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Heya there!

Writing from a crazy place in a little quietness after and before the craziest traveling day I have probably ever had… I thought to download stress this way.

Better than eat compulsively tons of chocolate πŸ˜‰

Oh… and since this is the first post of the Year, of course… happy 2013 (doesn’t it feels like the new year feeling was already from a decade ago?) ;)!

Happy 2013 ;)

Happy 2013 πŸ˜‰

I hope everyone had a wonderful end of the Year as yours truly, hubby and crew had, and I also hope your setup of this by-now-rolling new frame of life is as exciting as ours ;).

So far I honestly don’t even know if I can figure out a personal space in my agenda already until incoming July but this is what I love about my life… it’s PACKED.

In fact, I am just in a few hours trip as I’m takin another airplane (hopefully) to land in a wonderful town for a wonderful event (in between stops are a bugger tho, and this snow is really driving us all mad)

It’s all very belonging to my new found family of course and this time I am part of it enough to have been formally invited there so… it’s gonna be great (even though there are some organizational choices that I truly don’t like but they weren’t up to us so no complaining I know).

More treasured memories (and I will also survive the fact this time around the entertainment provided doesn’t even come close to what I was hoping since the (most recent) history of this kind of celebration… but again no complaining is allowed in these festive occasions and I will seal lips now, and bless the fact that I can be part of it ;)).

Truth is that social boundaries and exchanges are gonna be so worthy anyway, I am grateful and pumped and ready to go even more undercover this time around than we always do in these events (feeling quite royalty and a spy in a Mata Hari mission at times when these type of things have to be prepared, but I wouldn’t change the thrill and the amazement of it for any single thing in the world πŸ™‚ I’ve been born to live this kind of way! ;)).

It’s gonna be a fast pace of a few days and of course very private but I will love even the headaches and jet lags which are gonna offspring out of it ;).. and yes I am writing this now after I throw a pen at the wall because I am so nervous after hours spent in airports lounges trying to figure which route can guarantee us to land in time where we have to that I just gave up a minute to sanity.


But this is not my first trip of the year (if you are one of my 4000+ twitter followers you must know ;)) and sometimes yes… I do get stressed out too.

I am working already my ass off this year (for any leisure related trip, I have to work a lot both prior and after) and I have been to Berlin already (one of the many trips there in the first quarter I guess).

Biz Trips which I Love

Biz Trips which I Love

For the record, I am deeply fond of that town…

Even though lately Italians aren’t really up for anything German-related… but it’s OUR fault, so let there be MY love for you, Svevia πŸ˜‰

Why do Italians dislike Germany as of late?

Well, because our awful politicians told Italians if we are in the pits is due to Merkel‘s acolytes.

Which is obviously a lie.

I need to hope for a great 2013

I need to hope for a great 2013

If Italy’s in the pit is because Italians are so stupid that they have believed Berlusconi for almost 2 decades.

Oh, boy… as we approach these new Elections I am scared as hell Italians will once more prove their idiocity and naivety and give to that monster way more votes than any developed civilians society shall be allowed to.

I am so appalled at the way that awful person is still battling for fucking us all some more… but then I realize he gets VOTED; better: he ALWAYS gotten votes actually… and I just occasionally stop to have faith in humanity altogether.

It’s a quick feeling but it hurts and bruises and hurts.

You know how much I do believe in the greatness of human beings.

It costs me a lot to admit that more than a few times human beings are just plain retarded, in a way too wide portion.


But let’s go on… and focus on good things.

Like art…

Art is always a great thing for me to restore faith in humans πŸ˜‰

Ortisei's purchase is just about the best decision I made past year or something ;)

Ortisei’s purchase is just about the best decision I made past year or something πŸ˜‰

Art is what makes me confident we still a society in development even though at times this pushin forward has cracks and stops and it looks way too lost in… transition (ah!).

Art makes my logic side fade away its cold sight.

Art is what makes me warm and lets me being happy.


I had to have a person with me who’s just made of and lives for art and embodies it so well… or else I wouldn’t be happy at all I guess :).

Of course art is substantially personal in its appreciation (I actually believe the perks of it transcends any personal taste actually and becomes universal… but that’s a long topic that we actually love to argue over at any buen retiro with the families so in a matter of hours it’s going to be very well dug into… and I can’t wait ;)), so it’s not like what I think is Law or anything but since this is my space and its exactly dedicated at the things I love…

Get ready for some heavily judgmental lines.

And by the way to have judgment is not “unfair” or “mean”… to judge things (Cartesio docet) is the only way human prove to be intelligent.

To judge reality gives us the power to transform it.

I cringe anytime people act or speak like to state opinions is some sort of bad habit we shall rid off.


Let us have very strong opinions instead.

Hypocrisy is the worst thing really… not being judgmental.

But let’s get back at art now ;).

The other day we went watching a movie that I personally REALLY have liked a lot… the cast of Tornatore’s “La Migliore Offerta” is splendid and everything was screaming “captivating” to me about this movie.

Then I love to resonate over mental differences and pathologies which affect the human relationships so this was easily a great movie to me (and Geoffrey Rush is ALWAYS to be seen ;)).

I liked it way better than Django Unchained to be honest (even though I loved Christopher Waltz there, but then as you know I really don’t like Leonardo Di Caprio’s acting so that alone pretty much ruined Django to me enough…):

Talking about how bad and overrated (and quite not so good looking either, now that he’s pigging like crazy) Leonardo Di Caprio is, let’s switch briefly to the fact AGAIN he has been snubbed by the Academy Awards Committee…

AS DESERVED, because all of his acting beside a couple of movies is either plain flat or just overdone or (like in Django) completely parodist.

These are the Oscars nominations and I have to say I am pretty pleased with them, just like I have been with the Grammy ones that were detailed past post πŸ˜‰

Ah! Poor Leo πŸ˜‰ Learn from great actors what kind of performance you have to deliver to be considered receipt worthy… for instance ask the IMMENSE Daniel Day Lewis... or these two fellas below (even though they are not real people, they are far more talented and delivering as actors than you):

Wall-E and Totoro ;)

Wall-E and Totoro πŸ˜‰

Speaking about artistry and overrated people who use media power to sell not-so-great skills…

Have any of you heard THE DATED, OVERHYPED, PAINFULLY DULL mess that is the “great return” of Justin Timberpuss Timberlake in the music scene?




Let’s talk about how bad Suit & Tie is, but how it is already being sold by all media (paid by Justin’s team) to be some sort of classy revival of RnB in the charts.

Classy revival?

It sounds like a Robin Thicke’s leftover and I am not saying from 2012… it sounds like a bad effort at making the whole world go sleepy that he (Robin, not Justin) didn’t agree to sing in 2007!!!!

I can’t believe such a sought after artist and long-time loved and missed performer returned on the scene with a 5.20 minute awful song which has maybe 10 second in the chorus which are not sickly-inducing.

I mean… Timberlake as an actor IS really bad and everyone wanted him back in music… but if this is the way he’s going to do music he can go back acting immediately.

No payola to radio will make this song successful (though it may help sell a while at first) Justin… in fact the amazing Thrift Shop (a song which I dearly loved straight up as I heard it) has already dethroned its overrated snoozy jam from iTunes’ top and hopefully preventing any top charting next week, and as hopefully 50 Cent, Eminem and Adam’s way superior My Life will prevent that horrid whine to chart at the top of the UK chart, too (let’s cross fingers).

Suit & Tie is just a very bad song tossed around with incredible pretentiousness, which is not surprising the least coming from Timberlake, a boybander who made a career out of Neptunes’ & Timbaland’s talent (when they were all at their peaks), taking it in all as it was only him doing it by himself.

Well Sir Timberpuss please learn that to give credit to others is good when you know your success is at least a team effort Justin… don’t act like you’re the second coming of anything because your name is based out of NSYNC success and that alone shall make you ashamed for the rest of your life.

You were pure bubble gum pop while the rest of the brained world was into either Nirvana or Britpop. There’s nothing to be really over-proud about in your career Justin… slow down the peackocking feathering and then I might even like you; this if you put out music like Sexy Back and not the inaudible tragedy which is Suit&Tie of course ;).

things which are art: my cooking (kidding.. not yet at least) ;)

things which are art: my cooking (kidding.. not yet at least) πŸ˜‰

And look… while I am not really fond of Justin I do reckon some of his earlier songs were forward and amazing, and I like him as a performer (when he’s not so up his ass) and I do think he is talented (just not as much as he thinks he is though), so for me to loathe so much Suit & Tie it takes this: I can’t stand when garbage is sold like gold, and people believe their own hype.

This values also for the people I actually love, and in fact I have deeply hated anything that involved Adam as soon as he sold out to The Voice (that still a musical crime to me and after that he will NEVER be the same in my eyes: still adore his voice and love his talent but that flawed choice makes him no longer Divine to me ;)), till the point you haven’t seen him in this blog for months in between 2011 and 2012 (thing that I am very proud of: if I like people, I hate them double when they disappoint me fully ;)).

It was Overexposed pop brilliancy and utter realness forcing me to reconsider Adam and Maroon 5 from a fan point of view (I still hate and despise anything he does when related to The Karaoke Mess though… I so hope this is his last season there… please please please let it be), so in the end I judge it all based on actual music goodness and Suit & Tie is one of the worst song of the past 3 years.


It can come Einstein telling me S&T is good and I would still despise it.

Give me Bruno Mars over Justin ANY time as musical talent goes folks… Bruno is ten times better than Justin.

Do your thing: I’ve done mine with it and no matter if it could even get sold and become successful… it will only remain hyped trash to me (remember that to this day I still hate Moves Like Jagger too… and proudly).

I am even supposing this Suit & Tie rushing to the public it’s all part of Beyonce’s plans to make airwaves more used to RnB (she is coming out soon with an album allegedly full of that… and since 4 badly flopped for her standards, she is doing already everything to prevent a similar doomed chart-run this time, with powerful promos brought in by Pepsi, H&M, and the Superbowl…) to force Justin to put off such a weak song (featuring her insufferable and similarly overrated husband Jay-Z, totally worthless in an already completely worthless song) so that when hers come off people won’t have to being forcedly fed up get used to just one of a song with a not so commonly played sound.

In fact Justin’s team is already trying to label S&T as a buzz single teasing that “the real thing” is coming after (of course they will have to put out something else of a more contemporary flair or Mr. Timberlake despite all PR push will flop miserably and the industry has hyped him for years way too much to allow this).

In between Justin and Beyonce’ teams trying to make people think what is pure recycling is actually great creativity (oh, dear… no, it’s just your prime which has faded out and won’t come back…), I have also to say that musically speaking also my people are trying hard to test my nerves.

Just a note because I will go on about Maroon 5 more later… but this I have to tell straight.


You went up fully for it with the (excellent, pop-speakingly) Overexposed album, so why after a wonderful pair of singles with greatly deserved success (Payphone and One More Night) you not only decided to use one of the most uneventful track on the record as third single (The cute-but-flat Daylight) and NOT giving it even a decent video (the 9 minutes video fan mess killed any chance at any music tv or video outlet to promote the song, as expected, and this re-edition of the video, although great for a charity project, still won’t be played anywhere useful), but then also,Β  after it’s starting to climb decently enough to the iTunes and radio, enough to give it at least some Top Ten peak (it will have it in two more weeks)


Love Somebody? really? -_- why can't you ever pick any right single after the first two songs? sigh...

Love Somebody? really? -_- why can’t you ever pick any right single after the first two songs? sigh…

Given that Love Somebody is better than Daylight, but still nowhere as good as the only ballad on the record which would have universally smashed all around, and which should have been the third single (Wipe Your Eyes… and it’s funny because when I heard the demo – I was still in my Maroon 5 refusal time due to Adam being on The Fuckery that thing – I thought it was terrible… but then the album version threw me off my feet and it’s by far one of the songs I love the most on Overexposed… it’s criminal that it’s just a bonus track), WHY PUT IT OUT NOW THAT DAYLIGHT IS TAKIN OFF SOMEHOW????

This is suicidal from any commercial standpoint and it’s absurd to not consider that viewpoint, given that you wanted to be commercial at the maximum this time guys.

The two songs will erase themselves from radio and none of them will flourish, killing the hype on you exactly when you actually deserved it most (Grammy time).

I mean, Overexposed is Platinum already and selling wonderfully in USA and in the world (for the current record buying times at least), and it’s an album FULL of great pop smashes and you…

Decide to waste it all this way?


Not even what looks to be a great video (I don’t get the nakedness and the smurfy-ness with the song lyrics, but then no Maroon5 video has any logic anyway…) because we finally have a sexy female and some skin shownΒ  (Hallelujah!) will make up for the strategic mistake you’re again ready to commit.

Adam Levine and Emily Ratajkowski backstage at Maroon 5 video shooting 16th January 2013

Adam Levine and Emily Ratajkowski backstage at Maroon 5 video shooting 16th January 2013

Why, why oh why you didn’t go the logic and most rewarding route of doing this:

Payphone (April to July 2012) > One More Night (August to November 2012) > WIPE YOUR EYES (perfect sweet ballad from December 2012 to March 2013) >LUCKY STRIKE (surefire #1 groovy hit from April to July 2013) >DOIN’ DIRT (Summer Dance Smash 2013).

That would have been a flawless chart run… you would have affected Katy Perry’s multiple consecutive weeks in the Top Ten record… but now it’s all gone because you’ve stopped yours at 39 and there’s no way either Daylight or Love Somebody will ever match any of those other songs’ I listed smashing chart potential.

And I still hope the reason I got told about for you not releasing the video already shot for The Man Who Never Lied with the gorgeous Valerie Van Der Graaf isn’t the real one for pulling off its idea because it would have been the stupidest form of consoling ever.

why shooting TMWNL video with glorious beauty Valerie Van Der Graaf and NOT releasing it Maroon 5? BAD MOVE. BAD *sigh*

why shooting TMWNL video with glorious beauty Valerie Van Der Graaf and NOT releasing it Maroon 5? BAD MOVE. BAD *sigh*

Biz is biz, and that song and video would have been good for M5, so why give in at somebody’s whining?

And the papers for the agreements you’ve signed – certainly you did – were already sealed so you shouldn’t have again to have agreed with that person’s (those persons) insane requests for protecting their “images” which no one cares about frankly.

You should have released The Man Who Never Lied as planned and give us all a stare at Valerie’s insane beauty along.

Anyway, I hope soon or later that beautiful video will come out anyway, because Emily is cute and all but she’s not really famous beside in adult videos&pictorial circles while Valerie is a fairly established model with a great resume already and she would look awesome in the gallery of M5 video vixens…

Out of these three days of shooting Love Somebody then we have a video which seems theming along… homeless busking ?!?!?? (I wonder how the naked sexy blue mashes with that… oh, boy… Maroon 5 videos are never ever going to make much sense are they? What is that… A Clockwork BLUE remake? The Fisherman remake meets Alex DeLarge? Oh, guys… ;)):

Adam in Los Angeles on Friday January 18th 2013 shooting Love Somebody music video

Adam in Los Angeles on Friday January 18th 2013 shooting Love Somebody music video

Actually these “homeless” images are not for the video of Love Somebody (pheeeewwww) but they are part of a video song skit Adam did with Lonely Islands’ golden boys (Andy Samberg!!!!) in preparation of his incoming SNL hosting stint in a week.

Now let’s just hope that can be at least half as wonderful as the immortal Iran So Far skit.

That was perfection and to even match it will be serious task ;).

Back briefly to the Love Somebody song subject, I just thinkΒ  The Man Who Never Lied would have been a better choice for single (again) both over Daylight and also Love Somebody itself (definitely fitting more after Daylight was already released tho, because two ballads quite equal in a row will never be a good move, let’s face it…) to be honest (and Valerie is also way sexier and more beautiful than the still very cute Emily Ratajkowski, too, even dressed up… tho Emily looks a bit like an – infinitely less beautiful – Natalie Portman and we all know Adam’s old soft spot for her so... there you go: he got a slutty version of Natalie for the video so it’s going to work wonderfully πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ;)).

Love Somebody video backstage 15-17January 2013

Love Somebody video backstage 15-17January 2013

Sometimes I wonder why one of my favorite bands is so capable to mess its own chances at flawless chart runs so consistently over the years, while still labeled as completely sold out in the main time (they are not… only Adam sold out to The Fuckery… the rest of the band is pure ;)).

At least if they TRULY were so!!

If they were sold out for real they wouldn’t always ruin their chart chances by pickin up the worst singles as soon as number 3 comes!

But they keep creating pop and mass-appealing music with the attitude of an indie super creative group allegedly (and they have NEVER been indie and not even alternative, actually… never ever in their whole creative life, not even as Kara’s Flowers).

It drives me mad at times, because it gets so frustrating to picture what they could have done of even more impacting and huge without so many inexplicable self-inflicted missteps.


Oh weeeey: nothing we can do about that: I guess it’s even more entertaining this way, right? (NO.)

Okay… music rants are -momentarily – on hold as I have to heal my Lakers heart a bit.

We are keeping being a mess this season…injuries and the wrong managers’ pick up (sigh… Mike D…. over Pjax… REALLY? I’m never recovering from this… I can’t :(), and just the other day we’ve lost in the worst way against the Meat of beefy Bronzey “I got Half a ring Only But it’s Hyped Like they are Two” James (and you know how that hurts me…).

But I am still loving it all.

The ride in times of pain as much as I adore those in times of jubilee.

In fact the most exciting thing that has happened online since we last meet in these pages is that FINALLY my hero Kobe Bryant is on Twitter.

I can’t start to explain how happy i am about this.

He’s the whole approach I have at determination in life.

My hero against my homie

He’s such an image of power and force to me… all of my stronger sides in personality are willingly shaped (or tried to) after his working ethic.

I know what people will bring it up anytime I express my simply INFINITE adoration for Kobe

“He’s a cheater” “He’s a man not to be trusted” and so on.

My Hero Kobe

My Hero Kobe

For the record: I am aware he’s a cheater… I also FIRMLY believe he is NOT a raper, just a cheater, so to me that don’t matter.

If I would believe he did commit rape I wouldn’t idolize him because rape is awful BUT the fact he is a cheater doesn’t move me at all.

ALL famous and rich people are cheaters. Sportsmen are by far the biggest category of cheating people. I don’t care. Sex is pure drive and all of the famous people… ALL of them simply are cheaters. Male ad females.

All that you see in celebrity couples after a while is a front… and very often all the significant others know and agree at the cheating as long as image is preserved, because they know the sexual instinct can only be stopped for so long unless something peculiar happens (which almost never does) and in the upper circles chances to cheat are simply dozen a day and NOBODY (I repeat: NOBODY) can refuse that tickle for years and years and years and never give in.

If you believe the rich and/or famous are faithful… you probably believe also in Santa flying over the whole world on Xmas Eve even though you are probably 35+ years old.

So what Kobe did and probably still do in terms of his marital life DOESN’T INTEREST nor TOUCHES me and my opinion of him.

He is a devoted father and that is the only thing that matters in the end to me when I judge his private life (which I actually don’t judge at all: it’s not my biz).

I have been at a lot of high society events and I know many high profile people and trust me… the life of biz & high society is different.

It has always been, It will always be. People not into it cannot really understand and it has nothing to do with “morals”.

Many people who would be labeled as “cheating scumbags” have always their significant other informed and agreeing on the cheating (which is not even that when done openly). Sometimes they will even like it to not have to provide stale sex but just live with the perks of the fame and wealth without even minding.

Immoral? Not if agreed on both parts.

Sexual and family life is a personal agreement between couples and what’s “moral” for a public who has no clue on those dynamics has no relevance in their worlds. And it shouldn’t. Oh… and if you don’t agree with my views here… I DON’T GIVE A FRIGGIN FLYING FUCK πŸ˜‰ ah!.

Kobe Bryant and his record as an all starter this year :)

Kobe Bryant and his record as an all starter this year πŸ™‚

I do believe (and I have examples in my life) that a real marriage can be kept along if both parts really work on it… what I also firmly believe though is that the life of a certain type of VIP people doesn’t stand upon the concept of life the normal people think apply to anybody.

Until people are not into that kind of different life… they really cannot have opinions on it because they have no clue whatsoever on what it all means there.

This is it.

What makes Kobe Bryant my hero is his approach to the whole of “Life is a Driven Path” philosophy of existing.

That means you have to live by constantly trying to get better and perfection anything that you are supposed to do which in the end works also regarding who you are supposed to BE.

It means to never sits on laurel of any kind.

It means you see the life as a developing road that YOU can decide the direction of if you’re strong enough.

This is what I really think life is, too: a powerful journey to shape on your own will and it doesn’t matter if in the end you will be successful at that target… the sole fact you try to be will give value and meaning to your time on this planet.

And it will inspire others to act the same and this is exactly what Kobe did for me.

Tracing a line I will always follow.

He is pure force, pure determination, pure will.

He was not born with the best physical asset to become a legendary basketball player.


His unnatural power and perfection is a careful and continuous work of mastery on himself and THIS is why he is my hero.

Because he multiplied his given talent with his INNER force and belief and will and care and work.

He is the image of what a perfect athlete is, because his talent got always shaped up by his own actions and thoughts.

He is immense.

Kobe Bryant is immense.


When he will retire (and he will as soon as he will perceive he cannot anymore be 100%) it will be one of the saddest moments in my life… Just like when I lost Steve Jobs.

I will lose one of the greatest inspirations in my life and this already saddens me.

This is why I hate that The Lakers are playing so poorly this year the most: because they are losing precious days out of the last ones where Kobe can grace the floor.

For me sport is art… the sport at its maximum levels is a form of art, and the people expressing it at most are in full artists to me.

And as much as I adore the pure drive and amazing-ness of Kobe… the same I get blown away by people whose god-given skills are just tale-ish appearing in front of anybody.

Case in talk: Lionel Messi.

Best player in the world. As simple as that.

Best player in the world. As simple as that.

Lionel Messi, The God Of Football who just got his 4th consecutive and so well deserved Ballon D’Or (take that Cristiano Fake Player Ronaldo, King of Overhyped Losers – in Football -: you are not even comparable to Messi when he is ASLEEP and you are in full run. You treat the ball like a caveman and no way you could win that trophy until Messi is ALIVE… go get some mani&pedi and disappear soon from pitch, thank you: you bring nothing actually relevant to the table, you are just good to sell L’Oreal shampoos.)

So while Kobe is massive talent and massive will, Messi is pure unbound and overflowing talent instead… and I adore that too, I adore when the genetics create the ultimate perfection at something.

I adore that it’s almost overhuman the way he makes magic on a football pitch.

Messi is poetry. You can’t avoid to amaze yourself at him.

Messi is like Maradona.

And the only player I loved to really watch killing my Milan (soon again I fear) beside the other football artist I loved dearly until he played, Roberto Baggio (in and out of Milan actually… it happens like almost NEVER to me to keep loving somebody, especially even playing for Inter!!!).

In fact anytime in Italy THIS commercial is on I squirm.

Properly ;):


This is… it’s finding beauty at any step that makes life so special to me.

Of course I speak from a privileged position but I like to think I would have this same oversight on living even if I wouldn’t belong to a wealthy family and gotten married to… well; to what I have ;).

Despite my well environmental surround, I have always worked hard to become what I am; I have never been shallow about my future; I have always been very focused and absolutely keen at being independently possent on my own.

At not even 5 I was making money out of… stylish choices I was pushing my peers at.

No kidding.

Behati Prinsloo Pam Love

Behati Prinsloo Pam Love

I think if you have more options in life given your happy and rich background, it’s only fair and demanded for you to MULTIPLY that and what you’ve received, not to waste it, because a position of favor that you’re born in is a responsibility you have to protect and possibly expand for those following you… otherwise you are a waste and a loser and you are stealin life and chances to those who might not have been born as lucky as you, but who would have maybe been more talented and skilled than you at making something worthy with their lives.

To have is a further pushes at TO BE: waste that, and you are just a not deserving human being.

I like how almost anything I wish for it happens to me… sooner rather than later: but I always believe that I deserve it all.

I deserve to be flying where I am doing… I deserve all the love and the praise (and also the green envy, from unworthy people) that my life is offering me.

I work hard for it.

And I am proud of my personality because I am exactly like I want to be and I don’t care of anyone’s approval but my own one: and trust me my own judgment is the toughest ever about anything.

I live a pretty good life.

Behati Prinsloo is Beauty too

Behati Prinsloo is Beauty too

I am sure in a while I will experience things which are not coming my way, and maybe I will experience loss, demise, pain… but so far I haven’t.

I have never been affected in my love charge so far in my life: all that I wanted and all that I loved and loved to have… came into my hand, and stays there to date.

I never ever felt anything less than adored in my life.


So far… nothing has ever happened to me which I couldn’t call amazing and even the only time when I actually had to live something scary, terrifying, damaging and invasive… that thing has actually helped me in becoming way stronger than I could have been without.

If I am the way I am it’s out of immense family and peers’ love and out of a very terrible experience which in the end didn’t happen as badly as it could have just because I had friends and people ready to protect me and help me out of any damage (psychological and physical) I was suffering out of that.

I can’t say I am glad that happened to me but the outcome of that experience has actually made me a greater person and more driven and more aware and more strong-willed than ever.

So it was useful in the end.

And I always think that all of the love I am surrounded by came even bigger and wider as a sort of… heavenly or destiny reward out of that tragic thing I was involved into.

That’s why I say that my life is perfect, even when my family cringes thinking of the fact my life has also had to sustain those days of horror.

But I truly believe m life is pretty darn perfect and actually it’s a great thing NOT everything I have ever dreamed to live did happen to me, because to be keep going on you must still have targets and you must keep shape your future according to your own main line of wish and will and sometimes a no-success is the push you need to a greater success after.

Behati and Candice on the VS shooting which have become the swuimsuit catalogue now out for Victoria's Secret

Behati and Candice on the VS shooting which have become the swuimsuit catalogue now out for Victoria’s Secret

Therefore, I am grateful for my missing as much as I am for the things that I wanted that I have accomplished (and those are so many in fact), like losing the chem prize when I was 15, or miss the chance to compete internationally in volleyball;Β  like the fact I haven’t been able to ravish into a long deep conversation with Steve Jobs (and that obviously won’t ever happen now), or exchange music tips with either Michael Stipe or Thom Yorke (I have been almost able to do the latter, but that dinner was scrambled out by the worst table assignment EVER) or of course the fact that my dream fuck (aka boning Adam) hasn’t been performed because I ran shit scared when the set-up was almost complete… that is good that it never happened though because if I took that chance I had when I was barely 20 I would have probably forever hated him (or myself) after…

I was way too inexperienced back then, paraphernalia & alcohol wouldn’t have helped me in feeling any differently than a little fish in a tank of sharks&deadly jellyfishes – because I never was into any of the two and I still to this day – and then he definitely was in his sluttiest (but also kinda undefined and unrefined sexually) phase back in those days so that missing is a good thing in my book.

I would have hated to have to replicate with my vocal idol (he was that since a while already) those kind of utterly disappointing encounters I had some months after that chance flew away like when it did happen to date (not really date… just bone, and just that out of my will not theirs) a couple of VERY famous sportsmen in Uk and Italy just to discover under so much physical strength it lied absolutely zero bed skills (and by my early 20s, I wasn’t yet THAT good myself at that to be taking the teaching upper hand you know ;)) which for me pretty much equal the fact you become also a ZERO as a man (sorry, sex is that important to me that it defines you as person as much as soul, heart and brain do) .

I can keep my free pass(es) for life anyway – I have three with K and he has three with me but one of them is a female we both agree on so ;)… it’s like 2 πŸ˜‰ – for when we will all be tiresome and middle aged and during some swanky political/biz party on the Hollywood crests we can debauchee in a more Baudelaire’s way (K would like it too, we have also always agreed on that πŸ˜‰ it’s not really that we have taboos when it comes to sex over here… otherwise we couldn’t be married I guess ;)) without fears to be inadequate (there’s absolutely nothing worse than having the highest sexual expectations on any person/situation/framing of possibility and then being let down or being the one letting down the other… absolutely nothing that can affect the ego more than it, nothing!).

Oh and if you think the debauchee is anything like in those garbage books like 50 Shades of whatever think again… that is absolutely fictional… nothing comes even remotely close to what happens behind curtains (or actually open space) in any upper mansion or swanky penthouse where politicians, CEOs and tv executives share breath.

Tv execs are by far the most pervert people you can meet: they have that thirst that comes from the fact they are frustrated to not being MOVIE top tier execs, but have the power of – generally – making more money than the majority of those. The gap in which the frustration and the revenge feeling lies within for them mashing with the power they have onto others’ lives create a plethora of huge freaks which you have to really think about sometimes, even in those aforementioned “open-for-everything” kind of “parties”.

Adam Levine for 7 Hollywood Magazine debut issue ICONS Winter 2013

Adam Levine for 7 Hollywood Magazine debut issue ICONS Winter 2013

Anyway any book from the decadence around 1900/1920 describes all the feelings and haunts in these situations WAY better and more aptly than what is put out currently.

This society we live in is second rate even in the slutty time department.

Too bad πŸ˜‰


Okay okay… enough with the deep thing…

Let’s fill the remain of time in between airplanes and snow and delays with some Maroon 5 chronicles πŸ˜‰ and in between with some Behati&Adam’s chronicle too (because yep, they still together and I really like that).

I hope they go on as much as possible, though everybody knows with Adam you can never tell what can happen tomorrow.

But as long as they keep it reserved and private and she keeps being his angel of care and love, I am sure things can just keep getting stronger actually ;).

Last post we ended while Maroon 5 were in Las Vegas as already said…Β  The guys had wonderful performances and then enjoyed the perks of being in Las Vegas with their girls and some family.

Behati had worked in Los Angeles those days prior and though she was responsive to her friends in fashion’s praise she of course went the right way and just stayed with Adam all the way as usual without tweeting any of that because that is private life :).

Behati always does her work and then without really pimping it she goes straight to where she belongs: her man’s side. Good Bee πŸ˜‰

Too bad she missed her dear Coco Rocha for a hot minute, as the latter was in Vegas too by the time Maroon 5 family was coming down there:

All people and entourages were in Las Vegas: Behati had fun with Ali Tamposi (missus Jimmy V.) the most as usual (love how they get along) and of course as usual she never tried to steal Adam’s thunder nor trying to conquer any attention for herself…

But she still went gambling aside him (because Adam actually adores gambling… he really brings it like a kid at the table) and being just his loving shadow at any step and not for any other reason but the fact THIS IS WHAT ADAM WANTS.

The amazing and fierce beauty of Behati

The amazing and fierce beauty of Behati

You don’t stay nine months with a person who practically always lives with you if you don’t like it and her; especially because if you are in Adam’s position you can change girlfriends with a snap of your fingers.

If he doesn’t and has always Behati around him… it must mean he likes her more, right?

I guess it’s only logic working here πŸ˜‰

Oh… the teacup pig Adam gifted Behati with during Xmas wasn’t with them in Las Vegas (and not even after that where they were about to head after).

Milo De Cruz was the pig-sitter and he posted this awesome little video of the pig-sitting:

Milo De Cruz pig-sits Behati’s latest friend

The cuteness overload is unbearable ;).

As usual, the fact any private time between Adam and Behati is secretive, and none of them likes to make the world part of it (as it is right to be, because their life is only theirs and “fans” have no role in it), many started to guess if they were together, if they broke up (ah, the wishful thinking of so many losers… ;)) and started to say they must have broken up because Adam was meant to be in New York for New Years’ eve NBC Special (an unbound bore).

Not really.

The NBC special “starring” him (a ten second thing is “starring”?) was obviously recorded by him:

No, Adam wasn’t in New York because as soon as Maroon 5 gig in Vegas on December 30th ended, and after he and Behati gambled for some more hours after, the two happy lovers took another plane and along with Adam’s assistant Shawn and his Gisella, and with Sam and Steph Farrar’s families, they flew over secretive (again) paradise.

This Paradise in Los Cabos, Mexico (this is part of Hilton’s chain and is a private property where no paps could ever snap a thing: because yes, Adam is a VERY reserved person and you have to deal with this):

Up there in Los Cabos, Adam had his usual and by now regular fun with golf (sigh), and Behati kept bonding with the wives of his nearest friends, the way it’s fine to be, and all that under a wonderful sun.

Oh, by the way… whoever claims delusionally Behati’s got any body trouble, is just jealous of her great thin frame (the only type of frame Adam actually likes), because the encounters of them two at Eldorado Beach & Resort Club were absolutely stunned at the perfection of Behati’s body on displayΒ  πŸ˜‰ (of course).

Adam and Behati end and start of the year in between Las Vegas and Los Cabos

Adam and Behati end and start of the year in between Las Vegas and Los Cabos

Adam did not tweet either for many days… only briefly (while still in Los Cabos) acknowledged his luck πŸ˜‰ and shared his bold resolution for 2013 (last year he wanted many things and he probably solved to achieve them all, because I am sure he calls Behati “lion” at times in bed and so he has also made friends (;)) with a lion).

Career wise, to be more awesome in 2013 compared to an already fantastic 2012 will take some interesting twist. πŸ˜‰

For instance… it will take to see how Adam (only him) will do as Saturday Night Live host… in 7 days from now πŸ™‚

Adam has long wanted to host SNL and sure this is a good move in his blossoming acting direction.

Talking about that...

I will be not anymore in USA when the last episode of AHS Asylum series will air (I adored this and I can’t wait to see it in Italian too) and I will have to wait to know what the hell did happen to Adam’s (Leo) arms in there…

Can Adam Levine's tv future jobs be only like this one and not like THE Fuckery? thanx ;)

Can Adam Levine’s tv future jobs be only like this one and not like THE Fuckery? thanx πŸ˜‰

I wish he would do another AHS stint because he did decently enough as debut there but it seems (from one interview he gave while promoting The Fuckery season 4) that he has already denied Ryan Murphy request there.


I hope he changes his mind and agrees on more AHS acting ;).

I am curious to see how he will fare; sad that I will not be able to stay in New York enough to catch at least rehearsals πŸ˜‰ but ehi… I have work to do πŸ™‚

Maroon 5 have just kicked everyone’s asses in 2012 and I am really proud of that, I love the way Overexposed is and I am so glad it got love from the public and Grammy praise too.

It’s deserved.

I may not agree on their single choices now but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they are up to producing amazing pop this time.

I love it.

When the holiday in Cabo ended, Behati and Adam returned in Usa, of course together; Adam’s first and immediate duty was the TCA panel for NBC that he had to do for of course that show that I won’t mention (he looked dapper though ;)).

The hilarious thing is that by the time they were in Cabo together, some retarded site(s) for gossip trash which is feeding a mass of retards readers actually published pictures of Adam which were snapped in JUNE and labeled them current (i.e. from January 2013) telling Adam was spotted on Extra! set interview (this because those days the outlet was airing interviews with The Fuckery Season 4 promos which were actually recorded weeks before).

Dumb fodders.

Really πŸ˜‰

Sorry for the haters, but this is how Adam and Behati do: they spend time together and not for the cameras but just for themselves (which is tragic for gossip sites because they live out on celebrities actually posing for them); when he does stuff, she does too; and when she’s free, she actually keeps pursuing her passion for photography by hangin around Travis Schneider (excellent mentor).

Adam and Maroon 5 had to perform at the CES infamous event in Las Vegas (money money money) and while there for a couple of days, Adam even gifted his entourage with free holidays and gambling (Noah Passovoy thanked much for it) and even – it seems – gave them his winning checks at the green table.

He seems a very happy man to me ;).

And he has all reason to feel so grateful and generous πŸ™‚

Talking about expanding brands and making money, news surfaced those days that Adam and Nicki Minaj would sign on a multiple year project for a mass retailer in Usa, for developing a proper branded fashion items line.

This means, quite simply, that by now Adam is an A series celebrity.

I also like that he does that with Nicki… it’s going to be fun ;).

The reason he does this?

Money of course; he knows he won’t be a popstar forever (he also doesn’t want that for all his life, has always said he doesn’t see himself on stage at 40) and he wants expand his reach and make all the money which will make him able to retire at a certain point (and maybe then be a family man) the way he wants to do it; these are the moves to be made and they have to be made now.

The biz woman in me praise his patterns endlessly at the moment: the guy is smart, even though I hate he had to start so chaotically by betraying his fans waiting for him on tour (ie: ME) and sign onto The Fuckery ditching his truest essence, which he knows he has even though sometimes he plays it coy ;).

But now a lot of way more interesting things are lined up for him so I hope he gives up on that show and moves on and better ;).

Oh… and by the way Adam’s not the only Maroon 5 related person involved in National Fashion… Jimmy V’s lil sister is going to compete on Project Runway πŸ˜‰ and he’s so cutely proud it’s melting ;).

But these are talks of the future; at the moment Maroon 5 are still here and active and collecting awards, like they did again at The People Choice Awards on past Sunday:

Behati didn’t attend PCA with Adam… and I actually didn’t expect her to.

That is Maroon 5 moment, not hers; she has never pushed to be stealing Adam’s limelights and so far this has made them super unite as couple; Behati actually was still in Los Angeles all the way till January 12th so she could have; but the point is that she doesn’t really want to be part that way of Adam’s stuff.

She’s not trying to milk him.

This is a great thing and I hope it can be this way as long as sky gets blue πŸ™‚

Of course then now whenever she works and her shots see the light of VS catalogues and films… people know she is “Adam’s one” and this makes media more interested in her; but you don’t see her push this at all.

She keeps never speak about their life; she never tweets when they are together; she keeps it fully and completely private what IS completely private.

She could be daily in news if she would love due to her boyfriend… but she has NEVER used him this way; and for this I really love her.

Perfection. Behati Prinsloo for VS Valentine 2013

Perfection. Behati Prinsloo for VS Valentine 2013

Many people like to bash her, but truth is she’s gorgeous and full of unique-ness, she has a strong personality and she is with one of the sexiest creatures that world has ever seen, being a very wonderful sexy kitten herself (of course, as Adam likes only these sexy things).

That is surely reward and who cares if livid losers spread lies on her or cover her with insults… at the end of the day, she gets to Adam’s bedroom and unfolds him and let him unfold her and they experience the best side of life πŸ˜‰ and while haters can keep hate πŸ˜‰ Behati and Adam can keep win instead ;).

For how long they can… I hope they are happy and have TONS of happy sex ;).

Talking about people and sex and musicians (?)… Taylor Swift followed Adam on Twitter after his speech at PCA.

You all know a part of me has always wondered how a Tay + Adam fling could inspire the best revenge song in both… but of course this isn’t happening.

Behati surely will take care this never happens (Taylor wishes it would though, I am sure. After being with Mayer, is not really like any of us can believe she is this naive princess ;), so sure she would love to step a toe in Levine’s crazy penchant for all things (sexy) red, right Swift?).

Then Tay Tay has lots of streets to walk into before reaching the type of sexy Behati has that is requested for having somebody as Adam fall for you πŸ˜‰

Though definitely she has the physical frame Adam loves.

But let’s not diverge too much from the good road… take this video which is a mash up for all that A&B have lived so far this month (songs choices are always well thought over ;)):

I hope this state of things can go on for a lot still: I do like them as a – very exclusive – couple.

Bless them πŸ˜‰

On Sunday, when Behati was away already to join her fellow Angels in Miami for a new shot/film, Maroon 5 had a wonderful gig to play.

No, not Golden Globes…

Maroon 5 went to Brentwood School 40th Anniversary celebration and played a Nokia Theather gig for the institution that saw them christened as Kara’s Flowers.

And to everyone’s amaze momentnot only Jesse (of course) was there


The Original 4 : Jesse Adam Ryan and Mickey

The Original 4 : Jesse Adam Ryan and Mickey

It made me so unbelievably happy to see them 4 together again…

I can’t express… it’s marvelous that they still THEM after an entire life πŸ™‚

I can't :) so happy :)

I can’t πŸ™‚ so happy πŸ™‚

I love to perceive that Jesse is slowly getting back into the Maroon 5 things… I want a 5th album which will blow everyone away with its perfection and then Maroon 5 can call it a day just from the top of the world with a record which can be AOTY.

Pop evolution with fusion of jazz and rock.

Jesse can bring this and I want it.

Can’t wait honestly :).

While Adam was into his childhood lullabies, Behati flew to Miami to team with Russel James and her bestie Candice S..

Behati shooting VS in Miami January 2013

Behati shooting VS in Miami January 2013

And they created lots of magic πŸ˜‰

Now I hope after spending time with Candice in Miami, when Behati gets back to New York (for Adam’s SNL for sure) she can meet again her real BFF namely Coco Rocha who still painfully miss her.

I want this to happen again:

Behati and Coco :)

Behati and Coco πŸ™‚

And while his lady was hard at work, Adam had his chance to relax in the sun of California along Milo, before starting shooting the video for Love Somebody.

Yes… Milo “The Pig Sitter” De Cruz is the friend he was with:

Adam Levine and Milo DeCruz do lunch in Hollywood on January 15th 2013

Adam Levine and Milo DeCruz do lunch in Hollywood on January 15th 2013

Friends are important… and since Adam’s friends ALL like Behati (Jesse is starting to be more vocal about her through instagram’s appreciation especially, and this makes me happy) I’d love for her friends to get to bond a bit with Adam too – even though this is always more difficult, being him as reclusive with strangers as he is.

Anyway back to Behati’s work, she shone in Miami; of course though – it had to happen soon or later – the paps who were on set and whom had already sneaked pics of Alessandra and Candice the days before got a hold of Behati’s perfection too.

And this turned more heads than ever.

The sites known for providing the media spins about the hottest females to the horniest males started to put Bee on their radars… nothing wrong with it cos she deserves admiration but she is not the kind of slutty model who dons thongs all the time and work an overboard “sexy” stare and image all around, all the time.


Behati is more the tomboy type with the physique du role of a Goddess.

And then the media people of course had to drop Adam’s name in.

TMZ now will try it all to make her happen as a sort of vixen… but this will make some uncomfortable pappin’ more likely to happen and this will cause unwanted stress to this very low-key (and for this happy) couple.

I hate that; the thirst and the voyeurism of people ready to drool over lives they’ll never come close to.

I hope this won’t affect Adam and Behati because they do so well in private; I am happy though because Bee again didn’t try to milk this papping orΒ  sudden relevance to national media at all; she just ignored it, posted a friendly reminder to beloved Ali Tamposi (whom of course answered her friend promptly) and went on after the media frenzy to post silly pictures of herself in no glam fashion to dry perverts out.

I love her attitude there ;).

But the fact she’s hot can’t be denied and of course she would attract some fine tasted man as Adam with it πŸ˜‰

It’s nature ;).

While We are up talking about M5, let me just post one thing about James’ side project JJAMZ because they kicked ass at Leno:

And I hope they smash a lot. In fact they are right now at Sundance Festival kickin even more ass and everyone must buy Suicide Pact (an obvious reference to Maroon 5 habit at pickin up singles past the second one) ;).

Talking of Festivals… Maroon 5 are set to rock The amazing Jazz festival in New Orleans later this year!!! So much greatness again:

And again so completely deserved by our guys ;).

They can keep rocking but you know the fact they are again exploring their jazz mojo makes me all excited about incoming NEW music which hopefully won’t be any related to heartbreak finally but will dwell into beauty and sexy of a good life vibe ;).

This is what just happened yesterday btw… Adam was still in Los Angeles shooting the Skit with Andy Samberg SNL video and Behati was still in Miami, this time shotting for NEXT after she did that other sizzling one for Victoria’s Secret:

Aam and Behati on two coastal shooting duties - January 18th 2013

Aam and Behati on two coastal shooting duties – January 18th 2013

I guess they are about to reunite as soon as Adam flies to New York for his Saturday Night Life hosting gig, which has rehearsal starting on Tuesday for sure ;).

In the maintime Frankie and Behati’s tea-cup pig can be guarded still by Gene back in Adam’s house in LA.

Or wahetever πŸ˜‰

Ben Watts has already pre-called Behati about some New York Event but aren’t those the Grammys days?

Not sure it can happen Ben but maybe Bee can fete you over with some delay in NY just about now πŸ˜‰

I hope paparazzi will leave them alone.

Their relationship will be way safer out of all the pap crap (but now that even TMZ is on it, I fear trouble… let’s hope they can keep on being very reclusive and strong, because that is the best hope they will keep on actually being a couple ;)).

Frankie and Behati pig bond as friends at Adam house

Frankie and Behati pig bond as friends at Adam house

I just want their working life to be as amazing as possible and their private lives to be as secure and secluded as possible too.

Am I asking too much?

I hope not: because what I do through this is wishing them WELL :).

By the way… if anybody can give me an hint about the reason behind Example’s questions regarding Adam I’d be happy… I am so hoping they can collaborate!!! It’d be amazing :D!

So much to look forward I guess for this 2013.

Just one last note: K&I may have gotten a cat and start to feel quite… “parental” BUT there’s no plan for us for a bigger family at the moment.

Stop hinting… stop asking… stop guessing ;).

We are still in our honeymoon phase.

Literally πŸ˜‰

And since this traveling space is so cold and stuttering… why not kill some await… in the best possible way…?

The writing can distress me only so much after all ;).

I just hope we won’t be completely out of force when we will finally land in DC.

Anyway… perks and digs of the on-the-run life I guess πŸ˜‰

Have all a great rest of the month.

We surely will πŸ˜‰

Bye&Life πŸ˜‰

Missus Z. πŸ™‚


Hi there everybody!

happy xmas time ;)

happy xmas time πŸ˜‰

Yes yes… I kept my word and came in to sneak a proper post after the Xmas Extravagant Gifting one .

I had to put the 121212 Concert up… after we went to The XX at Alcatraz the start of this month I was thinking no musical experience could have topped it (at least for Deecember 2012) but then I witnessed that gig and went overcrazy and I decided it was a must to make all of you seeing/hearing it.

Am I good or am I wonderful?

Your pick…

After all music is my greatest passion and if you know me you weren’t surprised I chose a musical kind of little gift for you all the other day.

Please tho… be also charitable and help those in need by downloading the album that helps Sandy’s victims.

I wish I could have found also the amazing show Roberto Benigni put up for Rai 1 earlier this month (about our Constitutional Law… amazing) but unfortunately the only way to broadcast that is this one (not my video but check it because it’s amazing :)):

Take it as a further little homage to the wrapping of the year (sorry for non Italians… I am actually sad none of you can appreciate the perfection that Benigni is).

I was all up to write a super happy post.

And trust me I will…

But as I began to write after coming back to our little gem house of Ortisei after snowy happy morning… I read and watched news and I got struck with the one that amazing Rita Levi Montalcini has passed away.

Farewell, glorious Rita Levi Montalcini

Not unexpectedly… she was over 100 years old…

But I am a scientist and a woman and you can guess the fact I was 1 when she won the Nobel Prize was a sign for me in so many ways, I would later develop a proper worshipping of her; her brain, her style, her class, her devotion and passion to the mankind and FOR mankind.

So please before I go on…

Unite along me in the memory of her greatness: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rita_Levi-Montalcini

Thank you.

Now let’s go back to the proper post I was having in mind to write…

The highlights of December in Z&K’s life have been the usual ones (I am kinda routinely in this month more than in others i have come to acknowledge).

Milano in white

Milano in white

I loved to enjoy Milano under snow as well… it gets so beautiful when everything switches from stone to fairly pearly white, and the monuments seem made of ice πŸ™‚

Karim parents’ have been here also for the Scala PremiΓ¨re… it has been simply perfect and I did enjoy more Wagner personally; we’ve spent time with the people we love and we have also taken care of our new Ortisei House (a bijoux) and of adorable Nut (he starting to live up to the crazy version of his name πŸ˜‰ and we love it… the house is happier now that he is here… Swifty keeps being unfazed by him but Nut is trying to be friends πŸ˜‰ let’s see ;))

So… in a bunch of hours this 2012 will end.

We’re ending it over the magic surroundings of Dolomiti, after we’ve got to spend a wonderful Xmas with both my parents and K’s in Florence… then we also enjoyed a wonderful break there by ourselves after they left; being all loved up and witnessing my favorite ballet (Swan Lake) at Teatro Verdi.

I’me feeling so grateful as I watch the woods burn in the fireplace and while K&I are taking a sweet time going through all of our filmed 2012 moments (total of caught on video life bites… – NO KIDDING – 211.5 HOURS! More than 40 minutes for each day. If we’d average it. But we don’t. Clearly ;)).

We have had our great fun in the snow this morning and basically we are very excited to celebrate New Year with all of the crew reunited (we move towards Cortina tomorrow for the party… I love there but I love more to have our little cozy place in this way quieter town in the valley ;))

Nutty ;)

Nutty πŸ˜‰

Nut is back home, we haven’t brought him here unlike we did in Florence because we would be at risk of losing him in the snow… and then my parents are really good at pampering him when we are not home.

Swifty has received just half an hour ago a video message (yes… I video message my horse… so what? πŸ˜‰ ).

In just a little over a couple of hours Marghe will bring here little princess Eva and then my New Year’s holidays will be complete (glad they traveled today because yesterday it took us A LIFE to arrive in Ortisei from Florence.. today they shouldn’t find trouble on the roads as everybody is already at their destination… hopefully!).

Darn I am SO in love with that kid it’s unreal.

I can’t fathom it. I just live it like a blessing; probably the greatest one this year which is ending’s gifted me with.

Oh, and by the way…


Even though the fact Berlusconi is up again for Prime Minister Running is a definitive sign that humanity SHALL deserve some punishment (or at least Italy… but on the other hand Berlusconi MIGHT be the punishment… :/).

one of my 3 Xmas trees at home ;)

one of my 3 Xmas trees at home πŸ˜‰

But yeah, Obama saved the world’s ass by being sent a second time in the White House so I am pretty hopeful 2013 won’t suck.

Actually (beside sporty troubles for my teams, beloved Milan and Lakers) I really have to say 2012 has been great, despite natural tragedies and the quakes and the fact humans still treat our poor planet so stupidly.

Cern has found Higgs’ Boson and science is taking a step further towards the infinite; my job and K’s are pretty solidly set up; I am ready to have a super fulfilled incoming year but at the same time we have already planned where to go for my Birthday; K’s one; our anniversary month; and just about in a month and a half we will be staying quite a lot in the USA and while there, beside work and family time and some other stuff we will check Maroon 5 live in a series of gigs.

Madison Square Garden… we gotcha πŸ˜‰

I love to be as organized as possible… so I feel fine in knowing pretty much already all of the major schedule for 2013…

But that won’t mean if some novelty sneaks in I won’t be delighted about it πŸ˜‰

Talking about babies, before I go detailing as per usual the post also about them, let me share (we still in festive mood) the free package of gifts iTunes gave of them just the other day, because that stays in between personal stuff and chronicles doesn’t it? ;).

This one is the package I am talking of:

Maroon 5 Holiday Gift from iTunes

Maroon 5 Holiday Gift from iTunes

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

But before I dwell into M5 more let me just say that in short form I am grateful for all that 2012 has been because of:

1) Karim (no need to say anything else right?);

Thank You for Dolomiti ;)

Thank You for Dolomiti πŸ˜‰

2) Our families and their always amazing support;

3) Eva;

4) My crew;

5) His crew;

6) The fact both mashed amazingly in one of the best Summer vacations we’ve ever had in Southern Italy;

7) The fact that I keep having the best job I could have possibly dreamed for;

8) K’s achievements this year which have made all of the families so proud;

9) Chances;

10) Changes.

Thank You for Florence :)

Thank You for Florence πŸ™‚

Oh, and then as usual THANK YOU for Curiosity/Traveling/Art/Music.

I could never live without any of those.

To those who keep hinting at the subject… the answer is NOT.

Don’t expect a pregnancy by yours truly ANYTIME soon ;).

So 2013 won’t be the Year of The Child Of Destiny (and I don’t mean Blue Ivy’s supposed brother/sister).

Give up to the plan because K&I just don’t look out for kids (yet) πŸ™‚

It’s just that we keep on willing to do some things yet which would be problematic to do with little kids or infants to take care after.

We have a very clear idea on what it takes to be a parent and we are not ready to completely revolution our existences yet with that choice.

A thing instead we will definitely do will be to keep on cheering to THIS MAN and his impact on the sport we both love so dearly.

Laadies and Gentlemen, BOW to His Perfection Of Athletic Strive:

Youngest player to break 30000 points. LEGENDARY Kobe Bryant

Youngest player to break 30000 points. LEGENDARY Kobe Bryant


What else?

I think I have covered it all and most important… I have to move through this writing of a post quickly or when little Eva will come she will try to write herself onto the iPad πŸ˜‰

She is already very attracted to technology and since her mum and techs are like water and oil, and her dad and techs are like fire and paper, I suppose she is taking already hints from her devoted Auntie Z., namely Geek Of The Universe πŸ˜‰

This Morning ;) Over here ;)

This Morning πŸ˜‰ Over here πŸ˜‰

So okay, let’s move!

I think it’s time to switch and start to teach you about how also Maroon 5 shall be VERY fond of this year which has just started to fade.

I have many and many excerpts that testify a WONDERFUL charting year for them; Overexposed is the TENTH best selling album WORLDWIDE and after the Billboard Charts for the year 2012 have surfaced it’s clear that the guys are back with a vengeance and stronger than ever.

2012 Worldwide Album Chart

These up above were the worldwide charts, which yet don’t even include the last week of the year, in which both their Album and their songs are continuously increasing in copies sold πŸ˜‰

Please note that also the following Year-To-Date chart in Billboard covers only from December 2011 to the full of NOVEMBER 2012 so actually Overexposed, Payphone and One More Night (and also Moves Like Jagger…*sigh*) actually sold EVEN MORE and were at HIGHER position by the time the World Charts were completed.

This is the Billboard Triumph (note also how Adam charted also with Gym Class Heroes’ “Stereo Hearts” collaboration…) of beloved Maroon 5 this year 2012:

Billboard Year End Charts of 2012 -Dec 2011 to full Nov 2012 ratio

Billboard Year End Charts of 2012 -Dec 2011 to full Nov 2012 ratio

Overexposed is practically already PLATINUM in the USA… it’s past easily the 900.000 copies sold already before Xmas sales so it’s just a matter of a couple of weeks before the very prestigious mark is past (all of their sets have been Platinum and Multi Platinum in their home Country); worldwide, the set is well over 2.2 millions copies already and in these times of selling struggles it’s an amazing achievement especially because it has been available ONLY after the end of June, so it has sold so much (and deservingly, I love the album because it’s pop perfection) in just 6 months on sale (and unlike what it happened with Pink’s set they have almost never had a continuous discount sale policy going on).

Billboard best selling Digital Albums of all Time

Billboard best selling Digital Albums of all Time

Maroon 5 have been a force to be reckoned with in charts since their debut, so it’s a great thing that a decade later they keep being selling this strong, and that they have had multiple number one hits from EACH era of them.

This is amazing, and it’s testified by Year-To-End charts worldwide also this 2012, with Payphone and One More Night (as well as STILL Moves Like Jagger, which you know tho I am not happy about) being a wonderful double diamonds pair encrusted in their 10-years-of-successes crown.

They are the only BAND achieving the end to date chart with TWO songs in the worldwide Top Ten of Singles.


www.mediatraffic.de screen capture 2012-12-29-14-28-22

I still not happy about the fact they chose Daylight as third single… the song is not really one of the best in Overexposed and the fact they decided to kill its chance of moderate success even more with a video which is far too long and absolutely unappealing to the masses (it’s not particularly original either, if I have to confess) makes me cringe…

But eh, we’re talking about the band who decided to not release either Stutter or Nothing Lasts Forever or The Sun from previous albums so it’s clear they like to kill their best momentum regularly, don’t they? ;).

PJ Morton at the KIIS Jingle Ball

PJ Morton at the KIIS Jingle Ball

I think eventually the song might reach somewhere between 15/10th position on the charts out of the fact airplay will be on their side like it always happens, but I get scared when I hear Daylight is Adam’s fav song on the album (well, his fav on the previous ones were the similarly super-boring Never Gonna Leave This Bed and Won’t Go Home Without You so I shall be used by now on his not so great picks… *sigh*), because it’s honestly so vanilla it’s hard to get passionate about it (I do like his vocals on it tho… when he hits his lower register I always appreciate).

It’s not that Daylight is a bad song… it is a very nice song but nowhere near as smashing regarding its single potential as Doin’ Dirt, The Man Who Never Lied, Wipe Your Eyes and of course the best pop song on the album, the pop perfection which is Lucky Strike are.

Beside the chart triumph (which hopefully Daylight won’t ruin anytime soon) in December it happened a lot to our kids.

We have to start with the fact they were supposed to play as the surprise act KIIS LA Radio Jingle Ball… but as Adam addressed via twitter his throat was damaged so they had to pull out

Only James and PJ actually went there, because Adam had to save his vocal chords for something way more important (even though fans were cute to him and probably hated the fact Will.I.Am substitued Maroon 5 – ewww -)…

The way more important event Adam had to save his voice for was of course the Nashville based Grammy Nomination Concert Broadcast:

Now his voice was still quite affected BUT the important thing was of course that Maroon 5 GOT TWO NODS!!!!

And then it’s always amazing to look at the guys onstage and it pumps me for next year!!!

I am so happy about the fact Overexposed got its share of glory too!!!

I am pretty convinced Fun. will take home all Maroon 5 have also been nominated for (the fact they are also up for Album and Song Of The Year easily tells me that) but the fact Payphone and ALSO Overexposed were reckoned in such a crowded and full year for pop is AMAZING!!!!!

It also testifies that my taste is awesome because I have always said Overexposed is a WONDERFUL pop record (I like how dear Jonah Hill got immediate cheer for his bro Adam… so cute ;)) πŸ™‚

I never fail musically… and all the nominations are amazing to my taste this year; best bit being the obvious fact dreadful Bieber was snubbed, as deserved, and also I am happy James’ girlfriend Ali Tamposi (a dear friend of Behati now) got her moment of shine in the noms too as an author – James is so proud of her!) πŸ˜‰

Never to stay too quiet, Adam went to Chelsea Lately during the festive episodes (wearing again a dapper suit) to clarify among other stuff (or to reinforce) some statements out of December GQ which put him in a boiling seat:

Adam doesn’t hate the kid Honey Boo Boo… he hates the exploiting of a kid by his parents for fame.

put this in your mind when reading December GQ where he put those on his personal Punch list:

GQ USA 2012 Collage Adam levine punches trash reality TV and Honey Boo Boo parents

GQ USA 2012 Collage Adam levine punches trash reality TV and Honey Boo Boo parents

I laugh when really not smart people blast him for opinions which are actually quite deep and rightful (although sure he could use a little less of cursing when stating them… but he’s unfiltered and he won’t restrain for the sake of appearances…); surely he is proud of his opinions, in every way, and he won’t bend at his ideas for keeping public quiet.

I love Adam’s realness there; I appreciate his honesty more and more.

I love how he won’t dismiss his deep belief about how life shall be, I love how he won’t hide his political stances for the sake of selling more in general; I love how he will keep tellin in your face that he believes half of the tv the general public watches and love is simply pure trash damaging brains…

Now if he only would step off that awful Karaoke show too… I could finally be COMPLETELY proud.

Can Adam Levine's tv future jobs be only like this one and not like THE Fuckery? thanx ;)

Can Adam Levine’s tv future jobs be only like this one and not like THE Fuckery? thanx πŸ˜‰

I am up for him to keep on trying acting like in AHS though… I also welcome possible guest starring appearances in Sons Of Anarchy, and anything related with comedy πŸ™‚

Ops… before I forget.. here’s the scan of the magazine I couldn’t put on last post I was talking of my likes… the Tv Guide Hottest List number:

Hot Liste 2012 TV Guide

Hot Liste 2012 TV Guide

I just adore everything amazing which is happening to Adam instead because in my book (and even tho so many times he does his best to make me regret my admire, The Fuckery That Awful Karaoke Show that thing being the best reason so far to this type of dismantling feeling) he is just so talented and full of qualities… I love how he also stays true to his Jewish roots even tho he doesn’t fake a Belief which is not fully his (and also this is so honest and real, it makes me adore the person he is).

Then of course… Adam is handsome.

There’s no other possible way to put it in words ban to state the obvious: he’s gorgeous and he also gets more attractive with age (darn you devil! ;)).

news.menshealth.com screen capture 2012-12-29-15-48-23

This is also getting noticed multiple and multiple times, not so surprisingly, in many of the years end countdown of various sorts.

But being really good looking (also in a very European way, which doubles the effect to me) is only one of his many qualities, truth be told.

m.instyle.com screen capture 2012-12-29-15-50-32

I find it funny how ladies, girls, gays and (even if they deny it often) straight men have finally realized how amazing Adam Levine is πŸ˜‰

I knew since I first knew about Maroon 5 in 2003 ;).

I also really love the guys in Maroon 5 because their creativity spreads and never gets too constricted in just one shell, may that shell even be their own band.

So I am proud and happy about how James is experiencing indie success with JJAMZ (Katy Perry is a stan for them ;)) and how they have even opened for No Doubt when Maroon 5 came back from Nashville.

It’s not a surprise given the strict relationship and friendship Maroon 5 have with both katy and No Doubt guys but still always a good thing.

Then of course Adam is THE KING of Hip Hop collaboration since the time he did Live Again with the Ying Yang Twins:

Which is why he collaborated lately with 50 Cent on the amazing (and still underrated yet) My Life.

Here’s Fiddy speaking of this all: Listen and read ;):

click onto for more 50 Cent and Adam Levine collaboration

click onto for more 50 Cent and Adam Levine collaboration

It was also due to have Adam featured both in Wiz Khalifa and The Game’s latest efforts.

But while the Wiz thing will surface later, so I was not surprised it was not yet included in his O.N.I.F.C. album yet, I actually went mumbling when after having even gotten a title for it in Rolling Stone Magazine, Adam and The Game’s “EPIC” collaboration onΒ  his just dropped Jesus Piece was nowhere to be found.

I guessed it was all due to The Game’s feud with 50 Cent and the fact My Life had just dropped, but (since I may not have been the only one questioning the rapper about it, wondering if thing got dread between Adam and him) The Game was quick in erasing doubts about it all (and now I wonder if the supposed awesome track he did with Adam, will lately see the green light to be outed, which I hope of course):

The Game loves Adam Levine ;)

The Game loves Adam Levine πŸ˜‰

I love the way rappers (even the most badasses of them) always love Adam invariably πŸ˜‰

There’s something so gangsta about him they cannot refute? πŸ˜‰

I know there is πŸ˜‰

He’s so badass he has an ANGEL for girlfriend and yes, that is what he deserves for being a great artist (even though he would say he’s not) and a good man, and I say this knowing he has certain flaws, but that makes him just more pleasant to me, as anybody has some (well I haven’t got any, but you know I’m unique πŸ˜‰ – please detect some irony ok? -).

Yes, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are still together and still happy and still VERY RECLUSIVE about their own love (the way it should be).

I hope this relationship goes throughout the incoming new year as greatly and as secretly as it has been driven for the whole of May / June / July / August / September / October / November / December of 2012.

Let her wish us a great holiday time through her Angel status ;):

The perfection of Behati (both in herself and as Adam’s better half) is indeed another thing I am VERY grateful about regarding this 2012 which is ready to end.

She has ALL of my approvals as Adam’s girlfriend and again in this December she has proved how splendid and fit for the coveted, but also very uneasy role of being Adam’s receptacle of passion&love she is and she has proved this repeatedly (again… and again… and again… always topping what I thought couldn’t even be improved… always witnessing how Bee is able to do it instead).

This A.P.W.T.C.S.A.P.C (African Princess With The Contagious Smile And Perfect Cheekbones, if you wonder πŸ˜‰ and measurements of a goddess, as stated by FabSugar) has rescued Adam from the darkest of fake poseur pretenders to bring him back to life, to a marvelous mood, to a very private and real personal life, and to love and serenity:

Behati's perfect everything

Behati’s perfect everything

She has spent with Adam quite a LOT of time but again, she just didn’t let the world sneak in.

Which I think is why his family likes her the way they do (not that I believe they are pushing Adam to marry… they would NEVER step into his life that way, and moreover we know Adam is not keen to marry, especially until he has this kind of ongoing career… but sure Behati is loved by the whole of Adam’s family very much, of this I have a certain notion).

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine with mum, family, relatives, friends (and the tea-cup pig he gifted her with) in December 2012

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine with mum, family, relatives, friends (and the tea-cup pig he gifted her with) in December 2012

I laugh when people say she doesn’t work.

She does it, just the amount she needs to, and then she does what she wants, which in her case since May is being by her handsome, super sexy and adorable boyfriend’s side.

Would you do any differently BEING IN LOVE FOR REAL LIKE SHE IS?

Adam and his perfection. And Behati can have that each time she likes ;)

Adam and his perfection in GQ list. And Behati can have that each time she likes πŸ˜‰

I mean… would YOU waste I am not saying days… but even MINUTES away from THIS, especially when you are in the position of being there to have sex with him at any given time (my husband knows what i think of Adam πŸ˜‰ he knows this so I can say it loudly πŸ˜‰ and he’s not jealous ;)):

I guess not.

And that’s why she stays by his side at any given time and fights for those minutes πŸ˜‰

The way anyone who claims to be a red-blooded female would πŸ˜‰ (I guess Behati REALLY likes sex too πŸ˜‰ )

I guess if you are in love and care about your relationship, you work and then you miss not even a minute before being back with the one who owns your heart.

If Behati wouldn’t… if she would waste time away from him when she is not doing her things… well that would mean she were not in love.

But that’s not her case ;).

Behati Prinsloo for VS 2013 new items. Does this accounts for works or is it just fun? ;)

Behati Prinsloo for VS 2013 new items. Does this accounts for works or is it just fun? πŸ˜‰

Behati works and does what she has to, don’t worry… it’s just that she is not pimpin herself, maybe because she is down to Earth for real and not for publicity πŸ˜‰ and thinks people will see the fruits of her work when they come out, without no need to advertise herself constantly ;).

As you see from her pics then, she loves music and photography (and animals ;)) so her interests are just way wider than just her job as a model, and maybe she likes to tweet more about those things in her life than let people updated on her sets locations…

But yeah, she works πŸ˜‰ she does well enough yep.

Behati for instance has also worked WHILE being in Los Angeles aside Adam, both in November and in December, courtesy of this man with the help of whom she has done more shots for VS and also NEXT UK in those occasions too:

Ben Watts on GQ Usa Dec 2012

Ben Watts on GQ Usa Dec 2012

She is contracted by VS, and she might as well live it off ONLY her Angel status, as that contract is by far the most lucrative one in fashion.

But it’s not like she has ONLY that at the moment… she is also STILL the face of NEXT UK and in fact in December she had to work also on that.

She has not to rush the world for catching a not so big dime unlike others…

She is doing fine and she has already from 2008 the contract ALL models would KILL to have.

Girl is right where she stands… She has worked always since the start and just to recall some good things… take this old video always cute which explains you who Behati is:

But let’s go in order.

Behati left Adam’s side in Los Angeles (he was keeping doing THAT Karaoke Show live so he couldn’t join her there) to be in New York for the promotion of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show broadcast.

But before that, as you know, she had her first acting role displayed in Hawaii 5-0 which she promoted as well along her fellow Angel Alessandra:

After that (I loved how grateful she was for the opportunity… she literally didn’t know before the taping of the show in November she would have been cast, and she flew in Hawaii after the taping directly… so cute! Of course this acting opportunity made her immediately more talked aboutΒ  from UK to FranceΒ  to Italy (love it!) and beyond but she sure did a great job for being someone who never even tried acting before or thought she would…) she had a series of major tv appearances for the promotion of the show, and that is a wonderful way to see her bubbly, lively, amazingly fresh personality&face working the cameras with natural charme and zero fronting.

Ratings were really good and so was the feedback, so much the showrunner expresses delight over her and to her πŸ™‚ :

I really love her way to be.

She comes off as really relatable and with zero pretentiousness about her.

To be naturally funny and not stuck up at all must play a major role on why Adam’s been so attached to her (especially in contrast with his miserable past earlier this year):

And of course there is the show.

Well, Behati out of Pink and into the main line meant essentially that Pink was awful without her and she SHONE as a bright diamond in her three outfits inn the other segments.

Behati Prinsloo stealing spotlight in VSFS 2012

Behati Prinsloo stealing spotlight in VSFS 2012

Many were surprised she transitioned so well into the main sexy Angel role and not anymore the teeny Pink one but.. are you serious?

Of course she shone and was super sexy… and of course now that she is 23 she can also rock the more womanly main lines of VS… she is a tomboy, but she is also extraordinarily feminine and beautiful.

Behati in VSFS 2012

Behati in VSFS 2012

She’s Adam Levine’s choice for companionship then, and he could never be with someone not sexy (it’s just that Behati is not only sexy… she is so much more than just sexy and moreover she does sexy very classy and without looking or moving like a pornstar, always keeping her cool without looking like she’s trying way too hard ;)):

After the show broadcast (which was watched in a special location by all the VS people, including angels and models) there was a party and Bee was lovely there too (dressed very rock-ish again, too).

Behati Prinsloo model of the Week Fashion TV

Behati Prinsloo model of the Week Fashion TV

She basically was one of the standout of the whole thing, as she deserved to be (and well… she can steal the spot by herself, no need of her man to get limelight…)

Adam was working for the his show live in Los Angeles while his woman was kickin ass left and right, but sure he is proud of her and of the fact she doesn’t need him to get recognition.

Also I laughed so much when she cutely hinted in the interviews that she “Loves dating.. dating is the best thing ever!” as the unique hint that she gave about the state of her personal life ;).

I am also glad she consoled poor Erin after her breakup with modelizer Di Caprio… poor Erin, if she would have been more discreet she would have probably ended marrying him (so are saying supposed informed people… I don’t really think Leo will marry any soon ;)).

But back at Bee…

I get distraught easily it seems today πŸ˜‰

Must be the snow around πŸ˜‰

On december 6th, while Adam and Maroon 5 were in Nashville for the Grammy gig, Behati optimized her time doing another job Β (you know… because she does nothing with her life as idiots say ;)).

That job is something we don’t know anything about, beside the fact she did shot with a famous model actor from The Games of Thrones ( I am curious to know about this, really :)).

Then even if people didn’t get informed about it, beside a sort of cryptic little tweet between Adam and Behati sharing views on the Paleo Diet and the state of pumpkins in that type of prescriptive diet (only educated people could guess ;)), she went VERY quickly back to her man’s side before having to fly away again, direction Miami, for another shooting for NEXT UK with the dear Ben Watts (this always because she doesn’t work right? ;)).

I admire so much the way she is capable to work and still never miss out on her role of girlfriend.

It’s so much that she is showing in these months…

I never get how people can hate on her… but yes, jealousy is a beast I guess.

She shared a few pictures from her working time in Miami, and the fact she was sharing those instead of private ones (and the fact she doesn’t call paparazzi up for catchin herself along with Adam when they are together) made the usual crazy people start to guess she might have no longer been in the blessed spot of being Levine’s girlfriend.

Like she has EVER tweeted anything personal before…

*sigh* πŸ˜‰ will the haters ever learn?

But more on that later ;)…

But of course Behati was there just doing work and having fun because she is a natural cheerful person and very ready to be with friends type of girl and it’s the easiest of things to get attached to her and want to spend time with her.

Behati in Miami, dec 2012

Behati in Miami, dec 2012

While in there Ben Watts (who’s very fond of Behati) shared two videos with her.

One was a cheerful holiday video with the typical Ben Watts’ style (quite La Chapelle but sassier) which was also comprehensive of parts with Bee which were recorded in Los Angeles in November AND December:

Then this little funny gem which had me rolling and which is so essentially Behati:

When she tweeted that she was about to take a trip, and the work was clearly on the verge of completion, it started some drama: people interpreted her tweets (as per usual) the wrong way, and others thought she would have headed to South Africa for holidays.

Except she did not.

the gorgeousness of Bee

the gorgeousness of Bee

She flew immediately… guess where?


Right where she BELONGS, namely by Adam’s side.

In Los Angeles again.

No time wasted.

No tricks around.

Work done… ticket held, airplane set…

And she was right beside her love again.


“If That Ain’t Love Then I Don’T Know What Love Is…” πŸ˜‰

Once again she managed to pass every day there undercover; she went to all tapings of The Fuckery that thing but of course without making anybody aware outside of her real life people and Adam’s people (which are now hers as well, deal with this fact because this is how it is); she stayed all holidays with Adam and his family and the only glimpses of her (beside the private pictures at The Voice Wrap Party which you can see randomly here too, and a funny note on some strange tweets she tweeted that night she lately left ;)) and the only picture paps were able to snap was THIS:

Adam Levine and Behati prinsloo in Los Angeles on Dec 20th 2012

Adam Levine and Behati prinsloo in Los Angeles on Dec 20th 2012


So many days together in the town of paps and they never get sneaked into.

Guess why?

Easy answer.

It’s easy not to get papped when you don’t call the paps up… and Behati and Adam WOULD NEVAH call the scum of the Earth to snap them because well… they don’t need that trash and they are secure in their real love πŸ˜‰ so much they keep it for themselves and don’t display it for the public.

Because THEIR LOVE IS NOT A PUBLIC ISSUE… Their love is a real feeling they have and protect from intrusive watch, which is exactly how they will make it stronger.

There was some major hilarity coming also from the fact Adam didn’t take Behati at the Lakers Xmas game (that we WOOOOOOON yesΒ  despite some scary referees;)), because naive (or just plain misinformed/not so bright) people were assuming just because Behati was clearly there in LA with Adam, he would have taken her there (because she would rush for a photo op with him right? ah, no… wait: that is NOT Behati’s habit… I vaguely remember that was the norm earlier though with some other people maybe).

Behati Vintage 3

Behati Vintage 3

Little note for all the usual stupid haters of Bee who have NO CLUE whatsoever on Adam’s – very routinely in many cases – patterns of life.

Listen up, bunch of not so bright people: Adam Levine has ALWAYS taken his closest family members (and signed: especially grandparents) on Xmas Lakers games as his guests.

Adam cherishes his family a LOT, and that is his way to rewards his eldest, by keeping them close and honor them in special days.

When he didn’t bring his grandpa to Staples Center last Xmas it was because he was forced by his then very untrue “girlfriend” to bring her instead, in such an obnoxious way he couldn’t refuse it.

New Behati Dec 12 Pam Love

New Behati Dec 12 Pam Love

They were already done by then as a couple by Xmas 25th of 2011, they had already falloffs in rows and quarrels leading to breakups and she didn’t receive the ring she wanted for Xmas again and that was the first game of NBA after 2011 lockout so she needed BADLY some photo ops (her real reason to be with Adam) (especially considering it was clear the couple wouldn’t last, so she had to milk Adam a bit more as much as she could then) therefore she forced Adam to take her there instead of his grandpa.

But it wouldn’t have happened if Adam wouldn’t have been pushed hard for the sake of tranquility to switch his usual Xmas choices as for partners to bring courtside that day (whenever you don’t believe the fact that relationship was already a front by last December, just listen to Overexposed… The Man Who Never Lied was written those days, along Doin’ Dirt ;)).

Just to reinforce this explanation, please notice that in 2010, when that couple was still solid (but I guess his previous girlfriend was still in it only for the fame even then, if all the reports I got about her after the split are true… or even if only half of them are), this was whom Adam went with at Xmas game… guess who?


Adam Levine ALWAYS takes his grandpa at Xmas Lakers games unless forced by whiny users to take them for photo ops instead

Adam Levine ALWAYS takes his grandpa at Xmas Lakers games unless forced by whiny users to take them for photo ops instead

Now the interesting bit you shall take out from the article excerpt I wrote back then is that while Adam’s previous girlfriend went to the movies WITH HER FRIENDS that Xmas of 2010 when she could not exploit Adam on the Lakers court for photo ops Behati went as well to the movies BUT she went there with Adam’s MUM and Adam’s brother:

Behati went watching movies with Patsy and Michael while Adam was courtside at lakers Xmas Game with his grandfather. FAMILY TIES ;)

Behati went watching movies with Patsy and Michael while Adam was courtside at lakers Xmas Game with his grandfather. FAMILY TIES πŸ˜‰

And of course the amount of tweets by her, about all of this family time she is sharing once again in December with Levines and Noahs are ZERO: others tweets… never does Behati.

Because she cares and protects the realness of her relationship and would never dare to break Levines & Noahs’ request for privacy, so it’s up to them share, but she would never ever break their will of protection for their personal lives.

This is amazing, especially now that Adam is one of the most popular celebrities in the world and she could so easily gain so much more fame just by sharing a bit of his private life around (others have mastered the technique in the past, with obvious fame reward… but Bee doesn’t look out for that… she looks after Adam).

cnn.com screen capture 2012-12-29-15-22-27

Adam is in the list of darn CNN celebrities of the year 2012… and yet Behati Prinsloo, his girlfriend of 8 months almost constantly spent by his side, has never ever tried to use his name in her favor. NEVER YET.

Which is why Adam’s family likes her and allows her a tad of things, unlike what happened before with other people.

Behati and cousin Alice Noah ;) just the other day ;)

Behati and cousin Alice Noah πŸ˜‰ just the other day πŸ˜‰

Behati is also treasured by all of Adam’s friends, all of his protegeesΒ  and protegees of friends and has developed special relationships with James’ girlfriend too; I love to get surprised for instance by Milo’s tweets about their ways to bond, just like when he shared the Xmas Tree Trimming party pics on Instagram.

But the point is Behati deserves all this, because SHE IS TRUE to Adam, she has never ever used him, and she is always there for him: it’s basically already 8 months they are together and out of these 8 months she has spent a good 5 to 6 with him constantly (an impressive percentage, which speaks volumes: she works, she executes her things then no matter what she joins him back wherever and whenever possible and sometimes she does it even when it’s uneasy or crazy to do so, for even just a weekend like it did happen this December in between heavy working schedules. Basically Behati is the perfect girlfriend for Adam. And I LOVE IT).

Take this video detailing the couple history in this very busy December (busy for both… but still they managed 3 out of 4 weeks together IN FULL… round of applauses again ;)):

Just to understand how much Bee is like Adam and despise paps, look at the face she made (or at the one she DIDN’T) when she was snapped stepping into Adam’s car in the streets of LA on December 27th:

Behati Prinsloo in Los Angeles Dec 27th 2012 steps into Adam Levine car

Behati Prinsloo in Los Angeles Dec 27th 2012 steps into Adam Levine car

Little side note: as this couple is completely private, stupid obnoxious people keep falter and freak anytime for a few days there are not news of them together.

I say this because around the middle of the month I got crazy people’s requests about my acknowledge of the status of Adam & Bee’s coupling, just because a few days before I had written to my friend that Adam had been at Teddy’s on December 6th (like people cannot have fun with friends once they are coupled… and yes, Teddy’s is a special place for Adam but he got there cos it was renewed to party with crew after he went back from Nashville and the Grammy Nomination gig… is that a crime?).

This was some of the pics I got sent about his Teddy’s outing but NO ONE reported to me he did ANYTHING wrong or disrespectful to his lover there:

Adam Levine at Teddys in LA 6th December 2012

Adam Levine at Teddys in LA 6th December 2012

Since Behati was yet working that day and since (as usual) when the pair re-met for a super quick hot time in between her working duties (she went also to Miami to shoot another NEXT UK campaign just hours after they could re-embrace) they DIDN’T INFORM the world (and why should have they…) beside some usually amazing cryptic tweets in their own language people keep NOT understanding (and which I find amazing) crazy obsessed people started to question the state of their relationship (again… just because I guess they have no life of their own?).

Also, I have been told, because some stupid kid had believed words put on a FAKE Adam’s Facebook and Instagram.


You stupid little people please go check the header of OFFICIAL MAROON 5 & MEMBERS list of their REAL social accounts by clicking on (guess what?) the OFFICIAL site and just take a look… ADAM HAS NO FACEBOOK NOR INSTAGRAM:

Adam Levine has NO Facebook and NO Instagram...

Adam Levine has NO Facebook and NO Instagram…

Sadly, since brain is (way too often) a quality miss by way too many people, the fact (I repeat: as USUAL) Behati and Adam don’t share their lives for strangers, I got these requests by people (some of them were polite and not harassing though) which I answered the only way I could: namely, that I had no clue about their couple’s state because it’s not my biz, but only theirs, and that people should stop have interest in what they clearly want to remain PRIVATE .

I got later informed how crazy freaks created multiple twitter accounts harassing on Adam blaming him for having fun after dumping Behati (?), while some other crazy ones were harassing Behati telling her how happy they were Adam had finally dumped her (?).

THIS IS INSANE and people need to get a life.


Behati stays discreetly aside Adam as he plays drum at The Voice wrap party, here with Blake Shelton on the other side of him

Behati stays discreetly aside Adam as he plays drum at The Voice wrap party, here with Blake Shelton on the other side of him

Now… PLEASE listen.

BEHATI and ADAM are together NOT for the fans; they have no duty towards fans about informing them about the state of their relationship; this because the fans are so regarding THEIR JOBS (which are public) but the fact is those fans have NO RIGHTS AT ALL to know about their lives together because ADAM and BEE’s life is THEIR OWN THING, and it’s a PRIVATE thing, not a public one.

Again… Adam is a VERY reserved person.

All his trash talk about how people put their lives (and their sons’ ones) up in reality shows for strangers to watch don’t suggest you ENOUGH how he hates when private things go way too public?

Anytime he states he can’t stand reality shows about celebrities doing stupid things strangers shouldn’t witness or be interested in (KartTrashian, anyone?) or the way he has stated MANY times he hates kids pageant contests and even more reality TV about the life of kids (yeah, Honey boo Boo and that awful family exploiting), can’t you realize he says it all because he CLEARLY thinks private life shall be PRIVATE, this even if (or even more if) you are a celebrity?

Sure, in his previous relationship he was FORCED to public display his lovelife because that was all his former “girlfriend” was interested in and he fell for her and her request before getting back to his proper senses… but luckyΒ  for him now Behati is in the relationship for THE TRUTH of it and for HIM and not his fame, so he can be as private as he likes to be and this means NO PHOTO OPS staged by his half calling paparazzi, no tweets to reveal everything , no “shows for crowds”.


Stunning Behati Prinsloo in dim lights

Stunning Behati Prinsloo in dim lights

This is why Adam’s family is so fond of Behati.

This is why I hope this lasts a lot for them (and I repeat for the hundredth time: if it would end tomorrow, still the story between Adam and Bee would have been THE BEST RELATIONSHIP he has had so far in his – famous – life for how true and sincere it was on her part for sure); because Behati is there for Adam for real, and this is a pretty new thing for him, who’s always been used so much in recent years.

All of the fans who crave for their privacy to be outed… please get a life of yourself and stop this insanity. They don’t owe a thing that is private to their fans (and true fans would never claim they do); they owe to fans their public works and jobs, but there is a line to never be crossed nonetheless by fans and that line is the real life of the person(s) they follow.

That doesn’t belong to anybody but the people involved.

End of it.

Just wish A&B well and be happy for them and mind your own business.

They won’t share their lives with fans… and if you were real fans you would actually BE HAPPY about this.

By now after so many months that they are together and this reserved behavior is the norm, everyone shall be used to this, then why you are not?

Behati chats up with James' girlfriend Ali Tamposi while admiring Adam at The Voice Wrap Party

Behati chats up with James’ girlfriend Ali Tamposi while admiring Adam at The Voice Wrap Party

You should be happy that they protect their life and love so strictly, because that makes them genuine to each other…

I definitely am happy about that because this is how Adam has always been before he got so much exploited for two years prior Behati arrived to save him (I don’t blame him for having been so hardly fooled by that previous person because I as well got fooled by her and believed for a longtime she was real and true, and despite having my fashion-related mates constantly putting me on guard about her I kept trusting she did actually care about Adam, while she was absolutely not interested in him but only in the push he would have graced her name in the USA with… I have to reckon how sometimes my fondness for looks deceives me so I can’t blame Adam for having the same weaknesses ;)).

It’s so much healthier for famous people to keep their most important things in life inside a private fence… so much of the famous’ lives has to be under scrutiny and that generally ruins it all… cherish the fact Adam has found somebody who takes care also of his need of keeping his love private because this makes it a million times more secure and real.

And then, now and forever (I wonder why I have to keep writing this so much as of late)… please everyone STOP considering my blog like a source, or stop asking me facts as I were better informed.

Sure, it happens that sometimes I know some things related to life of celebrities but this happens because due to my happy position in life, and the fact I am quite wealthy I can share the environments with some of them or it happens that I know people who are in the same circles BUT that doesn’t mean I have or I am a “source”, much less that I want this blog to be considered a “celebrity” or “gossip” blog.


Behati sneaking at The Voice Season 3 Wrap Party December 2012

Behati sneaking at The Voice Season 3 Wrap Party December 2012

Here I write about what I like and since I do like Maroon 5 and Adam (since a decade by now) it happens that i write about them but at NO RATE this is a “source” nor I am so stop treat me and here as it would be.

I am not in for racking readers so if you don’t think this suits you just leave.

This blog is only meant to be a (surely not life long) little memory of myself and about myself.

And my likes.

It’s NOT a celebrity/gossip blog.

Get it?

Can you all please stop trying to catch from here things that are not supposed to belong here, and most of all, can you just stop trying to portray me as a gossip blogger?

There are a very few things that I dislike more than gossip bloggers in fact.

Alright, fine.

Let’s move on… πŸ˜‰

Now just to prove that here I can write about whatever I like or dislike, let me have a moment of INFINITE LOLING because I have been recently informed by all of my friends who watch The Fuckery That Karaoke Show that thing on how there are people who would like and who actively push for a couple Adam Levine + Christina Aguilera.

Pardon me if I am just in tears of laughter even now that I write this.


Rocking the exotic features - Behati Prinsloo

Rocking the exotic features – Behati Prinsloo

Adam with super short, super fat Christina “Xtina” Aguilera??

Ahahahahha hahahahah ahaha…. I can’t even begin to process how absolutely hilarious this is (I mean… to even project this as anyone with brain’s dream scenario… lmao).

Beside the fact Adam probably doesn’t even like her as person, and put on a good front only for the sake of his (dreadful) tv show, waiting for her to finally exit it after this season, I mean… ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Do you know which types Adam likes?

He likes SLIM, TALL; BEAUTIFUL and perfect looking women.

I don’t really realize how people can be so naive to think he would EVER date “regular” chicks.

Why should he?

He never did not even when he was a struggling nobody, because his background still wealthy and he is born and raised in LA, which means by default you don’t really look out for anything less than someone REALLY thin and pretty.

You REALLY think he would EVER consider a 5’2” (or even less) woman of 30 with the weight and shape (by now) of a whale to be his?


The more I try to picture the situation, the more I laugh.

I can’t stop…

ahahahha… I can’t:

Adam Levine would NEVER be with Xtina fat short mess be serious

Adam Levine would NEVER be with Xtina fat short mess be serious

This kind of things just make me roll up my eyes so much.

Face it people: Adam likes the model type.

Always had, always will.

He loves people with legs long (VERY long) and thin to climb on them like a tree.

Remember his then girlfriend Kelly in This Love video? remember the way he caresses her legs there? Remember that touch and be assured (I mean… REALLY be, because that is a first-hand notion I can put my entire body on flames for) that for being with Adam Levine, even for a quick time, the last thing you have to be is fat.

Behati Prinsloo for VS Swimsuit 2013

Behati Prinsloo for VS Swimsuit 2013

Let alone mildly obese as poor Aguilera is now (but her voice is a treasure so my idea on her looks or the fact I don’t really like the way her personality seems to be – I say seems because I do NOT know her and I don’t pretend to – doesn’t affect my idea about her as a very talented singer, this better be clear).


Back to more real stuff now and sorry for the break-in but I laughed so hard when my friends (practically all of them unfortunately watch that awful tv show so they get easily taken by people debating on the outputs of it, and this insane “Adamtina” – ewwwwwww the name – seems one of the most talked about out of them ) told me this that I had to write something about it.

I still laughing right this moment if you wonder ;).

While we are at it, after the latest shots of Behati for VS Swim 2013 (better commented in stylish French πŸ˜‰ oui), take also her latest for the Spring campaign of NEXT UK:

Behati Prinsloo for NEXT UK SS 2013 Collection

Behati Prinsloo for NEXT UK SS 2013 Collection

She’s so fresh and cute πŸ™‚

So natural… there’s absolutely ZERO sham or ploy in her and this I think is also why Adam gifted her a living creature for Xmas, beside some other things…

Behati tea-cup pig Adam got her

Behati tea-cup pig Adam got her

He gave her that adorable tea-cup pig (I melt about it if I may add) because he knows she is lovingly and can take care of a creature, the same way she has been taking so well care of him for all these months.

I wonder if Adam also gifted Behati with “tons of vintage (rock) t-shirts” as she so cutely asked when interviewed for the magazines pre- VSFS 2012 :

They are in Las Vegas right now for Maroon 5 stint at Mandalay Bay Resort…

I hope Behati was able to cross patterns with her dear Coco Rocha in Las Vegas last night (Coco went away just a few hours ago from there but the two have been in the same town for at least 24 hours so there was hopefully a met up πŸ™‚ ) because it’s a longtime Coco misses her Bee being her always by Adam’s side and rarely in New York (and when Bee was there, Coco was away).

If you have doubts, look how Adam left the gig this past night:

Adam Levine and girlfriend Behati Prinsloo leave the Mandalay Bay Arena on Dec 29th 2012

Adam Levine and girlfriend Behati Prinsloo leave the Mandalay Bay Arena on Dec 29th 2012

This is a lil collage of this past night concert (not that after Adam dressed up for dining at Aureole Wine Lounge inΒ  the hotel… with whom? πŸ˜‰ as usual they are never there to be caught so don’t freak if you don’t hear reports but they were there together and all loved up and as usual glued to one another the way they are when no one beside their people are with them… I am sure they took great care of each other this past night ;)… just like ANY OTHER night πŸ˜‰ ):

Maroon 5 at Las Vegas Mandalay Bay resort 29 Dec 2012

Maroon 5 at Las Vegas Mandalay Bay resort 29 Dec 2012

I hope they can have a great New Years’ Eve (and maybe they won’t be forced to spend it in New York as maybe the Adam’s part in NBC NYE special are taped? I hope so… he has worked enough for them in this 2012 he deserves free time. Certainly the Chelsea Lately he is in days after is a rerun so he could be as well in Africa by 2013… and sure it must be time to fly together in South Africa maybe? We’ll see; it’s only their choice of course :))… as well as I wish the same to every single one of my babies Maroon (past and present and future… because it’s clear Jesse is starting to re-adjust at the idea of getting back with them and I ADORE this perspective :)) and their significant others.

I wish them the best and to have a 2013 in everything as great to them as 2012 was.

The same I wish to myself & my perfect hubby all of our family & friends and what else?

I guess it’s all.


Have everyone a super happy and super fun (and super safe also… SEXY, but safe ok? ;)) End and Start of The Year and catch you sometimes in a month or so πŸ˜‰

Happy Life and Farewell to 2012… you’ve been REALLY good dear, Hope your brother 2013 can follow through as greatly πŸ˜‰

Missus Z. πŸ™‚

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Hey there world ;)!

Karim took this at the airport while we were waiting to fly to Paris for Thanksgiving.
I love it.
So it’s my new twitter icon πŸ˜‰

Okay okay it’s not technically December yet…

But here I am again writing, even tho I said I wouldn’t have this soon after two near posts last times…

Ehi… it’s ALMOST December anyway right? πŸ˜‰

And then I needed to update posts with my new profile picture (that in itself it’s a rare and worthy event right?… ;)), and write some stuff before the December season strikes in and I won’t have as much as free time because to do all things that I am supposed to in December I’d just need a day of at least 30 hours (multiplied for 31, of course. December kills me. I love it. But it does kill me…).

So before this afternoon post work we leave towards Val Gardena and before the week after it’s the HUGE La Scala time weekend (does it makes sense or?) I thought this was the only space (of time mostly) allowed to some blog update (which means the rest will come around Xmas, so if you want to see full broadcasts of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Hawaii 5-0 and The Grammy Nomination Concert + other stuff before it, you better address yourself to the NAWAAL Pages, because there I will upload things before next update.

I think.

It’s not like I have to oblige to do that, but upload stuff it’s way easier and faster than write around the uploads ;).


So while today I seem to be having a very quiet day at work (after an insane Post-Paris Thanksgiving week) I can customize a decent post now, in pieces, as breaks allow.

And I have a few things to trace πŸ˜‰ so it’s going to be cute.

For me πŸ˜‰

Barack! YES!

As you should have learned about by now, I write here only for my own pleasure anyway πŸ˜‰ so you stay here at your discretion BUT as absolutely irrelevant entities for me ;).


Let’s just start with one thing that you know I strongly care for… and which made me fear a lot in our past post:

Barack is STILL the President of The United States!!!!!


(and pheeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!) πŸ˜‰ too πŸ˜‰

I am so inspired by this man, and so happy everything went in the right direction…

The other option was equaling war and hate and demise for the world for me so you know how I feel there.

I just couldn’t fathom the reality of a world ruled in ANY frigging way by a combo “Romney/An Idiot Racist VP”.

But all went fine, so let’s just forget our scare.

Let’s dwell into Barack’s greatness by memorizing (I did) his coronation speech:

His passion for his Country is so gushingly clear and true… and I am glad also people I care of were as enthusiastic as I was about Obama’s win πŸ˜‰

How I wish in Italy we had anything (anyone) even remotely similar…

Instead we have Berlusconi ready again to compete for Prime Minister role (God help us and possibly make this one trick pony DIE. I mean in every sense you can imagine we are in need of. Naturally of course… he’s old enough for it isn’t he?), and the Right here again being ridiculed by this midget whose only interest is to FUCK this Country while fucking prostitutes and then avoid any real political project to take off, but instead minding only his own ways to stay out of where he belongs, namely JAIL.

Poor my Italy (if as I presume there will still be retarded believing this one is what we need)…

And on inside the fence’s side of mine… Renzi and Bersani are up to their final face off after their debate the other day, and after the first round of voting about The Left candidate has been done (click on aside for the full video, here it’s just an excerpt of it):

I wish we could mix the two… but instead we have to part them and I honestly still don’t know whom I am about to pick on Sunday.

Nut. A rockstar cat. King of our house now πŸ˜‰


Speaking about doubts, choices and people who could/should/must have been picked…


Lakers did me so wrong a few weeks ago.

SO wrong.

They let me hope and climbing the tree of happiness, when they finally SACKED MIKE THE DISGRACE BROWN (and you know how long I was asking for this to happen) and they seemed to be getting back THE ONE AND ONLY PHIL JACKSON

Only to destroy me again, and hiring Mike D’Antoni instead.


I repeat… why?

That was SO disrespectful to Legendary PJax… I can’t believe how bad we treated him… I can’t 😦 .

I am a huge Olimpia Milano fan and I love Mike D.A. to death but… no way he is fitting for this hard job.

And results are still proving me right once again…

Do I have to surrender at hope of a great sporty season already?

Paris Thanksgiving Time…

Because my teams are so bipolar…

Milan is there to pull and push me up and then shoving me down… We get humiliated by Inter, we struggle in Champions, then we play well in the Cup, and we beat a super Juventus...

what I have to do to keep track?

I am getting old and I don’t feel secure sometimes with all these rollercoaster of feelings, teams.

So please… get it together and help my sanity.

Love, your devoted Zaira πŸ˜‰

*end of the sporty pledge* πŸ˜‰

But ehi… I know I have such a great time on my journey onto this planet I shall not really worry (much less complain) about anything.

Just this past week I have gotten to celebrate the most family-oriented of American’s holidays in the most European of towns (and in the most hybrid of ways, give the people involved).

We went to Paris with all of our families and we just had the greatest of times for the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Not only that town is magic for K&I, but we also got to spend some unforgettable time at a party which was held… practically AT the Louvre.

That was simply awesome.

One of the best nights of my whole life, truth to be told.

… winning πŸ˜‰

I am very grateful for my husband, my family, my friends and relatives; my Swifty, and all of those treasures my existence is made of.

I hope all the people whom I love and treasure are knowing it.

I always try to let them know anyway, because it’s the right thing to do.

Know I never take ANY of this for granted you guys…

And now, I can also say I have a new love in my life… because Karim surprised me with another pet.

Not quite as big as Swifty, but trust me… he might be just as fast πŸ˜‰

We have a gorgeous all-white cat now, with eyes of gold sparkles.

We’ve baptized him Nut.

No, it doesn’t mean that he’s crazy (though… maybe… ;)): that is the name of a tool people use while climbing rocks, peaks, mountains and since he’s all white as eternal snow on the Alps… there came the name πŸ˜‰

I am quite scared about the moment when I will be donning the Xmas tree (s) in the house, because Nut will probably tackle them down.

Gotta find a smart solution for his proclivity towards mess.

But he’s just SO cute, and you know I just can’t be mad when beauty is involved πŸ˜‰

And speaking of Xmas, gifts and engaging activities related to all that, I have started to think at gifts but all that I have come up with so far are purchasing for our houses (… πŸ˜‰ ops!).

We just found the best chairs for the tavern… tell me these are not amazing (it’s actual fabrics INTO a structure of wood and laminated plexiglas):

Our new set of amazing chairs. Cheers πŸ˜‰

What else of mine?

I guess if I don’t get over inspired later on, I can move onwards and start The Chronicles of Life & Love (which I love).



Well, after Behati and Adam had their love Time fest which lasted like… 2 days into The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show taping (that is dedication, girl… GO!!! Your amazing Halloween costume still an highlight in HW Forever Cemetery, be sure!), she had to fly to New York and he kept being busy with the Karaoke Mess his Tv dutiesΒ  (sigh), his stuff with Maroon 5 (guys are doing awesomely!!!) and enjoying generally everything that comes when you are as famous as Adam is.

Behati got also into acting, much like Adam, being the one chosen to appear the day before VSFS 2012 will air (in a few days)to cross-star in Hawaii 5-0 remake (more on that later on ;)).

Oh, and if you think I forgot about AHS, just because Adam isn’t featured anymore (so far), you are WRONG.

I still hooked on the Asylum and I love it better than the Damned Ghostly House πŸ˜‰ I am also sure the physical resemblance of Zachary Quinto, Dylan McDermott and Adam is not a casual occurrence. I am sure this is planned πŸ˜‰

Quote me later on πŸ˜‰

Well Behati went to New York to do her thing, and as always she just ROCKED it.

I mashed up a lot into this… so enjoy πŸ˜‰

She also got lucky when Lais Ribeiro (poor girl) tweaked her feet on the day before the show in the rehearsal, because then her two outfits got to be given to others and one got to Shanina Shaik (gorgeous) while the opening one for one of the segment, with glorious feathered wings, immediately went to Behati, who just shone in it.


The picture you see where Behati almost cries is taken when she got told Lais couldn’t make (I have been told by a sure source).

Behati is so generous and good, instead of being happy for herself, she almost cried for the bad luck of Lais, no matter if through that she would have got three outfits and an opening.

THIS is Behati.

Too bad the picture I am telling you about got used by trash press to spread stupidity around.

Interviewed about the show, and a charity that was promoted by VS for the victims of Sandy, Behati hinted at her apartment being flooded.

Now follow me, because this is cute (again, I have assurance about this whole dynamic through my links).

This is an article taken out of this thing (note the trash always comes from the same “sources”…):

US Magazine keeps being trash

US Magazine keeps being trash

Let me just point out the mess of the article.

First, I have been told Behati was never meant to speak about Adam.

She was just asked if she was fine and she said “yes, thank you”; then while speaking of her apartment flooded, she just said that while it was happening she was with her boyfriend on the other coast and she was not affected as much as she could have.

But of course magazines spun other things into her very brief and simple and totally private answer.

Poor Behati… No matter how great you are in preserving your and Adam’s business… they can always ruin it all.

Don’t let them to.

Ever… KEEP fighting okay girl? πŸ˜‰

Mesmerizing Behati VSFS 2012

Mesmerizing Behati VSFS 2012

I also laugh at the way in this trash magazine they labeled the relationship a courtship (LOL… yeah, sure, because they have no sex… and because is for being totally a-sexual that in almost 7 full months Behati and Adam are together she spent with him 81% of the days of this span of time…), and how it seems that from May to November there are only 4 months to be counted (again, because Behati never spoke about the relationship, but US Magazine put into the article what they liked… or WORST, what they were paid to put up, to just cut Behati a different angle than she is).

Behati is not trash, so I hate when they use her to use Adam… why not just put the normal story up?

Easy answer… because truth is not interesting as much as lies.

Then just around these days, more garbage was thrown at Behati and Adam (and along the crew we have a pretty defined idea on whose to be blamed for all this dirt… just ask yourselves whom could be benefiting from trash given to Adam and Behati…).

First Adam was flirting with longlife pal Katy perry (who’s with John Mayer since months, and whom has always been just a friend of Adam) at his Halloween bas (yeah, sure); not only shamelessly… BUT IN FACE OF BEHATI?


How can people be SO stupid to believe this (and trust, many did).

Then, the maximum of idiocity: Patsy and Fred, Adam’s parents, would be pushing Adam at marrying Behati.




First of all: Adam lives his life outside of all these things, and his parents would NEVER intrude this way in his life.

Second: Adam doesn’t want to marry, and he has stated this so many times, and he has broken relationships over this point, at least a couple of times already.

Third: Behati is not somebody desperately trying to get into a marriage with someone famous to get more famous herself.

Fourth: they are together and very happy since the whole of May BUT none of them would ever marry out of some months bliss.

ESPECIALLY ADAM, who knows until he has a career, he has no time to have a family (which doesn’t necessarily involves marriage for him anyway).

Adam Levine with mum, Behati, a Ferrari and a Porsche _NOV 2012

Adam Levine with mum, Behati, a Ferrari and a Porsche NOVEMBER 2012

But why all these false stories are going around?

Who is trying again to ruin Adam’s private life through things he hates with the whole of himself, namely false gossip lies?


dam on Anderson. The episode was taped in October though

Adam on Anderson. The episode was taped in October though

That’s the answer you gotta face to understand this all.

I did . πŸ˜‰

Get used to lies when it’s about Adam and Behati… like when (I predicted it in my two posts before this one already) OF COURSE trash gossip sites started to wonder why Adam wasn’t sided at the VS Fashion show to cheer her walking…

Well, HE WAS LIVE WITH THE VOICE on the other side of the Country that day, for instance?

And… a real Angel doesn’t need a famous boyfriend to get relevance in the show, maybe?

Too complicated for poor retards to get, I know… but again I tend to believe all this dirt is more spun to disfavor Behati and to make others feel better.

I may be mean…

But I am sure I am right, and I have no doubts about all these strange news being manipulated.

I am just glad neither Adam nor Behati cares, and fly higher above all this trash.

They are so not worthy of all these vicious lies being spread though.

But one thing is for sure, is that Adam likes revenge.

He won’t forget who mistreated him, or the ones he loves. he can remember that for years and have a vengeance in time.

Don’t trust his smiles to enemies… he doesn’t forget and he mostly doesn’t forgive: anyone who knows him for real will tell you this (I am similar, so I understand him well).

But back at good things.

While Behati was working her (beautifully shaped) ass off, and also took care to make everybody sure she wasn’t available also at the after party, and then she was ready after the show to fly in Hawaii first for her tv stint, and then to Mexico for VS duties (can’t wait to see the shots!) along her great pal Candice Swanepoel, Adam had some great things to mind too.

He had a gig with his colleagues at the show (no, I won’t mention it ? ;)) refer to the NAWAAL page please ;)) and also Jesse (beloved Jesse!!! come back to us soon!!!) attended the show taping (sweet, that was sweet from him to tweet it).

While being taken with his stuff, Adam shared this WONDERFUL Stevie Wonder’s playlist with Rolling Stone (click on the picture, jump on the page and listen… I couldn’t save the file, too little of time to crack it sorry ;)):

Adam Levine Stevie Wonder’s Playlist _from RollingStoneUSA_November 2012

Adam also had modeled for the event you know since other updates (the GQ Gentlemen’s Ball), for which he got this page on GQ November 2012:

Adam Levine in GQ USA – November 2012 issue

He looks so dapper completely clean up πŸ˜‰

I wish instead to have yet to receive TV Guide Magazine where Adam gets honored, I had to still get People Magazine instead…

Lucky me didn’t BUY that (I got sent as a gift it by friends):

People UN-Sexiest Man Alive issue 2012

People UN-Sexiest Man Alive issue 2012

… because it’s not only a crime to have disregarded Adam that way, putting him up with a minuscule photo taken not from his regular look (even the pornstaches he worn out for a while are better than that) but from his role look for “Can A song Save Your Life?”, but it’s a blatant insult to have used him viciously in the online editions of the magazine, hinting that he may have some relevance in the printed edition, and then give him that awful space you see above.

Trying to milk readers better, People?

Oh, what a sham πŸ˜‰

But at least is something right?

Nah, it’s not πŸ˜‰

I actually am glad Adam’s management doesn’t pay to get covers on People (because THAT is the way these lists are made… teams decide whom to give the spotlight depending on how much money pressure they get from the PR teams πŸ˜‰ it’s all business in Hollywood, glad Adam doesn’t strive for it though. He’s way sexier than anyone mentioned instead of him in this issue and that’s for sure ;))

But let’s hope soon THIS instead arrives in my Hand, namely…

Adam Levine tops TV Guide's HOTLIST 2012

Adam Levine tops TV Guide’s HOTLIST 2012

… the TV Guide one he’s part of (the latter, much deservedly, on the cover of course) so no scan on this update I am sorry (blame USA postal services, thank you πŸ˜‰ ):

I love anytime Adam is on magazines though.

He had also his fun at the soiree organized to honor his cover of course πŸ˜‰ like the star he is, and the super talented person he is.

I still love him all clean up and modeling actually, though I know he always tries his best to avoid these things like pest (why? why? Handsome-ness has to be shared, you egoistical man! πŸ˜‰ Kidding… of course he accepts these things only when he likes to, and it’s his prerogative).

Adam also sat down for an interview with Ellen, before sharing stage with Maroon 5 for performing Daylight:

I love that he keeps being very reclusive about his personal life.

He has learnt that no one really in love with you will ever push you to give her publicity.

Now he doesn’t feel forced to speak of his private business to make others happy and I prefer him (and his love life) this way.

Sorry Ellen πŸ˜‰ not even you could break that (nor did Howard Stern in June, so… if you two can’t, nobody will ;)).

Adam in the main time is still practicing golf and being charitable through it (love this side of him, always very private as well), and so he was part of a Tournament benefiting a very well renowned Foundation in California.

Behati was then moving from Hawaii to Talun as I said… and even if for a while the beach things she was shooting two weeks ago won’t be available (the ones below are from the July shots), you can watch this video to be reminded of her fab body ;):


SEXY yet classy.

She’s an African Queen indeed πŸ™‚

While Behati was in tropical Paradises for duties, Adam went back to New York with the boys to perform one of their favorite gigs always.

They were the musical guests on the Saturday night Live episode hosted by great Jeremy Renner, and the episode was a great success (also in ratings, of course):

I wonder if the fact Adam spent all the after party talking with Jeremy will actually bring some more acting into his future.

I am sure he’s focused about it too.

While they were there (the day before actually) Maroon 5 were also the musical guests at the prestigious American National Museum of History Annual Gala (I have been there with Coldplay.. well πŸ˜‰ Chari was there with Maroon 5 instead and I don’t know who got it better ;)) and a lot of good came out from it too ;).

Well… of course Mick Jagger is a force to be reckoned so maybe Chari might have the edge there πŸ˜‰

Being in New York in that weekend prevented Adam and Maroon 5 from their glory reception of another American Music Award for Best Band (the only one the shame of Bieber couldn’t steal them of… stupid tasteless teenager giving that trick awards… ) but they were sure grateful for the win.

I wonder if stupid Bieber will prevent Adam from more awards at the People’s Choice Awards.

I say this because Adam is the single person who is candidated THE MOST (he’s up for 6 nods).


Not bad man…(though I hope he wins only where he is candidated for Maroon5 related things… because… well.. you know ;)).

While glory was pouring on the guys Behati was still on working schedule, but at least to work with your best friends is a great relief I guess (working in a paradise on earth doesn’t hurt either ;)).

But when Ben Watts said goodbye to Bee and he seemed to hint she was ready to travel to MORE Happy places… we knew where she was heading, didn’t we?

Sure, she never tells it openly.

Because well… that’s only HER (and HIS) business but…

We knew πŸ˜‰

We should never get so surprised anymore at the grace and the power Behati has to be THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND for little Adam πŸ™‚

The lively Angel who’s by his side since the whole of May (at least… let’s leave Coachella in the “hooking Up Department”, though the sparkle sparkled very much like a FIRE immediately… bless the African drive and passion ;)), no matter what and no matter how, also in this month of November has showed how it’s done to be Adam’s lady.

She has worked her ass off for most of the month, squeezing a lot into 20 days, and as soon she could, she was back by Adam’s side.


Behati for Desigual 2012 Extras

She’s a true ray of sunshine in his life.

So glad she’s there for him… so happy she gives him what he needs, especially considering how full and without breaks his life is.

Behati balances it all.

She IS love.

And we do know how much Adam needs a pure and not exploiting kind of it to be fine in his stuff too.

Behati Prinsloo for VS Swim NOV 2012. This spread was shot in July – with Sara Sampaio – before she took flight to join her boyfriend Adam Levine in Japan where Maroon 5 were playing for their Asian Tour

I really wish she would leave Women.

Because they will be trying (they are already) to milk Adam again through her and he won’t take that once again after he realized how much he has been used for two years (if you wonder why Adam’s tweets have changed that much, here’s your answer: he has gone back to be who he REALLY is, namely a very private person outside of his very overexposed working life).

I am glad Behati brought him back to his roots, because I never really loved the way he was moved (forced?) to put out on display for everyone to see his private life and thoughts.

Gloriously beautiful Behati Prinsloo is wet for Seafolly

That was NOT Adam.

That was a manipulated-from-love-towards-a-wrong-receptacle Adam… glad we are now having the real Adam back, and if this means not knowing his background days, WHO CARES.

I prefer to be assured he is happy (and I AM ASSURED OF IT πŸ˜‰ ) behind closed doors instead of seeing him fakely chased by paparazzi and having “sources” and “unnamed close friends” (read: manipulative PR teams, which are not belonging to Adam’s life) explain us carefully what he thinks about family and marriage and how he feels about his love life at the moment.

Heck! He’d never ever share these things with strangers, if it were up to him 110%!

Adam and Behati on Memorial Day 2012 – May 28 – in Hawaii

That type of info given out to – low-rated – press (?) is mostly always a front, and should almost never been given credit at all.

Instead these smiles you see during his Thanksgiving time, just like those passionate, adorable, very lovingly kisses Adam was planting on Behati’s face in Hawaii in May (where he was with private people and unaware of paparazzi around, hence he was completely free to be himself and put his passion on up), things that are real because they are happening in his PRIVATE MOMENTS, that are not meant to be seen by any other than his real close people, well, THOSE displays (not public) of affection are what matters.

Those are what real love calls for and a real relationship shall be made of.

Real life… has to be private.

No matter if you are a celebrity… your private life MUST be only yours (and it bares a striking contradictions, I know, that while I preach this then I post somehow private pictures of A&B up here, but that is not a media blog, it is just a personal one about things that I like and that happens to me, so while I am also putting up pictures not meant to be seen, I do because those – already published elsewhere though, I carefully avoid to post around pictures that have NEVER surfaced anywhere else before, that’s a rule over here – that are just meant to prove my point, that Adam and Behati are very happy, very secure lovers all into one another for THEIR LIVES and not for paps or fame. Those pictures float anyway over the web so they have ceased to be private anyway. My use of them is not evilish at all, and I will take care of not showing minors or locations anyway, no matter if others did instead).

I just feel fine seeing them happy and not for the eyes of strangers to see…

but for their only own good.

I am happy again Behati is showing (once more in this blessed Thanksgiving time… ) how she only cares to be with Adam as much and as long as possible, and never shares bits of their privacy around just to gain status, and it makes my heart so warm and happy to see how she GENUINELY wants to preserve their love intact without selling Adam to the tabloids to be mentioned once more in the media through him.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo on Levine’s Family thanksgiving party 22 November 2012. Picture by a close friend. No tabloids allowed. Thank God. Thank you Bee. Keep being awesome to him. You are adorable and TRUE πŸ™‚

So glad I am that the days of being exploited are over for Adam, and that after that unfortunate chapter of his life came to a very blessed end, a real Angel of Love came to save his intoxicated and damaged soul and give Adam back to himself, his senses and the ones who really love him without trying to gain a profit out of it :)).

All in all, I just wish tabloids would stop to spin nonsense about Adam, and about Behati, and about Adam + Behati and stop talking about them altogether, unless it’s for due work of them and not anything else but I also know that is hard for many reasons:

1) tabloids are scum;

2) tabloids write the fakest of things, often without getting punished for it (a problem that in Italy we have with supposed “high journalism” (?) also, see the Alessandro Sallusti‘s case, so it’s not like I can really wonder why those things happen πŸ˜‰ can I?);

3) tabloids get paid by PR teams to write what those teams want and request, regardless of truths – in fact, more than often IN SPITE of it – just to operate towards defined targets, so they will often try to build stories when they need to speak about someone, if they can’t find real fact to report;

4) tabloids readers are mostly REALLY stupid, so they won’t ever reckon how false all those stories, and how manipulated and scripted by PR teams all their “news” are.

Should we care?

As brained people, not we must NOT; and I am happy Adam and Behati are of the same idea, and just avoid any forced contact with the worst of “media” (?) feeders.

I should just accept that in public people’s lives the downward side of being subject of dirty tabloids gossip and manipulation is sadly a not erasable occurrence, and just stop taking notices, just again like Adam and Bee do.

Adam despises gossip blogs.

And one thing is for sure that he won’t let anybody use him through them again so I really hope Behati can keep being as strong as she is demonstrating to be and never surrender at any’s will to milk Adam, because that would be the end of this relationship and I would be sad, because this relationship has brought us back the best Adam I was used to know (beside The Fuckery The Karaoke Mess that thing being still a thing of his… But I have strong hopes that chapter will soon be finished as well).

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine with Adam’s entire family on Thanksgiving 2012.
They are just amazingly happy together. And not for the paps. For themselves only.

Really… if Behati leaves that Agency that should be called Whoring Management instead of Women I would be the happiest person EVER: they have never done much for her anyway, and even though it now seems they are starting to do, it’s never for her… it’s just for trying to upper themselves through her new spotlight, and pushing others by linking her awfully in things she doesn’t belong to, always in the creepiest ways.

She has the kind of skills to be one of IMG people anyway; she is a natural in front of cameras, she works well on motion, has a great eloquence, a sparkle of funny personality, a vision, and she is artistically educated because she is not merely a model, she is a musician and a photographer.

Behati Prinsloo and her perfect body emerges from the sea in Hawaii 5-0 feature

She has so much to emerge as a complete entertainer and her naturalness on Hawaii 5-0 demonstrates this once again (as any of her reaching out outside the plain work of a model – work that she rocks anyway, since her very start tho ;).

Of course this is just her very first (and not much prepared, as she flew in as soon as the VSFS ended) acting stint, so her abilities are completely rough cutted in there… but she is a natural force of Nature and – much like her boyfriend’s Adam – I just think she needs some practice at acting, and then she could just be BIG.

Her charm is undeniable and it takes as much as following her here, when she announced the feature, to realize how natural, away from pretentiousness, passionate and genuine she is.

I love everything Scott and Alex and Producers, Peter Lenkov & the Cast of Hawaii 5-0 said about Behati.

How people can hate on her is beyond me:

Of course envy is the reason, but I am sure anyone would love to be her friend, and that is why she is actually FULL of friends , and a LOT are actually females (which makes a double-check on her goodness because females hate easily on other females… instead Behati has GREAT friends and a lot also in the modeling world, and not as a “front friendship”… Coco Rocha, Candice Swanepoel, those are FRIENDS for real and for life. It speaks so accurately about Bee, the way she makes real friends also in the Fashion world).

Behati Prinsloo in HF Collage Shots which I find gorgeous

I also am deeply convinced that REAL people (like her and Adam are) have a BIG HARD TIME doing acting, because that doesn’t come natural to them.

Fakers are just much more inclined…. if you act in your real life, chances are you may be pretty good at acting in front of a camera (for some people, that is just a synonymy in which acting in life EQUALS acting in general… but let’s not give in there ;)).

I like the way Sun kisses Behati’s in this promo though:

And my oh my… Behati REALLY is 5’11”.

She towers poor Scott Caan a lot πŸ˜‰ (Alex O’ L is over 6’1′ so she doesn’t dwarf him instead).

Behati on set

Behati on set

Behati’s cheerful, totally shining personality is what drives people to her.

Sure, she is a giant beauty with perfect body and completely mindblowing, unique facial features (THE CHEEKBONES!!! I can’t get enough ;))…

But what REALLY makes her unique is her personality which shines through always.

Proof of that?


Well, I was not up to post this Victoria’s Secret Angels singing over his song “Beauty And The Beat” (which is not even that terrible, but being him, it still is) because I would never touch anything Bieber BUT…

Sometimes things get to be submitted here due to their over powering adorable-ness ;).

And when I saw this I couldn’t hold grudges towards the fact it was still an awful Bieber’s song that was chosen for the lypsynch phase.

Behati, this year again, shines through this whole fragment… you can see her personality glitter all over (and how happy is she there? OF COURSE… 24 hours before that lipsynch performance she was STILL in Adam’s arms ;)):

Behati is so adorable and so herself and so lively lipsynching that I couldn’t avoid.


She’s so great she can even make me stand some Bieber (well let’s not go overboard…).

Glorious Behati. Bet Adam has a lot of fun with her infinite legs and THAT booty ;)

Glorious Behati. Bet Adam has a lot of fun with her infinite legs and THAT booty πŸ˜‰

I am sure Adam is proud of his girl and he MUST.

She is just so real and I am sure hangin around her would bright anyone’s life.

Even in these stills out of her (amazing and finally out of Pink) performance at this year Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show you can see the passion for life and the deconstructed charm this girl has:

Adam needs exactly THIS in his complicated life.

Not a drama and clinging queen… he needs somebody who’s able to light his whole life up, to bring comfort into it when he has no other way to slow down.

He has written songs about that since an eternity… and Behati indeed is the type of person who can give him JUST EVERYTHING he needs, because not only she is the physical type he favors (as tall – or even taller – than him, infinite legs, toned, slim, but curvy enough to be womanly, a face that change from being innocent to being a sexy fox, and a kinky very developed side) but finally she has the personality to match his over-demanding one, while being reclusive about any detail.

I REPEAT FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME: This relationship of Bee and Adam could end TOMORROW: and STILL Behati will always be for him the best and realest girlfriend he’s had since he got famous, because even now that he is at a HUGE peak of fame, she has NEVER EVER USED HIM ONCE TO GAIN FAME HERSELF.

Behati and Adam in Los Angeles, 23 November 2012. totally loved up. Aww.

Behati is a wonderful person and for the way she has been there for Adam (and for the REAL him,) always and constantly, for the way she has always traveled the world to be as much as possible with him, for the way she has never ever used social media to pimp her relationship with him, or any other outlet, for the way she has and is respecting and taking care of Adam and his closest friends and family genuinely and uninterestedly… for the way Behati is LOVING Adam (and we all know that is all but easy, as he is NOT an easy person to deal with), she deserves to be BLESSED and THANKED from all of those who claim they are fans and appreciate and care about Adam (even if his private life is not a fan’s business at all).

adorability at the maximum level.

I wish everyone could realize that.

But the only thing that matters is that for sure ADAM DID AND DOES.

I hope this continues, as long as possible: Behati has brought light and real love back into Adam’s darkness and this is magnificent, and I wish she could be glorified for it and not trashed.

Those people hating on her, bashing her, spreading lies about her are obviously too stupid and not worthy to understand and see the goodness of Bee+Adam’s combo.

We can’t plant sense-fulness into brainless people.

Let’s just be aware of that ourselves, and pity them enemies if they are dull and blind πŸ˜‰

PS: the pictures out from Thanksgiving have been taken from Instragram sources, which I have been sent by friends and occasional speakers.

Since they involve not willing people (kids of Adam’s family) those faces have been blurred to preserve privacy.

I have also decided to put them up only because they are flowing all over Internet and therefore anyone could catch them now through a web research, but I willingly decided to only keep the faces of Adam and Behati up, avoiding to display also Adam’s brother Michael and Gene Hong’s ones although his brother (I can’t stand him and you know it) was the one posting the first ones for the world to see (a fame oriented brother that is… I feel always creepily turn out by him actually but whatever, I just prefer to not pay attention to him tout court. He won’t change in his trials to become known through Adam so let’s just stop hoping he could, and move away and furtherly).

What does matter is that Behati still with her half and that even when she comes to the public places of him (like when she went to The Fuckery The Karaoke Mess that thing tapings, she avoids to share that through internet, and that’s cute… but lucky enough her look she was sporting on the taping of Monday 26th of November was too lovely to be not shared by Internet people (she has her Halloween wig up and she keeps wearing Adam’s clothes, here it is the cardigan, while the days before Halloween it was actually his trousers… that is so adorable I melt ;)):

Behati Prinsloo at The Voice on Monday 26th of November 2012. That’s her Halloween wig. And Adam’s sweater on πŸ˜‰

Speaking about the lovely habit Behati has to wear Adam’s pieces of clothing (that is marvelous… she’s so modest and doesn’t ask for expensive gifts, she is so natural and lovely and for her the best clothes she could possibly wear are HER BOYFRIEND’s ones and this is so pure and lovingly… it always makes me melt. Behati, you’re a wonderful SOUL. You are.).

When asked at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year about a twitter question on her guilty pleasures… SHE SAID THIS (any Adam’s fan knows why I put this up here, right?):

Awww. I can imagine them both drawn into a giant jar of Haribo’s

They are so adorable!

By the way maybe they bought some of them while shopping at their (MINE!!!!) Gelson’s after the show was taped…

Look HOW AMAZING THEY ARE… the perfect easy-going, totally relaxed, completely real-and-out-of-fake type of couple:

Adam Levine and girlfriend Behati Prinsloo shop at their local Gelson’s after The Voice show on Monday November 26th 2012. Gummy Bears are there too or… ? πŸ˜‰

But okay, I am digressing from my point (sorry, I just love to see Adam back being so very happy, and it’s ALL Behati’s touch on him who brought him back to that state he didn’t experience in so long before her).

I really like her charm and I hope they can have also some Xmas time together (these pictures from her JCrew’s spread help the mood) even though with all Adam’s commitments and the fact Maroon 5 play Las Vegas near to New Year’s Eve (and Behati goes in Africa around the Xmas holidays, as it’s right to do) that is not really very likely.

Behati Prinsloo for JCrew Xmas 2012

But who knows… their love is strong and they have already surprised us (she mostly) for their way to find ALWAYS the methods to stay as much as possible together.

And after all, if Behati stayed with Adam’s family on Thanksgiving… wouldn’t be cute for him to pay visit to her family on Xmas?

We can just cross fingers, and anyway, I am sure they DO know what’s better for themselves and for their strong bond.

Back to chronicles now πŸ˜‰

That moment where she was at The Fuckery The Karaoke Mess that showΒ  anyway deserves some kind of a break in of news, even in here, where it is forbidden by love of music souls (reality singing competitions = death of real artistry. THIS IS and there’s no way I will ever change my mind…).

No… don’t worry I am NOT gonna cover anything related to that awful thing in itself… because lucky enough I hadn’t to.

Let me be clearer.

That day 50 Cent and Adam premiered the AWESOME My Life collaboration, but without EMINEM.

Adam Levine and 50 Cent premiere “My Life” on Monday 26th of November 2012

Therefore I didn’t have to watch it.

I could just buy the single as soon as it came out (on Italian Monday still, just before I was going to bed) andΒ  wait for this video the day after.

The video is EVERYTHING and it shows the most amazing trio of power all together

I cream myself at the greatness of this song; and you know how skeptical I was when a year or so 50 Cent and Adam started to give hints about a collaboration, but it took enough to add Lord Eminem to the mix, and actually “My Life” became instantly one of my musical dreams made true.

Adam and Eminem on the same record...

My Life. 50 Cent featuring my dream combo Eminem + Adam Levine.
WOW. Straight to Number one where it belongs πŸ˜‰

This is pretty much perfection and it holds more of my heart than both Heard Em say and Promised Land (Revelations) do (the ones Adam shares with Kanye, whom I adore, despite his downwarding spiral into KardTRASHIAN lands).

But okay… I do still adore Kanye and this version of Heard Em Say video is still so dear to my heart I gotta put up also this (sorry for the step into memory lane πŸ˜‰ ):

You know that is cause of THIS video and song if any time we stay in NY I have to go at THAT Macy’s to feel it as a musical vibe? (Also, I am dead sure that the hilarious – and cool – Macklemore’s Thrift Shop video somehow is a twist of this version of Heard’Em Say…. ;)).

But enough… let’s go back to My Life.

The song shot immediately to iTunes #1 as deserved (even though two days later it got knocked down by that HORRENDOUS Will.I.Am + Britney Spears’ mess called “Scream And Shout, which is exactly what you feel like to do after hearing it… due to its awfulness) and so the streak of Adam’s uncanny hit continues, just after One More Night got displaced after 9 week at the top by Rihanna (and we all predicted this by the way), and while Overexposed continues to sell amazingly (it just crossed the 810.000 copies this week ;), and One More Night is almost 3 times platinum in USA, and Payphone is well over 4 and 1/2 platinum already. Utter Domination.).

Grammy Awards.

Grammy Awards.

Despite the great performances on chart out of our guys, I am a bit worried about Grammy Nominations.

Somehow the fact that One More Night overshadowed Payphone in terms of weeks at number one on Billboard made everyone forget that Payphone was a way more global hit selling way more worldwide; unfortunately the fact it never got past number 2 in USA makes me fear the submission at the Committee have been for both songs, and that is NOT a smart move, especially when Maroon 5 have to compete in the most battled and crowded field (Pop).

That is a fear all of our crew has, that to submit both songs will have forcefully to split votes and polarize them; and that could undermine the chances of actual nominations when the votes get counted, if people have split them in two directions without none of them clearly prevailing.

Plus the rise (deserved I think) of Pink’s star in the album category is going to probably block Overexposed in any album related nods.

We’ll know soon, because the Grammy nomination concert is behind the corner (but you will be updated of it here only way later ;)).

What is for sure is that the boys are at their peak EVER.

Maroon 5 are simply put a great REAL band…

They are pop in the best sense of that word.

Where pop is meant to be an infusion of many things heading towards large fruition without derailing out from artistry.

They still have it, and I am still proud of them (and you know I have been quarreling with some of their choices…).

I am happy because they are. πŸ™‚

And I am happy also because Adam is very very happy with a beautiful angel by his side.

(How many “happy” did I just write in 5 lines? Oh who cares… ;))

Take a look at the whole of November of the lovey dovey duo of Adam and Bee… and I hope you like my song choices for the segments, because they are well thought-over πŸ˜‰ :

I wonder which film they have seen together by the way

Another thing which is lovely is that Behati has just shot a series of things for VS IN LOS ANGELES.

Behati shooting the other day for VS in Los Angeles

Behati shooting the other day for VS in Los Angeles

She does her best not only to be with Adam always, but to bring her work to HIS place, so that she can avoid to leave him for too long.

I am also curious to know if this is what inspired Adam “I want a baby tiger” tweet.

Because I can totally see Behati agreeing with that πŸ˜‰

She would probably also be delighted if Adam could be the temporary replacement drummer of Pearl JamΒ  πŸ˜‰

I can see her pushing him for that actually (like he needed it ;)).

And I also wish to them to have a great weekend, as it seems they are going somewhere from Ben’s tweets ;).

Well, speaking of which, my weekend has started and I am finishing this post on iPad and on a car directed to Ortisei.

We have picked a house there so that we can be independent from my friends’ Cortina’s place (which still near).

This way K&I can get our freak on.

No really.

That was mostly the reason that pushed us to find a place of our own in Val Gardena πŸ˜‰

Sorry friends… we know you understand!

(and probably approve πŸ˜‰ LOL).

I leave you with a beautiful article and interview of James (dear Jimmy V!!!!) which I find awesome.

Read it carefully because it’s amazing πŸ™‚

James Valentine on Guitar.com

James Valentine on Guitar.com

I’d say this is long enough ;).

Wish you all a great weekend, to find a wonderful place for your mind and heart, and to find a source of fire within yourself to spread it around.

Life is a wonderful thing… but it can not come out as easy as we’d wish for.

Let’s treasure it.

Every day.

I do, and that’s why I feel fine and happy I guess πŸ˜‰

Happy Xmas time from Behati Prinsloo and VS ;)

Happy Xmas time from Behati Prinsloo and VS πŸ˜‰

See ya around or after Xmas I suppose πŸ˜‰

Missus Z. is on track towards Pordoi or something πŸ˜‰


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Good October everybody!

And if you wonder why I have chosen my dearest Japanese as header and title… well you will know later on πŸ˜‰

Vibe at 110%

Beside than everyone in my book should learn Japanese and should go to the place and just worship everything Nihon as much as I do… but I am diverting from the man path here, I know πŸ˜‰

Truth is I am so emotionally involved with Japan that I properly need to be there… and so this year we will get there for my birthday, the way it was originally planned for past years, but got replaced by… guess what? Africa, Mozambique, Namibia & so on then some California LoveπŸ˜‰ (talk about life connections, lol…).

It will be during Hanami and I just cannot wait even though we’re barely out of Summer and I just got back from some days in Holland and I am just about to re-travel again (but all this kind of traveling involves also business while on my birthday it will just be magic epicness and no duties ;)).

Before we dwell a bit into my life (always a tad hectic, lol) in the past three weeks, please leave me in a sad corner and let me cry my (sporty) heart out just a little bit.

Let me mourn some heavy seconds the death of my Milan… I mean… I couldn’t be a bit happy for the good game we played in Champions League against Zenith San Petersburg (and how it reminded me of the beautiful Russian time last year… that still has been one of the most beautiful holidays I have had! so romantic and perfect!) than we just decided to crumble at our worst levels (helped by some undignified arbitrage gotta say) by falling to Inter on October 7th (not even the fact I was in Van Basten’s land helped me there to cope… Karim had to sex me up REALLY much & well to make me work the day after πŸ˜‰ but ehi… you know my ways to Sexual Healing are powerful ;)).

I can’t with the way Milan this year really do seem pointless, and basically without any developing plan in sight.

It makes me so sad at times…

Where have the times gone?

But let’s avoid this train of thoughts… so many good things await in this post πŸ˜‰

Florence times are always magic for K&I

And indeed I have to say the Amsterdam time has been magical anyway (much like our little blitz in Florence this past weekend, when we have packed on this just past Saturday morning just because we didn’t want to stay in Milano with all the traffic of cars blocked, and tons of people stuck in our most liked weekend places in the area).

We went there in Dutch Lands with some of the crew for a VERY entertaining weekend, but then K&I stayed because both had some working duties to fulfill there and I DON’T COMPLAIN.

The town is amazing (even though this time our dinner at Paradise on the water wasn’t as memorable as when I went there with family sometime ago…).

Love going there πŸ˜‰

I love the place because it’s creative, modern but then that water landscape get so easily out-of-time-context one just finds themselves entranced and captured with their whole fiber of body&mind.

And the sex.

The sex…

That is always stellar over there (we have had fireworks at night in more ways than one, lol ;)), because for some unknown reason we seem to get embodied with decades of historical debauchery inspiration over there and that translates always in LOT of fun ;).

So in a few more hours we are stepping back in Dear California… and again it’s gonna be a quick-but-really-filled-up-with-stuff trip.

Basically we go to visit Karim’s family for a super fast shot in San Francisco, with an in-between stay that K&I and Chari and a couple friends will check-in to LA (we will get a Maroon 5 glimpse at Citybank’s gig too, if nothing happens of unexpected) and then back to New York because both Karim and I have business to take care of for a couple more days.

We are happy to oblige to family reunion though; and we are happy to pay back visit as Karim’s family has been visiting us for a while during Milano Fashion Week (which lead to amazing parties – Vogue & the Armani Gala – and lot of fun… I suspect than K’s parents, more than K properly, have also been the generous ones making me realize a childhood dream and have to play tennis with a legendary Roland Garros icon.

But I won’t say a word more on that, beside THANK YOU. :)).

During the Cali time we REALLY hope to go watching MY LAKERS /OUR LAKERS/EVERYONE’S LAKERS even if we have to be super quick like last time with my daddy too and fly there in helicopter and then stay in our up zone booth and then leave even before than a blink post game has been cast.

Anything, but please let me see Kobe + Dwight + STEVE!!!!!!

Dwight and Steve Lakers goofing

I drool.

I do πŸ˜‰

That’s something that can make me orgasm: I mean watching Kobe and Steve interact (much like any other fan, famous or not, is eagerly awaiting to witness in all purple and gold glory).

That is basketball at its finest and then feeding Howard?

Oh man!

I can’t at such perfection πŸ˜‰

I must see it with my own eyes… pretty please? πŸ˜‰

In all that I wish we could stay enough to celebrate Halloween there in the US, which is one of my greatest passions, but I fear we can’t stay that long in New York even if I hope I am wrong and then we end up doing it… πŸ˜‰ because why put limits at my own hopes when life chances can be bigger than those even?

Halloween by the way will be also very interesting because I personally am DYING to know what Adam and Behati and all of Maroon 5 accolites will dress like

Behati and freaky stuff are seemingly a bond already (no surprises once again her personality matches naturally her man’s… oh boy! They seem just so MADE to be AS ONE… I love that!).

And just because we’re briefly on the note of A+B…

Time is also approaching for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show… and sweet Behati is all pumped up for it since a while πŸ™‚ Take just this lovely glimpse from last year’s show because you see her graciousness at her Angel (you know, she is a REAL one… ;)) fitting for the Super angel segment in 2011 and her Pink’s ones.

This year though she should be towering more towards out-of-Pink’s stuff if all about her new status as a VS Mainline Angel is any indication of (and she’s breathtakingly AMAZING in her more mature and sexy role, I have to say… though her bright, lively, outshining and spunky personality still shine in laces and silk too ;).

So take a look at her perfection in the most recent Victoria’s secret shots of her for the Fall and Winter of 2012/2013 and then wait for more later on too (ps: I always try to pick fitting songs to underline my videos ;)):

About the ongoing bullshit about irrelevant people being labeled “angels” and instead those who really ARE ANGELS, this year Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show page has updated its section with a WONDERFUL feature called “ANGEL LINE UP” where you can see who the walking ANGELS are (then there will be important models having wings at the show – still not being angels – and then some other models who will getΒ  still some limelight because they date people who are way more important than them, and they use that spot to gain visibility that the show’s producers are happy to give to them to boost ratings… this has always been happening since at least 2005, so no surprises there… but the qualification of “Angel of VS” at least now is once again something one earns through a contract and not just because you sleep with somebody to get some steps up in the ladder of fame πŸ˜‰ Oh, and if you sense some directed ironic sarcasm in the previous note, later on in this post you will understand why it seems that I am hinting at some of Adam’s previous famewhores leeches girlfriends by comparison… which I TOTALLY am, and this is a twist from past you will understand as I said later in this post, because I just have had the NOT pleasure of being submitted to some materials that made me REALLY make up my mind in a very different ways from what I used to regarding said people):

Angel Line Up for VSFS 2012… oh… LOOK! Behati is one πŸ˜‰

And just because she can, Behati is teasing viewers up along her fellow Angels in this “Victoria’s Secret Angels talk about Seduction” video.

I noticed straight two things: that it was taken in July when she had that little few days away from Adam (one of the rare cases they weren’t together) before reaching him at Lake Taohe (the villa is totally the one where she was working with Russel James and the angels back then), and that she is AWESOME, because her answer to what is seductive for her is sublime (and since by then she and Adam were together since two months, and she is completely smiling in the video, I guess Adam is an EXCELLENT listener for her. Which doesn’t surprise me because Behati is smart and very bright and has lots of things in common with Adam that they can talk with one another for AGES – in between sex I mean – ;)).

But judge yourself… this is the video:

As we have known then already, when in last post I showcased her doing Yoga for the new VSX sporty line, Behati has got her Victoria’s Secret spunky & lively groove on in active ads, and this is the extended promo VS is showing now that she TOTALLY rocks with her brilliance and energy.

Take a look & listen to that sexy voice she has, too:

Anyway is not yet time to speak about THE LOVERS (Adam and Behati), nor yet about The Lovers (Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan character pair in American Horror Story, which I will witness as we arrive in Cali I guess if some kind soul is up for recording it for us or if there will be a re-broadcast the day after ;)).

Before is time to rewind a bit of facts in Maroon 5 world, which keep being JUST AWESOME.

The guys were just starting their tour, and as soon as they departed USA, USA started to treat them like the Kings they are.

One More Night, in fact, has topped any radio format while they have been away, and has stayed now for a total of FOUR WEEKS AS THE REIGNING BILLBOARD HOT 100 SONG.

This is huge, awesome and most notably…


Maroon 5 deserve all the best for their pure pop perfection which Overexposed is; and I am happy that One More Night got luckier than Payphone because I adore the song and it was so bad Payphone got blocked all its run that to have OMN blocking the worldwide phenomenon which is Gangnam Style for so long was a fair rebound.

I am delighted (no pun intended ;)).

Not only that…

I mean, I don’t need to read those stuff because I follow them since always and my memory is pretty good (while my taste is purely great, thank you); but Billboard has recently shared the data of the best Pop performances in 20 years and NOT surprisingly, Maroon 5 are in the top crop, while Adam to put it there mildly is JUST the one with the single most appearances in these charts of merit.

Not bad… truly not:

Top Artists in USA since 1992 according to Billboard

and this too:

More than a bulldozzer

Not bad, not bad indeed!

The tour is also grossing VERY well, and even though it is certainly not easy to match all schedules together (due to Adam’s side stuff) the guys seem more energized than ever and live they just sound as awesome as always.

They seem very joyous.

This is great to see.

The Awards season is also approaching.

Maroon 5 at the Grammies 2012

I start with the most important thing: GRAMMIES, of course.

Well, just these very hours the shortlist for submission by record companies are being leaked… and although we have yet no confirmation for Maroon 5, we can guess that they will send :

Payphone up for: Record Of the Year; Song Of The Year; Pop Duo/Group; Short Form Video;

They could send One More Night to every category up too, but I hope not because this would split the voters, causing the risk of getting no nominations.

While One More Night is a better song artistically, Payphone is a huger contender for SOTY (where Gotye cannot be nominated) but you can get that up there if you don’t submit it also in the Pop field – or at least it’d be very unlikely.

Sadly Payphone will be an underdog compared to We Are Young and Somebody that I Used To Know… but it’s the third year in a row, the fifth year in Six one that they get nominated and the last time they won was in 2008 so they better get some anyway this year.

They might.

Of course Overexposed will be submitted for Pop Album and Album Of The Year; that’s tricky because the category is always a mess of numbers and critics (stupidly) didn’t praise Overexposed; but the album is selling amazingly and it is producing chart toppers so depending on how Daylight does it might snatch a Pop nod and WHO knows… maybe more (unlikely though).

Anyway, some chances might be in nuce because Maroon 5 have been the FIRST performers announced for the Grammy Nomination Concert in Nashville, December 5.

This is HUGE; and although it doesn’t guarantee a nominee (of course, as you see the submissions aren’t even in, let alone the nominations) it is a good sign the Naras is well oriented towards you (of course, Maroon 5 have been Grammy darlings since their debut on that scene).

Another Award is coming (sooner) though and in this we already know Maroon 5 have been nominated and nominated for the crop of the cake top:

The American Music Awards are back, and our guys are up for all the most important stuff including Artist of The Year:

Maroon 5 up for glory at AMAs 2012

It’s a great satisfaction for a pop band which has been around for a decade, because pop artists and especially male and even more specifically GROUPS of males rarely enjoy this long span of success.

Maroon5 are truly diverse and what they are achieving deserves recognition and highlights.


They have had a wonderful tour routine; their name is finally recognized pretty much everywhere and even if the schedule pack is insane, and it becomes uneasy for instance to manage a classic tour time without breaks (necessary to allow Adam for his side projects) which result in a no easy way to promote properly their album outside from the States (which benefit of the constant exposure of the frontman through said side projects) the balancing seems anyway reached and it seems good enough.

Popularity in USA always generates an overflown of derived credibility abroad anyway, so that they will still be able to be International Superstars for way longer than they probably thought they could have 11 years ago.

In one month they have touched so many Countries and very profitably, too; so that by the time the tour was ending, two days ago, they were exhausted but probably truly satisfied, too.

And indeed the time of coming back home had approached fast… the last leg was in Australia and it was brief, intense and awesome (and with some minor flu going on… guess the messages his body was sending to Adam that he didn’t like were those about getting old πŸ˜‰ and not being as able as before to cope with the intensity of a world wide tour without developing constant little quarreling diseases πŸ˜‰ poor baby ;))

Maroon 5 in Melbourne 12 October 2012

The Australian dates went on well and smooth despite practically half of the crew (beside Adam, there was Alexander De Leon, and the milk shifter and his mum too) being virtually super sick.

Good things is that from this recording of the gig in Melbourne (I usually don’t upload live performances if not broadcasted but I wanted to get newly ready for the gig on the 19th so this way I have saved the setlist properly, as I don’t think they are gonna change a thing in less than a week ;)), Adam didn’t seem terribly affected by his flu/whatever he has/had:

What can I say?

I can’t wait to witness this live πŸ˜‰

Things just keep getting better in Maroon 5 world anyway so I expect fun in CityBank Land of Music, even if my permanence in LA will be just as quick as the gig itself almost… πŸ˜‰

I want to introduce now the linker between Maroon 5 and Adam + Behati and you know, that’s gonna be VERY easy because once again our lovely Angel of Grace has proven her awesomeness through facts πŸ˜‰

This girl just has no alleged flaws?

We could count as one her slightly not perfect teeth? But I like those too.

It’s that characteristic that makes her unique (and I hope she won’t go down the road of many models who change their teeth after a while…)

Anyway, let’s be more precise in the chronicles (think that I am writing this in between a Skype exchange about tests performing in labs here, in New York and in Bejing so… be quiet and respectful if I write chaotically anyway!)…

Behati had been with Adam even in the first bunch of days of September as you know, missing important exhibits like Ben Watts’ one (that of the charity surfboards) just to spend as much time as possible with her beau, but then Adam had to fly away for the Asian tour and Bee had to start back doing her stuff (and renew Visa, too).

By the way the board is this:

Behati Surfboard

And just because you have REALLY to understand how awesome she is, take the video Ben Watts posted of the “behind the scenes”, with an hilarious end where Behati dances Gangnam Style (you can so clearly see how lively, fresh, spontaneous and awesome this girl is there). LITTLE NOTE: Maroon 5 have CONSTANTLY played a lil mash up on the Asia Tour of Gangnam Style (which is hilarious and ironic, as they have kept the song off the summit of Billboard Hot 100 for weeks and weeks in a row ;)).

Watchin this video… I guess Behati did teach Adam on how to do the little dance?

So by half of the month of September had passed the tour was clearly getting to show on Adam… who surely did miss the perfection of the South American experience when Behati was all along with him, making him the happiest I have ever seen him on any tour (because he suffers touring a lot, since.. always ;)); he was starting to go silent and enjoying Breaking Bad while Behati was all busy working for Victoria’s secret and NEXT Uk (again… watch this little video out from the traces of those two campaign she was shooting in the second half of September 2012):

He passed from being all talkative and enthusiastic, to barely tweet.

Yes, he was having things to keep him occupied beyond the stage, like the Bench Clothing Company endorsement, which for sure has covered him in money, but still… not even fame and glory sometimes can help with the missing piece in your heart spot πŸ˜‰

Anyway, this is Adam’s Bench Press Day Conference in words…

Adam Levine Bench Press Conference – Manila 17 Sept 2012

And then some collage in pictures (I hope that horrifying mustache goes away… yet strangely he manages to be awkwardly hot with that still on his face. Pretty astonishing really).

And his only comfort as I said above to fight the soon-came-in nostalgia of his Angel from Africa was starting to watch for hours all the seasons of Breaking Bad – thing that he does always when he’s Bee-less it seems (a genius series whose “hero” is a meth dealer undercover… a really dark and amazing comedrama which is just perfect for somebody who cannot focus on goodness because he’s got his life light stolen and so far away from him ;)), and then using a couple of unexpected reason for fun

No matter the great gigs and the praise from journalists everywhere for his stage presence and energy (like in the Philippines, for instance); no matter the perks of being at The Formula 1 Grand Prix (race witnessing that his bandmates enjoyed post their performance, and that he missed… caught up in Skype chats with the other side of the world? you bet ;)) Adam was just starting to feel the lack of human touch.

You could just tell it by any of his tweets, and even from his face on stage (engaging always, but without the sparkle he has when she is along on tour… and if you care to make the comparison, just try and catch online the gigs which are sans Behati and compare Adam’s entire being with those when she is there instead… it’s a TOTALLY different man from every point of view).

Of course, like we all would do in his shoes, he tried to develop distractions to make time pass faster without thinkin too much at the missing, while Bee was moving from Turks and Caicos (for Victoria’s Secret duties) to California, for shooting NEXT.

Maybe he has also started to create songs in collaboration with people (because we know on tour guys write and record…)?

Adam’s always very active on that front anyway; and in fact, after the collaboration with 50 Cent we have already digressed over in previous posts, and after the supposed other collaboration with Wiz Khalifa which is seemingly just tipped as “bonus Track” on his incoming record, Adam has extracted from his hat another rabbit for us.

Another collaboration, again with a rapper (man, isn’t he fond of that crossing over into hip hop?).

Next gem is gonna be with The Game, and don’t take my words on it…

take Rolling Stones’:

The Game teams Up with Adam Levine on new album – Rolling Stone

Sounds very exciting to me πŸ™‚

But all this probably still wasn’t enough to make Adam forget about empty beds and lack of funny cuddling & kisses and twisting sexy matches so…

He had to balance new places sightseeing – from hotel windows and taxis I assume – to work of imagination to make his always wandering mind not fall and falter.

How, are you guessing?

Remember when in last post I laughed at the fact Adam would have followed fans?

yes he’s perfect

Well… he has started to.

He’s well near over at 10.000 people followed by now.


Not really.

I’d call it SMART.

This way not only he can prevent some stupid people from bashing his adored girlfriend, but he also disguises the people he REALLY is interested in following (his inner circle) in tons of others which are just slightly more than ants in his world (don’t take it personally… everyone outside of his life of course has less value for him… and this works for ANYONE around, not just him).

So… what is this new policy he has about huge following lists he seems so fond of as of late?

Gotta say this whole thing amuses me because CLEARLY the people are thinking he follows them for real, or that he actually spends hours clicking each time on 2000 per time follow buttons.

Let me clear the poor minds of the people, because I am a geek and I love to do that (I am sure not even a tenth of people will understand a word from now on, but I will try to open their minds anyway).

Yes, I know this way I sound like a pretentious egotistic and presumptuous witch trying to act all superior on everybody…

I love when lessors compliment me though (because I am exactly like that I reckon it and it doesn’t stir me up a single bit πŸ˜‰ ops)…

So… there we go!

This is Missus Z.’s Little Twitter Client & Social Management Lesson.

In the twitter clients world do exist a NUMBER of systems to:

Adam’s perfection in Manila Streets

1) follow many people at once;

2) create separate lists for these (how we can call them… “useful for working purposes”?) amount of people one wants to follow numerically, but of course no one is interested in the talks of (unless someone has no life at all, but that clearly ain’t Adam’s case ;));

3) give a range of likeability to the people who can be followed in rushes, like you give to the client who does the automatic filling of the list a series of characteristic the potential one to be followed must have (in Adam’s case, it seems something like “relatively new twitter user” “My own follower” “Maroon 5 interested / spoken of or about” “The Voice spectator” and so on).

4) make adjustments to your timelines so that you can include different streams of tweets in separate lines, and all this without making anybody but you know how these different streams are composed and if they are all active, how and when.

5) the strict majority of all these implemented services can also be carried on for limited amounts of time, and they can have further feature like instant unfollowing or even blocking if something happens that you want to forbid (something like “automatically unfollow/block anybody from list X, Y, Z if they send a Direct Message, for instance).

You can add qualities to be included in the “likeability pool for a follow” and the Twitter client does all by itself.

You can timetable the moment when it will start to follow people and you don’t even need to be active on Twitter in those span of times the twitter client works.

These resources are commonly used by hundreds of people online, and daily.

It baffles me that really too few people are actually aware of them.

We live in a society deeply interconnected and ll these resources are at once a weapon and a shield for everybody; a mirror, or a cape, to use or to wear.

Sometimes I feel like people think Adam is kind of dumb; because I cannot really understand why they would think he could spend hours following strangers, even if for “fun”, or why they suppose he would waste even a second of his very filled-up life to do things absolutely un-mattering in his world.

Man is a lot more intelligent than even his fans (?) assume.

When he does things, he does them having a plan in mind and most certainly he has already programmed how to manage the variables about them; maybe he can start from a wrong point or aim at a wrong target, but you are undervaluing him a lot if you assume he does things without a plan.

Adam Overexposed world Tour September 2012

Note for the dumbest ones around: it’s not like Adam “cheat” on the ones he follows, in the sense he COULD read what they have to say: in fact those people he follows are most assured stored in a proper list that is not visible, but which is part of the way the twitter client sets up your account, and so if one day he wants to see what the random people he follows have to say, he just has to open a window and read; the difference between this reading and, let’s say, check his own mentions is that in this former case he doesn’t read ALWAYS about himself, but he can be able to monitor the real interests and tastes of people that – remember – the twitter client has chosen out of a series of characteristic HE HAS CHOSEN were mattering (but they could also be totally a casually picked series, who knows with him ;)).

These are all social marketing tools, and you can check them (some of them) just with a basic research online.

And Adam’s right in using them.

I am actually impressed he wised up on his twitter use that way.

But don’t worry, he is not losing sleep or freak out at all when he goes on his “following sprees”.

Oh, by the way… if I crashed the dreams of people thinkin he reads what they say sorry.

I feel a bit like when I revealed to my cousin Santa didn’t exist πŸ˜‰

Ops I can be so mean πŸ˜‰

And anyway my cousin did know already Santa didn’t exist… it’s just that I tried to explain to him scientifically he didn’t.

And ehi!

I myself was shocked when I discovered it… I honestly believed he was real for the longest time actually πŸ˜‰ (see? I am a dreamer, too ;)).

Her gorgeousness and spunkyness are amazing πŸ™‚ Behati rocks indeed

Anyway, back to the chronicle of A&B love dating all around the world.

Where were we? Oh, yes… there.

Adam was feeling lonely and she had to make him feel loved instead.

No matter if in the maintime Popdust was making him one of the hottest people and GLAMOUR MAGAZINE (UK edition, as you may guess from the number of irrelevant people outside the spectrum of the Britons ;)) much similarly couldn’t avoid to reserve him a spot on his 100 lists of the uber sexy men (he’s at 60th place… which is ridicolous, he should at least been in the top 5 ANYWHERE, ANYHOW), Adam couldn’t find solace in his hotness all alone without any way to express said hotness in some kind of pleasant activity “Γ  deux” with his better half.

Behati was always there to send sweet lovingly messages, might they have been songs or notes (I love their way to communicate… it’s like understanding their deep connection from an artistic point of view and K&I for instance, and all of my friends, love this type of layered meaningfulness a lot).

Days though were passing and she was in California for NEXT shooting and apparently Gene (Adam’s roomate) didn’t know about her stop (causing a series of hilarious tweets that were partially erased, like all the times it happens whenever Adam and Bee feels there is too much open-ness for a way too curious world to see /world that I am part of allegedly, but ehi, try to be faster than my friends, who always send me material about anything related to Maroon 5 so quickly… I am just a chronicle reporter, when I get news that I find cute πŸ˜‰ don’t shoot the messenger right?) – well, it’s not like Palm Springs is around LA corner… and Adam and Behati MUST know, since Indio/Coachella/Palm Springs DO MATTER in their Love Story, don’t they? ;):

some of Behati and Gene Hong convo 29 Sept2012 after he tweeted her first

Gotta say I love how she answered him ;).

Gene must learn a bit of ways on how to deal with females or he will NEVER find his miss I fear πŸ˜‰

Anyway, Adam after that tweeted some praise to Gene, maybe just to make him feel better (how caring πŸ˜‰ lol again…).

Adam at some point also retweeted a very beautiful comment by his pal Ricky Gervais and that also shows how loved up he is; but he also deleted it (God knows why ;)) causing what would happen later even more resonance…

Yes because in all this mess of cryptic tweets at one point, really, my jaw fell on the floor because Adam suddenly tweeted the UNTHINKABLE.



He did NEVER, even when others tweeted love tweets at him… he ALWAYS used to NEVER reply with ANYTHING close to that he impromptu did the other week, he used to answer with just cute but somehow disappointing notes (if you were the one sending him love messages, I mean…).

But then he tweeted that something that will ring bells to anyone knowing and loving these things:

– basketball

-Spike Lee

-Behati Prinsloo

I was so shocked and at the same time so happy and enchanted and NO, there is NO way that that isn’t directed at Behati.

Wake up… it can’t be any other way πŸ˜‰

After all she also had tweeted meaningful things to him, like when she just quoted my fav Nirvana’s song to him in a morning when he was clearly feeling the pain of the detachment… and if you don’t know what Lithium lyrics are… there you go, you better understand HOW DEEPLY these two speak the same language and are connected:

That message also was very clear: she was telling Adam that she loves him and no distance will ever break that, because as soon as she could she would be back to him (thing that she CONSTANTLY did and keeps doing, God bless her for being so wonderful to and for him!); the song also hints to the fact no matter how many people will try to bring her down because they are envious that she dates Adam, she is not gonna crack because love is what moves her to him, and love always wins.

Behati is awesome with her musical soul… she always understands all music so deeply and knows how to send messages through it πŸ™‚

She’s so very special πŸ™‚

We got later on the feeling the two lovers may have reunited soon… because she was ending her Palm Springs job, and seemingly she was neither returning to New York nor passing over to visit Gene (okay, this is a bit ironic… πŸ˜‰ sorry ;)).

Boys were stuck in Taiwan/Taipei a day longer after their gig there (and James meeting with Nole Djokovic!!!! whooo πŸ˜‰ You come after me Jimmy V., sorry, already done ;)) but it seemed not affect Adam and the guys the slightest, because then after we understood Behati (and also the girlfriends/wives/families) would have flown almost at the same time they would and head TO JAPAN!!!!

Yes, because Nihon was the blessed place for the Lovers’ reunion (and now you get the title up there, don’t you?;)).

Before Behati flew to him, Adam got again very happy and you could tell all from his tweets… she just is capable of totally making him SHINE and for that, she is the perfect girlfriend for him.

The most perfect he has ever gotten so far, truly:

they are the cutest thing… Adam and Behati are in love and you all will deal πŸ˜‰

He was ready to get his Angel back, and nothing in the world could have affected his mood…

He’s so transparent in his feelings… it’s a shame people have been used to play with his heart, but the truth is that anytime he opens up to love, he shines of a likeability which is full of cuteness and tenderness.

He surely felt loved when Behati told him she would have flown crazily for miles and miles JUST TO SPEND A FEW DAYS – and not entirely, because he had work to do – with him.

Maybe you think what Behati has done for him is a little thing but damn, it is NOT!

Nobody has ever done anything like that for Adam in his whole life… EVER!

They were apart merely for three weeks, and in his previous relationship (with someone hilariously some people consider “the one that got away”, but she was so totally not, as she never used to use her time, not even her SPARE time, to be with him… she used generally to be fine with him when that wasn’t getting against her career plans or when being with him was BOOSTING her career plans… especially in the end, let’s say by December 2011 – this pic below is taken then –, when the relationship was dead but she was using him and the fact he was in love with her as PR boosting… evidence from this AWFUL picture at the only Lakers Game Anne and Adam attended together past season, the one where they met Kanye West and where HE WAS LOOKING LOVED UP, but she was looking … for paps – how could I be so blind back then to not reckon what was moving that girl towards him? How could I not see straight that she was just so plain using him and using him a lot? Guess I was really wrong about their link, but then, some kind soul sent me the picture below and some unfiltered reports with more pictures and I opened my eyes on her real persona behind the constant acting she was performing back then – better late than ever I guess ;)) three weeks used to be THE NORMAL TIME OF SEPARATION (EWWWWW), but then back in the Anne era, all was up to be just for the paps so we shouldn’t mind, shall we?:

This is the image of FAKERISM. What a revealing picture… and what a letdown for me, honestly. I used to believe Anne V was at least sincere when she was with Adam through in 2011… but this photo on December 5 2011 speaks more than any of my wrongly directed hopes, as many other pictures of her “behind the scenes” I have been submitted to in these past three weeks do as well. I am glad she never got the ring she wanted and yelled for to get from him, I always was because that pairing had no common ground at all to share, but now I am also for even more reasons, having finally understood that Anne pretty much always was fake to Adam. She was clearly UNWORTHY of Adam’s love, and she awfully used him there only for his fame, to become – barely – known in USA. Karma is a bitch though so no need anymore to even think of her, and I won’t ever again for a single second again in my life (Adam has stopped care about her since way longer, God bless March 2012). PS: Captions are not mine, but I applaud those writing them. They hit the nail of her face and expression PERFECTLY. What a true reveal for me, whom I used to be so positive about this woman. I was clearly wrong in thinking she was nice. CLEARLY WRONG. But ehi, it happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? πŸ˜‰ I pity the next poor man she will capture with lies and acting to reach a broader fame. Because we all know it will happen, but now this has become completely irrelevant in the part of the world and universe I am interested in, so good riddance, and never cross these paths again, thank you.

In the Behati era instead, not only paps and fake PR set ups are NOWHERE TO BE SEEN, but for the Grace of Above the fact the two lovers were away for three weeks, rather than the norm, was a TRAGEDY (they use to be together all time and prior to this month of September 2012, the most Behati and Adam had been apart was for not even 8 days in a row…) so something had to be done to prevent despair and way too impacting nostalgia.

And no matter the fact she was working, Behati managed to squeeze all her schedule (you will see the details here) and cut a span of five days to be spent with the one SHE LOVES (and man, she undoubtedly does), no matter the tricking terrible trip she had to take to realize this meeting and make it real for both.

Just check this out and you (if you are smart) will understand the degree of Behati’s awesomeness and the level of her love for Adam:

How Behati Loves Adam

And before some of the dumbest ones around will object that maybe Behati is in love, “But Adam is not because he never shows affection for her and blah blah blah -“ know that Adam is VERY MUCH in love with her and when people are blessed to share their PRIVATE space (friends of mine have done in South America and I got words on this Asian stops too, beside words from the Overexposed launch party in New York in June) Adam and Behati are GLUED together, kissing and touching and being the image of love anytime they are together.

Adam even practically unattended James’ birthday because he had to spend time with his love; which is way he was so late in complimenting him for his year of life added on (but then James was having Ali along so he had his hands and heart full anyway πŸ˜‰ didn’t he?).

He used his last night with her to take her on top of the world of Jakarta and have a romantic (and after that super sexy I bet) night at the wonderful SKYE complex, which gifts you with the most amazing upper view of the city (Adam loves to watch city lights from upper levels in fact)

Adam and Behati are actually completely in love with one another.

It’s not a case if he is always so happy and describes with the best words exactly the stops of the tours where they are together… he did in South America (Brazil especially) and he did again in Japan and he did again right after Jakarta, right after they separated because he had to go to Thailand and she had to get back in USA to work for Victoria’s Secret Big Fashion Show preparations.

He even almost requoted the usual “Shhhhhhh” gesture Behati does adapting it for his first Thai tweet (always remember he is a genius with words)… like he wanted to tell her he was keeping feeling her and her grace all over him still, way after they said bye to one another at the hotel in Jakarta.

Even the newly re-encountered solitude was then treated with a kind of funny spin… and also this type of spirit is something in him Behati’s presence enhances so brightly and continuously.

Behati and Adam in Jakarta October 2012

You don’t see their love displayed by paps through pictures every two steps they take because Behati, unlike some unworthy ones in the past doesn’t call friendly paps to make shots out of her true love (she doesn’t need it, because she is there for the love and not the fame) and she just wants to be with Adam in private, much like Adam has learned on his skin from the past it should actually be always and only, if true feelings are involved and if the link has no other purpose to serve than the happiness of the two sharing the relationship, and not someone’s career impact and growth too.

Their own display of affection haven’t to be public.. and moreover, people should understand a lot of what is “public display of affection” in Hollywood standards and realm is generally borderline adjusted or just plain fake.

One has to be VERY naive to trust anything about relationships which seem to be so right only through the magazines or gossip sites.

More than half of what appears is carefully worked for PR purposes.

Ask anyone who work for the entertainment industry, and you will get a sardonic smile in return.

I tend to trust way more relationships in those amounts when they are not overly publicized or mirrored.

And I sure want and hope Adam and Behati’s one stay this way; the way it has always been… not for strangers eyes to be seen, but only for the two of them and their closest people to be enjoyed and witnessed and most of all PROTECTED.

I hope and fear nothing of artifact-ed and artificial steps into their bond; I am actually NOT HAPPY that Behati shares the Model Management Adam’s ex did; because that Women Agency is ruled by some of the worst famewhores around and Adam shouldn’t endure any of them any longer: he has made them way more important than they should have been and hopefully he has taken notice on how avoid that to be repeated again.

I am sure he has become overly reclusive and protective about himself and Behati also because he knows some of the tenors at Women Management can’t wait to milk him some more.

They have done it for two years after all; but the most beautiful thing about Behati is that she is NOT allowing that and therefore those greedy fuckers have to start to revamp in the dirt like the leeches they are to give some spin to a story that – God bless – is quintessantially private (this story was spun by the worst trash magazine ever, The Examiner – where EVERYONE can post EVERYTHING without checks; so basically all news there are FAKE by default and unchecked – , then reprinted by other news sources and it was about Behati’s mum saying and all those things are obviously FAKE, and only a retarded would believe it… which makes tons of people who have of course… *sigh* It’s really bad when people have the brain of a hamster, but what we can do? Not everyone is smart by default…).

I hate when fake press blasts and involves families; Behati’s parents, much like Adam’s, and their respective families shouldn’t be involved in the fake press fest which seem to surround our poor guys wherever they head to.

Behati’s family is a very religious and peculiar one and nobody shall mess with them; it’s so asinine and horrible to have sent those fake reports to the Examiner and then led other website spin the dirt out of the first fakery shared; I can’t avoid to suspect it was again an evil idea by someone evil from the past, just to spread more hate and fakeness against somebody who doesn’t deserve anything but love and appreciation instead.

But yet I have no proof so I can’t go further down that road of suspects.

I’ll be on alert though, very ready to pinpoint everything that will add some layers of realness to the whole story.

Behati and her Victoria’s Secret Angel Life

Anyway, what it only matters is that Adam is the happiest person in this moment; he can bask in his lovelife, and he now feels that is a priority for someone; he can also find his sexual healing from his ADHD sympthomes constantly – do not kid, that is a serious point in his relationships and it gets way deeper than you can catch if you have not medical acknowledge of his conditions – without having to get refused or frustrated by the not consideration of his significant other; he can basically feel the finest he could hope for.

And all this is Behati’s merit and gift to him..

I trust the words of my insider friends, who claim he is a different person after Behati has come into his life to save him from a true toxic and evil exploiting he had been submitted to prior than she arrived to take him off his miseries.

Behati is there in the background and she is there up for him to make his life perfect and it’s amazing the way she is committed; and I am sure this has touched Adam like NOTHING HAS before her arrival into his life, because before her, nobody really had ever done this much to be so silently and discreetly with him…

And if you think she gets nothing in return for being this awesome you are at fault… because she has the gift to be loved too by one of the most complex, yet fascinating and inspiring human beings she could ever meet.

Uneasy to handle, maybe (surely), but definitely one of those kind of people you are blessed to meet and cross in your life if they decide to share a bit of their souls with you.

People are NOT all the same.

Some are better and most special than others, and whenever you step into the world of some special people… your reward is BE PART OF THAT MOMENT IN LIFE.

If you understand that, the preciousness of it… then it means you are understanding and enriching your life.


I don’t know how long this relationship between Adam and Behati will last but surely by now I do wish it will a LOT (my wish means nothing of course… what matters is their WILL, and as long as that is maintained, all will be fine) because I think it’s fruitful, and that it is good for both (Behati seems to me very intelligent so since she stays with him and does a lot for him and she is NOT milking him, it must mean she finds in him a lot too, or she wouldn’t stay and she wouldn’t do for him all she is doing, and constantly).

Adam is in everything a better person right now and also he seems most sparkling than ever and the joy he pours out is always due to his girlfriend.

Behati enhances him so greatly.

Bless you, Namibian Princess of Love.

You have shown him that if you find a worthy person, even with two very great careers people CAN and moreover MUST find their priority the event to be together as always as it is allowed to.

Poor Adam was tricked in believing a model and a musician/tv star/actor/whatever else could not be happy as a couple together because they would not be often together but you, dear Behati, have proven him it was not a matter of jobs; it was a matter of TRUE HEARTS INVOLVED.

Adam ads for Bench in papers

Now he has a true heart involved with him.


Well, before let’s just say not, and let’s cut the rotten branches away and forever and for good.

Pheeeeew πŸ˜‰

What a bullet he dodged. πŸ˜‰

This by the way is some video of some of the images of Late September of Adam and Bee and some rare images of their five and a half days together between Tokio and Jakarta, plus all of the images of Maroon 5 tour from then til the end of the tour in Sydney on Saturday, October 13th.

The songs that are to be heard during the video (Angel by Jimi Hendrix and The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis&The News), again… are not chosen randomly ;).

I am a musical soul too, and pretty HUGE, you know πŸ˜‰

Again and again then… just after this video and all my words about how amazing the combo Behati and Adam is…

I am not saying that Behati and Adam will get married (he is NOT into marriage, so it will take a miracle for him to marry and he will most definitely NOT doing it while he still active in his career, and CERTAINLY not while the one he might eventually propose will have HER career going on) or that they will be family any soon; what I am saying while I cherish the fact they are NOW a couple is that Behati is ALREADY probably the most fitting girlfriend he has had while being famous, and that CERTAINLY she has ALREADY done for Adam way more than his previous ones ever did in all of their times with him.

Because she acts and does like she is up for HIM and not the perks of being with him, and has already spent all of the possible time (and more actually) with him.

This without EVER asking anything in change; without pressuring him for visibility; always being undercover with him, at the maximum level.

I say this always… but I do because it’s always kind of a shock to realize how pure and true she appears to be.

I’m not used to such amazing-ness in and for famous people… so it hits me a lot, and a lot positively, of course.

But it’s not like I predict ringing bells and coriandoli and stuff… I mean to be clearer…

Just the other day Adam tweeted an answer to Arianna Huffington (THAT Arianna) about a very sensible topic:

Adam Levine and his very serious approach to family matters

If you want to know what the article Arianna Huffington was quoting, here it is… click on this link and get there. AND READ BOTH TAKES.

Read it also from here what Arianna had to say:

Arianna Huffington article Adam Levine responded to

Adam is generally considered a very big manwhore, due to his past full of beautiful girlfriends and to his well known sexual thirsts; somebody not fitting for family and allergic to commitment.

I think he is EXACTLY the opposite of that: he is DEAD serious about commitment, and he is just because his life was marked by the fact his parents split when he was 5.

He has received nevertheless lots of love from both parents and from his enlarged family; he has seen successful people in his parents being able to focus ALSO on family because he has been a very much loved kid (which has helped for him to keep his ego and confidence high even despite his ADHD).

So he has learn by living on himself that:

Super classy Behati Prinsloo HF

1) Marriage doesn’t equal a stable family;

2) Family love doesn’t necessarily need marriage;

3) Love is more important than a ring;



6) Hence you have to be willing to find that time and only a few with ongoing careers can;

7) Because in the end Family stays ABOVE career;

8) Until you are not on that wave of prioritizing family over career (or if your significant other isn’t) then it would be WRONG to start a family, because it would be easier to fail at good parenting or at good coupling (a family starts when two people are together even before them being somebody’s parents).

I think this makes Adam DEAD serious about family; he’s honest and moreover real in saying/thinking/believing that with his career ongoing the way it is it wouldn’t be right for him to think he could have the NECESSARY TIME to be a good family man.

In all this, many say then the girls he dates are a waste of time in perspective, just because for a while surely he won’t start families with them.


So… it means in life the ONLY story that will matter is the FINAL one?

Does it means people cannot grow and be happy and share a valuable time of their lives unless that lead to the final stable relationship/family/kids?

Oh man…

Adam Levine arrives in Thailand October 2012

That is SO stupid.

Many of the greatest relationship ever, those that help shape your personality, those which teach you more about yourself and the LIFE and the world and the ongoing miracle of Sex and Love NEVER are the “final” ones…

It’s limiting and stupid and loser-ish to think that the only “Big” Love has to be the one that will take you to the altar (if it will ever happen).

ESPECIALLY if you are a woman… you should cherish the journey of love and sex discovery, and believe me the less you try to force any of that into a ring, the more satisfying and important in the general scheme of your life that experience will become.

I have personally had HUNDREDS (no kidding, and no intentions to brag, even if I could) of lovers; and some of them were never just sex, even if I never said “I love You” to any of them because I didn’t feel that overpowering Love in me; still, the connection with some of these people has greatly helped me developing the true myself; I have grown a lot in being more ME; the full ME, in an unafraid and unfiltered way and I will forever have a special place for these guys/men in my life.

Without them, I wouldn’t have found the only one I have Loved and I love, my Karim, because I would have had no idea for real of what I really WANTED in a man, and in a life companion (and even when I found K., you know it took a LIFE for me to finally say yes at the whole idea of marriage, and that I did because he cared so much, that in the end that was more important than my no need for it, for the simple reason that I was not opposed to it; I was just uninterested in it, which made my will less important than his need for it… – ok, here I have gone quite Aristotelian, but hopefully you got my flow set up in your understanding anyway).

I wouldn’t have become ME without Them, or at least I wouldn’t have THIS WELL.

Life is a journey and a discovery… and whoever will be blessed to inspire LOVE in Adam shall be happy, because for how many days, months, years that would last, that they could share and inspire love in him, that will be an invaluable life experience for them (this of course assuming these girls and women will be TRUE in their professed connection with him; if they will act and be with him just for fame, then of course the only experience they will collect out of Adam will be the number of articles on them coupled… but these kind of proper whores are not part of my digression examples).

Then the day someone will come along that will inspire him the most, and who will prove him that he has found the love he will be secure of and with the most, I am sure he will abandon his career and start the most beautiful of families, but not before he will feel that time has arrived for him; not before he will feel he has yet to do something with his career; not before the time will come when he won’t feel any regret in stopping his career (because he was born to DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT with his life, something inspiring for others, and he FEELS that in his bones; only creative people can understand how DEEP that need of expression is, and he has it and it wouldn’t be fair for him to overlook that, because if he would, then it would come the time for regret after a while and regrets are something awful to live with, especially when being as sensitive as Adam is).

Lovely Behati in her NY space

I have NO DOUBTS that a family of himself will happen because he wants that.

He’s just not hypocrite to play with such an important concept, just because everybody does.

THIS is Adam: remember he didn’t want to have his Bar Mitzvah as a teen Jew because not being fully convinced of the depths of his religion he found trivial and horrible to do it without truly believing in the inmost part of the step, just to receive gifts.

THIS is Adam.

A kid, and now a man, who was always way deeper than his detractors (and sadly a wide chunk of his retarded “fans”, so basic and shallow they cannot process a basic thought at all, let alone his complicated, intertwined, so full of linkers and inspirational ones…) assume him to be.

ESPECIALLY on deep matters, Adam Levine is one of the most interesting, brilliant, profound people you might ever get to talk with.

Too bad 95% of people who interact with him only would care about having sex with him, and never hear him speak at all.

What a waste (and look, I can PERFECTLY get why people would love to sex him up, not saying that isn’t a valuable plus with him… I just say that isn’t the only thing people shall chase after, no matter how sexy the One Above has shaped him to be).


Now that I have spoken about important topics (because that is an important one to me… I feel so near to his feelings on family stuff; I feel like I need to be an advocate of some sort for his take on life and sex and people and love and exchanges… people are quick to judge but they never really know what they are talkin’ about when they label him just as a playboy, failing to witness that he may be, but he is still on the quest for that something while sexing it up left and right and BELIEVE ME – because I have done that too – sexing the world up may be exactly what you need to do to finally find THE PERFECT match for you. Then if you don’t like sex…. I am sorry for you. You miss the sparkle and sugar and colors of life. Too bad, and of course you won’t be able top get any of my views – or Adam’s – about these topics… so what you’re doing in my pages after all? ;))

Anyway Adam isn’t the only one who got cake out of the trip to Tokio and Jakarta… because it was a reunion for all the guys with their families and girlfriends.

James also hadΒ  his Ali (Tamposi) flying to him for his birthday time and in fact Ali and bee seem to really enjoy each other too (not surprisingly).

Everyone is so happy in Maroon 5 camp and I love to imagine the guys really well coupled because this takes away all the stress of a not so easy life on the road and not only.

Musicians are complicated types… they need love, but not to get frustrated or stressed about it.

Then it helps that when you are in Jakarta for gigs and it happens your lovers are there… you ALSO have as a host for food one of the best chefs in the world (Italian, of course)that is always a GREAT plus isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

Adam is easily loved by so many different people by the way His longlasting friends, famous or not, adore and protect him like Knights… and that’s all that is important for him to have: true people around himself; but to be LOVED BY HIM takes a lot; he’s intense human being… and being him special, it will take a super special person to be able to pair him up.

For this reason, and being myself happy that the world seems now aware how special Adam is, I post a truly AWESOME article from the awesome HelloGiggles site, quoted from TwentySomething (a site so cool that it will get a tv show about it, true fact).

Although it sadly refers many times to The Fuckery That Karaoke Show That Thing (I still hate the concept of reality “talent” competitions, sorry…), I had to post and make you read it because this is TRULY Adam (okay, they downplay the immense sexytude of Mr.Levine being early twenties/teens but that doesn’t matter… when you add the Sex Factor which in him is like the maximum level you just get a perfect human Male specimen to worship, and that’s exactly what he is… a substantial wonderful man) and this piece of writing is awesome as well and its style is amazing (hat off to the writer, really):

Hello Giggles . Com knows that Adam Levine is Perfect

The Quest for his Heart still open… and it’s an exciting quest to see developing all along.

Behati so far is performing AMAZINGLY in the race, and I am very happy that at the moment she OWNS it.

She really has a wonderful edge, and she is doing everything she must and it feels like she does it very naturally.

Nothing’s assured… but this is already a GOLD&DIAMOND relationship she has gifted him with.

For this… already thank you Bee πŸ™‚

While we are on (somehow) the hated subject of that tv thing that keeps give the guys immense popularity but which keeps making me cringe for eras Adam’s commitment with the singing thing I have to inform you that the taping for the FOURTH installment will begin in three days (hear me cry).

You know how I was happy this third season would have been the last with the original line-up, meaning that Adam would have been freed from it?


Because since allegedly the ratings are ALL about Adam (and Blake Shelton) the line up yes, it will change… but them two will stay and in place of Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera (whom now claims to be ready to miss Adam… yeah sure...) there will be Usher (really? more inflated ego on the run…) and Shakira (Shakira is cool instead and that she will also be there after Billie Joe Armstrong, Mary J and Adam being there KILLS me… why Shakira? Tu QUOQUE???) replacing the two departing judges/coaches/WhateverTheyCallThemselvesLike.

Blind Auditions for The Voice 4 starts October 2012

This means essentially two things:

1) Adam will become richer&more popular than he ever imagined to;

2) Maroon 5 tours and gigs will still be an organization mess – especially in Europe;

3) Record number 5 (which will see the return of ADORED JESSE, as he has JUST confirmed) will take place in the year 2021 (not really, but you get me).


Not only that, but the more that thing goes on, the more Adam gets involved with the outputs of it, since he’s now signing to his label the contestant he mentored...


Think of your band before!!!

I know he does anyway… it’s just that really I hate reality shows with my whole being.

I do.

The guys are really prepping up for this strange idea of Daylight video… I still can’t wait for the video of The Man Who never Lied instead because I got submitted of even more shots of Valerie Van Der Graaf (she is from Select Model Management like Behati used to – partially – and like Bregje Heinen… what’s up with the link with Select Models for Maroon 5 videos? Somebody has links maybe? LOL ;)) and MY OH MY!!! she is got a KILLER body hasn’t she?

Those boobs are everything, honestly (you know I love myself but you also know I have a fondness for the things I can’t call mine and big boobs are definitely that πŸ˜‰ and Valerie HAS them… wowza if she hasn’t!):

Valerie Van Der Graaf – TMWNL lady interest – has a body to die for

But as I said for a while more Maroon 5 will be all into the sweet blandness quietness of Daylight, so take this mash up of all the videos for the Daylight Project callout:

I have to say I keep saying things about The Man Who Never Lied video basing myself on that picture surfaced of the ciak of it… I HOPE it is true and that Valerie and Adam haven’t actually a small acting for the Daylight video because that would NOT please me.

I want TMWNL as a single; Daylight to me is a little mess as a project, and it doesn’t surprise me that Maroon 5 have had to extend the deadline for submission and extend it internationally… somehow they forget to remember the core fanbase is femalish and not exactly “indie/alternative/creatively” oriented.

Maroon 5 fans are not really that on the edge to be able to produce a lot of such creative material as the one requested for the video (and certainly NOT in such a short time).

But ehi… it’s not the first time they fuck up a video, so in case it happens, we are all prepared (Hands All Over anyone? or Runaway? I can go on and on…).

I want especially Lucky Strike as a single but I sense no way about that.

They’ll waste the best pop gem on the album much like they did with Stutter in Hands All Over… sigh… (by now the crew is almost positive about the insane decision… *sigh again*)

I need some spookiness now so take this feature of Entertainment weekly about AHS, and also this little image of Evan Peters (amazing actor) attached to a roof in the episode he stars in (I guess before Bloody Face rips his beautiful skin off? who knows πŸ˜‰ Adam’s face for sure is gonna ripped off from the serial killer or at least his tattoed arm, poor baby):

“Kit” gets roofed in AHS still

And now the EW collage out of the magazine:

American Horror Story EW feature – September 2012 – ASYLUM

And now what everybody awaits for…

THE TRAILER WITH ADAM IN IT (what a bad bad idea to have sex there, Adam ;)…):

But MOST IMPORTANTLY…. Take the first 5 minutes of the opening episode and just get in lust with Adam and Jenna… oh! I have no problem believing (knowing actually) that those kinks are nothing compared to true Adam’s ones ;).

The funny thing is that those days of filming Behati was there around… girl is REALLY confident.

I hope and think also she will be here next to him on his home couch when they will watch the tv on October 17th πŸ˜‰ so she will keep his hand during the scary scenes (lol!):

Anyway, time to put some of the pictures of Behati I am loving the most so far up for grabs.

One of the recent features that I have TOTALLY adored (and you know it from one of my previous posts too) was for sure the You Magazine (of Daily Mail… which explains maybe why they are always so interested in Behati + Adam at that newspaper…) is for instance this one shot by Robert Reed where Bee really looks as flawless as my adored Natalia Vodianova.

Enjoy her perfection, and admire how she can turn amazingly CLASSY too:

Behati Prinsloo by Robert Reed for YOU Magazine UK Sept 2012

But you all know what I love in Behati is really her amazing personality… so even if this video has an awful audio and moreover even if it comes from CRIMINAL FAUX Fox News (???? take the word “news” very loosely, right? More like “Fox creative fake indoctrination” if any…) take a look and hear her shine, and make your assumptions on how REALLY she is so similar to her boyfriend Adam (the more I watch her in action, the more I fall for them together):

I also want to make you WELL AWARE of the talent she has for modeling, and her flawlessness look-wise.

This is some Fashion Tv Model Profile of Behati back when she was starting. Here she is THE MOST AWESOME 17 years old you could cross… please admire her body, her strut, her GORGEOUS PERFECT FACE, her impressively perfect legs… and realize she has done in modeling ALL already; she doesn’t need any rise of her profile cos she is from the very start a super accomplished model who’s now (just because she can, being a VS ANGEL UNDER CONTRACT) just selective with her stuff to be done because she doesn’t need to be all over the place to bring home paycheck like some desperate others are forced to.

Anyway… this is lovely Behati in a more than 25 minutes video from Fashion Tv back in 2006/2007/2008 (man she’s perfectly beautiful… and her sexy voice is YUMMY):

This medley I have personally made instead shows some of her NUMEROUS High Fashion stuff back from her starts, when she was not a VS Angel yet so she had more time (and need as well) to pursue her career in fashion through editorials, catwalks and covers (because she got them too and when she was easily a teenager you know… like for instance this cover of Vogue Russia in February 2007 when she was not even 18):

Behati Prinsloo covers Vogue Russia February 2007. Not even 18, already perfect πŸ˜‰

But okay, okay… I promised you a video medley… so there you go, take it ;):

And while we are on it, this is the full video for Seafollytalking about body perfection (this is now) and the fact she is accomplished enough to SELECT the things she wants to do.

This are the pictures…

Collage of a sexy beauty. Behati Prinsloo for Seafolly.

And this is the long edited video instead…

Bask in Behati’s beauty and sexyness, and then just praise her rightfully like they do at Guysm site, and if you keep deny she is just amazingly looking (but the best part about her is that she is just a wonderful PERSON with GLORIOUS PERSONALITY) then go check your taste because it clearly sucks… ;):

Then take the medleys of two of her latest campaigns… the one for NEXT (Fall winter 2012/2013… she was shooting the one for Spring Summer 2013 right before joinng Adam in Japan, see before ;)):

And the super classy one for Peter Hanh Couture, which she just rocks (anytime she goes classier and more adult she just becomes more increasingly perfect… her face is SO wonderful! I can’t! Even her very unperfect teeth seem just ok & full of personality in such a breathtaking combination of bold facial features):

Now back to the SUPER SEXY (but always with a spunk of vitality and liveliness which make hernot a poser and never trying hard till the point to become stiff and unnatural or fake), take this slightly NSFW amazing commercial of Behati for Princesse Tam Tam Lingerie (campaign 2012) which I always did find awesome.

Her body so slick and lean but also curvy is to die for.

Her legs are perfection and SHE’S GOT A ROUND ASS!!! And hips.

That ASS!!! Behati’s rear view is SO drool-worthy… I bet Adam cannot get enough πŸ˜‰ (ehi, we know what his fav position is ;))

So basically a real body of a woman, and not a cutboard all equal from chest to waist to hips πŸ˜‰

She’s such a pretty, sexy little thing (well, she’s 1,79 – 5’11” so really NOT any little but you get me ;)):

Happy with the sexy?

Because I am sure next time there will be even more ;).

How many times we will spot Bee on Adam’s Harleys for instance in this break among us guys?

Because one thing is for sure, Adam will use his four Harleys as he’s back in Los Angeles for a long while

And Behati will surely be there a lot of days and always as soon as she can be by Adam’s side, she WILL BE.

Because supermodel friends are awesome, but nothing comes close to a lover when you get one, and especially THAT one she did ;):

Candice and Behati in Candice’s candid (okay it’s resounding ;))

Let her do her work, and then she will surely be by his side, with all of her love to make him shine, and get her shine on too.

His bandmates also better not mock things she loves πŸ˜‰ because she’s not one to stay silent you know πŸ˜‰ (I love that in her).

Read also about it here (this is very recent… oh, and the bikes he speaks about to remake is the one he is with Milo, of course).

Adam Levine Harley Davidson Lover October 2012

Now it’s time for me to pack stuff again (this post may have come out completely scattered, but again it ain’t easy to write something so filled with bites and then pay actual attention to work and chat in three languages with the rest of the globe. I was in fact dried off ;)) and after my well deserved time I had post work to cheer my Swifty (these two days in row because then he will miss me for a while) it’s also time to get ready to finally go at Marghe‘s house this evening to enjoy little Eva and be all “Auntie Z.” to my precious granddaughter (in fact we are planning the baptism thing).

I am trying to fast reading this I have written today and check if all links are working as I literally put shoes on (comfortable shoes because we stay in at Marghe’s and these are my fav kind of nights with her: our hubbies will be all talking male-ish and we will just be our maximum level female-ish while glorifying ourselves in little precious Eva πŸ˜‰ ).

Hope you guys will have an amazing time in between this post and my next one ;).

Hope also that when I come back from the States (time reduced in online activity, because of family rules and the security crap…) I will be able to say that I spent a wonderful Halloween there πŸ˜‰

I am reaching and pushing and shoving I know…

But I am used to get what I want.

Always πŸ˜‰


Gotta work it out starting from before the start, even πŸ˜‰

Bye world… catch you soon πŸ˜‰

Missus Z. πŸ™‚

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I wasn’t meant to write a blog this soon after the previous one (I have way too much things to do to update this more frequently than once or so in a month)… but on blessed Thursday September 13th, 2012 something did happen that HAD to be pinpointed, celebrated and shared so…

I HAD to come here and write, as soon as I got a lil window-time in this beautiful sunny Saturday of Summer-end.

So now after my well due horseride, after a very good meal my mum has prepared and before K&I get back to Milan for more afternoon sweet things to do (basically… visiting the FIRST reason for I am writing this post about, and some… sport event for tonight ;)) let me announce that my already beautiful life has received yet another gift for me to rejoice and be EXTREMELY grateful for.

On September 13th, 2012 the Earth has welcomed a new shining ANGEL.

Welcome my dearest Eva!

My dearest Margherita gave birth to this miracle creature, instantly transforming what was shaping up to be a terribly bad day for me (work, commitments I didn’t like to oblige, the Rotary Club dinner the evening) into one of the most beautiful, mind-shattering, heart-shaping and amazing days of my whole life.

It’s hard to explain… I thought I was prepared for such a joy but I was definitely NOT. The moment I saw the baby… and Margherita so destroyed but SO happy… something inside me probably just evolved.

That shaking feeling still here… and it will probably remain it inside my soul because Eva has now already become a part of me.

I am gonna be the best support for her… as I will also be the God-mother of her (thank you Margherita… you know it means so much and you know I’d give up my life for her… and YOU).

Even thought Karim and I yet are not planning nor willing babies (we want at least three more years alone πŸ˜‰ thanx) I can honestly say motherhood is in my plans, and in his.

We talked so much about this as we got to welcome Eva in our lives πŸ™‚

Oh, and if you wonder why Margherita picked up that name… its’ all due to this song that her parents loved and she has always loved to (it’s a beautiful song indeed):

Music is part of mine and my friends and beloveds’ lives so naturally… even the names of our babies are gonna be music-related easily.

I know K&I will surely find names which relate with our artistic passions for sure at least ;).

So… all about today’s post is related to love and angels and all that makes life better and awesome (which leaves me intentionally skip on the mess and chaos of that idiotic anti-muslim “movie” which is causing troubles in Middle East and that I have a slight feeling was created to favor that horrible Robo-Romney’s plans to destroy America and the world along; but as I said, let’s NOT talk about bad thing today, and let’s all just gaze in lovingly shades).

Today for instance I will go see Milan live in San Siro (after an amazing morning ride of my baby Swifty in the fields, and after a well due paid visit to my God-Daughter) after the past weekend we spent the most amazing time in Florence avoiding to catch games of any sort, other than through media reports (sex is the best sport after all πŸ˜‰ and try to deny me there ;)… the small days when I can’t do that because of my period you know are named like “The Dark Era”… πŸ˜‰ ).

And you know for Karim and I Florence is ALL about Love&Angelic things πŸ˜‰

As we are on sport, I have to also say I can’t wait for the new LAKERS season of course.

I have good vibes out of it, and to celebrate those, I will post here a video from Adam’s latest show up (September 5 2012) at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno because there the other guest was MAGIC friggin JOHNSON and they had also a basketball showdown:

I can’t at the amazingness of this.

He was so glowing like a little kid beside his idol, and still managed to be funny and cool.

Magic and Adam on Leno

I would have just fainted being in that room then – even watching it on the video just leaves me fluttering away, to be frank and honestΒ  πŸ˜‰

Of course it doesn’t take a genius to see how much Adam was glowing there… he’s so happy these days and you will see later why (he wasn’t alone those days in California… he had his personal Angel of Love with him all time, and I didn’t expect it so when Behati was revealed being there from a tweet of them two in his living room watching Roddick I melted of cuteness… but that comes later, read furtherly ;)).

What it matters is that I don’t think the Heat will repeat, as Magic fears.

I don’t think AT ALL.

Lakers are up for prizes: I am very confident about it as season starts soon.

And I will surely catch them at Staples this season again (it may happen around Xmas ;))

Go Lakers!!!! πŸ˜‰

More magical/angelic things?

Before I go for the obvious (and you all expect it) let’s be a nerd some more…

In a couple of days then you know… the new iPhone 5 is out and OF COURSE I am gonna get it πŸ˜‰

During the whole Keynote Apple had, my fangirling about all Apple stuff mixed marvelously with my Maroon 5 love, because guess which music was highlighted in EVERY product they upgraded?

That’s right: OVEREXPOSED, baby πŸ˜‰ which still shitting on charts in awesome way, thank you.

One More Night just reached (again) the #2 peak on Billboard 100 (the era of number two’s… let’s hope it can produce a least one number one because that would be SO deserved!) and generally everything couldn’t be better on the Maroon 5 front.

Now that the funny song Gangnam Style is actually NUMBER ONE on iTunes USA, there is a small chance One More Night may reduce the sales gap with Taylor Swift‘s song Adam inspired to write about his friend Jake Gyllenhaal (read my previous post about it) enough to snatch that number one the song is totally deserving to touch (I still think the most perfect pop smash on Overexposed though is Lucky Strike so hopefully THAT song anyway will get its charting chance to shine sooner or later… please don’t waste that like you did with Stutter on Hands All Over… please!), but I don’t want to build my hoped up too much because also another number two peak is very consistent as result and it should be celebrated regardless.

Anyway Maroon 5 are just doing awesomely these days.

Adam Levine interview – The Daily beast Sept 2012


They are always well spoken about from the general and buying public and the popularity of the frontman is getting so big it seems there are no sufficient outlets for him to contain the demand; they are also back on the road for a month and this makes the time flies in a different way.

We left them ending their South American tour (very successful) and get back to California for some days before the Asian leg of the tour started (these days actually).

In that small span of time we have learn that the next single was getting a video (they have to optimize times for these stuff, because beside the tour and that other awful thing which has started again, –Β  besting the even worst than it competition on a three night premiere, causing certainly happiness for NBC and damage on the brain of awful Simon Cowell, and that at least pleases me – end of note. If you want to see The Fuckery those things episodes go to the NAWWAL pages πŸ˜‰ and don’t try to find those here πŸ˜‰ – Maroon 5 are forced to encapsulate all their collateral works into very small schedules) and as we did my hope was that Adam had shaved the goatee he had on Leno to film it (please… let’s hope he did because the Mexican Look isn’t the best on him… although he still gorgeous with any lenght of hair on his flawless face).

Now we all thought the third single was going to be Daylight (and I wasn’t pleased with the choice because I think like many of my friends that the song is cute but unremarkable sonically); instead… we had a surprise when Adam shouted he was shooting a video.

In a little while news surfaced (and THIS pic) that the single will actually be The Man Who Never Lied and that means it is another “No fairy tales after you treated me like shit” type of song that we are gonna get out from Overexposed.

It may also easily be an obvious reference to the fact that probably someone has gone too far with lies thrown around also? Who knows… but I wouldn’t be surprised.

In fact, someone’s camp has exceeded ALL possible lies level for about 4 months straight in between February and June that it could be… but we’d need to ask the video plotter about it (we know Adam will have to have had his say there) and he probably wouldn’t answer other than with a revealing smirk, now that he’s happy and out of the haze of that awful past gone wrong.

Anyway… this is what makes us all believe TMWNL is the third actual single:

The Man Who Never Lied is going to be Maroon 5 third video from Overexposed

About the song though, I praise the choice because first I like it better than Daylight, and that probably is the only reason the single was picked in spite of it; I also firmly believe Adam was so pissed with all the fake reports his ex’s camp spread after the break up he is willingly picking up songs that demonstrate how the relationship was poised to fail from a very long time before when People said it ended (The Man Who Never Lied was written as Payphone in early January), and how really he had to endure way too much before he realized there was no other way to survive than let that painful and failing link die (that cut thing in fact certainly had to be horrible for him to make though, since Beautiful Goodbye and Sad have been completed and written one in February and the other on March 17th, and it was clear from his face&actions in March 2013 and most of April that Adam was heartbroken from the way his love had been wasted in a no successful relationship).

Anyway, we also already know who will be playing Adam’s leading lady in the video and that she is a sort of clone version of the ex, too, appropriately since the song is clearly a very clear depiction of something that had to hurt Adam VERY deeply (legs wise, and boob wise though, and height like also, Valerie tops Anne quite much – face is totally beautiful in them both instead, that kind of typical and mesmerizing blonde beauty that eastern and northern European girl have, that makes them all resemble luminous Fairies): gorgeous new youngΒ  model Valerie Van Der Graaf :

Valerie Van Der Graaf will be the partner of Adam in Maroon 5 The Man Who Never Lied video. She’s SO beautiful! And her looks remind me of a (better ?) Anne so it fits the video purpose πŸ˜‰

We don’t know much about the shot other than it’s BOLD in Adam’s words (and it may be meaning anything, but my guess is that the video somehow involves screaming actions, therefore the captions for BOLD in his tweet?) and that it took two days and half of shooting and that he thinks it’s bananas πŸ˜‰

I have loved all partners he picked for his videos so far (especially Bregje Heinen in Payphone), and I also love that Behati doesn’t want to appear there in Maroon 5 videos (the songs anyway weren’t fitting for put a loved girlfriend in now, so that’s also a good reason she isn’t there yet) and that means again she is in for the relationship and not for the fame she might get out from there, because she was with Adam during TMWNL filming and she could have asked visibility, but she cannot care less and this you know will forever earn to her my utmost praise and respect (it means also she is not jealous, because everyone could be in seeing her handsome boyfriend rubbing skin with some other very beautiful girl. Behati must be very secure in her relationship by now to allow Adam to be millimeters in contact with someone as amazingly looking as Valerie, for instance. Good Bee… you keep being very good for him :).

Plus about The Man Who Never Lied video is that it is directed from my fav Jonas Akerlund (Wake Up Call & MLJ… but I love the first) whom Adam is a big fan of and that assures me of its amazing outcome already.

Other than that?

What other news in maroon 5 world?

Beside that Maroon 5 just started playing in Asia and there Adam is so popular he has become also a clothing chain endorser (eeehhh… let me NOT judge this… I promised I would have been focused on good things today ;)).

Speaking about tour and live music, well Maroon 5 HAVE FINALLY SET UP EUROPEAN DATES for June 2013 (so far only in UK, which means I’LL BE THERE also around Glasto again!) and that is awesome; and then when they will be back from Australia they will be playing a special event (Alicia Keys will in New York, Maroon 5 in LA) on October 16th and I think WE MAY GO there too ;).

Happy Adam with that— goatee? sigh πŸ˜‰

I want so bad that they come back in Italy too as well, and I will probably check some of their USA and European tour dates as long as they come off, accordingly with my working schedules.

After all, if Behati can adjust her working duties to be always along her man (and that must be not easy… she is in UK at the moment though, so the time zone gap at least has been significantly reduced between them, who are not used to being so far away and for so long… poor angels! They must find a way to reunite for at least some hours before the Asian/Aussie stops end? Let’s wish them so… We know Adam has developed a profound hate for “loving people just on a telephone/screen”. And luckily these days he has not to suffer for it too much, giving that his current Angel flies to him whenever and wherever humanly possible ;)) I can too for enjoying music, right? πŸ˜‰

I guess.

Oh, and finally let’s write how much Behati IS an angel to Adam, in this showup of loving post-bits.

Because as you know last time we were guessing she would have been in New York when Adam returned from South America to LA, to take part to Naomi Watts’ brother Ben Watts’ exhibit in which she was a prominent feature; I honestly thought she would have… but then Ben Watts tweeted through Milk Studios Behati wouldn’t have been there and I started to wonder… why?

What could have prevented her if she was supposed to be in New York?

Well… for instance the fact she was NOT in New York but she was still at Adam Levine’s beautiful Hollywood Hills Home ;).

And we had certainty when she tweeted her support to Roddick (bleah… at least that untalented chap has stopped playing, thank God… but Bee and Adam were supportive of him, so not everybody must agree with my joy there πŸ˜‰ I know…) from Adam’s sofa-bed (I have a direct acknowledge of that pad by now so… I was SURE that was his house even if Bee’s tweet was cryptic and as usual never revealing of their lovestory).

That wasn’t the only evidence we had as day later pictures came of the two lovers together in more than one place.. and I just melted so much I created this video for them with those pictures and as sound I have chosen the song that it is currently my ULTIMATE fav… The XX’s “Angels” which fit this post and Adam and Behati’s story PERFECTLY.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

They are SO cute together… the pics where Behati grabs his ass and the one where he gaze smiling at her as she draws the heart on the glass of the store’s fridge are ALL about true love.

He’s so happy with her… she is really a wonderfully fitting companion for him, and they share everything as of personality… from the silliest notes on life till the way more important bits about politics and fears about world state, and the state of art in it..

I hate when I occasionally surf around the web and I decode and count the lies that were carefully spread taking place of the truth regarding this blissful link these two share.

For instance sites are now writing that this relationship between Behati and Adam started “after 2011 VS show (it’s easy to make those mistakes because writers of sites have the intelligence of a hamster, and they can’t even check their sources twice to decode basic mistakes… or sometimes, you know, they are PAID to spread FALSE news… because these days reciprocal popularity can be all about bizness could get).

Well… NO WAY.

That is just absolutely FAKE.

Beautiful and naturally enchanting Behati

They met there but then Adam was with the ex for some time longer after the show (in fact, up until then their relationship was still decent.. it was when the ex missed the November flight to Russia to meet him and the band there touring that things started to definitively crumble, because Adam started to realize the hard way that all the ex was interested in was her career and not him other than when he was not conflicting, but propelling said career of hers – this is what a VERY well informed person confessed to me and some LA people a couple of months ago, and so far this persona has never mistaken ANY of the inside tips so I trust this 110%).

And how could have Behati and Adam started “meet” as a couple when he spent November in Europe, and when in December when he was in LA he hosted and guested his ex Anne at times at his home?

By the end of year 2011 Adam and Behati were no entities to one another (Behati was also taken/untaken with her previous model guy boyfriend, and in fact they were also in the phase of breaking up and testing the no couple thing back and forth between them).

Truth both Bee and Adam’s relationships by December were taunted already and irreparably (despite fake photo ops organized by someone’s camp) on Adam’s side and gone from lovers to friends state in Behati and Jamie’s case BUT that doesn’t mean Adam & Behati went on with each other as some idiot keeps “guessing” in any of those weeks, DUH!

Adam and Behati started to hook up after Middle April – post Coachella – and in middle May Adam met again (he hadn’t since middle February after the Stern interview he did with Anne) his ex at Mercer Hotel to tell her he was starting an EXCLUSIVE relationship with someone else.

Sidenote: May 16th 2012 was Behati’s 23rd birthday so that gesture from Adam was likely a sort of gift to her, even?

Nobody can know this beside them two of course, but shortly after that day Adam tweeted a funny video of a karate kid and started to word the “You’re welcome” thing that has become a staple for him as he is with Behati… and just the other day Behati has tweeted a piece of that video in one of her moments of chatting time with her lover so far away from her (the guys are on tour in Asia now, and the two lovers are in their worst state of being wildly apart, so you can tell they are online at the same times… but they won’t tweet one another still private in front of the world ;), and therefore to patch together their cryptic tweets is becoming a sort of fun game for some, included a couple of my friends, in Italy and not only – though the club of “tweet collectors loses a lot having Marghe out for daughter duties, lol), making it like that video has some special value for them (it was probably something they found together to have fun, after having come out as “official couple” for the people mattering in THEIR life, namely family and friends, and after having cut in a definite way all rotten branches from their inner spaces).

I have numerous reports on that meeting from insiders & well trusted Fashion Personalities (at hotel too) but beside those, which are private conversations I had, I reckon I haven’t been the only one spotting Adam and Anne that day there anyhow:

The day Adam and Anne V last met, middle May 2012, when Adam told her in person he was with Behati – it was on Bee’s birthday. HIS GIFT to Behati, I suppose πŸ˜‰

I can’t take all the lies about Adam playing anything dirt to his ex… Because simply he has been way too much of a Gentleman to her, despite the awful way her camp has treated him through tons of FAKE press.

He did all that was requested; he spoke in person and cut all ties the way a Gentleman does.

All that has been said bout Bee and Adam of dirt is just fake reports which are trying to make either him or her or both look bad (to whoever’s eyes)Β  but truth is they are in love, they are very private and happy, and they have been since May 2012, not a day before.

Adam has been shattered and misused before Behati came in the picture… he has been so desperate and sad for all the first months of 2012… why now that he is so clearly happy people keep pushing him and trying to make him look back at when he was miserable?

He has already troubles in being confident in true love (because so far he hasn’t found anyone loving him for real… and let me cross my fingers he may have NOW?)… he has been exploited for many years by more than one person… of course he’s suspicious and not open to profess his undying links now… Has he ever had a true one which was real and not fake so far?


So far all of the love he tried to share was directed to people clearly not there for him, but mainly for his fame/popularity/similar bonuses.

This new relationship is starting just so we can’t really say a thing on it yet which is definite but please, let Bee and Adam test it on and by themselves and stop throw dirt at them while they are just progressing as an item, in such a cute and reserved way.

Adam has a very strong and SERIOUS approach at “the Big Thing” known as marriage and there’s no way this relationship is anything even REMOTELY close to it but the fact is that he is extremely happy now… and it’s a shock that it took so little for him to heal from what has been a GIANT heartbreak for him (just look at the face he was sporting in the whole start of the year, from middle January to April… you can also have the look at The Fuckery Season 2 episodes which speak more than a million of my useless words: he was looking MISERABLE and like a dead man and all this was due to how BADLY his heart had been treated in those weeks span) and that so soon somebody has been able to clear his heart and mind so well, turning him again at enjoying life fully.

Behati has been able to heal him in NO time; avoiding the thing he has ALWAYS done in his most mattering relationship, namely trying to give them (even if they were clear failures) a second try, which would have been at once useless and unworthy, and mostly damaging even more for his mental and heart-ly stability.

Behati came in and immediately she erased all of his pain; sure it had to be a work of love by her part, because the pieces she had to put together were really shattered but the fact SHE MANAGED IT shall tell anybody how incredibly FIT for Adam she actually is.

They are adorable together and we have got a happy Adam back thanx to Behati… Even if he can’t avoid to eat tons of ice cream with her πŸ˜‰ (but she stays so thin compared to him! Guess age is starting to change Adam’s once super fast metabolism ;)) I like that somehow he doesn’t care… and that anything in these pictures of them speak about a very well-connected and confident in one another type of couple.

They are so sweet and natural and absolutely “normal” kind of couple.

Way more good looking than any average couple though… but there it was Destiny and Sky Above operating on their perfect genetic so… we can’t really objectify that part of their connection πŸ˜‰

Adam and Behati all Loved Up at Gelsons September 8th 2012 – COLLAGE

All Adam’s fans should be grateful to Behati. FULL STOP.

But I already know stupidity reigns supreme in way too many heads so I give up in thinking this train of thoughts can be followed by a wide majority.

Good that nor Adam nor Bee care about the way people overreact on them together.

Adam may have started carefully with Bee, being all heartbroken and tested heavily by females’ usage of his popularity… but just look at him these days he’s with Behati and you will see an happy, lovingly shining man: and if you are like me, this is all you really care about, even though it has nothing to do with mine or yours life, my fellow readers.

So while the haters of this beautiful pair are keeping throwing dirt and spreading lies of smoke habits (Adam has always been a smoker since he was 14) and even low.kicks like drugs habits but the truth is just these people are sore losers and can’t take the truth., we can instead see that Bee and Adam are happy and at ease with one another and that they are at the peak of their respective cheerful personalities.

It’s a pity that some can’t appreciate how Adam and Behati are now a stable and happy couple; or how Behati is loved by Adam’s family, and reckoned by his most inner circle and protected by them, and how certainly she is loved by him.

Will it last?

Nobody knows.

And honestly is not mine or your business and it won’t matter in the long haul of facts because what THIS relationship they have has ALREADY achieved has been to take the toxicity out of Adam’s horizon already.

This relationship is already a success phase in his life, and it would be even if it’d end tomorrow (which it won’t, but you get my point).

NOW Adam is at one of the happiest moments I have ever seen him in; and that is enough for me to know, to appreciate and support Behati in everything of SO positive she has gifted that guy (and therefore us fans someway) already with.

The girl he is now with is lively, funny, GORGEOUS and unique; she shares with him the most of passions he has: music, photography, traveling, seasights, dorkyness, nerdyness and a very personal outsight in life; look at this video… she has his same manners (and this video has things in of when they never knew of each other, like rollerskating…):

If this of course isn’t a guarantee of anything, it is a strong sign the BOTH of them right now are certainly happy with one another and why the heck people are constantly trying to pay them (and her) dust for this beauty they have found in one and with one another?

I don’t really condone this need for hating or downplaying this wonderful girl.

I don’t… it makes me dazed and confused because I think great and unique people shall be treasured, not opposed.

The bad mouths are even stating again to question Behati’s career, which is a laughable thing to do once a model is considered ESTABLISHED since a LIFETIME

Vogue would NEVER… this is her video for the amazing June 2012 Vogue Germany editorial (I LOVE how she looks when she classies up… but at the same time I adore the way her natural style is absolutely not artifact and rock’n’roll… I love her tenuity):

Questioning if she works (since it seems impossible to someone the fact she can work but ALSO spend all of her spare time with her man… while THAT shall be the ONLY way for any girl to live… knowing that work and love have to be put in line and prioritized to make a relationship work?), if she is an Angel in Victoria’s Secret still (she is… just two days ago a new video with her came on up on the VS site… and she does YOGA there… guess Adam is proud ;)) is simply showing how out of clues her haters are, because her career is in all aspect a completely successful one, and she still quite young to reach out for way more:

Behati has shot for Victoria’s Secret for THESE Summer campaigns in VS Swim 2012, she has shot just the other month for incoming WINTER campaigns (twice, and I can’t wait to see the one she has made with Karlie Kloss) and the fact people keep trying to drag her status down at times really seems idiotic to me.


Behati is lining up a campaign for NEXT stores in the WOMEN departmentΒ  that is already up in Europe… And I share this lovely video of it because it emphasizes how cute she is and it’s very recent:

She is doing many works as of late whenever she finds time to and whenever she likes the option.. the fact that she is not pimping this through her twitter doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work… it means that she LIVES too and that she doesn’t need to annoy the world with her constant tweeting about her “working achievements”.

I find it a good attitude actually, rather than not.

The fact she isn’t prone to PR spins and self-spinning of any PR opportunity tells me she enjoys life more than work and this is how things shall work (a wise man has said: you work to live, you must not live to work).

Anyway… this is her amazing editorial for Nasty Magazine (she was shooting this while she was with Adam in July, in a day break from him… so she can still work even being with her man you know).

Behati’s legs and ass are perfection. SO long and slim and toned… you all know legs are Adam’s favorite feature in women do you? Well, Behati’s are the best legs he had to cheer since Cameron Diaz’s πŸ˜‰

I love her spunk and rock attitude in photos… but watching new and old things, all I get is that she is very unique and versatile and real as model.

She has a timeless, yet not too obvious beauty and all that she exudes is likeability, vitality, energy, and LOVE and passion.

Some of her old stuff that are amazing:

She has CHOSEN NOT TO WALK in Fashion shows more recently (and she had spent time with Adam in stead of that but it was already a year and half or so that she was not really focusing on catwalks, because that is not requested when you get established as she is and it’s anyway a personal choice…) but not because she isn’t fit for it.

In fact her walk is strong and elegant and she is very versatile to wear equally well ready-to-wear and High Fashion flawlessly (and her walks in her career testify this).

Just look some of her old walks and stop trying to question her modeling status (which anyway is FAR from defining her as a person, because Behati is just NOT JUST a model, she has way more interests and talents than just her modeling career displays):

Behati is an all-around delicious cute girl.

So sweet and full of natural charm…in this old video she is adorable and the way she tries to make fun of the way others make fun of her (beautiful) name is just so captivating and luminous:

All said, though, Behati is also STUNNINGLY beautiful…

Just look at this super picture (my gosh in the close up she gives me NATALIA VODIANOVA‘s teas and you know I just worship Natalia so…;)

Behati Prinsloo is purely beautiful. Here she really resembles GODDESS Natalia Vodianova, and there’s no better achievement in looks for me πŸ˜‰

She is perfect for Adam and I hope this goes on because among the rest she also has one of the best music taste I have ever seen, especially in such young girls.

Every time she tweets lyrics from songs that I know and from band that I love I smile so widely... because she is SUCH a musical soul…

Of course all the retards around never understand the fine-ness of her taste and hints… but those are the same following Bieber and thinking the ex was good for Adam, while she was certainly NOT, given how much she has made him suffer in the end (but I will forever think they looked amazing together because yes, she was beautiful. Just NOT the right person for him, but no one can deny Anne was good looking aside him, and I certainly won’t. They were like Barbie and Ken together… but I prefer substance over dolls anyway so I don’t miss those good pictorials of them at all to be honest now that he’s happy again with someone way more apt for him).

Behati stands tall above in all mattering departments, ESPECIALLY when it’s about taste, connections and personality (while still looking GORGEOUS you know), which are things that truly define and maintain any good human bond:

Behati Prinsloo has an awesome music taste

I LOVE her attitude and it makes me sad somehow people bash her just because she is with a much sought after guy.

But she is making THAT guy very happy… and I can see why and I hope really this can go on… even FOREVER, if so good are going to stay the outcomes.

Of course nobody has no say on Adam’s life, and it may take him FOREVER to find his REAL half… but you all know I am really supporting this latest turn of links for him and I see the positivity it has having on him, even BY CONTRAST.

what I mean with “by contrast”?

For instance Adam and Behati are now apart because as you know Maroon 5 are on tour in Asia and this time she isn’t with him.

You know what I wrote in last post… that Adam – who suffers touring life – had an IMMENSE benefit in mood by having Behati alog him touring in South America.

Well, look at his tweets now that she isn’t with him in Asia and you can TELL he’s already stressed and that his mood isn’t the same it was in South America (no matter the fact the tour is shaping up to be extra successful and he’s making money in there in more than just one way…).

Adam Levine can’t stand the touring life without his baby Angel B…

He MISSES HER already, and this makes him suffer the touring life more.

The first tweet about being in Asia from him was also a message to Behati and her love for sea… (and SO reminding of her image from the top of their Rio De Janeiro’s suite where she called the day “PARADISE”, ain’t it? πŸ˜‰ Those two are so cute with their back&forths hints… SO cute):

Adam Levine shows us (and Behati) how the sea is in Busan, Korea πŸ˜‰

Yes, Adam is stressed and he misses his mermaid angel.

Hence the:

1) lack of tweets for some days and

2) useless tweets about stupid band names;

3) the absurd idea of GIVING A TRY AT FOLLOWING FANS (!!!!!!!!!!!) which may turn into Twitter wars (I would be entertained by that actually… but in the long haul we all know any celebrity who follows fans put them on Mute and separate them from the real Timeline list, so it’s not really a “thing” other than for naive people to pursuit πŸ˜‰ and I for one I would prefer Adam would stay away from that kind of fake proximity with over-zealous crazy-heads… but his choice, I mean πŸ˜‰ he’s adult – or something ;))

So Adam may follow fans? HILARIOUS. And probably his WORST IDEA ever after that goatee πŸ˜‰

I don’t think it’s casual that just after the tweet about following fans Behati tweeted an amazing quote from an hilarious sketch movie… maybe a way to tell him “Dude, don’t go there… you know what mess would ensue?” πŸ˜‰ (I also can see all of her crazy heads mad about Adam trying to delete their tweets hating on Behati in hope to make him follow them without pissing him off… oh, my… that would be like comedy entertainment… πŸ˜‰ maybe it would be fun to have Adam follow some of the crazy heads? Time will tell πŸ˜‰ All I know is that certainly I am NOT interested in that. Twitter is fun but ain’t life ;))

Austin Power!!!

For a while Adam will have to endure his Angel’s absence though.

It’s gonna hurt and he clearly isn’t ready for it (so much great sex wasted… and you know when they are together EARTHQUAKES keep happening – in LA it has happened already FOUR TIMES… included in September so maybe for the poor Asian Countries is actually better Bee and Adam aren’t shaking one another or their powerful shags would be damaging those Countries already proved by Earth Power way too much recently… πŸ˜‰ ) and I get amused in realizing how much he just depends on human touch daily. He’s so cute when he feels lonely… you can read his mind through everything ;).

Poor Behati is renewing her VISA card in London and she will have to come back to the USA/elsewhere for some working action… I hope they can find as I said above some space to reunite before this long month apart ends though because Adam has been treated so well by her that he may crack without her presence aside for more than 10/15 days (they have NEVER been apart for more than 8 days in a row so far… which is AMAZING, but which is gonna cost Adam now a HUGE sense of solitude… and that is The Power Of Love, deal with it ;)).

Behati has always been with Adam these months they have been a couple, no matter how quietly (for instance we got a cute note out from Billboard article about that thing of how Behati was even with him at the reception for the show in Malibu at Matt Burnett’s house… but again she did NOTHING to gain visibility out of it… she is just amazing):

And again Behati kept all this quiet. SHE IS WONDERFUL for Adam

I hope they will also be together when on October 17th (Adam and the guys will be in LA then, after their City Bank gig) Adam will debut on American Horror Story

Because he will need some caring hand on him to make him stand the watch of his beautiful face & body slaughtered by Bloody Face πŸ˜‰

October 17th: Adam and American Horror Story. Is this perfection or what? πŸ˜‰

I can’t wait for this and you know it πŸ˜‰

Ops… I said this post wouldn’t have contained anything but Angels and Love… but a story about an Asylum where the Hate and the Devils reign maybe is a bit off topic?

Oh well…

I am so into this new AHS season you will forgive my wandering there πŸ˜‰

Take a look at one more promo for it, and shiiiiiverrrrr!!! πŸ˜‰

I will fight the creepiness with the fact we are now going to the clinic visiting Margherita and Eva…

So no thrills and thoughts of evil will remain too much on me (but I like these shivering thirsts… AHS is awesome!).

What else?

I think nothing else…

Wish you all a wonderful time filled with ALL love and Angel Wings fluttering.

Life is marvelous.

You just gotta be receptive to it the right way and Love will find always a way to make you believe anything can turn up positively πŸ™‚

And make you SHINE from the inside.

See you in October, folks πŸ˜‰

(I promise not to write another post before… I PROMISE) πŸ˜‰

Missus ( and incoming God Mother) Z. πŸ™‚
Zaira Scotti on Twitter Counter


Obviously my ecstatic mood isn’t all courtesy of my favorite football team (Milan… oh, theeeeeeee… why? why first you craft the worst performance ever on the first Serie A day, then you let Pazzini send us all in the happy stratosphere with a triplet? Do you really want us to go crazy don’t you? Do you REALLY want to hurt me? I’m old by now to stand all this rollercoaster bipolarism from you!), and considering I come back home AND working-ready after more than a month of amazing holidays away, I shall be here in tears and with the worst mug ever and instead, all I feel inside is pure joy.

And it’s marvelous…

There you go… Me this year at the beach.
With iPhone at hand, so I could tweet πŸ˜‰



The last thing we did in our holiday was to have a lovely traveling around the hills of Moncalieri yesterday. Weather was bad but we snapped amazing photography of the moodied sky, we walked hand in hand and we had sex in the bushes (we did… it was a secluded special little corner of the woods and then weather was kinder… it was an impromptu need like we use to have often and it was amazing, thank you ;)).

Then we went back to Milano homaging the great Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini who just passed away on Friday.

In a little while we will be attending his funeral with my family, just after I leave here.

I’m very touched by this, because Martini was a man like not many others can claim to have been.

A man of true Faith, a real MAN OF RELIGIOUS BREED, a man who was up for Dialogue with all other men and a man who always was there to spoke truths.

Italy loses a giant.

It hurts indeed, especially cos I don’t see anyone of his stature around…

And he isn’t the only great one Italy and the world lost these days I was away, because also the pioneer of stars, the original Moon Walker Neil Armstrong has gone away, ready to wander among galaxies and stardust forever.

I have always been fascinated by Armstrong’s personality and uniqueness.. he will keep inspire me and millions of others for sure even from now on πŸ™‚

I am so pumped and so willingly to remember this month that I have changed my picture profile on twitter, including a shot from the holiday in the set now, and that doesn’t really happen often does it?

Being always so shy&short about sharing private pictures online (and again, this is an Hipstamatic shot K took of me which is small and effected on its own enough to not be a trouble), you really get that I had the time of my life in this August, for being so open about its memory also… visually πŸ˜‰

Btw, I love the way I always look intent elsewhere when K shots me… and about the hairdo… look, my hair are very LONG and they are too much and it was a tragedy every and each day to find a way to keep them tidy above my head to enjoy the beach and get uniformly tanned also on my face… don’t make fun out of me and that look I sport there ok?

And btw, yes… this year I also worn colored bikinis. I know. It’s a shock for anyone knowing me that I gave up to only B&W pieces ;))

So… what did it happen since out last check here?

A LOT… A lot πŸ˜€

The most important thing (and by far) during this break we had is that the brother-in-law of my dearest Angel Meli is safe now, after a major surgery he had which he needed to survive.

This is the news that has dominated K&I’s latest days since we got it, because it was a matter of life and death and we both owe to Meli Angel the simple fact that we met, we fell in love and decided to spend our lives together, so anything that happens of amazing in her life, translates directly to ours and similarly all that may shadow her pure soul makes us uncomfortable and sad.

I love sunsets and this year at the sea I got plenty of them

You know I am very private person and especially regarding these super personal matters but I asked (obviously) Meli if I could write at least this small note here about the surgery and she agreed that I could, so…

this is it.

I had to write at least a couple of words to express our rejoice and participation in such a splendid event, and let everybody know we believe love rules lives and if you are a good person, soon or later you will obtain reward for it also from Destiny.

No one deserves joy and goodness more than Meli and anyone she cherishes over and onto.

K&I are humbled and happy among those persons she cares for, we can include ourselves.

Send Marco our best greetings Meli. We will celebrate him as soon as he can step off the intensive therapy.

Love from the crew, too :).

End of this now… just want to add that life has its ways to make you grateful for anything in it, if you have the right attitude towards it.

Love calls up for love.

Amazing sea…

No matter how hard it seems to find light to move your steps firmly, that light will come, because it lays within you first.

Always believe that.

Thank you Meli cos you are the one who taught me this, and once more.

I (WE) love you so much.

During this rest of August we checked into a magnificent (and very uniquely stilized) villa in Salento.

It was located onto a cliff over the sea and we had at one time much privacy and people nearby in case we’d need anything.

The crew (mixed in Nationalities once again, as we love to practice International Relationships as much as we can obviously) enjoyed it all very much.

That’s a wonderful corner of the world that all of our people (and very much ourselves) enjoyed.

Our villa’s cliff onto sea

I stayed there on boat when we organized one of our meetings over Italy with Chinese partners earlier in previous months… I had gotten fascinated with the nature and people (and food) there and since many friends had had already vacations over the Region I thought it would have been nice to try for ourselves the holiday sense of Salento, too.

Great choice.

It’s not only a place blessed with an incredible sea and natural surrounds…

It also has a lot of historical sites that date back in the Ancient Greeks era.

Karim and I took some private trips out from our friends company to enjoy it all and once we had the last days of the holidays just for ourselves, as all friends already had left, we just started to go round and round even more.

It has been a bliss.

the villa πŸ™‚

No other words fit more than that.

You all know how we love to travel… I have visited half of the world by now, but really… to match ANY part of Italy… it’s simply impossible.

The more than I travel, the more that I realize this simple fact of truth.

I read a lot too… and normal books not on the iPad, because for a dumb reason I forgot to set the iPad correctly with new reading and I didn’t really wanted to re-buy stuff (iCloud, why fail me that way?)

Yes because all I carried along were iPhone (see in the new profile pic… that’s SO me, carrying it everywhere ;)) and iPad: no Mac, nothing…

I practically started watch a bit of tv only the last three days!

Not that the news from all the world were that happy in the first place…

Gorgeous Gallipoli

For instance I am SCARED TO HELL that those two scary people, Mitt Romney and super idiot bigot Paul Ryan might overtake Barack Obama in the Presidency run.

Let’s hope not because those two would embark in a war shortly after carrying the mandate up, and they would send the economy (not their own personal one… they are good in hiding from taxes and making money for themselves, that’s a fact instead) even more in the gutter, given that they would just surrender again to those bankers idiots who have created the worldwide impacting Financial crises under Bush’s administrative Fiascos.

I shiver thinking of Romney and Ryan… and the more Romney speaks (like an Autobot) the more he resembles Berlusconi.

And you all know what it does mean to me:

Warhol Exibit in Otranto


Please America… be wiser than that.

Don’t throw us all in the pits… please.

A little more about this subject later, when I will chronicle some of Maroon 5 + Adam + Behati’s facts this August (and let me say straight… LOVE how those two are connected also as of politics and attitude in expressing their views unfiltered and purely… Behati and Adam are just amazingly fitting together, the more they ARE, the more I see this so clearly and shiningly!)

But not yet.

Let me also tell you that my dearest Marghe is approaching her time so little missus Z. will soon be involved in her “aunt-like” duties.

I can’t wait.

Gosh I am SO pumped for this and even if K&I don’t plan on babies anytime soon, I genuinely cannot wait to nurture Marghe’s precious creature like it were mine.

Otranto sunset

It’s SO amazing as feeling…

It makes me tingle inside πŸ™‚

My Marghe is gonna be the most amazing of mothers... she’s just born to be one.

I used to even make fun out of her (in the lightest and kinder and most affectionate possible way) when we were kids because all she was talking about with glows was already the moment of motherhood, and the outcome of it, and how much she couldn’t wait to be a mother herself.

Pretty impressive when you are like… 7 πŸ˜‰


It’s really cold now that we are back in Milano.

When we landed on Saturday I went straight to stable to remeet my Swifty darling... He was of a good mood, better than I expected (because my horse is really emotional and he gets offended when I don’t mount him for two weeks straight) and I count on the fact that he enjoyed being in England a lot so he wasn’t really upset for my departure to the sea.

Even my horse is spoiled πŸ˜‰


But our first ride had to cope with storm & wind and all kind of bad weather and I couldn’t even find a jacket strong enough so we just jumped inside instead… and talked.

Yes, because I do talk with Swifty.

A lot πŸ˜‰

It’s not the strangest thing that I am used to.. and I treasure the oddities in me as much as anyone shall, so I don’t care what you may think.


During holidays K&I have also developed the fishermen skills.

We went on an entire day along a boat of real fishermen and enjoyed the whole experience in a not comparable way… trust me it was also very romantic… so much the fact after we smelled heavily of fish couldn’t really matter a single bit for us πŸ˜‰

I love my hubby so much…

He’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me (or to anyone else… but he’s mine, so sorry… I won the first prize, just because I’m worthy πŸ˜‰ )

Love is shaping it up all my life and happily it is shaping up someone else’s life too finally πŸ™‚

But more on that later…

Now it’s time to chronicle JUST a bitΒ  what Maroon 5 have been up to in the break we took, which is essentially touring in Central and Southern America.

This is a glimpse of their greatness, out from an entire gig (this is the Sao Paulo stop… and I can’t wait to listen to this setlist live myself… I love all covers and all the mash ups and I find the production really fitting and on point!):

I have to try to be a bit informative but think all this was happening whith me on holiday so the material I have been receiving during those days was scattered, uncomplete and – I have to admit – I wasn’t really up to check too much beside the reports of my closest friends… forgive me if this all will result a bit in-cohesive πŸ˜‰

All I know is that the guys have been in a spectacular mood in this tour round.

They all enjoyed the surroundings, the success, the people, and the performances are a testify of that.

I am glad they brought along Sam Farrar because the songs need a boost of bass (and also because Mickey had to attend a marriage in England so he was bound to miss two gigs in South America’s stops, and Sam was a key to not scrap a thing there), and although I don’t use The Fuckery that thing‘s anything, I have to admit that the opener they brought along, Javier Colon, has a flawless voice on his own (I can praise him for that… I won’t ever care to watch how he became acquaintance with Maroon 5 tho) πŸ˜‰

In the last stop the other night in Paraguay they even endured to pranks, dances, silly things and overall you can realize they have been really fired up by Latinos responses to them.

They also spent their time in Mexico doing charity, and being their generally adorable selves, not leaving anybody cold:

As we are talking – somehow – about schools, take this tidbit of Adam taking part in the CBS feature aired in August “Teachers Rock”, which I had talked about in my previous post too:

Talking about successes, then and finally rejoicing because One More Night FINALLY has started being played also in Italian radios (I love Payphone, but I couldn’t bare it anymore on our broadcasts), let me point some numbers Maroon 5 are pulling in sales.

Overexposed keeps being a complete hit, it has already crossed 1 million + sales worldwide (huge in this lackluster selling climate) and it’s just being certified GOLD in USA, overshadowing most of the releases of the year, and keeping shitting πŸ˜‰

It’s purely amazing because Maroon 5 aren’t promoting the record or the songs AT ALL, being all involved with touring.

This means that the fact the record is a hit has been pushed by love of people, and not hype.

Then Maroon 5 (as certified by latest Billboard Issue) is selling a shitload this year… look at these two pages and rejoice along me:

Best Selling Usa artists 2012 Page 1 Billboard August 2012

Best Selling Usa artists 2012 Page 2 Billboard August 2012

I’ very pleased with this and with the whole Overexposed performance because I really really love the record (basically, this record made me fall back in full love with them).

I think though it will be hard also for One More Night to reach number one on Billboard Hot 100 (though another number 2 peak is in the bag in my book) and you know why?

Because Taylor Swift has released a very pop and very nice song, which by ANY account is about Jake Gyllenhall and which… it seems… could have been created JUST OUT OF ADAM’s input, if what Taylor said in a special for ABC is to be trusted.

She basically said that sometime this past start of the year, she was in the studio with Max Martin and a friend of her ex came in and asked if they were going to get back together, because said ex seemingly had told him so.

Out of that, Max Martin asked her what was that all about and in a little while they created the song out of the question that friend of his ex had been asked her.

Now…let me point out that:

1) Max Martin at that time was also super-visioning production on Overexposed, and Adam was in the studio often by then;

2)Taylor and Adam knew one another: Maroon 5 in the Fall before had sung her song at a Country Award Night, and when they did she was with Jake still, so they easily have been used to talk about that relationship for a while;

3) Adam is one of Jake’s best friends since childhood, and just around those days he had been spotted lunching with him and other friends MORE than once;

4) Just to make it even more obvious, Taylor Swift’s video for “We are Never ever Getting back Together” stars as the “ex” model Noah Mills, who is one of the persons who resembles Adam THE MOST as physical appearance; she couldn’t have put in there someone looking like Jake, so she went for the most obvious connection (sharp girl).

I hope eventually One More Night could reach the top, but how will Adam feel knowing that he has given the spark to the song that might have prevented it from getting the laurel?

LOL… The man is able to be a mess even unwillingly πŸ˜‰

Speaking about amazing songs, and love, and cases of Fate and Destiny…

Listen to this beautiful song by Elisa, and its the words… because it fits so much towards what I am about to write later:

I got to replay the song some days ago and it stroke me how much this seemed to apply to Adam Levine after he got his shine and happiness back thanx to the beautiful creature now by his side, amazing Namibian Goddess Behati Prinsloo.

He found the best out of a very dark moment he had to endure due to his past link who failed him majorly, and leaving him sad and in the dust, without mercy.

Behati, Bregje and Candice

Yes, I had to think of that hearing that Elisa’s song Heaven Out Of Hell because during our holidays we have also got some newsbits of the beautifulness which is Adam & Behati’s love story blossoming like the most beautiful of roses, and thinking how bad Adam was looking/feeling just days before he met her in the second half of April, it really hit me in all its evidence.

It’s an endless joy to acknowledge how happy and positive and full of hope he is now instead after that cheerful, joyous, smart and passionate young African Wonder has decided to look out for him and catch him out from his misery.

And she has ALL that it takes to pull any man with blood out of any kind of misery, cos she’s SUPER hot&sexy, and she’s as tall as him (the tallest girl he has had beside Maria, if you look at my little list of Adam’s dating story, which has been somehow reprised – less well and accurately – byΒ  some guy site, too ;)) and that calls for MANY sexy plays ;), which are requested if you are Levine’s better half, as he needs DAILY sex ;).

I don’t get how anybody cannot stan for this relationship… Adam and Behati are SUPER well matched together, like probably has never happened before?

More on that in a while, anyway.

Look how well stunning Behati Prinsloo sits in a bikini in this VS commercial she did for this Summer along her adored friend Candice Swanepoel and (how small the world is?) along Bregje Heinen, aka the Payphone girl video – she is not a VS Angel or anything yet, but she is doing lots of VS things along some other young models so she might eventually become and Angel too, being super-young: Adam keeps having good taste when it comes to models to put in his videos ;))

I have so much to note about that (also because a dear friend of ours, a writer, had the immense pleasure to follow two of the dates of the Mexican tour and he had first sight of the two lovers, a sight that – God bless them for their privacy love – no paparazzi will ever be able to get) but first of all I have to once more re-enforce my immense appreciation for Miss Behati Prinsloo as human being and Angel of Love.

Adam Levine aka THE SEX

She has brought us back the real Adam Levine.

A funny nerd (who happens to be probably the sexiest man on this planet, but unwillingly so on his part as although he sure is cocksure and sexually arrogant, when you take his softer side you’d be surprised about how simple and tender he can get) who loves to play with words in silly ways, who can’t avoid to share jokes even a third grader would find gross, and somebody who’s got the most beautiful smile ever, and who likes to share it.

Well, for months that Adam had disappeared, leaving in his place somebody gloomy and partaking in deceptive behaviors, trying to cope with the huge pain in his heart placed into him by the way his love got wasted on somebody not taking enough care of him the way she should have had.

For months Adam has been somebody dead in his eyes, faking to be fine when he was not; somebody dried off from pain and anger, who had to put up a sort of recital to avoid troubles, but somebody who was clearly unhappy, and very much sad.

Somebody whose smile seemed always forced, or mostly never there at all.

Then it came Behati, to lift him up after one of the most brutal heartbreaks in his life (because he really tried hard to make the previous relationship work, but no relationship can work if the object of your love never finds the time for being with you).

Bless you, African Goddess of Joyfulness.

Adam Levine as usual stands up for LGTB rights. Love that.

With you, we got back Adam in full (political rants included, and LGTB rights advocacy back consistently too... man he is SO funny when he cannot stop to voice his pure liberal passion… I love him for being so unfiltered about the things he finds mattering, no matter how much in trouble his words will find him being at eventually. His purity stays in the fact he won’t shut up to preserve a shallow popularity if this means to renounce at what he thinks defines him primarily. I am glad in this he stays the same, and that The Fuckery that thing experience hasn’t changed his core about it, as I feared it could have).

Bless you Behati, for giving us back the real Adam now and full time, because you are with him… practically full time.

Yep, it’s amazing the way this girl jumps on any plane at any time to be with her man… it’s amazing how she has used ALL of her free month of August to be ONLY with him, enjoying – instead of barely standing – the not easy touring life, always being in the background and taking care of him, without ever once trying to take advantage of the situation. Adam must have pinched himself because for ages he had seen his supposed “lover” stay with him in Summer – a free mostly Summer for her too, let’s note it… – only a bunch of days and then fly away for 4 weeks and a half the first year and for almost 6 weeks the second to be on her own, possibly with at least 12 hours of time-zone difference in between herself and the man she was supposed to love with all of herself.

It sure had to feel different this time around for our little tender Adam: and the ones benefiting the most have been actually Maroon 5 fans, because it takes enough to see the concerts the guys have played this August to realize he has never been more perfectly energetic, happy, pumped and inspired on a stage and on a tour abroad (Adam also suffers the long tours… he loves to play live, but he doesn’t really like to be apart from his roots and people that long in a row… that is why it’s so important for him to have his lover by his side in those moments, to ease the difficulties and find his inner light).

Behati at LAX airport embarking on August tour with the guys – August 2012

In fact, just when Bee left the tour for getting back to work for her fashion duties of September, Adam – although still pumped and great onstage – seemed feel more the pressure of the tour (which lead to his political rant: if he had got chances to fuck, instead of watching tv, half of themess of the rant would have been avoided ;)… although I loved it actually, and agreed with EVERYTHING he said).

Which is another testify of their connection and importance of it, honestly.

Not even the fact Adam was mobbed and almost taken down by a crazy fan as soon as Maroon 5 arrived in Mexico (and he hates being taken down, normally that would have caused a wrath of consequences, any Maroon 5 fan from more than a bunch of years know that), or not even when the gear of the band was held up in Curitiba, causing the gig start at an impossible late hour had been enough of a bad thing to make him stop being all smiling, radiant, joyous and happy.

Man… this guy is back being truly happy, and the only reason for it must be that he feels finally loved for real, and feels that the person who’s with him now shares his passions fully, for real and completely.

During tours and concerts, Behati sits and hangs always with the musicians… she talks with Mickey (the most musical of the band members, a true encyclopedia of music he is), shares smiles and rocks with songwriters (see Ali Tamposi in the pics) during all gigs, genuinely enjoying it all.

Not only… she isn’t bothered to travel, she doesn’t need a hairdresser at any step, she can just content herself with a rucksack (and the love of her man) and she can go on for miles, which is why the touring life is probably just amazing for Behati, and a thing she is able to appreciate rather than barely cope with.

This is very important because if you are meant to be and stay with a musician, you have to love the peculiar kind of life he has to live.

You have to love it, and understand the needs in it… She not only does… she is enthusiastic about this all, which is more than a requirement for a relationship like the one they have to work.

I got words Bee has also snapped many and many pictures on tour.

She adores being behind the camera (much like… guess who? Mr. Levine, who has a passion for photography since decades), and some say even more than being in front of it.

Behati Prinsloo has a huge passion for photography.
She has a lot of talent for it, too.

Her artsy approach at that shows through her instagram (which is bprinsloo, and that it gets generally linked in her tweets), her BEAUTIFUL Tumblr (the girl is really so talented) and her tweets… I long if one day the two will take a trip together in Africa and film something special out of it.

They definitely have so much in common that could just be amazing as of output.
Anyway, back to the two lovers and their keeping being reserved, but undeniably in a relationship which is certainly serious by now.

Behati and Mickey in Brazil hotel talking about – most definitely – MUSIC πŸ˜‰

Cos well, this love/allaroundthatwordthing is almost five months old already and they have been together still more than 85% of these days (if you count them, by now Behati and Adam have spent more time physically together than Adam and the previous girlfriend did between the entirety of 2010)… this fact is absolutely fantastic, because they both worked during this time… but still all they wanted to also was to arrange their maximum of time to be spent together.

That takes off any “merely rebound” remark some clearly not bright people have attached to this relationship.

Because if you are in it just for rebound, you don’t spend this much time together… you hit it and quit it after a while, you don’t rush to be together at any given chance… and you don’t really spend your touring time together because… erm… touring time is the Holy Graal of “fuckable chances” and if you are not that much in your relationship, that is exactly the moment for NOT spending time together – especially in Brazil… I mean… have you seen the brazilian girls? Adam has always loved them… ;)).

So this is not a rebound.

For any of them, it certainly we can say now it is not.

Adam and Behati on the band van August 2012

Of course again let’s not try to predict future and claim this is gonna be the relationship of all relationship and that they are gonna be together forever, but for sure they are in it for something serious and not for just fun anymore – if they ever were in it just for fun, which I doubt at least on Behati’s part, since she has had not many boyfriends and always cherished her boyfriends seriously once she got with them, without playing around at all.

It could end tomorrow, still… but this is NOT a rebound.

It’s a beautiful meeting of two souls that share an incredible amount of interests and a lot of personality together, and that makes me happy because I see the effect this has having on Adam.

No more photo ops to make people believe he is happy… all we get is the acknowledge Behati and Adam are together but they won’t let us witness and sneak in their love and that is RIGHT, I will always state it.

Behati sith Ali T. at Mexico gig 2012

It’s just so much healthier for any relationship and it makes it way truer and more mattering.

Not to mention this is a way more mature approach that Behati is showing towards what it takes to be HAPPY in a relationship.

Fairy dust is not requested… real bond and real life-sharing interests instead are.

And if some delusional and often very young, naive and manipulated people don’t understand this… pity for them; it’s not like Behati and Adam care about their misguided and asinine judgements/remarks/epically failing “hopes”.

But regardless of the fact we won’t really see at any time photo ops in floods out from Adam and Behati as I said… I got some words by witnessing people who were at the South and Central American spots and when they are in their environment and out of paps and strangers… Behati and Adam are attached to the hip, they are VERY affectionate and completely enamored with one another.

Like they really, really… REALLY share a wonderfully deep connection.

And let me just tell you that Rob has witnessed Maroon 5 backstages and Adam’s… girl biz there for almost a decade… so anything that comes out of his mouth is supremely trusted by me.

Adam and Behati arrive in Rio

My friend said that during the backstage time Adam and Bee were touching and kissing all the time he had turned head towards them.

They were constantly smiling and laughing and allegedly joking and showing each other’s pictures – historical ones ? – .

They call themselves with cute silly names and he said Behati likes to feed Adam (and people have witnessed that actually Adam likes to feed Bee too (how adorable πŸ˜‰)..

Adam has started to attach funny images in his tweets (the Snoopy one, the headless chicken, and many others) out of Bee’s input and hilariously bright, smart and sometimes vitriolic outsight on life and photography.

He is seemingly VERY creative as of late, and his mood, noted Rob, is simply spectacular, and all this is clearly Bee’s influence on him in his book.

Later during their moves to Brazil, some other witnessed as I reported above (I don’t know these people, but I trust their words because it makes sense) that Adam loves to feed Behati too, and he did in a private dinner only the two of them had as they arrived in Brazil.

He has been so happy in Brazil, and also purely stated that “life feels like a dream”, and Behati just after tweeted a picture of their Hotel in Rio with a wonderful sight from top and the writing that it was PERFECTION, hinting that the place was also home of “jaws” (Jaws is a code for Shark… and you shall know Adam’s nickname is “Sharky”: now do and make your conclusions… I did πŸ˜‰ )

All this fills my heart with joy.

Behati with a fan in Guadalajara Mex

Just look at them… just look at him on stage those days.

Adam damn GLOWS and he is this glowing only when he is happy in his heart.

And it’s all due to Behati, who’s never there for herself, but only for him (in fact as soon as she went missed from the tour he started to be relentless and putting himself in trouble with a good chunk of political tweets… he missed to use his spare time making love to her… which could explain also why Maroon 5 added the cover of the Police “This Bed is Too Big Without You” as soon as she went away from South America back in New York to do her things for modeling. and for NYFW ;)) .

Take again a look at how this girl is cheerful and awesome in this mix of very new (including the Pelotonia charity she did in July) and some older videos of her where you can clearly catch her energy, loveliness, “true-ness” and spirit.

She is an amazing girl with an amazing flair about her and who can give beautiful inspirations in life.

I really believe she is teh best thing that could have happened to Adam, and that she had a wonderful timing for arriving as a saviour in his life.

Her sparkling personality is just so pleasant and full of positivity, I find hard to believe there are many stupid teens who cannot give her a break, just because she has what they – probably – wanted for themselves, regardless of the fact Bee makes Adam REALLY happy.


Just check here :

She has even said to fans trying to include her in pics with the band that she couldn’t be part of that because she is not part of Maroon 5 (even though as you see above, when asked kindly and out of forced situation, she happily agrees in posing for pics, but never if this overshadows or steals Maroon5 time and space – and THAT is how a girlfriend does).

Of course she was bashed also for this by the usual not so smart people… but instead what she did do and state is the greatest testify of love…

She knows her place; she is not with Adam to steal his thunder, or to exploit him or Maroon 5.

Adam is super happy since being with Bee πŸ™‚

She is there because she fell for a funny dork who is as beautiful as a Greek God and sings like an angel (and what makes this all way good is that she was a fangirl for them and him WAY before she ever got to know them personally. She indeed is the perfect person to be with Adam… she has always been a lover of him, and that’s wonderful!).

But I can see the part she loves maybe the most is the funny dork.

And that makes her Adam’s perfect match, because she is also a very dorky (and yet stunningly beautiful) person (again, anyone who knows about her career and personality easy will agree on this note).

I cringe for all the haters that have spent all of August sending Behati messages of desperate refusal, angry tweets, insane notions about all the lies someone else’s people have meaning-ly spread all over sites, making those fake rumors a source of popularity for the supposed “poor one” and a reason of hathred for the supposed “bad girl”…

Of course those lies can be believed only by people with no brain, and I don’t care about those, and Adam and Bee also don’t and WON’T, so… sorry losers.

Keep trying, but you will never succeed in anything else than look and sound like poor fools πŸ˜‰

After all, the fact Behati still not care and she never acknowledges all that hate she’s being getting at all makes me assured she is living joyfully along her man and all she cares about is HIS opinion and affection.

Their bond is based on their reciprocal feelings and from all accounts I have been informed throughout, well, that bond is already damn strong.

Good for them… sorry haters πŸ˜‰

Let Adam fluke all of your stupidity away with some traditional Peruvian instrumentals ;)…

Peruvian Paraphernalia, as tipped by Adam Levine himself

Behati tweeted barely while with him during August, and all of her tweets have been funny ones, immediately backed by funny tweets of Adam (have you noticed how his humor is back in force? he’s allegedly cracking jokes repeatedly because Behati is just like him in this as well, and she has always been so, it’s not like she’s fronting some skill she actually hasn’t there).

She even managed to be adorable by tweeting a note about ADHD people antics (and we all know Adam has it):

Behati is even the cutest when she speaks about Adam’s ADHD.
Lovely creature she is πŸ™‚
I am sure she takes the best care of him, also because of this.

The amazing-ness of this tweet stays in the way she treats this as a plus of personality, and not something to be hidden or overlooked or ignored or covered.

She can take Adam for who he is completely… making him feel accepted and loved without compromises, or “but” or “if”.

I loved that tweet so much. I really really did. I can see her care for him, and every new thing I learn about her makes me hope that this relationship lasts, because it’s so good for him to have someone like her by his side.

The cuteness of Bee and Adam set up back in their kids days πŸ™‚

Now just to clear a bit some of the fake news surrounding this romance (beside the ongoing lie that Behati and the previous girlfriend Anne were friends, which they were ABSOLUTELY NOT, or the fact Behati tried to get with Adam when he was still involved with other people, which is again a big fat lie, and beside the false reports that Behati is either mean or cruel or that she drove Adam to smoke… Adam uses to smoke since he was a TEEN, so cut the bullshit and stop sperading hate on false facts thank you), let me give in my two cents about Behati’s status as a model and how she would spend time with Adam this constantly either because 1) doesn’t have much work to do ; or 2) because she is trying to use him to rise her popularity.

Behati Prinsloo TRUE friends in the model industry, out of the LIES someone’s team has spread for months…

Dear ignorant messes of people who have no clue about modeling fees… let me clear your poor minds.

Fact number 1 (and that is the only fact you may need to understand actually): Behati is an OFFICIAL ANGEL UNDER VS CONTRACT SINCE 2009.


Therefore, Behati Prinsloo earns with that alone (and that alone WITHOUT when she has shots and runaways for VS… that pays you again and in addition to the contract of Angel, right?) around a million dollar per year. Let me just direct you to Forbes data, taken into account by Models.com:

Behati Prinsloo’s finances are very good out of her modeling talents, thank you. She earns with VS more than she would with ten covers or shared ads campaign for fashion brands… even though she does that too, mind you haters πŸ˜‰

Another little note for all those who have no idea on how fashion works… let me clear for you what a VICTORIA’s SECRET ANGEL truly is.

It seems like there is a lot of confusion there…

Btw, let me also precise that I don’t think that Bee is the best model in the world or anything like that.

Super tall Bee Prinsloo πŸ™‚

My love is Natalia Vodianova (that’s a supermodel for sure) and then there is my BB, (but lifelong friends shouldn’t matter in any list, still she is a far most accomplished model than any of you could ever meet;)); is not like Behati is a supermodel like Kate Moss, or Miranda Kerr or Lara Stone or Doutzen or Adriana or Natalia Vodianova herself, let alone like Giselle or Naomi or Heidi… she is still a very young model with an enviable status, definitely one of the best models in the world, but she has room in her career to fill and she will never become a Karlie Kloss of sort I think, even though she seems interested in a lot of other things beside modelingΒ  so I don’t think she even wants that in the first place ;).

Still… Behati’s status is already higher than Anne V’s ever was – it’s laughable that her team tries to sell her as a Victoria’s Secret model, when all she has ever done for them was a couple of catalogue shots and three walking on their runaway, while the most notable of them were obtained when she was with her latest high profile boyfriend… and look, I really like Anne’s work in fashion and I admire her strong drive and professional thirst and commitment which has pushed her deservedly at the top of her game with continuous success, so I am not here to bash her or disregard her in any way, but it means something if your highest achievement in modeling at almost 27 is still your Sports Illustrated run, and yet you haven’t even covered that after 8 years… “Supermodel” is a way overused word these days,( which in my book is a bad thing for fashion first) -, due to her exclusive contract.

And the funny thing is that she isn’t pimping it at all, and she lays very low about it, she never really floods anybody with her career achievements, she never really acts or speaks as she’s craving for attention, which is very appreciable especially coming from somebody who lives in one one of the most competitive and hard professional environments, namely fashion&modeling.

So to anyone saying she spends lot of time with Adam because she can having no works to do… this is fake, she works a lot, but she uses ALL of her spare time to be with Adam, thing that his previous girlfriend, while she was working or NOT, never cared to do.

Conclusion: as girlfriend (I ma not judging the person in itself, only the girlfriend’s type of attitude) Behati Prinsloo is simply LIGHT YEARS better than the previous one was to Adam, his sanity, his tranquillity, his mood and his joy.

Full point.

Evidences speak, timetables speak, past facts speak.

And above it all, and after all, any opinions here don’t matter anyway though: Adam has chosen and in my book he has chosen wisely, because the way Behati carries herself on makes him happy, and this is so true when she tweeted this the other day (and note: she LOVES music as much as him and KNOWS it for real), Adam immediately retweeted her, and he did because THANX to her HE FOUND HAPPINESS BACK AGAIN:

Adam Levine retweets girlfriend Behati Prinsloo on August 31 2012

This girl is flawless in her persona. She is the perfectly fitting musician girlfriend, I’ll never get tired to state this.

Adam better treasure that… and from the way Bee looks happy with him, I am sure he does πŸ™‚

For sure Behati’s care for him is awesome.

When the other day Adam ventured in a political debate with the usual Conservatives who are fearing his huge following could be moving towards NOT voting Robo-Romney out of his input (and they FEAR IT, and I HOPE FOR IT because Romney is an idiot and a dangerous one, as all of his supporters are, in my book, and I won’t ever even change view there), Behati, on the other side of the globe, (she was certainly in connection with him then) tweeted this after a while, and that made me go all “Awwwwww” because she is up always to get his back covered (how cute and passionate):

Behati has got Adam’s back. HOW LOVELY THIS IS? AWWWW πŸ™‚

She is so passionate and full of love…

Easily one of the brightest soul he has met so far πŸ™‚

I also love that she is very much cared about by historical queens of the runaways like Coco Rocha (her real best friend… a true sweetheart), and always is surrounded by love from other models, in a very natural and true way.

Not a bitch at all, even though evil press instigated by sore and sour people are trying to fake notions about her which are absolutely out of the range of truthfulness.

Behati is a very sweet girl, and the words I have got about her are from the insides of modeling world, again, whom I trust like I do for my family (and a couple of them actually ARE practically family ;))

Anyway… THESE ARE THE ONLY OFFICIAL ANGELS OF VS (all of them they ever were):

The real Victoria’s Secret ANGELS name list.
You gotta be a lot to be an angel… because once you are, you get the richest contract in modeling.

Behati is there since 2009.

So to claim she is trying whatever to rise her profile now that she is with Adam is fake on a multiple levels of reasoning.

First because she isn’t milking AT ALL this link (contrariwise, she is the most private ever a girl could be); and then because she doesn’t need to rise a thing, having already achieved the maximum a model could, and at a super young age (she got her VS Angel contract when she was not even 20 years old).

I hope the haters won’t mind that beside her VS’s things, then Behati does also other – selected – things.

At the moment she is THE FACE (the sole face) of Seafolly, of Juicy Couture, and the MAIN face of Desigual, JCrew (somebody else got some years ago a Desigual advertising duty, but NOT as the main face.. does it means something? I don’t want to dwell into though… but sometimes the delusion of people irks me, so words escape from my mouth, and maybe they shouldn’t):

She works when she likes to.. but the good thing is that she knows her priorities πŸ˜‰

I have to say I endlessly love Behati’s face… her face is a wonder… and I LOVE that she also has hazel eyes, just like Adam: the most magical eyes color…

Behati’s face is a marvelous thing to watch

Look, she also wears bikinis pretty well, and lots of other things too because it’s not like she hasn’t done editorials or covers as well you know… (less than others? Sure.. because she doesn’t need that to make money, babies… her money comes from VS primarly so why stress if you don’t have to? she has other interests to pursue you know ;))

This btw are some of the campaigns Bee did in 2012:

I created also a little video which includes what both Behati and Adam have done in August (August that they have spent ALL together), and also some other shots of Bee where you can appreciate how gorgeous she is (but I like her very much because outside of her job she is just very fresh faced and natural, and she never overdoes anything about her, which makes her effortlessly cool):

For instance she looks very beautiful in Armani for Vogue Germany πŸ˜‰ and Armani agrees:

She has a wonderful flair to herself… very reminiscent of Renaissance Beauties

Anyway… just because… Bee has just covered L’Officiel in the Dutch version and she rocks all tipe of HF there, all brands, with a spot on style and with her personality which still shine through the shots very well:

Behati Prinsloo covers l’Officiel NL September 2012

Not to be outdone by his girlfriend…

Here we are this is Adam and his INKED Magazine cover+ feature (I LOVED the full interview… he’s such a sweetheart andΒ  when they said there he was kind to fans when shooting it all they meant this (see Bee talking with Noah Passovoy&girlfriends behind him… and again praise Bee for not taking ANY advantage in this relationship for herself):

Adam Levine in NY July 2012 for the cover of INKED stops to cheer fans – Note behind him Behati and Noah Passovoy+ gf

this is the collage of Inked Magazine:

Adam for Inked Magazine September 2012 – Full feature

Talking about Adam and extra curricular activities…


Answer: not any more than I already am.

Oh dear.. I can’t wait.

Adam Levine as “Leo” in American Horror Story: Asylum

He’s gonna be slaughtered and reduced in scalp so that Bloody Face will wear his BEAUTIFUL face on his one?

You bet it…

Oh my… these trailers give me life!!!:

I have also a confession: for a hot minute… I risked to have to watch at least some reports about The Fuckery (a tragedy that I was lucky to escape anyway, thank above).

This because if Billie Joe Armstrong had ever taken part in it ALONG Adam being his helping mentor, I am sure my love for this pair would have forced me, even in disgust, to check at least ten minutes of that fucking mess, to catch them two talking about music TOGETHER.

But luckily, Billie Joe decided to mentor for Christina Fat Mess Aguilera (God bless her voice though: I will always love her voice), despite (or maybe just because) the fact he is a dear friend of Adam since Adam was a teen (Kara’s Flower’s album was produced by Rob Cavallo THANX to Green Day’s help).

Billie Joe Armstrong on The Voice and his longtime friendship with Adam Levine

It didn’t happen… pheeeeeewwwww

And I think I can live well without ever having to think about The Fuckery, thank you πŸ˜‰

What are the guys up to now that they are back in LA for a couple of days?

Nothing I hope… they shall just rest because all that they have is just one week of freedom before embarking in the Asian/Australian leg of the tour.

No chances Adam and Bee will be seen together in NY these days for New York Fashion Week events then, unless the earthquakes keep going in LA and Adam doesn’t lose his house πŸ˜‰

About his house anyway, which you all know I adore, now I get why he agreed to feature it in Architectural Digest in March… he’s looking up to sell it!

It was about time… all celebrities after some years and after some renewal sell their pads… it’s a good way to move money and I was actually surprised it was taking Adam THIS long to start to ditch his.

He needs a bigger house.

And he also needs to say bye to Gene and maybe relocate in Calabasas, and maybe.. I don’t know… share a house with some other female other than Frankie Girl πŸ˜‰ (I know Behati is always at his when she is in LA, but what I meant is that he shall start to BUY a house WITH his significant other, rather than just host her when she comes ;)).

What else now?

I don’t know… I think I have reported all I wanted to… and by the way I have to move up to Cathedral for the Funeral and I shall stop being feisty.

Wish You all a Wonderful time… try to get enlightened by love and great things, and pass by unrelevant stuff especially if about or brought to you by unrelevant people πŸ˜‰

Take Care in Greatness.

Always πŸ˜‰

Hugs and catch you soon, yours truly

Missus Z. πŸ™‚
Zaira Scotti on Twitter Counter

Good morning Universe!

London… here we come!

Adam Levine and Keira Knightley film Can A song Save Your Life (final Adam’s scenes, NY, 13th July 2012)

Or Good “almost-full-day” or whatever you want to call this moment in time alike πŸ˜‰

Look… I am just about to start my holidays and the last I want is to be picky about how I should call the different time sections of the day.

That’s a concern I won’t be having until September, especially after yesterday I had to wake up at 4 am for catching up in a Skype biz meeting with our Chinese partners, the last proper one I had to take part in before I could start my well deserved holiday break.

I’m in the frenzy of packing and I am delighted that we leave towards England…

I am so fond of London and there… when we lived in Uk for a couple of years I had some of the best times of my life.

I adore Brits… I adore that cockney accent I try so hard to master (with alternate results, because I always sound just so purely American, sigh…), I long for their cloudy moody weather even.

Anything is perfect in England&London for me so you can picture how excited I am to spend part of my vacation in such a wonderful place.

And… I don’t wanna mind times.


Thank you very much πŸ˜‰

Well, actually I will have to be a bit “working-oriented” even during this incoming August, because around the time we are in UK for the Olympics (and you bet I CAN’T WAIT TO STAY in K’s family GLORIOUS mansion just outside London) dad has booked a couple of working days with some local investors we hope to please and expand relationships with.

But I can cope with that, especially if I think that this Summer Swifty will be with us (he travelled through railways this time… no plane ;)) and that I will still have some sea days because we will be moving towards Sardinia sometime around the middle of August and spend some time there too (I need some sea… I know I am so fully and irreparably Italian there… ;)).

Then it’s you know… time for K&I to celebrate one year of a blissful marriage as well in these incoming weeks so…

I can expect/picture/imagine/guess there will be a couple of surprises during August that I have not been informed of.

It’s a given πŸ˜‰

These past weekends have been spent with the crew as much as possible instead… we even got back in my long-lost and unused house in the Appennini to do some well amazing hiking just last one; I hope my friends can randomly join us both in UK (to cheer the Olympic athletes like they deserve!) and surely in Sardinia; I love to bring with me my people always and space will never be a concern, and that values double-sized when the guest house is of Karim’s side of the family estate.

Can you picture huge?

Ok: now make it bigger… πŸ˜‰ and that’s how his family (which is now also mine… conjecturally ;)) roll πŸ˜‰

On the K’s side of the equation, I have also to say that I can’t wait to spend a whole Summer with Charisse!!!!

I love that girl… isn’t it wonderful when you find people in your acquired family that you bond with instantly like you’ve been friends for a life?

Well, I got lotta love for all of K’s cousins… but Chari is special: we connected so immediately even when in 2008 her cousin was just somebody I wanted to bang badly (and he seemed like a priest, not giving up to me at any cost… so much that you know for a while I had the background thought he might have been gay) πŸ˜‰

Lake Tahoe from Adam Levine’s bedroom.

She is already in London, she flew directly from California the other day after witnessing Maroon 5 gig at Lake Tahoe last Saturday (July 21st).

The gig has been really great she said, but what interested me the most was that she caught a glimpse of sweet Behati there.


Behati and Adam reunited after merely a week and some apart.

He finished shooting his main parts for Can a Song Save Your Life movie on July 13th, and flew back in Los Angeles to record the Fuckery The Voice with Mary J. Blige (Mary J…. tu quoque? *sigh*that show is like a disease that is catching up to all my favorite singing people…) and to film some of American Horror Story, while Behati after their dinner together on July 11 (widely reported by tabloids… and you can look at Adam’s face to realize he didn’t like to be papped, but at least that is so rare with Behati he can stay way quieter than he was forced to for two years) went doing her stuff for Victoria’s Secret charity, then flew to London for a campaign, flew back to New York to do more Victoria’s Secret photo-shoot and then… SHE hopped on a plane and reached her man back and quick in one of the most beautiful places America has to offer (lake Tahoe, that).

Maroon 5 at Lake Tahoe gig, July 21st, 2012

All together…

*awwwwwwwwww* πŸ˜‰

I have realized there are people not into this romance, trying to serve an incredible amount of dirt to either Adam or Behati or both regarding their private life but I don’t get why or how…

I think they are adorable together and absolutely well matched.

For the millionth time… Behati didn’t do anything wrong to Adam’s previous girlfriend.

The lies that were spread that Behati was a friend of Anne V were just… LIES to begin with.

Behati and Anne were never friends, they just happened to share sets twice in their lives?

Adam has had MANY model girlfriends… just try to recap his dating line-life and you get there’s not a single reason in the world he should stop dating them just because some girl could have known the other.

If anyone keeps trusting lies… then it may be useful to listen (again) to what Adam said to Howard Stern this past June to be assured of the fact the two were never anything more than acquaintances, if any (and again… I doubt even that).

Those petty and fake voices are just another chapter in a bad PR spinning that tries to keep linking what is past and done since February 2012 (and again… also Overexposed says all that was needed about Adam’s previous link: the lyrics are so crystal clear and all is detailed so well there all the other notes are just irrelevant. It’s time to move on and get over that, just as well as he’s done ok? Right.)

The fake news about Anne are still many, though, like the one that she is dating Alexander Skarsgard for instance… but we have Gossip Cop to realize that and put everything in perspective, and use the pr spins with a grain of salt.

Adam Levine with James and PJ plays at Sears Hoffman HQ nearby Chicago, to promote the incoming new Adam’s guitar line in the chain this Fall – 23 July 2012

Not that Anne won’t be paired with somebody most certainly famous soon (she is so beautiful and sexy I am actually surprised she yet hasn’t found a new man… but we are sure that once she will find him, the pictures of them together will float around, aren’t we?), and maybe she could even go for people such as Skarsgard for real (the return of image could be good for both, and both love attention so it could also be a pr dream pairing-up), still the point is that there are still news that keep link Anne with Adam and this when it’s clear they haven’t spoken with one another in months, and not any of the two care about what the other does, and it is time this link DIES.

They are just a past memory for one another and it’s unnecessary that once there are news about Adam, some rag has to spill fake news about Anne, just to keep the two names on the same PR roll.

They are done, and there is no link whatsoever that survives between them two (yeah, they might still following one another on twitter, but I could BET that they have MUTED one another and they actually don’t even read each other’s tweets, just like they have stopped to phone one another or have the slightest of contacts).

I get many people liked them as a couple… and you know (this whole blog testifies it very openly) I also deeply loved A+A but they are not anymore… and there were many and right reasons that lead to their split, so after so many months…

Isn’t it fair to just move on and over?

Maroon 5 play for the private Northwestern Mutual gig in Milwuakee, 23 July 2012

The tie is cut and cut for good… and although I will forever have a wonderful memory of their coupling, because yes, Anne and Adam were very beautiful together, I am very, very relieved Adam is out of that fake PR haze that always seem to surround her though now that he’s not linked anymore to her skeevy and laterally untrustworthy management, so “well” run by that horrible Ali Kavoussi.

Anne V is a good person – I still believe that, honestly I do, and I am happy she now has the amazing career she always pushed so hard for, with many covers on magazines and a name on the rise through worthy fashion campaigns – but all the rest going around with her is screaming fake PR machine from top to bottom, and I just am overjoyed Adam is not forced to be part of that anymore to please her, because if there is something he has always, always stated clearly is that he hates gossip magazines, the fakery Hollywood promotes as for couple and power couples (see the Tom+Katie, Rob+Kirsten, Travolta + Preston type of total fake shit) completely disgusts him, and in fact now that he’s finally with somebody (Behati) who as similarly as he does despise fake gossip, we don’t see them in spreads all over Internet, most of the times, no matter if in these three months they have been almost CONSTANTLY together.

Behati and Adam are just right now in LA… and you have seen nothing. And this is GOOD.

You don’t see any pap set-ups with Behati.

In fact, Adam cringes when he sees paps are around, and the only openly smiling pictures of Behati and Adam were so far those they WEREN’T aware were being taken (those in Hawaii, where they both SHINE in smiling and PDA, because there were no paps in sight they could decode and they could be themselves, lost in their lovingly match).

It’s such a good, good thing that they treasure their privates just the same way.