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What about…

Posted on: 13 May 2013

… feeling quite motherly as of late?

Just some random feeling on a Monday morning 😉

And I know I’ve been left the blog quite dusted but I have traveled a lot these past months and I’m just enjoying life and some… new mindset ;).

I might update something soon.

Expect some Kobe Bryant panegyric and some friends celebration (Fede‘s getting MARRIED!!!! Holy Moly!!!) 🙂

Kobe is my hero and he will be back stronger than ever

Kobe is my hero and he will be back stronger than ever

Sometimes… soon? (Who Knows ;)).

Missus Z. is SHININGLY HAPPY and wants you to appreciate the two songs she’s SO into as of late:

Cesare Cremonini‘s latest (and biggest to date) masterpiece:

and my Summer song, new Daft Punk amazing Get Lucky:

Next week we get also Maroon 5 latest video for Love Somebody.

DREADFUL song choice, if I may say.

After the half dud Daylight was commercially wise (I predicted it as soon as they picked it up for single spotlight), they make it followed by another song of the same under-performing type.

They are TERRIBLE at picking singles.


Well, at least Love Somebody video will be cute...

Well, at least Love Somebody video will be cute…

But at least the video promises to be cute (it won’t be enough to make the song chart well, but we all knew they would have paid dust to the two smashes they still have on Overexposed anyway – Lucky Strike and Doin’ Dirt – didn’t we? *sigh*

I have tons of Maroon 5 material but I am not going to post any today sorry I am lazy ;).

I just make you see the latest I’ve gotten from this past Saturday’s Wango Tango in Carson, California:

Adam left quite quickly and on his own car immediately after the headlining performance of Maroon 5… heading to Vegas like he did in middle April, while his bandmates were in Coachella, or somewhere else?

Who knows; certainly he got stuff goin’ on (like always):

Oh, and if you wonder I have nothing about Adam’s new leading lady (for sure he isn’t sleeping alone EVER, so I assume he has something going on, but don’t know if he is in a proper relationship or he’s just testing new and many waters) after he and Behati broke up (the last post was the last time they ever shared time together, so all of the cheers from Adam’s people were something in the line of a goodbye to her as his girlfriend, but not as a friend of them all, luckily).

Friendship lasts longer: Behati on James' back at Coachella 2013

Friendship lasts longer: Behati on James’ back at Coachella 2013

About the break up I am glad all of M5 & Adam’s entourage keep being very friendly with her; she has been a WONDERFUL girlfriend for him and she deserves love.

She has a great personality and I appreciate how also after the breakup she never whined, she never used him, she never tried to milk him or their link in any way.

She is a great girl and she surely will find plenty of people willingly to be her next beau.

And she will hopefully remember the good times with one of the sexiest creatures to ever walk this planet as a good point up in her life (I am sure she never thought any of that she had with Adam was meant to last… and she just had fun and I am  sure she did, and that’s what is good for a girl of – soon – 24 years).

I for one never thought their relationship was meant to last as I kept saying over and over, because Adam won’t make ANY relationship last for a few years more, but I am happy Bee is still happy and hangin out with all the M5 crew, as that is a testify of her goodness in the coveted role she had the privilege to fill in for 10 months.

Behati with Mickey at Coachella 2013: in the maintime Adam was partying at Las Vegas hotspot with Tiesto ;)

Behati with Mickey at Coachella 2013: in the maintime Adam was partying at Las Vegas hotspot with Tiesto 😉

I think she has been by far the best and most discreet and loyal of all the girlfriends he has had while being famous, which is even more  a point in her favor if you consider she was with him at the TOTAL peak of his fame (Adam is a household name by now, and increasingly so even) and I hope whoever is in after her is of the same breed.

Even better; I hope this new person (I don’t know if we have already a new proper girlfriend or if we are going to have one in a while after some bed romps more of him) is even more discreet and she has zero celebrity relevance.

I am pretty sure the one who will eventually be THE ONE (not happening for 3 or 4 more years anyway) will be somebody out of some rich Hollywood family with no public name known to the masses.

That’d be the perfect fit for somebody who hates being in the spotlight out of his job duties.

not that much of a tweeter anymore... but an entrepreneur for sure

not that much of a tweeter anymore… but an entrepreneur for sure

He needs somebody who understands the dynamics of the rich and famous and has no need to milk him; that would make him run even faster away from anybody, especially now that his star is super-sized and he has so many things going on he has settled for a life of super wealth already and way beyond what he probably thought he was able to achieve even just 3 years ago.

Anyway if you’re waiting for news here on Adam’s new squeeze, sorry, I have no clue and he DEFINITELY is all about making his love life – and life in general actually – SUPER private so I don’t expect news anytime soon about that; which I APPROVE of as you know.

His personal life is only his and his only public one has to be the professional one; glad he finally and totally embraced the first rule of smart rich people.

Do your thing.

Behind CLOSED & VERY THICK walls, and absolutely don’t merge with communards.

Finding somebody to take golfing with the riches? Adam on May 6th at celebrity golfing tournament in Toluca Lake

Finding somebody to take golfing with the riches? Adam on May 6th at celebrity golfing tournament in Toluca Lake

Yeah, stalkerish people are going to complain but Adam NEVER was the sharing type at all; when he was, he was because he was tricked and maneuvered into it and now he obviously doesn’t want any of it (I still think one of the main reasons for his previous break-up with Behati has to do with Ali the criminal trying again some exposing tricks through his name, using him again to boost relevance of accolytes, and I have pretty solid feedback over that and the fact he despises Ali with all of himself and forever).

Anyway I am not going to post about these things today, either.

Rely over the NAWWAL pages because there I always upload things faster 😉

Enjoy life.

I ammmmmmmmmm!!!! 😉

Catch you soon (or not so soon)

Missus Z. 🙂


1 Response to "What about…"

Hi miss Z!missing you+your blog super badly.You’ve making me awaits for a few months.Keep on writing Z!You know you’re not alone!I’m crying as an ocean for adam and behati..it is so so sad to death.They’re perfect together!Hope to read more soonest! Happy belated birthday zaira!lotta lurve!!

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