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NAWWAL Storage page – 5 –

I may be extremely lazy to update the blog these months, but this is at least something isn’t it?

For the previous pages, here are the links of them:

NAWWAL Storage Page 1

NAWWAL Storage Page 2

NAWWAL Storage Page 3

NAWWAL Storage Page 4

Unfortunately, The FUCKERY That Awful Karaoke Show that thing called The Shame Voice starts its Blind Audition tomorrow in Los Angeles (9th July 2013) and Adam still stuck with it for two more seasons (tons of money, I know… still the most hatred thing he’s ever done or will ever do in my eyes, and like Sir Elton John and Dave Grohl say, the death of real music) so it means this chunk of NAWWAL will certainly retain again all of its episodes (EDIT: No, for that I created another NAWWAL page ;)).


Anyway, before it, take all of this small things and also (finally!!!) The Haney Project Season 4 (2012) which we waited ages to find online.

Then… stay tuned and someday I might even update the blog.

But really, I’m traveling and moving way too much these days for it.

Maybe if I get pregnant… (kidding ;)).

I may update once I go on vacation in ten days… who knows 😉

Right now… just enjoy these videos:

Maroon 5 unveils customized Honda Civic prizes for the 2013 Tour (car and motorcycle):

Adam Levine’s video for Shop Your Way project (basically the only social network he’s currently semi-active in):

The Haney Project Season 4 (2012) Episode 1:

The Haney Project Season 4 (2012) Episode 2:

The Haney Project Season 4 (2012) Episode 3:

The Haney Project Season 4 (2012) Episode 4:

The Haney Project Season 4 (2012) Episode 5:

The Haney Project Season 4 (2012) Episode 6:

The Haney Project Season 4 (2012) Episode 7:

The Haney Project Season 4 (2012) Episode 8:

Little funny bit. Is anyone surprised that Adam’s new home in Beverly Hills Benedict Canyon went from 4 bedrooms to just one after Mark Haddawy still-in-the-making remodeling? He will be a batchelor still for a (long) while more, and everyone knows it ;). Kickass hood by the way; and yes, keep your privacy intact as real stars do. Gated, guarded, unreachable by average Joe’s community is a smart choice:

FORGET WHAT I WROTE ABOVE… Because FINALLY Adam saw the light and asked adorable BEHATI PRINSLOO to marry him!!!!! I am SO happy about it I will soon write a post but by now I have at least to post this, namely a mash up of various interviews and the lovebirds together on July 16 in NY, plus the ring engagement and her adorability the next two days… I AM DELIGHTED BY THIS. BEHATI is ADAM’s SOULMATE and I am SO happy he reckoned it 🙂 :

That same day (July 16) Adam was being phoned interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and actually Behati was with him (hear the giggling at the end, it’s hers):

And this is the Adam Levine Proactive full commercial with BS scenes:

Family Guy Season 12 preview at Comic Con 2013. Starring (among others) cartoon version of Adam Levine (amazing):

Honda Civic Tour (Summer 2013) interviews and Preparations with customized car&bike:

The videos storage continues down on :

NAWWAL Storage Page – 6 –


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