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Good day Universe!


Life indeed can be a Fairy Tale, you just have to find the right person to make you believe so.
Bless Behati, (Mermaid) Angel of TRUE LOVE

I know I know… it has been a VERY LONG hiatus but I had warned you all that this space is my private oasis which I am in no way bound to consider at any planned time like a duty to fulfill for any reader (I write assuming I have none actually beside my dearest friends and… the future me, willing to remember how great my youth was: even if at 28 I have past the “youth” state, as I get to realize every day a bit more, and without any bad feeling about it actually).

I tried I don’t know how many times to update this but I failed every single one, sending the drafts to trash can and just givin up before I really wanted to write something, especially when I was alone in hotel rooms for work or waiting in airports for flights and connections.

Truth is I was always ending up reading books 😉 both on iPad virtual sheets or else enjoying the touch of a real book like the old times.

I come in here when I do feel and like; there’s no “due date”, there was never and it won’t ever be; it will happen also one day or another that I simply won’t ever come back again, and this blog will remain further un-updated.

Life is life and when it takes over, and brings you practically ALL around the world (blessed me) you just don’t have time to blog, do you?

True, I’ve been back from my long wanderings already a few times since I wrote extendedly in February, but as I am growing older, I had so many things to do (way better things to do) each single of them instead of blogging, like cheering OUR SEXY WAY after 10 days separation my hubby, or spending all possible time along my Italian friends after for two months I had to see them only through Skype being consecutively in Usa, Japan, China, and half of Europe that my priorities simply didn’t encompass any of… here.

I mean, I love blogging when it’s about time; it just felt so far like it wasn’t about that time enough ;).

Basically I am also asking those coming over here every now and again, sneaking, to just live with the fact this is not what they expect to be and stop filling my mailbox with absurd questions.

My life is jet bound and I love it...

My life is jet bound and I love it…

This blog is for my worlds’ people; it’s incidental and coincidental if others read it but to me, also, it completely doesn’t matter: I don’t write for any stranger who comes to read this: so face the fact and don’t question the way or the times I update this because you have no role in it.

I also deeply dislike obnoxious mails and I don’t have any will to interact with strangers which means your opinions (of any kind) regarding what I do or how I am have the impact of a zero in my own Universe, and yelling or begging through mails or similar won’t change this at all.

It will just make me block you but not because you even annoy me… it’s just that I don’t like irrelevant fuss, and I always choose to stop the source of it for how small it may be .

It breaks my Zen pace, and that’s it: it will get cut out if it comes ;).

Hope it’s clear, so thankyouverymuch don’t bother me and if you like to read, well… read; while if you don’t… then what the hell are you here for? ;).

Back to the track (I will lose track of writing many times considering how huge and long is the span of weeks I will be covering… ).

So, I basically was almost giving up with the idea of updating this with a consistent post  and I was ready to just write a small one about my Kobe Bryant in Italy, the shame of Dwight HOCOward and the sad fate of my Lakers in the year when Monkey Bronzey got a proper ring (shame… but this one unlike the half one of past year is REAL, I got to live with it…), the mess of Italian political tragedies, the new and beloved Pope Francis I, the fact that I am starting to wish I could be pregnant in a not-so-distant future, one of my best ever friends marrying, and some expectations on a just-about-to-happen anniversary trip with Karim (I will probably post this from the airport hall, I am already aware of this as I start writing on  a sunny Saturday which we are spending at my parental house after being here all of yesterday evening too after the most awesome day out horseback riding in Pianura Padana) and I was about to just link and endless series of videos about Maroon 5 (which are already uploaded, almost all of them, in the way more up-to-date sections of NAWWAL 4 and NAWWAL 5) and Adam and his biz ventures… but then…

THEN something so HUGE to my years of admiring specific people happened and I HAD to come and try to update this properly.

I actually had a previous idea in mind on some more “on-point” type of post which of course got completely scrapped because of what took over (you must get it from the title) so some of the pictures I had prepared will have a kinds strange title maybe or strange captions but when I created them I had NO IDEA what was about to happen and after I did I hadn’t time to remake things already done so be it ;).

We did lost great people recently... So long Margherita, you GENIUS, inspiring, amazing woman of SCIENCE & LOVE!

We did lost great people recently… So long Margherita, you GENIUS, inspiring, amazing woman of SCIENCE & LOVE!

Before dwelling into the things and THE THING (I have not even idea on how to start writing that… it makes me SO happy and I can’t contain the joy, even if of course it has nothing to do with me in reality… but it still make me so happy, like a great book or a great movie or a great piece that I got to witness which makes my hope in the goodness of life being re-enforced), let me just tell that my own life too is shifting towards new territories and I am so delighted about that too.

Got SO much that I am thankful for to spill the bean about concerning these past four months and some…

SO much that has deeply impacted me and my life!

I could just post all the pictures and try to describe but it wouldn’t work (then if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you must know already), as the majority of things that have blossomed in my heart and soul in these months of wandering from Far West to far East, from the romance of Sweden and the greatness of London and Berlin to the glam of Cote d’Azur for Montecarlo Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival can’t be truly framed.

The impact of another Japan lovingly trip… the huge impression China has had on me… the Great Mongolian vibes… all of that is a bliss which made me take steps within myself that are gonna change a bit of my life quite soon hopefully.

I’ve always felt Zen somewhere in me… but now; NOW I truly know I AM Zen innerly 🙂

One of my best ever friends and one of the perks of my “friendly benefiting days” got also married, and it’s deep and huge the way I felt blessed by that too.

It was a fascinating moment when his bride (whom I adore) told me she was grateful to me for shaping him that way she couldn’t fail to love.

I never really thought I’d shaped him at all: the way Fede and I connected on all levels was already “HE” from the start; if any I just kept telling him in life (and love is exactly the same, as it’s “life” too) you have to be yourself and always only that. People will judge if they can’t handle truth but those people don’t and won’t matter as long as anyone is honest with himself/herself.

So did friendly benefiting turn Fede into a better man?

I don’t know: I don’t think so… But maybe having to handle a strong-willed female helped him putting strong-willing females on the map as a great thing and not as a menace, which is more than half-men these days can come to realize will still exist, may they like it or not.

Fede's marriage was amazing in an amazing place with amazing people!

Fede’s marriage was amazing in an amazing place with amazing people!

Does Fede’s very beautiful and very lovely wife put in me way too much importance, did I do really something so valuable in his and therefore theirs lives?

I still dubious…

But apparently in her eyes I did and she is happy and he’s happy and I am happy so look?

Life has its greatest way to find the best patterns for everyone as long as people are real to themselves and others.

With no fears or constrictions.

I’m proud of who I am and of the fact the people I love are too.

I’m a very lucky person… and appreciating this love I get (and try to give, my best way) every single darn day.

So during these numerous weeks is like I got like a seed (or a series of them) which have been planted deeply in my core and the outcomes are daily still changing me.

The most important thing still that anytime I get now to see babies (my dearest one Eve above them all) I keep feeling this tingling…

I haven’t yet given up the pill… but Summer comes, holiday comes and RIGHT now our anniversary trip is coming and who knows… I MIGHT.

28 may be a good time to try to add infinite joy to our infinity joyous life.

You’ll know how it goes eventually.

Probably 😉

But not all in my life went just perfect these months…

Nothing can ever be just perfect in human life… this is a rule we have all to accept.

If I were willing to be just funny I’d just mention the abomination of Howard in Lakers Land…

COWARD DWIGHT HOWARD. Scum of the Earth.

Scum of the Earth.

But sadly there so much more and more important which has darkened my spirit.

I had to witness my HERO, the one and only Kobe, falling from Achille’s heels and fearing I could have never admired him on a court again.

But i shall never doubt his drive.

Actually after the tragedy, my admire for The Mamba has even grown (didn’t think it could be possible) up.

I am even more inspired by his force and his bravery and his focus and determination in coming back.

He’s a legend in sport and he traces what I strive to become as for dedication and will (and skill, of course).

My hero will come back stronger than ever. Go KOBE!

My hero will come back stronger than ever. Go KOBE!

I have no doubt he will come back and win again before retiring… I wish I could have met him in Italy last week; I never hated to be vacationing on a yacht like I did a week ago.

His love for Italy (my Milan, and Florence, and Michelangelo) is such a wonderful thing…

The things he does and the way he does them make me realize all is there if you TRULY wants it to be.

Nothing breaks him… only makes him evolve and get better, with pure effort and the strongest personality.

Kobe Bryant. Superior level of human.

Kobe Bryant. Superior level of human.

Kobe Bryant is truly what I wish I could be in life: a legendary human with steel DNA and immense brain power.

So his injury, it sure was a tragedy in my own life (beside being a curse for my Lakers, as only due to him we were able to reach playoffs, and of course without him we bailed out ingloriously).

But for how terrible it was, Kobe’s dramatic pain was hardly the most displeasing thing that occurred during these months.

Of course being away this long, in such far away places (some of which aren’t exactly into European things, or American… ) hasn’t made me miss (how could I?) the ongoing FUCKING saga of Italy’s political situation.

Where “FUCKING” means exactly that: we are fucked in unmistakeable ways, my fellow Countrymen.

Oh, boy… I can’t fathom the ways Italy is able to ruin itself; I can’t stand the way the Left party in Italy scientifically… I’d say surgically always steps down and downwards to new lows EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Every single chances they get to keep on rising the level of ridiculous surrounding them… you can bet they will take the chance enthusiastically.

If you decode irony or sarcasm… it’s my last resource of sanity in a world that clearly has got it no more.


In a very few days I hope Berlusconi finally gets CONDEMNED for being the criminal he is; I can’t stand the way the claim of being voted by lots of (stupid) people can amend crimes: people better remember Hitler got elected. Did that make his role, person, crimes any less relevant?


I get people feel stupid and ashamed for believing so deeply a filthy repulsive criminal but eh, keep on defending him will only keep making you act more foolish and won’t erase the crimes, only enlarge them and the responsibility of them will also be on your shoulder.

Berlusconi is a cancer for Italy.

It has to be eliminated (not that Italians won’t find other stupid people to put their wrong faith in… Grillo is already here sadly!) from the map, even though I fear Mr. D’Alema will try to be nasty again and save his ass (I blame him for the fact we had to sustain such a criminal for so long, actually).

Why can’t Italians be more considerate?

Why oh why we keep being ridiculous in our picks for politicians (?) and we put hopes up for people who are clearly NOT fitting or fulfilling such expectations AT ALL?

I always look elsewhere for political inspirations these days…

We were (of course) in USA for July 4th and I was really happy to be there and share this moment with my family there.

Proud to be half-American now. But I am ITALIAN still forever and 110%. That's it.

Proud to be half-American now. But I am ITALIAN still forever and 110%. That’s it.

I appreciate the huge Country spirit Americans have… I wish I could claim a person like Obama for Italy… I wish we could be guided by a true leader like him.

Hopes blossom in time of hard pain tho, don’t they?

So let’s keep hope and then act to make the hope TRUE.

In my days away I always end to feel deeply connected with my adored Italy…

Lucky me that Karim has always adored my Country just the same, to the point he immediately said he would have loved to been based here.

Who knows in the future…

We have houses here and there, and there will be a time when he probably will have to step into some of the fam biz from a closer point of view but home is where the heart is and no matter what… Italy is mine.

All my rants about my Country come out of pure unfiltered and unbound, unrestricted adoration.

I can’t bear to see the way my fellow Countrymen fell and fall for clearly scum people; I can’t stand that we are letting our own Paradise, the most beautiful place in the world (it is) fall in ruin (even in real meaning of the word); I can’t watch the way we let such treasures fade and vanish and the way we are not here to preserve and protect it all for posterity.

I don’t get how people cannot feel empowered by belonging to the Country which birthed the greatest geniuses of all time, and instead seem to hide behind the worst kind of men hoping they solve troubles, when they only can make more of them for us clearly.

But ehi, here’s just another rant.

I know.

But you must know instead that I am keeping doing my best in work and action and projects and foreseeable steps to be a GOOD Italian myself: creating value for my Country and opportunities to make it get better.

See you in 15 years and I am sure I will have done GOOD THINGS.

At least music always helps me and whenever I feel disgusted by thing I turn on to it and lately I have been at amazing gigs…

Up at the peak there was OF COURSE THE BOSS, the one and only Bruce Springsteen.

Best live artist EVER.

Best live artist EVER.

I also witnessed Lorenzo Jovanotti, and got the pleasure in Cannes to meet Daft Punk (whose success makes me so proud and enchanted!).

I also got to meet Cindy Lauper when we were in USA way earlier this year so so far 2013 is amazing in musical terms 🙂

Music is a bliss.

If I could add just one thing to me (and you know I don’t think I’d need to be any better because yes, I do like myself A LOT…) that would be musical talent.

I love my husband so much because he has that talent and the visual art talent and this makes the perfect combo to me.

All things you all already know.

My music love is what in the end keeps me keen at the untold “other subject” of this blog.

Because yep, it happens that NO MATTER how much they fuck with the chances I give them, Maroon 5 somehow have been a constant in my life and their songs have helped me a lot in many frames of it and for a reason that sometimes I tried to fight against (unsuccessfully) I keep “feel” them, in a very huge way, despite the occasional bumps their professional choices cause me to suffer.

What do I mean for “occasional bumps”?

Well, for instance when they cancel another European tour I had tickets for just because of The Fuckery That Thing The Voice that Karaoke Show mess.

As if that terrible, terrible show –  (which I have seen in his first show FORCED when it premiered with Shakira and Usher as I was in NY and friends wanted to catch it… it REALLY didn’t impress me at all, though I could see why people may like it, all I could think of was “these shows ruin music value” ) – didn’t give Adam enough troubles already (he’s way too open and too openly liberal to work “fakely” on a tv show such as a family tv show… It’s never a surprise that his natural way to be outspoken causes him drama – albeit stupid drama – on such a type of “entertaining” (?) format):

American are stupid in so many ways, if they couldn't decode the context in which he said this...but ehi, if you watch such a terrible show as The Voice, the start of your IQ mustn't be high in the first place...

American are stupid in so many ways, if they couldn’t decode the context in which he said this…but ehi, if you watch such a terrible show as The Voice, the start of your IQ mustn’t be high in the first place…

Do I have to start the update of these months from a rant about the band I so much love?


Why not.

They deserve because they keep screwing European fans, and I am one of them even if I have already tickets for many of the Summer shows (I don’t know which one we will catch, so we just bought a bunch…), and for being the lucky brood I am , for me it’s never a problem to fly all over the world to catch shows (or anything else) I love to see.

But this I have is a privilege not many have, and I fumed when they canceled out thinking about all those sincere fans being cut out and losing money just because a stupid TV production had to step in (and again, there were no sincere words nor apologies with explanations to those fans, which was seriously so fucked up, guys… Adam may have contractual commitments but at least admit the schedule clashing and let people have REASONS for their disappointments. European audiences don’t watch USA tv and don’t count for your AI so you couldn’t be affected there, NBC!).

I still angry if I think about it. I am starting to think they will simply stop to tour Europe, which is their less impacting market, unless forced to...

I still angry if I think about it. I am starting to think they will simply stop to tour Europe, which is their less impacting market, unless forced to…

I get that the Fuckery that awful Karaoke Show is very successful and makes your profile HUGE and has made Adam richer tan he could have ever imagined to become without it but screwing loyal fans, whose only fault is to live across the pond, trust me guys, ain’t a good idea.

You should have addressed all this in a sincere apology and the thing would have been at least more dignified.

As I write this, the point is that along my crew we have already re-bought the European shows, as well… so…

My rage was still smaller than my will to catch them again allegedly.

Let me vent a bit at least… even though you know in the end I always forgive them and that cat-eyed frontman, whose voice has the instant power of making my soul happy.

Damn you, Adam.


How The Voice killed American Idol - sigh -

How The Voice killed American Idol – sigh –

But this shouldn’t be the way I start to talk a bit (no, it won’t be “a bit”… I think it will be a super long ass part from now on actually ;)) about the band.

Or Adam.

No, I shouldn’t probably throw in first these minor details…

I shall write immediately what everyone knows I am about to, probably… 😉

And therefore I should mention the fact that the unthinkable has happened and the “Hookup Table” that was meant to be just updated here (and in the original post) for a series of new faces to be added after his Nina Agdal hookup (I was sure that wouldn’t have lasted, though I was excited he snagged also her, because she was fitting amazingly in the list of his bedded conquests with her amazing body and assets) is actually yes, updated… but it is update in its FINAL version now.

So yes…

Adam actually bedded Nina Agdal (not that anyone is surprised he could) for a couple of months around Spring:

Adam Levine is dating Nina agdal - May 2013

Adam Levine was dating Nina Agdal – May 2013

As you see when I created the picture I couldn’t imagine (read the captions) that something so incredible could happen, and that this hookup with Nina would have been a farewell to Adam manwhore ways (the glorious manwhore ways of somebody who has bedded ANYBODY breathing sexy at a reachable span, for DECADES. And you know I approve this because folks, sex is the spice of life and if you don’t get it, I am VERY sorry for you!).

Yes, The Hookup and Dating Table of Adam Levine is NOW COMPLETE.

“Complete” as no one else will be included, from now on ;).

It won’t be updated I hope for the rest of his life (well, Hollywood is Hollywood, you know there ten years may feel as 100, but I am confident this which has happened is happening to survive the test of time even there) because…

Well, Just look:

Adam Levine dated TONS of amazing looking women. But only ONE had the soul and the heart to conquer him forever. This is the list of all of his girlfriends and hookups, until his heart delivered exclusively itself to a Mermaid Angel of Love, Behati Prinsloo. Congratulations to both! I knew you were soulmates! Awww <3

Adam Levine dated TONS of amazing looking women. But only ONE had the soul and the heart to conquer him forever.
This is the list of all of his girlfriends and hookups, until his heart delivered exclusively itself to a Mermaid Angel of Love, Behati Prinsloo.
Congratulations to both! I knew you were soulmates! Awww ❤

Yes, Adam and Behati are engaged and I can legitimately state this makes me one of the happiest persons on Earth right now.


I need to start and recollecting feelings to be able to write.

I don’t have a plan on how to process this post from now on, because as I said I wasn’t ready at all for this:

I didn’t expect it and when it happened it knocked me (HAPPILY!!!!!) way off my feet.

I will try to get back and monitor what Maroon 5 and Adam did from this past March to now (which is the time I haven’t covered yet) and in parallel trying to also put together what Adam and Behati’s did, though as I said it won’t be easy because I thought they were done for good, and I wasn’t even sent material on them anymore (basically my blog folder was lacking steps as I started to think about this post yesterday in my parents’ garden).

But before I get into chronicles I need to just trace what this news has meant in my world of fan of a band, of a man, and of MUSIC and dare I say in my state of married person who never believed she was meant to marry until I found my Karim (better, until my Karim found me actually).

In the break-up time Adam became increasingly annoyed by social media. I don't see this ending not even now that he's happy again because tons of mean people kept harassing Behati all along, even when they were supposedly broken up. These "fans" don't deserve any of Adam's glimpses of life. The more he gest private and the better it will be for his life. THE REAL life.

In the break-up time Adam became increasingly annoyed by social media.
I don’t see this ending not even now that he’s happy again because tons of mean people kept harassing Behati all along, even when they were supposedly broken up.
These “fans” don’t deserve any of Adam’s glimpses of life.
The more he gets private and the better it will be for his life. THE REAL life.

In a way… I feel like I AM Adam in this, and Behati so much resembles Karim in what she was able to achieve and discover and reveal that was always there, but seemed clocked behind thick bars.

Maybe that’s why I TRULY have always loved Adam and Behati together: I feel empathy with what they have, because it recalls me what I do have.

It’s of course not a real shared thing, but as I said I feel empathic nonetheless: my sympathy for this couple roots in my own essences, and this simply can’t be unmade or changed.

But let’s move on.

When it was clear they had broken up, I felt like the inevitable was happening again: no matter how PERFECT I always thought Behati was for Adam, it seemed no one could tame him.

I thought: “Bee tried the best anyone could… and if not even her amazing love could make Adam feel loved, then we will have a perpetual bachelor on the prowl because no one else has ever loved him the way Bee did, without using him at all… and the next ones will be probably just there to use him again, like some successfully did before Behati came to the rescue and soothed his needing soul last year.“.

Not that I was thinking Adam could be tricked again from fame searching “girlfriends” tho: he simply would have had his fun, shared a bit of love, or “let people borrow it a bit” as he loves (loved?) to state, and we would have gotten many new songs on new hookups and heartbreaks until he would recede from the spotlight and probably end like George Clooney, or Leo Di Caprio, aging while his side pieces would have not, and maybe after finding some solace out of the limelight, he could have finally married some obscure rich Jew woman involved with the cream of Hollywood law firms.

Yes, because for sure, he would not take “a normal folk” ever, not even if he had to at 45, and from his Production Chairman role up in the Hills (something he will soon or later become, a man running companies working in the Entertainment Field).

I wouldn’t have had complaints if this was going to be the output, let this be clear.

Love and Sex are personal and awesome and whatever choice Adam would be making, I knew it would have been the right one FOR HIM.

And I am a fan of HIM, after all; I am not because I agree with anything he does (look, The Fuckery), but because I have an utmost respect and consideration of the person he is, which among brackets makes me happy with the art he makes, and that I am convinced pours from his heart.

I respected his choice to break with Behati because my opinion of Adam (no matter how much he pisses me off with The Voice tragedy) is that his soul is a clear one, a soul which has always been in deep search of true love, and to me all that was clear from his actions  in life has always been that his actions follow his deepest need his soul asks for…

And I thought by the time A&B broke up his soul, (a soul that was so in need of the purest form of love but also terrified to accept it fully, because his first and only love Jane made him die inside, and his parents’ divorce crushed his delicate and sensitive soul as a kid) simply told him he couldn’t be with Behati the way she wanted so he shouldn’t be with her, wasting her precious time and amazing soul away, in a pointless series of hurting turn-arounds.

When Behati took this in St.Barths they were broken up, but I was still loving her... and also Adam did ;)

When Behati took this in St.Barths they were broken up, but I was still loving her… and also Adam did 😉

It’s a situation he had been into a couple of times already, so I thought he just knew again it was time to move on.

Little incipit…

Am I naive in thinking Adam’s soul is good? Isn’t he a manwhore? Isn’t he a sex addict?

Sure he is… but how does that qualify his soul badly?

When is that loving sex and thinking it is a very important part of life if lived consciously and honestly becomes tarnishing for the soul?

To be a sexual active person, a kinky spirit, doesn’t mean the soul is tarnished.


I am FULLY convinced Adam’s soul is pure, and I have receipts to that.

Adam’s songs are his soul: whoever can read his songs and his lyrics has to understand that Adam is in search of a true, immense love since he has started to sing.

Don’t get fooled by the fact he’s super sexy and a super smooth player in sex games: read throughout and deep down the surface: Adam is a clear soul bound to find LOVE.

He has ALWAYS been that, and he has always been in need, in desperate need, of THAT special love.

Listen carefully to all of his songs: you must understand it through it and if you don’t it means you are NOT musical at all.

I am sure one of the sources Behati has always had to GET Adam is his music: she can decode music souls and she understood what type of soul Adam was and is STRAIGHT away.

This probably made also her feel she had found her soulmate in those lyrics, in that soul pouring into his songs, that he seemed so conspicuous in denying a tad too often.

I feel Behati was always bound to make that soul he protected till the point he was hurting it free to fly and free to be without compromises and moreover without fears.

A kid has finally grown... but even when a kid, he was so cute ;)

A kid has finally grown… but even when a kid, he was so cute 😉

And that’s why I always wanted her to be at his side: because Behati’s soul could feel Adam’s in ways even Adam thought not possible (until very recently, clearly: now he DOES believe there is someone who finally FEELS him fully the way lovers are supposed to feel one another).

But let’s get back to the process in which these steps had to be taken: namely the two former lovers were broken and  reality struck in and it was under my eyes then that not even Behati could make him see that light he needed apparently…

He didn’t want marriage?

Good still, for me: not anyone is made to get married, or believe in true love makeable for what appeared to be Adam’s super high standards…

I mean… I didn’t believe in longlasting love either: then it came Karim but I thought there were no Karim for Adam, and that would not make his life any less valuable… we would have ages of sexy vixen at his side and he would end up with a different babe every year and a half.

It wouldn’t have been bad in my book.

Sex is great and not everlasting love can be very cool too.

But I was sorry for Behati: actually I stopped following her on twitter and Instagram (I kept her in the Maroon 5 list on my twitter tho) because it was clear to me she was still in deep love with Adam, and it hurt me imagining her suffering.

And while I always unfollow people that stop to be part of M5 world after they get ejected from it, I was keeping very sad about it because for real Behati had been a breath of amazingly fresh air in my days for the months she had been by Adam’s side.

But ehi, it’s Hollywood and anyway NONE of these famous people life truly affect or shall affect our living days, so I just got used to “Adam and Behati no more” and wished Behati to recover soon.

But two things immediately stood out for me about her after the (untold) breakup.

First, she was keeping being AWESOME, and never ever using Adam ONCE not even after the split.

All of Adam's people kept being with Behati ALL along during their break-up phase. ALL of them. The band, (new and old members) and the FAMILY of Adam. ALL of them made sure Behat was never feeling alone or left out. They KNEW she was the one before Adam could reckon it even. True Love can see True Love. Always

All of Adam’s people kept being with Behati ALL along during their break-up phase.
ALL of them.
The band, (new and old members) and the FAMILY of Adam.
ALL of them made sure Behat was never feeling alone or left out.
They KNEW she was the one before Adam could reckon it even.
True Love can see True Love.

She didn’t mention him, and no stories on her as “ex girlfriend” came out at all; she never commented, never bended to send “sources” spilling beans on Adam or their story… she kept it still RESPECTFUL and VERY private, no matter what.

Considering sadly Ali The Criminal Agent still has a part in Behati’s professional life (I hope she follows Adam’s will there and cut all ties with him immediately now, because that man is filth and dangerous and never a thing coming from him could be good for Adam, EVER), I was amazed at that lack of bad mouthing press about Adam a lot.

Now I know Bee probably was there to BLOCK all of that by herself, having clear in mind that she wanted Adam back and feeling she was actually able through her powerful real love to get him back.

Anyway, even when media were trying to make it look like Adam and her had some nasty stuff behind (always trying to put blame on Adam) she refused to be part of that bad game; she started to work and hang out with her people and try to move on, and keep on living without mourning and without whining and once again I admired her dignity and strength.

All the campaigns that are out now of Victoria’s Secret in which she is starring were MADE when they were not a couple anymore: so basically Behati’s success depends on HER and not on Adam’s connection.

Unlike some other people, Behati not only has never used Adam to rise her profile, but has always carefully avoided to mix private with work as much as she could.

She could have milked it SO MUCH! But she NEVER EVER DID.

She has success on her own.

She is a TRUE VS Angel since 2009, and her achievement now have nothing to do with Adam at all (her perfume Victoria was created and she was made the face of it when Adam was out of the picture, so whoever now claims she got that campaign because of Adam is as usual a delusional stupid whiner who has no brain to offer to the world); I will talk about this probably also later on tho.

Behati is a very strong woman.

It’s laughable that people could downplay her for so long while she is an Iron lady indeed, even when bleeding love.

She basically kept being awesome in my book, in that hurting me even a bit more she didn’t work out with Adam because I was keeping thinking she was PERFECT or him.

So I was basically trying to not look at her too much and avoid to see the bleeding.

But THE OTHER thing that immediately stuck out in my book after the (untold) split was that EVERY SINGLE ONE of ADAM’s FRIENDS and FAMILY and ENTOURAGE was keeping interacting with Behati DAILY, and always with a full display of great love towards her.

My instagram feed was a constant reminder of Behati: each picture she posted, she would get Jesse, James, Travis, Sam, Steph, Milo, Lucy, Savannah and everyone else ALWAYS be there for her; Vincent and Mickey had all love possible for her; she even ENLARGED her relationship with the longtime crew of the guys, and I was thinking “Wow, they do love her for HERSELF, not just because she was with Adam!”.

It really made me amazed.

I was just thinking since all of these people had fallen in love with her that they were there for her to keep her strong in times of need; friends can survive a relationship after all (and many of the pictures I had saved those days on Bee were actually called “Friendship Lasts Forever…”).

I found it amazing and deserved that such a special human being as Behati was able to get so much love; at the same time, I was wishing the love she wanted more than any other could have kept her by his side too… but I thought they were not even speaking, and that Adam was on the prowl finding his next partner while Behati was trying to survive her broken heart.

You may think Adam was cruel bedding people immediately after the break up but I don’t know why you’d think so: Adam has always been EXTREMELY sexual; that is his way to deal with things: his broken heart heals with sex and new beautiful faces around him.

Behati and Adam's adored cousin, in times of their break-up.

Behati and Adam’s adored cousin, in times of their break-up.

He needs sex and for him love is found through it, not in spite of it.

What Adam did after the break up was to find another one compatible with him to soothe his pain, just like he has always done all of his life, and trust me when I heard Nina was the lucky new one I was like “Wow, the master keep teaching how it’s done”; and thought we would have had Miss Agdal around for a while, because well… because she was a SUPER HOT rebound and willingly to play sex games for sure with Mr. Levine, so much she was trying to stopping everything in her ways with him which could have tainted the efforts to be reckoned as his proper girlfriend.

I never thought she would last, essentially because the way People Magazine official statement was picturing their relationship was as “extremely casual” and since people writes only what reps approve, it was clear Adam for sure wasn’t being serious with her.

Which doesn’t mean their sex wasn’t amazing, and that they surely had fun (if Nina wanted more, she was naive a lot: it’s not exactly a sign of super promising future if your “casual boyfriend” dibs what you have… exactly… “casual”. But Nina sure had a great rise in popularity as long as she was linked to Adam in media all over the world (with the usual hilarious degrees of idiocy surrounding what was always meant to be a very casual fling indeed), so she had her reward anyway, and she should keep nice memories and just move on to the next boyfriends, as she had already quite a number of somewhat famous ones of various pedigrees and she better not act too shocked what she shared with Adam didn’t last...) and therefore Nina could have been in Adam’s game for a few months, in my book.

Well, with a body like that it's not hard to guess Nina will never be alone for long in her life ;). I am sure she will soon find many other boyfriends taking care of her.

Well, with a body like that it’s not hard to guess Nina will never be alone for long in her life ;). I am sure she will soon find many other boyfriends taking care of her.

I definitely liked the choice Adam did with her, and I was even hoping this link could have helped Agdal in getting the SI cover for 2014 (she deserved already the one in 2013) over super fat and super gross Kate Big Flubby Tits Upton (a person who is the epitome of trash in my book).

Not only Nina was beautiful, super sexy, she seemed also okay with being private (essential, in Adam’s world after he got to taste what a fame mongering “girlfriend” could make him suffer a couple of years ago…) so I thought we would have kept her as “next Miss Levine” until at least the end of the Summer Tour, basically (he gets restless on tour and he really hates the routine of it so a companion on tour was requested and Nina seemed a perfect fit being young and spontaneous and probably ready to enjoy the novelty of touring life).

No need to explain why THIS was a perfect rebound for Adam. Don't act like it's a scandal he took Nina for rebounding: he has acted sexually his whole life. It's not like he presented himself to Nina as something she didn't know he was and she AGREED wholeheartedly to anything Adam proposed her to be. STRAIGHT after he did. And she was right: why should have she refused the chance of being Miss Levine for a while?

No need to explain why THIS was a perfect rebound for Adam.
Don’t act like it’s a scandal he took Nina for rebounding: he has acted sexually his whole life. It’s not like he presented himself to Nina as something she didn’t know he was and she AGREED wholeheartedly to anything Adam proposed her to be.
STRAIGHT after he did.
And she was right: why should have she refused the chance of being Miss Levine for a while?

Nina instantly skyrocketed in media mentions, as soon as she was even just “supposed” to be with Adam (obviously) but she kept being private so for me there weren’t trouble with her: she was good for him and seemed not to use him at all too, so she was okay for me.

But out there, Behati was keeping sending messages throught Instagram that were CLEARLY Adam related (I knew them, as I said, through the mentions and likes of Adam’s peeps on my Instagram’s feed, and curiosity often had me open their links, though I was not even thinking about saving those things because I was COMPLETELY sure Adam and Behati could be no more).

She was sending images of sharks (Adam’s nickname) and mermaids eaten up, she was sending sentences she did when they were together; and while Adam’s people always were there for Bee, NONE were for Nina, no matter how she tried to fit in with the tightest of Adam’s people (and you know his crew means EVERYTHING to him: they are like a bro’s gang and he has the same entourage since he was a teenager: if you have to stay with him, you have to be with those too and if they ostracize you, there won’t be any happy future I guess; and most definitely if they don’t like you for being with him, it’s clear that they have reasons behind the dislike. In this case they disliked Nina because they knew Behati was Adam’s true love. Adam’s friends and family acted in a protective manner because they wanted to save Adam’s future and happiness. Hopefully Nina won’t hold grudges because there wouldn’t be point in that. No one can stand in the way of TRUE love).

Behati's Instagram feed was always a deep insight on her life... now it's clear how many of those were messages to Adam probably. If Adam has an Instagram, is because of Behati, among notes...

Behati’s Instagram feed was always a deep insight on her life… now it’s clear how many of those were messages to Adam probably.
If Adam has an Instagram, is because of Behati, among notes…

In all this, I had NO idea (I probably wasn’t ready to think about it to not hope about it, since my fondness of Behati) Adam and Behati kept calling one another every now and again (not in a sneaky way, I guess just because it’s hard to let a GREAT love go away and no matter how retarded and delusional people always claimed Adam was not in love with Behati, he was indeed and very much if he couldn’t cut the ties with her, not even when trying very hard to).

What couldn’t have ever crossed my mind was that Adam actually couldn’t move on from Behati, till the point not even his sexual romps with amazing women could detach his mind from her.

And look… if you are a professional sex seeker and modelizer and not even a STUNNING creature like Nina Agdal who’s dying to be your next thing can make you move on

Then it must have meant that Adam TRULY was into Bee.

It’s so funny recalling how many delusional and clearly not very brained people kept claimed for months (some even STILL) that Adam never really even LIKED Behati, just because there were no paid-for photo ops or paps call-ups to monitor them like it had happened in some previous relationship (which were all but fine, as many songs Adam has written clearly tell)…

It’s funny to recall that, because only retarded people can think true love is the one given out to the paps and tabloids to be portrayed onto, with studied smiles and studied looks of (fake) longing, while a kind of relationship which develops in full privacy and is indeed protected and treasured with the only people that counts (family and real close friends) shall instead be named as “rebound” or “not real” or even worse, “a way to get famous”, when in fact the people involved in this so-dubbed “not important” links were already famous on their own in USA out of their OWN work for the most known lingerie company in the world…

But I am digressing, again.

Adam simply couldn't let true love go away. This perfect angel of love was made to make him finally happy. Thank you Behati, for making him happy for real.

Adam simply couldn’t let true love go away. This perfect angel of love was made to make him finally happy. Thank you Behati, for making him happy for real.

So I was telling that Adam clearly was still HUGE about Bee; at the same time, Adam had been into many people… and “being into” never transitioned fully in anything more than mutual passion, and mutual pain after passion couldn’t grow into another step, which all of his leading ladies kept wishing for themselves after a while, and this is easy to understand (who wouldn’t want to become the wife of a wonderfully rich, handsome, truly successful son of Hollywood who was evenn born rich, so that his whole life was pampered actually? Anyone would die for being Missus Levine and this was even before he got to the peaks of his fame and power, even before he become what he is now, namely a household name).

But see?

When you are THE ONE… anything can happen.

Things thought impossible to be… well they can HAPPEN indeed.

I find it extraordinary that after Adam brought Nina to Los Cabos (at HIS house, he has bought a 6 Millions property there) he realized, just where he had seen new years coming in January 2013 with Behati and where he had passed his birthday with only his friends, deciding he and her had to break up), he realized once more his heart was missing Prinsloo like it never missed another living soul before…

Adam Levine bought in private equity a property at El Dorado in Los Cabos after vacationing there for New years' Eve also with Behati. Guess bringing Nina there made him realize he needed Behati more than anything else in fact...

Adam Levine bought in private equity a property at El Dorado in Los Cabos after vacationing there for New years’ Eve also with Behati.
Guess bringing Nina there made him realize he needed Behati more than anything else in fact…

I can easily imagine Adam talking with his family and friends trying to figure out what to do…

I can see the efforts on his crew’s part to send him straight to Palm Beach (where Behati was vacationing with Ali Tamposi and friends for the 4th July week) and try to make him finally realize he couldn’t let her go…

Because all of Adam’s closest people ALWAYS knew Behati was the one for him: all of those loving him for real, and there for him from the start… ALL of them just ADORE and have always adored Behati.

Yes, I can imagine those frantic days after Adam and Nina broke up (they last spent time alone at the end of June when they were in Las Vegas after the SI event and after they got back from Los Cabos; Adam went in Las Vegas staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, and Nina and the models of SI joined him and Jonah Hill and other friends after their SI duties and I suppose those days Adam and Nina kept being boning, but after that they never did it again, so technically their (sexual) relationship ended in June) as very important in Adam’s pattern to happiness.

But what seals the deal, what makes COMPLETE SENSE to me, is that what TRULY made Adam have THE epiphany was the moment when he had to see Behati again, after those thoughts he couldn’t shake from him made him move towards her, with open heart and open soul, to see what was about her he couldn’t live without (for real).

Not a bad way to use some of your well-earned new cash, Mr. Levine...

Not a bad way to use some of your well-earned new cash, Mr. Levine…

Imagine this.

Imagine this moment, and what it had to mean.

Try to.

Imagine a person convinced that “nothing lasts” and that if it exists something that “never changes” that is actually the ill fate of ANY relationship, well imagine this person then trying once more the recipe which has always worked for making him move on from one girl to another, healing his suffering heart (because Adam knows a lot about love pain… be sure and if you’re not again just listen his songs), and imagine him picking up girls and pick one GORGEOUS young thing and of course sexing her up as usual and try to have good moments in her company…

But then this person starts to see that this time, with this particular girl he has letting go away, regretting it, missing her, this recipe of sexy substitutes at his side able to make him move on from heartache… it simply doesn’t work AT ALL.

Imagine him telling this girl he cannot forget and cannot substitute at all: “let’s meet”, and remember that this kind of meeting have happened also with previous ex girlfriends, but never caused trouble or shocks (sometimes they caused a brief reunion, like with Becky Ginos or Paris Hilton, but that’s not the point) so huge to make him RE-EVALUATE his entire life over them…

This extraordinary girl has made THE miracle of making Adam accepting LOVE.

This extraordinary girl has made THE miracle of making Adam accepting LOVE.

Imagine instead that this time, when he truly cannot shake Behati out of his head no matter even NINA Agdal is there trying to everything she can to make him fall for her and then imagine the feeling at the meeting…

HIS feelings.

Imagine the Earthqwake in him, seeing Behati and being “flooded by emotions” in such unmistakeable way that HE KNEW, he realized and moreover ACCEPTED she was THE ONE.

I guess in that week around July 4th, where Bee was with Ali and friends and Adam had to see her to UNDERSTAND, finally, that his heart had found a home.

Can you imagine?

I can.

He saw her and the wildest emotion got him fully.

He saw her again and finally HE KNEW.

He knew she had been all along his soul-mate, and that he had to stop fuckin up because there is just one soul-mate who can make you feel in such a way; there is just one person who can turn a man-whore not believing in marriage, not trusting everlasting love, suddenly feel like instead all of those things DO have sense… like those are the steps he finally sees himself ready and committed to make because he cannot imagine to live again his life away from the source of his joy and love.

Imagine the beauty of such a stunning awareness.

I can… because I lived something very similar with Karim: I can assure you it’s the most powerful thing EVER.

Look… in his life Adam has LIVED for wild emotions: he knows them all.

He knew them all or so he thought he did.

While instead he had yet to taste THE TRUE emotion.

The one that only true love brings.

People have blabbed that he was too fast in proposing.


He is a 34 years old whom has lived two decades of loves of all type; he knows well what he felt.

He felt something he NEVER did and I dare to conjecture, something he didn’t even think he COULD feel.

That reveal made him finally get the person able to do that to him… that person, that Angel always there for him… was and IS THE ONE.

Behati was there fighting for him and their love even when he was sex romping sexy vixens like Nina: she got and understood the only way true love works is by not wanting to change people forcedly, but giving them time to UNDERSTAND what is best for them in freedom, so that they can come back AWARE, and not misguided.

This is what Behati did: it took the utmost courage and the utmost TRUE Love to allow this. She is extraordinary.

This is what Behati did: it took the utmost courage and the utmost TRUE Love to allow this. She is extraordinary.

Behati did the only thing that had to be done: she set Adam free, at high cost for her heart, and sure she had too suffer but ALL along she had faith in him and their love.

She had faith he would understand and would have come back.

She trusted their love the ultimate way and through that, she trusted ADAM.

This is PURE love.

She does love him immensely and the power of her love, that was what Adam couldn’t replace because he has NEVER been loved so completely by no one which weren’t his family.

Behati liked this picture of her friend the other day, after the engagement news came out: it's clear what it means. And she deserves ALL of the joy and love she has finally conquered forever.

Behati liked this picture of her friend the other day, after the engagement news came out: it’s clear what it means. And she deserves ALL of the joy and love she has finally conquered forever.

I cringe still for all the hate this amazing, extraordinary girl is receiving.

I know she doesn’t care because all that she cares about is ADAM… Adam THE PERSON, not the star.

She is in love with him for who he truly is, up and downs, pros and cons…

This acceptance makes her the perfect wife, the perfect life companion for him…

It makes her the perfect mother for their incoming kids (I can’t wait for that… they will be splendid parents, and their kids are going to be stunning with the most perfect faces and cheekbones EVER, with cat eyes colored hazel and with a massive skill at arts).

So to answer the previous self induced doubt (that I never had)…

Adam Levine KNOWS what he wants. If hr has chosen to marry, it is because he knows Behati is THE ONE.

Adam Levine KNOWS what he wants. If hr has chosen to marry, it is because he knows Behati is THE ONE.

Adam has not rushed a thing.

Nobody better than him has valued marriage and its sanctity and its difficulty and its SERIOUSNESS.

He wouldn’t have chosen to marry, unless he KNEW he would do that to his soulmate.

I feel tingling and happy and (I know it’s stupid because it has no link to my life) tears form in my eyes trying to figure out the shock and the mesmerizing happiness ruling Adam in that moment when he KNEW he was facing his soulmate, his source of love, Behati, and all fears and all doubts and the scare he always had about the “happy ever after” stuff simply VANISHED from his horizon, burnt out by the power of REAL love.

That sentence she used twice, ” I can’t promise to solve all your troubles, but I can promise you won’t have to face them alone”… finally RANG TRUE to Adam… a person who always told feared to be alone most, but a person who has always been too true to himself to fake commitments when he didn’t feel he was ready for it, when he didn’t feel he was with the person deserving such a step from him.

His concept of loneliness never meant “alone” as a just physical or practical state, as he could just snap fingers and he would be surrounded by adoring people, it mostly meant “alone” inner-ly, namely before Behati he was always unable to trust another living soul to the point of opening himself fully to them, and setting his soul free to be looked, taken, and protected.

Behati is the angel that made Adam surrender to TRUE love.

She has been so incredible.

Always believing her love, and her lover, and that they were meant to be.

She knew this from the start and that is a miracle, especially in a world as fake as the one of Entertainment industry.

But she never has used Adam: and never will.

This couple makes me just so happy.

It makes me so happy and I cannot wait for the forms this amazing fact will translate into new music.

Because MUSIC is what will come out of this perfection and I do expect something Maroon 5 have never reached before.

We will finally have the happiest songs.

The “forever together” type of songs.

The man who sings only about love, will finally pour his heart into true love songs, and no heartbreaks only anymore.

I literally drool about it and I am so happy also because – quite obviously – Behati and Adam are BOTH completely MUSICAL souls.

This musical soul has found her perfect match. So gorgeous babies they are gonna have!

This musical soul has found her perfect match.
So gorgeous babies they are gonna have!

One of the thing I have ALWAYS loved the most about Behati is that she talks with and through music and their lyrics, because it’s something I also have always done and which makes my little homages to them a tad more difficult, because in a way I have to not dishonor her amazing taste (their amazing taste).

What can I say?

I am enchanted Behati and Adam will marry and have perfect kids, perfect because LOVE will make them and their parents are two shining souls, on the path of true love, people who have always searched for TRUE love, and never got tricked by fake one, even though they may have suffered for fake ones.

Now sorry for this long thing… after I explained this I can get back to March and trace what has happened in M5 world, but so you get what lied beneath it all.


Let’s go back to March now, and get ready to a TON of videos.

We stopped tracking properly fact by the end of February, when Maroon 5 was still on tour for the Winter leg of the Overexposed promotion and the guys were having an incredible list of sold-out shows with ravishing reviews.

What Maroon 5 is now is definitely one of the most successful patterns in pop history.

It’s not my word… it’s BILLBOARD’s and the way tracking which ones have been the most successful music acts EVER, Maroon 5 has now a place in those kinds of professional lists (I am not talking fans’ lists, I am talking professional Billboard receipts).

They have a kind of success which is very rare for pop acts; quite an unicum for BANDS pop acts; and absolutely outstanding for pop bands out since more than a decade.

It makes me very proud because I have been a fan since their starts so (being the self-absorbed woman I am) it is a point of pride, as I said, seeing that my taste got validated by HISTORY.

FACTS validate opinions… nothing else (and this will value also later on, when we will get back talking Behati and Adam’s road to happiness, in which true love clearly won and fake loves got simply erased by gracious Father Time ;)).

It’s undeniable not only that Maroon 5 know their work, but they have had a career most acts couldn’t even start to imagine.

Behati and Mickey at Coachella in April 2013. She is adored by the whole band. FACT.

Behati and Mickey at Coachella in April 2013. She is adored by the whole band. FACT.

I think one day they will stop working; but when it will happen there won’t be drama: they will just retire because their time will be complete.

One thing I know for sure: the band members will always be brothers; and as nowadays the usual stupid people are already here claiming Behati will break the band… well be assured she won’t because THE BAND wanted her to be back with Adam and know why?

Because she makes the one who creates the songs in the band (mainly) happy to exist, and therefore she makes also “the band” somehow.

Behati hung out with all of the band (except Adam) and Jesse for the whole two weeks of Coachella.

So please stop fronting and realize Behati and Maroon 5 are as close as it is possible to get. Thank you ;).

Anyway back to chronicles.

The guys were keepin on working on tour but suddenly Adam was stopping to be cheerful and festive; that had also to do with the fact his schedule (personal one) was so filled up that in the days of the tour he had also to promote his newly released fragrance, and had to start to commit with Shop Your Way and Kohl to create his incoming (this Fall) Fashion Line.

Adam basically never has a free moment since 2011, when he started doing The Fuckery Show.

This is bad, but on the other side, since then, he has transformed into a MOGUL, and it’s not a thing I state… it’s something tax and incomes state.

Adam Levine now makes 35 millions a year ALONE, and it’s been calculated in between 2010 and 2015 his PERSONAL fortune will count in the 120 /130 millions of dollar range.

Add to that what he earned the previous ten years.

Add to that the fact he was rich since childhood, because you don’t go to Brentwood School if you are an average Joe

And then applaud along me this very smart business man.

Adam Levine covers The Hollywood Reporter March 2013

Adam Levine covers The Hollywood Reporter March 2013

Adam is part of an entrepreneurial Family and his grandfather has been a HW tv producer; he has into his veins blood of smart and talented people; no matter the way he seems always so up-in-the-sky… he knows well what he wanted to achieve in life and now what he got exceeded all of his best expectations (and they weren’t small, those he had).

Still, in times like these, what he managed to achieve, without hiring ordals of PR following his life daily, still so remarkable.

yes, because he got all of this maintaining a very private personal life.

Which he will keep doing, because he hates people who sell their privacy to become somebody in the world of “famous”.

There will be a time when Adam will step behind scenes.

He has hinted at this multiple times, and he will do that and I feel it won’t take that many years to it actually (and yes, by then Maroon 5 will be no more, but again, a pop band won’t be likely to become as long-lived as a rock band, it simply isn’t possible in pop field to stretch a career that long).

The Fuckery at least has had a good effect: he made Adam the mogul he was always destined to be.

The Fuckery at least has had a good effect: he made Adam the mogul he was always destined to be.

Now with all this money, he can plan the phase two of his life, and people shall just accept that he doesn’t like to sell his life to the media and they should stop harassing him for being so tightly private.

I actually admire and like him more for this because you can’t be happy if your life is too public: the public still a stranger and you don’t owe the “public” anything else but your honest work, your artistic output, which has to be the most sincere you can offer to them, sure; but beside that, no public person shall be requested to make their “private” days open for strangers to see.

Private life shall be COMPLETELY private: nobody buys the right to witness into your family, even if they have bought hundreds tickets for a concert or all of the music you have ever released (which is my case actually).

What a fan and the public obtain is ART and its consumption; in no way being a fan or a very dedicated supporter of some public figure gives anybody the right to obtain a pass to the life behind the scenes of any artist.

Who believes any artist or public figure owe the public anything they are are stupid and delusional.

And probably not even into the art of the artist at all, actually.

So Adam not only has become increasingly powerful and increasingly rich as of late; he has also become increasingly kept up and reserved and I LOVE THIS to no end.

That’s why I like his long interviews where his entourage gets to speak (like in this one): you get well which kind of loyal and rooted person he is, through others’ words and never his (a sign of goodness, real goodness to me).

These sort of “family and near people” portraits are of course completely conflicting with the many fantasists stories about who Adam Levine is, which are mostly a giant bunch of crap.

Yes, Adam Levine has been a womanizer and his Hollywood parties are legendary and a TON of fun… but beside that Adam is just a very normal, very focused, very artistic and determined guy who has always been having a plan for his life, and who has successfully implemented that while never forgetting about family and close friends.

This is the description of a good person.

Somebody those who are part of his circle are treasuring like the diamond he is.

Now that he has found true love, I am happy to see this privacy hasn’t changed a bit; and I don’t expect Adam and Behati to become more public at all with their love (her interview on ABC after the engagement states OPENLY this, in fact).

But back to the chronicle (again: you will see this “back to” formula a lot in this post, forgive me but I am writing everything in rush and as I said… this was vastly un-planned as post ;)).

The amazing Frankie was a precious creature in M5's life: farewell to a wonderful and lovingly friend!

The amazing Frankie was a precious creature in M5’s life: farewell to a wonderful and lovingly friend!

The tour was going on and all the guys were keeping their passions in check; but one thing which surely was a trauma in Maroon 5 world occurred on March 7th, when beloved Frankie passed away.

Yes, the adored Golden Retriever, star of Goodnight Goodnight video; the only lady who really ruled Adam’s (then) house by then… died after a few weeks of incurable disease, and she did while Adam was away, none the less.

Behati was flown away to work with Victoria’s Secret in St. Barths, shooting for what would later become a wonderful campaign, which I will post the behind the scenes below.

She was posting revealing pictures on Instagram with her face pensive, and clearly something was broken in her life (we would later understand her and Adam were starting to break up, so to spend time with her friends and Candice and be around people who loved her from ages ago; but even her posted under Savannah’s pictures and Milo’s honoring Frankie her condolences.

But sure she was acting not being her usual super sparkly, super happy and super blessing self.

By then, words about break ups and absurd rebounds promptly denied (not because Adam’s was alone probably – Nina’s name was already throw here and there even then – but because some of the supposed rebounds were clearly not the modeling type or the gorgeous type he favors, and were some PR hopeful dream to be caught only ) were already swirling, but Adam was keeping everything light-tipped and actually so was Behati.

Behati’s recipe for making her head clear (and re-gain the focus in her actions, eventually) was of course the smartest way.




Without any whine, she kept rolling while the love of her life also was keeping rolling amidst the usual super, super crowded schedule.

She gathered herself together, held her head up but never ever, I keep stating this because it si so incredible and so deserving praise, never even once she sold Adam or their love to gain anyone’s pity or more fame.

This is what Behati was doing in St. Barths: appreciate how she keeps being adorable even in days where her heart is shadowed.

Pretty revealing Instagram actions back then...

Pretty revealing Instagram actions back then…

She spent time working and then talking with her own people; probably finding in herself forces she knew she had, but that not many people have the strength to find or push in hard times.

She is a wonderful model, super professional, and whoever trashes her clearly has no clues at all.

She is also a wonderful human being.

Behati seeking heart therapy with her BFF Candice Swanepoel while shooting for VS in St. Barths, March 2013

Behati seeking heart therapy with her BFF Candice Swanepoel while shooting for VS in St. Barths, March 2013

Not being a fame whore or a person loving getting fully naked for fame doesn’t mean she isn’t wonderful in what she does.

Otherwise she wouldn’t have the most sought-after modeling contract in the world (yes, only her is a TRUE ANGEL) since 2009 (way before any involvement in the upper dating world, right?):

More from St. Barths days:

Behati in 2011/2012 made 2 millions dollars by herself.

Not through any other but herself.

Strong confident and independent women evidently bother weak, low-life and dependent ones allegedly. 😉

From the videos of St. Barths it is clear Behati was not her usual self there, anyway.

If you make a comparison with THESE behind the scenes from Miami taken in January when she and Adam were still together you see a different glow in her, don’t you?:

I remember she was very happy in tweeting when she was shooting these; it was due to this shooting she actually missed the Grammy Awards in LA, but then they were still a couple:

Also in those February day when they were together still Behati was shooting with might Bruce Weber, for a feature which would later appear in May 2013 Glamour Issue, and which I post here because she was GORGEOUS and still with light in her eyes then:

Behati for Bruce Weber in Glamour Magazine May 2013 - shot on February in Miami

Behati for Bruce Weber in Glamour Magazine May 2013 – shot on February in Miami

They were not those March days instead; and while her work was keeping Behati in check continuously, Adam in between her tour schedule and his incoming birthday plans (and The Fuckery soon coming première after it) was also trying to shake thoughts behind him.

But it seemed an attempt with small to none success, as some tweet were clearly subtexted with kind of a royal pain, if any, and certainly dissatisfaction (it would be hard to understand why, being him so successful, when just in those days it was revealed a new Summer tour very lucrative was coming their way; when he had just started to plan to move from his old digs to a new mansion we would later learn about; now we must have a clue it was because his heart was in deep pain and doubts, too).

More on Honda Civic Tour by then:

So Adam and Maroon 5 were in between huge gigs in So Cal and Las Vegas and a super birthday vacation was scheduled for incoming 34 birthday boy in Los Cabos, at El Dorado Golf Resort and Beach Club where, as I said, Adam has actually bought in private equity form a HUGE wonderful new dig for himself, too.

And while he was dong all that… and while his birthday was coming, and they would not pass it together of course because they were in the middle of a break up which was tearing BOTH away…

Behati was tweeting VERY important lyrics to a glorious song by Rihanna which I always loved as well.

And THOSE lyrics… they DO make a lot of sense in those times, in their story, as well:

The detachment from the time when things happen and the way media then work them always amaze me; for instance, it was peculiar always in March how pictures Behati shot when coupled would come out when she was on a break-up phase.

People often don’t take into consideration that photo shots, advertising campaigns, and all these type of things are planned WEEKS in advance; so it was untimely but someway also very fitting that THIS Rihanna song would be part of a VS campaign, and that for instance what Behati shot for GQ when with Adam still would be published when they were no more, making it all even more awkward, and someway certainly painful for her and him:

Behati for GQ March 2013 with Nikolaji Coster-Waldau

Behati for GQ March 2013 with Nikolaji Coster-Waldau

Another important, very important thing that happened just when gossip was building up and people were keeping harassing Behati, but also Adam, about their private lives, was that Adam finally had enough with the social media crap and decided to voice his personal HUGE distaste for a fame – machine which seems to requests all public people to become fake showers of their own most private parts for the sake of money and fame.

Adam ISN’t this type of “famous guy”.

He treasures private life; he doesn’t think he owes anything more than his work to his “fans” and moreover he is a very reserved person: when he wasn’t for a while, it was because he was tricked by some fame-seeking link to forcefully display his behind-the-curtains days; but the fact he allowed it never meant he liked it. He did because by then he was blinded by someone truly fake, and fell for those requests (with heartache following, and a HUGE lesson learned, as well).

He also cannot stand cyber bullying or the lies media can spread; he really despises it all and wholeheartedly.

So he put this out, and with this all of the people asking why he is not so social-media active right now may have their (FINAL and conclusive) answer:

Adam Levine won't be a media puppet showin his life to gain "public". LIVE WITH IT.

Adam Levine won’t be a media puppet showin his life to gain “public”. LIVE WITH IT. It won’t ever happen anymore

I guess he couldn’t have been any more clear about the matter.

And I support this vision 200%.

Adam will never sell his person to the media: only his art.

So right before his birthday Maroon 5 played Las Vegas… Jimmy V fell off stage (lol) and as soon as the concert ended, Adam along Sam, Noah, Jason Fields, and Shawn flew off towards Los Cabos’ residency, while other band members remained in California (and everywhere else) wishing him good from afar.

Adam by now is an avid golfer, by the way; think that as soon as the guys returned from the very brief Los Cabos trip, as Maroon 5 had to keep on touring, he and Sam played straight at Vaquero golf club, too.

I FINALLY found the Episodes of his victorious stint with Tiger Woods’ coach Hank Haney on Golf Channel (watch it all on NAWWAL Page 5) which he filmed in the first 3 months of 2012 and he is by now truly into the game: he doesn’t miss a chance to play it and he has also a membership at Los Caballeros CC (the one where he did film along Haney during the show runs) ; but what he needed away from all eyes was time with his long-life friends to decode his life, once again (it did happen in 2012 too).

What he did come out with was another break-up he thought he was ready to handle the usual way he had done all his life.

“Heal yourself with new likes, until pain disappears completely and you move on”.

But this time wouldn’t have worked… because True Love is different and cannot be replaced or forgotten: it can only be claimed back, as we have seen did happen with Bee :).

Talking about work to erase pain though, Adam wasn’t only doing it as well, as much as Behati: he was adding to singer/songwriter/performer + tv personality/perfumer/clothing designer also a further layer on his portfolio, as his record label 222 (created solely for supporting Rozzi Crane actually) was ready to promote MORE people, such as Glee’s staple Matthew Morrison.

It’s actually a cute way to keep helping singers (and actually to me, way more efficacious than stay on the awful karaoke show… but that’s my opinion, and I know not many agree there – not that I care).

Around the same time, a new family “member” was added, as for his birthday Adam received another puppy, a male labradoodle he called Bones (in honor of Hart Hanson) to fill the immense void Frankie left at home:

Bones as a puppy

Bones as a puppy

Some very surprising pictures of Bones surfaced a few weeks later, with BEHATI holding him…

At first I was like “hmmm?” because it was clear Adam was involved with somebody else at the time, although I had no idea yet who that “somebody else” was, as he kept it all very private, but words were exchanged he had a pretty new young thing by his side already (obviously: I think he never spent a day alone in bed after all).

Bones in March and April... with Behati, as well.

Bones in March and April… with Behati, as well.

But I was so convinced that it meant NOTHING in the world of the former A&B couple that I didn’t even took much notice of it: I assumed she was just hangin around her friends and Adam’s family (she was with Molly and Ali and James while shooting for Jalouse and for What Women Wear feature in April before and after Coachella times and also in May, when she came for the “What Is Sexy” VS promotional work) and just kind of avoided further inquiry, assured that there were no chances for them after Adam had decided to cut it out the relationship.

Even more assured, as new magazine features starring him were coming out, such as Nylon magazine (the interview was taken around the exact time of their breakup) and again he was speaking CLEARLY against the pressure of marriage.

A self-reassurance I guess, that he simply couldn’t see how a relationship could survive the test of time:

Adam Levine for Nylon Magazine

Adam Levine for Nylon Magazine

This is the behind-the-scenes video… I really like it and we get to see how well Adam cleans up ;):

Just by the end of March, even the dullest single from Maroon 5 (Daylight, a pure borefest with a reallykilling-the-chances-at-spotlight video too) went Top 10 on Billboard Hot100, making it a RECORD for Maroon 5 as none of their albums had previously spanned 3 Top Ten singles (Songs About Jane only saw This Love and She Will be Loved reach the it), and again topping the radio tallies (they are by now, with also the success of the way superior although still bland Love Somebody the most successful Pop acts EVER in terms of radio dominance USA has ever seen: and think Adam has also solo hits there which AUGMENT this dominance, see heard’em Say and most notably Stereo Hearts).

A mind-blowing kind of winning streak which the new season of The Fuckery That Thing The Awful Karaoke Show would only enhance, and which première, as I said, I was forced to watch (without makin much out of it):

JUST TO CLARIFY: I post here an episode of THE FUCKERY only because I have seen it; no way I change my idea on how dreadful for music these type of shows are (Go, Foo Fighters & Dave! you are RIGHT!) so if you want to see those episodes, again the only way are the NAWWAL pages because I wouldn’t still touch or watch such trash EVER.

No matter if practically all my friends adore the show.

I HATE it with a burning passion. 😉

As March was ending and April was rolling in, the tour was going on (with more golfing stops to ease the boredom of that routine) and more news about the incoming months were gathering: the Wango Tango stint, the upcoming Summer tour (sponsored by Honda Civic) the hints at a new album writing process which had started (with ADORABLE Jesse confirming his role then as part of the band would be reprised, YESSS!) and pretty much all was coming and going the usual way: namely BUSY.

Busy a lot.

This kind of smashing made people at Billboard have guesses on future possible career plans, but we all know Adam would never go solo actually…

Golf someway had keeping him in check all time: for instance on Easter 2013 he went to Sawdust CC to relax and have his private time… though being him Adam Levine, it seems that “private time” can’t ever really happen (he will work on that even more from now on, just wait and see):

Adam golfing at Sawdust on Easter 2013 meets some fans and takes pics with them

Adam golfing at Sawdust on Easter 2013 meets some fans and takes pics with them

Adam also kept being “used” to rise ratings, seeing as successful that strategy had paid for instance for AHS (may that “use” being real, or completely funny and fictional, like when Kurt Sutter hinted at Adam in SOA: he’d actually like him in, but the chances are unexistant due to Adam’s absurdly packed schedule he said); so he was used as well by his pal Gene Hong to promote Community through a song on an episode, very well pimped out, too:

Also increasingly numerous were Adam’s appearances in lists and magazine sexy features, such as in Details:

Sexiest List in Details Magazine 2013

Sexiest List in Details Magazine 2013

The interview about Adam sworning off marriage again also had its impact, and truly I was thinking nothing would ever change in his life

But as I said I was fine with it.

In April a party was thrown for the issue of Nylon with Adam in and Rozzi was the special performer: she’s very talented and I hope she makes it VERY big!

I find it adorable that Adam believes in her talent so much he actually created 222 for her, risking his money for somebody who has talent so faithfully.

Adam is always there for his people; and keeps being VERY grateful to anyone who has supported him from the start.

Like when at the last days of the Winter tour (we were already in Spring anyway) he mentioned his vocal trainer Ron Anderson, whom he still work with:

Adam Levine and Ron Anderson

Adam Levine and Ron Anderson

This kind of loyalty is awesome in my book.

So by April the tour was ending and it was a HUGE and very rewarding one.

Piling up on the series of endless career achievements and honors, just as the tour ended we knew Adam would have been honored with a GREAT milestone moment: he would receive the BMI Icon pop Award for outstanding career achievement in pop history.

This is actually pretty awesome.

What were Maroon 5 doing in the maintime?

Adam was seen on Jay Leno on his The Fuckery duties (but looking OH! so Gorgeous, too):

And also in various others outlets always for the Fuckery (watch NAWWAL pages for those, thank you).

Elsewhere in M5 land instead, James rented a house for Coachella and BEHATI went along with EVERYBODY.

By then again I guessed: “wow, they DO love her” but also “How awkward and straining must be for her get back there Adam-less, since it was there they started to be a couple in 2012?”

this was titled "Friendship lasts forever"... ;) But so does true love fortunately! Ali and Bee at Coachella 2013

this was titled “Friendship lasts forever”… 😉 But so does true love fortunately! Ali and Bee at Coachella 2013

But I had faith Bee knew what she was doing: she also seemed happy and very delighted to be with all the crew, and it’s clear there’s a lot of love going on along among all those people.

And nothing like friendly love can heal a broken heart (hence my then “Friendship lasts forever” titles for all the pictures out of that pack of days).

Adam for sure didn’t go to Coachella in 2013.

He was already prancing Nina Agdal by then and he actually stopped to Las Vegas to catch Diplo and have some fun (and surely trying to avoid the MANY thoughts and feelings imagining the girl we later learned he couldn’t forget at the place where they first started to love each other had to ignite in him).

Again, I wasn’t really paying much attention to their separate ways by then: I was just happy Behati had the FULL support of EVERYONE in Adam’s camp; I was happy to see her so tight with Jesse and James; so happy to see all of the crew giving her precious care and attention.

I was hoping she could quickly survive the heartbreak Adam was leaving behind him (as usual).

While in Cali she managed to shoot for various Fashion things anyway, like when she shot for Who What Wear editorial.

She also probably met Bones those days.

When the Coachella time ended, I focused back on Maroon 5 and Adam’s uncanny series of good things coming: for instance the fact they racked the most nominations at Billboard Music Awards, coming later on in May.

I still pointing out how this is incredible for a band which is on the map since early 2000 and which makes POP.

May was coming after; and a thing that never goes much noticed (because all of these are PRIVATE event put up by VERY RICH, VERY PRIVATE people, is that practically at every given space of time in the past 16 months Maroon 5 have performed a MEGA number of events that normal media couldn’t tag.

Like this one on May 1st, for Democrats (of course, being them all Democrats) Institution in Tallahassee Hospital Charity Gala:

I always love when they support causes which I would support as well.

After that Maroon 5 were straight up to New Orleans to perform at Jazz festival; great opportunity to remind people that they are actually a “serious” act, even if now purely pop, they have still tons of jazz/rnb influences to their beautiful sound.

There at Jazz festival they hung out with super friend Savannah Buffett (the daughter of legendary folk icon Jimmy Buffett, if anyone wonders who she is still):

The performance was amazing, and well received; I laugh profusely when people dismiss Maroon5 and their talent…

They truly have no clue how great musicians these guys are: if Adam weren’t  gorgeous people would take them more seriously, but it ain’t Adam’s fault if he’s a stud and knows it.

Art still art, whoever face is the one promoting it.

Behati in the main time was keeping on working, and working hard, trying to fill her days without thinking too much about Adam’s days (and still receiving every single time she did anything tons of support, say, EXACTLY from Savannah…):

She is gorgeous by the way… (for Free People):

Do you think by the time their break-up was kinda under everyone’s eyes poor Behati stopped being harassed online on her accounts by stupid people?

No way: she kept being daily offended by tons of “fans”.

I think not only people online are low-minded, but also that there are way too many stalkers and the BEST thing anyone famous could (and must actually) do is building a fence as high as possible to preserve themselves from those dangerous freaks.

Those people are sick: they spread lies, they are vicious and scary… and I guess Adam was more than fed up with all that (by then, some of those freaks were claiming he was getting pregnant some phantomatic – not real of course – partner which was varying from being a tv PR, a starlet, an actress, a singer, a cheerleader, and who knows what else. Clearly Adam thinks all of this is insane and got disgusted by everyone online, and I think he won’t ever get back being seriously active with people, because he now just thinks the majority following him are plain crazy, and I think he’s right):

Say farewell to socially active Adam and BLAME YOURSELVES, people. You can't expect him to like a crazy world. And he's right not to.

Say farewell to socially active Adam and BLAME YOURSELVES, people. You can’t expect him to like a crazy world. And he’s right not to.

Lucky enough he had golf still keeping him retired and safe; he was practicing it even in days when he had to film his tv show, so I guess that really is a big part of his daily life now which gives him space to be himself and feel secure and not given as a piece of food out to creepy people:

Adam levine at George Lopez Charity Golf Event 6 May 2013

Adam levine at George Lopez Charity Golf Event 6 May 2013

It was news of those days that Adam had ALSO inked a new development deal with NBC (a further step on his stepping back to the scene incoming future, may people accept it or not), so again his always more high profiled biz status was progressing in parallel and contrariwise to his always more evident will of stopping being looked over in his privateness.

By the time of Wango Tango (May 11th)  Adam gave an interview to Ryan Seacrest about how he did feel being 34 (and other things):

Maroon 5 time at Wango Tango was super fast anyway, although of course very well done and very well accepted

Adam actually flew away from the location swiftly after the performance and he did because Nina was waiting for him actually.

The day after he had to celebrate his mum so I guess he had short time to enjoy the sex in between the two things 😉 (sorry, I had to…)

Yes, because on May there were also the celebrations of Mother’s Day to make him happy again and you know how much Adam is tight with his mum, how much he treasures her and her guidance.

In memory of this I finally found out an Insider Interview which was actually from 2012 where the two interact and they are just ADORABLE.

Patsy rocks, quite frankly: I can totally see the similarities with her brother, writer Timothy Noah (Adam’s roots of Democrats Belief).

Adam spent time on May 12 at Beverly Hills Polo Lounge with the family, starting to enjoy the super beardy & messy hairy look nowadays he’s mastering (and I like his Lumberjack version… I am pretty sure he’s sporting it now to remind of his Can a Song Save Your Life role, and it won’t probably cut it until the movie isn’t out, so we will see beardy Adam until the majority of September. Behati seems to love him bearded up, so no trouble there).

Adam and Useless One on Mother's Day 2013 at polo Lounge

Adam and Useless One on Mother’s Day 2013 at polo Lounge

Adam and Maroon 5 in May were already promoting their incoming Summer Tour, which sees a very lucrative partnership with Honda Civic.

Now I know people are pissed that they don’t do meet and greets anymore but these kind of crossing tours request lots of sponsors and the meet and greets are given only through sponsors because they are those paying for the tour after all.

In these days and in this economic situation bands have to partner with sponsors to being able to consistently tour and make it all profitable.

It’s just not a choice but an oblige to re-asses some dynamics cutting the risks of financial overexposure.

Smart fans shall understand: too bad often Maroon 5 fans are all but that bright, and couldn’t see truths not even pointing them at those with a flashy road of yellow bricks.


Adam didn’t bring Nina, but his mum at the BMI Pop Awards, and when in a little we read the way People Magazine worded her “status” when it became known, we have no trouble understanding why: she simply didn’t ever belong to his “family circle”.

There was a giant elephant in that room instead, and that elephant had the perfect cheekbones and amazing lengthy features of Miss Behati, who was on the other side of the map wearing proudly her love scars, without any will to give up on her happiness.

James and Ali were also there at the Gala celebration because Ali too got some awards: but none was comparable to what Adam got of course.

It was amazing and very touching see the way he was so humbled and thankful, and the way he feasted his mum there at the Gala: makin her proud is sure one of the things he loves the most in life, and boy, isn’t she TRULY so proud of him!

So much time and so much effort has passed since Maroon 5 early debut, and first steps!

cheers to history made, Adam!

cheers to history made, Adam!

This sure has to make a mum beaming with prideful joy.

Maroon 5 didn’t attend the Billboard Music Awards (though they won AGAIN something of course) because they had another private event planned in Las Vegas (money making always takes over I guess ;)) days later.

They also passed almost unnoticed the AWFUL news and way they fucked again us, European fans, when they postponed the tour which was only one month away (yeah, good job The Fuckery… thank you for ruining lives, you stupid tv Karaoke Show).

But I have already talked about that so I won’t be getting in at it again.

On May 17th Adam was on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Let’s notice another small thing instead, such as also this moving towards Las Vegas made again Behati and Adam’s roads diverge (which was appropriate, seeing the fact Nina was starting to appear by his side.

May 21st What is sexy VS in LA

May 21st What is sexy VS in LA

Basically, Behati had to attend a VS Event in Los Angeles… and Adam did his best to avoid her the pain to catch him (but did they communicate with one another? we can only guess: the very tight-lipped lovers won’t probably ever answer this question).

When asked about the state of her relationship with Maroon 5 frontman though, Behati didn’t really answer.

I was again a bit surprised she didn’t even address it a tiny bit (still admiring her for it).

I thought that was their mutual deal, to never speak publicly about what they had and how it ended, much like they never actually spoke at all about it when they were a couple.

Behati working on the streets of New York

Behati working on the streets of New York

Still, it pained me to see Behati shadowed by the occurrence; but again she spent some days in LA and had her birthday there (with lovely Hello Kitty cake… you know I am a Kitty lover so you can imagine again how connected I felt with her, and how I felt the sufferance of seeing her away from  the one she was clearly still loving) with Ali and James and Molly and I was confident she was on the road to recovery still, helped by friends on the double sides of USA.

This is what Behati posted on Instagram around teh time Adam and Nina got somehow "official"... Look well the posts. She rocks love.

This is what Behati posted on Instagram around teh time Adam and Nina got somehow “official”… Look well the posts. She rocks love.

Friends are always a big part in all these situations: but friends also know what is mattering in their friends’ lives so it doesn’t surprise me Adam’s people were all up for Behati to be strong and keep going, hoping Adam would be finally make a couple of realizations about his life in the process.

In the awaiting time, she kept working her (amazingly beautiful) ass off, solidifying her state of Angel, growing up and getting every day sexier as this behind the scenes movie testifies:

By the third week of May, finally the Love Somebody video came out.

You know I completely hated the third single choice out from Overexposed: it totally killed the momentum of hits from the band (though as I wrote they managed to get another top ten BBHot 100 hit with it, impressively) and to pick up another slower (in Summer, then, to make it worse!) song wasn’t at all a convenient choice in my book (even though Love Somebody is a superior song to Daylight).

But then I saw the video, and the song gained 100000000 points with me.

The video is by far the classiest Maroon 5 have ever done: too bad that they are absolutely crap at promoting their stuff (they probably also lack the time) because the video, seriously… the video is everything!

Emily Ratajkowski is THE SEX, honestly she has an insane body and that face straight out of a Lolita’s tale.

Maroon 5 Emily Ratajkowski & Love Somebody Video is THE SEX ;)

Maroon 5 Emily Ratajkowski & Love Somebody Video is THE SEX 😉

Still the video manages to be sultry and sensitive, even if it’s basically an ode to nudity.

It’s an exceptional video, and the backstage cracks me up 😉 :

The song is currently on the verge to become ANOTHER Top Ten hit for the band (that would be absolutely mind-blowing) but is already setting up a record in Pop history by making them becoming the most successful adult Contemporary Act EVER in their ranks.

Congratulations to the Kings 😉

Another weekend was coming (the only space of time when Adam, occupied with The Fuckery That Awful Karaoke Show could perform out of his duties there) and another private Event was in line for Maroon 5, the Citrix Sinergy one at Anaheim in California.

After it, hell broke loose because the cat went finally out of the bag: Adam was dating Nina Agdal, and it was not just another rumor spread by useless rags (which I generally don’t trust).

What SUPER surprised me was that somebody spilled the tea to People Magazine, which substantially means Adam’s representative gave their approval to the story (for future things: whatever gets published in People is double checked with the people’s involved. It’s a given rule in HW).

But still the way the whole article was worded up in People made me clearly aware (as I wrote at the start of this chronicle) that Adam was in it just for fun.

Adam Levine, Nina Agdal Are Casually Dating . People.com at 14.25.26Even more out of these excerpts from the article:

Again, have in mind that this is what Adam was aware would be published…

Now if Nina ever thought they had a future together, she is playing the naive card, because for sure they weren’t going to.

Adam Levine, Nina Agdal Are Casually Dating . People.com at 14.26.35

But I guess she rightly took her chance up to get a notch up towards fame while enjoying as well some good sex in beautiful places, and I absolutely applaud her for it.

She didn’t do anything wrong, as long as she doesn’t play now the “pity me poor tricked me” card.

Because that card ain’t no reason to exist, given these sentences in this People article…

Adam Levine, Nina Agdal Are Casually Dating . People.com at 14.26.54Yeah… I guess marriage wasn’t in the plans at all from the start between Adam and Nina, right? 😉

But of course also that later would give Levine’s haters a reason to attack him, even though he never addressed relationship with Agdal or even if he never reckoned her at all, and the only images we would get of the two together would be stolen ones from Los Cabos where they actually don’t even kiss (not that I have doubts they had a lot of sex, but it was never like Adam acknowledged her at all, so why get surprised if he ditched her quickly once he realized he truly loved Behati?).

Not that Nina wasn’t worthy…

She is extremely beautiful and out from the little time I have followed her on social media she seems lively and cute and much loveable.

It’s not that she isn’t a great girl… it’s just that she was never meant to mean a thing in Adam’s world from the start.

If you don’t get why Adam thought she could make him forget anybody tho (which I am sure at some point he hoped she could afford to for him), well, take a look here:

Adam SURE tried to make his mind and heart go away from Bee… but if even somebody like Nina couldn’t make him do it, again, that means he was always being in love, true love, with Bee.

Of course, like it always happens with media which cannot do their work properly, suddenly also Nina became a “VS” model, even if the only thing she ever did for them was a couple of shots for Pink (even a little video with… guess who? BEHATI! How small this world can be ;)!):

No way.

Behati is the only TRUE VS model Adam has ever dated, and the ONLY ANGEL: Angela Bellotte, Anne V and Nina Agdal NEVER were under any kind of VS contract.

They are NOT VS Secret models at all, and no way none of them three ever were “Angels”.

The horror is that some famewhoring PR and Agents keep calling unworthy people “Angel” or “VS models” when all they did were a couple of catalog poses and a couple of walks in the show which got highlighted ONLY because of a date which was considered worthy.

Way to keep milking people on the road to fame, folks!

The only VS Angel and real VS model Adam ever got is ONLY Behati.

As the news of Nina surfaced, Behati saw her June number of Jalouse come out... Molly commented her pictures straight, with love

As the news of Nina surfaced, Behati saw her June number of Jalouse come out… Molly commented her pictures straight, with love


Nina works for Aerie as well, which is VS main competitor on USA soil, so there’s no way she will ever get cast in other VS work until that link doesn’t cease, for sure.

But I hope (still) she gets her SI cover because she’s got a killer body and a very brilliant personality, a cute laugh and she’s young and fresh and she deserves success, and she’s perfect for SI; she’s curvy and has natural beautiful breasts and she has that very sexy, feisty quality males in locker room dig, and young girls appreciate because it’s a beauty type they can approach more easily than a long legged mannequin who wears lingerie like it’s high fashion.

At first anyway the “Adam dates Nina now” news (which anyway made Nina’s fame skyrocket straight in all media mentions ALL OVER THE WORLD, you just need to check Google’s and Yahoo’s stats to get aware of it) was still overshadowed by the “I Hate This Country” “scandal” on The Fuckery .

Basically Adam let his mouth run free in a totally contextual occasion, but the republican media, which hate him because already in two elections he openly supported Obama and being this vocal, he could move a bit of the young votes, took the chance to build a major fuss out over NOTHING, especially easily as Memorial day was approaching, too.

Honestly… conservatives are retarded.

Not all of them: the people who can seriously think a sentence like that was meant to signify what the words said.

But ehi, you can’t give a functioning brain to brainless, so be it.

At least one of the articles (and trust me every single media talked about this for AGES… which is insane!) monitoring the fact gave us insights on the MEANING OF THE VERY MISTERIOUS MAROON 5 NAME:

this is awesome by the way!

this is awesome by the way!

(Adam got even questioned again on that sentence just mere hours ago, three months after, at the TCA panel in Beverly Hills for The Fuckery Season 5, go figure.. and he looked mightly annoyed by that, of course!)

The media fuss was so huge Adam was forced to a stupid apology and I am sure over there he kept thinking the whole world of media and the whole of the way some public handles basic stuff is completely out of range and decency.

But at least we got a wonderful, wonderful CBS special (which is rerunning today If I am not mistaken, on CBS again):

Now speaking about interviews, just before the hectic days of the middle of May he was being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on set and there are some REALLY interesting pieces out of that interview.

For instance… he started to say FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME he wasn’t really “opposed” to marriage.

Now those bits make way more sense…

I wonder how much Adam and Behati were speaking those days; I wonder what was suggesting Adam to start getting less armed up about marriage… I basically wonder if his pain which couldn’t go away without Bee by his side was starting to make him aware there can be everlasting pairings, indeed.

Friends are forever also in New York: Behati walks with Shannan Click, BFF forever (she spent Memorial Day time with her and her Sage and her hubby in Montauk, while Adam was in Los Cabos with Nina.

Friends are forever also in New York: Behati walks with Shannan Click, BFF forever (she spent Memorial Day time with her and her Sage and her hubby in Montauk, while Adam was in Los Cabos with Nina.

Behati those days was seeing her friends in New York, she was working VS and just by May she was becoming the face of new Victoria’s Secret perfume, the bold and wonderful VICTORIA, which she would actually unveil in way happier days, weeks later.

She spent Memorial Day with working crews and she would also hang out with LA people, all of Adam entourage those days was then posting pictures out of Memorial Day 2012: the time when Behati’s and Adam’s relationship firstly got monitored, in Hawaii, at the wedding of Will Nash.

Happier Memorial Day: May 2012, Hawaii. Who knows if this will be also the place of bee & Adam marriage now? ;)

Happier Memorial Day: May 2012, Hawaii.
Who knows if this will be also the place of bee & Adam marriage now? 😉

She would come spending time along Sam and Steph and little Vesper in Los Angeles; she would be taken care of by Ali and James and Milo: all when the media were up to pair Nina and Adam as much as possible and echoes of this new relationship were spread allover Europe, as well (Italy included).

Those messages Behati was keeping posting in Instagram though were her way to tell Adam she was still believing: and trust me, it takes a LOT to keep believing a man when he’s happily jumping in bed and everywhere else with someone like Nina Agdal.

It truly takes LOVE and Faith.

And that also makes a good marriage recipe, actually.

The chaos out of The “I Hate This Country” mess caused a premature departure of so called “Team Adam” in The Fuckery, which means he and Maroon 5 had more time to focus on their music, their promotional duties and their always packed Private shows, and the incoming projects they were ready to dishevel which included also ANOTHER performer signed to 222 records.

Unfortunately those projects  don’t really include (yet?) any Katy Perry collaboration, but hopefully that will change soon (that collaboration would guarantee a Grammy, and also one of the most bought singles of all time…).

In all the frenzy (still) schedule Adam tho couldn’t really avoid to state something he TRULY cared and cares about.

Here it is, Mr. “I Won’T EVER COMPROMISE myself nor I will kiss nobody’s ass” :

Mr I Can't Compromise Levine

Mr I Can’t Compromise Levine

I love his purity: he’s SO different from media puppets, and so distant from POP puppets… he really can’t avoid to be himself, and PROUDLY so.

I hope he never changes there: I don’t think he can 🙂 so I am a happy camper there. His fierceness which sometimes turns so nerdy and stubborn pleases me SO much.

By middle of June, Maroon 5 were scheduled for the Today Show, which they (obviously) rocked:

And Adam had also his own duties as a Jimmy Fallon guest:


Again Nina were nowhere to be seen there (while we do remember the year before Behati was all watching her beau at Rockfeller plaza, holding his sunglasses as all-in-white Maroon 5 were performing), and this had to be strange (not really) if they were starting to be “a thing” a little more serious than just a pair of “fuck buddies”.

As Adam was in New York, the advertising for his perfume finally came out (Milo and Travis are behind its concept).

It’s all very Adam, in all fairness and I personally adore this vibe, but sure it isn’t what housewives of the middle America can get (and there’s nothing about Adam which suits that kind of people, truly… he’s so very distant from average mediocrity he couldn’t mash with it not even trying…):

This fact (that Adam is not really fit to cross “average-ness” because nothing about him is in medias res or average at all) will probably make his clothing line at Shop Your Way for Kohl difficult to be accepted, because from one side, he needs to make it “average” (given the retailer), but on the other side, this isn’t really what he can aim for, for his own nature.

I am therefore very curious to see how this all will turn out to be, quite frankly:

After the Voice ending and after the duties for the Today Show, Adam would fly with friends and with Nina in Los Cabos and by sheer effort (or people calling people?) they got papped even though El Dorado in  Los Cabos is a PRIVATE place (and in fact those shots seem to be taken by afar, like a boat on the sea, away from the location):

Look how there are no real open signs of intertwining.

Again I am sure they were there to bone, but it’s not like something that official; still, the fact they got caught and media started to wooo-ing at the news had to deeply cut inside Behati, because those days Adam’s friends were even more cuddly and openly affectionate towards her, in multiple ways.

Behati took solace and comfort in the days of media going nuts over Adam and Nina with the refugee into Shannan Click’s family warmth.

She went to Montauk and spent time with baby Sage and let all of her soul pour over.

The most important Instagram posts those days Behati did were ALL about not so hidden (well, now they are not so hidden for sure) messages about TRUE LOVE; TRUE ACCEPTANCE; TRUTHS in general.

And some posts in particular (always remember Behati was being harassed by cyber freaks on all of those posts…) were more than clear:

Behati revealing Instagrams...

Behati revealing Instagrams…

A little too much to not realize everybody loved her to pieces… and still she was missing the MAIN piece, but it wouldn’t be for much longer.

Faith in Love had to win, after all.

Just a small note: I have been told that around the middle of June Behati at some party in New York would have hooked up with Brain Games’ host Jason Silva.

May it have been?


Certainly he tried to whoo her, but Mr. Silva has a penchant for trying to connect with people in the showbiz with money connections so hopefully Bee was just gracious with him and let him on his place, untouched.

But even if things would have gone slightly differently, fact is that Jason Silva creep by the way was never really taken into consideration by Behati… mostly worked to ring a bell in Adam’s head I guess, because I don’t think a slimy clinger who dated and misused Heather Graham to get more reckoned in Hollywood could ever be Behati’s “type”.

Jason Silva is honestly third-rate TV “personality” whose credits aren’t at all that impressive, and he tries to play the “smart card” when anyone who has actually spoken extendedly with him in HW will tell you is a big balloon of airhead, with a great sight on money and fame, forget art and “enlightenment”.

But ehi, if Bee gave Adam a bit of his own medicine and bumped uglies with the big nosed (in more than just one sense, ask Heather) Venezuelan, no drama at all (I don’t know if they actually did it, and I don’t care): she had all rights to have fun, if any, but she definitely couldn’t be interested in him for real, unless her taste got really, REALLY bad in a matter of hours ;).

Sex anyway is good 😉 and a great de-stresser, too 😉

The Montauk time and the Instagram pics out of it tells me very well that Behati by then was still WAY into Adam; actually, the Instagram post she did on the day of the supposed meeting with Silva, namely THIS:

Behati clearly affceted and affectionate. Her love is incredible.

Behati clearly affceted and affectionate. Her love is incredible.

… it tells Behati was still in total love, but yet not safe, with Adam.

All these messages she posted (which I have started to properly decode only after the engagement news, because as I said at the start I wasn’t really following her that much anymore, feeling the pain in imagining her gone and realizing she was still hurting SINCERELY over Adam’s loss) deeply impress me.

I can’t really imagine the level of love Behati always had in herself; the confidence her love was MEANT to be, despite so many signs which were suggesting her she should have maybe given up.

I command her for truly FIGHTING for her love: because it’s her powerful will of loving Adam no matter what which has finally conquered his heart fully to her, letting his well built barrier fall down like houses of cards.

Because after Adam and Nina returned from Los Cabos, they went to Las Vegas on June 28, and the TRUTH began to sneak up inside Adam, eventually.

Nina had the SI Swimsuit Event to attend, and Adam brought there super pal Jonah Hill and a bit of their crew, to gamble and stay among men at Hard Rock Casino in Vegas.

Well, those couple more days there were THE LAST TIME Nina and Adam spent together boning having fun together.

By the very start of July, they were NO MORE, and actually never met anymore after it.

Adam had finally realized, after spending time with Nina, that in fact he couldn’t forget Behati (who was in South Beach with Ali and some friends, spending some days of vacation and flying there from New York post fashion shooting).

Adam HAD to see Behati again,before he could get back to bowling with friends happily at Roosevelt Hotel, and when that happened, HE KNEW.

If you wonder what happened in the week Behati didn’t post a single thing on Instagram, here’s my guess: she spent 24/7 with Adam, “rekindling” their everlasting love.

It’s not a case that the news about Adam being in Las Vegas also with Nina spread through the usually trash Page Six magazine on July 3rd, even if the fact covered belonged to the night in between June 28 and June 29: in fact, as Nina and Adam were already no more by the start of July, it was necessary of a further mention about them to surface, so that later the subsequent news of an incoming Adam re-pairing with Prinsloo could work well for Agdal’s career, makin her look as she was “abandoned”.

But she was NOT.

She was just a parenthesis in between a true love story.

She was DEFINITELY important, because without her Adam wouldn’t have had the evidence he couldn’t let Behati go away, or live without her; but still Nina was never anything more than a fancy sex companion for Adam.


It’s definitely bullshit PR drama the fact that Adam (again, in a very not precise post by the always trashy Page Six) may have told Nina she was engaged to Behati by text:

Page Six trash and inaccurate "reports"

Page Six trash and inaccurate “reports”

In fact he may have been gracious telling her that: because as a public figure she would have been feeling even worse if some ass-seeking journalist would have approached her telling “ehi, look your former man: he left you to engage the one he was with before you… don’t you feel like a super loser?”

And maybe she DOES feel that bad and badly dumped, but Adam by telling her what he did was probably trying to make her feel actually better, as in : “look, I dumped you, but not because you are not amazing: I dumped you because I am so in love with someone else I am even ENGAGED – me, Adam Levine, the one who was claiming he would never marry – with that person. So don’t feel bad: because no one, no matter how amazing, could make me happy once I wasn’t with Behati anymore.”

It may seem twisted, but I am sure there was no ill will in Adam telling Nina he was engaged.

He told her to let her prepare a strategy of handling the news, if any: because they are public people and their lives aren’t equal to those of not public folks, lets’ face it.

Again in the Realm of Fake Memos, it is DEFINITELY pure invention the even more trashy “news” by well known liar blogger “Enty” (who has been accused of completely false blinds and fake claims of reporting by tons of media already by 2011, so everything that is said there is clarly fictional by default) that Nina and Adam were having sex three days before the engagement, since that would have been on July 10 and by then (actually since July 2nd) Adam and Nina were NEVER in the same town, so that would have been at least improbable unless people can’t make sex with thousands of miles of distance between them:

Yeah, sure... ;)

Yeah, sure… 😉

What is true is that NOBODY expected Behati and Adam get back together and get back together to MARRY…

But while this may have been a surprise for strangers, it definitely was not for THEIR people.

People who are keeping being delighted but also very protective of them and their privacy.

Which is precious and fantastic and still the only way they shall act.

This love is pure and perfect and no one who’s a stranger (this one writer included) has the right to witness.

I just want to celebrate this because I feel it’s what all of Maroon 5 songs were calling up for a decade: pure love.

Which was finally found, and which hopefully will create the BEST MAROON 5 Album to date.

That is what I truly look forward to.

So let’s go towards the end of this HUGE post: I can already tell you there won’t be the mix I wanted to make with the chronicles here detailed mashed into videos with fitting songs: I simply couldn’t make it in so small time: I have a plane to catch in two hours and I simply can’t: I will maybe create some music homage as an unicum later (I have so many songs which would fit!), but again… i never promise anything over here.

Who knows when I will post again 😉 (I need my Summer time, ya’ll!) 😉

Now that we are approaching the time of marriage, I wonder if this list of the best Jewish Men in hollywood will see a tweak, now that one of those in Top Ten will marry a non Jewish girl (not american either!).

But I guess not 😉

It's only convenient for Adam to change house now that he is also changing his life :)

It’s only convenient for Adam to change house now that he is also changing his life 🙂

I wonder if this BEAUTIFUL Interview James gave about the band will lose soon the “model dater” connection 😉 (yes it will, now that only one model has his heart).

And I wonder how Behati will fit his little zoo (cats, mini pigs… dinosaurs!)  in Adam’s new house, and how Mark Haddawy is renewing it, (just like he did completely remodel the old one Adam just unloaded):

Look, even the people making these videos couldn’t imagine Adam was ready FOR real to form a family… 😉

But he is…

One day Maroon 5 were just performing at another private event for Oracle

Then got into the iHeart Radio Music Festival Bill

Then Maroon 5 were up to show us their Honda Civic car and Moto for the incoming Summer Tour…:

And more of this, too…:

Then little Adam was explaining how acne had made him a very reclusive and insecure teenager around the poshy halls of Brentwood School (all for Proactive… but you can see he is actually real in those memories, and those thoughts):



Adam and Behati were engaged.

The day when Ryan was interviewing Adam by the phone, Adam and Behati were strolling through Soho (and would be later caught on by paps in this video, which I have already posted up but which I love so much I am gonna put also down here ;)):

This is the Ryan interview…hear Bee’s giggling at the end:

I can’t really contain my love and joy for this. I can’t 🙂

I particularly loved these kind of natural reactions from people knowing him well: because the days before the proposal (the whole week leading to July 13) Adam was recording the Blind Auditions for Season 5 of The Fuckery, and ALL of his people could see his outpouring joy, in a way that seriously moves me deeply:

Love is Divine

Love is Divine

And this is what Adam himself tweeted after the news spread… and I am sure you can reckon whom’s quoting here…


yes. It is and I have always known it.

yes. It is and I have always known it.

Now people are starting again to question his feelings, his reasons…

But again Adam and Behati DON’T CARE about anything but their own love.

They don’t seek strangers’ approvals: they already have THEIR people’s approval and most importantly, they are IN LOVE.

Nobody can mess with it and they won’t let anybody do it.

Don’t expect them to become less private: they won’t.

They are real people treasuring their real lives: they don’t live a sham for the avid and nasty public.

After Songs about Jane we will finally have a HAPPY, DEEP, Real album about love again: Songs About BEHATI. It's gonna be a masterpiece.

After Songs about Jane we will finally have a HAPPY, DEEP, Real album about love again: Songs About BEHATI.
It’s gonna be a masterpiece.

Their love is real and as a real thing will be secluded and protected by freaks.

I for one am happy with this and I hope they will NEVER recede from privacy this tight.

Nobody but their people has the right to be part of their lives, and if “fans” don’t get this, they are just immature crazies, and they don’t matter, they don’t matter THE LEAST.

A true fan will be content with Maroon 5 works, with Behati’s works, with Adam’s ventures in all landscapes (last one… cartoon land) (yass family Guy!!! Seth, will you sing again at Adam’s receptions also for his marriage?):

… but they won’t ever ask or request for them to display their lives as it were a show… because if there’s one thing which is true about Adam and Behati is that they never treated their IMMENSE Love like a show.

And for this, I will forever support them, and especially her, who is The (Mermaid) Angel Of Love forever in my book, and whose actions have helped my favorite singer finding the reason of his musical inspiration.

Look at marvelous Behati

Look at the perfection this girl is… Look into her bright eyes, that adorable smile, and praise her force, her heart, her soul which were able to turn a heart made seemingly of stone into a bright diamond bleeding finally true love.

Behati is an extraordinary human being, I can’t stop telling this… and I SO agree with Ed Razek on what she signifies for the brand (again, for the low-minds: she got this campaign when she and Adam were NO MORE… so VS loves her for herself, not for whom she’s with. So long to the false claims she got upgraded for her lovers’ connection, AH!):

When Behati got her Gala for the presentation of Victoria, she was so touched and emotional and always SO real and adorable.

It’s a crime not to love her, how could people be mean to such a creature?

Flawless Miss Behati Prinsloo IN LEVINE :)

Flawless Miss Behati Prinsloo IN LEVINE 🙂

She deserves all joy and success and what is best is that her professional achievements are coming for HER, and are not due at all to the fact she is NOW the future Missus Levine, namely, whatever happens, a Hollywood Royalty.

She has had success before it and ON HER OWN.

Sure A&B lives are luxurious now; and her WONDERFUL (and elegant and very tasteful) 100.000$ engagement vintage ring is a testify of that but what matters is that in their worlds these two are very rooted and real people.

Adam found a wife which will be a great mother for his children (beside being genetically blessed, much like him).

I can’t wait for their offsprings; I don’t know when it will happen, and it’s not my business.

I am just happy knowing it WILL definitely happen: I always thought Adam would be a perfect father, in all honesty.

I am sure when he will meet Behati’s parents they will love him instantly.

Much like Adam’s parents do love Bee.

But I am sure for a while more stupid haters will keep picking up Bee and Adam: and they will keep not care.

Adam Playing Golf with Joe Pesci in NJ on July 17th 2013

Adam Playing Golf with Joe Pesci in NJ on July 17th 2013

It’s so evident they don’t give a fuck and in this too they are perfect together.

They are proud in and of themselves and they really don’t value others opinions unless they are decent ones.

For instance… there are stupid idiots blaming the fact Adam is sporting a beard these days to his engagement (where’s the logic, I can’t see…).

Adam is most likely sporting a beard because erm… HE LIKES it, maybe?

Because he has the right to do whatever the fuck he wants with his facial hair and after all he is 34 and a beard can be grown if he wants to?

He probably is keeping it to match his incoming First Movie character appearance (Can A Song Save Your Life? will première this incoming September at Toronto Film Festival)  but whatever reason he has… it’s only his fricking right to sport the looks he wants, which has not to please an ordeals of retarded kids, but only HIS taste, get that in your dull minds.

He was wearing it (along a questionable, yet funny hawaiian t-shirt which PJ Morton was sporting hours before at their Heavy Video shooting) also this past night at the TCA panel in Beverly Hills, and there, of course, Behati was with him:

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine leave the Beverly Hills Hotel where NBC held its TCA panel for The Voice, July 27th, 2013

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine leave the Beverly Hills Hotel where NBC held its TCA panel for The Voice, July 27th, 2013

So as the haters can kindly fuck out, because is not like they will have ever any impact on A&B (and M5) lives, let’s just enjoy the talents of our guys (which include… perfect grammar?) and let’s get ready for another mega tour, with Honda Civic goodies; Let’s get ready for more Pop History Dominance, after the guys already put TWO songs in Billboard Top 100 HISTORY list – hat off – let’s expect Jesse to come back soon; let’s enjoy the fact this group of people are brothers, and never leave one anothers’ side (see Ryan with James the other day, and with Bee, and get melting because Love is Divine and spreads among these people so well and inspiringly).

James and Ryan on July 24 2013

James and Ryan on July 24 2013

Whatever happens Maroon 5 will forever be a brood of bros; and their crew along them are similarly bonded.

This is their force and their peculiarity and I am happy to have so far witnessed all this.

The new chapters which are gonna come, will only augment the level of love and bliss.

If people can’t understand the extreme magnificence of all this, then I am sorry for them.

Angel of Love... Divine :) Be happy always, sweet Bee :) and thank you for coming and making my fav singer finally truly HAPPY :)

Angel of Love… Divine 🙂
Be happy always, sweet Bee 🙂 and thank you for coming and making my fav singer finally truly HAPPY 🙂

They are missing out.

Still, I pray and hope my fav band, my fav singer, my fav people whom I don’t have role in the life of (rightly so) will NEVER become anything different than what they are.

I love them like they are: true to their art, even tho they never call it art, true to their people, never selling their lives for money to a nasty and stupid public, and never denying who they are and what they believe in.

In 10+ years, this band has given me lots of joy.

For how long they will be around, I will be a fan and I am sure they will keep givin me joy and when Time will Dust it all, what will make me happy still will be knowing after the fame, after the success there will still be a group of friends forever, with their families tighten up together.


Now I am in this hall at airport and my husband is giggling at me banging on the apple air telling me we’ll miss the plane (ironically) but I am happy I posted this.

It’s for sure full of mistakes and horrible typos and probably I should beta it but you know I never do it and I won’t do it not even this time.

This is not a professional writing: it’s my emotional and honest blabbing online, and those reading it who know me feel it and those reading it, not knowing me… they don’t matter in my world and I don’t really care about any of them ;).

So yes… I really like this post already.

It’s kind of an ode to Love and I always like that kind of shiz ;).

I couldn’t make the video I wanted celebrating such a long hiatus, with songs appropriate underlyining the different sections of pictures BUT I want at least to post a song which I heard straight after I knew about A&B engagement.

It’s an Italian song by Giorgia and her words… somehow talked about what Behati did to me.

So I post the video and a translation of the lyrics and wish True Lovers TRUE LOVE, and to keep spreading it to the world to make it better.

Karim and I will do exactly this in our – Divine – Anniversary trip which is just about to start 🙂


It’s Only Love That Matters (by Giorgia)

“I Did make quite a few mistakes,

and I sport the bumps of them on me,

but I am not gonna think about them anymore;

I took it in, and I lost it,

but I keep watching forward, ahead, you know…

Just where I see you’re walking.

They are gonna tell you that I am crazy:

this is the price I’ll pay for being always sincere.

It’s only love that matters,

not just its numbers,

and not even the limits…

It’s a winding road,

and it’isn’t about logic, and it isn’t easy at all…

In the time of this waiting…

Just when you realize that

it’s only love that counts…

you must not get lost, you must also learn how to say no.

Yes, I’ve lost some of my time:

those kind of chances that never come back:

but it’s fine, it also makes me better

if my dignity keep still young nonetheless.

They will tell you that I am not ambitious…

This is the price I pay for loving without asking nothing in return.

t’s only love that matters,

not just its numbers,

and not even the limits…

It’s a winding road,

and it’isn’t about logic, and it isn’t easy at all…

In the time of this waiting…

Just when you realize that

it’s only love that counts…

you must not get lost, you must also learn how to say no.

No… No No

No To this time made by rage and cobblestone…

No no no…

It’s only love that matters,

not just its numbers,

and not even the limits…

It’s a winding road,

and it’isn’t about logic, and it isn’t easy at all…

In the time of this waiting…

Just when you realize that

it’s only love that counts…

you must not get lost, you must also learn how to say no…

See you all sometimes, who knows…

Probably 😉

Have a wonderful Summer and Keep Love alive 😉

Missus Z. 🙂

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I wasn’t meant to write a blog this soon after the previous one (I have way too much things to do to update this more frequently than once or so in a month)… but on blessed Thursday September 13th, 2012 something did happen that HAD to be pinpointed, celebrated and shared so…

I HAD to come here and write, as soon as I got a lil window-time in this beautiful sunny Saturday of Summer-end.

So now after my well due horseride, after a very good meal my mum has prepared and before K&I get back to Milan for more afternoon sweet things to do (basically… visiting the FIRST reason for I am writing this post about, and some… sport event for tonight ;)) let me announce that my already beautiful life has received yet another gift for me to rejoice and be EXTREMELY grateful for.

On September 13th, 2012 the Earth has welcomed a new shining ANGEL.

Welcome my dearest Eva!

My dearest Margherita gave birth to this miracle creature, instantly transforming what was shaping up to be a terribly bad day for me (work, commitments I didn’t like to oblige, the Rotary Club dinner the evening) into one of the most beautiful, mind-shattering, heart-shaping and amazing days of my whole life.

It’s hard to explain… I thought I was prepared for such a joy but I was definitely NOT. The moment I saw the baby… and Margherita so destroyed but SO happy… something inside me probably just evolved.

That shaking feeling still here… and it will probably remain it inside my soul because Eva has now already become a part of me.

I am gonna be the best support for her… as I will also be the God-mother of her (thank you Margherita… you know it means so much and you know I’d give up my life for her… and YOU).

Even thought Karim and I yet are not planning nor willing babies (we want at least three more years alone 😉 thanx) I can honestly say motherhood is in my plans, and in his.

We talked so much about this as we got to welcome Eva in our lives 🙂

Oh, and if you wonder why Margherita picked up that name… its’ all due to this song that her parents loved and she has always loved to (it’s a beautiful song indeed):

Music is part of mine and my friends and beloveds’ lives so naturally… even the names of our babies are gonna be music-related easily.

I know K&I will surely find names which relate with our artistic passions for sure at least ;).

So… all about today’s post is related to love and angels and all that makes life better and awesome (which leaves me intentionally skip on the mess and chaos of that idiotic anti-muslim “movie” which is causing troubles in Middle East and that I have a slight feeling was created to favor that horrible Robo-Romney’s plans to destroy America and the world along; but as I said, let’s NOT talk about bad thing today, and let’s all just gaze in lovingly shades).

Today for instance I will go see Milan live in San Siro (after an amazing morning ride of my baby Swifty in the fields, and after a well due paid visit to my God-Daughter) after the past weekend we spent the most amazing time in Florence avoiding to catch games of any sort, other than through media reports (sex is the best sport after all 😉 and try to deny me there ;)… the small days when I can’t do that because of my period you know are named like “The Dark Era”… 😉 ).

And you know for Karim and I Florence is ALL about Love&Angelic things 😉

As we are on sport, I have to also say I can’t wait for the new LAKERS season of course.

I have good vibes out of it, and to celebrate those, I will post here a video from Adam’s latest show up (September 5 2012) at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno because there the other guest was MAGIC friggin JOHNSON and they had also a basketball showdown:

I can’t at the amazingness of this.

He was so glowing like a little kid beside his idol, and still managed to be funny and cool.

Magic and Adam on Leno

I would have just fainted being in that room then – even watching it on the video just leaves me fluttering away, to be frank and honest  😉

Of course it doesn’t take a genius to see how much Adam was glowing there… he’s so happy these days and you will see later why (he wasn’t alone those days in California… he had his personal Angel of Love with him all time, and I didn’t expect it so when Behati was revealed being there from a tweet of them two in his living room watching Roddick I melted of cuteness… but that comes later, read furtherly ;)).

What it matters is that I don’t think the Heat will repeat, as Magic fears.

I don’t think AT ALL.

Lakers are up for prizes: I am very confident about it as season starts soon.

And I will surely catch them at Staples this season again (it may happen around Xmas ;))

Go Lakers!!!! 😉

More magical/angelic things?

Before I go for the obvious (and you all expect it) let’s be a nerd some more…

In a couple of days then you know… the new iPhone 5 is out and OF COURSE I am gonna get it 😉

During the whole Keynote Apple had, my fangirling about all Apple stuff mixed marvelously with my Maroon 5 love, because guess which music was highlighted in EVERY product they upgraded?

That’s right: OVEREXPOSED, baby 😉 which still shitting on charts in awesome way, thank you.

One More Night just reached (again) the #2 peak on Billboard 100 (the era of number two’s… let’s hope it can produce a least one number one because that would be SO deserved!) and generally everything couldn’t be better on the Maroon 5 front.

Now that the funny song Gangnam Style is actually NUMBER ONE on iTunes USA, there is a small chance One More Night may reduce the sales gap with Taylor Swift‘s song Adam inspired to write about his friend Jake Gyllenhaal (read my previous post about it) enough to snatch that number one the song is totally deserving to touch (I still think the most perfect pop smash on Overexposed though is Lucky Strike so hopefully THAT song anyway will get its charting chance to shine sooner or later… please don’t waste that like you did with Stutter on Hands All Over… please!), but I don’t want to build my hoped up too much because also another number two peak is very consistent as result and it should be celebrated regardless.

Anyway Maroon 5 are just doing awesomely these days.

Adam Levine interview – The Daily beast Sept 2012


They are always well spoken about from the general and buying public and the popularity of the frontman is getting so big it seems there are no sufficient outlets for him to contain the demand; they are also back on the road for a month and this makes the time flies in a different way.

We left them ending their South American tour (very successful) and get back to California for some days before the Asian leg of the tour started (these days actually).

In that small span of time we have learn that the next single was getting a video (they have to optimize times for these stuff, because beside the tour and that other awful thing which has started again, –  besting the even worst than it competition on a three night premiere, causing certainly happiness for NBC and damage on the brain of awful Simon Cowell, and that at least pleases me – end of note. If you want to see The Fuckery those things episodes go to the NAWWAL pages 😉 and don’t try to find those here 😉 – Maroon 5 are forced to encapsulate all their collateral works into very small schedules) and as we did my hope was that Adam had shaved the goatee he had on Leno to film it (please… let’s hope he did because the Mexican Look isn’t the best on him… although he still gorgeous with any lenght of hair on his flawless face).

Now we all thought the third single was going to be Daylight (and I wasn’t pleased with the choice because I think like many of my friends that the song is cute but unremarkable sonically); instead… we had a surprise when Adam shouted he was shooting a video.

In a little while news surfaced (and THIS pic) that the single will actually be The Man Who Never Lied and that means it is another “No fairy tales after you treated me like shit” type of song that we are gonna get out from Overexposed.

It may also easily be an obvious reference to the fact that probably someone has gone too far with lies thrown around also? Who knows… but I wouldn’t be surprised.

In fact, someone’s camp has exceeded ALL possible lies level for about 4 months straight in between February and June that it could be… but we’d need to ask the video plotter about it (we know Adam will have to have had his say there) and he probably wouldn’t answer other than with a revealing smirk, now that he’s happy and out of the haze of that awful past gone wrong.

Anyway… this is what makes us all believe TMWNL is the third actual single:

The Man Who Never Lied is going to be Maroon 5 third video from Overexposed

About the song though, I praise the choice because first I like it better than Daylight, and that probably is the only reason the single was picked in spite of it; I also firmly believe Adam was so pissed with all the fake reports his ex’s camp spread after the break up he is willingly picking up songs that demonstrate how the relationship was poised to fail from a very long time before when People said it ended (The Man Who Never Lied was written as Payphone in early January), and how really he had to endure way too much before he realized there was no other way to survive than let that painful and failing link die (that cut thing in fact certainly had to be horrible for him to make though, since Beautiful Goodbye and Sad have been completed and written one in February and the other on March 17th, and it was clear from his face&actions in March 2013 and most of April that Adam was heartbroken from the way his love had been wasted in a no successful relationship).

Anyway, we also already know who will be playing Adam’s leading lady in the video and that she is a sort of clone version of the ex, too, appropriately since the song is clearly a very clear depiction of something that had to hurt Adam VERY deeply (legs wise, and boob wise though, and height like also, Valerie tops Anne quite much – face is totally beautiful in them both instead, that kind of typical and mesmerizing blonde beauty that eastern and northern European girl have, that makes them all resemble luminous Fairies): gorgeous new young  model Valerie Van Der Graaf :

Valerie Van Der Graaf will be the partner of Adam in Maroon 5 The Man Who Never Lied video. She’s SO beautiful! And her looks remind me of a (better ?) Anne so it fits the video purpose 😉

We don’t know much about the shot other than it’s BOLD in Adam’s words (and it may be meaning anything, but my guess is that the video somehow involves screaming actions, therefore the captions for BOLD in his tweet?) and that it took two days and half of shooting and that he thinks it’s bananas 😉

I have loved all partners he picked for his videos so far (especially Bregje Heinen in Payphone), and I also love that Behati doesn’t want to appear there in Maroon 5 videos (the songs anyway weren’t fitting for put a loved girlfriend in now, so that’s also a good reason she isn’t there yet) and that means again she is in for the relationship and not for the fame she might get out from there, because she was with Adam during TMWNL filming and she could have asked visibility, but she cannot care less and this you know will forever earn to her my utmost praise and respect (it means also she is not jealous, because everyone could be in seeing her handsome boyfriend rubbing skin with some other very beautiful girl. Behati must be very secure in her relationship by now to allow Adam to be millimeters in contact with someone as amazingly looking as Valerie, for instance. Good Bee… you keep being very good for him :).

Plus about The Man Who Never Lied video is that it is directed from my fav Jonas Akerlund (Wake Up Call & MLJ… but I love the first) whom Adam is a big fan of and that assures me of its amazing outcome already.

Other than that?

What other news in maroon 5 world?

Beside that Maroon 5 just started playing in Asia and there Adam is so popular he has become also a clothing chain endorser (eeehhh… let me NOT judge this… I promised I would have been focused on good things today ;)).

Speaking about tour and live music, well Maroon 5 HAVE FINALLY SET UP EUROPEAN DATES for June 2013 (so far only in UK, which means I’LL BE THERE also around Glasto again!) and that is awesome; and then when they will be back from Australia they will be playing a special event (Alicia Keys will in New York, Maroon 5 in LA) on October 16th and I think WE MAY GO there too ;).

Happy Adam with that— goatee? sigh 😉

I want so bad that they come back in Italy too as well, and I will probably check some of their USA and European tour dates as long as they come off, accordingly with my working schedules.

After all, if Behati can adjust her working duties to be always along her man (and that must be not easy… she is in UK at the moment though, so the time zone gap at least has been significantly reduced between them, who are not used to being so far away and for so long… poor angels! They must find a way to reunite for at least some hours before the Asian/Aussie stops end? Let’s wish them so… We know Adam has developed a profound hate for “loving people just on a telephone/screen”. And luckily these days he has not to suffer for it too much, giving that his current Angel flies to him whenever and wherever humanly possible ;)) I can too for enjoying music, right? 😉

I guess.

Oh, and finally let’s write how much Behati IS an angel to Adam, in this showup of loving post-bits.

Because as you know last time we were guessing she would have been in New York when Adam returned from South America to LA, to take part to Naomi Watts’ brother Ben Watts’ exhibit in which she was a prominent feature; I honestly thought she would have… but then Ben Watts tweeted through Milk Studios Behati wouldn’t have been there and I started to wonder… why?

What could have prevented her if she was supposed to be in New York?

Well… for instance the fact she was NOT in New York but she was still at Adam Levine’s beautiful Hollywood Hills Home ;).

And we had certainty when she tweeted her support to Roddick (bleah… at least that untalented chap has stopped playing, thank God… but Bee and Adam were supportive of him, so not everybody must agree with my joy there 😉 I know…) from Adam’s sofa-bed (I have a direct acknowledge of that pad by now so… I was SURE that was his house even if Bee’s tweet was cryptic and as usual never revealing of their lovestory).

That wasn’t the only evidence we had as day later pictures came of the two lovers together in more than one place.. and I just melted so much I created this video for them with those pictures and as sound I have chosen the song that it is currently my ULTIMATE fav… The XX’s “Angels” which fit this post and Adam and Behati’s story PERFECTLY.

Enjoy 🙂

They are SO cute together… the pics where Behati grabs his ass and the one where he gaze smiling at her as she draws the heart on the glass of the store’s fridge are ALL about true love.

He’s so happy with her… she is really a wonderfully fitting companion for him, and they share everything as of personality… from the silliest notes on life till the way more important bits about politics and fears about world state, and the state of art in it..

I hate when I occasionally surf around the web and I decode and count the lies that were carefully spread taking place of the truth regarding this blissful link these two share.

For instance sites are now writing that this relationship between Behati and Adam started “after 2011 VS show (it’s easy to make those mistakes because writers of sites have the intelligence of a hamster, and they can’t even check their sources twice to decode basic mistakes… or sometimes, you know, they are PAID to spread FALSE news… because these days reciprocal popularity can be all about bizness could get).

Well… NO WAY.

That is just absolutely FAKE.

Beautiful and naturally enchanting Behati

They met there but then Adam was with the ex for some time longer after the show (in fact, up until then their relationship was still decent.. it was when the ex missed the November flight to Russia to meet him and the band there touring that things started to definitively crumble, because Adam started to realize the hard way that all the ex was interested in was her career and not him other than when he was not conflicting, but propelling said career of hers – this is what a VERY well informed person confessed to me and some LA people a couple of months ago, and so far this persona has never mistaken ANY of the inside tips so I trust this 110%).

And how could have Behati and Adam started “meet” as a couple when he spent November in Europe, and when in December when he was in LA he hosted and guested his ex Anne at times at his home?

By the end of year 2011 Adam and Behati were no entities to one another (Behati was also taken/untaken with her previous model guy boyfriend, and in fact they were also in the phase of breaking up and testing the no couple thing back and forth between them).

Truth both Bee and Adam’s relationships by December were taunted already and irreparably (despite fake photo ops organized by someone’s camp) on Adam’s side and gone from lovers to friends state in Behati and Jamie’s case BUT that doesn’t mean Adam & Behati went on with each other as some idiot keeps “guessing” in any of those weeks, DUH!

Adam and Behati started to hook up after Middle April – post Coachella – and in middle May Adam met again (he hadn’t since middle February after the Stern interview he did with Anne) his ex at Mercer Hotel to tell her he was starting an EXCLUSIVE relationship with someone else.

Sidenote: May 16th 2012 was Behati’s 23rd birthday so that gesture from Adam was likely a sort of gift to her, even?

Nobody can know this beside them two of course, but shortly after that day Adam tweeted a funny video of a karate kid and started to word the “You’re welcome” thing that has become a staple for him as he is with Behati… and just the other day Behati has tweeted a piece of that video in one of her moments of chatting time with her lover so far away from her (the guys are on tour in Asia now, and the two lovers are in their worst state of being wildly apart, so you can tell they are online at the same times… but they won’t tweet one another still private in front of the world ;), and therefore to patch together their cryptic tweets is becoming a sort of fun game for some, included a couple of my friends, in Italy and not only – though the club of “tweet collectors loses a lot having Marghe out for daughter duties, lol), making it like that video has some special value for them (it was probably something they found together to have fun, after having come out as “official couple” for the people mattering in THEIR life, namely family and friends, and after having cut in a definite way all rotten branches from their inner spaces).

I have numerous reports on that meeting from insiders & well trusted Fashion Personalities (at hotel too) but beside those, which are private conversations I had, I reckon I haven’t been the only one spotting Adam and Anne that day there anyhow:

The day Adam and Anne V last met, middle May 2012, when Adam told her in person he was with Behati – it was on Bee’s birthday. HIS GIFT to Behati, I suppose 😉

I can’t take all the lies about Adam playing anything dirt to his ex… Because simply he has been way too much of a Gentleman to her, despite the awful way her camp has treated him through tons of FAKE press.

He did all that was requested; he spoke in person and cut all ties the way a Gentleman does.

All that has been said bout Bee and Adam of dirt is just fake reports which are trying to make either him or her or both look bad (to whoever’s eyes)  but truth is they are in love, they are very private and happy, and they have been since May 2012, not a day before.

Adam has been shattered and misused before Behati came in the picture… he has been so desperate and sad for all the first months of 2012… why now that he is so clearly happy people keep pushing him and trying to make him look back at when he was miserable?

He has already troubles in being confident in true love (because so far he hasn’t found anyone loving him for real… and let me cross my fingers he may have NOW?)… he has been exploited for many years by more than one person… of course he’s suspicious and not open to profess his undying links now… Has he ever had a true one which was real and not fake so far?


So far all of the love he tried to share was directed to people clearly not there for him, but mainly for his fame/popularity/similar bonuses.

This new relationship is starting just so we can’t really say a thing on it yet which is definite but please, let Bee and Adam test it on and by themselves and stop throw dirt at them while they are just progressing as an item, in such a cute and reserved way.

Adam has a very strong and SERIOUS approach at “the Big Thing” known as marriage and there’s no way this relationship is anything even REMOTELY close to it but the fact is that he is extremely happy now… and it’s a shock that it took so little for him to heal from what has been a GIANT heartbreak for him (just look at the face he was sporting in the whole start of the year, from middle January to April… you can also have the look at The Fuckery Season 2 episodes which speak more than a million of my useless words: he was looking MISERABLE and like a dead man and all this was due to how BADLY his heart had been treated in those weeks span) and that so soon somebody has been able to clear his heart and mind so well, turning him again at enjoying life fully.

Behati has been able to heal him in NO time; avoiding the thing he has ALWAYS done in his most mattering relationship, namely trying to give them (even if they were clear failures) a second try, which would have been at once useless and unworthy, and mostly damaging even more for his mental and heart-ly stability.

Behati came in and immediately she erased all of his pain; sure it had to be a work of love by her part, because the pieces she had to put together were really shattered but the fact SHE MANAGED IT shall tell anybody how incredibly FIT for Adam she actually is.

They are adorable together and we have got a happy Adam back thanx to Behati… Even if he can’t avoid to eat tons of ice cream with her 😉 (but she stays so thin compared to him! Guess age is starting to change Adam’s once super fast metabolism ;)) I like that somehow he doesn’t care… and that anything in these pictures of them speak about a very well-connected and confident in one another type of couple.

They are so sweet and natural and absolutely “normal” kind of couple.

Way more good looking than any average couple though… but there it was Destiny and Sky Above operating on their perfect genetic so… we can’t really objectify that part of their connection 😉

Adam and Behati all Loved Up at Gelsons September 8th 2012 – COLLAGE

All Adam’s fans should be grateful to Behati. FULL STOP.

But I already know stupidity reigns supreme in way too many heads so I give up in thinking this train of thoughts can be followed by a wide majority.

Good that nor Adam nor Bee care about the way people overreact on them together.

Adam may have started carefully with Bee, being all heartbroken and tested heavily by females’ usage of his popularity… but just look at him these days he’s with Behati and you will see an happy, lovingly shining man: and if you are like me, this is all you really care about, even though it has nothing to do with mine or yours life, my fellow readers.

So while the haters of this beautiful pair are keeping throwing dirt and spreading lies of smoke habits (Adam has always been a smoker since he was 14) and even low.kicks like drugs habits but the truth is just these people are sore losers and can’t take the truth., we can instead see that Bee and Adam are happy and at ease with one another and that they are at the peak of their respective cheerful personalities.

It’s a pity that some can’t appreciate how Adam and Behati are now a stable and happy couple; or how Behati is loved by Adam’s family, and reckoned by his most inner circle and protected by them, and how certainly she is loved by him.

Will it last?

Nobody knows.

And honestly is not mine or your business and it won’t matter in the long haul of facts because what THIS relationship they have has ALREADY achieved has been to take the toxicity out of Adam’s horizon already.

This relationship is already a success phase in his life, and it would be even if it’d end tomorrow (which it won’t, but you get my point).

NOW Adam is at one of the happiest moments I have ever seen him in; and that is enough for me to know, to appreciate and support Behati in everything of SO positive she has gifted that guy (and therefore us fans someway) already with.

The girl he is now with is lively, funny, GORGEOUS and unique; she shares with him the most of passions he has: music, photography, traveling, seasights, dorkyness, nerdyness and a very personal outsight in life; look at this video… she has his same manners (and this video has things in of when they never knew of each other, like rollerskating…):

If this of course isn’t a guarantee of anything, it is a strong sign the BOTH of them right now are certainly happy with one another and why the heck people are constantly trying to pay them (and her) dust for this beauty they have found in one and with one another?

I don’t really condone this need for hating or downplaying this wonderful girl.

I don’t… it makes me dazed and confused because I think great and unique people shall be treasured, not opposed.

The bad mouths are even stating again to question Behati’s career, which is a laughable thing to do once a model is considered ESTABLISHED since a LIFETIME

Vogue would NEVER… this is her video for the amazing June 2012 Vogue Germany editorial (I LOVE how she looks when she classies up… but at the same time I adore the way her natural style is absolutely not artifact and rock’n’roll… I love her tenuity):

Questioning if she works (since it seems impossible to someone the fact she can work but ALSO spend all of her spare time with her man… while THAT shall be the ONLY way for any girl to live… knowing that work and love have to be put in line and prioritized to make a relationship work?), if she is an Angel in Victoria’s Secret still (she is… just two days ago a new video with her came on up on the VS site… and she does YOGA there… guess Adam is proud ;)) is simply showing how out of clues her haters are, because her career is in all aspect a completely successful one, and she still quite young to reach out for way more:

Behati has shot for Victoria’s Secret for THESE Summer campaigns in VS Swim 2012, she has shot just the other month for incoming WINTER campaigns (twice, and I can’t wait to see the one she has made with Karlie Kloss) and the fact people keep trying to drag her status down at times really seems idiotic to me.


Behati is lining up a campaign for NEXT stores in the WOMEN department  that is already up in Europe… And I share this lovely video of it because it emphasizes how cute she is and it’s very recent:

She is doing many works as of late whenever she finds time to and whenever she likes the option.. the fact that she is not pimping this through her twitter doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work… it means that she LIVES too and that she doesn’t need to annoy the world with her constant tweeting about her “working achievements”.

I find it a good attitude actually, rather than not.

The fact she isn’t prone to PR spins and self-spinning of any PR opportunity tells me she enjoys life more than work and this is how things shall work (a wise man has said: you work to live, you must not live to work).

Anyway… this is her amazing editorial for Nasty Magazine (she was shooting this while she was with Adam in July, in a day break from him… so she can still work even being with her man you know).

Behati’s legs and ass are perfection. SO long and slim and toned… you all know legs are Adam’s favorite feature in women do you? Well, Behati’s are the best legs he had to cheer since Cameron Diaz’s 😉

I love her spunk and rock attitude in photos… but watching new and old things, all I get is that she is very unique and versatile and real as model.

She has a timeless, yet not too obvious beauty and all that she exudes is likeability, vitality, energy, and LOVE and passion.

Some of her old stuff that are amazing:

She has CHOSEN NOT TO WALK in Fashion shows more recently (and she had spent time with Adam in stead of that but it was already a year and half or so that she was not really focusing on catwalks, because that is not requested when you get established as she is and it’s anyway a personal choice…) but not because she isn’t fit for it.

In fact her walk is strong and elegant and she is very versatile to wear equally well ready-to-wear and High Fashion flawlessly (and her walks in her career testify this).

Just look some of her old walks and stop trying to question her modeling status (which anyway is FAR from defining her as a person, because Behati is just NOT JUST a model, she has way more interests and talents than just her modeling career displays):

Behati is an all-around delicious cute girl.

So sweet and full of natural charm…in this old video she is adorable and the way she tries to make fun of the way others make fun of her (beautiful) name is just so captivating and luminous:

All said, though, Behati is also STUNNINGLY beautiful…

Just look at this super picture (my gosh in the close up she gives me NATALIA VODIANOVA‘s teas and you know I just worship Natalia so…;)

Behati Prinsloo is purely beautiful. Here she really resembles GODDESS Natalia Vodianova, and there’s no better achievement in looks for me 😉

She is perfect for Adam and I hope this goes on because among the rest she also has one of the best music taste I have ever seen, especially in such young girls.

Every time she tweets lyrics from songs that I know and from band that I love I smile so widely... because she is SUCH a musical soul…

Of course all the retards around never understand the fine-ness of her taste and hints… but those are the same following Bieber and thinking the ex was good for Adam, while she was certainly NOT, given how much she has made him suffer in the end (but I will forever think they looked amazing together because yes, she was beautiful. Just NOT the right person for him, but no one can deny Anne was good looking aside him, and I certainly won’t. They were like Barbie and Ken together… but I prefer substance over dolls anyway so I don’t miss those good pictorials of them at all to be honest now that he’s happy again with someone way more apt for him).

Behati stands tall above in all mattering departments, ESPECIALLY when it’s about taste, connections and personality (while still looking GORGEOUS you know), which are things that truly define and maintain any good human bond:

Behati Prinsloo has an awesome music taste

I LOVE her attitude and it makes me sad somehow people bash her just because she is with a much sought after guy.

But she is making THAT guy very happy… and I can see why and I hope really this can go on… even FOREVER, if so good are going to stay the outcomes.

Of course nobody has no say on Adam’s life, and it may take him FOREVER to find his REAL half… but you all know I am really supporting this latest turn of links for him and I see the positivity it has having on him, even BY CONTRAST.

what I mean with “by contrast”?

For instance Adam and Behati are now apart because as you know Maroon 5 are on tour in Asia and this time she isn’t with him.

You know what I wrote in last post… that Adam – who suffers touring life – had an IMMENSE benefit in mood by having Behati alog him touring in South America.

Well, look at his tweets now that she isn’t with him in Asia and you can TELL he’s already stressed and that his mood isn’t the same it was in South America (no matter the fact the tour is shaping up to be extra successful and he’s making money in there in more than just one way…).

Adam Levine can’t stand the touring life without his baby Angel B…

He MISSES HER already, and this makes him suffer the touring life more.

The first tweet about being in Asia from him was also a message to Behati and her love for sea… (and SO reminding of her image from the top of their Rio De Janeiro’s suite where she called the day “PARADISE”, ain’t it? 😉 Those two are so cute with their back&forths hints… SO cute):

Adam Levine shows us (and Behati) how the sea is in Busan, Korea 😉

Yes, Adam is stressed and he misses his mermaid angel.

Hence the:

1) lack of tweets for some days and

2) useless tweets about stupid band names;

3) the absurd idea of GIVING A TRY AT FOLLOWING FANS (!!!!!!!!!!!) which may turn into Twitter wars (I would be entertained by that actually… but in the long haul we all know any celebrity who follows fans put them on Mute and separate them from the real Timeline list, so it’s not really a “thing” other than for naive people to pursuit 😉 and I for one I would prefer Adam would stay away from that kind of fake proximity with over-zealous crazy-heads… but his choice, I mean 😉 he’s adult – or something ;))

So Adam may follow fans? HILARIOUS. And probably his WORST IDEA ever after that goatee 😉

I don’t think it’s casual that just after the tweet about following fans Behati tweeted an amazing quote from an hilarious sketch movie… maybe a way to tell him “Dude, don’t go there… you know what mess would ensue?” 😉 (I also can see all of her crazy heads mad about Adam trying to delete their tweets hating on Behati in hope to make him follow them without pissing him off… oh, my… that would be like comedy entertainment… 😉 maybe it would be fun to have Adam follow some of the crazy heads? Time will tell 😉 All I know is that certainly I am NOT interested in that. Twitter is fun but ain’t life ;))

Austin Power!!!

For a while Adam will have to endure his Angel’s absence though.

It’s gonna hurt and he clearly isn’t ready for it (so much great sex wasted… and you know when they are together EARTHQUAKES keep happening – in LA it has happened already FOUR TIMES… included in September so maybe for the poor Asian Countries is actually better Bee and Adam aren’t shaking one another or their powerful shags would be damaging those Countries already proved by Earth Power way too much recently… 😉 ) and I get amused in realizing how much he just depends on human touch daily. He’s so cute when he feels lonely… you can read his mind through everything ;).

Poor Behati is renewing her VISA card in London and she will have to come back to the USA/elsewhere for some working action… I hope they can find as I said above some space to reunite before this long month apart ends though because Adam has been treated so well by her that he may crack without her presence aside for more than 10/15 days (they have NEVER been apart for more than 8 days in a row so far… which is AMAZING, but which is gonna cost Adam now a HUGE sense of solitude… and that is The Power Of Love, deal with it ;)).

Behati has always been with Adam these months they have been a couple, no matter how quietly (for instance we got a cute note out from Billboard article about that thing of how Behati was even with him at the reception for the show in Malibu at Matt Burnett’s house… but again she did NOTHING to gain visibility out of it… she is just amazing):

And again Behati kept all this quiet. SHE IS WONDERFUL for Adam

I hope they will also be together when on October 17th (Adam and the guys will be in LA then, after their City Bank gig) Adam will debut on American Horror Story

Because he will need some caring hand on him to make him stand the watch of his beautiful face & body slaughtered by Bloody Face 😉

October 17th: Adam and American Horror Story. Is this perfection or what? 😉

I can’t wait for this and you know it 😉

Ops… I said this post wouldn’t have contained anything but Angels and Love… but a story about an Asylum where the Hate and the Devils reign maybe is a bit off topic?

Oh well…

I am so into this new AHS season you will forgive my wandering there 😉

Take a look at one more promo for it, and shiiiiiverrrrr!!! 😉

I will fight the creepiness with the fact we are now going to the clinic visiting Margherita and Eva…

So no thrills and thoughts of evil will remain too much on me (but I like these shivering thirsts… AHS is awesome!).

What else?

I think nothing else…

Wish you all a wonderful time filled with ALL love and Angel Wings fluttering.

Life is marvelous.

You just gotta be receptive to it the right way and Love will find always a way to make you believe anything can turn up positively 🙂

And make you SHINE from the inside.

See you in October, folks 😉

(I promise not to write another post before… I PROMISE) 😉

Missus ( and incoming God Mother) Z. 🙂
Zaira Scotti on Twitter Counter

Good morning Universe!

Waking up soon (or sooner than yesterday ;))

Ya’ll… go visit Scotland 😉

London is always amazing… and Olympics enhance that 😉

So,  last days of Olympic bliss (can’t wait for the closing Ceremony later tomorrow tonight… my sense of music spider are TINGLING and overexcited out of anticipation!) and a last couple more after in London town before heading to Summer Italian Seashores along K & our friends (whom have all skipped this amazing UK time, letting me stay only with K., his family and mine, beside that awesome bunch of days in AMAZING Scotland, which I will talk about in just a little.

What to say?


First year of marriage has been celebrated in such a romantic, original, very literary way.

Another one of Karim’s amazing presents to my life.

He just organized the PERFECT romantic getaway.

That was.

Perfection. 🙂

so much wild beauty in Skye 🙂

By now I shouldn’t marvel at the skill Karim has to read inside my mind and heart, always knowing what could emotion and surprise me the most… instead I always do.

Because each time he finds new ways to break my hearts in thousands of sparkling lights that keep burning forever, erasing darkness.

He took me in beautiful Scotland for our One Year Anniversary.

We visited Sir Walter Scott‘s places, because he knows I adore Scott, Ivanhoe, and I always love to picture Tolkien’s Lord Of the Rings in these landscapes.

We went visiting Skye, and we climbed mountains, and sailed cold Seas…

Bliss of Love in remote places full of history

We composed our own poetry, we revived our marriage one year later, we learnt how to read sky’s moodied layers, we composed a song of our own, and we had some of the best sex ever (and you know we do that all of the time… so it’s always hard to beat ourselves out ;)).

There was magic… magic all around for us these days.

I am so grateful and so in love and I feel so well accepted with all my strange sides that I feel… so safe.

So in my own place.

I love my husband with all I have to call mine.

I never thought for ages I could have been “one of those soppy wives” gushing all over their love.

Geisha along Lords in London. Truly amazing 😉

But ehi… that’s what I am too now 😉

Deal 😉

(I still way sexier than any of you… and way kinkier, too ;)).

But so many great news are on the desk… and since I have this slice of time I better collect up feelings and describe them along my preferences and likes.

Which is basically the reason I am keeping up with this blog still.

yes we are having fun 😉 a lot of it 😉

The first thing is that Olympics are AMAZING.

I love the feeling.

Even when like yesterday we picked (again) the wrong game to follow live (volley semifinal for men: Brazil destroyed Italy in a blink) in spite of the other choice, which was victorious (in the WaterPolo semifinal, Italy got it over Serbia instead, with a fantastic game).

Everything about it… I adore sports, I have practiced and still many of them everywhere I go (I mean… I brought my horse Swifty along in England because I couldn’t stay away from him this long… it means a lot or doesn’t it? Even though my Swifty is just so much more than a medium to practice sport) and I am the most competitive person you could cross so obviously all Olympics meanings and values are something I feel deep inside.

It’s not UK without a cat…

The effort it takes to be a great performer; the devotion; the focus, the determination… all these are values I strongly rate in my life.

But as much as I love and strive to be a winner, what I love also about Olympics is the humanity of it.

The stories of failures… too.

It’s just that I cherish the failures which are still informed by the RIGHT spirit of sport.

I despise all tricks, and doping and all that goes as on behind the curtains so that somebody not fit can cheat over the results. That is something that makes me thunder out.

You can’t cheat if you are up for sports…

I mean the whole purpose of it is making yourself getting better through competition, but it’s more than anything a game with yourself, not the world!

What cheating does stand for?

Lies. Just lies. To yourself. And there’s nothing worse than it.

And sadly, the stories at Olympics aren’t always great, they can’t be, regarding this attitude towards sports:

You know… for me if you dope yourself, you gotta be DISQUALIFIED from EVERYTHING and FOREVER (no redeem sporty-speaking), and this is what I think and believe in.


Humanly instead, I think Alex Schwazer needs all help and support because this is what happens when you are forced to do sports NOT WILLING IT.

Life and sport when unified request an incredible strength and super mind… and not everyone can have.

I am feeling for this guy humanly and I hope he gets help. He was not meant to compete, and it’s a tragedy he had to just because he had talent, because he didn’t want that life, even if everybody thought he was perfect for it.

Not everyone can be as shining as this woman (IDOL!!!! SHE should have carried Italy’s flag, not dreadful awful Valentina Vezzali, queen of fakes!) Listen to Josefa Idem:

This woman is all I stand for in sport: 8th Olympics, and she had again proved mind and sacrifice in sports CAN ALL AND MORE, but you gotta love what you do, not being forced to it.

Beside the tragedy in the Italian Swimming team (fire all the techs), I think this has been a fairly good Olympic for Italy.

Karim is pretty happy too, and I have again to thank him and his connections for meeting the whole Swimming and Gymnastic teams of USA (some are really cool guys), and even if we did miss meeting the GREAT Usain Bolt, I have recovered from that because now I have LORDS as friends (yes, I have, and I have also met some true Japanese Geishas… which lead to so great fun and… Knowledge 😉 and I’ll stop it here).

But that isn’t the only GREAT sport mindset we are in now.

Because you know I planned to follow Basket in the Olympics to watch Kobe and even though I still don’t like the fact bringing NBA Pro in the competition makes it a snoozefest full of irrelevancy from the agonist point of view,  you may guess still any chance to witness Kobe (and Kevin Durant!!!) makes me happy.

Talking about Basket… it’s always amazing to catch Adam courtside… and his courtside people 😉

And it did… the Final of Basketball tournament was the main reason I wanted to come to the Olympics 😉 so that ticket was in our hands even before we planned which days we would have properly stayed over here 😉

Prior to some days ago regarding basketball I was feeling medium satisfied; I was ecstatic about Steve Nash joining us Lakers but I was still on the fence for more, because that couldn’t have been enough.

I am always very fair in my descriptions about Lakers.

I am a die-hard fan but I can also analyze facts and until a lil lil lil while ago, I was still thinking that we were way behind OKC and some other teams in a rank of NBA favs.

Of course all things can switch but the premises were still unperfect and shaky to me.

That is PAST.

Truly past.

Because two days ago… Lakers just became again NBA favourite.

What was it? (it’s a plaaaaaane…. it’s a biiiirdddd. it’s….)…

It’s all because of THIS (hear me scream and scream and scream and go all whooooooo-hoooo!):

Dwight Howard is a Laker and we’ll kick YOUR ASS. get ready 😉

Yessssssssirrrrrr!!! Dwight Howard is a Laker, and bye bye Andrew Bynum, we wish you all the best, but THIS is what we truly needed.

We still have no coach because Mike Brown is a senseless idiot who gets NOTHING about this game but who cares when you have Kobe&Steve in your team, who are way better coaches than him?


I can’t wait for the meltdowns and allegedly I am not the only one:

Adam Levine tweets enjoyment over Dwight Howard Lakers acquirement


This truly is huge indeed.

Dwight can provide energy and penetration, in a way that could go amazingly with Pau’s game.

And since Kobe IS getting older (you can’t stop time, no matter how immense you are) this is something that can help all the team in finding just about one trillion more arrows at our bow.

I can’t wait to witness (also live, as some trips in LA are in order of course) also live all this greatness.

My special Overexposed edition: the 19th out of 1000 items 😉

And while we are on the subject of greatness… how awesome has the world being regarding Maroon 5 lately?

It’s all so smooooooooth over there.

Sales are very consistent, and the general perception is really nice overall.

Not that I care what others think, but sure THEY do, and we all know somebody strives so much for success he lives like a deprive any negative turn (it comes from his competitiveness, which I so strongly relate with).

Guys are just in to ready their South American Tour; Overexposed still selling AMAZINGLY while they are doing ZERO promotion , One More Night is ready to smash (still with zero promotion) and all the various projects of JJAMZ and all the stuff acting-related Adam is currently involved in are going smoothly.

(yes, I know that there is still also The Fuckery that thing going on but you also know I will never talk about that trash, and considering how the Muppets parodies even don’t contemplate Adam these days, I am sure this painful link is really ending soon, and I couldn’t be happier. Adam is so much more than a reality karaoke show “star”, and I get that gave him back popularity, but now it’s time to stop having to suffer such bad television to climb back and gain audience. he already did it. Leave the trash now, thank you).

Friends are the greatest thing

So, no Trash Talk here… instead I am SO awaiting for Adam in American Horror Story!!!

You know how I had guessed he’d have hooked up for sure with his casting partner who was going to play Theresa, his “wife” in the script…

Well I guess NOT, because although that girl is beautiful and he sure would have tried his ways under other circumstances… that girl is also MARRIED to Channing Tatum 😉 and she’s Jenna Dewan (they all follow each other on twitter too).

I don’t think anybody would upset Channing purposedly 😉

Ryan Murphy now is on twitter and he’s sending updates from the set, in a very cute way.

All seems just so perfect and I can’t wait to see it all 🙂

I am sure though the casting of Theresa anyway took a spin on the direction of “no girl Adam could hook up with” for some reason, the main being that ADAM LEVINE IS FREAKINGLY HAPPILY COUPLED and doesn’t need sexual incentives beside the ones his super hot girlfriend certainly has in the bag to provide 😉

I know you want to see… and did you know she loves to be a freak? 😉

This girl is so gorgeous with that AMAZING  and so originally unique face, and so sexy and spunky I am sure they have the best sexual romps (is it strange that it’s already happened TWO TIMES that when they were together  a MASSIVE Earthquake happenedand unlike in the past

Behati and VS Angels for Olympics

Adam didn’t acknowledged any of them two on Twitter? I think NOT. They probably were having the best sex and the fact ground was moving wasn’t perceived, as the room probably ALWAYS shake when they are in ;))

Because YOU KNOW that you gotta be really good and VERY kinky in bed to not only please Adam, but to make him stay with you all along… (listen to his songs, or the Animal song by The Cab that ADAM wrote… and you get the picture ;)).

There is no way something that has seen him involved for practically 3 months (or are they 4?) straight and continuously isn’t at least WAY more than just a hookup.

Funny Freak Bee Prinsloo 😉

We are certainly in the relationship territory now… and this means nothing regarding the duration of it, but we have for sure passed the testing phase.

This allegedly is causing an endless hate towards poor Behati… like it always happens with all girls who start to be Adam’s one though.

This time around though, the hate this girl gets is empowered by the fact many of the haters are people who just cannot move on from Adam’s previous girlfriend image.

Too bad… because Adam did and it’s not healthy or good or smart or right for anyone keep thinkin a past that ended for a long series of mattering reasons can come back.

Bheati Prinsloo and Candace Swanepoel in July 2012 VS Photoshot

It won’t.

They have cut all ties so long ago and don’t have any surviving contact between them… they sure have been very much in love at some point with one another but that wasn’t enough to make them last.

Adam and Anne are PAST.

Face this and stop torture them with nonsense, hatred, or pressuring requests to get back together or (in Adam’s case, as Anne still single) to ditch new loves just because “fans” (?) cannot accept life moves and so should they.

Were they beautiful as a couple?


Were they happy?

At some point, sure they have been, clearly.

Behati and Karlie Kloss shooting for VS in August 2012

Were they happy in between post VS Fashion Show 2011 and 2012?


They were just not.

They were soooo done.

Done “officially” maybe only since February 2012 also as they detached to never see one another again just after the Stern Show Interview and THEY KNEW they were living their final goodbyes there, but it’s so adamant they were not a happy couple anymore way before then.

It was painful and bad and sad and all you want (don’t tell me, I shipped that couple as hard as possible, I have loved them together majorly and always, but that doesn’t mean my opinion matters in absolute, you know…), but they separated because they just were not right for each other: Anne loved her work more than she ever loved (I am sure she did love him a lot too though, or she wouldn’t have hoped for a marriage ring from him) Adam (at least she never spent with him the time he needed her to spend with him to be satisfied and fully happy and not frustrated and alone, moved towards cheating also probably) and Adam also loved her, but never enough to give her what she wanted (a RING, a promise of forever and happy ever afters, and all the things Anne wanted and surely all the things she will soon find with someone else, but that she was very naive to try to obtain from somebody she was barely spending 20% of her time with yearly) to get.

Adam for Inked Magazine. GORGEOUS.

In the end… a great love story which couldn’t be anything more than a beautiful interlude in their lives.

Adam has all the rights to be happy with his new galpal without having ordeals of idiots blasting him or her because of whatever reason which live just in the weakened and freaky minds of the haters themselves.

Move on already?

Everyone else has, Anne included: even though she is stills single (all the fake reports about guys she was supposedly seen so far are just PR spins, obviously), she has no feelings left at all for Adam, she doesn’t mind what he does and doesn’t even know about that (tweets are muted between them I can bet they are) and I am sure the next hot famous guy she is ready to date and show up with is just round the corner and she will be happy coupled again too, and soon (and hopefully with someone who won’t suffer her repeated absences for work… I am sure she will find a soulmate whom will just be perfect for her lifestyle, and I wish her that, because I still believe she is a good person and that she has a good heart).

Just MOVE ON and stop bashing Behati because of past girlfriend’s reasons.

It’s STUPID and senseless and it makes you look foolish.

Anyway… Back to Bee…

Yes ladies and gents.

The amazing Summer Love of 2012 (which actually started way into Spring… if all has to be trusted, Adam and Behati hooked up in the second half of April 2012 at a Coachella party he wasn’t even supposed to attend 😉 Called it… Destiny?) keeps going strong.

And lovely.

Behati for Juicy Couture 2012

Officially they are together since three months (second week of May 2012), but UNOFFICIALLY they have started to romp on each other’s superbly structured bones since second half of April 2012, which means by now they are around their 4th month together.

More Bee and Candy

4 months when they have been together, I repeat MOST OF THE TIME, because Behati knows what a girlfriend with great foresight does, and uses all of her spare time to be with him, wasting none (I would too, because you know, I love sex and they do that when together, not when being apart. I think it’d be strange to miss opportunities there, right? I know this didn’t always happened with some previous ladies, but maybe they were not that sexually hungry as Adam would request and like and favor? I wouldn’t risk him to stray away if I didn’t provide the business, you know… because he will always satisfy his sexual crave, that’s a fact. But again, I guess you have to be perceptive and sexually competent to understand that, or maybe just being as much as he is into sex, which is not a taste of everybody, I know – being myself a quite HUGE sexual craver -.. ;)).

This may sound unusual to the mass of teens bashing Bee just because she is with Adam now… but wake up little girls the fact is a relationship which is true and worthy cannot last without a REALLY intense sexual activity.

Or (and this ALSO is a fact) in Adam’s world there is no way it can, because for him sex is like a daily need.

Not romantic?

Contrariwise 😉 I can’t think of anything better… if you get what I mean ;).

Behati on set end of July 2012


Behati is always by Adam’s side when not working for VS, being involved in promotions and photo shoots or shooting for her own personal advertising campaigns (Seafolly, Juicy Couture, just to name the latest), and although she loves her work she is far from defined just by the fact to be a model.

She has always stated she doesn’t really care that much about being a model and she never wanted to be one… it happened because she has the PERFECT feature for modeling (5′ 11” height, a very slick frame, the longest legs, and a face which is just SO unique and original which separates her immediately from the rest, because it’s not easy to find those proportions at all and make them look fascinating).

Behati probably finds time for her man because she thinks that love comes before work, and love means you want to be physically with your man, not connected through tweets or thoughts or a webcam…

I love her cheeckbones so much!

And I have a hard time disagreeing with her there 😉 because well… that’s TRUE (but again maybe that involves also to like sex a lot, and not anybody does ;)).

But really… it’s just a matter of different personalities.

I don’t wanna make you think that I think people should ditch their passions for love.

If somebody has always dreamed to be a model, a swimmer… an astronaut there is nothing wrong in having that conflicting with your relationship and in the end there is NO fault if you prefer the passion to the relationship… Passion has no rules, it just happens and my point is that if something else detracts all of your time from your relationship… maybe that is not worthy for you in the first place?

I am just glad Behati has many passions, but it seems none of them has the power to detach her from Adam at the moment (it’s her personality, because also with her previous boyfriend Behati was like this, and this makes me happy because this is exactly what Adam needs: somebody who is into human touch as much as he is and deserves).

This makes me happy, that Adam has found somebody full of passions (as he is) but somebody who at the same time runs for him and to him to never let him being alone.

He HATES being left alone… he always said it and keeps stating it.

Behati in fact also loves music to death, and she always did… she is also pretty educated in how to make sexy music videos so… I wouldn’t mind to see her in Maroon 5 one. She certainly knows how to work the camera along notes, and how to be super sexy and kick-assing while doing it (this is her in one of my fav songs from 2008/2009, The Virgins’ “Rich Girls”. Note that she was a teenage there. A SUPER-HOT one there 😉

Then I mean… she’s an original and true VS Angel, baby… her wings are real ;):

Also the fact she has a contract with VS is pretty helpful to let her have much time… because often that contract has clauses of exclusivity (and a paycheck) that makes you unwilling to get jobs that may NOT please the brand that covers you with money.

Which is perfect at the moment 😉

Adam’s love for basketball dates in his childhood…

Behati loves sport (and her fav sport is basketball… linking to the previous note about Adam’s Lakers obsession, we are sure she has nothing to learn about the game, so in case of courtside presence he wouldn’t have to explain a thing to her and she’d be genuinely involved as much as he would), she is playful and it seems that she loves videogames just like ALL the nerds in Adam’s crew (and just as him, who’s a devoted game player and can get SO into them to become annoying even ;)).

Behati now follows and is followed by ALL of Adam’s personal crew; his longest friends, their wives/girlfriends.

She seems to be loved also by Adam’s family, and that has most certainly to do with the fact ANY TIME she is with him she goes silent, doesn’t tweet personal pics of their love and their houses, she is just into the life without needing to overexpose it, preserving Adam’s privacy like no other has ever done (and think she is with him at a fame peak NOBODY has experienced before her… so she could REALLY milk it so much if he just tried to.), showing genuine care and respect for all that Adam’s life is.

Because truth is… Adam and his family and his inner crew are VERY PRIVATE PERSONS.

They have always been and it’s natural for them to like somebody in their own circle who has the same attitude towards privacy (sure people can be different… but you tend to like more people in your inner life circle who have your same attitude towards some kind of important issues as these right? It’s logical).

Adam and his mum Patsy on a The Insider interview

Behati is just like them.

She highly values privacy in her own life and in this the two just match perfectly, it’s undeniable.

They don’t like to live for others to see that; there is a bounder about that and Adam has always been clear about this in all of his speeches since I have memory of him.

Behati and Adam won’t be showing off their own link any time soon.

Get used to the idea, they won’t.

And this regardless all the crap they have to suffer out from retarded press spins from retarded people who just can’t avoid to be sore losers and hopeless frustrated no-life entities.

Yes, because of course the fact that she and Adam are a (very happy, and you can guess it by Adam’s mood which is amazingly shining since he got with her, being all humorous, exuberant, fresh and all around shining up) a couple has generated lots of hatred towards poor Behati, as I pointed out above.

The amazing fact is that she couldn’t give a SHIT about it, and she carries on being herself and not minding at all, and taking care only of what she and Adam share without feeling the need to explain to others what is that they have, just to make people eat up their retarded words or guesses.

This shows FORCE, mind power and moreover this shows how much she truly takes care and love and respect Adam first, and is not there with him to gain something for herself.

I love this and her.

Behati and her rawring face 😉

Let’s recap a bit what drove me to this little explanation, because in all this the thing that SHINES truly the most to my eyes is how AWESOME Behati Prinsloo is as Adam’s better half.

Truly… this girl is fantastic, I LOVE her personality and balls to no end, and although I keep (and I will keep also in the incoming times) strive that this is for now just a very young bound and love connection nobody should stress or obsess over, I can’t avoid to notice all that scream “amazingly fitting couple” in every step these two makes, each weeks that passes, more and more.

Sure it may end any time (like anything else), but one thing is for sure and that it is a true kind of interest this couple shares, and they do for themselves and NOT for the camera, the press, the PRs, or the career perks.

This already makes it all A GREAT THING.

A thing that I personally really like and support, even though of course it’s only their life, their relationship, their biz, their own thing.

But let’s being a bit clearer.

Behati in New York filming her stuff

We knew Bee was in New York filming for Victoria’s secret commercials in the crossing days from July to August: she always tweets from those things and she did, (getting us to know her beautiful work without being annoying for it) but we also got that she was telling Adam’s crew (Shawn and Gene and Noah) that she was just about to get back there in Los Angeles (where Adam was crazily busy filming both AHS and The Fuckery That thing.

By now it should be clear enough for even not that smart people that Behati and Adam WON’T publicize their romance for the crowd.

Adam never liked that. He’s very private and the fact he was forced to not be in the previous relationship doesn’t mean he loved it. It means he used to love the one forcing him to parade that love.

But now he finally is with somebody as reserved as he is about private life so they simply don’t tweet about their own business.

Which of course doesn’t mean AT ALL they don’t have business (the best kind of it).

They simply probably prefers to fuck the shit out of one another all the time instead of tweeting one another while they are apart or/and together.

I don’t know about you… but this screams HEALTHY and HAPPY relationship to me, if any ;).

Well, since the fact the couple was together in Lake Tahoe gig time just a week before wasn’t a thing for tabloids (again, just because Behati doesn’t give a shit about her fame being enlarged through Adam), some bright IDIOT from a totally loser spin site ( The Voice Wet paint, a collection of no-news from the interweb, made probably by 12 years old, or somebody way older but with even a less developed brain-size… like for instance some Bieber-lover) decided on August 4 to spin some SuperRetarded “guesses”, starting from… keep yourselves held well… TWEETS NOT DIRECTED TO ANYBODY.


Sherlock Holmes is probably trying hard to find this Rachel McRady chick because  he sure would replace Watson with her.

Stupidity of people amazes me.

The one of this retarded “writer” who’s not even smart enough to realize her own lack of sense, but even better, all the people who actually gave any kind of CREDIT to that “guess”.

The Fake news of Adam and Behati breaking up in dreadful The Voice Wet Paint trash – You must really be STUPID to believe anything coming from Wet Paint…

Like Adam would ever direct anything like that let alone to his current cherished beautiful girlfriend… but even to anybody he only slept with for a one-night stand.

Or like Behati (who quotes Dr. Seuss since a life, in completely unrelated ways to her own life) would ever post such personal stuff on Twitter, moreover starting from the premise this time around their relationship is TOTALLY PRIVATE and they are not there for updating the crowds on that, first and foremost.

I know many post pubescent fanbases have no clues on real Adam’s personality and they think he’s there to update them on his likes (or that he should, even) and they skill of analyzing facts with some decent thought processing is fatally reduced by their age and awful taste… but REALLY?

WetPaint is about as credible as that other joke site called “Celebrity Networth” which guesses from blogs and random unchecked news the amount of money possessed by famous people, having stated in their site that they do, “BUT THEY ARE NOT RELIABLE” (for the record, Adam Levine’s supposed networth there is around only 15 Millions, which I think he passed in around 2005 😉 LOL… and people do believe that? They probably don’t know how much taxes he pays… because if they did… they would laugh at that figure 😉 ).

Bee tweets when she is working.. when with Adam… she never does 😉

They just need to generate web traffic through cut&pasting the worst trash they find on web, whenever the site needs a boost to please basic advertisers.

That regardless of the value and testability of the “news”.

But back at our Behati&Adam gate.

Well, on August 4 Behati was already in LA (her tweet about American Airlines, criptic for most, was clear for me because I have a great friend who happens to work at LAX… and that was a late flight from NY to LA she was up in ;)).

She could have tweeted anything to make clear how much all those guesses were fake (she was bombed with many obnoxious tweets from many retards, and sure she had perception of at least a couple of them); she could have done lots of things to just silence it all, instead of having rallies of hateful spits on her from the webwaves (people have to have such a bad life when they need to bad-mouth somebody they don’t know behind a pc screen… how low-level your existence have to be then?).

But the point, the amazing point, is that she DID NOT.

She carried on being all the time with Adam and NEVER tweeting a single thing.

World Wide Champion, Bee. Number One indeed 🙂

I love her for this.

So much.

She’s brave, and strong in her love and in her man.

Adam too is the same, because just the day after one of his best friends, Milo DeCruz (the biker bassist who’s all and always with him) tweeted Bee “Tok Tok”, like somebody knocking on the door… but ten seconds later, according to my friends in LA, that tweet disappeared and I can BET MY LIFE Adam asked for that, like “Man, don’t let losers know that we are happy… they don’t deserve to. And we don’t care. We want privacy just”.

Only a couple days after, we knew for sure they were together just because (like he does every time) Adam stopped with his beautiful Angel at his favorite Mustard Cafe, and even thought he tried to sneak away from the back with her, papz caught them:

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo out at Mustard Cafe 7 August 2012 – NOT broken up at all and REALLY LOVED UP instead. Sorry haters… they WIN, you LOSE 😉

I was so happy about all things here, so many great things: Behati is so fresh faced, no make up, flawless rock chic look (which is not forced and so natural in her); she has THE BEST LEGS (and legs are Adam’s fav female feature, and hers are… perfect!); she keeps hiding behind him and being only focused in him… look the way she embraces him, so lovely and pure…

Behati Prinsloo knows how to dress for a Harley ride with Adam Levine and which shoes have to be worn, too

They are SO cute together and she always has the most sincere care for him first.

Behati also is just like him in the “I won’t dress up if not forced” department.

She has allergia and allegedly a need for ice cream and medicine.. so they went grocery shopping.

We knew that from Adam’s tweeting a picture the other day that they had ventured grocery shopping, and he posted this:

Now we know this picture was taken from Behati 😉 even though Adam tweeted it.
But we do know not out of their will 😉

well, now we know they went into Gelson’s (my own one too!!!) with Bee looking clearly under the blast of allergia (I am allergic and a doctor so I must know that face screams it).

They were both wearing things like they had just jumped off bed (and they surely have to use that beautiful bed he has in his pad…); clearly unfazed by the fact that pap they had to find at night at Gelsons (look at Adam… he is like “Really? even here? Don’t you have a life you loser?”) was going to snap them (and her especially) in the most unflattering combo ever.

Behati’s reaction?


She is all into Adam taking that picture you have seen above and not tweeting it herself, but letting him doing it.

You wish you looked THIS well with allergia and no make up and just jumped out of bed…
Fact is she is beautiful EVEN all messed up 😉 and this makes you mad 😉

She is so natural and true and trust me… she looks beautiful even with messy hair, and the face of allergia…

She didn’t plan to go out and she was forced to by sympthomes… she knows she’s got papped and that she would probably be seen not at her best and what she does? she DOESN’T CARE because she’s with Adam and he’s all of her world.

He doesn’t care either… they are so sweet coming off from the store… I can imagine him cuddling her with the syrup and singing sweet nothings to heal her.

That is a healthy relationship, and I am happy I got to see till which point, even if it’s NOT MY BUSINESS at all still 😉

Sorry for all the haters who cannot get how great all this is.

You are probably very poor mindset 12 years old, or somebody who likes Twilight or Bieber or 50 Shades of Crap (I think I have summoned up the worst of tastes in the whole world with that).

I adore the fact Adam and Behati are so VERY rock’n’roll and they BOTH have the “I don’t give a shit” attitude.

Adam hates as well to dress up unless on occasions (and you know how I think he looks simply PERFECT when polished… but still this isn’t his way, it’s mine, so it’s great he has found somebody as beautiful as he is, who still doesn’t really spend ages in prettifying herself and prefers the “very natural look”, just like she did on the bike ride)… look this video… it’s so sweet:

I am so happy for Adam for finding someone like Behati out of the mess that was the painfully bad way to end the previous link, a link that already left him dried because he was never almost with the object of his love, due to the fact she would have done all of other things first, and only once in a while she would have cared to be with him, if schedule had allowed.

Maroon 5 reharsing for South American Tour

Behati has erased all of his pain, all of his tears, and since I have seen that tweet “Hug life” of him in London (she was aside) on July 1st I was sure she was for real an Angel to him, giving to him all of her time and attention, and stealing none for her own self.

Adam is so carefree and happy these days… I don’t get how anybody claiming to be his fans cannot be glad for that, and thankful to beautiful Behati for providing him happiness, peace, (lots of raw and young sex romance, laugh, energy and everything he is clearly full of these days), and this beautiful sights he has on life right now.

He sounds clearly so joyous, but at the same time he’s not anymore trying to be somebody he’s not to please somebody else.

Just remember that tweet in January, so revealing, about the need of being your true self.

That Adam was so unhappy and trapped in a toxic link… this Adam instead is newly himself, crazy, flamboyant, positive, overenergized, funny… and a dork.

And all this freedom of being himself he feels he has again now… comes from being accepted for who he truly is by Behati.

You may not like this fact… but it shines clearly all the time to me instead.

I so hope this goes on and I am sure all indicates that it can and it would naturally and very easily, if nothing happens of negative suddenly.

Remember… it’s actually 4 months that they are together… and very very OFTEN together.

It seems by now Adam is also more oriented in letting people know; not that he will ever get back to what he was forced to for two years, parading all of his stuff to the public; but I am sure we will get to see occasional gateways of the rocker lovers more often from now on.

And I am also sure none of them will be called up by ANY of them though (so expect more Gelson’s style like awkwardely natural but funny pics ;)… know none of Adam or Behati will care if you think they look “messy” or not properly done… a market at night isn’t a catwalk, and sometimes necessity doesn’t even allow you to look brushed ;)).

Of course, nobody knows, but I bless Behati Prinsloo… The Angel Of Summer Love and Bliss, already, for all that she has ALREADY done of amazing for him.

She may be hated by tons of retards and losers… but she better know that there are people who genuinely like her and are there to see how sparkling she is.

Beside Adam, I mean ;).

Adam who also went modeling while with her in New York in July (remember that strange shirt with the graphics he had put on… see where he got that from below) for the incoming September issue of Inked Magazine (which I have already ordered to be delivered, of course):

Behati was there that day along Noah Passovoy and his girlfriend Liz, but of course and again, you don’t see her trying to steal some spotlight ;).

That isn’t the only cover shot he has done… there is an incoming cover for Men’s Fitness too which will be revealed soon ;).


Some charity work Maroon 5 are involved with and also the Teachers Rock Special Adam has taken part which will be broadcasted on CBS on August 18th

A 50 Cent collaboration on his upcoming album Street King Immortal, out reportedly on November 13th.

I am so happy regarding Maroon 5 Universe as of late (still spin Overexposed daily) that I have decided to post something special (I have reworked it to not make it easy to use it… if you want the total real HD thing, BUY the Special SAJ Ten anniversary Edition, and make the guys even richer ;)):

The level of cuteness is uncountable 😉

(and I cannot wait to have Jesse on board again…).

I also want you all to bless Mumford and Sons, and their return (buy everything again ;)):

What else?


I am sure I wrote enough.

Now let’s let August pass ;)… I’ll be soon skinny dipping in a dream-like sea along with friends and always happy and in love with best husband in the world.

*imagine freely all kinds of sexually jawdropping practices*

*cos you imagine them… but we DO them* 😉

Happy Summer Of Love 😉

Missus Z. 🙂

Good morning!

Some Cali shot a few days ago

Still trying to cope with getting back in regular-life territory after a wonderful three weeks break around the world, and a great weekend back with my beloved crew, I better try to update some of this blog.

I better?

I don’t know… maybe it’s just that waiting for tests to produce results can be very boring and today I got nothing better to do than update this, instead?

*considers the fact she is tired after a snowy weekend and the heart-wrenching Derby in San Siro, then checks her self-assumed state of boredom again to realize that ain’t the truth*;)

If any, the derby’s awfulness of yesterday night could have prevented me from coming here and writing due to pain/anger/disappointment overload, but then Karim luckily was there this past night to heal everything the best way I know & works for me: SEXUALLY.

😉 Now things are manageable again 😉 and moreover every now and again I still like to show up round here and write a bit, for no particular reason.

Writing relaxes me, and somehow doing it clears my mind which is used to pace way too fast.

I won’t ever feel the update over here as a duty though so my reasons to open this and put some – virtual – ink at it are volatile, dependable and completely unpredictable.

I don’t come often, but I still?

I am also probably aging (EEEEEEKKKK!) though I perceive that only remotely sometimes (I still a party freak whenever chances come, of course, as this past weekend furtherly proved actually!); this means when I have spare times, 97% of chances are that I will love to focus on different things than staring at a pc to write stuff superfast (because writing DO relax me BUT I still produce that at my usual fast pace… that someway manages to slow me down inside… I know… *it’s complicated* 😉 like the whole rest of myself!).

Talking for a moment of aging, to be honest the only field where I perceive I’m aging is the one of sport.

But I need to clear water there: I keep being a daily sport practicer, and no way my body is aging there, nor my mind and focus… no, the field of disappointment (in myself) comes now that I am banned from waking up at nights to catch the Lakers live.

The only way I get to see Lakers live this year just as I did for this past Xmas

After last year’s labyrinthitis, I simply cannot do that anymore, and definitely not once every two days.

I hate that.

I miss following the events directly, even though this season isn’t exactly shaping up to be anything more than a transitional one (last hint, the dreadful lossthat I totally expected – against the Clippers on Saturday).

But watching Kobe still gives me emotional charge, and that works better when done straight when things happen (this year that might happen just like it did over the holidays, being there in person at Staples Center, which rocked especially with K, my father and his, in the best position namely the upper boots of the venue…)

He’s on a pretty amazing roll of performances, while still struggling with his physique (everyone gets old, no matter the class unmatched).

Amidst all of Kobe’s personal life lows and mistakes, as long as he plays basketball with that drive and passionate and committed approach, united to his crystal clear class…

That’s all I look for on a basketball court (while still supporting HARD my homeboy Dani, who’s playing really fine so far!).

We're Past Xmas time...sadly 😉

Anyway, in case Kevin Durant wants to be traded to Lakers Land… well I won’t raise any hand in opposition.

He’s the only player I see capable of keeping up well after Kobe’s legacy: I don’t care for Howard (who’s already shaping up as a sort of a loser to me), or other names which are thrown this days around to Lakers’ ears – things that are bound to happen often when the season clearly won’t be a winning one, no matter how much I’d like it to be -.

I have even started to follow him on Twitter, just to explain how much I like him (and I follow very few people, so that means a lot in my world).

I have also started following Lana Del Rey because I am in love with her video and song “Born To Die” and “Videogames” , that made me fall hard for her crispy, deep, sexual voice.

I found her a cross among my dear Amy (forever missing), the amazing Shirley Manson (Garbage may be back soon… WHOOOO!) and Fiona Apple so I was all over her these past weeks BUT…

Then she went on SNL the other day and she was dreadful so I am taken aback for a while, until she won’t prove herself live.

I am not here for artists who are good only in the studio: real music is LIVE (more on music later on ;))

San Francisco view from a privileged place 😉

Let’s get back to the past chronicles… During times in between last December and last week, I had the pleasure of taking along Swifty, my beloved horse, through all of our holidays spots (well, those houses are all family’s property, but I perceive them as holiday places, naturally yet).

He LOVED both of Karim’s houses (the one PALACE in San Fran, with the stables in their own park… awesome) and also the mansion in Paris (there the stables are a little out of reach, but he loved them anyway, and especially he didn’t really mind any of the airplane traveling. He likes to fly private just as much as I do ;)).

I had a truly special time abroad.

I fit marvelously in Karim’s family: they are always so sweet, kind and caring.

I love them, their way to be at once really upper class when it comes to interests and manners, but then really, really, REALLY down to Earth, true, and very gentle and polite with everyone so that they would never try to upstage regular folks just because they can out from their millions, positions and status.

I love this and I could have fit among them just that way.

While we were away, Italy proved itself to be a place where being unloyal, stealing and generally behaving in no civil nor right way gets way more than a pass. I was appalled to discover that a RIGHT fiscal inquiry that proved beyond any contest that in Italy to fraud the State is a routine, people had it not against the stealers… but against the Finance Police???

Dear sight, even under working task.


It’s Berlusconi’s fault again, to have promoted such a loser&sucker&awful practice as “needed”, “forgivable” and sometimes even “right&requested” (!!!!!)

I hope Monti will be successful in his attempt to give a spinal tap to this Country that risks to crumble ONLY due to its faults and cracks, but still too dumb (allegedly yet) to realize no fairy tale, only work and commitment is gonna make itself rise up again.

And tragedies somehow pile up for our Country… not only the BBB rating (expected) from the S&P’s people will affect us for a bit, but so many things keep going in the wrong direction out of a strange and tenacious combination of destiny & bad humans’ choices.

The tragedy of the Costa Concordia keeps making me cry after two days.

I couldn’t even THINK at first when I got the news and even less after I saw the images.

Las Vegas NYE time was superbly sexy&fun&sharp

So much pain, and so much wrong, and so much unacceptability.

What was the Commander in Chief FUCKING thinking?

Then he abandoned the ship sinking PRIOR to many of the guests???

I can’t fathom my despise.

So I won’t.

But hopefully all these signs of fuckery all over the world aren’t a sign of the Mayans creepy prophecy (that, needless to say, I absolutely DON’T BELIEVE in), because I have way too many things to accomplish yet in my life and I moreover am always optimistic in the things that have yet to come.

The “Universe Countdown” just cannot happen while I’m alive, please and thank you (this is my ego speaking and I love it).

Anyway I’m trying to pack the year 2012 with LOTS of amazing experiences already, so in case I’m wrong… I’ll have lived it to its fullest.

And you know, that for me mostly mean two things: TRAVELING & MUSIC.

When the two things merge it’s just the perfection so… I can’t wait to attend Coachella because of Radiohead, that among brackets will make me fly again ALSO to Japan in July, because you can’t miss at once Thom Yorke and Japan, can you? (and the rest of people at Coachella are PERFECT by the way!!! Noel!!! Florence!!! No Doubt!!! the whole line-up is pretty much flawless to me!):

Those weeks I will be in Los Angeles and California for three weeks again (for life & work) so it’s all perfect… also because guess who’s gonna be at LA venues as well?


we had a blast in vegas


All my tickets in and I can’t wait 😉


Don’t get me wrong I still LOATHE the pastiche that Mylo Xyloto is (hard) especially now that with Charlie Brown being the third single they have no more left of good songs in the album to promote (they used already the only three up to Coldplay usually flawless high standards), but whatever they play, live they are awesome (as Rock In Rio furtherly proved to me).

Too bad next in line for them is that TERRIBLE and commercialized whoring-up partnership with Rihanna, that created the cringe-worthy Princess of China.

Mark my words: that Princess Of China song will sell a LOT, it will boast Coldplay just when they will be touring USA in Spring and make the only single of Mylo Xyloto to reach top ten and maybe (probably) the top of Billboard. But that won’t change the fact the song is LAME. LAME. LAME.

Chris knows what it gets to get spotlight, and the song is so bubble gum pop it will surely please the dumb masses enough to be a super hit… but in all that, half of my esteem for the once un-mistaking Four Kings went way downhill artistically.

Still love them of course… but this year Coldplay just like Maroon 5 did decided to step down from my pedestal due to the wrong turning towards a famewhoring attitude that is affecting their artistic credits.

Nonetheless, I also hope Paradise (which I adore ) wins the Grammy for Best Pop Song for a Duo or Group.

The only other winner I’d take would obviously be Amy, but I don’t like the fact she sings a cover (same problem I have with the Black Keys‘s chosen song).

Paradise is the most deserving song in that lot; I consider Foster The People an overrated & way less talented copy of the Dandy Wharols crossing Phantom Planet, so I really wouldn’t like them to win even though that song is cute & catchy, while about Moves Like Jagger

Dear Lord… the song is the most generic Maroon 5 have ever been.

I can’t expect well with the fact that song could be their return to Grammy win because if it’d happen we would get a fourth album filled with Benny Blanco’s type of unremarkable crap & I can’t take it.

Maroon 5 are (or were? Let’s hope they still ARE) so, so, SO much better than that.

Just listen to these songs that they did for charity compilations (the first and the last out of this mix of songs in the collage – with the always adorable Anne V, which I keep continuatively love – I did for Margherita and Serena’s M5 related blog), and I hope like me you will wish they get back to THIS and not praise such reductive crappy songs like MLJ or SH (please, let’s be serious… Pitbull could have sang those… Yikes!):

This video doesn’t exist

I want their soulful and funky and NO AUTOTUNED talents back in full display and I fear it wouldn’t happen if a Grammy would rise for a song of Moves Like Jagger type (which I think still possible to happen, actually I think if the commissioners won’t praise the late Amy Winehouse, MLJ is the frontrunner for victory due to its astonishingly huge sales).

So what if Moves Like Jagger sold a shitload?

Sales means zero regarding artistry (see Katy Perry streak of number ones with less than a sub-par album).

Moves Like Jagger is a hugely popular song that is by far surpassed by almost anything else on Hands All Over (which I love and I find shameful it only went platinum after & due to MLJ, which became popular probably only due to the overexposure of Adam in *that dreadful tv thing*, and consequent fangirls’ screaming about how he’s HOT!!!! – which he surely is but that’s not the point in buying his music, darn…).

Sure, so far it has gained Maroon 5 an incredible limelight… they just won again an award (a People’s Choice one, which means they really are popular at the moment), they are candidated also at the Brits, they got multiple certifications and stuff going but… I want back quality, not quantity.

QUALITY, because they were so capable there, better than any other in group pop music, and now all that seems worthy is Adam’s hotness?

Sure, just look at him this past night at the Golden Globes, he’s FINER than FINE but… I want him back to willing to be a fantastic singer, not the one tasteless ordals of last-minute fans worship due to the fact he’s on a lame tv show and is “hot”.

He should dress formal any day. Adam Levine wins any competition for FINEST SPECIMEN at this past night Golden Globes Red Carpet. Lord.

For God’s sake Adam get back to your roots (but still wear tuxedos cos you’re flawless when well dressed… Lord Almighty you are), because out of the many blessings Nature gave you the first is your unique voice and your ability to touch inner chords of souls everywhere when you pour your own spirit in your songs, and forget to chase fame in the easiest way just because you’re also – it happens so – handsome and that comes easy in our society for folks like you.

Well, I hope 2012 sees the rise back of Maroon 5 (read Adam) and Coldplay (read… Coldplay ;)) back up in that pedestal they used to share in my world, things that will happen when they get rid of some nasty habit they seems keen with at the moment.

Do I have to call up the Mayans for it or…?

Okay 😉

Let’s find a deal: I know there’s still a pure artistic art in each one of you guys, so just show it soon again and I will be really happy.

I’m not asking much after all (lol ;)!).

Shizzzz it’s late and my tests are done!!! Therefore… hugs everybody, my logorrhoea produced the effect of making me forget totally about Milan’s loss.

Mission accomplished then: so thank you and catch you later again ;).

Missus Z.

Good morning!!!

Back at lab after one of the most beautiful bunch of days ever.

What a wonderful trip our own one to Russia has been!!!

So much beauty and love and family bonding…

So much art and precious time… we didn’t even mind the weather, which for the most part was a bad mixture of rain and icy drops… never too much or long-lasting enough to say we had the proper “snowy” apt Russian feeling.

But who cares?

It has been mesmerizing nonetheless.

We spent every kind of differently-vibed “love” time: with families, with friends (I made Margherita, Serena and a couple other of my girlfriends privately fly to Moscow for a VIP trip surprise to see Maroon 5 there 😉 let’s say they were delighted ;)…), then alone after the familes flew back part to California and part to Italy after the most treasured and peculiar Thanksgiving reunion ever.

What can I say… I feel so blessed.

Saint Petersburg 2011. What a wonderful time

Although Moscow is beautiful, we actually feel this holiday (both Karim and I) as entirely Saint Petersburg-related only.

We went to Moscow by train only to witness the first Maroon 5 gig (the day after we replied the gig experience in Saint Petersburg… good vibes and good gigs both, with a slight preference to the first one probably, but maybe just because acoustic was better then than the subsequent night, and we were closer to the stage), and we stayed there only short of 20 hours (enough for me to buy what will be my Scala Première dress for the incoming days).

We will be back again in Moscow… but we wanted to taste Saint Petersburg mostly and its amazing surroundings only this time.

So much history and fantabulous-ness… such a glorious town indeed.

Everyone must visit there in their lifetimes… it’s mind-blowing if you love art and culture even a fraction than K&I do 🙂

At the Hermitage I truly had the time of my life… I did.

I cried even and that moved my sweet K a lot 🙂 (and someway shocked my in-laws but in the best way that it’s possible to be, fortunately!).

There was an Italian Retrospective at the Museum so it was really MEANT for me and K.

But the town is so much more than just that awesome museum!

We stayed in this dacia on the Neva, and old retire that we could rent thanks to the always powerful connections of my newfound broads.

We had as usual to walk around everywhere (gig included) with bodyguards but by now I truly don’t even mind anymore… I’m used to it whenever we are in long far away trips, or K’s fam is with us (grannies included!!!) or we visit places that rink higher in the special “care” list the fam observes.

But that all isn’t really a bothering after all.

The Thanksgiving menu was a very peculiar mixture of USA, Italian and Russian recipes (the cooks that came along my in-laws are really kick ass pros there!) and I have to say I truly enjoyed the cooking of St. Petersburg restaurants we went at, too.

Then landscapes… oh!!!! Those Russian landscapes!!!

The train trip to Moscow has been one of the most beautiful ever for me… I think I have taken no less than 500 pictures all the way along.

I feel so well after this trip I can share some little bit of the gig in Moscow, as well (my bickering towards the band’s regretful TV choices fades and goes away whenever I witness them live, because they still amazing when they hit the stage and make me fret and make me always get back in love with them…):

The best series of pictures. Thank You for addressing it Yari 😉

They are just so good…

It still make me so angry and disappointed to reckon their second wave of ultra success has to be ralated to such inferior material as MLJ & a Tv show tho… *sigh*.

To think that Moves Like Jagger may take a Grammy and a superior song like Misery was (and it’s not even my favorite out of HAO) didn’t makes me cringe… though I reckon compared to other songs candidated (beside maybe Paradise) it’s the clear runner up (but once shit like Bruno Mars and Rihanna’s albums are candidated for Album Of The Year, that means a little indeed):

So... MLJ is nominated. Will it get that trophy or...?

I still can’t cope with that… but by now that’s the reality, and there’s nothing to change it, no matter how much my inner music lover core refuses to face it.

Talking about music… I decided straight after watching the bill we will be at Coachella this year, cos line-up is SIMPLY PERFECT oh, yeah :)!!! :

I cherish them all 🙂

Music and I just get along the best 🙂

The tickets for Coachella won’t be a problem.

Lakers are back!

It’s the perk of knowing some really “into it” folks back in Cali.

And for music I treasure I will use all bonds and links and whatever.

It’s gonna be fun.

end of lockout!

Other GREAT things lying ahead: NBA STARTS FINALLY!!!!

I had lost hopes really… though I have no idea how the Lakers will survive the cut time… we are not a young team so this shortened season will affect us the most but WHO CARES?

Though the Xmas time will be actually spent in San Francisco and we will move to LA properly for NYE actually (maybe Vegas is a throw-in? we’ll see 😉) I hope to snatch the Xmas game tickets, no matter if we stay in town like only the proper time of the game only and then we hop onto a plane back and forth to San Fran ;).

I’m sure again our contacts will make this possible.

It’s Xmas after all and my family (old & new) can content me SO easily with that ticket… No need for courtside… I will be okay with anything 😉 (Mash!!!! You ready? ;))

What else?

Mario Monti has just unveiled the measures for avoiding Italy collapse and as a wealthy Italian I will be glad to help for my part.

Let the man work and put a patch onto this poor Nation destroyed after 17 years of fuckery from criminal Berlusconi (allowed blindly by the so-called “lefts” who are almost equally as responsible of this disaster as that criminal, because they never stopped him when they seemed to get a chance to).

We can make it and we must.

What else?

Oh, sure… the LOVELINESS that was the VSFS 2011 with the full display of Adam and Anne’s amazing love!!!

That always put me in a great mood because they are so special and perfect together and you know I treasure true beauty over everything because to me it’s a testify of the greatness of creation :).

I was meant to create a video out from the VSFS but I decide to post just the show entirely and a cut of interviews.

Enjoy (here there is also the lip-sync version of the Angels of the hit of the year… wonder which? Moves Like Jagger. *sigh again* ;)):

As for video celebrating the two lovebirds (the two lovebirds the world better start to worship as their beauty and loveliness deserves them to be worshipped for), I actually bumped in this AWESOME creation tribute that is dedicated to them and  fell in love (the creator is a genius and from their tumblr they also share my view on Anne’s Adorableness and the stupidity of her haters, so that’s a double good point for me too) with it.

So I hope you enjoy it as well and go to the creator’s page and thank them for such a quality tribute work whoever they are:

Adam Levine and Anne V.’s Tribute Video from TeamAdamsAngel Tumblr

This video doesn’t exist

Really go to the page of this girl/guy/people and just thank them and praise them as I did multiple times.

It’s a wonderful work, so don’t steal it okay?

I know some of you may had expected the Yoga video of Details Magazine as well but when I will prepare it I will post it into the NAWWAL Storage page ;).

But I don’t have time at the moment, so content yourself.

Gotta get back to work now or daddy will kick my so well shaped ass 😉

Catch you soon 😉

Missus Z. 🙂

Good evening!

Basically airport private flight means avoiding THIS chaos and all, right? GREAT! 😉

Malpensa hub, a very late flight with private allowance (and one has to ask why the private planes have to fly at  impossible slots… *sigh*) and we are waiting for all the checks to be completed and all papers to be signed.

“We” means Karim and I and my parents and my grandparents.

We’re heading to Saint Petersburg and there we’ll be finding also Karim’s parents.

And hopefully grandparents? (I love them so much!).

We’re gonna have a very peculiar Thanksgiving, all there in a rented place that I am pretty sure will blow my mind away.

I love Hermitage since my early, early years and I have a pure fascination with Catherine The Great, so to be there in such a special frame of situation is gonna be awesome.

We have planned this strange reunion shortly after I bought tickets for Maroon 5 gigs in Russia; we thought about having a very special time regardless of the fact the gigs would have taken place or not (you know… since what did happen last time…).

Karim’s family was delighted about this and so were my own folks: it’s gonna kick ass to be so many there and appreciate family in a place that is not ours nor theirs (well, actually K’s family lived here for a few months due to Ambassy’s requests… but that is implied in their job of choice, you know ;)).

What about Italy instead?

Mario Monti has taken over and I really hope he can provide at least a small patch to 17 years of despare and delusion that the criminal Berlusconi stunk in our side, and even praised out for (poor Italians, how clueless can you be?).

When we will be back, there is gonna be Scala’s première and actually another couple Maroon 5 gigs, in Rome and Milan.

But you know by now, I’m not THAT thrilled about any of that.

Sure, I will enjoy them and love them, but I still believe that Moves Like Jagger is generic and Stero Hearts is sub-par decent.

I am glad if they are happy such songs helped them getting back under the radar of people and awards, but artistically… they are far from where they used to shine and shit on others, even if those times might have been less commercially rewarding.

Their choice, and I am sure lots of people still love them wildly and even more than before.

I love them, still, just not as passionately and maybe as blindly as before.

But I still obviously worship Adam’s voice, that is almost a spell on me he keeps exercising , which is why, even though I HATE The Voice of Fuckery, I have bought immediately the song he has recorded with its winner, Javier Colon, which is called Stand Up (nothing groundbreaking, but they have two lovely voices, sure), out of his album which I have no idea of, for the rest of it.

Since we are talking about Russia and Love, then, I have put the above song in a video made out of pictures from VSFS 2011 (the loveliness that are Adam and Anne together remains a fix of mine… I go awwwww everytime they interact 😉 STILL), because I wanted it so, and then I also put together all past appearances of lovely Anne V from her VSFS times, from 2008 to this present year (it’s a 40 minutes video), waiting for the actual show to air when I will be in Russia (I will put the piece up soon or later, complete, you know in the storage page).

Hope you can enjoy beauty (and close an eye to some of the outfits… *sigh*).

This video doesn’t exist


This video doesn’t exist

What else?

Nothing much left.

We still waiting for these damn papers to sign so that we can take off towards one of my most treasured towns in the world.

Wish you all a great time till our next break in 😉

Stay Young, Stay Foolish 😉

Missus Z.

There is nothing like amazing perfect sex

So… Gaining some time after reunion with husband, as works almost ends and I have a couple minutes to spend online.

Yesterday has been an utterly unreplicable experience of re-meeting.

We shut phones down, and we didn’t leave each other’s bodies for hours.

And hours.

And hours.

And this morning we replicated. What a holy situation of bliss…

It truly has been fantastic, and you must know by now my standards are really tough to meet, and match, especially continuously, in the lovemaking department.

But yes… this man can outdo himself (and me) so much, so greatly, all the times… that I couldn’t have married anybody else, really (without him I don’t think I would have married at all. Marriage was supposed to NOT be my thing at all, he fought to make my mind change there and it did JUST because of him).

I think I had to be someone really good and great in my previous times here because that’s the only way that can explain all of my blessings in this current passage over Mother Earth.


But let’s try to be understandable.

Leaving New York alone was PAINFUL. No High Mile nor cuddling... 😦

It has been so hard to fly back from New York alone, as he had to fly to Berlin for work instead, and I couldn’t give up to my own work commitments to follow him as I had hoped to (I love Berlin, but it seems always when I have to be there, Karim can’t follow me (not all the time) and when I am too taken, he has to be there, again alone).

I had an incredible hard time in not merging with his skin for almost five entire days.

You know me… I develop an incredibly bad mood if I can’t have daily sexual activities, and the Skype/cybersexual/kinky online stuff we nonetheless did just couldn’t even remotely match the way we have flawless, amazing sex together (some of you would call it making love… but it doesn’t work for me cos we make AWESOME SEX while being in utter love. We’re just so totally fitting one another’s wild dreams there, the “making love” thing seems just not enough to describe us ;). Then to me sex is one of the greatest things ever, if not THE greatest thing ever and it works just better if love is involved but you know… it can function very well even when love isn’t.).

So my days Karim-deprived were telling me right now I really feel our lives are a UNITE thing.

Not that my friends haven’t been great to be with me and make me happy while I was alone in Milan.

Contrariwise: they were all amazing.

I still believe any person has to be an individuality FIRST, so even when alone, I of course am capable of having fun, be cheerful, do my own stuff and have satisfaction.

It’s just that now that I can’t enjoy out of coupling sexual encounters (faithful, I promised and I mantain, unless we decide ourselves to be open and let somebody sneak in… but that are for very selected people, and generally my own Valentine wild card that Karim has learnt to love and appreciate…) that energetic fulfilling need that I daily have stay someway caged in, making me… feeling appetites I can’t let go.

And from there, it comes some of that bad mood above.

Thank above all my friends know me enough to understand where it comes from, and they are able to forgive me and cheer me and uplift me when things like that happen (some will still offer themselves for some revival of my amazing wild days of friendly benefiting, but by now they do know those days are gone, but always dear to my heart and memory… and somewhere other parts of my body too ;))

My crew is awesome: they know me and so they really took care of me.

Why does it always rain where Italy can't help but fall apart?

We had a quiet night out, because the tragedy in Genova just didn’t call for wild antics out; then we had an awesome clubbing night, sessions of weekend shopping, dinner out with just my gals, and sporty stuff (Milan in San Siro is always good).

But… maybe I am just growin up… I don’t know.

It seemed to me that all the fun I had wasn’t complete still, without not a single moment of me gazing into Karim’s eyes and smelling his skin.

I had fun dancing, I had fun turning down the usual plethora of guys and men tryin to catch my attention (some were cute and also classy…and as usual some kept on trying no matter my note that I wasn’t up for anything, or that I was married. Marriage doesn’t discourage any hunter, I know ;)), and I had the most awesome time of chitty chat with my best friends…

But missing Karim was hard.

I can’t wait for next trip together: it will be in Russia for the end of the month when we will be in Saint Petersburg and Moscow for partly the Maroon 5 gigs over there and partly to celebrate in a very strange fashion a far away Thanksgiving with our families (let’s just call it a reason to celebrate, why not ;)… as we all adore art, I can tell you the place we look the most to be at is OBVIOUSLY The Ermitage :)!

Our time in New York was pretty much all ours; yep, we met with grandmother but mainly we enjoyed our new apartment in the Upper West Side (LOVE IT!!!) just a shot away from The Beacon Theater, Riverside and Lincoln Center.

Gosh I love our house there so much!

Have a house in Manhattan is simply fabulous

We went to Letterman too and enjoyed at the same time (they were taping two episodes) Justin Timberlake (well, not that  I really like him at all, and he SUX as actor still), the awesome The Civil Wars, and then the subsequent taping JOHNNY friggin DEPP and the someway disappointing Foster the People.

We also had the great pleasure of being invited by lovely beauty Brooke Shields at her Broadway show and enjoy the cast company quite after it, and we also went to watch another piece, Mamma Mia!, as New York was preparing to find some snow hours later.

Then the whole of Soho (where some very good friends reside) and the night outs, The Chelsea Piers, dinners at the Top of The Sky…

Oh, New York!!!

As an European, I’ll never be tired of saying it, NY IS the city… I meanI love California and I love to have a house there, but California love expresses itself fully towards the entire Country, while talking about TOWNS, New York just BE IT.

We couldn’t obviously remain these latest few days so we missed Saturday Night Live on the 5th November (too bad, episode is hilarious and yes, I actually enjoyed Maroon 5 there even though I still only moderately like both Moves Like Jagger and Stereo Hearts):

Today we were actually invited to be witnessing the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, where Anne walks and Maroon 5 (and KANYE!!!!!) will perform; but honestly, I will happily content myself with watching it on tv, because I feel not any urge of crazy fandom by now.

I still obviously love Maroon 5, but I can live with missing them sometimes.

It doesn’t nor wouldn’t hurt me anymore at all, like it used to when they used to be flawlessly epic to me, and therefore any missing of their “existence” would have felt like a deprive to my soul.

Now, I am a fan that likes and loves and praises, but not longer completely adores and worships them, pros and cons no matter what.

This makes me somebody who has a number of huge likes in music, but not anymore a devoted and 110% fan of ANYBODY (still, I have my list of likes that I can put in a numbered list, and the top positions still always the same, even without worshipping I presume).

But there’s a thing that they did this past week that I truly loved that involved Maroon 5, and that thing was a chat they did for z100NY radio where Adam confessed his fandom for my other favorite band (and they still them two who keeps being my favorite, no matter Moves Like JaggerMylo Xyloto mistakes of various sorts and crimes against music, bad reality tv shows The Voice shame), namely Coldplay (I also adores that he gives hints about Rock In Rio, a gig that I adored to attend to, for both bands).

Watch it because it’s so cute (in its entirety, actually, not merely the part where he talks about Coldplay, or when he rightly defends his position against those idiots of Fox News, for instance):

Talking about idiots, politics and douchebags – all things that apply to Fox News and anybody trusting that racist, angsty uninforming trash – , and I use the term way too generously, in Italy that stupid criminal Berlusconi is keeping us hanging while the Country falls apart, drowns itself  under water, generally struggles to survive and he still speaking like everything’s fine and like he actually has a voice to raise to make things better.

Can he die already, please?

I mean… NATURALLY (he’s old enough, isn’t he?).

I think Rino Gaetano said it best (it’s scary how this song works now like it did decades ago…):

I really hope my Country can raise the bar, raise its head up and start understanding to be OKAY, to be fine, to be respected and trusted you gotta WORK, be responsible, be true, be HONEST and never give up to ANY of these things.

We have more brain and more talent and more strength than we think; and the fact so many in this Country believed in a rotten, fake, poisoning and poisoned criminal’s “fairy tale” has brought this amazing place on the verge of despare, and bankruptcy.

I know we won’t permit this any longer.

So… as I keep being blessed and happy… I hope my generation will provide the great energy to start a new and better chapter for many, and for all the Italians too.

John Lennon wasn’t the only dreamer.

Last song I post, makes me remember New York in the sweetest way:

Have you all a great time.

The happiest woman on this planet. Ever 😉

Missus Z. 🙂


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