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This Love. Will shine. On August 6, 2011.

Posted on: 15 October 2010



Adam and PJ at the Greek on Oct. 9. Veni Vidi Vici 😉

Get ready.

Sit back and comfortably because this post is gonna be the longest shit ever.

I’ve been away half a month, crossed a certain  amount of impressive cities, and in the gap pretty much every mattering thing has happened and you bet I will update everything accordingly.

I have been offered even the world itself, folks: during an awesome flight on a private helicopter over San Francisco Bay, the man of my dreams (never thought I could have one… but as anybody else I of course do) said to me the most awesome things, before he offered me something truly impossible to not take into consideration…


I’m officially engaged, for the whole world to see in an incredible party that was held at Karim’s parental place, with no less than… 380 guests(all of his part, since I carried along only… my parents ).

And hence: yep… this uniquely molded chick is gonna be a wife.

See? I CAN smile 😉 And I'm PLENTY of reason for that

I’m gonna marry in Japan (we still undecided if in Tokyo or Kyoto, but I am up for the latter… anyway we’re gonna spend the whole month in the Country of our dreams so whatever we’re gonna pick up for the big day, the other place will be checked deeply anyway ;)).

Date is August 6th 2011.

Oh, and yes… that’s my ring.

7 of the purest diamond carats (1,5 + 4 + 1,5), which means I carry on my finger what could pay a very beautiful house anywhere (not giving out details, but you can ask or figure out ;)).

Under every stone, encrusted in the platinum ring, there is a specific kanji (see? we truly love Japan), with the words “Truth” (which also means “Pure”, “Genuine” and “Right”), then “Love” (under the main stone) and “Passion” because that’s how we roll.

Karim (just as me) really likes symbolisms and also we love to use numerology and fill our events with mathematical hints.

So we’ll marry exactly 3 years after we first met (yep… oh… the blessed day!!! And none of us … well… mostly ME 😉 would have ever believed THEN what would have blossomed from that first day ;)), we marry on a 6 day number, on a Saturday (6th day of the week) because my favorite number is six; (Karim’s 3: and he always says that I am “his double”… so in a way that fits also, lol…).

Yes. It's THAT ring 😉

The date of the marriage summons up to 9, which is 3×3.

The carats are 7  because 7 is the number of perfect spirituality, and knowledge, not to mention the number that defines MAGIC.

I know I know… you think we are crazy: we just live following Pythagoras and Aristotle instead.

In fact, if we marry, it’s because we have not only found our perfect physical match; it’s not only because we both like art, and traveling, and foreign cultures… it’s because we share the inmost approaches to life, even though we are basically very different if you consider our shown personalities.

I am the flamboyant, chaotic, egomaniac one; he’s the stone I pour myself onto, the stability that is never immutable, but always rooted (it’s funny: in numerology meanings, everyone tells us that I definitely look as a “3”, and he totally has the “6” qualities… and those numbers are exactly those we reciprocally liked since we have memories of ourselves. I call it DESTINY and if it’s not, then it’s something that really much recalls it).

I’m the fire, and he’s the shuffling, free, immense air that feeds me, that tames me, that builds me.

I am the heat that makes the air gets higher, gets warmer, hotter, better.

No, I’m not delirious… these are actually verses of one of the many poems Karim writes for me on monthly basis.

I love the way his head and heart produce magic.

On Cali Beach Oct. 2010 - 1 -

He’s able to make me shake with his brilliant mind and deep sensitivity way before his damn hot (oh… boy…) self manages to give me the greatest pleasures I’ve ever experienced (and in there, I’m like the Sorbonne… I DO know and can tell if someone is good in bed. I’ve tested SO many people there in my life, and to top that… takes LOTS of skill, both from Nature and from… crafted practice ;)).

It’s funny that one of Karim’s former flames (she properly hates me… can’t really blame her if she does, but I couldn’t care less about her or her life) thinks that I should be happy because with this marriage I join one of the finest families around.

Like I could give a shit about that.

I signed up prenuptial like it was just a sticker; Karim was so worried I would have taken it badly but I really don’t see why he should have worried, nor why I should have made a fuss out of it.

one of my fav "old" pics of Adam: Adam and Rihanna, 2008

It’s absolutely normal, logical, and RIGHT for his family to prevent troubles.

Except that there won’t be any: we weren’t really forced to marry… we don’t plan to have babies soon… we could have waited.

I could have.

But he wanted to marry so badly, and was so craving for it, I was just like “Oh… after all I know we’re meant to be together forever… so let’s do it.”

My parents have been together for a life: and they still have sex (a sign of good marriage. No sex… no deep things to share : telling yourself differently is a pathetic lie).

Karim’s parents… the same.

I guess genetics AND surroundings are playing in favor of our odds anyway 😉

Be wild and be happy and be ourselves is what we’re looking into when we think about our marriage.

I don’t care about statuses, also because I am proud to be quite wealthy on my own ( and I mean beside my family range of wealth… boy, I have quite a good personal income for being a 25 years old, thanx ;)).

And I’m sure one of the reasons Karim loves me and not her stays exactly in this fact, that I am completely and fiercely independent and the last thing I take into count thinkin about him is his ridicolous bank account.

Me in Venice Beach, October 2010

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy what comes with being his half.

Wow, while in San Francisco I had to experience in full the power he and his family can exercise: we cruised over their IMMENSE yacht; we went to Museums privately; we flew in helicopter over the bay like people take taxis; we wandered always around with security; we basically owned the town.

It’s all great.

But for how cool it may seem, trust me… you can forget about that just by holding his hand… letting him watch you directly in the eyes and make the whole world TRULY disappear.

We slept in his bedroom while in San Francisco.

It’s an enormous room (in a palace… because the word “house” or even “mansion” don’t really fit… even “manor” probably doesn’t…) filled with meaningful memories from his childhood.

It was awesome to sleep there and hearing him telling stories about his past days there; any time he would show me pics of his kiddie antics I would feel so warm and melting inside no word could possibly describe any of those feelings I felt.

Adam training as a future - doted - dad. Cuddling a friend's daughter. Adorable. (thanx Fabiana for finding it!)

I feel so blessed.


I often say I don’t deserve that but I’m a fool: I do.

I see there is a meaning in everything: I was born to be with him.

And so I think I surely do deserve him.


I’m this presumptuous.

And in all this, again… Karim is the only human being I’ve met that totally gets me as I am.

In full.

He’s also born to be with me: he understands me so incredibly well and deeply he can enjoy also the twisting sides of my mind and sensitivity and take a joyous part in those, feeling completely at ease.

This shows me how much we’re meant to spend our lives together, indeed.

My fav Halloween costume EVER. Hopefully Adam will try in 2010 something in the line of what he (did not) wore in 2007 😉

Our time in Los Angeles after the awesomeness of San Francisco and the engagement celebrations has been like a traveling into Kids Land with the pure soul only kids have (we try to stay as pure); not only we witnessed magic at the Greek (two of the best nights of my whole life – somebody else really should get a clue about music writing instead – … and it was so near to our house, it was always pleasant also to reach the location… but you’ll learn about that in the second half of this post, because we weren’t the only ones finding it easy to reach Griffith Park 😉 and I don’t mean ONLY that we were surrounded by starlets or/and second-rate vampiresthere were Leo and LL Cool J among the music lovers, and one of LL Cool J’s hair values more than the entirety of Ashley Greene…), but we enjoyed sun, beach, Universal Studios, not so healthy food, VERY healthy food, a great yoga session in one of the most famous gym facilities in Brentwood, and generally we had everything at our disposal.

Well, everything beside the Lakers, because the day I was in El Segundo I was there for a working meeting and I couldn’t escape for checking my beloved Purple and Gold Knights.

But I could follow at least the game in Barcelona (at Mash’s place… where we… er… had also a huge post game fun ;)).

Not that the pre-seasonal games of Lakers have been that much of a thing – still we got some awesome pictures from their European journeys at least! – , but at least we’re starting to win now that I’m no more in LA 😉

I just love… well, WE just love our Los Angeles house.

And although we truly want a place in New York too, we feel always the best when Cali’s sun caresses us.

While there we found also a couple of historical pictures of Adam, that you are actually already seeing (my favorite series, from his Halloween 2007 party… as THIS Halloween approaches, somehow I hope he decides to (un)dress again for the recurrence…) and a video that I have been craving to find for ages:

back down memory lane

Talkin about Halloween (oh, how I love Adam in that shot of 2007 party at his house…) this year we won’t be in USA for the celebration BUT while we were in Cali we managed to order our Halloween costumes.

I will wear a double disguise, and angel/devil idea, because I will dress myself as “Human Conscience”.

Karim instead will dress as “Tao”, getting as well a double disguise.

Adam at Greek 9 oct 2010 - 1-

We will show you at least the drawings the stylist we have hired for that has released.

We’re gonna SO shine at our party… I’m sure we could win also Adam’s party contest 😉 LOL…

Anyway, back momentarily to the concerts, it has been awesome to be there two days in row.

It’s always flattering to the ears and to the heart to catch Maroon 5 but I particularly loved the “homey” atmosphere at the Greek.

Adam at Greek 9 oct. 2010 - 2-

Not only for the obvious “Hollywood pluses”, or for the Jason Segel introductory cameo (awesome); it wasn’t just because they REALLY did shine in both concerts (you find lots of videos about the performances online but none of those noisy moments can give you a hint or capture the magic that was spread for real. My advice is always that: GO AT THEIR GIGS. It’s the only way to fully get them. And btw, One Republic are good too ;)… Ry Cuming… not bad even though I caught him always partially ;)): the Greek gigs were special because the music spoke to both Karim and I so loudly.

In a way Maroon 5 are the way we met in 2008.

Albeit from almost opposite points of view (I was determined to get some, and he was forced to follow me while his contacts worked my ways out ;)…).

But their music somehow always brought us closer; we both find it extremely suiting us and our sexual approaches to life, love and spirituality: in fact, their music at once softened my wilderness and at the same time, that same music brought off Karim’s wilderness that he was trying to tame, waiting – he claimed back then – to find “the one”.

Just because we’re about to mention the song, take a look at this:

Hot Chocolate Production version of Maroon 5 "Stutter" (our song!!)

Okay… I hope a “regular” video comes off after, but still I so ADORE… *WE* so adore this jam!!!!

Hewl… yeah: you can’t imagine what we do over those riffs 😉

Adam at Greek 9 oct 2010 - 3 -

There’s a reason for which now not only Stutter, but also the awesome Al Green Cover of Let’s Stay Together and If I Ain’t Got You they perform live will be ALL our marriage songs.

Adult Contemporary Much? Well, after all Maroon 5 just have set up a new record for the format, as Billboard let us know, with their release of Misery.

Karim’s parents and my own ones were actually also very much delighted by the gig they witnessed (the second); while Marghe as per usual used all of her voice to scream like a squirrel all the time (she witnessed also the Santa Barbara gig btw)… but that’s her way to manifest adoration and I’m used to it, so it was like… due 😉

It was a magic series of shivers, precious feelings of emotional rush, going round and round my body and soul.

I always and particularly loved the acoustic sets: Adam’s voice and skill as singer shine so much when he strips down (he actually loved to strip down also out of metaphors but that’s another matter entirely… ;)).

no idea where this was taken from but thanx Fabiana: Adam shirtless is always a good sight 😉

And from the way Karim was behind me squeezing me all the time, while the songs were performed, I was clearly understanding the feeling was not only mine, but it was a couple enjoyment of a very special collective moment.

I’m so glad we can share this too.

This Love won’t ever take any toll on us 🙂

Guaranteed ;).

We have loved our LA stay, and also our brief touchdown in New York (Karim’s determined, bless him, to find a small apartment for us either in the West Village or in the Gramercy area we’re so fond of).

Work has been profitable in both cities too and today as soon as I stepped off from the plane, I rushed to lab to detail to everyone what we’ve achieved as business partnership along with our new USA buddies.

Adam Levine. Doing Yoga. Dayummm - M5 version only of IINSYFA video stills

We’re gonna get major satisfaction in the incoming three years, business like.

I mean… as well 😉

The cutest part of today has though been re-meet my Swifty.

As much as I LOVED stay in USA, and as much as I long to get back there soon, truth is I always dearly miss my horse when I am forced to be parted from him this long.

And the feeling is reciprocal and wonderful…

I’m glad we’re back home.

I’m glad Karim is sculpting as I write this blog update and he smiles at me as I smile typing.

We don’t even really need to speak to communicate: it’s a fantastic way the way our minds, bodies, and hearts find a way to share themselves out and beyond normal streams of interaction.

I will do my best to never let this bliss fade out.

I will work with passion and commitment and love to never let this magic between us fade out: indifference must never get a place in our lives and in our life together and that is something you gotta WORK to achieve.

It needs forces, will, resources.

It takes… passion to keep passion lively.

And we’re so perfect together because we both have that type of flame in us.

We have seen so much of the world and got to know so many people; so many types of lives; we’re curious about all that, and we’ve piled on a lot of valuable and deep experiences in our lives.

Humanly, first.

That richness will definitely help us along in keeping being dedicated to one another in the best way.

I don’t feel trapped in this I’m living: I’ve never felt freer in my whole life actually.

And Karim… well, he daily (even hourly) totally lets me know (and more importantly… FEEL) that he’s the happiest man because I’m his.

And believe me there are NOT his most expensive gifts or surprises he constantly amazes me with that make me feel that HE IS MY OWN ONE.


It’s the way his eyes read directly into my own soul, and remain pure and clear magnifying the fact his heart loves mine… as I am exactly.

That is the greatest gift my life could have gifted me with.

Karim… you are everything I was searching for even when I had no idea I was into any type of quest at all.

This Love… Will Shine.

Forever, baby.

Oh… yes.

But now let’s give a sort of tracking back update about babies… I know some of you just wait for that when coming here on my pages…


Adam Smiling In Sunny Glasses

Since love should dominate this post, it seems quite apt for me to start to update you about babies, because THAT is love too to me (that will also re-include excerpts from Karim and I being in California, of course ;)) starting back from where we left, namely the very end of September, when Anne was in Paris for the Fashion Week, and Adam and the guys were about to rock Facebook Head Quarters with a live performance.

Anne for Zac Posen 30 september 2010 -1-

You know I am a fashion addict and so there’s nothing I crave more about Anne than seeing her cat-walking and doing photo shots.

You know I find her astonishingly beautiful and therefore is just normal I go awing when she updates us with her professional tidbits.

It doesn’t hurt that anytime she does, I start thinkin “oh, please… let them procreate and create a new generation of perfectly looking human beings…” 😉

Anne V in (and with) Zac Posen at Vogue Ball - October 2010

What can I do…

I’m for Darwinian evolution and Adam and Anne should just allow humanity to evolve through a merging of their perfectly looking genes together.

I’m serious there.

They’d gift the world 😉

I easily can see a bunch of running kids in their backyard (and that pic above of Adam training as a doted daddy TRULY makes that feeling exponentially grow… indeed!).

Amazing Anne V

Wait… maybe this is what I actually love to guess in Karim and mine future…

But it could apply to theirs too 😉

But okay, let’s just get back to the chronicle, also because at a certain point of it your heart will transfix into a minions of butterflies and floating hearts when a very special gift will be revealed to romantic souls out there.

Anne V cat walking for Zac Posen. She is a goddess 😉

This is the “Love” post after all ;).

Well, while in Paris, being the France Capital one of the most awesome places in the whole world, Russian Fairy had of course a blast, both on the working tasks and certainly when those left spaces for the fashionably events that only Paris can structure so well.

Anne for Vogue Ball 1

Too bad sometimes the two things seemed to conflict a bit, but never till the point she couldn’t enjoy it all, or had to give up to something.

I mean… she earns it right?

Go girl ;)!

I am sure my friend Bianca enjoyed that Vogue Ball too.

Mash surely did as the pics he showed us in LA proved;).

(Man, I love having fashion connections… yes I do. Kill me ;)).

While Anne was wondering how she would have made it to the Vogue Ball, sources online were sharing that Adam paired Maroon 5 with Duran Duran (really, Adam?… my eldest cousin would be delighted. But you’re so much better actually guys…):

Adam interview with Daily Mail

But let’s get back to the moment after all the commitment for the album release ended, and the moment approached when Maroon5 would actually be on the road to play it live.

In a moment of open-ness (and somehow that makes even more sense if you, like I do, have happened to possess the Deluxe Package of Hands All Over (see later), which include the awesome documentary DVD “Vevey Forever”), Adam shared this:

Adam's Gratitude Tweet. If you have "Vevey Forever" DVD, you know what he means

You might wonder how I claim that I owned the Special Deluxe package even from my days in California this start of October, since it was bound to arrive in Italy.

Jesse on plane. Adam's idea 😉

Well… a copy further of that stays actually now also in our Los Angeles house cos… Karim’s parents gifted me with it as soon as we arrived in San Francisco ;).

The lovelies they are 😉

So the guys were having a couple of fun days before the actual second leg of the tour started, meaning that they actually headed to Vegas, among the rest.

Beside funny shots, questionable food choices, and cute shout-outs, they surely had the time to appreciate what life has gifted them with all along.

Anne V in shining red for Vogue Ball

Gratitude is indeed a great feeling (which I totally share, n.d.r.).

While boys were tweeting sleepover pictures, Anne was teasing her significant other (and pretty much everybody else) with shots of herself dressing for the Vogue Ball in Paris.

A kiss from elevator.. (Aerosmith song, anyone? ;)?)

Gosh, red is so much her color!!!



Gloriously beautiful.

And you’ll see how all that red inspired well her lover later… 😉

Anne Vyalitsyna stunning in Zac Posen

Around the same time Anne was balling around, Adam and the guys had to tape the Facebook Headquarters performance.

I am happy I get the chance to hear performances I would never be able to stay awake to catch onto… but at the same time I advice you to simply go to their gigs because none of these performances give you half of the vibes a true attendance at any of their live shows can gift you with.

The same values for all the YouTube excerpts around.

Anne V and Zac Posen, Vogue Ball

They might be nice…

But they are not even a pale rendition.


Trust me there .

T-R-U-S-T   M-E  😉

Anyway now you are about to see something, and if you may wonder about them being a bit tired after 10 days of promotional duties, you might be onto something 😉

I might also notice that the crowd wasn’t really inspirational but ehi… they are not meant to entertain themselves there: they run a company(?!??)

So, take a look and a listen at this (first part of the gig is corrupted, so I can’t show it here, sorry…) 😉 :

and after the interview, the proper music:

This video doesn’t exist

Before enjoying Vegas, Adam paid visit to Hart Hanson on BONES’ s set:

Adam with Hart Hanson on Bones set

And before this post ends, this won’t be the last time the two will be mentioned together; nor this will be the last time you will learn about Adam cameo-ing for tv (get ready for future awesomeness!!!) ;).

Anne V for Viktor and Rolf

I really like Hart Hanson (I randomly watch Bones, it’s a nice form of good television… but you know I’m not really into tv so rarely I watch any series with constance… ;)) and I love the way he’s so reminding us Adam’s first steps in the business under his… guide 😉

Well, of course in so many years, it’s not like Adam changed that much either towards Hart 😉

Anne V for Viktor and Rolf Paris 2010

Another thing that never could change is Adam’s immense love for his hometown: anytime he gets spare time in Los Angeles, he serenades it and I find it very, very cute.

The main object of his serenades in the main time was obliged to Viktor and Rolf, keep strutting her total awesomeness on catwalking paves (not really feeling the no eyebrow look myself, but she would be shining even walking daily like that on regular days… honestly, she’s sublime).

Anne V for Loewe - Oct.2010 Paris - 1-

Oh… I’m a sucker for beauty and fashion and NOW I’m a sucker for romance so this litany glorifying Russian Fairy won’t end: deal with it 😉 LOL.

Anne V in and with Zac Posen at Vogue 90 anniversary Ball

So stoked with her and so stoked with them… but let’s go on… Where we were at? Oh, yeah… Anne’s adorable half then decided to go cryptic while addressing mysterious rendez-vous (which could have been anything from a pool party, a random gathering of circus people, to a Halo marathon till a Scrabble Fight…), and maybe like me you sometimes find yourself laughing thinking how she’s flawlessly glam and how he loves to be totally on the simple and low when it’s about dressing (even though he can surely turn out and fit the glam as well, as much as she shines in the most regular of jeans and t-shirt too…).

But yep… I like Anne best when she shines in glamour.

I can’t lie: I like ’em all preppy.

Or at least I like them knowing they CAN look perfect and stunning while prepping up.

Aesthete. Forever. Yep.

Just like in this picture along other heavenly creature Alessandra Ambrosio, again for Loewe, again from Paris Fashion Week:

Alessandra Ambrosio and Anne Vyalitsyna for Loewe. Paris, October 2010 (via Love Magazine)

Now if some of Adam and now Anne’s friends could take some fashion tips from her…

Because ok that Las Vegas allows pretty much everythingbut there should be a limit about the width of “everything” meaning… 😉

Anne Vyalitsyna catwalks for Viktor and Rolf 1

Anne V for Viktor and Rolf catwalk 2

(gotta say that I find really amusing and entertaining the way Adam and his friends tweet these kind of stuff for us to see… you get it’s a very genuine friendly circle the one we get to briefly acknowledge from those, and being myself really keen at my own crew, I find solace in imagining my favorite singer surrounded by a similarly wonderful type of soul environment.)

So, on October the 2nd Adam and the crew were at Las Vegas, at their beloved Palms hanging out around and allegedly catching a glimpse of alternative festival “Matador 21” too (Belle and Sebastian!!!! whooo!!!).

I really really feel the vibe of that place (still bummed I missed it LAST NYE… mostly because this year Maroon 5 will perform in Atlantic City but we don’t plan an East Coast New Year, so I will forcedly miss it this round and I will keep regretting how I had to blow up my last year’s chances at Vegas gig…) and I know how entertaining it can be spend a day there.

Especially with such a crew ;)…

Anne V for Loewe - Paris, October 2010

Adam. Perfection.

But in a way I also imagine he wouldn’t have minded being in Paris…

Friends are awesome, sure, and fun to have around but surely Paris had to look and feel particularly regrettable those days for him…

Because must be hard to stay apart from all THIS >>>>

Right? 😉

Life of Far Away Lovers…

But you will see soon they are never really apart (awwww!!! collective melting, thanx…) 😉

Back into Vegas chapter, (that was a very quick stay btw… a blitz into adult wonderland!), Adam seemed to again struggle against the fact many of his friends are golf lovers, and he just cannot cope with it (Adam, I get you, I’m crap at it too, but you could find pleasure in the surroundings of the courses… I love that at least… my two cents ;)!).

In that same day, Anne was feeling homesick.

So cute she can be (I also have a Starbucks addiction… I so get her there! Anyway consider she hasn’t yet retouched New York. She’s away from there since after she flew to Paris to re meet Adam one month ago. I wonder who’s Chovy with, considering she went from Paris Fashion Week directly to Los Angeles last week, and then flew away again to London three days ago???), you really feel her if you let yourself free about it.

And well… when your girlfriend expresses that kind of low mood, and you are exactly on the other side of the world… what can you do to cheer her up (because you clearly cannot take to figure her out even the slightest unhappy)?

Simple: the morning after you fill up her hotel room with DOZENS of red roses, claro… ;):

Adam gift to Anne to cheer her up in Paris

That was just awesome to see.

Like… *awwwwwwwwww* on the repeating for hours (when I caught it hours after I almost shed a tear… so cute ;)).

How  romantic… then you know my name means rose and Karim often gifts me roses so I know even too well the effect it has to receive those, especially when you REALLY need it.


They are so adorable together.

Anyway, to break one moment the “awwww” factor (or maybe not, since the beautiful couple gets mentioned again) take this article from the Bild (you can read a bit of German, right?) and swoon as well for Adam’s fondness of tats ;):

Bild Article about M5

Then let’s switch into French Territories (again a link, right?) and enjoy these two videos and interviews again:

This video doesn’t exist

Then this:

This video doesn’t exist

And also a cute one for SFR:

I could listen to a million of these and I would never ever get tired.

His voice is so soothing it’s unreal (and in a way I gotta thank above that Adam never grew in height as much as he would have loved to in order to pursue his basketball passion… imagine… if he did, I would have lost forever the chance to be embraced by his unique voice!!! And I mean… there can be ONLY one Kobe every three generations 😉 so…).

I guess I produce dopamine naturally as I hear his frequency of speaking reaching my ears.

Chemically bound to this guy.

Yep. 😉

As days of getting back on the road came nearer, and as Adam had to keep up balancing his life with the timetables on the other side of the world (so sweet) we came to learn this:

Adam said it. I can guess easily a finally TOTALLY HAPPY love song? 😉

I so long for the moment when he will finally allow himself to write a pure happy soothing ballad about everlasting love.

The mood now is there: just milk it from your soul and pour it into verses Adam… and sure they might be the best lyrics you had ever come up with dear.

Love has that quality, you know… 🙂 (took a lot for me too to understand it actually… maybe that’s why I so hope everyone else does now? whatever… I wish you everlasting love Mr. Levine, and to myself to be able to hear that kind of feeling transfixed by your voice in a wonderful new song soon…) :).

Anne V heading to Hermés defilé

On October 6, day of stepping back into touring life ahead, James celebrated his 32nd birthday, too, while Jesse experienced as me the great quality of The Social Network (we went out to see that in San Francisco and it was TERRIFIC!!!! Amazing movie!!!! Justin Timberlake *almost* seems a credible actor there, although compared to Jesse Eisenberg he disappears… ;))

Anne was then engaged into her latest shows in Paris.

And man… what is best than closing it with Jean-Paul Gaultier and Hermés???

Anne Vyalitsyna for Hermes, October 2010, Paris

Nothing 😉

Really… nothing (and indeed is an honor to be called out for such kind of shows… which she totally deserves, in fact) :).

But you know… and you can understand…

She couldn’t wait to pack it all and say bye bye to Paris, fashion, Europe…

Because… well: you must get she was in need of flying > away < to reach > the “rose guy” 😉

And to be frank, I think “the rose guy” wouldn’t mind any of her fashion looks remain… because you can’t really make her look anything less than spectacular.

No matter what ;).

Gloriously beautiful Anne Vyalitsyna catwalks for Jean Paul Gaultier Hermés show in Paris, October 2010

Not that “the rose guy” isn’t spectacular on his behalf, anyway… check him on MTV UK, along the Babies Sweetness and a Beat Magazine Interview:

This video doesn’t exist

More interviews here, first for EXTRA (the one of a previous update of mine along Mario Lopez… remember the pictures on a terrace?):

Then from On The Record Exclusive:

And then one for CNN where Adam says he “can be an asshole” (Oh… you teaser 😉 naw…):

He’s totally the opposite of an asshole actually.

He’s a shining human being whose completely alienated from racism and bigotism… which lead to amazing collaborations with the more diverse (and always talented) artists, just like here with Somali rapper K’naan:

It also leads to awesome taking positions, like landing voice and feelings to address the awful deaths and suicides caused by LBGT youth abuse in high schools ( a sad phenomenon lately rampant in the US).

Adam has then created a PSA video for the “It Gets Better” Project.

You cannot avoid to love this guy.

And if you do, you are just a moron, a person who doesn’t get his shine inside, which is so much more brilliant than his shine outside (which is already so massive):

Your heart and soul are golden, Adam Levine.

Before I exceed in my praise (I will anyway… you know) let’s get back in the chronicle, as the second leg of the tour took place in Santa Barbara Bowl.

Duties from friends as well there… and as usual our guys are never there to back off from such things 😉

Before I go on, read this LONG and beautiful Interview in E Musician Magazine written by Mike Levine (not related with Dikkie/Dumbie… this  Mike Levine who is editor of this online magazine is actually somebody who is doing something with his own life and is capable of writing 😉 )…

Enjoy it cos it’s a beautiful interview (4 pages… so scroll right?):

Page 1:

EMagazine Page 1

Page 2:

E Magazine Interview Page 2

Page 3:

E Magazine Interview Page 3

Page 4:

E Magazine Interview Page 4

Beautiful right?

And man, Hands All Over TRULY is awesome.

Adam behind drumset at the Greek

If general taste wouldn’t be so poised I would be sure it’d enjoy major success… unfortunately, you know… current favs on chart are complete garbage so it’s no mistery it’s getting an hard time being reckoned.

(Small insert: we hope next week global world taste gets restored by tributing honor to Kings Of Leon… the album comes off TOMORROW in Italy and I’m sure it’s awesome!!!)

But let’s get back to Santa Barbara (Marghe said it was fantastic, and Jesse agreed ;)), night of wind, great music, some strip tease and guitar solos 😉

Anne though missed it: she arrived back in Cali as they were coming as well onto home soil.


And like it MUST happen, it takes enough to be with your own one love to feel like all the rest simply is “far away” and distant… even though it might be so wonderful in itself.

greek theathre official pics

That’s love for sure… it’s the intimacy of it, that makes even the most beautiful “rest” feeling not that mattering after all.

I mean… Adam ditched even buddies birthdays in honor of her 😉 (well.. so I assume 😉 he must ;))

We were so near to them, but not my thing to stalk so we never really try to cross the cute couple, although we were really hanging out at the same roads in the same hours.

M5 in Berkeley 10 october 2010

I just love to know they’re happy and together… what they surely don’t look forward to are strangers getting in their ways to cheer them up while they’re having private moments.

I really, really just long and root for their beautiful selves (inner and outer and all around and inside) to stay as close as possible: that’s it.

They are inspirational (and she’s as funny and down to earth as he is, which is a plus in a plus!).


So what did they do?

They took a double massage… and it’s INCREDIBLY cute because Karim and I just did the VERY same at SPA in outside Los Angeles a bunch of hours before them.

South Cali Bliss

Great minds think alike? 😉

Adam and Anne love to take double massages together anyway because they used to do that also back in August in New York at Setai Wall Street SPA😉

They gotta take care of their hot bodies… so that those can possibly create more and incoming beauty (okay… I know… that idea is struck in my mind… what can I do? I’d love for them to procreate… *yes I do*) .

They also went out shopping and enjoyed their usual passions at once for the best food, the best sweets and also, sometimes, the unescapable junk food (unhealthy for both, but what can you do… sometimes you have to give up and feel free and kiddie, right?).

People getting starstruck at them doesn’t sound strange to me… In fact, beauty gotta be reckoned, cherished, celebrated.

So… being starstruck at any of them two is just natural and fair ;).

Sometimes though being starstruck at them causes troubleslike when an interviewer completely writes down the interview messing the answers with the questions up 😉

The day after, you know, there was the first show at Greek theathre.

You know from above what Karim and I did feel about it (about them)… here I will just let you collect a couple of notes from reviewers and concert goers beside us…

My advice still THAT one: you just have to go and check yourself.

Because they really will tangle your soul up and let it shine (just an advice… sing ;)… even though if you think like my friend Marghe you retain for it for not ruining the beauty of Adam’s sounding caresses ;)).

The party after the first home gig took place at Adam’s house (of course) and as per usual it was just a great blast.

Adam (and Anne) post show in Berkeley... 😉

The fact he could have two consecutive nights show at home was probably really dear to Adam’s heart… and he sure delivered loads of magic, along the whole band (and PJ Morton: honestly guys… that man is a GREAT adding to the sound of the live shows… PJ Morton is AWESOME. Full stop. What he brought on the plate while they were doing Tina’s cover of What’s Love’s Got To Do With It was soooo dope!)

They left immediately after to head to the Greek Theather in BERKELEY, and of course Anne was along them.

Adam was particularly keen at sharing pieces of his life in that surrounding, because, yep… Berkeley is actually the reason he’s… alive for? 😉

I really loved to see that toasting picture after the gig, knowing he wasn’t alone watching the emptied theater, because you know…

Memories of where he was conceived…

Maybe could bring up wishes of… conceive? (okay, I know… I can’t stop rolling around with that idea… I need yoga. No better… I need to mind my own business, I know 😉 *sigh*… but he’d be such an awesome, marvelous dad!!!).

pictures from Facebook gig

After Berkeley they moved to Tacoma (Seattle), meaning that Anne got back on the big bus, just because that way she could have enjoyed the spare day along her love (awww… and was Patsy there too along?).

Maybe it’s me, but again as they tweeted about their… erm… dangerous food weaknesses, I had to realize (see my plixies) that just that very day, hours before, while Karim and I were hanging and having a blast at Universal Studios, I actually lunched with… GUMMY Bears myself too 😉

See? Once more… Great Minds (or Great Tummies – I said Tummies, NOT Dummies… we’re not talking about Dikkie here ;))… and you know the rest 😉

I smile tenderly thinkin at Adam and Anne trying not to empty their room’s minibar out of all the snacks… he shouldn’t eat them cos they damage voice, and she shouldn’t because they damage slimness… but I see them breaking the rule and I love them for that.

I really do ;).

To get out of my A&A haze (but it’s difficult… especially if Adam teases this way!!), take your time, follow this link and read and enjoy what James has claimed to Fender Guitars Magazine interview about the record (man, I love James… his thoughtfulness reminds me often of Karim’s one):

So… read HERE and enjoy!

Anne actually couldn’t enjoy the show in Tacoma, nor the fancy stuff after it (as I said, she was part of the trip to enjoy the free moving day… aww ;)), because she had to fly off to London.

But exactly her new departure lead to the :

Best. Ever. Q&A. Tweeting. Of All Time (insert random Kanye West arguing about that… 😉 love you Mr. West!).

That is so beautiful I will post it later so that you can read it in tweets exactly.

Know just that Anne was leaving, and the boys played in Seattle… 😉

Those moments while she was waiting for the plane departure were also the ones of the (finally!!) executed rescuing of the chilean miners trapped from months into the ground.

Anne was really touched by that… not surprisingly since she’s such a sweetheart. 🙂

Talkin about Russian Fairy… and traveling… and Maroon5… and gigs…

Wonder where the band will head to for the very first time in their history?



THERE. In Big Mother Russia, baby!! 😉

But it’s even more interesting WHEN they are gonna head there. When I was checking the dates to book for from their European Tour (remember!!! Paris!!! Berlin!!! Milan!!! ;)), I noticed they would have stopped just right before Adam’s birthday and I was telling : “see, this way he can celebrate his birthday with Anne back in USA, just like this year.”.


Because it looks like they will celebrate their birthdays together again, but in HER place instead, this time around.

The gig in Moscow is on March 20, 2011: his birthday is March 18th, her birthday is March 19th.

Too easy. Too easy… (if you hear a strange sound, is my inner parts that melt 😉 awwww).

Yes… I see them totally together, because they so totally seem each other’s type and one of the reasons stay in those Q&A tweets that I was mentioning above, namely… THESE:

Adam asks...

And then (look, Best Answer Ever… this girl ROCKS ;)):

... and Anne answers (gal rocks!)

I so like that attitude!!!

And their friends too loved that tweet exchange 🙂


That’s the way to be.

Comforted in the fact he shouldn’t really give a rat ass about twitter shout outs and the way they will be taken (I’m sure he doesn’t anyway), Adam could move from Seattle to next stop fulfilling the long trip with his fav toy (I mean REAL toy… 😉 in which he needs practice, as we know…), so that by the time he reached Fresno all of his stamina was downloaded 😉

Dunno much about Fresno… but I guess they need grammar lessons? 😉 Certainly they allowed Adam two of his greatest passions: bike riding and… junk food enjoyment 😉

While we’re here, enjoy the second installement of the Power Trees series about the tour ;):

Remember how somewhere along the lines, very up above, I mentioned after Adam visited Hart Hanson at the start of October that we would have talked again about tv?

Right… it started so:

Adam looking for actions on Sons Of Anarchy...

got ahead this way…

Adam for Sons Of Anarchy 2

and then more…

Adam for Sons of Anarchy 3

Till the deal is (practically) signed:

Adam for Sons of Anarchy 4 (yesss!!!)

Oh… boy!!!

That show is already quite hot (have you ever seen the male lead? DO IT…) and since some of my male friends love it, sometimes I have seen it too.

Adam is a fanboy of Sons Of Anarchy… to have him there will make it even HOTTER!!!

Sons Of Anarchy WallPaper

Gotta. See. IT. 😉

(Thanx Kurt Sutter for making it happen… Much Love, Zaira ;))

Fresno show was played as Karim and I were flying over the Ocean to reach Malpensa… and not surprisingly, many pointed out at the greatness of the acoustic show part (totally amazing).

Anne V gracing Elle Sweden

In the next days I will receive through postal mail Elle Sweden #11 2010.

My friend Anne Karin will send it to me from Stockholm, then she and her boyfriend Lasse will join us for our Halloween parties over here.

Why I wanna that number, considering I have already subscription to Vogue, Cosmo and Elle itself in all of their Italian, French and American issues?


This you see aside is the cover (not the first Anne did for that edition of the magazine 😉 ) >>>>>>

Dunno why, but everytime I think back of Scandinavia I see myself on a fast silent train wandering in a wonderful nature, under a bright blue sky, passing villages full of red and yellow wooden houses, and I feel instantly well.

I love Sweden particularly.

Karim and I gotta get there. Soon.

We both visited those Countries on our own… now it’s time to experience their magic together.

Okay… I leave you with a blog from Jesse (how cute he is :)?) and with a last excerpt of news:

Jesse and PJ interview in Keyboard Magazine.


I’d say it’s enough… LOL 😉

Enjoy your evening: Karim and I will cuddle on my sofa, cuddling, enjoying life, making love, gathering brilliance and approaching even more the shining essence of good life.

Good night everybody 😉

Happy Zaira will have certainly a TOP one, thanx 😉

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