always reminds me (and K.) of the times we spent for two years at 5 Lands in Liguria, going around and finding spectacular sights from the top of the ground to the marine views.

Sky… Air… Ground. Then the Fire we always have for each other burning inside, like and eternal flame of passion and love.

Forever Milanists. FOREVER

Those times in the amazing surroundings in Liguria have a spot encrusted in diamond within my soul because then is when Karim made me finally realize I was in love with him… and I never have been once in love until he came into my life.

I just had amazing connections and sex, but never had really anyone making me fall in love before he worked my entire life into a part of his, and his own into a part of my own one.

So really… the Garda Lake weekend has just been precious to us.

I am so shining still… I didn’t even wanted to get back home to salute Milan in San Siro (we had tickets) and trust me that was BIG thing… given that half of the people I love in the team were playing their last game with us.


We have had to say good farewell to three of the best athletes and men ever playing with the glorious black and red colors…

Two great human beings. Milan will always love you two guys

We had to say “Thank you and Good bye” to the magnificent Alessandro Nesta, Pippo Inzaghi and Rino Gattuso.

And like they did… I cried.

They are so many memories of glory to me.

They REALLY love Milan; they fought always fiercely for us… and to replace them will be all but an easy task to accomplish.

But it was a due time to shake up the stakes for Milan…

For how great anyone’s past can be, it always comes a moment when that past, if not cut, will prevent the team from having a future.

To understand when that times arrives is one of the keys to continue successes.

It hurts; but the good outcome is that such a victorious past also translate into  the future, becoming HISTORY for a franchise.

The lovely and great Sandro

These three guys (and Seedorf, which will most likely say goodbye too) are forever a big, big chunk of Milan history.

They made us proud: so we will make them icons.

It’s never a true goodbye when you step into our hall of fame.

It’s just a “catch you later, dears” type of temporary departure.

PS: I also have to honor a great enemy and competitor.

Also Alessandro Del Piero will leave Italy and Juventus… and the way he’s doing it makes me admire him.

Sure he’s a champion… and I may not really think he’s the greatest players or anything in Juventus history BUT he surely is a champion and a very intelligent, level-headed and super professional person.

His dignity and pride is certainly a good example and not only in the sport world.

Manchester City WON the Premiership!!! Oasis Pride all over 😉

Have the best out of anything, Alex.

You’ll succeed wherever you go.

And… maybe his great friend Noel Gallagher will suggest Del Piero to try and join THE WINNING MANCHESTER CITY?

Oh, my…

A miracle happened.


Manchester City took the title out from the United with a crazy last game that sure made the brothers Gallagher fret and freak all over their feet (Noel… I was fearing you would have died of a heart attack at minus 5 from the final whistle… truth to be told, I was praying for you… for real!).

As a devoted Oasis lover… a little part of my heart belongs to Manchester City.

It’s unintentional, but strong at the same time type of identification feeling and so I was delighted with the Premiership outcome… we had so many back and forth calling with my Britons friends and also with the crew (many of us still adore Oasis and the two Brothers separately) and it was such a sweet feeling, also because it’s an Italian who brought City to the highest laurel after 44 years.

Mancini did an outstanding job… (I try not to comment on Balotelli… guy is crazier than a bunch of Critters… ;))

And sport to be covered (because I say so and I love it) here can’t miss the final result of Lakers playoff fist round against Homie Boy’s Nuggets.


it took WAY too much effort, Lakers…

Lakers made it... but how hard and dirty and ugly was it?

7 games.


Lakers played so bad in game 5 and 6 K&I wanted to just smash the tv.


It was horrible.

Now we are drained and wrenched and we meet OKC and Kevin.

I don’t see a chance for us… but with Kobe you never know.

Still, sadly, LeBronze Monkey seem to have all luck on his side in these playoffs, so I gotta hope Kevin Durant stops and prevent the Heat from getting the title.

Lakers this year could never, let’s be honest.


It’s Kobe versus Kevin now. Uh-oh.

I don’t want the Monkey Overrated to get a ring.

I can’t stand the idea… he’s so undeserving any of that.

I am torn and desperate about NBA this year.

But whatever comes … a certainty is that Mike Brown proved himself to be what I have always stated he is: an unskilled idiot that can just go off and disappear because my grandma would coach the Lakers better than he’s doing.

He’s a tragedy and a mess and he’s RUINED that little of good that was left after Stern jeopardized our season from the start this year.

Let’s start from a blank scratch next season and please let’s stop with this Brown insanity.

He’s NOT a good coach.

Hewl… he’s not even a coach at all to me!

Please… please: free the Lakers from his dark shadowing “temptative coaching”.

Thank you.

Oh… and always GO LAKERS!!!!

I may sound like I’ve given up on us but I just try to be objective on our odds: that doesn’t mean I am not as in love as ever with the Purple&Gold 🙂

So… some of you may expect some Maroon 5 related stuff, given what I said in my post back last week.


You’ll get some… I am light about them now that THAT AWFUL TV SHOW ended (they are putting it up AGAIN in two months? They will be DESTROYED by the X Factor with Britney and Grenblatt knows it, so I guess he just wants to make these four judges the sacrifice lambs to excuse himself about the crumbling of ratings that is gonna hit the “show” like a train into their faces: that means finally Adam will stop to be part of it. I can’t wait. It’s a shame that he keeps being there: he’s so much better than trash can Aguilera and all of that terrible excuse for a Karaoke set-up… I still hope he won’t even be part of Season 3 to be honest. That would make my day.)

Anyway, I better stop the hateful tv reality show commentaries and focus on the positives.

I really like Payphone video, for instance, that was just offered to USA viewers last week (why not making the video available to everyone? the usual mistakes of assuming Internet can be beat by censorship…).

I like the song as well; still scared of the Benny Blanco‘s inputs on anything related to Maroon 5 but surely Payphone is ages better, artistically, than the basic, formulaic mess that Moves Like Jagger was.

Take a look at the video and some backstage interview/images before it (thank you Angel Meli for some of the recording of images… I just can’t bother these days to keep track of M5 things the way I used to, but at least now that The Fuckery that thing has ended I can stop feeling distaste when I think of them/him, thus I can post this here as well):

I wanted to explain what I thought of the video, but my Life Inspiration beat me to it greatly (The Human Treccani Of Music… Ladies&Gents, I present you Angel Meli… A GENIUS, a Muse, the reason I am married, our Cupid, and one of the very few people I feel inferior to and in love with) and so read what she wrote about Payphone video plot, because it’s exactly what we all in the crew agree with (she will beat again us all in the Overexposed Explanation Trial… crew, we gotta step up our game, ok?):

Best Music Lady I Know Gives The Best Possible Payphone Explanation I Saw

Of course the song is a total dig at Anne V.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs Adam composed in Overexposed, especially those that rose after the breakup (which you know I am sure took place in steps first in January, then after a trial make up, in February and ultimately when Adam shaved head on March 19th. When they announced it has no relevance… they played with media for a long time, and all hints point to the fact they had two different goals in mind while doing so – just another evidence they were long done as a couple way before April).

Anyway… more than a friend wanted me to do a thing since a long time regarding Adam and his lovelife; now that The Fuckery that thing ending means I can think of him without feeling too bad I finally made up my mind and created a sum up of his dating / hooking up life that we are ASSURED of (it will become probably a video too for my YouTube page if I get time enough to cut it…).

That means that ALL these girls have FOR SURE exchanged bodily fluids with him; there are so many more which are nameless or having got not enough name recognition (random models, waitresses, friends that we don’t know the namesaking of, party-goers, strippers, groupies and so on in years and years), while I deliberately chose to NOT INCLUDE many famous enough supposed and rumored further hookups just because I had not enough evidences of them (people like Kim Smith, Candace Bayley, or Sara Evans for instance… rumors just in my book, but I wouldn’t be surprised the slightest if all of them were also true, given Adam’s skills & desire to bed people).

Another important note before taking this table into account: I have chosen pics of the ladies for how they were looking WHEN ADAM WAS INTERESTED IN THEM.

The way some of them have let their looks become trash or a fat mess means that for sure he would not touch them with a pole stick by now (major hints at Lindsay or Jessica Simpson or that surgery mess that Sophie Monk has become… Adam may variate in taste and sure he has a penchant for some not classy looking type more than often – Becky Ginos and Janine Habeck being the closest his girls have looked to second rate porn people, especially when heavily in make up, times where they always seemed drag queens next to him – but he would never go for fat or not fit people, ever… at least while sober)

I still consider Anne being the closest I picture in my mind for his perfect physical match (yes I still regret they won’t give life to perfect babies together…).

Anne sure hasn’t a face as pretty as Natalie Portman, while still with a very beautiful and elegant face, but her physical type is more Adam’s crave than Natalie (if you wonder, before Anne I thought his most beautiful pairing was Portman, no matter if they had been just friends with benefits and Natalie made him constantly feel retarded compared to her brain… and I don’t generally like short girls but she is perfect under every sight to me, that is the fact and in my perfect world they’d be married and have many multi-talented babies NOT named Aleph though 😛 ) – beside the no boobs factor… but she compensated with long legs, that he prefers and of that I am sure of… ;)).

Take a look at the kinky boy women’s tree… and get ready to add whoever will play Theresa in American Horror Story to the list (I don’t think he has touched 19th year old Bregje Heinen while filming Payphone video… I got no words about that from people with insights so I tend to believe he restrained himself on and off set? Let’s give him the benefit of doubt there, and trust the fact he still mourning the break-up with very volatile mood all over this phase he’s still stuck in ;)).

Adam Levine’s Dating and Hookup History Table 1997-2012

Re-watching the exploits, I still hate that he has fallen repeatedly for Paris “Parasite” Hilton but some of his best b-sides – and probably Back At Your Door – songs came out from and for her so in a way I am okay with that mess… and again she was looking at her best when they connected, so I can someway forgive him for his AWFUL choices on her.

I ultimately like the fact all he lives becomes a song.

Somehow we kid with the crew and come up with this (scary?) scenario:

“What would happen if Adam and Taylor Swift would date? Imagine the break-up albums they BOTH would write after!”

Well, Bregje Heinen in the video looks somehow “Swifty-ed”; she sure has the physical type root he loves BUT I don’t think he would love the media attention out of anything related with her.

In the end, the only females still ruling Adam’s life are these two (and it will stay likely so for a long while more? I am tempted to say “yes”):

Adam and his lovely mum Patsy Noah (appropriate, since yesterday it was Mother’s Day ;)):

Adam Levine and his mum, Patsy Noah, at Lakers game courtside in 2009

Adam and the only girl really sharing life with him, Frankie Girl:

The only girl Adam Levine really shares life with – Frankie

So… Okay.

My time has ran out and I have no idea if I have made a coherent and readable post but I don’t care.

I come here to blab around and I LOVE it and I couldn’t give a Fl Fu if you don’t agree (why come here if you don’t?).

To all kindred spirits instead (oh! the lyrical impact of that! ;)) have the most beautiful day and life and everything.

I am SO happy inside, I would love everyone to feel warm today (not Bronzey, Commissioner Stern, or Mike Brown though. Ehi! I am happy, but I still a very judgmental egomaniac, you know ;))

Missus Z. 😉


Adam Levine dated TONS of amazing looking women. But only ONE had the soul and the heart to conquer him forever. This is the list of all of his girlfriends and hookups, until his heart delivered exclusively itself to a Mermaid Angel of Love, Behati Prinsloo. Congratulations to both! I knew you were soulmates! Awww <3

Adam Levine dated TONS of amazing looking women. But only ONE had the soul and the heart to conquer him forever.
This is the list of all of his girlfriends and hookups, until his heart delivered exclusively itself to a Mermaid Angel of Love, Behati Prinsloo.
Congratulations to both! I knew you were soulmates! Awww ❤

Enjoy Love!!!

Whooooo!!! 🙂


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