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Before you read about me, this is my Twitter Feed, too ;):


Now back at “some pieces of me”… (edited multiple times, as life goes on and until this blog will stay active, which won’t be forever, of course ;)):

Every time I come back to this page, for some small edit, I try to guess if I need to re-phrase things and I always realize that…

Some Cali shot.


I don’t 😉

My attitude and ego still the same even after I have married: I still enjoy life, music, surprises, hot sex, and I live to follow my own lead.

People around me, as of 2012, keep follow my lead as well, so…

I think I can keep the following profile just as I originally wrote it (with the various stepstones moment still encoded chaotically 😉 in ).


Zaira is a quite unique entity forced into a fabulous female body.

I might blab around a lot… or not.

I live the real life a lot so it’s not like I have plenty of time to spare on the internet.


I do it cos I like to keep links with friends.

I love… to love.

To passionately love.

I used to not believe (at ALL) in romance and long-lasting relationship.

I never did until very, very recently: and trust me when I say I have got some of the most wild days ever… because I guarantee you YOUR concept of wildness PALES compared to half of my own one ;).

But I guess even then, when all I cared about was finding the perfect physical lover regardlessly of bonding as an item, I was philosophically keen on attempting a change of mind.

Though you gotta be REALLY special to have me interested in you, and therefore, whomever tried for 24 years to become that TRULY special one for me just painfully failed in a bliss of  HUNDREDS (not kidding) friendly benefiting other links.

That’s it: don’t get shocked at my openess, because the only way I know about living is being FREAKINGLY sincere.

If you can’t handle it… go away ;).

I love Japan, I live through music, I’m a fanatic of Maroon 5 and Coldplay and i just try my best to have the most fullfilled life journey ever.

There you go… Me this August 2012 at the beach.
With iPhone at hand, so I could tweet 😉

EDIT about Maroon 5 (6th March 2011): After the shame of the Voice show decision I have decided to put on hold my love for Maroon 5 and Adam Levine. I can’t really take that they have done well, and so until they won’t get back to their roots of artists and musicians that were the things that made me love them, don’t expect this blog to talk about them anymore, but relate to THIS side blog instead.

EDIT about Maroon 5 (August 2011): I will post again some Maroon 5 related stuff I guess until The Fuckery that thing won’t start airing again in February 2011, but keep relate to Marghe&Sere and their blog for the type of “total” updates anyway. My relationship with them now is still kind in jeopardy, although I still love them when they are musicians and not “tv stars” 😉 (read: Adam).

Edit bout Maroon 5 (June/July 2012): Oh… darn. I LOVE OVEREXPOSED. I do. I still hate THE FUCKERY That Awful Tv Show The Voice BUT… Music conquered me back. Aaaaaand… I still be a fan. I tried to fight it and I lost. Welcome back fully in my life, you guys (But NO THE FUCKERY love will ever be felt on this pages.. deal ;))

Edit about Maroon 5 (September 2012): I am back in complete super fan mode. Truth is that I can’t wait for seeing them live again soon. Of COURSE that doesn’t mean I will ever watch or agree or – God forbid me – like The Fuckery that thing The Voice, but luckily this incoming one is for sure the last season Adam will be on so the tragedy/torture of me heavily hating something he does will end soon 😉

I’m quite a spoiled (tall) bitch, and still I have the most adorable and loyal friends around.

I am a fan of promiscuous behaviors, because I love to test females’ power onto men, even though I knew always there were meant to be a space within me for something else, something different, the day that special, quite brave somebody would touch my inner smile like nobody did before him.

See? I CAN smile 😉 And I’m PLENTY of reason for that

Well that special someone able to deal with the whole and complicate me  just has blastered into my life.

And I would love if he would remain within the very enclosed circle of it.


Special K,  by now (March 2010, and after on September 2010)… I guess you deserve a mention here.

>>> and now, October 2010, it’s even more deserved <<<

Ladies and Gentleman, as you can read HERE, Karim and I are engaged to marry in August 6th, 2011, in Japan.

The picture of me smiling should say pretty much it all, right?

Miss Z. is so incredibly LUCKY.

She knows 😉

<<<< yes… as Bjork would say… all is full of LOVE, folks… (and LOTTA wild sex ;)) >>>>

You’d love to meet me for real: yep, you all would love to.

But not many can be that lucky: I’m extremely picky in my friendships, and proud to be like that.

Super moment edit!!!

Super moment edit!!!!

6th August 2011. Me and my soulmate forever unite.

EDIT, August 2011: Zaira is a married woman. Still a happy nimpho one, too 😉


I did it.

I’m married now 😉

I’m enchantingly happy and I am writing this small update from Japan, where we did marry and where we are staying for the whole of August 2011.

I’m a happy happy camper and I’m very thankful for all that I have got to live so far.

Even more excited for what lies ahead and NO WAY… We don’t plan to have babies ANY soon, for the record.

I am not prepared yet and we have so much to do as a couple and as individuals yet before we start to focus so intently in raising another human being (because we think that is like… a mission or something ;))

This blog has blossomed as the sister version of my Italian one , that by October 2010 I have de-activated (too short of time to dedicate to the web anyway) and it’s meant to display my likings, in various forms.

November 2012. Airport ;)

November 2012. Airport 😉

Read in the links and feeds about  my Italian life, or just try my Twitter, Digg or (mostly gracious) my YouTube page (I do have a Facebook and a MySpace but honestly I don’t really care about those… I love Twitter because carrying my iPhone everywhere I can update it as soon as I live things, straight…).

I might disappear any moment from the web, because I can get bored of it easily.

Live and learn.

And have fun and enlighten yourself while you’re on your path.

I live my life following this idea:

“If I would die tomorrow, I wanna be happy of the journey I have lived so far. And if it’d happen tomorrow, well, I would definitely be so.

If I am gonna live tomorrow, again, then I wanna have something more and beyond to taste, aim at and acknowledge. And I have plenty of that that I wanna pursue.”

That’s my Tao, and I am all for it.

Miss Z.

(last edited Dec 3, 2012)

With Love 😉


10 Responses to "Zaira in some words"


Nice to see you off of the Laker’s blog. JohnnyP

So this is where The Blog Goddess resides when not attending to her minions of Sports fan. Mamba24(Larry)

Oh my… 😉 I’d just need a space to blab, I guess. And… let fans be fans for important things dear, like Lakers, Kobe and/or music/art…
I am nowhere nearly interesting topic, this is just where I express thoughts I have, when I feel to.
Until I will feel it’s interesting for me to.
Lotta love dear 🙂

I see your blog, twitter and other on the web… I’m intrigue about your press on Adam Levine and Maroon5.
I’d like you follow me on twitter.. I’m Nipotinamukkosa… I’ve just add u on…
Sorry if my english isn’t very good…I’m italian girl 😉
Bye…I hope see u soon…and… look at
http://www.flickr.com/photos/nipotinamukkosa/2178001009/this is my personal artwork about Adam Levine.. 😉

Ti ho risposto anche via Twitter… Leggi pure quel messaggio (e’ lungo, va aperto…) e se ti sta bene, vorrei pubblicare con crediti vari sul mio blog – sia in questa versione che in quella italiana) il tuo artwork. Si parla comunque di lunedi prossimo 😉
Grazie dell’interesse, un saluto, Miss Z. 😉

Grazie mille!!!
A presto…vado su twitter!!

Girl, scusa se sto tergiversando con le updates ed ancora non ho creato quella che includerà il tuo artwork, anche se ti avevo detto che l’avrei fatto prima lunedì, poi martedì, poi oggi…
Sto avendo una settimana piena… Domani, come ti ho detto stamani su Twitter, creerò il nuovo post.
Lo so… sto peccando in tempistica 😉
Ma lascio sempre la precedenza… a tutto ciò che non è web 😉
Baci, ti auguro un’ottima giornata 🙂

…ma…tranquillissima!!!…. anzi…. ho fatto altri due disegni… se ti va di guardarli… ;-*
Un bacione enorme!!

hey my name is Zaira too! accidently came across your blog. hehe.

Great blog here! Also your web site loads up fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my web site loaded up as fast as yours lol

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