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Posted on: 18 July 2011


Relaxing on K's family yacht. Insane 😉

Just got back from a quick weekend on boat (even though after experiencing K’s family “boat” my own one seems like minuscule… and it’s really much NOT so… ;)!), and in less than half an hour I’ll be at the stable to spend more time with my Swifty baby.

I gotta be rushing because tomorrow we leave again towards the States, destination MIAMI for a bachelor time with only American friends this time (whoooo! Love Miami in July, and its vibe… I’m happy I will e wearing as usual my Lakers pride on my sleeve without having to stand any of Heat fans trying to bother, since they lost the ring ;)!!!)

After Miami we will fly (oh, and keeping using K’s uncle private plane… that undoubtedly makes it easier to celebrate our incoming hitching times ;)!) towards Los Angeles, where our house will host again all my Italian crew because we will attend (not all of us, only a selected part of devoted fans… although my level of fandom has drastically decreased since The Fuckerythat thing“) Maroon5 gig at The Hollywood Bowl (and hopefully only K&I will also be attending the day before Stevie Wonder’s gig there… awww I really hope we can make that!!!).

I know I will have a great time there, don’t get me wrong: for me the best version of Maroon 5 is actually when they are on stage so surely I will adore it all.

In fact, what let me SO down about Adam was exactly that he ditched that live on stage sparkle to sign onto what I will always perceive as a selling out by him.

But I know I can’t set back time and I will have to deal with the fact he isn’t anymore what I loved him to be, not fully at least.

Now he likes Reality tv, he loves to be friend with JUSTIN BIEBER (feel me throwing up) and allegedly he’s also into golf now.


So long to so many things I used to love about him (many of them being things he used to dislike or not conforming to, while now it seems I’m alone in hating reality tv, pop fake puppets and overrated rich sports)… but at least his voice still perfect and unique, right?

His voice and talent will always maintain a place for him into my “I like” list, no matter how many idiot and despicable career choices he will make (till some extent, at least).

Anyway I am sure I will adore Hollywood Bowl gig as I loved their Paris gig even on the eve of my The Fuckery The Voice shock.

Maybe Adam will invite Drunktina Christina A. on stage and will perform just as he will on Moves Like Jagger video:

And with that sentence I mean HALF NAKED, of course.

Now that’d make me tingle a bit, no matter how much he un-sexified himself down after becoming a Reality Tv “thing” (I don’t think I will ever be able to look at him the same after that… by now all evidences point towards this sad fact), he still one of the finest specimen of men who ever lived on this planet.

Yep, he will always be hot, hot in a very inescapable way right?

I loved that in the behind the scenes video making of he claims to be “a one woman man”, too: he should just decide himself and put a ring on Anne‘s finger.


They need to marry, and multiply their so blessed genetic code.

This video doesn’t exist

Do it, Levine.

After you’ve so much changed that now you’re even into golf, you can become a married man too: age-wise, that’s expected (and in all ways better than falling for golf, really).

Talkin about that, and switching back to K&I (I mean… we just rule ANYBODY else really ;)), after the LA quickie we were meant to move with both USA & Italian crew to Las Vegas BUT we were at risk of crossing crass KardaSSian family SO we got permission to fly all to Catalina into K’s family house there.

That’s gonna be ROCKING!!!!

Now tell me if I don’t love all my crew ;).

I don’t think it’s possible to prepare better for a marriage than the way K&I are doing (for us and for the people we love… and trust our parties are insane ;)!).

After Catalina our friends will get back to their places because the last times before Japan reaching will be all family bound for me and my amazing half.

My family and K’s one will reunite first in San Francisco, then we will move to Paris (@ private homes obviously).

It’s gonna be awesome 🙂

The music that fits the most is this: my current jam, Jovanotti:

Ya’ll better follow my happy streak, to enjoy my preppy crazy times, ok?

I leave you with another song that I like (her voice’s so good I followed her also on Twitter, just this morning), the latest from Jessie J:

What else?

I guess not much 🙂

Catch you just before marriage?

I guess so 😉

Much love, Miss Z. 🙂


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