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Good Life be with ya’ll, Universe!

Writing (in steps, because this is gonna be frigging LONG!) enjoying some caressing Cali Sun (in the desert, in LA, and at airports if my ideas for chances to develop this post coherently actually will take place as planned), I am back at ya to wrap it up this masterful 2013.

Because it has indeed been QUITE a Year, don’t you think?

Now I have actually almost 5500 of them :)

Now I have actually almost 5500 of them 🙂

I know I know… I’ve been MIA most of the Year from these pages, and in fact I have written over this blog almost… never during the Year which is gonna end soon.

But I had warned you: time is not my blogging friend luxury anymore, and practically all that I find “bloggable” about myself comes finely through Twitter and Instagram anyway (hello, followers!), in such a fitting way I never feel like I lack other writing outlets.

I practically gave up on Tumblr too, for the time being, because it was just pointless to find time for it when those two accounts aforementioned sum up pics&words already, and very well.

I am aging, I am a 28 years old and to be frank is not like I believe blogging is such a cool thing anymore, with all the things that are going on with my life.

I would never take any time off from my life to find a space to blog these days, let’s put it this way.

Of course if our plans for a baby go well (K&I are testing waters a lot… and with pleasure and fun 😉 ) this blog may just change its purpose and become something like THIS (courtesy of former Adam’s love Kelly McKee) ( without all the personal pics of course, because you know K&I abhor those fiercely), but for now it stays up just a s a space that I may fulfill just when I please to.

And this “when/if”, it’s clear by now, is a very rare moment in time.

But surely there have been tons of awesome occurrences in this blessed 2013 tho, something that I have put my writing onto already and profusely over Twitter and Instagram. In a rush, the firsts that come to mind have been:

1) Pope Francis’ everything existence;

2) Berlusconi’s condemnation;

3) my frigging perfect family life (this would well be the first position, but I am trying to learn how to be humble);

4) Traveling and discovering the Far East;

5) Working achievements;

6) Life long friends’ marriage(s);

7) Realizing I am far more blessed than I could have asked for;

8) The fact I keep marvel at so many things, thus my love for life only grows wider as I grow older.

9) My crew(s) which give me always the best love and support and which I couldn’t live without;

10) A lover who is my absolute best counterpart, and mirror, and everything (and THIS values like for ten spots multiplied by ten)

Pope Francis is THE BEST

Pope Francis is THE BEST

There Have also been not so great things around this Year of course, like:

1) Tragedies of entire Countries gone to waste due to economical and political struggles;

2) Notable deaths that have hurt my heart, soul and spirit;

3) Realizing I am starting to have to plan how to spend my energies better, because I am starting to feel less super charged than I used to (and believe me, it hurts my pride A LOT);

Hard to be lovinhg in sports this year... but always FORZA MILAN!!

Hard to be lovinhg in sports this year… but always FORZA MILAN!!

4) Understanding that being based both in Italy and USA sometimes is a huge task that causes family friction, and even tho nobody puts any pressure either on myself, or Karim, we have to get used to accommodate to many and many wishes, which reduces our completely free spare time (otherwise called: organizing maturity downsides), and that sometimes affects my mood, albeit not for long, or not too deeply.

Can Destiny stop being ugly against my idol? Thanx...

Can Destiny stop being ugly against my idol? Thanx…

5) This 2013 has been a truly sucky sporty year (Milan, Lakers… my dearest Kobe’s injuries… a friggin NIGHTMARE I tell you).

Well, at least still for the Year that is soon ending the pros outweighs the cons by a double size so it’s clear I have in fact no complaints about this 2013.

And I am practicing (the best I can) some true Zen approach to life so I can still focus only on the good anyway.

I look forward to a wondrous 2014 and I am SURE that will also bring the most expected family news (I know, I have not to be stubborn on this or it won’t come… but you get me… ;))

I want a baby Eva could play with too!!! * maternal needs *

I want a baby Eva could play with too!!! * maternal needs *

*feeling maternal a lot*.

So why I am here, if not only to wish everybody a “Happy End and Happy Start”?

Well, as we get ready to move from California to… The very beginning of the Earth (but down under) for New Years’ Eve celebration, I have to clear off like 800 and plus posts I have been getting for 6 months, and videos for more than 12 hours, which mirrored my music passion & related stuff since July of this now ending Year.

Yeah, basically I have come logging into on the blog to make a mega post encompassing all of this material so nobody of my freaky friends (they, not me) will give me hell because “ehi!!! I sent you material and you never published it! So long for being a good friend right?” type of extortion (yeah. I have grown up friends in my crew who STILL do and talk like this. ;)).

Many of the videos have actually been already published in the NAWWAL pages, but not all the mega video collages with pictures (and those are over 6 hours) and never many of Behati’s related videos actually, because NAWWAL focuse on Maroon5 and Adam and I try to keep the working of the guys separated from their private lives.

So let’s try to recollect memories linked to this side of my lovingly world once more (it’s a luxury I give you) and patch a kiss over my disappointed Maroon 5 adoring crew people (Marghe, Serena, Teo and Lea being the cheerleaders for this request).

Are you ready?

Behati Perfection Prinsloo

Behati Perfection Prinsloo

It’s gonna be REALLY long (I will try to keep it as synthetic as possible but 6 months can’t be really shortened that much).

My last post was about how happy and shocked (and HAPPYYYYYYYY!!!!) I was when the unexpected news of Adam and Behati engagement broke by the middle of July.

I still beam in joy recalling how it felt: I never thought anybody was as fitting as Bee to share his unique life, and the more these two show (better: the more they AVOID to show, like real couple must) about themselves, the more I feel Behati + Adam is THE ULTIMATE perfect couple match EVER in Hwood.


They are so much alike it’s incredible.

They are laid back, honest and true; they hate being posers, and they would NEVER change the way they intimately are for the sake of publicity or (yikes) to fakely please the “public” (public which honestly doesn’t even deserve them, as they ask just to be entertained by puppets, and Adam, as well as Behati, is the farthest thing I know from a biz puppy, hence the way he gets in trouble for voicing his strong liberal beliefs, or his strong molded visions about art and or music or anything else).

But you all know this already.

Will they last forever? Who knows… odds in Hwood are never in favor of the “forever” but one thing is for sure: if Adam, who has always believed he would never marry, has GOTTTEN BACK to Behati after trying to escape from her, it means FOR SURE he believes SHE IS THE ONE, and he will do anything he can to make this one his ONLY marriage; then Bee obviously feels he is the one too, because who else would have endured in letting him go and free to bang whoever, confident true love would have prevailed at last, and Adam would have gotten back to her, and with a proposal? Only true love makes these steps Adam and Behati took with one another.

And this for me is awesome, and just so romantic and amazing…

I adore A&B, and I just can’t wait for their perfect children to bless this world.

The true perfection will come as they will be parenting future world royalty.

And they will 🙂

Back to the memory trail now: take this first mash up video to recollect some piece first:

Adam and Behati news broke the outlets, causing commotions and the usual inaccurate reports (no, Adam didn’t break with anybody by text AT ALL… this is just some PR trying to exploit his status to make some not relevant people known through his name… a move we have already seen by many others, similarly sad losers).

The fact is that Adam instantly gives ANYBODY relevancy; so when you add to his status (massive by any standard, and destined to grow even more when he will add “movie actor” to the resume) to a Victoria’s Secret CERTIFIED Angel since 2009 – VS spokeperson since 2007 – what you get is a super sized Power Couple which any media outlet will try to exploit, in ANY Country, not merely the US.

In Italy the news broke straight, too, and so it did all over Europe.

Guess we have to get used to this, but what I love is that Adam and Behati keep being as reserved as possible, unlike many famewhores around, which I despise (and they despise too, hence their couple behavior) and whom I am so happy Adam never got back with, and never ever had any regret over.

Behati Chat for VS Victoria Launch July 2013 - she ROCKS

Behati Chat for VS Victoria Launch July 2013 – she ROCKS

I laughed endlessly about the fact as soon as the news broke of his engagements, the usual losers&haters of Behati stepped in claiming an array of absurdities, like:

1) she must be pregnant;

2) it’s a stunt;

3) he’s faking it;

and alter mean lies, ranging from the fact she would be a druggie, to the fact she blackmailed him into something he didn’t want (yeah… sure, lol).

Beauty  and talent in a nutshell

Beauty and talent in a nutshell

Hilarious because the only reason OBVIOUS of the engagement in all of Adam’s entourage and family was CLEARLY love; and in fact, a HUGE, unmissable one.

He tried to move on: he failed because REAL LOVE only comes rarely and he was not stupid to let his soulmate go.

Adam has been in TONS of relationships, and has been with girls either for a few months, and then with some for 2 YEARS (Kelly, Rebecca, Anne all had him for multiple years, even if only Kelly and Rebecca actually spent that time with him, the latter of the list was almost never with Adam in those 21 months together, so it’s almost like only Kelly and Rebecca had Adam for yearly times anyway); and if he felt with Behati she was the one, so much he couldn’t avoid even to marry her, this speaks louder than any other thing.

As simple as that.

In fact, to get engaged for him is not even a good career move, because his following is also made by obsessive creepy middle aged stalker housewives who have little clues about his real personality and he would sell better to those boring types without being married – especially to some very hot slim and successful young model; so why he decided to do something which is not really his best PR option, even more considering Adam and Behati love to be COMPLETELY private about their life, to protect their well being and their real feelings from intrusive nobodies?


Only stupid people, clearly not bright, can think differently on the matter.

And they will keep on hating Behati, calling her the worst names, spreading the worst lies, all because they simply cannot accept a truth they refuse.

Poor souls.

Adam and Behati care nothing about these losers anyway, and it’s rightly so.

Many strange and unreliable media outlet are also trying to put dirty on the new couple: but let me teach you something in this. Often career’s opponents feed the slimiest media with fake stories to damage the reputation of those they feel are getting threateningly successful: so mind you, many “strange” gossips are actually made up stories by people trying to derail people’s career (especially when said fake stories can never ever been really proved).

Behati in Interview Magazine "The Goddesses"  Aug 2013

Behati in Interview Magazine “The Goddesses” Aug 2013

Basically anyone can spread a lie about someone successful, make it mildly “self evident” as to whom that looks to be referred about, and enjoy the plus of fake gossiping spreading, without the actual risk of being confronted (or sued) for it.

Adam had already to face fake gossips in times when he was only moderately famous, when he said he would sue a magazine claiming he offended Maria Sharapova calling her “dead frog in bed”, while he never said such things at all; the magazine retreated, but still to today nobody knows about the falsity of that statement, and only recall the first launch of the fake news.

Now that Adam is worldwide uber famous, his position is even more delicate; and his haters even more hard-weaponed in falsity against him, hoping to make some damage in his perfectly conducted career.

Behati is in the middle of this “popularity war” and supports her lover, by that taking herself also a very unfair share of fakers, losers, haters and lies on her shoulders.

There is a reason Adam hates Internet for most part, and the evilness of its worst connections: he doesn’t trust people and he doesn’t acknowledges them unless they are introduced by real friends of him; this is his nature… he’s kind of an overprotective snob, but he is because of a series of experiences and by his life background as a wealthy kid growing in LA.

Nothing is going to change him and he won’t fake either a proximity with strangers he just cannot bear.

Don’t expect him to get back being more active online anytime soon (in fact, expect a faster decrease as his family will grow larger): he doesn’t like nor respect any of the people who are aggressive and mean towards his beloved ones and Adam is a person who NEVER forgets and NEVER forgives, this is a very well known thing in Hwood, so there is no way he will get more social now that he knows people bad-mouth his adored fiancée daily.

Kiss my ass - says Behati ;)

Kiss my ass – says Behati 😉

He’s lucky that Bee shares his same views on the matter of lies and fakes and social media engagement, and that they give one another much strength.

There are lot of people who are envious of this couple because of their status, which multiplies since they have gotten back together.

I guess it’s also easier to hate instead of supporting because it takes someone brained to understand facts rather than simply dismiss them without accepting their impact and realness: but again they don’t care and also they are well aware of the meanies, and probably have fun at their backs anytime they check Behati’s Instagram or Twitter mentions (and Adam may not be social-media savvy, but Bee sure is, so for sure she has acknowledged those who hate on her, no matter if they are trying to hide their conversations from her – that never works).

There will be more later on about how amazingly tight and incredible is the bond between Adam and Bee; I love how she speaks through songs, I always have, and the interview she has given to Los Angeles Times about her This Here Very moment capsule collection confirms she is the perfect soulmate of musically inclined Adam.

She has given notes about Lykke Li’s song “I Follow Rivers” which speak volumes, VOLUMES about how in love she has always been with Adam, and how deeply she connects with his very complicated soul.

But more on this later… 😉

Of course Behati’s name got out more since they got engaged… but she is NEVER the one pushing for it; she can’t avoid people talk, but she never fuels it and never once she has used Adam (unlike others past abusers of him).

More of Behati while Adam - Less: GQ March 2013

More of Behati while Adam – Less: GQ March 2013

Their editorials, up until September publishing, like this Love Magazine one for instance, were ALL done while her and Adam were not together anymore:

Behati for Love Magazine

Behati for Love Magazine

I love her effortless coolness, never too much in the face, but always so clear and empowering.

She has this amazing allure about herself, and she truly has personality.

Behati for Glamour May 2013

Behati for Glamour May 2013

A rarity in beautiful people, especially those who grow up being told they are beautiful; she instead stays that lovely tomboy, and never let herself wander in the pretentious realm.

I love that about her so much :).

Behati Prinsloo for Jalouse Magazine June 2013 - shot in April, with M5 crew support but without Adam's one

Behati Prinsloo for Jalouse Magazine June 2013 – shot in April, with M5 crew support but without Adam’s one

Haters started immediately to blab she got more campaigns out of Adam’s link: too bad her perfume pick was done by VS when they were BROKEN UP; all of her NEXT and Juicy campaigns also were shot when they were broken up: but haters are way too stupid to do the maths, or the reasoning about these things. They are far better at spitting nonsenseful hatred out of envy, because this is what losers do ;).

Has Victoria’s Secret tried to use Behati’s suddenly exploded exposure more since the engagement?

SURE they did. THEY did… not Behati.

They did what they always do with models they have on the roster who suddenly get paired with a real superstar: they put her on the front but her campaigns were given her BEFORE this, because you know, she models for them very successfully since 2007, and that has NOTHING to do with Adam.

Haters again are too stupid to understand this basic fact as well, but not anyone can have a brain ;).

Behati is famous on her own worldwide since 2007...

Behati is famous on her own worldwide since 2007…

Behati’s career has always been amazing WAY before Adam; she doesn’t sell herself constantly through social media because she’s not a famewhore and thinks social media serves for other purposes than not promoting herself annoyingly; but that doesn’t mean Behati is anything less than a REALLY SUCCESFUL and globally praised model, both HF and commercial (she can pull off anything with no effort; she’s just THAT cool).

Behati is a very successful girl since many years; her new media relevancy still hasn’t changed her one bit: she doesn’t believe the hype, and she’s so far away from others stuck up models she will never let this go to her head; most importantly, she will never SEEK for this kind of media feed: another reason Adam chose her as his wife for, I can bet about it.

Behati is cool since all her life

Behati is cool since all her life

Since Behati career is based mostly in New York, Adam and Behati have been starting searching for Soho apartments immediately as they got back together: a family life based on two coasts is something these two can afford (and mind you, Behati has more than 4 Million $ on her own from her modeling, so it’s not like only Adam could afford some fancy new digs).

Adam love is as true as the Sun; and in fact, I can’t wait for Maroon 5 new album to witness how it all went down between them: it fits that at first Fifth Album was meant to be dark (in SAJ way) because they started writing it on Tour at the start of 2013, when Adam and Behati broke up; it fits that then James revealed “later the mood of the album shifted”… because of course Adam got the love of his life BACK.

Adam levine for Life Style Magazine List July 2013

Adam Levine for Life Style Magazine List July 2013

I can’t wait for the album honestly… it’s gonna be finally the album of LOVE ACCEPTED, a first in Maroon 5 career (and it could be a great way to end a chapter for them, too).

As I said, all of Maroon 5 crew, and Adam’s acolytes, were delighted about the engagement (and they pulled massively for it and for them to get back together for all of the time Adam parted with her, never giving any other of his temporary encounters, most notably model Nina Agdal, any attention or relation); his family was in it fully, too.

Because what’s not to love in Bee? She’s a lightening bolt of energy and love, and has one of the greatest personality ever. She’s blissful, that’s it.

One of the best supporters of Behati has always been Savannah Buffett, whose links with all m5 boys date back by their teenage times:

Savannah Buffett for Avenue Magazine

Savannah Buffett for Avenue Magazine

This has also been a massive year of success for Maroon 5 as a band (you will see later on, they grossed by far their best tour EVER, capping a golden Year, even in the solar months when they actually were supposed to be “out of the map” as their album was growing older).

The Tour they partnered with Honda Civic has been HUGE.

You will read it later in Billboard but it was by far their best ever as I said; not only that… it was by far the tour where Adam looked and sounded THE HAPPIEST ever and guess why?

Because again his fiancée, no matter her commitments, would be by his side at ANY given moment.

Behati and golf made Adam and Maroon 5 some happy touring campers (and you know Adam actually hates all the chaos which comes with touring… but once one is at his happiest in his private life, guess what you were used to hate becomes something you can easily love).

After all, as Billboard testified, Maroon 5 have by now a juggernaut status in music history, which is amazing for a pop band; 10 years and more of amazing success GROWING into their second decade is an astonishing achievement, and even if many dismiss them not knowing their craftsmanship in music, just because they have the bliss and the downside of being fronted by someone handsome (more talented than handsome, but the curse of beauty is always a bad trait with hipsters you know), the truth cannot be overlooked, and the Billboard HISTORIC Charts just proved any Maroon 5 fan RIGHT in their love for them, even middle Year in.

Maroon 5 Groundbreaking Career Steps by Billboard Magazine Aug 2013

Maroon 5 Groundbreaking Career Steps by Billboard Magazine Aug 2013

To be fully clear: Maroon 5 is not like any other pop band: they are by now American Music History. Certified. It makes me very proud, too 🙂

I can admit (it pains me but I have to) that a lot of this new wave of impressive success for Maroon 5 has to be credited to that awful karaoke show that terrible excuse for a singing competition that unwatchable mess of a reality show The Voice (argh… I hate to write its name down) because it brought Adam up to MILLIONS of Americans who didn’t know how perfect he is previously; I still hope he detaches from it soon, but I can see if it’s in his hands, he won’t, because it’s making him ridiculously rich and popular and it has given him the resources to launch an array of other ventures, which are making him even richer, as well.

That is quite funny too: think about Adam’s Style, which is effortlessly personal and cool, since forever, and then translate it into affordable chain retailer line.

You will probably laugh BUT Adam Levine for KMart’s line has immediately been a HIT, and incredible one, with customers.

It is someway almost ironic, because Adam has always been snobish also in fashion, being the born rich kid he is (not in the sense that he only dresses in suits, but he only buys really pricey things, and even when they look simple, they cost a fortune); but his line has really great prices and still it maintains somehow his trademark laid-back imprinting.

It is also funny that his line is made for males, because Adam has a huge following of females (and gays, that too), but he is not exactly seen as a guys’ guy, unless you get to actually be part of his crew.

And, last but not least, the funniest and most ironic thing is that celebrities engaged in personal merch, shall be first and foremost ass-kissers of potential buyers (that values also for his perfume, of course); but Adam REALLY isn’t that type of celebrity.

He won’t fake ass-kiss nobody, he won’t make many meetings with buyers (only those he can’t avoid) and he for sure won’t ever avoid to voice his well-sided opinions, despite being at risk to alienate a huge trunk of buyers (read: rednecks republicans who he properly cannot stand).

Adam Levine and Seth McFarlane singing at Emmys Party 2009

Adam Levine and Seth McFarlane singing at Emmys Party 2009

I have been endlessly entertained these months by Adam’s complete lack of fake diplomacy, and actually i have admired him more and more for any tweet,, interview or blooper which was showing how much of a difficult-to-sell-fakely kind of celebrity he is.

And still… his lines are all hugely successful, especially when he is a non-solo pop male singer out of his teenage shell.

I find Adam’s exploits absolutely incredible, for real.

Oh, and he deserves all so much, because he’s such a hard, passionate worker.

And he, just like Maroon 5 as a whole, have always been VERY charitable and into good actions; but they are this way out of publicity, which makes them that much better in fact.

For all of their tour they helped kids and promoted valuable charities.

They also always promote new ways to get kids into music and art, and act towards this artistic push in words AND actions, and moreover they inspire kids towards art and music by connecting with them in person.

They love kids, especially unfortunate ones.

This also makes me very proud as a fan, and confirms my ways of appreciate them as people, even before than as very talented musicians and artists.

The Summer Tour was starting while Love Somebody became ANOTHER Top Ten hit out of Overexposed (4th single to achieve that consecutively out of their album, but if you count Moves Like Jagger run as well, and Stereo Hearts, it’s practically since Summer 2011 that ANYTHING Maroon 5 and Adam put out just get incredible success.

Adam Golfing at pine Tree August 2013

Adam Golfing at pine Tree August 2013

They never had a better run ever, and they even picked the wrong singles after One More Night! If they had paid better attention at the charts, Overexposed could have spanned a number 2 (Payphone) a Number One (One More Night) ANOTHER number one (Lucky Strike) and probably another number two in Love Somebody, which had the unfortunate position of being another ballad after Daylight (the sappiest song on Overexposed, which still, despite its lower quality, and the mess which was its video, managed to be also a Top Ten hit, which I was very skeptical about), and still it was the fourth consecutive multimillion single seller from the era, despite that.

During the Tour Adam showcased through Maroon 5 his protegée Rozzi Crane, the girl he created label 222 for (I am not that much of a fan: cute voice and nice energy on stage, but she’s really not that much to me, but that’s just me: always remember I also completely loathe The Voice and anything related, and I had to experience The Voice contestant already a few times while following Maroon 5 on Tour, and I never fell into those traps either ;)).

Even if I don’t really care for Rozzi at all, I am hoping she finds success just because Adam seems to really strive for this, and moreover because her success means HIS success as a label boss as well (but labels are not really a profitable venture anymore in Years 2K, Adam knows it, so I believe in creating 222 he’s just being generous as usual with the people he likes).

One of the things I loved the most about the tour were their pick for songs to cover.

Flawless taste, indeed.

Whenever the guys had a moment of spare time, Adam and his similarly obsessed mates would golf all around the Country, spanning some really nice looking stay, even if Adam still quite bad with irons 😉 (but he’s so stubborn he won’t give up until he won’t reach what he wants to achieve there).

I like for sure that he’s making so many powerful friends while golfing tho: golf is a sport which will give him the connections he needs to develop even more once he will decide to start up the second phase of his biz career, out of the limelight of a stage (I don’t think it will take that much longer for it, you know).

Adam had also to reconcile his touring with his love for Breaking Bad (the series); I was actually thinking he would have dressed as Pinkman for Halloween, out of all his love for Cranston&Co, but I was wrong ;).

Some of the time “off” from the Summer tour was also dedicated to the taping of Adam’s Tv show (ewwww), which was at least at his home in LA, so more or less a not so stressful task for him in between gigs (hopefully, and then he was with Behati too then).

Behati was with Adam at any given moment in fact, but when she wasn’t following her beau and all of the guys (who all adore her, the same as all of Adam’s colleagues, since it’s clear how positive for him it’s her influence) all across USA, she was working her ass off, for Victoria’s Secret and not only.

I loved during those days her sweet tutorial about make up: she shines so lovely there, and she always appears for what she is, namely a simple girl with zero bad attitude and a really cool and refreshing approach to fashionably matters.

I love this about her so much.

Whenever it was possible to cut a small portion of spare time in the tour then, Behati and Adam would unite to enjoy luxury vacations and, also (wow, that’s so NOT hipster 😉 but Behati before being a hipster is in love with her man) try to connect in together with golf (Bee is looking stunning in golf attire ;)).

Although they don’t like to publicize their love (which is a private fact) Adam and Behati are always cute with not intrusive fans also in their spare time, and if you are kind and not harass them, you will get something like THIS (I guess the stalker housewives who talk shit against Bee would fake their lives to be that near to Adam, and the woman they claim is “trash” “druggie” “ugly” “without class” and so on in their funny Twitter rants against her. I just wonder: the husbands of said housewives never give them some good dick, so that they keep dreaming about a dick they could never have, being Adam’s taste into fit slender supermodels and not overweight wrinkled old witches?)

Adam and Behati in LA with fans on August 17

Adam and Behati in LA with fans on August 17

Their favorite places to enjoy small spare times in tour?

Adam’s Los Cabos retreat and of course, Hawaii (maybe the place of their incoming wedding? who knows)

Even when back in Los Angeles, they swiftly passed at the chances of being pap snapped, never offering anything more than a low head, because people not in their world just have no rights to share their light (beside, often gossip rag are so stupid and misinformed what was their RETURN to LA after the Los Cabos lil holiday was written as if they were flying FROM LA to some buen retiro… not that gossip magazines have ever been reliable anyway, but at least date checking before writing could be good ;)).

During Summer, the last of Behati’s amazing spreads came out: it was a GQ Mexico cover feature and her feline beauty, so mesmerizing and fiercely animalistic was shining in all sexyness:

Behati for GQ Mexico Sept 2013

Behati for GQ Mexico Sept 2013

Her impeccable physique and adorable personality also shone in the video out of the backstage for this.


When at the middle of August Adam and Behati came back to LA from Los Cabos, they could spend two days in sunny Cali home… and what did they do then (beside having to attend The Fuckery The Voice taping , where they probably snapped the picture Behati would later publish of Adam running naked in his boxer briefs, and where they kept making out without camera rolling at any given moment)?

They went to Brian Randolph (Adam’s fav tattoo-man) tagging Milo De Cruz along and they (of course without ever tell anyone publicly) tattooed their mutual love permanently on their skins.

Adam tweeted a very hilarious thing from Brian’s store, too (well of course he always has sex in mind whenever with Bee… who wouldn’t ;)).

I simply melted when it was clear they did.

I felt so much of their love going on I was like blinded by the Sun due to it.

You have to understand all of the hidden meaning of this, but Adam and Behati permanently inked (in each other’s calligraphy) a sentence out from Behati’s favorite movie, “True Romance (which movie choice ALSO tells so much about how passionately they love one another, too):

The tattoo they have (Adam on the inner side of his most naked arm, and Behati on the side of her bust, in a position which makes easier for a bra to cover it) reads:

“You’re so cool, You’re so cool, You’re so cool”.

And if you learn about True Romance movie, you will get the power and importance of what Adam and Bee did by inking this to their bodies.

True Romance IS Adam and Bee

True Romance IS Adam and Bee

It sounds more of an eternal promise than even the $ 385,000 diamond he put on her ring finger.

I find all this so touching, and again, Adam and Behati are just SO connected on so many levels it’s so wonderful they found one another AND, even more wonderful, Behati was there with her love and patience and heart and spirit to save him even from himself, and even though he tried to escape his salvation (Adam has a tendency to self destruction, or his favorite Ninja Turtle wouldn’t be Rapahel, as himself stated two years ago ;)).

It is such a bliss when True Love wins 🙂

Around that time news came out that Behati was selected (after Daria Werbowy and Gisele Bundchen before her) to be the face of Italian Wool Brand STEFANEL Fall Winter campaign.

Behati for Stefanel FEEL MORE campaign

Behati for Stefanel FEEL MORE campaign

I was happy because that meant I was ready to see her beautiful face all over Italy (which I did).

And of course once again this campaign was a success she had on her own, as she was shooting all this exactly in the months of her break up from Adam (some of the locations were then clear which she instagrammed around April).

I love the video of the backstage so hard:

Behati moved to be on the road with Adam some more, and the lovely thing was that she was NEVER trying to steal his spotlight (the way a girlfriend in love does) but he acknowledged her EVERY night she was with him, by singing passionately to her his songs, which now have a real meaning because he has finally found true love in her.

To witness this live has been a bliss.

I pity those poor minds who cannot reckon how huge is the love these two have for one another, and I condemn whoever is trying to put dirt on them, and her especially.

Behati is an Angel for real: she saved Adam with the power of her incredible love.

One of the tasks Maroon 5 highly successful Summer Tour (read please this excerpt from BillBoard and get into Maroon 5 tour magic) had in store for Adam was the fact he had to carefully pinpoint all dates to wrap around all of his other commitments: the launch of the KMart line, which switched, and also, of course, the fact his first movie, Can A song Save Your Life? was premiering in Toronto at TIFF (which caused one of the tour dates to change, to allow him to fly in Canada for it).

More on that (the movie) later on.

Before noticing this though, we have to update the list of Adam Levine’s biz ventures with one more notch on his belt: producer (for real this time) of comedies (based on himself, mind you… that is a true sign of being A list).

I also love that he extends his wealth and fame and opportunities to those who have shared his life for real, in this case Gene.

Adam is very generous with his people.

So generous he spent FORTUNES to help friends who couldn’t afford what he can and could for his beloveds (even when his beloveds are pets, like Frankie Girl).

I can see Adam in this position until his grandpas days, and after all a tv producer is what his grandfather is, so it’s in his blood anyway.

Even though music is such a solid spot for Maroon 5 now, I don’t see Adam being a touring full on musician when he will be 40… I sense he won’t (though he could be as long as he likes to).

I love how his longtime supporters in Hwood are all ecstatic about these series of successes of him.

It tells how much of a good boy he is that those who were there for him when he was not known are still loving him now that he is a superstar in multiple fields.

Adam joy was so evident on tour and I am happy there is not a single aspect of his life since he got with Bee which isn’t pretty perfect; I also love how they are so touchy and intimate whenever together, but they never publicize that at all, so you can know that only if you are sharing live spaces with them (and you can be blinded by their passionate bond).

At the end of August Behati blessed us all by sharing a picture which became easily viral, which I suppose she took while attending the Voice taping a few days earlier than the date of the actual Instagram post.

She posted it before having to fly away from him for working duties, like she wanted to cap the time together in a festive way, and was so kind she wanted us all to be part of it (either that, or Adam lost a bet – they play a lot of those from what I have learned – and she had her winning to be celebrated through mockery, which is also so much A&B in my book) .

The picture is this, and the caption is almost as iconic as the image (they are two goofballs full of love, and I like it):

MOst Iconic Instagram of 2013: Behati shows what Adam is like backstage ;)

MOst Iconic Instagram of 2013: Behati shows what Adam is like backstage 😉

No need to say the snap went uber famous in a split second; Ellen DeGeneres in particular made it one of the most shared posts of the Year on her feed ;).

Deservingly 😉

He could really rival her in underwear modeling after all 😉 and apparently Kelly Clarkson agreed, too.

I love how fashion magazines had to republish this as well; it’s a smart move, because an icon sells and Adam is undoubtedly an icon by now (poor haters will eat their livers on this fact as well ;)).

This post also got the envious witches even more envious, but again, is not like Bee cares so good venom to them… one they they might choke out of it all, and that’d be actually right.

Behati has what everyone would like to have, and it’s all for herself and haters can have a seat.

That day I began to notice how People Magazine was starting to be REALLY up-on-date with anything Adam related; they finally created a page on him (a personal one) and they also made an article out of Bee’s post.

I saw later on, at the time of Sexiest Man Alive material publishing, than those were the days when they probably decided Adam would be their SMA (and maybe the feedback off Behati’s post had something to do with their decision).

This means… endless coverage in the future of ANYTHING Adam and Behati will like to see published in their pages (well, maybe less naked-y… but who knows ;)).

Guaranteed (that’s a Power Couple prerogative, if you please).

After all, it was about time People realized Adam’s status and certified it in stone for the incoming ages (I mean, people even create cocktails out of his name!).

He makes millions and millions out of multiple endeavors each year; he’s someone anyone craves to be in the presence of; he is classically beautiful, he is multi talented, and he is also a very hard, hard worker (that is a surprise for himself first in some ways); he never stops, and still is able to not sell his private life for fame (in this, people who are with him are helpful too).

His future children will have a father they will be very proud of.

And I don’t think we will wait too long for said children ;).

Behati for Stefanel FEEL MORE campaign

Behati for Stefanel FEEL MORE campaign

As Behati was flying back to New York for work (while Adam was playing golf in Connecticut with his former The Voice winner Javier Colon), her amazing pictorial for Interview Magazine (The Goddesses feature I posted already above) came out: so much sexy there, and she does look like Kate Moss so much there… I fell in love immediately like many other times with her, because her nudity is so chaste and still so powerful; she is so classy even naked because she isn’t a try hard and has never those fake faces models put whenever undressed.

She is amazingly unique, and constantly praised for her personal style by the apt sources (see, VOGUE).

But what was Behati called for that she had to fly back to New York so fast?

She was styled for two amazing things those days

A future VOGUE MEXICO cover.

And also her incoming THVM capsule collection.

As usual she sounded in her – never too revealing – Instagram hints so humble and grateful and so cute towards anybody helping her realizing her dreams…

she is so lovely in her works; she always expresses gratitude and is never ever self-entitled.

I admire her way to be so much, I always say this like a loop but it’s truly so different from usual paths models take, I always get astonished by her.

By the start of September though, Behati was again by Adam’s side, and they as usual were always kind and adorable with their fans.

You can feel when Behati and Adam are together also from the silly-ness of his tweets, which are rare, but always happy and absurd when he is with Bee (I bet they laugh all the time).

Before going on with September though, let’s recap August better with this mash up video:

Adam and Behati were in New York, at their beloved Mercer in Soho (their future NY apartment must be in that hood too, I bet); and not even rain could destroy their parade.

The Mercer Hotel was also the location of Adam’s interviews about the KMart line which was set to launch definitively on October 1st (to not interfere too much with the tour).

Cosmopolitan was always a fan of this it seems…

And I must admit the line, even tho it’s Kmart (!!!!) it’s really well crafted and good looking.

Just like him 😉

Good partner he chose to collaborate with, too.

Another thing that caught my eye then, and even more NOW: at the time of the presentation of his line for Kmart, Adam said his style icon is BATMAN… and well, later on, we would know the symbol of Behati’s line (which she made BEFORE Adam’s one) is a fruit bat, because she is OBSESSED with bats.


Absolutely NOT, I can bet on it. 😉

Once again at night they went out and as usual they were super nice with their encounters, but always attached to one another like glue, too (awwww real love).

Behati street style is so rock and cool and she always pairs it up with totally make-up free face

If this isn’t a perfect down to Earth girl I don’t know what down-to Earth is.

For real.

Not that when she goes full-on model goddess she fails, either: just take a look at the stunning editorial for the cover of Vogue Japan BEAUTY feature Behati was the star of in September, and let your jaw drop (talking about jaws, her own one is so perfect and beautiful… her face is a wonder).:

Behati for VOGUE Japan September 2013

Behati for VOGUE Japan September 2013

Behati and Adam New York times are always enjoyable it appears; given that Behati has to remain work-based in New York, I am sure the couple will enjoy their times in the Big Apple whenever they will occur, as they are doing since they gotten engaged, all the time.

The tour was starting again after the NY break and Behati had the chance to spend some lil time with her partner in crime (the crime being to be the lady loves of Maroon 5 band members) Ali Tamposi, James’ adorable other half.

The two are simply great together, and Ali has been the greatest supporter of Bee when she was away from Adam (with James) so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gonna be a bridesmaid during their marriage 🙂

That night, Adam serenaded Bee again openly during Love Somebody (aww so cute).

Immediately after, Adam flew to Toronto for the Film Festival.

By the time of its first ever screening, Can A song Save Your Life was still without a distribution deal.

Toronto was exactly the showcase it needed to span a bidding war on itself and the movie not only was a major hit, but it was THE BEST SUCCESS of them all, sparkling a wonderous bidding war won by Harvey Weinstein (AKA most powerful distributor in Hwood).

The bidding war was amazingly battled, which means only good things in foresight.

The movie is considered to be such a great assured hit, many were thinking Weinstein Company would make it out on the halls immediately after TIFF; but since Harvey Weinstein TRULY wants to promote it (read: he thinks it can be a contender for Oscars) he will wait till Spring 2014, so that it won’t be overrun by movies already established this year or so that it couldn’t ruin with its power other candidates at academy Harvey has THIS Year.

What is the sum up for all this?


Adam Levine is gonna add a major movie hit to his already well impressive curriculum; given that Can a Song… is a musical movie, I can already see the chance for an Oscar nomination in the field of music, at least.

Harvey knows what he has in his hands, and the fact in Toronto he and Adam were profusely speaking can only mean one thing: Adam has now a supporter which is BEYOND powerful.

And this only means more money, fame and fortune on his incoming deck.

I still convinced People Magazine’s push about Adam being the Sexiest Man Alive has A LOT to do with Mr. Weinstein’s future plans about his movie career.

And if any, that’s a GREAT move on his part because Adam has that silver screen cut beauty nobody in Weinstein’s position could overlook.

I also love the pairing with Keira: she has a timeless beauty quality to her own and I am a fan since Bend It like Beckham so… it couldn’t be any better for my fan heart than all Can A song… is gonna provide me in terms of satisfaction ;).

And the future Missus Levine, what was she doing while her lover was starting his moves to become a certified actor?

Well, Behati was back on the NY Fashion Week Runaway as an exclusive for Alexander Wang collection:

Her pictures also from the capsule ready-to-wear snaps were similarly stunning.

Behati can be so wonderful in high fashion; I know Victoria’s Secret has made her rich, because it’s the best contract in modeling commercially speaking; but I miss her HF outings because she has just the height, the frame, the grace and walking personality for HF, more than anything else.

But her pretentious-free attitude probably makes her not really miss high fashion that much; and after all some selected things are better than too many runaways (gives her more time for her future hubby’s needs :)).

Hubby-to-be has in fact so many things to think about his lovely half MUST be the one less occupied or he would collapse; Behati luckily understands this, also because she LOVES HIM FOR REAL and not for need of a publicity spot, so she can support him first by being by his side whenever she can.

Adam is in fact VERY blessed, because also his bandmates are sincere friends and since Behati couldn’t be with him in Toronto due to her duties (VOGUE shot and NYFW), Mickey and James flew in Canada to support their man in her place.

This is adorable, as it is the fact the whole band is proud of Adam’s external ventures and triumphs, rather than being jealous over them and him.

They’re like brothers indeed, and I bet they are excited to see how the acting bug will end to catch up on Adam.

By the middle of the month of September, and in the middle of the mega Honda Civic Tour, Maroon 5 had also the iHeart Music Festival duty; no rest for the best, I guess ;), and no hyper successful tour ever comes in terms with no effort, right?

Interviews and all

The secret is touring with people you admire and whom admire you equally and Kelly on this was an amazing partner for Maroon 5, for sure.

Well some rest came out in golfing terms always anyways, and briefly in Tampa Adam had still Bee by his side (she flew in as soon as possible from New York… the sweet commitment!); but soon she had to fly over Europe, as it was time to shoot the Xmas commercial for Victoria’s Secret in PARIS and after that the Swim Collection snaps in St. Tropez (this year it seems any place I went to, Bee went there as well, with or without Adam, just a lil after me ;)).

She flew away to Paris just when Adam stopped in Savannah Buffett’s realm (Miami!) and I guess to honor his fiancée he wore what is meaningful to them even in her absence (as smartly noted exactly by Savannah).

Those days he filmed the People Magazine sexiest Man Alive short videos (I post them here so you can reckon the location), which may as well be Savvy’s place).

Take a look:

And to this one too:

These videos were totally made those days in Miami.

Hands down.

And the fact the Sexiest Man Alive stuff were filmed right after The Toronto Film Festival Triumph adds to my theory that Harvey Weinstein gave more than two thumbs up to People’s choice for Adam.

Harvey knows what Adam can achieve in movie goodness 🙂

After all, Adam showcased he can act well for instance by doing a perfect impression of Catfish‘s Nev (appreciated by Nev himself, you know).

He just needs training… because Nature has provided Adam with all possible other qualities: talents, vision, and beauty.

And beauty is also what Adam gathers to himself; like his perfectly beautiful fiancée, who was up in mood and adorable even freezing herself in panties and feathered wings on Parisian nights, shooting like a super pro.

Paris after all is the town of Love and Beauty and Behati is all of those things for sure; a rocking Beauty she is.

As September was rolling and going on, I caught the news that Maroon 5 had signed an exclusive Administration Deal with Kobalt Publishing; it’s a smart biz move, because Kobalt is a rampant company in the biz, which benefits especially established worldwide acts; after all Adam had reached all he could with BMI with his award this past Spring and it was time Maroon 5 all reunited under a single Publishing deal (previously Adam and Jesse were under BMI and James was an ASCAP member).

Maroon 5 for Kobalt

Maroon 5 for Kobalt

In the Year End number of Billboard that I will put up later on it’s clear this move is all about a smarter executive administration of Maroon 5 royalties worldwide (and Adam is very careful and intelligent when it comes to money, and knows what to choose to expand his portfolio).

But as biz savvy as he is, Adam also cannot avoid to voice his real persona despite the fact this could cause his “image” some squats… so after he voiced his (totally right) appreciation for Pope Francis those days (and of course he loves him, this Pope is BEST!!!!), and after he got to share space with someone he really admires, he couldn’t avoid to voice out his distaste for impersonators in music/art/life…

They were at iHeart radio Music Festival, and while there were MANY performers there, it seems someone really didn’t impress Adam much…

Art Police Adam Gaga Quarrel

Art Police Adam Gaga Quarrel

Now please notice just one thing: NOBODY can say Adam was directing this at Lady Gaga.

He has actually always expressed praise towards her openly in interviews (see OUT Magazine, twice) and the only time he said something not really fine on her was when he compared Born This Way to Express Yourself (which he was totally RIGHT about).

But that one time he made his tweet direct.

This time what he said could have applied to at least ten performers he probably had to witness at iHeart Festival.

What made this absurd was how Lady Gaga’s troopers and feeders acted all chip on their shoulders and automatically made Adam’s tweet referring to Gaga.

Of course after he got insults thrown, Adam just said (quoting Shakespeare) that all that fuss was really not a cool thing, and that maybe somebody was making a big deal out of nothing.

He also stated that, since all of Gaga’s troopers complaints were based on “Art” (not that Gaga’s latest album is even remotely art… it’s more or less garbage, in fact) and the fact she was art and he was trash, he doesn’t strive for art at all, nor puts himself on any art pedestal.

He got this peculiar vision where what he does (pop music) is not at a level of greatness to be compared to art and in this he is actually valuing ART way more than the screechers troopers of Gaga are doing.

Adam is actually very humble regarding what he does; but by nature he won’t ever accept the insane and absurd hate he got by leechers while he was probably not even talking about Gaga in the first place.

Then he has a very peculiar humorist take at life not everyone gets (but it’s their limit and Adam’s greatness).

But whatever; they would meet at The Voice finale in December, proving that in fact Gaga was in need of Adam’s thunder while Adam couldn’t care less about her (oh, and The Karaoke Show also won an Emmy… a thing that American Idol never achieved…wow, I don’t know if it’s worthy celebrate this? Naw ;))

Adam probably got the comfort of Behati through phone, as she was shooting still in St Tropez, being her bubbly happy self always (he needs her light so much).

It’s also to be noted that anytime right now Maroon 5 have a special private performance that they could randomize in any location… somehow this location ALWAYS came up to be New york.

I don’t really think it’s a casual event… I am more driven to think Adam wants to accommodate Behati’s schedule with his and I find this amazingly sweet.

The tour was progressing   and the grand Finale was approaching and The Voice was starting on screens, meaning more exposure for Adam and therefore to Behati; it was also clear both were starting to find acceptable to speak in interviews about their engagement, albeit always in not exaggerated amount.

It also meant that the newsfeeds would constantly link all things Behati did to Adam; somehow messing up with times, like when they started to say she followed in her fiancée fashion ventures with THVM campaign while in fact she was the one doing that first.

Or when they mentioned her being “Adam’s fiancèe” all over the report she was getting FOUR version of ELLE ITALIA cover in October (out in September), while all those pictures were shot in April, while she and Adam were broken up and he was linked with Nina Agdal (some major Instagram memories, there):

Behati for Elle Italia Oct 2013 - shot in april

Behati for Elle Italia Oct 2013 – shot in april

But by now we know Behati has a (un)fair share of haters who cannot even see how wrong about her they are when put in front of evidences.

Let’s move on 😉

Anyway, I am glad at least one of Maroon 5 special gigs was in San Francisco Area ;), because that gig was AWESOME and I can tell it well because you know, I know 😉

And by then Lovely Bee was already where she belongs, and happy about it.

Also Adam was very happy… so happy he did a couple of things: first he said this thing about crooked teeth and you can see who has unperfect ones

look... it's a love declaration for Bee :)

look… it’s a love declaration for Bee 🙂

As I said before you can tell when Behati is with him because he becomes so happy and stupid and kid-like… they are so in love it’s so natural for him to lay all barriers down, also because she shares his way of being too.

So they went golfing in the mountain storms, they went buying Nike together, and they just acted all lovey as much as possible, and so happy were they not even a sudden gig cancellation could dumper their shining mood.

Oh, and I have been asked to post this: Look how Hollywood people are regarding their reciprocal HEIGHT (ps: Adam and Bee are exactly the same height, 5’11’ 1/5, and this means whenever Behati wears heels, she’s gonna be taller than Adam: a wedding in flip flops? Hawaii wouldn’t mind ;))

And while Overexposed was crossing the 1,500,000 copies mark in USA (amazing achievement), they kept their tour going while keeping being adorable.

This tour surely marks a milestone in Maroon 5 career (I had the clear feeling of it already before this fact being testified just the other day by Billboard Magazine).

It’s also so rare that a pop band can endure such a long term success.

It’s also majorly deserved by the guys.

Adam Levine cartoonized

Adam Levine cartoonized

Then as a decade plus longer fan of them I am happy to see the guys on their ways to complete settle down; make their families soon, and having the bliss of seeing their significant others ALSO getting along.

I loved to see while free in LA those days before the final dates of the Honda Tour, Bee and Adam went double dating with Jimmy V and Ali.

Evidence of this in this TMZ video (click).

This is simply precious.

And Adam is extremely linked to his people so he could have married only someone perfectly fitting in with ALL of his beloved ones. Behati is this kind of person, and that is why everybody is happy they are gonna marry soon.

And while I do believe their marriage will take place in February 2014, I never believed they were going to have TWO weddings, as many outlets started to erroneously report (Bee denied this in an interview I will post later on On Air With Ryan Seacrest (RADIO).

To recollect all of September, take this other super mash up video (and a link to funny mean tweets feature):

October came and so it did the grand opening of KMart’s collection (Jesse went to support his friendhow cute is that? and how I cannot wait for Jesse to be back with the band, as well? Fifth album will be perfect… PERFECT!).

The collection as I said is really nice, ESPECIALLY if you think it’s Kmart.

Adam can make anything work, basically.

Before the final dates in Hollywood Bowl, Adam and Bee had more chances to be adorable; then THE date came and all family gathered and you could see the LOVE all family has for Behati, pretty clearly (even tho I don’t like this particular family member praising her here…); once again Behati was gracious and never stole any spotlight unless requested.

It was also Jimmy V’s Bday so it was one more reason to celebrate and the outfits were certainly on point ;).

Not that Ali and Bee need any further reason to be happy, but they are really amazing messing up togetherto not love them would be criminal 🙂

I personally loved the gig(s) I witnessed in this tour a lot; I still ROYALLY PISSED all that Maroon 5 do is to put Europe in the back and disrespect European fans at any time our poor Continent crosses with anything The Voice related, but I guess I can’t argue since they are so successful now, and were capping this year the 18th most successful tour WORLDWIDE (and this WITHOUT Europe!).

I love when they play live… that’s it!

Hollywood Bowl October 2013

Hollywood Bowl October 2013

After the mega days, Behati flew back to New York to do some work… but also because something HUGE was bound to happen.

At the same time, it took just Bee being parted from him and Adam went all nostalgic and romantically lost again (they were skyping then, I could guess ;)).

But Behati would soon return by Adam’s side, and with some VERY WELCOMED company: HER PARENTS, arrived from Africa to meet the Levines in Los Angeles (via New York).

I can’t tell you how happy I was when Behati tweeted that 😉

Too bad Adam had to endure paps on his ways to dine with such important people in his life (see his face whenever paps try to interfere with his precious real life: if he could fire lasers from eyes to them, he would!).

At lest tho we know from Behati’s father Facebook all meeting went great; we saw actually the future home Bee and Adam will share in total renovation (that’s the property Adam bought back in Bev Hills code zone in Benedict Canyon, which is being completely remade by Mark Haddawy while he is renting another house in Encino he currently lives in), with Charlie and Bones all happy around their owners, too.

It’s so wonderful that the meeting was a pure sparkle of intense love and everybody loved one another!!

Behati has already said her parents will come again for a month or so in Between January AND February (EHM: what could that long stay hint at ;)? it’s clear to me…) and that they are all ecstatic about Adam (what’s not to adore about him); then that Behati is loved by Adam’s family is well clear out of the personal praise everybody in Adam’s camp has for her (she even acts big sister with sam in the cutest way, patronizing his little lover, Luna like a perfect real sister would do).

You will see some of the pics I desribed here in the next mash up video for October and November…

Now let’s move and talk about Behati VOGUE MEXICO cover, which came out in October (for the November issue).

One word: STUNNING.

Behati for Vogue mexico Nov 2013

Behati for Vogue mexico Nov 2013


I mean… she’s just perfect in every way, a chameleon who can turn from tomboy to goddess in a blink.

Look at this video, thanx 🙂

She is so pure and great… and she TRULY rocks :).

I wonder what Behati will make her and Adam’s kids watch when they will be there.

I mean… what do you tell your kids when your father has a cartoon version of himself in Family Guy?

I bet it’s gonna be a cool moment in their family, that one ;).

Adam talked about his future as a family man on Jay Leno, where he also revealed what we knew: that he didn’t believe in marriage, UNTIL Behati came and made him a marriage believer.

Only a true lover could change his bachelor status; only a TRUE LOVE could mold him into a family man.

This is real love, let’s just face it 🙂

And about his ventures?

Since his private life is so perfect, you could expect Destiny got brakes on in other sides but.. no way: Adam’s life and touch is just unbeatable; so much that his line at Kmart sold like hot cakes immediately.

Basically, his KMart line outsold anything else, surprising everybody (but him, because Adam is a cocky winner ;)).

And what you do when a celebrity who is supposedly better selling to females make a super splash in a male targeted biz?

Simple, you immediately add a SECOND line, this time intended for his core marketing, and wait for a super-sized cash flow.

I don’t know if Behati is for real going to help him with that, but he will surely get inspired by her flawless style, that is a given!

Not that Adam ever lacked money… but I guess also his nephews will ever hardly need to worry about that in the future ;).

By the way, it was coming Adam and Behati’s favorite holiday (even tho Bee later said that right now Thanksgiving is her favorite, now I guess that she has a real family also in the USA), namely HALLOWEEN!!!!

This year, The Hollywood Forever Cemetery couldn’t be used by Maroon 5 for what is the IT party on the West Coast among celebrities; that because there was a special event two days before and the Cemetery couldn’t be set in time for Adam and Maroon5 grand plans.

No problem: they rented an entire hotel and recreated THE OVERLOOK Hotel (and you know which one is my fav movie, right? EXACTLY ;)) at The SportsLodge up Los Angeles Drive.

The location made the guest list smaller than usual (the size was smaller compared to the Cemetery) so less pictures came from drooling guests and Adam forbid the press from the inside (ah, the privacy holder!).

Adam had declared at Leno he and Behati (and we saw, also James and Ali) would have gotten into Eyes Wide Shut characters; and they did in spectacular fashion, from head to toe (thanx to the masks creators at Creature Effects, which is a company which works for Hollywood Movie Productions ;)… peons to the left, please).

Halloween marked the official presentation of new Mickey’s girlfriend, style blogger and personality Niki Takesh (they went as Britney and Justin in the infamous full jeans MTV Awards matching outfits… too funny!).

Not that Maroon 5 are only about fun, guys… they also promote good activity for kids and education and they do something about that at least every two months (take note, okay?).

It was then time of panties and feathers, otherwise known as The Annual Victoria’s secret fashion show (i.e: the reason models would like to kill one another each year to steal at least a spot in the most watched worldwide fashion related event).

After Halloween, The Voice was about to go live, and since the show is on Monday and Tuesday and the Victoria’s secret Fashion Show was going to be taped on a Wednesday, I was thinking Adam couldn’t have made it in time.

Behati seemed anyway happy about her incoming show and I was sure she would have got her reward in any case.

I was skeptical he could squeeze it all into a presence for the feisty catwalk, also because Maroon 5 were having the private Malibu Event in the Big Apple on Saturday and I thought schedule was just too tight.

I underestimated Adam’s and the guys’ will to honor and please Behati – and I am happy I was wrong, in full. 😉

Adam also found a way to honor Behati while filming the Voice: in a lovely little excerpt he presented to the world little Charlie, their new golden retriever which is the companion they chose for Bones (aka the dog muppet).

I still consider the picture of Bee in the patio of their house cuddling minuscule Charlie baby and showing her ring the most beautiful personal picture she has ever shared (and that was taken by Adam, I am sure of it like I am of nothing else… almost ;))-

During the after party (and you will see their joyful glow in the pictures from the mash up videos) Adam let Behati shine, and imitating her, he never stole her spotlight on red carpets (he knows she has a stature on her own and doesn’t need him to have snappers interested in her, she’s an Angel after all), and then Bee and Adam tho spent the night at the party making out, as witnesses noted (they always are doing that whenever together).

I will post here only the first reaction to the taping of the show, because the whole show I will post later while we talk about December; but of course Adam’s presence made Behati the star of the show (he could make a nobody relevant in two shows for VS, imagine what he can do now when showing up to cheer her REAL VS ANGEL fiancée… it’s a news dream made fashionably loud statement).

I am sorry for any Behati hater (no, I am not, I am amused at their demise): what you have now is a power Couple and unless Leo Di Caprio marries Candice Swanepoel next year, there is no way Behati won’t be the star of VS in 2014: live with it, and enjoy the effortless ride.

She achieved all she has on her own, she has walked with this 7 years for VS, and she was made an Angel in 2009, but now that Adam actually wants to show her his support, she is already superstardom certified and nobody can make a thing against this.

Everything she is gonna do will make People’s headlines; and just for good measure: Adam and Behati have now a relevance Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom only could dream of when they started to be a couple.

Take a look at some of the previews of the show which came out immediately after it got taped.

Therefore put everything in proportioned foresight, and enjoy the Behati’s takeover (haters can’t fight this although they will surely try, making it all even sweeter for Behati in the end).

No need to argue; resistance of the lessors is futile ;), but entertain us if you please with your so misplaced gratuitous hatred…

And talking about misplaced hatred, Adam got his fair share too, and for a series of reason which are actually VERY POLITICAL.

Let’s go in line.

Just around VSFS, Adam started to be mentioned by relevant outlets as the next People Magazine “Sexiest Man Alive”.

The newsfeed stating he got that was Gossip Cop so it means what they wrote was 100% TRUE.

I immediately thought “Finally!”, and then I realized that would have been a really big change in the way People usually shapes its list: then, as I wrote above, I started also to picture Harvey Weinstein plans to sell Adam WORLDWIDE for his movie.

And everything made sense (for instance all International sites lauded at Adam’s pick, because they are not prejudicially against a liberal getting this, being out of USA political spectrum of motions).

The SMA honor is indeed the most important People Cover of the Year; it makes whoever gets it a staple in relevance all over the world, and that is so true, right now EVERYWHERE (Italy included of course) any kind of important magazine will mention Adam with that title aside, like he’s a Knight now or something.

Adam in Italian fashion magazines with his SMA feature

Adam in Italian fashion magazines with his SMA feature

While Adam was in New York post VSFS and before his Malibu Rum special Event with Maroon 5 he had a series of shows he was slated to attend; they were all cute things, and he was lovely talking about Behati and the VS show, but you could see him being defensive about SMA honor (in fact he knew he was since that famous Miami date of Maroon 5 tour, we saw it above).

and then here (so cute interview!):

During these interviews Behati was with him and you can see her staying lovingly behind Adam carrying a labrador puppy in many ways so reminiscent of their little Charlie.

I can see Adam holding their incoming baby (2015 after Behati’s 2014 Fantasy bra? I can picture this easily) so well everytime I see how he holds puppies with that adoring gaze 🙂

Adam and a puppy with Behati at Today show

Adam and a puppy with Behati at Today show

The guys were followed in their NY outings (still trying to find their happy place in the Big Apple, (which was awesome as reviewed by Billboard) always looking effortless cool when together, and always so affectionate and in synch), and by now people are starting to get used to them as “Romeo and Juliet” like:

Adam and Bee like Romeo and Juliet :)

Adam and Bee like Romeo and Juliet 🙂

Then it was confirmed: Adam was People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

And while balanced people didn’t see anything strange with this (it was two years, since he got so popular thanks to The Voice, that people actually were throwing his name out for the honor, unsatisfied with anyone not named Ryan Gosling to get it, so it was not THAT out of the blue), some sites really vented out against his election, in really catty and completely wrong ways.

But I guess proto feminist sites where women claim men are pigs, but then they behave exactly like pig women, aren’t exactly the places we should look upon to (right Jezebel?): it’s also funny that said “site” while spanning hate towards Adam had its best click-throught just by mentioning him, resulting in them hilariously re-putting up the same news in days after, just to obtain that increase in their shrinking readership. Good luck in five years, girls: you’ll be gone and Adam will still hot, relevant and rich 😉

Then there are the sites which are PURPOSELY against Adam anyway, which have ALL a connection with the FOX News property (Jezebel is part of that galaxy as well actually, as they are New York Daily News and satellites such as Page six, and so on… all those sites are paid by REPUBLICANS and they promote a take on their “news” which has as a ultimate purpose the one to diminish the impact of openly liberal celebrities towards their public).

Those sites IMMEDIATELY started a campaign of defamation regarding Adam and how fitting he was to be crowned sexiest Man Alive.


Because Adam is dangerous for them: he voices openly his liberal views, and he is an open Obama supporter (in fact days ago he became one of the face for Obama care push in California); he is never shy to voice his opinion and his opinion MATTERS to the youth, so whoever is Republican oriented MUST destroy Adam’s credibility and popularity when it risks to overflow (and now he is at a peak for sure), molding the youth towards something Republicans don’t want.



It’s simple as that: some people MUST hate on Adam because they actually reckon his power in society (and here we could debate why celebrities are this relevant in societies, but I won’t dwell there as it would be useless).

Not that Adam cares if ordals of retarded rednecks (funny enough, all the fat housewives hating on Behati are rednecks… and so far away from anything Adam would appreciate also humanly as possible… coincidence? NOT. They are scum and of course scum hate on Behati… you hate what you cannot understand or imitate, right?) mock him: he has proved he will keep fighting and voicing the things he believes in and let’s face it, he is a NATURAL progressive Democrat.

It’s his core and I can’t see how people so into red-neckness can like someone so far away from their crooked beliefs; I have long time ago realized they actually don’t like “Adam”: they lust after him, but don’t get a thing of his amazing personality at all, whatever they claim to be doing instead.

But back at The People SMA Gate: of course any choice is subjective, and if you’re not Ryan Gosling you will be criticized for it, but Adam is in everything a fitting pick for this, unless you are blinded by his dislike in not intelligent ways (have you noticed the sites claiming he is “slimey” rely on things he actually never did – leaving girls by text is a thing he has never done – or put on the table things he did or do when he was way younger and prone to make stupid things? I did, and this of course proves just how much the haters don’t have a clue on him, especially they don’t about the one he has become in the past few years, namely a great man in all).

Adam Levine SMA

Adam Levine SMA

But haters can try to diminish his status as much as they like: the fact is that Adam is not only wildly popular, he is also WILDLY LOVED.

Then as I said this cover marks so many other potential steps in anyone career, and it’s clear whoever gets it, especially a non-actor, immediately is perceived as a menace to those who are maybe waiting to being named just to be able to ask through their agents a higher paycheck for the projects they are involved with, and this can lead to attacks.

But ehi, Adam is always gracious and really open at taking also jabs, and you see this in the way he reacted both to the mention, and the fuss it generated.

Jimmy Kimmel docet:

Adam is the less pretentious celebrity out there… if haters hope to affect him, they can wait until World will stop spinning.

And he is UNDOUBTEDLY beautiful AND super sexy, in fact.

Hear him talk On Air with Ryan here:

He exudes sexyness in a very primal way, science could also explain why he is indeed a great SMA, and his talents only adds to his true handsomeness.

There are way more than just 28 reasons for Adam is a perfect fit for SMA honoree, actually.

And those who know him LOVE him, whoever they are or in which field they excel at.

He is also somebody who has already achieved so much in what HE excels at, namely music, he can be very satisfied with who he is, screw haters, thank you.

Won’t happen, and this is why he and Behati are a perfect match: the same goes for her: she is carefree, humorous and down-to earth, so much she could LAUGH about Adam being SMA.

Behati went home in LA a day before Adam, because she had some working to be done there; she also celebrated her bestie Ali’s birthday in loving way.

In the main time, another special private show for Maroon 5was scheduled IN NEW YORK on January 31st (I guess Bee parents will be there too by then…), and while The Voice was still running, the opinions on Adam’s BIG day started to be a normal question in interviews for everyone related to him.

This note by The Voice host also explains what I meant when at the beginning of this recap I said the fact Adam got engaged was in many ways something he shouldn’t have done career wise, but if he did it means he REALLY wants to be with Behati forever.

A man of success with a fiancee of great success, too: what one could possibly want of more? 😉

Behati went to St. Barths to shoot for VS and she offered us flawless beauty and a clear view of her tattoo on the beach.

Look at her.. she’s always so luminous and happy

A true sparkle of life.

A beauty who doesn’t take herself too seriously is such a rare gem, and this even more once she gets so famous at such a young age.

Behati got back in LA in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with Adam and his family, which is now also HER family; this Year no picture were slid out by no family members and I am happy this didn’t happen because it’s fair Bee and Adam let their private life stay… PRIVATE.

Some glimpse we got were actually by Behati herself but as usual all those were just very discreet and VERY goofy (like they are).

With December starting, the Year was about to get capped.

This is the time when practically all the Year End list come out; but before we get into details, let’s recap in a lil mish mash video what did happen in October and November, won’t we?

December first got immediately a good news: Criminal Ali Kavoussi, I.E. the one who has milked Adam’s fame to the maximum at any given chance, trying through him and his name to give relevancy to a couple of famewhores, has finally left Women NY Agency, leaving Behati free.

This is a wonderful news, so that we won’t see anymore him trying to milk her (and him) no more.

Further evidence that he is a dirty opportunist?

He made a shot he realized with Behati back when she was Adam free available for 7 Hollywood Magazine guess when? Just when her name, linked to Adam, was starting to become one of the most relevant in all media (after the VSFS).

This is the tacky shot (Behati still beautiful, but I despise that man so much I can’t fully appreciate anything that comes with his name onto; Adam hates him and he’s SO right in doing it):

Behati for 7 Hollywood MagazineNow that criminal Ali ain’t part of Women no more I can relax a bit: I still hope Behati goes to IMG, but I can live for a while more with her being with Women, once Women has left the trash outside.

December started then and Adam went to The Ellen Degeneres Show (I always love him there, because Ellen loves him dearly, like Kurt Sutter as well):

The interview was so adorable… I can so well picture Adam’s trials to Use Bee’s fingers to play a game (LOL), and in all this is so intimate and comfy... they are so… AWWWW 🙂

After the interview Adam and Maroon 5 had a LOVELY task to commit to: a private gig in Hawaii (where we were just stayed for OUR Thanksgiving time… Bee keeps following me ;)) and the girls were with the boys, enjoying Paradise 🙂 I love how they all get along 🙂

Behati then is a true tomboy... but even then she shines whenever with Adam – and she wears his absurd shirts way better than he does!

In those nights the Grammy nominations were given and as I expected no nods were for Maroon 5 this time, but PJ Morton got one 🙂

It’s okay, we will get it all with the Fifth Album out (and if he is not away to get married, I guess Adam will present some Award, and who knows, maybe dueting with someone… SARA BAREILLES?)

I am actually VERY pleased with the nominations, as you may have gotten from my Twitter feed: all my predictions and tastes for the 2013 in music got confirmed… because my taste is flawless, ya’ll! 🙂

Behati went then back to New York to keep working for the end of the Year; she shot lots of stuff, and went to the American Hustle Premiere with Shannan Click:

She is a friend since a life and I like the connection.

She was on Air With Ryan Seacrest to talk about the broadcast of the VSFS:

Always adorable in all her interviews, isn’t she?

Then who wouldn’t be excited to get married, and especially to Adam?

And she enjoyed the party with her girls when the show was aired.

This is how the show went:

And this is the mash up pre- and after the show:

Adam beside was also on Conan:

waiting for his lady to be back; but as after the party for the broadcast of the show she was working with VS, he thought about sending her SOME LOVE:

this is love

this is love

The pride he has is so touching!!!

And the flowers are, simply stunning.

I wish people would just accept his love for her…wholeheartedly, because she really makes him happy.

It’s VERY significant that Adam has favored only ONE tweet so far, and that tweet is linked to THIS paragraph, which speaks VOLUMES about how much he is in Love, and hates and gets sad when people hate on the woman he loves so much.

Please, read… and UNDERSTAND:

Adam is in LOVE: accept it.

Adam is in LOVE: accept it.

People should praise Behati, not hate on her…

Anyway: Adam said this about marriage:


I bet if you are believing trash, you won’t.

I pity you.

Adam is very happy and he doesn’t need anything else now that he has Behati, on this people all near to him agree.

Out of The VSFS airing, Behati got the most relevance, and her increase in popularity SURE had also to do with her supportive fiancée, but then she has a great merit on her own, because she is relevant since she’s a teenager, remember, for VS.

The usual array of articles related to the show were put out, and it’s hard to overlook the fact Behati is becoming household name.

Accept this too, because it will remain this way, folks 😉

Behati is also a very talented woman outside of the fact she is a great model.

She is a photographer, and actress (she got credited for her role in Hawaii 50 at least, unlike some other posers claiming they’re actresses ;)) and now she is also a stylist.

After all the months before they were just talking about the line in various magazines, finally now we can see and hear from Bee’s words directly what her This here very moment capsule collection stands for.

About the beautiful Interview of Behati for THVM capsule collection, three things stand out:

Behati for THVM

Behati for THVM

1) Behati is wonderfully talented and her style is just perfect, original and real, and her personality is the best ever;

2) Behati obtains her career achievements on HER OWN (this was also made when her and Adam were broken up, as she candidly reveals, and of course she ventured in fashion BEFORE him, so once again haters who claim always so stupidly she copycatted Adam are wrong as per usual);

3) Behati is a music soul who understands music deeply: and the fact she quoted LYKKE LI’s song I follow rivers in her line she created while PARTED from Adam is a marvelous evidence on the fact she is Adam’s soulmate.

The full on of the two spreads for LA Times

The full on of the two spreads for LA Times

To understand this, you need to listen to the lyrics of “I Follow Rivers”, watch the music video and then follow some of the meaning of the song, which I have posted after the video:

THESE are then the correct insights on the meaning of the song: remember Behati chose this when Adam was not with her anymore and remember also in that time, when Adam was bed-jumping from Nina Agdal through at least three more eagerly willing ladies, Behati NEVER tried to use his name to sell herself once.

She never ever used their failed link to gain relevance, titles, interviews or anything else: she respected him, even if what he was doing was hurting her heart filled with love for him, and throught this, throught her force, willpower, patience, respect and given freedom she got him back, because what she gave him especially in times of separation was still true and unbound love, and Adam never ever was loved the way Behati loves him.

Behati just waited for Adam to realize you can’t forget, much less leave a soulmate and be fine: that’s what made Adam sure she is the one, and that is what allowed him to get over his fears and disillusion about marriage and ask for Behati’s hand.

I Follow Rivers and the love of Behati for Adam

I Follow Rivers and the love of Behati for Adam

I find this all so wonderful to be honest.

It makes my heart tingle and be happy for them, even tho of course our worlds are never meant to collide.

I still a well wisher because Behati finally gifted Adam with what he was searching for all his life: a TRUE feeling of unconditional love and acceptance (because Bee knows all sides of Adam and ACCEPTS them, rather than trying to change them, which is also, just listen to all of his songs, something he had searched for all his life. And finally found it in her).

Take this last lil mash up video now:

As we said before, Adam may have not been nominated with Maroon 5 for ANY Grammy this Year but Maroon 5 certainly had the most beautiful 2013.

Billboard certified this in any possible way.

Any possible way. I am so proud as a fan of theirs…*sniff* 😉



Behati was not in Los Angeles when The Voice wrapped up (Adam won with his contestant) because she was in Tulum shooting for VOGUE SPAIN (can’t wait for it):

Bee for incoming Vogue Spain

Bee for incoming Vogue Spain

But as soon as she could she went back by her lover to spend Xmas holidays together, taking presents for the family from her Mexican time I guess ;).

She is so adorable even pigs look like fairies through her eyes 😉 and she can turn Bones into a reindeer with no effort, too 😉

Not much we know, except a few snaps testifying once more they are the perfect couple, and she holds on his family values perfectly, too (she will be a great role model for little Sam Levine’s girlfriend… aww):

Adam and Bee at Xmas times

EAdam and Bee at Xmas times

Everyone freaked upon Bee’s post of wrapped up Adamso cute!!! Of course us and the internet got mad, but this time in a sweet way.

It’s hard to hate on the most adorable couple, after a while you just cannot 😉

Everyone loving Adam cannot avoid to love Behati and to see how she is for real his soulmate; soulmates are a rarity… so I hope soon or later anyone will just accepts Bee for what she is: PERFECTION for Adam and in herself.

Maroon 5 are now in Las Vegas for their New Year’s gigs at Mandalay… I can’t say I regret not going because we are personally heading towards a stunning place for celebration so it wouldn’t be fair, but I am sure those who are there will have a precious time (and I guess after that like last year they will all lead for a couple days to Los Cabos? Maroon 5 have to be in Europe immediately after Epiphany tho).

So by now let’s just cap this post (It has been long and probably not very coherent but it was for real too much to recap six months…please understand!), and wish EVERYBODY a WONDERFUL 2014.

We are going to spend it in Nature and on The Beach…

See ya on Twitter and Instagram and who knows… maybe here too and not after 6 months again 😉

Missus Z. salutes ya’ll 😉


Good October everybody!

And if you wonder why I have chosen my dearest Japanese as header and title… well you will know later on 😉

Vibe at 110%

Beside than everyone in my book should learn Japanese and should go to the place and just worship everything Nihon as much as I do… but I am diverting from the man path here, I know 😉

Truth is I am so emotionally involved with Japan that I properly need to be there… and so this year we will get there for my birthday, the way it was originally planned for past years, but got replaced by… guess what? Africa, Mozambique, Namibia & so on then some California Love😉 (talk about life connections, lol…).

It will be during Hanami and I just cannot wait even though we’re barely out of Summer and I just got back from some days in Holland and I am just about to re-travel again (but all this kind of traveling involves also business while on my birthday it will just be magic epicness and no duties ;)).

Before we dwell a bit into my life (always a tad hectic, lol) in the past three weeks, please leave me in a sad corner and let me cry my (sporty) heart out just a little bit.

Let me mourn some heavy seconds the death of my Milan… I mean… I couldn’t be a bit happy for the good game we played in Champions League against Zenith San Petersburg (and how it reminded me of the beautiful Russian time last year… that still has been one of the most beautiful holidays I have had! so romantic and perfect!) than we just decided to crumble at our worst levels (helped by some undignified arbitrage gotta say) by falling to Inter on October 7th (not even the fact I was in Van Basten’s land helped me there to cope… Karim had to sex me up REALLY much & well to make me work the day after 😉 but ehi… you know my ways to Sexual Healing are powerful ;)).

I can’t with the way Milan this year really do seem pointless, and basically without any developing plan in sight.

It makes me so sad at times…

Where have the times gone?

But let’s avoid this train of thoughts… so many good things await in this post 😉

Florence times are always magic for K&I

And indeed I have to say the Amsterdam time has been magical anyway (much like our little blitz in Florence this past weekend, when we have packed on this just past Saturday morning just because we didn’t want to stay in Milano with all the traffic of cars blocked, and tons of people stuck in our most liked weekend places in the area).

We went there in Dutch Lands with some of the crew for a VERY entertaining weekend, but then K&I stayed because both had some working duties to fulfill there and I DON’T COMPLAIN.

The town is amazing (even though this time our dinner at Paradise on the water wasn’t as memorable as when I went there with family sometime ago…).

Love going there 😉

I love the place because it’s creative, modern but then that water landscape get so easily out-of-time-context one just finds themselves entranced and captured with their whole fiber of body&mind.

And the sex.

The sex…

That is always stellar over there (we have had fireworks at night in more ways than one, lol ;)), because for some unknown reason we seem to get embodied with decades of historical debauchery inspiration over there and that translates always in LOT of fun ;).

So in a few more hours we are stepping back in Dear California… and again it’s gonna be a quick-but-really-filled-up-with-stuff trip.

Basically we go to visit Karim’s family for a super fast shot in San Francisco, with an in-between stay that K&I and Chari and a couple friends will check-in to LA (we will get a Maroon 5 glimpse at Citybank’s gig too, if nothing happens of unexpected) and then back to New York because both Karim and I have business to take care of for a couple more days.

We are happy to oblige to family reunion though; and we are happy to pay back visit as Karim’s family has been visiting us for a while during Milano Fashion Week (which lead to amazing parties – Vogue & the Armani Gala – and lot of fun… I suspect than K’s parents, more than K properly, have also been the generous ones making me realize a childhood dream and have to play tennis with a legendary Roland Garros icon.

But I won’t say a word more on that, beside THANK YOU. :)).

During the Cali time we REALLY hope to go watching MY LAKERS /OUR LAKERS/EVERYONE’S LAKERS even if we have to be super quick like last time with my daddy too and fly there in helicopter and then stay in our up zone booth and then leave even before than a blink post game has been cast.

Anything, but please let me see Kobe + Dwight + STEVE!!!!!!

Dwight and Steve Lakers goofing

I drool.

I do 😉

That’s something that can make me orgasm: I mean watching Kobe and Steve interact (much like any other fan, famous or not, is eagerly awaiting to witness in all purple and gold glory).

That is basketball at its finest and then feeding Howard?

Oh man!

I can’t at such perfection 😉

I must see it with my own eyes… pretty please? 😉

In all that I wish we could stay enough to celebrate Halloween there in the US, which is one of my greatest passions, but I fear we can’t stay that long in New York even if I hope I am wrong and then we end up doing it… 😉 because why put limits at my own hopes when life chances can be bigger than those even?

Halloween by the way will be also very interesting because I personally am DYING to know what Adam and Behati and all of Maroon 5 accolites will dress like

Behati and freaky stuff are seemingly a bond already (no surprises once again her personality matches naturally her man’s… oh boy! They seem just so MADE to be AS ONE… I love that!).

And just because we’re briefly on the note of A+B…

Time is also approaching for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show… and sweet Behati is all pumped up for it since a while 🙂 Take just this lovely glimpse from last year’s show because you see her graciousness at her Angel (you know, she is a REAL one… ;)) fitting for the Super angel segment in 2011 and her Pink’s ones.

This year though she should be towering more towards out-of-Pink’s stuff if all about her new status as a VS Mainline Angel is any indication of (and she’s breathtakingly AMAZING in her more mature and sexy role, I have to say… though her bright, lively, outshining and spunky personality still shine in laces and silk too ;).

So take a look at her perfection in the most recent Victoria’s secret shots of her for the Fall and Winter of 2012/2013 and then wait for more later on too (ps: I always try to pick fitting songs to underline my videos ;)):

About the ongoing bullshit about irrelevant people being labeled “angels” and instead those who really ARE ANGELS, this year Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show page has updated its section with a WONDERFUL feature called “ANGEL LINE UP” where you can see who the walking ANGELS are (then there will be important models having wings at the show – still not being angels – and then some other models who will get  still some limelight because they date people who are way more important than them, and they use that spot to gain visibility that the show’s producers are happy to give to them to boost ratings… this has always been happening since at least 2005, so no surprises there… but the qualification of “Angel of VS” at least now is once again something one earns through a contract and not just because you sleep with somebody to get some steps up in the ladder of fame 😉 Oh, and if you sense some directed ironic sarcasm in the previous note, later on in this post you will understand why it seems that I am hinting at some of Adam’s previous famewhores leeches girlfriends by comparison… which I TOTALLY am, and this is a twist from past you will understand as I said later in this post, because I just have had the NOT pleasure of being submitted to some materials that made me REALLY make up my mind in a very different ways from what I used to regarding said people):

Angel Line Up for VSFS 2012… oh… LOOK! Behati is one 😉

And just because she can, Behati is teasing viewers up along her fellow Angels in this “Victoria’s Secret Angels talk about Seduction” video.

I noticed straight two things: that it was taken in July when she had that little few days away from Adam (one of the rare cases they weren’t together) before reaching him at Lake Taohe (the villa is totally the one where she was working with Russel James and the angels back then), and that she is AWESOME, because her answer to what is seductive for her is sublime (and since by then she and Adam were together since two months, and she is completely smiling in the video, I guess Adam is an EXCELLENT listener for her. Which doesn’t surprise me because Behati is smart and very bright and has lots of things in common with Adam that they can talk with one another for AGES – in between sex I mean – ;)).

But judge yourself… this is the video:

As we have known then already, when in last post I showcased her doing Yoga for the new VSX sporty line, Behati has got her Victoria’s Secret spunky & lively groove on in active ads, and this is the extended promo VS is showing now that she TOTALLY rocks with her brilliance and energy.

Take a look & listen to that sexy voice she has, too:

Anyway is not yet time to speak about THE LOVERS (Adam and Behati), nor yet about The Lovers (Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan character pair in American Horror Story, which I will witness as we arrive in Cali I guess if some kind soul is up for recording it for us or if there will be a re-broadcast the day after ;)).

Before is time to rewind a bit of facts in Maroon 5 world, which keep being JUST AWESOME.

The guys were just starting their tour, and as soon as they departed USA, USA started to treat them like the Kings they are.

One More Night, in fact, has topped any radio format while they have been away, and has stayed now for a total of FOUR WEEKS AS THE REIGNING BILLBOARD HOT 100 SONG.

This is huge, awesome and most notably…


Maroon 5 deserve all the best for their pure pop perfection which Overexposed is; and I am happy that One More Night got luckier than Payphone because I adore the song and it was so bad Payphone got blocked all its run that to have OMN blocking the worldwide phenomenon which is Gangnam Style for so long was a fair rebound.

I am delighted (no pun intended ;)).

Not only that…

I mean, I don’t need to read those stuff because I follow them since always and my memory is pretty good (while my taste is purely great, thank you); but Billboard has recently shared the data of the best Pop performances in 20 years and NOT surprisingly, Maroon 5 are in the top crop, while Adam to put it there mildly is JUST the one with the single most appearances in these charts of merit.

Not bad… truly not:

Top Artists in USA since 1992 according to Billboard

and this too:

More than a bulldozzer

Not bad, not bad indeed!

The tour is also grossing VERY well, and even though it is certainly not easy to match all schedules together (due to Adam’s side stuff) the guys seem more energized than ever and live they just sound as awesome as always.

They seem very joyous.

This is great to see.

The Awards season is also approaching.

Maroon 5 at the Grammies 2012

I start with the most important thing: GRAMMIES, of course.

Well, just these very hours the shortlist for submission by record companies are being leaked… and although we have yet no confirmation for Maroon 5, we can guess that they will send :

Payphone up for: Record Of the Year; Song Of The Year; Pop Duo/Group; Short Form Video;

They could send One More Night to every category up too, but I hope not because this would split the voters, causing the risk of getting no nominations.

While One More Night is a better song artistically, Payphone is a huger contender for SOTY (where Gotye cannot be nominated) but you can get that up there if you don’t submit it also in the Pop field – or at least it’d be very unlikely.

Sadly Payphone will be an underdog compared to We Are Young and Somebody that I Used To Know… but it’s the third year in a row, the fifth year in Six one that they get nominated and the last time they won was in 2008 so they better get some anyway this year.

They might.

Of course Overexposed will be submitted for Pop Album and Album Of The Year; that’s tricky because the category is always a mess of numbers and critics (stupidly) didn’t praise Overexposed; but the album is selling amazingly and it is producing chart toppers so depending on how Daylight does it might snatch a Pop nod and WHO knows… maybe more (unlikely though).

Anyway, some chances might be in nuce because Maroon 5 have been the FIRST performers announced for the Grammy Nomination Concert in Nashville, December 5.

This is HUGE; and although it doesn’t guarantee a nominee (of course, as you see the submissions aren’t even in, let alone the nominations) it is a good sign the Naras is well oriented towards you (of course, Maroon 5 have been Grammy darlings since their debut on that scene).

Another Award is coming (sooner) though and in this we already know Maroon 5 have been nominated and nominated for the crop of the cake top:

The American Music Awards are back, and our guys are up for all the most important stuff including Artist of The Year:

Maroon 5 up for glory at AMAs 2012

It’s a great satisfaction for a pop band which has been around for a decade, because pop artists and especially male and even more specifically GROUPS of males rarely enjoy this long span of success.

Maroon5 are truly diverse and what they are achieving deserves recognition and highlights.


They have had a wonderful tour routine; their name is finally recognized pretty much everywhere and even if the schedule pack is insane, and it becomes uneasy for instance to manage a classic tour time without breaks (necessary to allow Adam for his side projects) which result in a no easy way to promote properly their album outside from the States (which benefit of the constant exposure of the frontman through said side projects) the balancing seems anyway reached and it seems good enough.

Popularity in USA always generates an overflown of derived credibility abroad anyway, so that they will still be able to be International Superstars for way longer than they probably thought they could have 11 years ago.

In one month they have touched so many Countries and very profitably, too; so that by the time the tour was ending, two days ago, they were exhausted but probably truly satisfied, too.

And indeed the time of coming back home had approached fast… the last leg was in Australia and it was brief, intense and awesome (and with some minor flu going on… guess the messages his body was sending to Adam that he didn’t like were those about getting old 😉 and not being as able as before to cope with the intensity of a world wide tour without developing constant little quarreling diseases 😉 poor baby ;))

Maroon 5 in Melbourne 12 October 2012

The Australian dates went on well and smooth despite practically half of the crew (beside Adam, there was Alexander De Leon, and the milk shifter and his mum too) being virtually super sick.

Good things is that from this recording of the gig in Melbourne (I usually don’t upload live performances if not broadcasted but I wanted to get newly ready for the gig on the 19th so this way I have saved the setlist properly, as I don’t think they are gonna change a thing in less than a week ;)), Adam didn’t seem terribly affected by his flu/whatever he has/had:

What can I say?

I can’t wait to witness this live 😉

Things just keep getting better in Maroon 5 world anyway so I expect fun in CityBank Land of Music, even if my permanence in LA will be just as quick as the gig itself almost… 😉

I want to introduce now the linker between Maroon 5 and Adam + Behati and you know, that’s gonna be VERY easy because once again our lovely Angel of Grace has proven her awesomeness through facts 😉

This girl just has no alleged flaws?

We could count as one her slightly not perfect teeth? But I like those too.

It’s that characteristic that makes her unique (and I hope she won’t go down the road of many models who change their teeth after a while…)

Anyway, let’s be more precise in the chronicles (think that I am writing this in between a Skype exchange about tests performing in labs here, in New York and in Bejing so… be quiet and respectful if I write chaotically anyway!)…

Behati had been with Adam even in the first bunch of days of September as you know, missing important exhibits like Ben Watts’ one (that of the charity surfboards) just to spend as much time as possible with her beau, but then Adam had to fly away for the Asian tour and Bee had to start back doing her stuff (and renew Visa, too).

By the way the board is this:

Behati Surfboard

And just because you have REALLY to understand how awesome she is, take the video Ben Watts posted of the “behind the scenes”, with an hilarious end where Behati dances Gangnam Style (you can so clearly see how lively, fresh, spontaneous and awesome this girl is there). LITTLE NOTE: Maroon 5 have CONSTANTLY played a lil mash up on the Asia Tour of Gangnam Style (which is hilarious and ironic, as they have kept the song off the summit of Billboard Hot 100 for weeks and weeks in a row ;)).

Watchin this video… I guess Behati did teach Adam on how to do the little dance?

So by half of the month of September had passed the tour was clearly getting to show on Adam… who surely did miss the perfection of the South American experience when Behati was all along with him, making him the happiest I have ever seen him on any tour (because he suffers touring a lot, since.. always ;)); he was starting to go silent and enjoying Breaking Bad while Behati was all busy working for Victoria’s secret and NEXT Uk (again… watch this little video out from the traces of those two campaign she was shooting in the second half of September 2012):

He passed from being all talkative and enthusiastic, to barely tweet.

Yes, he was having things to keep him occupied beyond the stage, like the Bench Clothing Company endorsement, which for sure has covered him in money, but still… not even fame and glory sometimes can help with the missing piece in your heart spot 😉

Anyway, this is Adam’s Bench Press Day Conference in words…

Adam Levine Bench Press Conference – Manila 17 Sept 2012

And then some collage in pictures (I hope that horrifying mustache goes away… yet strangely he manages to be awkwardly hot with that still on his face. Pretty astonishing really).

And his only comfort as I said above to fight the soon-came-in nostalgia of his Angel from Africa was starting to watch for hours all the seasons of Breaking Bad – thing that he does always when he’s Bee-less it seems (a genius series whose “hero” is a meth dealer undercover… a really dark and amazing comedrama which is just perfect for somebody who cannot focus on goodness because he’s got his life light stolen and so far away from him ;)), and then using a couple of unexpected reason for fun

No matter the great gigs and the praise from journalists everywhere for his stage presence and energy (like in the Philippines, for instance); no matter the perks of being at The Formula 1 Grand Prix (race witnessing that his bandmates enjoyed post their performance, and that he missed… caught up in Skype chats with the other side of the world? you bet ;)) Adam was just starting to feel the lack of human touch.

You could just tell it by any of his tweets, and even from his face on stage (engaging always, but without the sparkle he has when she is along on tour… and if you care to make the comparison, just try and catch online the gigs which are sans Behati and compare Adam’s entire being with those when she is there instead… it’s a TOTALLY different man from every point of view).

Of course, like we all would do in his shoes, he tried to develop distractions to make time pass faster without thinkin too much at the missing, while Bee was moving from Turks and Caicos (for Victoria’s Secret duties) to California, for shooting NEXT.

Maybe he has also started to create songs in collaboration with people (because we know on tour guys write and record…)?

Adam’s always very active on that front anyway; and in fact, after the collaboration with 50 Cent we have already digressed over in previous posts, and after the supposed other collaboration with Wiz Khalifa which is seemingly just tipped as “bonus Track” on his incoming record, Adam has extracted from his hat another rabbit for us.

Another collaboration, again with a rapper (man, isn’t he fond of that crossing over into hip hop?).

Next gem is gonna be with The Game, and don’t take my words on it…

take Rolling Stones’:

The Game teams Up with Adam Levine on new album – Rolling Stone

Sounds very exciting to me 🙂

But all this probably still wasn’t enough to make Adam forget about empty beds and lack of funny cuddling & kisses and twisting sexy matches so…

He had to balance new places sightseeing – from hotel windows and taxis I assume – to work of imagination to make his always wandering mind not fall and falter.

How, are you guessing?

Remember when in last post I laughed at the fact Adam would have followed fans?

yes he’s perfect

Well… he has started to.

He’s well near over at 10.000 people followed by now.


Not really.

I’d call it SMART.

This way not only he can prevent some stupid people from bashing his adored girlfriend, but he also disguises the people he REALLY is interested in following (his inner circle) in tons of others which are just slightly more than ants in his world (don’t take it personally… everyone outside of his life of course has less value for him… and this works for ANYONE around, not just him).

So… what is this new policy he has about huge following lists he seems so fond of as of late?

Gotta say this whole thing amuses me because CLEARLY the people are thinking he follows them for real, or that he actually spends hours clicking each time on 2000 per time follow buttons.

Let me clear the poor minds of the people, because I am a geek and I love to do that (I am sure not even a tenth of people will understand a word from now on, but I will try to open their minds anyway).

Yes, I know this way I sound like a pretentious egotistic and presumptuous witch trying to act all superior on everybody…

I love when lessors compliment me though (because I am exactly like that I reckon it and it doesn’t stir me up a single bit 😉 ops)…

So… there we go!

This is Missus Z.’s Little Twitter Client & Social Management Lesson.

In the twitter clients world do exist a NUMBER of systems to:

Adam’s perfection in Manila Streets

1) follow many people at once;

2) create separate lists for these (how we can call them… “useful for working purposes”?) amount of people one wants to follow numerically, but of course no one is interested in the talks of (unless someone has no life at all, but that clearly ain’t Adam’s case ;));

3) give a range of likeability to the people who can be followed in rushes, like you give to the client who does the automatic filling of the list a series of characteristic the potential one to be followed must have (in Adam’s case, it seems something like “relatively new twitter user” “My own follower” “Maroon 5 interested / spoken of or about” “The Voice spectator” and so on).

4) make adjustments to your timelines so that you can include different streams of tweets in separate lines, and all this without making anybody but you know how these different streams are composed and if they are all active, how and when.

5) the strict majority of all these implemented services can also be carried on for limited amounts of time, and they can have further feature like instant unfollowing or even blocking if something happens that you want to forbid (something like “automatically unfollow/block anybody from list X, Y, Z if they send a Direct Message, for instance).

You can add qualities to be included in the “likeability pool for a follow” and the Twitter client does all by itself.

You can timetable the moment when it will start to follow people and you don’t even need to be active on Twitter in those span of times the twitter client works.

These resources are commonly used by hundreds of people online, and daily.

It baffles me that really too few people are actually aware of them.

We live in a society deeply interconnected and ll these resources are at once a weapon and a shield for everybody; a mirror, or a cape, to use or to wear.

Sometimes I feel like people think Adam is kind of dumb; because I cannot really understand why they would think he could spend hours following strangers, even if for “fun”, or why they suppose he would waste even a second of his very filled-up life to do things absolutely un-mattering in his world.

Man is a lot more intelligent than even his fans (?) assume.

When he does things, he does them having a plan in mind and most certainly he has already programmed how to manage the variables about them; maybe he can start from a wrong point or aim at a wrong target, but you are undervaluing him a lot if you assume he does things without a plan.

Adam Overexposed world Tour September 2012

Note for the dumbest ones around: it’s not like Adam “cheat” on the ones he follows, in the sense he COULD read what they have to say: in fact those people he follows are most assured stored in a proper list that is not visible, but which is part of the way the twitter client sets up your account, and so if one day he wants to see what the random people he follows have to say, he just has to open a window and read; the difference between this reading and, let’s say, check his own mentions is that in this former case he doesn’t read ALWAYS about himself, but he can be able to monitor the real interests and tastes of people that – remember – the twitter client has chosen out of a series of characteristic HE HAS CHOSEN were mattering (but they could also be totally a casually picked series, who knows with him ;)).

These are all social marketing tools, and you can check them (some of them) just with a basic research online.

And Adam’s right in using them.

I am actually impressed he wised up on his twitter use that way.

But don’t worry, he is not losing sleep or freak out at all when he goes on his “following sprees”.

Oh, by the way… if I crashed the dreams of people thinkin he reads what they say sorry.

I feel a bit like when I revealed to my cousin Santa didn’t exist 😉

Ops I can be so mean 😉

And anyway my cousin did know already Santa didn’t exist… it’s just that I tried to explain to him scientifically he didn’t.

And ehi!

I myself was shocked when I discovered it… I honestly believed he was real for the longest time actually 😉 (see? I am a dreamer, too ;)).

Her gorgeousness and spunkyness are amazing 🙂 Behati rocks indeed

Anyway, back to the chronicle of A&B love dating all around the world.

Where were we? Oh, yes… there.

Adam was feeling lonely and she had to make him feel loved instead.

No matter if in the maintime Popdust was making him one of the hottest people and GLAMOUR MAGAZINE (UK edition, as you may guess from the number of irrelevant people outside the spectrum of the Britons ;)) much similarly couldn’t avoid to reserve him a spot on his 100 lists of the uber sexy men (he’s at 60th place… which is ridicolous, he should at least been in the top 5 ANYWHERE, ANYHOW), Adam couldn’t find solace in his hotness all alone without any way to express said hotness in some kind of pleasant activity “à deux” with his better half.

Behati was always there to send sweet lovingly messages, might they have been songs or notes (I love their way to communicate… it’s like understanding their deep connection from an artistic point of view and K&I for instance, and all of my friends, love this type of layered meaningfulness a lot).

Days though were passing and she was in California for NEXT shooting and apparently Gene (Adam’s roomate) didn’t know about her stop (causing a series of hilarious tweets that were partially erased, like all the times it happens whenever Adam and Bee feels there is too much open-ness for a way too curious world to see /world that I am part of allegedly, but ehi, try to be faster than my friends, who always send me material about anything related to Maroon 5 so quickly… I am just a chronicle reporter, when I get news that I find cute 😉 don’t shoot the messenger right?) – well, it’s not like Palm Springs is around LA corner… and Adam and Behati MUST know, since Indio/Coachella/Palm Springs DO MATTER in their Love Story, don’t they? ;):

some of Behati and Gene Hong convo 29 Sept2012 after he tweeted her first

Gotta say I love how she answered him ;).

Gene must learn a bit of ways on how to deal with females or he will NEVER find his miss I fear 😉

Anyway, Adam after that tweeted some praise to Gene, maybe just to make him feel better (how caring 😉 lol again…).

Adam at some point also retweeted a very beautiful comment by his pal Ricky Gervais and that also shows how loved up he is; but he also deleted it (God knows why ;)) causing what would happen later even more resonance…

Yes because in all this mess of cryptic tweets at one point, really, my jaw fell on the floor because Adam suddenly tweeted the UNTHINKABLE.



He did NEVER, even when others tweeted love tweets at him… he ALWAYS used to NEVER reply with ANYTHING close to that he impromptu did the other week, he used to answer with just cute but somehow disappointing notes (if you were the one sending him love messages, I mean…).

But then he tweeted that something that will ring bells to anyone knowing and loving these things:

– basketball

-Spike Lee

-Behati Prinsloo

I was so shocked and at the same time so happy and enchanted and NO, there is NO way that that isn’t directed at Behati.

Wake up… it can’t be any other way 😉

After all she also had tweeted meaningful things to him, like when she just quoted my fav Nirvana’s song to him in a morning when he was clearly feeling the pain of the detachment… and if you don’t know what Lithium lyrics are… there you go, you better understand HOW DEEPLY these two speak the same language and are connected:

That message also was very clear: she was telling Adam that she loves him and no distance will ever break that, because as soon as she could she would be back to him (thing that she CONSTANTLY did and keeps doing, God bless her for being so wonderful to and for him!); the song also hints to the fact no matter how many people will try to bring her down because they are envious that she dates Adam, she is not gonna crack because love is what moves her to him, and love always wins.

Behati is awesome with her musical soul… she always understands all music so deeply and knows how to send messages through it 🙂

She’s so very special 🙂

We got later on the feeling the two lovers may have reunited soon… because she was ending her Palm Springs job, and seemingly she was neither returning to New York nor passing over to visit Gene (okay, this is a bit ironic… 😉 sorry ;)).

Boys were stuck in Taiwan/Taipei a day longer after their gig there (and James meeting with Nole Djokovic!!!! whooo 😉 You come after me Jimmy V., sorry, already done ;)) but it seemed not affect Adam and the guys the slightest, because then after we understood Behati (and also the girlfriends/wives/families) would have flown almost at the same time they would and head TO JAPAN!!!!

Yes, because Nihon was the blessed place for the Lovers’ reunion (and now you get the title up there, don’t you?;)).

Before Behati flew to him, Adam got again very happy and you could tell all from his tweets… she just is capable of totally making him SHINE and for that, she is the perfect girlfriend for him.

The most perfect he has ever gotten so far, truly:

they are the cutest thing… Adam and Behati are in love and you all will deal 😉

He was ready to get his Angel back, and nothing in the world could have affected his mood…

He’s so transparent in his feelings… it’s a shame people have been used to play with his heart, but the truth is that anytime he opens up to love, he shines of a likeability which is full of cuteness and tenderness.

He surely felt loved when Behati told him she would have flown crazily for miles and miles JUST TO SPEND A FEW DAYS – and not entirely, because he had work to do – with him.

Maybe you think what Behati has done for him is a little thing but damn, it is NOT!

Nobody has ever done anything like that for Adam in his whole life… EVER!

They were apart merely for three weeks, and in his previous relationship (with someone hilariously some people consider “the one that got away”, but she was so totally not, as she never used to use her time, not even her SPARE time, to be with him… she used generally to be fine with him when that wasn’t getting against her career plans or when being with him was BOOSTING her career plans… especially in the end, let’s say by December 2011 – this pic below is taken then –, when the relationship was dead but she was using him and the fact he was in love with her as PR boosting… evidence from this AWFUL picture at the only Lakers Game Anne and Adam attended together past season, the one where they met Kanye West and where HE WAS LOOKING LOVED UP, but she was looking … for paps – how could I be so blind back then to not reckon what was moving that girl towards him? How could I not see straight that she was just so plain using him and using him a lot? Guess I was really wrong about their link, but then, some kind soul sent me the picture below and some unfiltered reports with more pictures and I opened my eyes on her real persona behind the constant acting she was performing back then – better late than ever I guess ;)) three weeks used to be THE NORMAL TIME OF SEPARATION (EWWWWW), but then back in the Anne era, all was up to be just for the paps so we shouldn’t mind, shall we?:

This is the image of FAKERISM. What a revealing picture… and what a letdown for me, honestly. I used to believe Anne V was at least sincere when she was with Adam through in 2011… but this photo on December 5 2011 speaks more than any of my wrongly directed hopes, as many other pictures of her “behind the scenes” I have been submitted to in these past three weeks do as well. I am glad she never got the ring she wanted and yelled for to get from him, I always was because that pairing had no common ground at all to share, but now I am also for even more reasons, having finally understood that Anne pretty much always was fake to Adam. She was clearly UNWORTHY of Adam’s love, and she awfully used him there only for his fame, to become – barely – known in USA. Karma is a bitch though so no need anymore to even think of her, and I won’t ever again for a single second again in my life (Adam has stopped care about her since way longer, God bless March 2012). PS: Captions are not mine, but I applaud those writing them. They hit the nail of her face and expression PERFECTLY. What a true reveal for me, whom I used to be so positive about this woman. I was clearly wrong in thinking she was nice. CLEARLY WRONG. But ehi, it happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? 😉 I pity the next poor man she will capture with lies and acting to reach a broader fame. Because we all know it will happen, but now this has become completely irrelevant in the part of the world and universe I am interested in, so good riddance, and never cross these paths again, thank you.

In the Behati era instead, not only paps and fake PR set ups are NOWHERE TO BE SEEN, but for the Grace of Above the fact the two lovers were away for three weeks, rather than the norm, was a TRAGEDY (they use to be together all time and prior to this month of September 2012, the most Behati and Adam had been apart was for not even 8 days in a row…) so something had to be done to prevent despair and way too impacting nostalgia.

And no matter the fact she was working, Behati managed to squeeze all her schedule (you will see the details here) and cut a span of five days to be spent with the one SHE LOVES (and man, she undoubtedly does), no matter the tricking terrible trip she had to take to realize this meeting and make it real for both.

Just check this out and you (if you are smart) will understand the degree of Behati’s awesomeness and the level of her love for Adam:

How Behati Loves Adam

And before some of the dumbest ones around will object that maybe Behati is in love, “But Adam is not because he never shows affection for her and blah blah blah -“ know that Adam is VERY MUCH in love with her and when people are blessed to share their PRIVATE space (friends of mine have done in South America and I got words on this Asian stops too, beside words from the Overexposed launch party in New York in June) Adam and Behati are GLUED together, kissing and touching and being the image of love anytime they are together.

Adam even practically unattended James’ birthday because he had to spend time with his love; which is way he was so late in complimenting him for his year of life added on (but then James was having Ali along so he had his hands and heart full anyway 😉 didn’t he?).

He used his last night with her to take her on top of the world of Jakarta and have a romantic (and after that super sexy I bet) night at the wonderful SKYE complex, which gifts you with the most amazing upper view of the city (Adam loves to watch city lights from upper levels in fact)

Adam and Behati are actually completely in love with one another.

It’s not a case if he is always so happy and describes with the best words exactly the stops of the tours where they are together… he did in South America (Brazil especially) and he did again in Japan and he did again right after Jakarta, right after they separated because he had to go to Thailand and she had to get back in USA to work for Victoria’s Secret Big Fashion Show preparations.

He even almost requoted the usual “Shhhhhhh” gesture Behati does adapting it for his first Thai tweet (always remember he is a genius with words)… like he wanted to tell her he was keeping feeling her and her grace all over him still, way after they said bye to one another at the hotel in Jakarta.

Even the newly re-encountered solitude was then treated with a kind of funny spin… and also this type of spirit is something in him Behati’s presence enhances so brightly and continuously.

Behati and Adam in Jakarta October 2012

You don’t see their love displayed by paps through pictures every two steps they take because Behati, unlike some unworthy ones in the past doesn’t call friendly paps to make shots out of her true love (she doesn’t need it, because she is there for the love and not the fame) and she just wants to be with Adam in private, much like Adam has learned on his skin from the past it should actually be always and only, if true feelings are involved and if the link has no other purpose to serve than the happiness of the two sharing the relationship, and not someone’s career impact and growth too.

Their own display of affection haven’t to be public.. and moreover, people should understand a lot of what is “public display of affection” in Hollywood standards and realm is generally borderline adjusted or just plain fake.

One has to be VERY naive to trust anything about relationships which seem to be so right only through the magazines or gossip sites.

More than half of what appears is carefully worked for PR purposes.

Ask anyone who work for the entertainment industry, and you will get a sardonic smile in return.

I tend to trust way more relationships in those amounts when they are not overly publicized or mirrored.

And I sure want and hope Adam and Behati’s one stay this way; the way it has always been… not for strangers eyes to be seen, but only for the two of them and their closest people to be enjoyed and witnessed and most of all PROTECTED.

I hope and fear nothing of artifact-ed and artificial steps into their bond; I am actually NOT HAPPY that Behati shares the Model Management Adam’s ex did; because that Women Agency is ruled by some of the worst famewhores around and Adam shouldn’t endure any of them any longer: he has made them way more important than they should have been and hopefully he has taken notice on how avoid that to be repeated again.

I am sure he has become overly reclusive and protective about himself and Behati also because he knows some of the tenors at Women Management can’t wait to milk him some more.

They have done it for two years after all; but the most beautiful thing about Behati is that she is NOT allowing that and therefore those greedy fuckers have to start to revamp in the dirt like the leeches they are to give some spin to a story that – God bless – is quintessantially private (this story was spun by the worst trash magazine ever, The Examiner – where EVERYONE can post EVERYTHING without checks; so basically all news there are FAKE by default and unchecked – , then reprinted by other news sources and it was about Behati’s mum saying and all those things are obviously FAKE, and only a retarded would believe it… which makes tons of people who have of course… *sigh* It’s really bad when people have the brain of a hamster, but what we can do? Not everyone is smart by default…).

I hate when fake press blasts and involves families; Behati’s parents, much like Adam’s, and their respective families shouldn’t be involved in the fake press fest which seem to surround our poor guys wherever they head to.

Behati’s family is a very religious and peculiar one and nobody shall mess with them; it’s so asinine and horrible to have sent those fake reports to the Examiner and then led other website spin the dirt out of the first fakery shared; I can’t avoid to suspect it was again an evil idea by someone evil from the past, just to spread more hate and fakeness against somebody who doesn’t deserve anything but love and appreciation instead.

But yet I have no proof so I can’t go further down that road of suspects.

I’ll be on alert though, very ready to pinpoint everything that will add some layers of realness to the whole story.

Behati and her Victoria’s Secret Angel Life

Anyway, what it only matters is that Adam is the happiest person in this moment; he can bask in his lovelife, and he now feels that is a priority for someone; he can also find his sexual healing from his ADHD sympthomes constantly – do not kid, that is a serious point in his relationships and it gets way deeper than you can catch if you have not medical acknowledge of his conditions – without having to get refused or frustrated by the not consideration of his significant other; he can basically feel the finest he could hope for.

And all this is Behati’s merit and gift to him..

I trust the words of my insider friends, who claim he is a different person after Behati has come into his life to save him from a true toxic and evil exploiting he had been submitted to prior than she arrived to take him off his miseries.

Behati is there in the background and she is there up for him to make his life perfect and it’s amazing the way she is committed; and I am sure this has touched Adam like NOTHING HAS before her arrival into his life, because before her, nobody really had ever done this much to be so silently and discreetly with him…

And if you think she gets nothing in return for being this awesome you are at fault… because she has the gift to be loved too by one of the most complex, yet fascinating and inspiring human beings she could ever meet.

Uneasy to handle, maybe (surely), but definitely one of those kind of people you are blessed to meet and cross in your life if they decide to share a bit of their souls with you.

People are NOT all the same.

Some are better and most special than others, and whenever you step into the world of some special people… your reward is BE PART OF THAT MOMENT IN LIFE.

If you understand that, the preciousness of it… then it means you are understanding and enriching your life.


I don’t know how long this relationship between Adam and Behati will last but surely by now I do wish it will a LOT (my wish means nothing of course… what matters is their WILL, and as long as that is maintained, all will be fine) because I think it’s fruitful, and that it is good for both (Behati seems to me very intelligent so since she stays with him and does a lot for him and she is NOT milking him, it must mean she finds in him a lot too, or she wouldn’t stay and she wouldn’t do for him all she is doing, and constantly).

Adam is in everything a better person right now and also he seems most sparkling than ever and the joy he pours out is always due to his girlfriend.

Behati enhances him so greatly.

Bless you, Namibian Princess of Love.

You have shown him that if you find a worthy person, even with two very great careers people CAN and moreover MUST find their priority the event to be together as always as it is allowed to.

Poor Adam was tricked in believing a model and a musician/tv star/actor/whatever else could not be happy as a couple together because they would not be often together but you, dear Behati, have proven him it was not a matter of jobs; it was a matter of TRUE HEARTS INVOLVED.

Adam ads for Bench in papers

Now he has a true heart involved with him.


Well, before let’s just say not, and let’s cut the rotten branches away and forever and for good.

Pheeeeew 😉

What a bullet he dodged. 😉

This by the way is some video of some of the images of Late September of Adam and Bee and some rare images of their five and a half days together between Tokio and Jakarta, plus all of the images of Maroon 5 tour from then til the end of the tour in Sydney on Saturday, October 13th.

The songs that are to be heard during the video (Angel by Jimi Hendrix and The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis&The News), again… are not chosen randomly ;).

I am a musical soul too, and pretty HUGE, you know 😉

Again and again then… just after this video and all my words about how amazing the combo Behati and Adam is…

I am not saying that Behati and Adam will get married (he is NOT into marriage, so it will take a miracle for him to marry and he will most definitely NOT doing it while he still active in his career, and CERTAINLY not while the one he might eventually propose will have HER career going on) or that they will be family any soon; what I am saying while I cherish the fact they are NOW a couple is that Behati is ALREADY probably the most fitting girlfriend he has had while being famous, and that CERTAINLY she has ALREADY done for Adam way more than his previous ones ever did in all of their times with him.

Because she acts and does like she is up for HIM and not the perks of being with him, and has already spent all of the possible time (and more actually) with him.

This without EVER asking anything in change; without pressuring him for visibility; always being undercover with him, at the maximum level.

I say this always… but I do because it’s always kind of a shock to realize how pure and true she appears to be.

I’m not used to such amazing-ness in and for famous people… so it hits me a lot, and a lot positively, of course.

But it’s not like I predict ringing bells and coriandoli and stuff… I mean to be clearer…

Just the other day Adam tweeted an answer to Arianna Huffington (THAT Arianna) about a very sensible topic:

Adam Levine and his very serious approach to family matters

If you want to know what the article Arianna Huffington was quoting, here it is… click on this link and get there. AND READ BOTH TAKES.

Read it also from here what Arianna had to say:

Arianna Huffington article Adam Levine responded to

Adam is generally considered a very big manwhore, due to his past full of beautiful girlfriends and to his well known sexual thirsts; somebody not fitting for family and allergic to commitment.

I think he is EXACTLY the opposite of that: he is DEAD serious about commitment, and he is just because his life was marked by the fact his parents split when he was 5.

He has received nevertheless lots of love from both parents and from his enlarged family; he has seen successful people in his parents being able to focus ALSO on family because he has been a very much loved kid (which has helped for him to keep his ego and confidence high even despite his ADHD).

So he has learn by living on himself that:

Super classy Behati Prinsloo HF

1) Marriage doesn’t equal a stable family;

2) Family love doesn’t necessarily need marriage;

3) Love is more important than a ring;



6) Hence you have to be willing to find that time and only a few with ongoing careers can;

7) Because in the end Family stays ABOVE career;

8) Until you are not on that wave of prioritizing family over career (or if your significant other isn’t) then it would be WRONG to start a family, because it would be easier to fail at good parenting or at good coupling (a family starts when two people are together even before them being somebody’s parents).

I think this makes Adam DEAD serious about family; he’s honest and moreover real in saying/thinking/believing that with his career ongoing the way it is it wouldn’t be right for him to think he could have the NECESSARY TIME to be a good family man.

In all this, many say then the girls he dates are a waste of time in perspective, just because for a while surely he won’t start families with them.


So… it means in life the ONLY story that will matter is the FINAL one?

Does it means people cannot grow and be happy and share a valuable time of their lives unless that lead to the final stable relationship/family/kids?

Oh man…

Adam Levine arrives in Thailand October 2012

That is SO stupid.

Many of the greatest relationship ever, those that help shape your personality, those which teach you more about yourself and the LIFE and the world and the ongoing miracle of Sex and Love NEVER are the “final” ones…

It’s limiting and stupid and loser-ish to think that the only “Big” Love has to be the one that will take you to the altar (if it will ever happen).

ESPECIALLY if you are a woman… you should cherish the journey of love and sex discovery, and believe me the less you try to force any of that into a ring, the more satisfying and important in the general scheme of your life that experience will become.

I have personally had HUNDREDS (no kidding, and no intentions to brag, even if I could) of lovers; and some of them were never just sex, even if I never said “I love You” to any of them because I didn’t feel that overpowering Love in me; still, the connection with some of these people has greatly helped me developing the true myself; I have grown a lot in being more ME; the full ME, in an unafraid and unfiltered way and I will forever have a special place for these guys/men in my life.

Without them, I wouldn’t have found the only one I have Loved and I love, my Karim, because I would have had no idea for real of what I really WANTED in a man, and in a life companion (and even when I found K., you know it took a LIFE for me to finally say yes at the whole idea of marriage, and that I did because he cared so much, that in the end that was more important than my no need for it, for the simple reason that I was not opposed to it; I was just uninterested in it, which made my will less important than his need for it… – ok, here I have gone quite Aristotelian, but hopefully you got my flow set up in your understanding anyway).

I wouldn’t have become ME without Them, or at least I wouldn’t have THIS WELL.

Life is a journey and a discovery… and whoever will be blessed to inspire LOVE in Adam shall be happy, because for how many days, months, years that would last, that they could share and inspire love in him, that will be an invaluable life experience for them (this of course assuming these girls and women will be TRUE in their professed connection with him; if they will act and be with him just for fame, then of course the only experience they will collect out of Adam will be the number of articles on them coupled… but these kind of proper whores are not part of my digression examples).

Then the day someone will come along that will inspire him the most, and who will prove him that he has found the love he will be secure of and with the most, I am sure he will abandon his career and start the most beautiful of families, but not before he will feel that time has arrived for him; not before he will feel he has yet to do something with his career; not before the time will come when he won’t feel any regret in stopping his career (because he was born to DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT with his life, something inspiring for others, and he FEELS that in his bones; only creative people can understand how DEEP that need of expression is, and he has it and it wouldn’t be fair for him to overlook that, because if he would, then it would come the time for regret after a while and regrets are something awful to live with, especially when being as sensitive as Adam is).

Lovely Behati in her NY space

I have NO DOUBTS that a family of himself will happen because he wants that.

He’s just not hypocrite to play with such an important concept, just because everybody does.

THIS is Adam: remember he didn’t want to have his Bar Mitzvah as a teen Jew because not being fully convinced of the depths of his religion he found trivial and horrible to do it without truly believing in the inmost part of the step, just to receive gifts.

THIS is Adam.

A kid, and now a man, who was always way deeper than his detractors (and sadly a wide chunk of his retarded “fans”, so basic and shallow they cannot process a basic thought at all, let alone his complicated, intertwined, so full of linkers and inspirational ones…) assume him to be.

ESPECIALLY on deep matters, Adam Levine is one of the most interesting, brilliant, profound people you might ever get to talk with.

Too bad 95% of people who interact with him only would care about having sex with him, and never hear him speak at all.

What a waste (and look, I can PERFECTLY get why people would love to sex him up, not saying that isn’t a valuable plus with him… I just say that isn’t the only thing people shall chase after, no matter how sexy the One Above has shaped him to be).


Now that I have spoken about important topics (because that is an important one to me… I feel so near to his feelings on family stuff; I feel like I need to be an advocate of some sort for his take on life and sex and people and love and exchanges… people are quick to judge but they never really know what they are talkin’ about when they label him just as a playboy, failing to witness that he may be, but he is still on the quest for that something while sexing it up left and right and BELIEVE ME – because I have done that too – sexing the world up may be exactly what you need to do to finally find THE PERFECT match for you. Then if you don’t like sex…. I am sorry for you. You miss the sparkle and sugar and colors of life. Too bad, and of course you won’t be able top get any of my views – or Adam’s – about these topics… so what you’re doing in my pages after all? ;))

Anyway Adam isn’t the only one who got cake out of the trip to Tokio and Jakarta… because it was a reunion for all the guys with their families and girlfriends.

James also had  his Ali (Tamposi) flying to him for his birthday time and in fact Ali and bee seem to really enjoy each other too (not surprisingly).

Everyone is so happy in Maroon 5 camp and I love to imagine the guys really well coupled because this takes away all the stress of a not so easy life on the road and not only.

Musicians are complicated types… they need love, but not to get frustrated or stressed about it.

Then it helps that when you are in Jakarta for gigs and it happens your lovers are there… you ALSO have as a host for food one of the best chefs in the world (Italian, of course)that is always a GREAT plus isn’t it? 😉

Adam is easily loved by so many different people by the way His longlasting friends, famous or not, adore and protect him like Knights… and that’s all that is important for him to have: true people around himself; but to be LOVED BY HIM takes a lot; he’s intense human being… and being him special, it will take a super special person to be able to pair him up.

For this reason, and being myself happy that the world seems now aware how special Adam is, I post a truly AWESOME article from the awesome HelloGiggles site, quoted from TwentySomething (a site so cool that it will get a tv show about it, true fact).

Although it sadly refers many times to The Fuckery That Karaoke Show That Thing (I still hate the concept of reality “talent” competitions, sorry…), I had to post and make you read it because this is TRULY Adam (okay, they downplay the immense sexytude of Mr.Levine being early twenties/teens but that doesn’t matter… when you add the Sex Factor which in him is like the maximum level you just get a perfect human Male specimen to worship, and that’s exactly what he is… a substantial wonderful man) and this piece of writing is awesome as well and its style is amazing (hat off to the writer, really):

Hello Giggles . Com knows that Adam Levine is Perfect

The Quest for his Heart still open… and it’s an exciting quest to see developing all along.

Behati so far is performing AMAZINGLY in the race, and I am very happy that at the moment she OWNS it.

She really has a wonderful edge, and she is doing everything she must and it feels like she does it very naturally.

Nothing’s assured… but this is already a GOLD&DIAMOND relationship she has gifted him with.

For this… already thank you Bee 🙂

While we are on (somehow) the hated subject of that tv thing that keeps give the guys immense popularity but which keeps making me cringe for eras Adam’s commitment with the singing thing I have to inform you that the taping for the FOURTH installment will begin in three days (hear me cry).

You know how I was happy this third season would have been the last with the original line-up, meaning that Adam would have been freed from it?


Because since allegedly the ratings are ALL about Adam (and Blake Shelton) the line up yes, it will change… but them two will stay and in place of Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera (whom now claims to be ready to miss Adam… yeah sure...) there will be Usher (really? more inflated ego on the run…) and Shakira (Shakira is cool instead and that she will also be there after Billie Joe Armstrong, Mary J and Adam being there KILLS me… why Shakira? Tu QUOQUE???) replacing the two departing judges/coaches/WhateverTheyCallThemselvesLike.

Blind Auditions for The Voice 4 starts October 2012

This means essentially two things:

1) Adam will become richer&more popular than he ever imagined to;

2) Maroon 5 tours and gigs will still be an organization mess – especially in Europe;

3) Record number 5 (which will see the return of ADORED JESSE, as he has JUST confirmed) will take place in the year 2021 (not really, but you get me).


Not only that, but the more that thing goes on, the more Adam gets involved with the outputs of it, since he’s now signing to his label the contestant he mentored...


Think of your band before!!!

I know he does anyway… it’s just that really I hate reality shows with my whole being.

I do.

The guys are really prepping up for this strange idea of Daylight video… I still can’t wait for the video of The Man Who never Lied instead because I got submitted of even more shots of Valerie Van Der Graaf (she is from Select Model Management like Behati used to – partially – and like Bregje Heinen… what’s up with the link with Select Models for Maroon 5 videos? Somebody has links maybe? LOL ;)) and MY OH MY!!! she is got a KILLER body hasn’t she?

Those boobs are everything, honestly (you know I love myself but you also know I have a fondness for the things I can’t call mine and big boobs are definitely that 😉 and Valerie HAS them… wowza if she hasn’t!):

Valerie Van Der Graaf – TMWNL lady interest – has a body to die for

But as I said for a while more Maroon 5 will be all into the sweet blandness quietness of Daylight, so take this mash up of all the videos for the Daylight Project callout:

I have to say I keep saying things about The Man Who Never Lied video basing myself on that picture surfaced of the ciak of it… I HOPE it is true and that Valerie and Adam haven’t actually a small acting for the Daylight video because that would NOT please me.

I want TMWNL as a single; Daylight to me is a little mess as a project, and it doesn’t surprise me that Maroon 5 have had to extend the deadline for submission and extend it internationally… somehow they forget to remember the core fanbase is femalish and not exactly “indie/alternative/creatively” oriented.

Maroon 5 fans are not really that on the edge to be able to produce a lot of such creative material as the one requested for the video (and certainly NOT in such a short time).

But ehi… it’s not the first time they fuck up a video, so in case it happens, we are all prepared (Hands All Over anyone? or Runaway? I can go on and on…).

I want especially Lucky Strike as a single but I sense no way about that.

They’ll waste the best pop gem on the album much like they did with Stutter in Hands All Over… sigh… (by now the crew is almost positive about the insane decision… *sigh again*)

I need some spookiness now so take this feature of Entertainment weekly about AHS, and also this little image of Evan Peters (amazing actor) attached to a roof in the episode he stars in (I guess before Bloody Face rips his beautiful skin off? who knows 😉 Adam’s face for sure is gonna ripped off from the serial killer or at least his tattoed arm, poor baby):

“Kit” gets roofed in AHS still

And now the EW collage out of the magazine:

American Horror Story EW feature – September 2012 – ASYLUM

And now what everybody awaits for…

THE TRAILER WITH ADAM IN IT (what a bad bad idea to have sex there, Adam ;)…):

But MOST IMPORTANTLY…. Take the first 5 minutes of the opening episode and just get in lust with Adam and Jenna… oh! I have no problem believing (knowing actually) that those kinks are nothing compared to true Adam’s ones ;).

The funny thing is that those days of filming Behati was there around… girl is REALLY confident.

I hope and think also she will be here next to him on his home couch when they will watch the tv on October 17th 😉 so she will keep his hand during the scary scenes (lol!):

Anyway, time to put some of the pictures of Behati I am loving the most so far up for grabs.

One of the recent features that I have TOTALLY adored (and you know it from one of my previous posts too) was for sure the You Magazine (of Daily Mail… which explains maybe why they are always so interested in Behati + Adam at that newspaper…) is for instance this one shot by Robert Reed where Bee really looks as flawless as my adored Natalia Vodianova.

Enjoy her perfection, and admire how she can turn amazingly CLASSY too:

Behati Prinsloo by Robert Reed for YOU Magazine UK Sept 2012

But you all know what I love in Behati is really her amazing personality… so even if this video has an awful audio and moreover even if it comes from CRIMINAL FAUX Fox News (???? take the word “news” very loosely, right? More like “Fox creative fake indoctrination” if any…) take a look and hear her shine, and make your assumptions on how REALLY she is so similar to her boyfriend Adam (the more I watch her in action, the more I fall for them together):

I also want to make you WELL AWARE of the talent she has for modeling, and her flawlessness look-wise.

This is some Fashion Tv Model Profile of Behati back when she was starting. Here she is THE MOST AWESOME 17 years old you could cross… please admire her body, her strut, her GORGEOUS PERFECT FACE, her impressively perfect legs… and realize she has done in modeling ALL already; she doesn’t need any rise of her profile cos she is from the very start a super accomplished model who’s now (just because she can, being a VS ANGEL UNDER CONTRACT) just selective with her stuff to be done because she doesn’t need to be all over the place to bring home paycheck like some desperate others are forced to.

Anyway… this is lovely Behati in a more than 25 minutes video from Fashion Tv back in 2006/2007/2008 (man she’s perfectly beautiful… and her sexy voice is YUMMY):

This medley I have personally made instead shows some of her NUMEROUS High Fashion stuff back from her starts, when she was not a VS Angel yet so she had more time (and need as well) to pursue her career in fashion through editorials, catwalks and covers (because she got them too and when she was easily a teenager you know… like for instance this cover of Vogue Russia in February 2007 when she was not even 18):

Behati Prinsloo covers Vogue Russia February 2007. Not even 18, already perfect 😉

But okay, okay… I promised you a video medley… so there you go, take it ;):

And while we are on it, this is the full video for Seafollytalking about body perfection (this is now) and the fact she is accomplished enough to SELECT the things she wants to do.

This are the pictures…

Collage of a sexy beauty. Behati Prinsloo for Seafolly.

And this is the long edited video instead…

Bask in Behati’s beauty and sexyness, and then just praise her rightfully like they do at Guysm site, and if you keep deny she is just amazingly looking (but the best part about her is that she is just a wonderful PERSON with GLORIOUS PERSONALITY) then go check your taste because it clearly sucks… ;):

Then take the medleys of two of her latest campaigns… the one for NEXT (Fall winter 2012/2013… she was shooting the one for Spring Summer 2013 right before joinng Adam in Japan, see before ;)):

And the super classy one for Peter Hanh Couture, which she just rocks (anytime she goes classier and more adult she just becomes more increasingly perfect… her face is SO wonderful! I can’t! Even her very unperfect teeth seem just ok & full of personality in such a breathtaking combination of bold facial features):

Now back to the SUPER SEXY (but always with a spunk of vitality and liveliness which make hernot a poser and never trying hard till the point to become stiff and unnatural or fake), take this slightly NSFW amazing commercial of Behati for Princesse Tam Tam Lingerie (campaign 2012) which I always did find awesome.

Her body so slick and lean but also curvy is to die for.

Her legs are perfection and SHE’S GOT A ROUND ASS!!! And hips.

That ASS!!! Behati’s rear view is SO drool-worthy… I bet Adam cannot get enough 😉 (ehi, we know what his fav position is ;))

So basically a real body of a woman, and not a cutboard all equal from chest to waist to hips 😉

She’s such a pretty, sexy little thing (well, she’s 1,79 – 5’11” so really NOT any little but you get me ;)):

Happy with the sexy?

Because I am sure next time there will be even more ;).

How many times we will spot Bee on Adam’s Harleys for instance in this break among us guys?

Because one thing is for sure, Adam will use his four Harleys as he’s back in Los Angeles for a long while

And Behati will surely be there a lot of days and always as soon as she can be by Adam’s side, she WILL BE.

Because supermodel friends are awesome, but nothing comes close to a lover when you get one, and especially THAT one she did ;):

Candice and Behati in Candice’s candid (okay it’s resounding ;))

Let her do her work, and then she will surely be by his side, with all of her love to make him shine, and get her shine on too.

His bandmates also better not mock things she loves 😉 because she’s not one to stay silent you know 😉 (I love that in her).

Read also about it here (this is very recent… oh, and the bikes he speaks about to remake is the one he is with Milo, of course).

Adam Levine Harley Davidson Lover October 2012

Now it’s time for me to pack stuff again (this post may have come out completely scattered, but again it ain’t easy to write something so filled with bites and then pay actual attention to work and chat in three languages with the rest of the globe. I was in fact dried off ;)) and after my well deserved time I had post work to cheer my Swifty (these two days in row because then he will miss me for a while) it’s also time to get ready to finally go at Marghe‘s house this evening to enjoy little Eva and be all “Auntie Z.” to my precious granddaughter (in fact we are planning the baptism thing).

I am trying to fast reading this I have written today and check if all links are working as I literally put shoes on (comfortable shoes because we stay in at Marghe’s and these are my fav kind of nights with her: our hubbies will be all talking male-ish and we will just be our maximum level female-ish while glorifying ourselves in little precious Eva 😉 ).

Hope you guys will have an amazing time in between this post and my next one ;).

Hope also that when I come back from the States (time reduced in online activity, because of family rules and the security crap…) I will be able to say that I spent a wonderful Halloween there 😉

I am reaching and pushing and shoving I know…

But I am used to get what I want.

Always 😉


Gotta work it out starting from before the start, even 😉

Bye world… catch you soon 😉

Missus Z. 🙂

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19 hours after the takin off from Malpensa...

I’m around packing and unpacking and repacking for a very intense  schedule, folks… and since it has been one month without updates, I thought about givin you some.

I’m in a very dreamy place as I am writing this… I have a breathtaking view in front of me and I am relaxing with my man after hours of meetings and professionally mattering dinners out.

I am at a very wonderful place right now… you will see at the end of the post ;).

I am actually patching something like… erm… 450 links into this one update, as I am traveling Milan > Los Angeles > New York > Paris (and then it will be Paris > Milan > Berlin > DEATH BED I guess ;)…).

Get used to these very sporadic dates with me in this fashion, because life is just too full for me to have more time to ponder about blogging.

Twitter has taken over as my favorite way to communicate thoughts around: it’s faster, less invasive, immediate and carrying the phone around everytime makes it a quickie that fits my fast life pacing way better than blogging.

It’s just the way it is 😉

I have been recovering quite decently from Labyrinthitis (see previous post), even though I still a bit dizzy at times.

Cuteness female...

Before taking off to Los Angeles (via London) I had finally the permission from doctors to ride my Sweet Swifty again (well, I didn’t really ride him… I mounted him for some dressage… the both of us needed some “contact”  between us after almost two months parted and even if that isn’t our favorite thing to do together, believe me it was clear my lovely horse was finally ecstatic I was on him again).

I also had a wonderful Carnival party in Milan just the other Tuesday: Sami decided to do her best and allow Karim and I to not miss the bash (as we are all over the world in the main festivities… we will have to also attempt a strange version of Ambrosian Carnival in between Milan and Berlin moves…).

I also probably chose my marriage dress.

I said “probably”.

I completed my 8th fitting and out of 8 stylists I have one dress that I have fallen in love with.

As I return home from the other side of the world I will have the final say.

The stop in New York with our wedding planner will furtherly drive me there, I guess.

Cuteness male 😉

Though you know… all these trips are actually for working meetings mainly (but I always manage to fit in more things,especially after at the end of January it was Fede the one flying to New York to substitute me in the originary planned first partner meeting of 2011…).

While in Los Angeles Karim had actually been invited to some of the gazillions luxurious super parties that are in town for the Academy Awards… but he denied all of them because in the small free times that we have out from working commitments we like to live the quieter side of the City of Angels, staying in our surroundings, getting accustomed to our house (which we sooooooo love) and share time with just one another.

Then, Mash is in Europe for the Weeks of Fashion in the main cities and we have no chances for threesomes this time (okay, at the aforementioned parties sure that could have been an option but we don’t like cokeheads and those parties LIVE up and on on cocaine… so no thanx ;))

Vintage gig 2007

The best part of the Oscars time is that we will get to get off from LA to NY takin off from LAX when NOBODY will leave the town… that will make our internal USA move way more pleasant 😉 (yes, I consider lots of famous people absolutely insufferable so I actually hate when it happens that we find them in first class… mainly because the wide majority of them are ALL but first class people in the end ;))

But okay… let’s be a bit more clear in this update… tracking back from last month or something 😉

Not that I have actually done that much myself, because for a good cut I had to be struck at home battling the development of “Laby”; I thank the Skies that I have the cutest friends, the most awesome family and the best boyfriend and fiancé in the world because without their care and support I would have really become gloomy.

I hated being dependent and I hated to not be able to be me; now it’s better (of course, I’m even traveling…) but I still unable to swim, do yoga, and do all my regular things so there’s space to improve yet.

I also am very blessed to have Carlo now, who’s the best personal assistant a human could ask for.


One of the greatest news of the past weeks is that I WILL FINALLY SEE THE HANAMI IN JAPAN:

Yes, we will go there for my birthday as we have also to check the in-location places our wedding planner has selected for the marriage itself.


Spending Sunday Morning in LA: No Lakers on tv. We stroll around 😉

Talkin about trips, we also managed to have a lovely Valentine Day’s private time, unexpected, and awesome, in beautiful France again.

Nothing like Paris… we have rented a house we are just about to use again in a few days from now when we will fly from New York to Paris: first for Maroon5  gig and then for more working commitments (both of Kand myself).

I must admit these hectic times, my Laby stumbling, the fierce chaos of my life trying to keep pacing with the marriage organization, the pr duties, Karim and I needs for time quietly together, the way we cannot ever neglect our amazing families and friends, forced me in many ways to give up on things I do love, like for instance watching Lakers games at night (I am forbidden by doctors: I have to sleep at least 6-7 hours a night) and therefore also writing in the Lakers Blog has been cut (not the reading though), even though some special events, like honoring phred, had to be done anyway ;).

I also gotta have a moment of pride still related with Laker Nation Fandom…

Because when Adam talks about Lakers, Lakers listen and sometimes they retweet him: of course that prompts a double enthusiastic response from me, that got acknowledged by… GOSH!!!!

Amazing @Lakers THEMSELVES, who…

So, The Lakers sent me a Direct Message on Twitter... 😉 *Me #FTW* 😉

YEP… They sent me a direct message.

That made me giggle (okay, it’s idiotic but I reacted so 😉 what can I do… ;))

The one and only Kobe Bean Bryant ALL Star MVP. For the 4th time 😉

We are pondering about some Laker-Land moment… we have been on such a roller coaster about our Purple and Gold, but we keep rooting, always and insistently, because our blood PULSES in Lakers colors and we just couldn’t be anything less than fanatics about them.

Some things put us in a great orientation (the All Star Game, the Boston Game, The Portland Game…) but some other things just don’t ring true…


We just gotta hope playoffs see us blossom- and we gotta trust the one and only Black Mamba. ALWAYS.

The way the latest trades have shaped the NBA is tricky in my opinion and not in a good way for us.

I don’t like (unlike for instance Adam) the way the East seemed to get tougher: I strongly believe the best the competition is in the League of belonging, the toughest and most focused a team becomes; plus you may imagine how disgusted I am about the way DARN KNICKS TREATED MY DANY.

Homeboy got betrayed.

From now on, think of that, my list of dislikes about teams goes this way: 1) Miami; 2) New York; 3) Boston.

That’s it.

My very productive time in Los Angeles.

It’s also too bad while in Los Angeles we missed a good chance to see the GOOD version of the Lakers (double disappointment because Anne was there too with Gene and Noah… getting sweetly excited and as funny as ever…), because these some as 56 hours in LA are only dedicated to work for me (meetings on Friday, representative dinner on Friday, Meetings on Saturday, representative meet and greet on Saturday – when everybody not working would be partying for pre-Oscars…- then on Sunday we are chosing to rest and… to have a special surprise then takin off to New York at evening.

People are calling us insane for givin up the BIG “W” party (Karim’s family… how to put it in… is “friendly” of them brothers…) but we couldn’t care less: we went  (I WENT) in LA this time for my business, and sorry, when it’s about focusing on serious things, the party girl in me disappears in front of the “I’m gonna become a millionaire on my own” one ;).

Without regrets at ALL.:)

But ehi, at least Lakers do look better now even though Kobe Bryant’s elbow newly injured against the Clippers might be a new and further concern.

Oh… a worthy mention in this blog update – before I forget – FOR SURE has to be the amazing show Roberto Benigni did at Sanremo Festival.

Benigni is this era Charlie Chaplin… only even better if it’s possible to say.

The most exciting thing that is actually keepin on making even these days that I am away is the video homage I’m planning for what will be OUR MARRIAGE SONG, namely the wonderful STUTTER.

Meli started working on it by the end of January and she has provided some amazingness so far that I am willingly sharing with you all (the video will be nothing like this… believe I’m putting my best in it).

I think this time the best link in between the posts about my life and the M5 related stuff is clearly this fact 😉

So take some sneak peek at what Meli has drawed and remember to tune in around middle march on my Youtube Page, because this time the homage to Adam (and Anne)’s birthday(s) will actually be Stutter:

This video doesn’t exist

And now after my business let’s try to track back more than a month of M5 news, even though starting with music I should say first that:

NEW RADIOHEAD ALBUM  THE KING OF LIMBS IS AMAZING and definitely already best album of 2011 (sorry, I know… you may try to argue but you lose): as soon as it came out (a day earlier than planned) Karim and I went to Florence for an awesome weekend and we did listen to anything but that. Codex is at the moment our favorite song in the world and that’s why I have used it as backsound of the lil collage in motion that I have made of Adam and Anne at the 2011 Grammy Awards (you will see it later ;))

NEW ADELE ALBUM IS FANTASTIC and I’m thrilled all the world is tributing her glory (it’s months that I am saying she’s best female vocalist currently), plus, Adam himself declared the most right of loves about the whole package (so his taste still good, because incoming awful collaboration with Travis McCoy could have set people off there… me certainly 😉 ) Gym Class Hero my assADELE is one voice he should aim to collaborate with. PERIOD.);

COLDPLAY ARE PLOTTING FESTIVALS AND I WILL SEE THEM IN ITALY AND BRAZIL (cos when they’re in UK  I am taken with marriage ;)),

GRAMMY AWARDS THESE YEAR WERE AWESOME (but that is gonna be encompassed in the M5 post part anyway ;))

I ADORE BEADY EYE’S “THE ROLLER” AND THEIR WHOLE RECORD, and I have got further evidence Liam Gallagher’s voice is just magical to me.

We were leaving from past post Adam and Anne in Los Angeles together; she had arrived after her own commitment that made her miss the Critics Choice Awards after shooting Never Gonna Leave This Bed video, which was shot after Adam and the guys had a great night out with PJ Morton at the Troubadour.

I recuperated a video of the after party of the Critics Choice Awards, but I still unable to break the codex that keeps the USA images of the performance honoring Tarantino impossible to be viewed outside US (I haven’t really minded that enough maybe, but ehi, I have a life so content yourself ;)):

And while we’re at, check the awesome duet on Heavy of Adam and PJ at the Trobadour from this post (click over and you will see the page and the live video, too):

Adam Levine and PJ Morton perform Heavy at the Troubadour

I also found a very cute page with a video of Adam and Jesse sharing some cityseeing tips that you might like (they’re always hilarious together); again, click on the pic and get to the video page:

Maroon 5 can't live without this...

Anne in that maintime as you know had to rock her new bangs in the Pepe campaign that I showed you before; those days away she also tweeted about some things she was doing in Spain that later shaped up to be a WONDERFUL celebratory issue of Harpers Bazaar’s Spain: for their 1 year anniversary issue Anne got the cover and a gorgeous editorial; she also did some things in Germany do you remember?


And do you remember (see last post) when around Xmas time she tweeted from LA that she had a photo session with Yu Tsai?

Well, that ended being a wonderful spread for TUSH Magazine.

Since I like all those, I created a little video to present you all the pictures 😉 (and I like the song that I picked up for soundtrack… I know… you know… I might be cold towards her voice but I LOVE all her songs which are dance-y and speak of heavily sexual stuff 😉 I rely 😉 LOL):

This video doesn’t exist

Anne was away also to be the first Face at Escada’s defilé, as you remember, and those images are also into this other mini video that I created that unifies some random images of Adam and Anne (also from her previous years’ Sports Illustrated spreads… more to come about THIS year after of course):

This video doesn’t exist

After all those commitments Anne flew back to Los Angeles, where she could appreciate lovely romantic things such as the full moon and less iconic, but still great more playful things like bowling… and allegedly she as skills there.

Anne beats Adam in bowling 😉

Many skills ;).

Adam and Anne spent some lovely days in Los Angeles, and Adam also came out to support Sam’s gameshe could be a perfect soccer mom – ; allegedly they ventured out all lovey dovey in their own business time, but we got to learn through third parties that allegedly they couldn’t keep much hands off one another.

And I mean…

Also in public places 😉

I so totally picture that… *sweet* and *very sexy*.

Karim and I do the same so I completely support them there ;).

In fact the two lovebirds, after the cuteness of their Los Angeles rendez-vousflew way before the rest of Maroon 5 in Jamaica; Maroon 5 were meant to be part of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, but Adam and Anne decided to go to the beautiful Caribbean Island before and alone to… well… to keep minding their own business.

And they decided those days alone they would have been REALLY alone: they cut off all phone related facilities.


In full.

Then they had business, and a good one, as a band of course.

Read some interview of James about the way the guys love islands ;):

James about Jamaica Jazz

You will see from the pics from the event that FINALLY after more than a gap of 16 months (last time he had done it he was with Angela Bellotte in New York in September 2009!!!!) Adam DID SHAVE HEAD AGAIN, rocking again one of his many styles (and you know I love him with the razored-off hair… his face is so beautiful he can rock it so well).


I was like “What is, Anne is banning you from doing it?” (insert cute laughing ;)… I don’t think she actually did it), because you know that elapsed time without chopping off all his Chia-Pet like hair was really unusual for Adam ;).

I actually remember that years ago somebody told me Jane (yes… THAT Jane, the one and only, Miss – now Missus actually – Jane Herman, daughter of Fred Segal’s owner Mr. Herman, the Muse behind “Songs About”) used to mock Adam’s shorter do.

Jane Herman. That Jane of "Songs About Jane" ;)

Don’t know if that is true (by those times they were in not happy terms with one another, though now they are ) but whatever it is, you know I am grateful forever to Jane because without her cruelty to Adam, we wouldn’t know Maroon 5 at all ;).

Really... trash. REALLY. Glad it never blossomed. UGH.

And by the way, you know the only girlfriend Adam had that I really HATED to see him paired with was the Bunny Ho herself, Janine Habeck, the German playmate.

I am so so glad after that downfall (I don’t consider the flings he had with Parasite Hilton a serious thing, so she’s out of the UGH list but just because it was a fuck&go thing, that anyway gave us a cooooool song like Figure it Out ;)) Adam’s taste in women got back decently arising.

And you know how ecstatic I am of his choice over Anne.

Because I like him with classy looking people (you know I always loved him with Natalie P. too, even though she loved to make him feel culturally inadequate… like she uses to with anybody not “Harvard”-ed after all ;)…

But better a noisy obnoxious LOVELY and talented Natalie than anything nearby the trashy territories that Janine Habeck symbolized.

But okay, let’s stop this gossip back down to a not so stellar memory lane and let’s get back in Jamaica where the two lovebirds took sun and


You will see from tweets and images from the gig…

Some kind of reproachable fashion sense.


Adam… dear Lord… why oh why sometimes you go THAT color blind?

The wrong kind of rainbow around your body can kill even your undebatable hotness.  And capri pants on a male… gosh they’re so awful… Okay that Jamaica (in the words of Jesse I presume) may have changed you forever, but hopefully your perception of what’s good to wear will get back soon to “PRIOR” to it? 😉

The pictures in the small video are a sneak pick out from THIS SET on Flickr that you should check cos it’s AWESOME:

Okay that you loved those shoes… but why being a colorful hippie meeting an emo guy?

Adam and Mickey in Porto Rico, January 2011

Luckily the stop after Jamaica (Porto Rico) saw Adam keep the shoes, but being way better matched in the rest of the outfit…

As this picture evidences 😉

It makes me laugh sometimes to see how Adam can transition from being PERFECTLY ELEGANT AND PREPPY to be honestly looking like a homeless (and still hot, because with that body and face, he would be hot even dressed in recycled paper…)

Take a Journey in Adam Levine’s Style Rollercoaster through clicking this link (and know that for me the preppy style is actually his best and will forever be, because his noble features SHINE when he’s aptly dressed…)

The Caribbean tournament in Porto Rico wasn’t followed by Anne who had to fly away (and she also of course had loved the Magic of the Island… I wonder if she’s the reason Adam claimed there it changed him forever? I guess SO);  but we learnt soon that the two lovers would have reunited a bunch of days later in Dallas for the Superbowl: Maroon 5 were set to perform, both at the Saturday Direct TV Celebrity Bowl Bash, and for the Tailgate Party of Fox the actual Day of The Superbowl on the official entertainment schedule.

While parted, Anne got to see the movie that I loved the most personally out of the Oscars’ roaster, the AWESOME The Kings Speech. And since her taste are great (who can argue?) she seemed to love it as much as me.

Adam… well… Adam has other tastes for movies.


Btw, you do remember Anne filming with Freja in London when she was there in the days of Maroon5 presence past October, do you? (yep, the very romantic time they had there, and the days when Adam shot the Cosmopolitan naked spread, yep)…

Well, that was for the H&M new Spring Summer Campaign, and now you can see it (click on the picture and you’ll reach the page with the video of the spot):

Anne V and Freja E for H&M Spring Summer Campaign: click on for video

Now let’s instead get into lovely Mickey Madden’s world (you know how much I do have a soft, soft, SOFT spot about him!!!) because he proved once more how much of a lovely and deep creature he is by speaking again about his veganism.

You know I am not into that, but after reading him you know also I totally respect that vision too (mostly because he doesn’t act nor speak like a self assured blinder about it):

Mickey and his dedicated vegan behaviour

You gotta just love Mickey don’t You?

While on the break before Super Bowl, and among chronicle still of their Caribbean times, all of the guys obviously returned to Los Angeles.

The tenderness that California home inspires to them all, but mostly Adam makes it so hard for them to bend to touring.

Gotta reflect on that, because now that they’re actually on the other side of the world, you often, very often get the clear feeling that although they sure love to meet and play for fans everywhere, they also undoubtedly are kind of resident types of musicians.

They always were.

In a way I am glad in my life I’ve got to see them so many times (these incoming triades of Paris, Milan and Berlin marks if I recall correctly my 16th, 17th and 18th times I’ve seen them live…) already because a tiny voice inside me says quite insistently that it might be not much time left before they openly and totally change their vision about going all over the world to play live.

Adam tweeted from Superbowl (see later) about the 17th Birthday of Maroon5 – then Kara’s Flowers – on February 6th: I can’t help but thinkin this time 17th might actually be a not so happy number.

As they would say…

“It’s just a feeling that I have”.

But it’s pretty consistent and I have to say some of the rumors that are floating around about tv shows (I will talk of that later) pretty much confirm these feelings, actually.

Let’s see 😉

PS: In this very moment I’m listening to one of the best albums ever, by a recent discover of mine (how late I am there? I feel ashamed!).


That’s pretty PERFECT awesome music.

For real.

I’m also very into I BLAME COCO at the moment. Northern European music genes produce amazing beats.

And then, beside Radiohead and Adele (see above), I am TOTALLY and completely in LOVE with the awesome iTunes acoustic session of Maroon5, which is pretty spectacular and which I have used a lot in all my patchwork videos of this update as backsound tracks.


GET IT FROM THIS LINK: and do like me… buy only original music if you want to keep music alive.

Okay, back in tracking 😉

Oh… while I’m all over the world Meli still drawing for me of course… though u gonna know THIS PARTICULARLY drawing she already made a few weeks ago had been brought to our Los Angeles home

Gotta put it where it belongs the most (see above about Adam being difficult in partying from his native town… LOL!).

I thought it was fine to place his portrait in a convenient space…

Am I sweet or not?

Also sweet are Maroon5 Latin America fans (and I wonder… don’t they deserve a tour there too? Do it guys, don’t be cruel…).

Among curious news then know that Maroon5 music is also good to train for… FIGHTING.

Seriously 😉 Oh… and as usual Jesse keep sharing cute and brainful things, and they still SWEETHEARTS (Haiti isn’t forgotten right?) and so we all must follow their charitable lead, too.

Let's paaaarty 😉

As on the West Coast the guys were relaxing prior to Dallas, Anne was gearing up for the commitments with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit stuff. She also seemed so happy, poor lovely sweet creature… unaware yet how she would have been tricked – and STOLEN, in my not so humble opinion –  there once more.

You will see I had so much foresight there… unfortunately (not that I have anyhow ever trusted the taste of that magazine… they seem to prefer the most trivial models instead than those who could give them a classy sparkle anyway… So very and uncannily trashy americanism… so far away from European appreciation of elegance also in semi-nudity…).

Anyway, after all that it was SuperBowl Time, with the parties and the playing duties (too bad Adam did not also play at the Celebrity Beach Bowl, but only providing the music to it… I mean… Adam Levine, Matt Bomer at one sight? Malish beauty straight and gay at its peak ;)…)

The three days (that Adam almost missed due to the snowfalls and the late airplanes arrivals, while Anne flew way before him and way more in time… ;)…) were fullfilled and cute and among the minions things they did do, also regarding Anne including fellow SI Swimsuit gals, I have decided to cut the chase short and put all images in a mini video, so that you can get a complete glimpse of images and events, and I can just limit myself in comments by linking Adam and Anne’s twitter posts about the events later (and now).

I am starting to optimize also inspired by Adam’s witty mood – maybe – … or getting almost there 😉

Oh and yes… Adam was darn ORANGE at Dallas weekend.

Embarassingly so: I guess since he did shave from Jamaica, the gradient detach from the tanned skin and the shaved face forced him to a repair… but good Lord… that was so Jersey Shore it did hurt even his perfect face!!! (and in fact he admitted it later… though maybe his way to even the orange madness might not be that good of a solution either lmao… ;)).

From the tv take this excerpts of their perfomance from the Tailgate Party:

I just adore the whole of this to be honest… Getting glimpses of the happiness and satisfaction they all communicated out is satisfying for their listeners / followers too and makes you feel sweetly empathic.

It’s a mood booster in many ways, honestly: then I just feel fine in picturing all of the guys happy, in whatever way or due to whatever reason… I’m this much of a lightweight, yep.

And to be still more honest Keith and the guys would have been a better half time performers choice than dreadful Black Eyed Peas were in my book... the only thing I liked there was Usher’s dancing and since you know for me Usher‘s so overrated, you get an idea… ;).

During the days of Superbowl finally the awesome video for Never Gonna Leave This Bed was released: I STRAIGHT bought it from iTunes and unlike it did happen with the HAO video awfulness, the greatness of this latest video actually made me like the song MORE.

It’s an awesome video, check it:

Everyone was so excited about it, and RIGHTLY so 😉

Past the  SuperBowl Time, it was time for everybody to get back to Los Angeles, as Grammy week was approaching (Adam seemed inspired about fashion choices days before the event… LOL).

Yeah... you saw it already but why not again? 😉

Anne was actually able to reach LA safely and way before Adam did, obtaining good Venice spare time in between.

Days prior the event were a round of preparation, and also there were a pre Sports Illustrated public relation management for Anne, and for Adam a preparation pre European Tour take-off and add to that some time in the studio (hopefully for something we will be able to hear soon?).

But they managed to spend their good times together, and Adam couldn’t hold his praise for his lady not even with his more famous friends, like Ryan Seacrest.

And to be cute to one another (awwww… how cute is of Adam to worry about her safety driving?), of course (and to FrankieGirl!!! Look how cute she is…).

During the days in Los Angeles Adam got to see the video of Sara Bareilles‘s incoming new single, UNCHARTED, in which he sings and stars along with tons of others musicians, being part of the “writer block” song.

You all know I heart massively Sara and to me is always a soothing moment whenever she and the guys merge visions to produce true art in sound and motion and whatever else they decide to put efforts into.

Can’t wait to see the results (the video director is Travis Schneider, the same behind Vevey Forever video and book).

They of course headed to the pre-Grammies bashes, and the best among them is ALWAYS The Roots’ one.

Adam also gave some interviews.

One is on the March Issue of Women’s Health:

Adam on Women's Health Magazine March 2011

The other instead was given the days prior to the Grammies at the Jewish Chronicle and I TOTALLY loved it to pieces:

Adam Levine interviewed by The Jewish Chronicle Feb 2011

Back to the Grammy thing now… You know how much of a let down was last year’s Grammy to me, because I thought it was a pure shame to land Taylor Swift the major prizes, and I was fearing something awfully similar could have happened in 2011 too: instead, seriousness was restored.

This year instead I have to say practically all results were awesome to me, and I would have just let Eminem win more landing him the two SOTY and ROTY awards instead of landing them at over boring Lady Antebellum (I can’t help: country-pop to me is lame, lame, LAME).

I have also to confess that I think Train deserved the Grammy they took over Maroon5.

Maroon 5 in iTunes shots

That song (Ehi Soul Sister) was straight a pure pop-rock  gem and I have loved it completely since I first heard it: if any, you gotta criticize the Academy to not reckoning the greatness of that song in its due year (last one), but like it did happen with Maroon5’s win for This Love, the fact they put the “live” version of the song up for grab told everyone they were rightly the frontrunners for the prize.

I repeat… I think it was fair, actually. Too bad we couldn’t see Adam and the guys televised in another Grammy grab though, like they did in 2005.

Misery is a very good song, but it was no better: now if STUTTER had been instead the first single out of Hands All Over, I keep saying all the performance of the album would have been better, and I am SURE the success both the song and the record could have then enjoyed would have landed Maroon5 their fourth Grammy.

Adam said he is ready for 2012.

I appreciate the positivity.

Let’s see 😉

For sure one awesome thing was the fact Adam performed onstage with Rihanna, Eminem, Dre and awesome vocalist and songwriter Skylar Grey (they bonded at the after party, too allegedly), showing us once more how much of great musician he is, taking duties playing PIANO (I was blown away: that man can do EVERYTHING… if he only would focus on music “Kobe Mode”… *sigh* he can be so perfect being naturally himself):

Adam Levine’s talent is just MASSIVE. Face it.

But let’s start from the start…

Better… let’s start from the PRE-Start.

Adam caused a bit of Mayhem the Friday before Grammies when he couldn’t help but notice (as anyone older than 13) that the new Lady Gaga’s smash hit, Born This Way, was like a Madonna’s medley.

Given that Adam has always expressed admire for Gaga, it’s hard not to notice he was right.

Well, funny enough…

Anne had her entrance at the Grammies NOT along Adam… but Along Lady Gaga 😉 (you hear the song… tell me if Adam wasn’t right ;)):

This video doesn’t exist

No shock or tricky facts… she just had the honor of being part of Lady Gaga’s theatric entrance in an egg, dressed by Thierry Mugler as a horned tall amazon, holding… a vassel that carried Gaga inside, like a womb.

And it was so sweet the way Adam rooted for her, once again Oh man they’re so adorable paired :)…

In this interview from the Official Grammy Red Carpet you see Ryan Seacrest interviewing BOTH Anne and Adam, as they reached the event on February 13th (this is a French News covering of Anne, too):

This video doesn’t exist

Adam’s look was object of some controversy, too (and object of a funny tease by Kurt Sutter, Sons Of Anarchy creator, via Hart Hanson ;)).

I personally loved it (even tough you know I hate capri pants on a male, those pants were instead very European Fashion Forward, very stylish, and loved the whole of his mise).

Of course the Americans are too tacky to understand male fashion and they blasted him on the subsequent Fashion Police Show:

To be honest I don’t think Joan Rivers was actually rude or anything… I think she’s just a bit obsessed about Adam’s sexual life (you may remember a few weeks ago she said that thing about being a female in Hollywood, and getting busy with either Adam or John Mayer…)

Anyway after their entrance they of course stay together all time, and Anne changed her Alien Outfit in favor of an adorable silver and grey dress which was a very good match with Adam’s mise, too:

This video doesn’t exist

The party night was only partially shared though, because Anne had to fly straight towards New York to attend the David Letterman’s unveiling of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover.

Hence, after she praised her man, and before her man headed to the best and most secluded VIP party of the night, she ventured to LAX to catch a red-eye flight to Big Apple.

Adam's Valentine sent to Anne in New York

When she woke up, it was Valentine’s Day too… and she wished happily to everybody to feel it… because Adam sure made sure she had felt it, sending her flowers while she was at the backstage at Ed Sullivan’s Theathre with Letterman (AWWWW).

I wonder how cute that could feel…

Sending love from Coast To Coast 😉

It was maybe that one the call Adam was taken with while shopping in Los Angeles those hours – as you see in the collage below -, before leaving to Europe?

Adam Levine shopping in LA on Valentine's Day 2011

Because as Anne was getting preppy for the big appearing and all the 10 SI Swimsuit girls were gathering in New York, the guys were putting together the final details in their schedules (and suitcases) before saying “bye bye” to United States for a first tranche lasting 5 weeks (the 5 weeks where I WILL SEE THEM, so some truly amazing five weeks on my own behalf, sure ;)… but a strong streak for far away lovers, even though they will sure re-meet before… well, before Russian times for sure, at least ;)).

Anyway, Adam was cheering for Anne a lot, but as I predicted, and as the PR campaign was mostly making clear in the past month, the cover of SI SWIMSUIT 2011 went to a girl who keeps looking to me like a person whose face screams “I cost this much per hour” even though Anne seems of a very different opinion than mine (but she’s always so lovely, I wasn’t expecting any differently).

I can’t help: I find Irina Shayk‘s face really gross and vulgar (also her Intimissimi ad that keeps running on Italian tv screams pornstar to me…).

Girl has a wonderful bottom body (legs and ass especially) but she’s got plunging belly and an axis eyes/nose/lips which seems too much unelegant and trashy to me.

Adam and his love for Italian food

I can’t help.

To me this is a PR mistake, as bad as modeling choice as it was the lame Brooklyn Decker (but at least she was having huge breasts… Irina hasn’t even them instead).

I fear next year cover can go to Chrissy Teigen now, which would be a total laughable shame, as the girl TOTALLY is average looking (even less than that to me) and she’s short and pretty boring on any shot I’ve seen of her.

But she has a very strong support, the editors totally ride her up and it seems everyone finds her funny (Adam also started following on twitter both her and John Legend… I can understand the latter, at least ;)).

Well, it’s not really like Sports Illustrated is THAT much of a big deal (it maybe WAS, but to be honest Anne has the kind of body/features/style/shape that can allow her to do way more high fashion stuff, than SI Swimsuit could ever land to her).

It’s a long time SI cover models are never high fashion ones: Marisa Miller (beautiful, but short), Beyonce (I know… ;)), Bar Rafaeli (short and with tendency to get fat); Brooklyn Decker (a pair of HUGE boobs, no runaway shape, and a face that to be defined butterlike is way too kind).

Irina Shayk may be the closest the cover has gotten to fashion these past years, but still nowhere near credible fashion (her face is too overly sexualized to be ok in high fashion photography).

Anyway… These are Anne’s SI shots (not fine those bikini peachy colors… but she’s so beautiful nonetheless):

This video doesn’t exist

This instead is a patchwork of Anne’s pictures outside Ed Sullivan’s Theathre:

This video doesn’t exist

And to be complete, take the excerpt from David Letterman’s show (with Italian captions… so you can learn a bit of languages too ;)) with the girls reading the Top Ten and the final reveal of the cover:

This video doesn’t exist

Adam touched down on UK soil keeping feeling very lovey doveyprobably remembering all the strolls he and Anne did that previous October I mentioned before.

It’s so sweet the way love makes the guy mellow… 😉

Maroon 5 for David Lynch Foundation: click over to jump there

Anne instead after the Letterman thing weekend started the celebratory in between New York and Las Vegas about the Sports Illustrated issue reveal; I’m not really sure about first outfit/makeup/hairdo (very 80’s… maybe a bit too much to my taste ;)), but she always manages to look adorable even in the worst kind of mises.

On the other side, her body is just to die for… ALWAYS (look the way her stomach is flat… awesome!)

I found cute beyond words the way Anne hinted at her stay in Las Vegas, because that was where she and Adam first met last year (when Maroon5 were the resident musical guests for SI Swimsuit launch – this year it was Ne-Yo); and as teasingly lovely the way Adam said he would have stayed mum about “details” ;).

The whole event was well covered, and as you saw in the above videos of Anne she also managed to take cooking lessons (awww… those might always be useful girl; also because you’re with a gourmet type of man and although he can cook, it’s never bad to learn how to do it also yourself, so you can kinda… tease him – and yourself – more ;)).

I really like the way Anne seems always upbringing and cheerful.

She’s the definition of a sweetheart, with the perfect look of an elf goddess.

In Uk Land in the maintime lovely Sara Bareilles (best tourmate ever with Maroon5 , because they’re friends from a life and she’s naturally fitting in with the boys) was sharing good vibes as well.

The tour started in Brighton, and then moved on to a stream of Uk dates.

Here it is a compendium video out of first night in London at Brixton Academy:

And after that, take Adam’s sweet whispers along, too (so tender!).

Those hours, some of the concertgoers had the amazing experience of having Adam PHONE CALLING THEM (well, some of their friends or lovers who weren’t actually at the gigs, actually); thing that as you can easily picture drove more than one happily insane.


Click on this link and you will see a video of the phone call 😉 (AWWWW!!!).

If I can ever get that as well not (that I will push to be front row… Karim’s with me and we have kinda of a “good manners” type of deal ;)…) I would make him call Serena.

She’s the one who’s gonna miss both Paris and Milan gigs actually so… it’d be due ;).

Anne V in Los Angeles, February 2011 times

While in break times in London, Adam went actually shopping for clothes in one of the COOLEST (if not THE coolest) place the town can offer, namely Dover Street Market (Comme Des Garçons: whenever Japanese style is, Style RULES)

As the Las Vegas mayhem ended, Anne went flying to Los Angeles.

She’s one her track to become a perfect Cali person as well?

Oh, God knows how I wish it so!

Anyway, she was there for attending All Star Game (and poor Adam really was envying her there… poor baby ;)), and then (actually just by the time this post is being written and posted) the Academy Awards Vanity Fair Party.

Awww she is gonna be so so cute there!!! (and Adam had his Oscar time last year… so this year is fair she will send to him cheering shout-outs, right?)

In the days there (a full on week and counting) she also had Malibu sweet & dorky time, she had more driving testing experience (and all around car maintenance) and also, completely cute, she attended as you read way above the game Lakers played against Clippers, along Gene Hong and N.P. 😉 (the game Karim and I would have attended too, if I weren’t more than only focused on my business these LA quick days ;)).

Maroon 5 in Manchester, 21st February 2011

Think that weather hasn’t exactly been always perfect… but it doesn’t matter: I’m really glad Anne is shaping up to be Cali-obsessed.

It’s the way it has to be.

You know…good  influences ;).

Hopefully the two lovers had ways and time to be in long contact: also because Adam as per usual gets so homesick traveling far away he has the only remedy of keeping his system loaded on PacificStandardTime.

Adam also has a way to deal with touring boredome and that’s video-gaming.

Somehow new portatile phones facilities help him even more there.

Fruit Ninja is apparently a good cure as well, indeed.

Then there is always the ADD stopper by excellence to keep Adam relaxed while on tour… yep… the thing Snoop Dogg gets the most shouting up for… from Adam too, of course ;).

It’s very heart-warmening then to know and realize (as per usual actually) everybody gets ravished at their gigs.

It’s so making me angry (but after so many years of wrong biased reps, I am kinda used to it) how many people realize Maroon5 actually KICK ASS only when they go to their live gigs (where it’s impossible not to get how great they are).

It’s the “pretty boys making pop” kind of misunderstanding impression.

Adam in Kilt in Glasgow, 22 Feb 2011

Because of the way they look, and the way their music sounds, people assume Maroon5 is “just” pop.

Instead Maroon5 is GREAT pop, made by guys who can deliver magic live and who have actually their roots in the indie style of playing, more than any pop field.

But ehy… I know the wrong assumption is so rooted by now people will just change their perspective on them only if they get smart enough to actually catch them live.

I hope this is an option that can be kept going on for a while more.

I’m speaking like this because after their Scottish gig (look in the collage how funny Adam was wearing a kilt… BACKWARDS ;)) a news started spreading up in USA:

Adam and Cee-Lo Green seem to be in talks to become judges for a new singing competition, named The Voice, and produced on NBC (Universal TV partner… and Maroon5 is under Universal).


Mostly because that would mean no tour, and I am not the only one thinkin people prefer great artist to tour and not being on tv judging; then I also think there’s no space for more audiences for more singing competitions (American Idol and XFactor are already enough filling); then honestly… unless Adam would plan a year break in case he had to become father or anything related… it’s just wrong for him to land his (undoubtedly awesome) face and expertize to a lame tv show.

I was so loving the impression I used to have he wasn’t fond of singing competition.

I sure hope this is a wrong feed of media.

Then… hasn’t Cee-Lo Green dissed Maroon5 lately?

I don’t really want to see a tv beefing in judging (and I love both Cee-Lo and Adam too much to wish for them to go on tv that way: they have to be on tv for singing THEIR music only.).

I better focus on UNCHARTED VIDEO PREVIEW (click on this)

Then I better share with you pictures of just happened gigs in Luxembourg (coolest state name for Adam… Lux indeed ;)), and keep thinking about boys touring the best way.

I mean… Adam, think twice about tv shows… Andrew WK wouldn’t find it any cool, so that maybe he wouldn’t ever think again you can still “Party Hard“, no matter how you could brag still about it (reversal psychology ;)).

Then take these links and pieces of news about incoming schedules (for Spring and Summer again… so no space for tv shows?) for Maroon5 in Usa, and Caribbean again.

Beside the June show for the Golf tournament, Maroon 5 are set to headline along their Grammy buddies Train the Mid State Fair on July 23:

Maroon 5 and Train for Mid State Fair

Prior to that, and before Maroon 5 will get back to Europe and Asia for keeping on their World Tour (from Istanbul, to Cairo, to Dubai… and all over Asia), the boys are slated to perform on April 12 for Tru Tv special series launch Performances:

This is gonna be cool... 🙂

I think BEFORE this Tru Tv thing (because Istanbul gig is on April 15th, so they got to fly over Mediterranean at least April 14th? Or they could be there by April 13th and then fly from Barbados to Turkey? Who knows ;)), they are going to be part of Breakfast in Barbados event too (and that is overchill and really pleasant scenery, yep):

Breakfast in Barbados 2011 event: click to be informed

So by all counts, I truly truly hope Maroon5 keep being on the road and not really put on hold by any tv show madness.

To me they are a band…

And a band is mostly and ultimately so when it performs live for their fans.

minutes ago... Los Angeles shining from Griffith Park Observatory

That’s why I can’t wait, after we take off to New York in some hours (btw, how cool is to type on iPad from Griffith Observatory and Park?), to fly over to Paris to see them once more…

And then in Milan, once more…

And again in Berlin… once more again.

I hope this chaotic and filled update was worthy the wait.

To be honest I won’t review it much because this weather over LA today is promising and Griffith Park is awesome; we don’t care at all about Oscar Chaos over downtown so we will just taste our hours in a very sexy way.

Oh… we know we’re missing Lakers game with OKC in these moments but… trust me… we are gaining magic nonetheless.

Kobe will forgive us.

Catch you in March.

Bye Bye and be All Up^^^^ ;)!

Miss Z. 🙂

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Good morning world!.

Rushing to work, taking my seat at the lab desk and heading to a no break streak, so that by 3.30 PM I can rush away and get to reach my Swifty for some quality horsejumping (open air? indoor? Depends on weather, really…).

We get back to my own house today.

Ready to catch Toronto Raptors tonight and glad that:

1) Ron shaved his head (yeay!!!!);

2) The God Kobe is just like me: no worries about Orlando’s game. (How I love when the players, and especially HE, are agreeing with my vision? On a range from 0 to 10, I’d say about… 75 😉 LOL)

I am sure tonight all’s gonna be fine.

My wonder is: will Divine A. be part of the game witnessin?

Normally I’d say YES, but word of a friend told me that today (starting practically at the same time than the Lakers game at Staples) at the Saban Theatre in Hwood Seth McFarlane is actually having a stand up “with friends” for the Paley Fest. Let’s see. I am curious to see what can push and pull Adam more there 😉 (my vote goes to the Lakers, but he can be surprising as of late… ;)).

What I know is that he went to Elton John’s Viewing Party (of course) for the Night of the Nights in LaLaLand, the Oscars‘ one.

Looking… flawless.

Because for how much he can be hot even with the scruffier of looks (no unflattering style can do a thing to change his perfectly noble facial proportions…), the point is that when he decides to not fight the hotness, he looks… like THIS:

This is glorious.


*round of applause*.

Adam and Joel Madden at Elton John's Party

Beside being there and enjoying the night (I am sure he would have liked Inglorious Basterd to win more, but thing is that this year it was RIGHTLY so a Women’s time, Adam, surrender and just swallow it 😉 LOL), and beside giving me the further proof Joel Madden is a midget (oh, I can be so cruel ;)), the naturality of the event implied of course that he couldn’t avoid to cheer his adorable Russian Fairy (that’s it… I have decided that this is the way I am gonna call Anne: you know that when I like people I give them kinda of super nicknames… and she’s so beautiful and so lovely I think the Fairy essence suits her perfectly), again via Jorge Perez’s shoutout:

I can’t help.

This thing just pleases me.

Somebody misses somebody else... 😉

I feel like a brainless one to root for something that is not my life, but I can’t deny deep inside me I just love them two coupled.


When in the morning Anne answered the shoutout (she’s in Sweden) with the lovely message of hers,

I thought she was the ultimate gracious creature.

I find her gentle at the heart.

I truly can’t imagine people can hate on her…

So I wrote a couple of messages to lovely Anne, also under that pic she sent back to her guys to express the missing feeling of not being there in LA too.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday evening she did answer me.

Sounding absolutely enchanting.

It was so pleasant.

Gentleness of heart makes people special, but I find even more flattering in people who are blessed with beauty to be kind and delicately gentle to others around cos psychologically it’s never easy to avoid to become presumptious when from a life you understand your look owns others easily.

Anne V. is Beauty Personified

I am not cynical there. I know it’s like this.

People underestimate the power that derives from beauty in beautiful people.

You realize you can obtain everything just by still standing, and you gotta have personality and a good heart to build instead your growth also as a human being, avoiding to rely merely on that gift above gave you by making you good looking.

In a way, to be beautiful AND gentle is like more difficult, for how strange it can sound.

And that she is STUNNINGLY beautiful isn’t debatable.

I mean… Just take a look?

She’s as flawless as it’s possible to get, and she just matches Adam so well. I won’t ever change opinion there. When I click with people and people please my standards, that’s it. It takes a thumbling of the Universe for me to change my mind 😉

And Anne totally resulting as a kindred spirit and soul so moved me to that stage where I root in for her.

I do: think that if I already liked her, now I feel for her 🙂

Go girl!


Before I leave you with the music of the day, let me share two important bites:

Maroon5 bid for a mini-piano to benefit Haiti Relief;

– and the Billboard page with the article about Slash’s album (awww).

Now let music clean your soul.

Some Morcheeba for you:

and then, feeling me totally cool&classic today, some immortal Lucio Battisti, with a giant favourite of mine from his repertoire:

I feel so fine it’s unreal, folks.

I wish all the world could feel as well as I do.

Be all lovely, and gracious and positive.

Lotta love 😉


Talkin about… things that drive me passionate.


Well not that randomly, actually. I never talk random, me ;).

I was meant to start with sport but as Oscar Night has produced way more marvel than any sport courting, let’s set priorities back 😉

Oscars Honour


Katheryne Bigalow (1 and 2) – yes a woman rules!!!!!!! *’bout time^^*;

Jeff Bridges;

Sandra Bullock (aww);

Christoph Waltz;


The rest.

I am SO happy. This was the second year in a row I agreed with pretty much everything.

And thankfully so, the light was set up well in the morning after the most awful sporty weekend in ages (if you erase latest Inter – Milan match ups…)

Lakers played against the Orlando Magic and it went downhill.

We were losing also the previous one against the BobCats (I couldn’t bother to post about it: a shame game, indeed…, you can see it here) :

…and that was two in a row.

I thought we would have won against Orlando cos after Pau joining us we were NEVER losing previously three in a row.


We did:

It would bother me if it weren’t that, playing for real just 11 minutes out of 44 (the fourth quarter, basically) we risked widely to win, mainly due to another impressive performance of the Mamba.

This time he couldn’t change stones into bread… but he were so near there again ;).

I am fine.

We’re just like this this year.

We still clearly an impressively owning and dominating team when we just dignify ourselves to play.

And in playoffs we will.

It’s okay. No worries in my house 😉

Roma Milan this past saturday

Sportly speaking, this weekend could have been better if at least Milan had taken Rome up as it would have been fair.

We ended up dominating Roma in Rome, but failing constantly to score.

Sterile we were.

Too bad.

The weekend in the mountains has been precious.

The newlyweds along us were oh!!!! So sweet.

I kept watching them and awing at them all the time.

Love is in the air and it’s all so captivating.

I guess this is really the time of my life when I can understand what love can cause in anybody’s spirit.

Karim taught that to me.

He took off blindfolds from my heart’s eyes.

I can’t really understand how love could make people jalous. Well, I actually DO understand it, jalousy might bite, but it’s such a loser’s way to look at life, when you have to be envious of other’s grace displayed, that to me it erases the human quality out of human. Then I don’t even wanna to consider you worthy of a categorization in my world. This values also for some I am gonna to post about later.

Today is Women Day.

Not that I care, to me every day must be Women and Men‘s and Whatever Gender‘s Day.

But let’s wish those who care about this a great one 😉

Speaking of love being in the air (Spring approaches, though weather yet seems not aware, at least in Northern Italy) the lovey dovey mood that it’s spread is contagious and involves my favourite person outside my real world circle.

I have made up my mind and decided to follow Anne on twitter for the time being (which I wish will be ALL the time ahead: I like her and her way to appear from tweets. She seems just lovely and lively, and that’s inspiring. I like beautiful people who seem decent and kind. I know that’s possible cos well… I am a kind person 😉 LOL…).

Anne Vyalitsyna in Paris Ready To Wear Fashion Week 2010

The girl is just adorable.

Whomever is jalous of her must be out of their minds.

Jeez… chill out.

Hate will make you ugly.

If you hate, you actually already are.

This girl is an angelly shaped creature and she sounds absolutely tender, gentle and kind.

Leave her alone.

Let her be.

And most than everything else, respect her and the person she’s with at the moment.  Their lives are NONE of anyone else’s business.

Then you know, I like to follow her cos… she gotta take care of a very, very special man… and from the latest spoken words it TRULY seems she’s working well on it.

Courtesy of the magic which is twitter, (and you can realize *somebody* still really reclusive on that, which I like, but his people around sometimes makes info bites escape and then it’s like a funny game to put pieces together and guess what he has been up to in his daily life. Honestly, it’s like a cluedo game, where there’s no murdering though…) during the weekend the Fashionista Jorge Perez tweeted from a Pre Oscar party privately held at the Chateau Marmont a delicious tweet to Anne, while she was in Paris for the catwalks (b2b from Amsterdam in there again – she is in Sweden today…).

This is the loveliest I have ever seen him smile... aww 🙂

The pic is this one>>>

All together now…


The most beautiful part was the messages exchanged.

A shot of love from the LA camp:

“@annevyatlisyna we misssss uuuuuuuuu and love uuuuu” ( like 3d grade sweet mail… awww);

And then the answer from the lovely Russian Fairy lost – not really lost, camon…- in Paris at her pal Jorge, but that’s NOT the really important part of the message:

“@jorgeperezjr http://tweetphoto.com/13307174 So happy you hang out with my man! I love u so much hunnnnyyyyy… Can’t wait to see you in nyc”.

Given that in a way twitter can make you feel like an univited guest in everyone’s business, and that normally I couldn’t really subscribe for any of that, I have to confess that when I occasionally opened those posts (expecting more catwalk images or just beautiful LA sceneries) my heart ONCE more just melt at the graciousness of the two lovers’ exchanges.


I feel like a spy, but it’s not intentional. It was so tender to someway spot their words and looks for one another there.

I just root in for them.

Cos I truly, truly love them together for the vibe I am getting out from this romance.

Adam has never been with anybody cuter  than Anne to me, nor more beautiful (and he had to pick up among impressive choices so far, so that’s something valuable).

Then there’s… still the way he smiles. I think I’ve NEVER seen such a open clear smile repeated so recurrently and widely in his days.

One more from Beverly Hills series... aww. They're so cute 🙂

It’s just… a beautiful thing.

It warmens my heart, and just sets me up – I wish he’d be always that happy. Always.

I like Anne for the way she makes him smile. There can be a world encompassed and blossoming well out of a sincerely happy smile.

Given than Anne in Paris on the weekend was feeling this way in front of the Tour Eiffel seen from the Westin Hotel (that beautiful one in the Ville Lumière which has a spectacular sight over Les Tuileries…):

How beautiful is this view @thewestinparis ! Just need my man and some red wine and I’ll be the happiest woman alive”( how could anybody blame her for missing him there, truly… ;)), I have to say the subsequent day her tease via twitter was even more PRECIOUS.

Talkin about takin care of the sweet creature, it looks like in New York this is gonna be a *majorly executed* task.

Miss Anne in fact went on Saturday shopping at a place that I have had the very fine pleasure to visit and be a buyer in too (and not only in Paris… Did anybody ever visited the LouLou shop in Rome? I did…), namely the BEAUTIFUL Chantal Thomass’s lingerie retreat.

Chantal Thomass lingerie

Oh, well… just take a look.

Work imaginatively.

She just advocated a simple “Men, beware!”, while “men”, is just “man of mine”, beware! 😉

I am sure Divine A. is thrilled about it all ;).

He must.

I find it cute (hints dropped by his brother and Anne’s exchange of tweets actually. I didn’t search for that. Following both, the communication just was served on my screen) that she has already meet the mother. I think there’s nothing shocking about it. But somehow I really figure Adam’s out as a mummy’s boy – not in a corny idiotic way, just a good way –  and I think to impress his mum has to be a step if a thing has to work in his own world.

There have to be these steps (sort of):

–         reciprocal click;

–         matching friendships;

–         takin her to a Lakers game;

–         Repeat that just to see if it works (hint: girl brings GOOD LUCK: repeat it as much as possible Adam, lately we need it… ;));

–         Meet the family

–         Putting up a Frankie’s paws tattooed on her  back (no, okay… that is not necessary…)

😉 You get me.


Keeping rejoice for the happiness in Adam’s life, which NO ONE should dare to step in about (people: he’s not really gonna befriend YOU if he breaks with Anne, for real… STOP bothering him. Adam and Anne SHINE together, live with it and grow up…),  I guess the reason for him to be in New York might be related with the fact A/M Octone  HQ are actually in New York.

Matching useful with beautiful?

You bet.

I can’t wait for Hands All Over. I can’t.

And there it comes the focal point of today’s post (you thought I already hit it? No way. You wish ;)…)

On late Saturday (here it was already Sunday) Divine Adam just confirmed once more my love in him, musically speaking.

You know how I despise AutoTune.

You know (I wrote this a few times) I was really hoping, praying… whatever that for their third album my beloved Maroon5 would have NEVER been touched by the poisoning, tainting claws of the Devil Fakin Device.

I was sure they wouldn’t have once I reckoned their producer was going to be Mutt Lange.

But yesterday I had the pleasure and the pride to listen directly from Adam that he wouldn’t EVER come to compromise with ATune anyway:

Dear auto tune. Go away. You are infecting music and wounding my soul. We don’t need you. And anyone who does shouldn’t be singing anyway” 


I was about to go to sleep, but that way to verbalize his sickness with the Malicious Trick just conquered me.

My soul ALSO bleed about it.

But I am no musician. I am no singer. My bleeding is philosophical, or so it might be.

His wounding inside instead… it’s existential.

It’s deeper.

It just matters more than mine.

I fell in love with that tweet.

And even when he someway tried to make the statement less comprehensive (though I am sure he actually wants it to be universally reaching), I just kept LOVING IN FULL that tweet.

Music is a bliss.

AutoTune has bastardized it now. It has BRUTALIZED it now.

I get it in dance matters. The metallic sound of it can fit club mood, it can be atmospheric, and equally uplifting or darkening in a way that can be descriptive of the clubbing life.

It can be an artistic statement; in Kanye West’s awesome 808&Heartbreak, it definitely was.

It can be funny used sporadically in some pop songs.

But hewl… now it’s like a requested element in awfully every darn song that aims at radio play!???!!.

No way.


It’s killing real music approach.

And then you know… I gotta agree that nowadays every stupid talentless fake “star” can sound decent on record due to it.

They use it even live!!!

I can’t take it.

It properly kills me and offends me and makes me sick.

It’s that this industry in trouble and danger finds a working key to exploit with the retarded kids for making market and suddenly EVERYONE wants and wants to share a piece of it to monetize.

It’s sad.

It makes music poorer.

It kills real intentions and meaning of music.

It is something I loathe.

Evidence of barbarian effect of AutoTune: Chris Cornell’s talent overshadowed and embarrassed by Timbaland’s production.

One of the best singers EVER. Reduced as a joke for an entire record.

Take a couple evidences:

Temple of the Dog (yeah: MAGIC… Cornell + Vedder= Orgasm in Music):




Pure awesomeness, right?


Then take this: Chris’s vocal power killed by Timbaland (Timbaland who has stopped being creative since teaming up with Justin Timberlake, most overrated and lacklustre performer ever…):

This just ISN’T RIGHT.

It isn’t.

We can’t save a thing there.

Yes: #AutoTuneSucks.

It’s really THAT simple 😉

Have a great day ya’ll 😉

Women, Men and All That You Feel Like To Be.


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