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Some days away & some future to shape ;)

Posted on: 19 January 2013

Heya there!

Writing from a crazy place in a little quietness after and before the craziest traveling day I have probably ever had… I thought to download stress this way.

Better than eat compulsively tons of chocolate 😉

Oh… and since this is the first post of the Year, of course… happy 2013 (doesn’t it feels like the new year feeling was already from a decade ago?) ;)!

Happy 2013 ;)

Happy 2013 😉

I hope everyone had a wonderful end of the Year as yours truly, hubby and crew had, and I also hope your setup of this by-now-rolling new frame of life is as exciting as ours ;).

So far I honestly don’t even know if I can figure out a personal space in my agenda already until incoming July but this is what I love about my life… it’s PACKED.

In fact, I am just in a few hours trip as I’m takin another airplane (hopefully) to land in a wonderful town for a wonderful event (in between stops are a bugger tho, and this snow is really driving us all mad)

It’s all very belonging to my new found family of course and this time I am part of it enough to have been formally invited there so… it’s gonna be great (even though there are some organizational choices that I truly don’t like but they weren’t up to us so no complaining I know).

More treasured memories (and I will also survive the fact this time around the entertainment provided doesn’t even come close to what I was hoping since the (most recent) history of this kind of celebration… but again no complaining is allowed in these festive occasions and I will seal lips now, and bless the fact that I can be part of it ;)).

Truth is that social boundaries and exchanges are gonna be so worthy anyway, I am grateful and pumped and ready to go even more undercover this time around than we always do in these events (feeling quite royalty and a spy in a Mata Hari mission at times when these type of things have to be prepared, but I wouldn’t change the thrill and the amazement of it for any single thing in the world 🙂 I’ve been born to live this kind of way! ;)).

It’s gonna be a fast pace of a few days and of course very private but I will love even the headaches and jet lags which are gonna offspring out of it ;).. and yes I am writing this now after I throw a pen at the wall because I am so nervous after hours spent in airports lounges trying to figure which route can guarantee us to land in time where we have to that I just gave up a minute to sanity.


But this is not my first trip of the year (if you are one of my 4000+ twitter followers you must know ;)) and sometimes yes… I do get stressed out too.

I am working already my ass off this year (for any leisure related trip, I have to work a lot both prior and after) and I have been to Berlin already (one of the many trips there in the first quarter I guess).

Biz Trips which I Love

Biz Trips which I Love

For the record, I am deeply fond of that town…

Even though lately Italians aren’t really up for anything German-related… but it’s OUR fault, so let there be MY love for you, Svevia 😉

Why do Italians dislike Germany as of late?

Well, because our awful politicians told Italians if we are in the pits is due to Merkel‘s acolytes.

Which is obviously a lie.

I need to hope for a great 2013

I need to hope for a great 2013

If Italy’s in the pit is because Italians are so stupid that they have believed Berlusconi for almost 2 decades.

Oh, boy… as we approach these new Elections I am scared as hell Italians will once more prove their idiocity and naivety and give to that monster way more votes than any developed civilians society shall be allowed to.

I am so appalled at the way that awful person is still battling for fucking us all some more… but then I realize he gets VOTED; better: he ALWAYS gotten votes actually… and I just occasionally stop to have faith in humanity altogether.

It’s a quick feeling but it hurts and bruises and hurts.

You know how much I do believe in the greatness of human beings.

It costs me a lot to admit that more than a few times human beings are just plain retarded, in a way too wide portion.


But let’s go on… and focus on good things.

Like art…

Art is always a great thing for me to restore faith in humans 😉

Ortisei's purchase is just about the best decision I made past year or something ;)

Ortisei’s purchase is just about the best decision I made past year or something 😉

Art is what makes me confident we still a society in development even though at times this pushin forward has cracks and stops and it looks way too lost in… transition (ah!).

Art makes my logic side fade away its cold sight.

Art is what makes me warm and lets me being happy.


I had to have a person with me who’s just made of and lives for art and embodies it so well… or else I wouldn’t be happy at all I guess :).

Of course art is substantially personal in its appreciation (I actually believe the perks of it transcends any personal taste actually and becomes universal… but that’s a long topic that we actually love to argue over at any buen retiro with the families so in a matter of hours it’s going to be very well dug into… and I can’t wait ;)), so it’s not like what I think is Law or anything but since this is my space and its exactly dedicated at the things I love…

Get ready for some heavily judgmental lines.

And by the way to have judgment is not “unfair” or “mean”… to judge things (Cartesio docet) is the only way human prove to be intelligent.

To judge reality gives us the power to transform it.

I cringe anytime people act or speak like to state opinions is some sort of bad habit we shall rid off.


Let us have very strong opinions instead.

Hypocrisy is the worst thing really… not being judgmental.

But let’s get back at art now ;).

The other day we went watching a movie that I personally REALLY have liked a lot… the cast of Tornatore’s “La Migliore Offerta” is splendid and everything was screaming “captivating” to me about this movie.

Then I love to resonate over mental differences and pathologies which affect the human relationships so this was easily a great movie to me (and Geoffrey Rush is ALWAYS to be seen ;)).

I liked it way better than Django Unchained to be honest (even though I loved Christopher Waltz there, but then as you know I really don’t like Leonardo Di Caprio’s acting so that alone pretty much ruined Django to me enough…):

Talking about how bad and overrated (and quite not so good looking either, now that he’s pigging like crazy) Leonardo Di Caprio is, let’s switch briefly to the fact AGAIN he has been snubbed by the Academy Awards Committee…

AS DESERVED, because all of his acting beside a couple of movies is either plain flat or just overdone or (like in Django) completely parodist.

These are the Oscars nominations and I have to say I am pretty pleased with them, just like I have been with the Grammy ones that were detailed past post 😉

Ah! Poor Leo 😉 Learn from great actors what kind of performance you have to deliver to be considered receipt worthy… for instance ask the IMMENSE Daniel Day Lewis... or these two fellas below (even though they are not real people, they are far more talented and delivering as actors than you):

Wall-E and Totoro ;)

Wall-E and Totoro 😉

Speaking about artistry and overrated people who use media power to sell not-so-great skills…

Have any of you heard THE DATED, OVERHYPED, PAINFULLY DULL mess that is the “great return” of Justin Timberpuss Timberlake in the music scene?




Let’s talk about how bad Suit & Tie is, but how it is already being sold by all media (paid by Justin’s team) to be some sort of classy revival of RnB in the charts.

Classy revival?

It sounds like a Robin Thicke’s leftover and I am not saying from 2012… it sounds like a bad effort at making the whole world go sleepy that he (Robin, not Justin) didn’t agree to sing in 2007!!!!

I can’t believe such a sought after artist and long-time loved and missed performer returned on the scene with a 5.20 minute awful song which has maybe 10 second in the chorus which are not sickly-inducing.

I mean… Timberlake as an actor IS really bad and everyone wanted him back in music… but if this is the way he’s going to do music he can go back acting immediately.

No payola to radio will make this song successful (though it may help sell a while at first) Justin… in fact the amazing Thrift Shop (a song which I dearly loved straight up as I heard it) has already dethroned its overrated snoozy jam from iTunes’ top and hopefully preventing any top charting next week, and as hopefully 50 Cent, Eminem and Adam’s way superior My Life will prevent that horrid whine to chart at the top of the UK chart, too (let’s cross fingers).

Suit & Tie is just a very bad song tossed around with incredible pretentiousness, which is not surprising the least coming from Timberlake, a boybander who made a career out of Neptunes’ & Timbaland’s talent (when they were all at their peaks), taking it in all as it was only him doing it by himself.

Well Sir Timberpuss please learn that to give credit to others is good when you know your success is at least a team effort Justin… don’t act like you’re the second coming of anything because your name is based out of NSYNC success and that alone shall make you ashamed for the rest of your life.

You were pure bubble gum pop while the rest of the brained world was into either Nirvana or Britpop. There’s nothing to be really over-proud about in your career Justin… slow down the peackocking feathering and then I might even like you; this if you put out music like Sexy Back and not the inaudible tragedy which is Suit&Tie of course ;).

things which are art: my cooking (kidding.. not yet at least) ;)

things which are art: my cooking (kidding.. not yet at least) 😉

And look… while I am not really fond of Justin I do reckon some of his earlier songs were forward and amazing, and I like him as a performer (when he’s not so up his ass) and I do think he is talented (just not as much as he thinks he is though), so for me to loathe so much Suit & Tie it takes this: I can’t stand when garbage is sold like gold, and people believe their own hype.

This values also for the people I actually love, and in fact I have deeply hated anything that involved Adam as soon as he sold out to The Voice (that still a musical crime to me and after that he will NEVER be the same in my eyes: still adore his voice and love his talent but that flawed choice makes him no longer Divine to me ;)), till the point you haven’t seen him in this blog for months in between 2011 and 2012 (thing that I am very proud of: if I like people, I hate them double when they disappoint me fully ;)).

It was Overexposed pop brilliancy and utter realness forcing me to reconsider Adam and Maroon 5 from a fan point of view (I still hate and despise anything he does when related to The Karaoke Mess though… I so hope this is his last season there… please please please let it be), so in the end I judge it all based on actual music goodness and Suit & Tie is one of the worst song of the past 3 years.


It can come Einstein telling me S&T is good and I would still despise it.

Give me Bruno Mars over Justin ANY time as musical talent goes folks… Bruno is ten times better than Justin.

Do your thing: I’ve done mine with it and no matter if it could even get sold and become successful… it will only remain hyped trash to me (remember that to this day I still hate Moves Like Jagger too… and proudly).

I am even supposing this Suit & Tie rushing to the public it’s all part of Beyonce’s plans to make airwaves more used to RnB (she is coming out soon with an album allegedly full of that… and since 4 badly flopped for her standards, she is doing already everything to prevent a similar doomed chart-run this time, with powerful promos brought in by Pepsi, H&M, and the Superbowl…) to force Justin to put off such a weak song (featuring her insufferable and similarly overrated husband Jay-Z, totally worthless in an already completely worthless song) so that when hers come off people won’t have to being forcedly fed up get used to just one of a song with a not so commonly played sound.

In fact Justin’s team is already trying to label S&T as a buzz single teasing that “the real thing” is coming after (of course they will have to put out something else of a more contemporary flair or Mr. Timberlake despite all PR push will flop miserably and the industry has hyped him for years way too much to allow this).

In between Justin and Beyonce’ teams trying to make people think what is pure recycling is actually great creativity (oh, dear… no, it’s just your prime which has faded out and won’t come back…), I have also to say that musically speaking also my people are trying hard to test my nerves.

Just a note because I will go on about Maroon 5 more later… but this I have to tell straight.


You went up fully for it with the (excellent, pop-speakingly) Overexposed album, so why after a wonderful pair of singles with greatly deserved success (Payphone and One More Night) you not only decided to use one of the most uneventful track on the record as third single (The cute-but-flat Daylight) and NOT giving it even a decent video (the 9 minutes video fan mess killed any chance at any music tv or video outlet to promote the song, as expected, and this re-edition of the video, although great for a charity project, still won’t be played anywhere useful), but then also,  after it’s starting to climb decently enough to the iTunes and radio, enough to give it at least some Top Ten peak (it will have it in two more weeks)


Love Somebody? really? -_- why can't you ever pick any right single after the first two songs? sigh...

Love Somebody? really? -_- why can’t you ever pick any right single after the first two songs? sigh…

Given that Love Somebody is better than Daylight, but still nowhere as good as the only ballad on the record which would have universally smashed all around, and which should have been the third single (Wipe Your Eyes… and it’s funny because when I heard the demo – I was still in my Maroon 5 refusal time due to Adam being on The Fuckery that thing – I thought it was terrible… but then the album version threw me off my feet and it’s by far one of the songs I love the most on Overexposed… it’s criminal that it’s just a bonus track), WHY PUT IT OUT NOW THAT DAYLIGHT IS TAKIN OFF SOMEHOW????

This is suicidal from any commercial standpoint and it’s absurd to not consider that viewpoint, given that you wanted to be commercial at the maximum this time guys.

The two songs will erase themselves from radio and none of them will flourish, killing the hype on you exactly when you actually deserved it most (Grammy time).

I mean, Overexposed is Platinum already and selling wonderfully in USA and in the world (for the current record buying times at least), and it’s an album FULL of great pop smashes and you…

Decide to waste it all this way?


Not even what looks to be a great video (I don’t get the nakedness and the smurfy-ness with the song lyrics, but then no Maroon5 video has any logic anyway…) because we finally have a sexy female and some skin shown  (Hallelujah!) will make up for the strategic mistake you’re again ready to commit.

Adam Levine and Emily Ratajkowski backstage at Maroon 5 video shooting 16th January 2013

Adam Levine and Emily Ratajkowski backstage at Maroon 5 video shooting 16th January 2013

Why, why oh why you didn’t go the logic and most rewarding route of doing this:

Payphone (April to July 2012) > One More Night (August to November 2012) > WIPE YOUR EYES (perfect sweet ballad from December 2012 to March 2013) >LUCKY STRIKE (surefire #1 groovy hit from April to July 2013) >DOIN’ DIRT (Summer Dance Smash 2013).

That would have been a flawless chart run… you would have affected Katy Perry’s multiple consecutive weeks in the Top Ten record… but now it’s all gone because you’ve stopped yours at 39 and there’s no way either Daylight or Love Somebody will ever match any of those other songs’ I listed smashing chart potential.

And I still hope the reason I got told about for you not releasing the video already shot for The Man Who Never Lied with the gorgeous Valerie Van Der Graaf isn’t the real one for pulling off its idea because it would have been the stupidest form of consoling ever.

why shooting TMWNL video with glorious beauty Valerie Van Der Graaf and NOT releasing it Maroon 5? BAD MOVE. BAD *sigh*

why shooting TMWNL video with glorious beauty Valerie Van Der Graaf and NOT releasing it Maroon 5? BAD MOVE. BAD *sigh*

Biz is biz, and that song and video would have been good for M5, so why give in at somebody’s whining?

And the papers for the agreements you’ve signed – certainly you did – were already sealed so you shouldn’t have again to have agreed with that person’s (those persons) insane requests for protecting their “images” which no one cares about frankly.

You should have released The Man Who Never Lied as planned and give us all a stare at Valerie’s insane beauty along.

Anyway, I hope soon or later that beautiful video will come out anyway, because Emily is cute and all but she’s not really famous beside in adult videos&pictorial circles while Valerie is a fairly established model with a great resume already and she would look awesome in the gallery of M5 video vixens…

Out of these three days of shooting Love Somebody then we have a video which seems theming along… homeless busking ?!?!?? (I wonder how the naked sexy blue mashes with that… oh, boy… Maroon 5 videos are never ever going to make much sense are they? What is that… A Clockwork BLUE remake? The Fisherman remake meets Alex DeLarge? Oh, guys… ;)):

Adam in Los Angeles on Friday January 18th 2013 shooting Love Somebody music video

Adam in Los Angeles on Friday January 18th 2013 shooting Love Somebody music video

Actually these “homeless” images are not for the video of Love Somebody (pheeeewwww) but they are part of a video song skit Adam did with Lonely Islands’ golden boys (Andy Samberg!!!!) in preparation of his incoming SNL hosting stint in a week.

Now let’s just hope that can be at least half as wonderful as the immortal Iran So Far skit.

That was perfection and to even match it will be serious task ;).

Back briefly to the Love Somebody song subject, I just think  The Man Who Never Lied would have been a better choice for single (again) both over Daylight and also Love Somebody itself (definitely fitting more after Daylight was already released tho, because two ballads quite equal in a row will never be a good move, let’s face it…) to be honest (and Valerie is also way sexier and more beautiful than the still very cute Emily Ratajkowski, too, even dressed up… tho Emily looks a bit like an – infinitely less beautiful – Natalie Portman and we all know Adam’s old soft spot for her so... there you go: he got a slutty version of Natalie for the video so it’s going to work wonderfully 😉 😉 ;)).

Love Somebody video backstage 15-17January 2013

Love Somebody video backstage 15-17January 2013

Sometimes I wonder why one of my favorite bands is so capable to mess its own chances at flawless chart runs so consistently over the years, while still labeled as completely sold out in the main time (they are not… only Adam sold out to The Fuckery… the rest of the band is pure ;)).

At least if they TRULY were so!!

If they were sold out for real they wouldn’t always ruin their chart chances by pickin up the worst singles as soon as number 3 comes!

But they keep creating pop and mass-appealing music with the attitude of an indie super creative group allegedly (and they have NEVER been indie and not even alternative, actually… never ever in their whole creative life, not even as Kara’s Flowers).

It drives me mad at times, because it gets so frustrating to picture what they could have done of even more impacting and huge without so many inexplicable self-inflicted missteps.


Oh weeeey: nothing we can do about that: I guess it’s even more entertaining this way, right? (NO.)

Okay… music rants are -momentarily – on hold as I have to heal my Lakers heart a bit.

We are keeping being a mess this season…injuries and the wrong managers’ pick up (sigh… Mike D…. over Pjax… REALLY? I’m never recovering from this… I can’t :(), and just the other day we’ve lost in the worst way against the Meat of beefy Bronzey “I got Half a ring Only But it’s Hyped Like they are Two” James (and you know how that hurts me…).

But I am still loving it all.

The ride in times of pain as much as I adore those in times of jubilee.

In fact the most exciting thing that has happened online since we last meet in these pages is that FINALLY my hero Kobe Bryant is on Twitter.

I can’t start to explain how happy i am about this.

He’s the whole approach I have at determination in life.

My hero against my homie

He’s such an image of power and force to me… all of my stronger sides in personality are willingly shaped (or tried to) after his working ethic.

I know what people will bring it up anytime I express my simply INFINITE adoration for Kobe

“He’s a cheater” “He’s a man not to be trusted” and so on.

My Hero Kobe

My Hero Kobe

For the record: I am aware he’s a cheater… I also FIRMLY believe he is NOT a raper, just a cheater, so to me that don’t matter.

If I would believe he did commit rape I wouldn’t idolize him because rape is awful BUT the fact he is a cheater doesn’t move me at all.

ALL famous and rich people are cheaters. Sportsmen are by far the biggest category of cheating people. I don’t care. Sex is pure drive and all of the famous people… ALL of them simply are cheaters. Male ad females.

All that you see in celebrity couples after a while is a front… and very often all the significant others know and agree at the cheating as long as image is preserved, because they know the sexual instinct can only be stopped for so long unless something peculiar happens (which almost never does) and in the upper circles chances to cheat are simply dozen a day and NOBODY (I repeat: NOBODY) can refuse that tickle for years and years and years and never give in.

If you believe the rich and/or famous are faithful… you probably believe also in Santa flying over the whole world on Xmas Eve even though you are probably 35+ years old.

So what Kobe did and probably still do in terms of his marital life DOESN’T INTEREST nor TOUCHES me and my opinion of him.

He is a devoted father and that is the only thing that matters in the end to me when I judge his private life (which I actually don’t judge at all: it’s not my biz).

I have been at a lot of high society events and I know many high profile people and trust me… the life of biz & high society is different.

It has always been, It will always be. People not into it cannot really understand and it has nothing to do with “morals”.

Many people who would be labeled as “cheating scumbags” have always their significant other informed and agreeing on the cheating (which is not even that when done openly). Sometimes they will even like it to not have to provide stale sex but just live with the perks of the fame and wealth without even minding.

Immoral? Not if agreed on both parts.

Sexual and family life is a personal agreement between couples and what’s “moral” for a public who has no clue on those dynamics has no relevance in their worlds. And it shouldn’t. Oh… and if you don’t agree with my views here… I DON’T GIVE A FRIGGIN FLYING FUCK 😉 ah!.

Kobe Bryant and his record as an all starter this year :)

Kobe Bryant and his record as an all starter this year 🙂

I do believe (and I have examples in my life) that a real marriage can be kept along if both parts really work on it… what I also firmly believe though is that the life of a certain type of VIP people doesn’t stand upon the concept of life the normal people think apply to anybody.

Until people are not into that kind of different life… they really cannot have opinions on it because they have no clue whatsoever on what it all means there.

This is it.

What makes Kobe Bryant my hero is his approach to the whole of “Life is a Driven Path” philosophy of existing.

That means you have to live by constantly trying to get better and perfection anything that you are supposed to do which in the end works also regarding who you are supposed to BE.

It means to never sits on laurel of any kind.

It means you see the life as a developing road that YOU can decide the direction of if you’re strong enough.

This is what I really think life is, too: a powerful journey to shape on your own will and it doesn’t matter if in the end you will be successful at that target… the sole fact you try to be will give value and meaning to your time on this planet.

And it will inspire others to act the same and this is exactly what Kobe did for me.

Tracing a line I will always follow.

He is pure force, pure determination, pure will.

He was not born with the best physical asset to become a legendary basketball player.


His unnatural power and perfection is a careful and continuous work of mastery on himself and THIS is why he is my hero.

Because he multiplied his given talent with his INNER force and belief and will and care and work.

He is the image of what a perfect athlete is, because his talent got always shaped up by his own actions and thoughts.

He is immense.

Kobe Bryant is immense.


When he will retire (and he will as soon as he will perceive he cannot anymore be 100%) it will be one of the saddest moments in my life… Just like when I lost Steve Jobs.

I will lose one of the greatest inspirations in my life and this already saddens me.

This is why I hate that The Lakers are playing so poorly this year the most: because they are losing precious days out of the last ones where Kobe can grace the floor.

For me sport is art… the sport at its maximum levels is a form of art, and the people expressing it at most are in full artists to me.

And as much as I adore the pure drive and amazing-ness of Kobe… the same I get blown away by people whose god-given skills are just tale-ish appearing in front of anybody.

Case in talk: Lionel Messi.

Best player in the world. As simple as that.

Best player in the world. As simple as that.

Lionel Messi, The God Of Football who just got his 4th consecutive and so well deserved Ballon D’Or (take that Cristiano Fake Player Ronaldo, King of Overhyped Losers – in Football -: you are not even comparable to Messi when he is ASLEEP and you are in full run. You treat the ball like a caveman and no way you could win that trophy until Messi is ALIVE… go get some mani&pedi and disappear soon from pitch, thank you: you bring nothing actually relevant to the table, you are just good to sell L’Oreal shampoos.)

So while Kobe is massive talent and massive will, Messi is pure unbound and overflowing talent instead… and I adore that too, I adore when the genetics create the ultimate perfection at something.

I adore that it’s almost overhuman the way he makes magic on a football pitch.

Messi is poetry. You can’t avoid to amaze yourself at him.

Messi is like Maradona.

And the only player I loved to really watch killing my Milan (soon again I fear) beside the other football artist I loved dearly until he played, Roberto Baggio (in and out of Milan actually… it happens like almost NEVER to me to keep loving somebody, especially even playing for Inter!!!).

In fact anytime in Italy THIS commercial is on I squirm.

Properly ;):


This is… it’s finding beauty at any step that makes life so special to me.

Of course I speak from a privileged position but I like to think I would have this same oversight on living even if I wouldn’t belong to a wealthy family and gotten married to… well; to what I have ;).

Despite my well environmental surround, I have always worked hard to become what I am; I have never been shallow about my future; I have always been very focused and absolutely keen at being independently possent on my own.

At not even 5 I was making money out of… stylish choices I was pushing my peers at.

No kidding.

Behati Prinsloo Pam Love

Behati Prinsloo Pam Love

I think if you have more options in life given your happy and rich background, it’s only fair and demanded for you to MULTIPLY that and what you’ve received, not to waste it, because a position of favor that you’re born in is a responsibility you have to protect and possibly expand for those following you… otherwise you are a waste and a loser and you are stealin life and chances to those who might not have been born as lucky as you, but who would have maybe been more talented and skilled than you at making something worthy with their lives.

To have is a further pushes at TO BE: waste that, and you are just a not deserving human being.

I like how almost anything I wish for it happens to me… sooner rather than later: but I always believe that I deserve it all.

I deserve to be flying where I am doing… I deserve all the love and the praise (and also the green envy, from unworthy people) that my life is offering me.

I work hard for it.

And I am proud of my personality because I am exactly like I want to be and I don’t care of anyone’s approval but my own one: and trust me my own judgment is the toughest ever about anything.

I live a pretty good life.

Behati Prinsloo is Beauty too

Behati Prinsloo is Beauty too

I am sure in a while I will experience things which are not coming my way, and maybe I will experience loss, demise, pain… but so far I haven’t.

I have never been affected in my love charge so far in my life: all that I wanted and all that I loved and loved to have… came into my hand, and stays there to date.

I never ever felt anything less than adored in my life.


So far… nothing has ever happened to me which I couldn’t call amazing and even the only time when I actually had to live something scary, terrifying, damaging and invasive… that thing has actually helped me in becoming way stronger than I could have been without.

If I am the way I am it’s out of immense family and peers’ love and out of a very terrible experience which in the end didn’t happen as badly as it could have just because I had friends and people ready to protect me and help me out of any damage (psychological and physical) I was suffering out of that.

I can’t say I am glad that happened to me but the outcome of that experience has actually made me a greater person and more driven and more aware and more strong-willed than ever.

So it was useful in the end.

And I always think that all of the love I am surrounded by came even bigger and wider as a sort of… heavenly or destiny reward out of that tragic thing I was involved into.

That’s why I say that my life is perfect, even when my family cringes thinking of the fact my life has also had to sustain those days of horror.

But I truly believe m life is pretty darn perfect and actually it’s a great thing NOT everything I have ever dreamed to live did happen to me, because to be keep going on you must still have targets and you must keep shape your future according to your own main line of wish and will and sometimes a no-success is the push you need to a greater success after.

Behati and Candice on the VS shooting which have become the swuimsuit catalogue now out for Victoria's Secret

Behati and Candice on the VS shooting which have become the swuimsuit catalogue now out for Victoria’s Secret

Therefore, I am grateful for my missing as much as I am for the things that I wanted that I have accomplished (and those are so many in fact), like losing the chem prize when I was 15, or miss the chance to compete internationally in volleyball;  like the fact I haven’t been able to ravish into a long deep conversation with Steve Jobs (and that obviously won’t ever happen now), or exchange music tips with either Michael Stipe or Thom Yorke (I have been almost able to do the latter, but that dinner was scrambled out by the worst table assignment EVER) or of course the fact that my dream fuck (aka boning Adam) hasn’t been performed because I ran shit scared when the set-up was almost complete… that is good that it never happened though because if I took that chance I had when I was barely 20 I would have probably forever hated him (or myself) after…

I was way too inexperienced back then, paraphernalia & alcohol wouldn’t have helped me in feeling any differently than a little fish in a tank of sharks&deadly jellyfishes – because I never was into any of the two and I still to this day – and then he definitely was in his sluttiest (but also kinda undefined and unrefined sexually) phase back in those days so that missing is a good thing in my book.

I would have hated to have to replicate with my vocal idol (he was that since a while already) those kind of utterly disappointing encounters I had some months after that chance flew away like when it did happen to date (not really date… just bone, and just that out of my will not theirs) a couple of VERY famous sportsmen in Uk and Italy just to discover under so much physical strength it lied absolutely zero bed skills (and by my early 20s, I wasn’t yet THAT good myself at that to be taking the teaching upper hand you know ;)) which for me pretty much equal the fact you become also a ZERO as a man (sorry, sex is that important to me that it defines you as person as much as soul, heart and brain do) .

I can keep my free pass(es) for life anyway – I have three with K and he has three with me but one of them is a female we both agree on so ;)… it’s like 2 😉 – for when we will all be tiresome and middle aged and during some swanky political/biz party on the Hollywood crests we can debauchee in a more Baudelaire’s way (K would like it too, we have also always agreed on that 😉 it’s not really that we have taboos when it comes to sex over here… otherwise we couldn’t be married I guess ;)) without fears to be inadequate (there’s absolutely nothing worse than having the highest sexual expectations on any person/situation/framing of possibility and then being let down or being the one letting down the other… absolutely nothing that can affect the ego more than it, nothing!).

Oh and if you think the debauchee is anything like in those garbage books like 50 Shades of whatever think again… that is absolutely fictional… nothing comes even remotely close to what happens behind curtains (or actually open space) in any upper mansion or swanky penthouse where politicians, CEOs and tv executives share breath.

Tv execs are by far the most pervert people you can meet: they have that thirst that comes from the fact they are frustrated to not being MOVIE top tier execs, but have the power of – generally – making more money than the majority of those. The gap in which the frustration and the revenge feeling lies within for them mashing with the power they have onto others’ lives create a plethora of huge freaks which you have to really think about sometimes, even in those aforementioned “open-for-everything” kind of “parties”.

Adam Levine for 7 Hollywood Magazine debut issue ICONS Winter 2013

Adam Levine for 7 Hollywood Magazine debut issue ICONS Winter 2013

Anyway any book from the decadence around 1900/1920 describes all the feelings and haunts in these situations WAY better and more aptly than what is put out currently.

This society we live in is second rate even in the slutty time department.

Too bad 😉


Okay okay… enough with the deep thing…

Let’s fill the remain of time in between airplanes and snow and delays with some Maroon 5 chronicles 😉 and in between with some Behati&Adam’s chronicle too (because yep, they still together and I really like that).

I hope they go on as much as possible, though everybody knows with Adam you can never tell what can happen tomorrow.

But as long as they keep it reserved and private and she keeps being his angel of care and love, I am sure things can just keep getting stronger actually ;).

Last post we ended while Maroon 5 were in Las Vegas as already said…  The guys had wonderful performances and then enjoyed the perks of being in Las Vegas with their girls and some family.

Behati had worked in Los Angeles those days prior and though she was responsive to her friends in fashion’s praise she of course went the right way and just stayed with Adam all the way as usual without tweeting any of that because that is private life :).

Behati always does her work and then without really pimping it she goes straight to where she belongs: her man’s side. Good Bee 😉

Too bad she missed her dear Coco Rocha for a hot minute, as the latter was in Vegas too by the time Maroon 5 family was coming down there:

All people and entourages were in Las Vegas: Behati had fun with Ali Tamposi (missus Jimmy V.) the most as usual (love how they get along) and of course as usual she never tried to steal Adam’s thunder nor trying to conquer any attention for herself…

But she still went gambling aside him (because Adam actually adores gambling… he really brings it like a kid at the table) and being just his loving shadow at any step and not for any other reason but the fact THIS IS WHAT ADAM WANTS.

The amazing and fierce beauty of Behati

The amazing and fierce beauty of Behati

You don’t stay nine months with a person who practically always lives with you if you don’t like it and her; especially because if you are in Adam’s position you can change girlfriends with a snap of your fingers.

If he doesn’t and has always Behati around him… it must mean he likes her more, right?

I guess it’s only logic working here 😉

Oh… the teacup pig Adam gifted Behati with during Xmas wasn’t with them in Las Vegas (and not even after that where they were about to head after).

Milo De Cruz was the pig-sitter and he posted this awesome little video of the pig-sitting:

Milo De Cruz pig-sits Behati’s latest friend

The cuteness overload is unbearable ;).

As usual, the fact any private time between Adam and Behati is secretive, and none of them likes to make the world part of it (as it is right to be, because their life is only theirs and “fans” have no role in it), many started to guess if they were together, if they broke up (ah, the wishful thinking of so many losers… ;)) and started to say they must have broken up because Adam was meant to be in New York for New Years’ eve NBC Special (an unbound bore).

Not really.

The NBC special “starring” him (a ten second thing is “starring”?) was obviously recorded by him:

No, Adam wasn’t in New York because as soon as Maroon 5 gig in Vegas on December 30th ended, and after he and Behati gambled for some more hours after, the two happy lovers took another plane and along with Adam’s assistant Shawn and his Gisella, and with Sam and Steph Farrar’s families, they flew over secretive (again) paradise.

This Paradise in Los Cabos, Mexico (this is part of Hilton’s chain and is a private property where no paps could ever snap a thing: because yes, Adam is a VERY reserved person and you have to deal with this):

Up there in Los Cabos, Adam had his usual and by now regular fun with golf (sigh), and Behati kept bonding with the wives of his nearest friends, the way it’s fine to be, and all that under a wonderful sun.

Oh, by the way… whoever claims delusionally Behati’s got any body trouble, is just jealous of her great thin frame (the only type of frame Adam actually likes), because the encounters of them two at Eldorado Beach & Resort Club were absolutely stunned at the perfection of Behati’s body on display  😉 (of course).

Adam and Behati end and start of the year in between Las Vegas and Los Cabos

Adam and Behati end and start of the year in between Las Vegas and Los Cabos

Adam did not tweet either for many days… only briefly (while still in Los Cabos) acknowledged his luck 😉 and shared his bold resolution for 2013 (last year he wanted many things and he probably solved to achieve them all, because I am sure he calls Behati “lion” at times in bed and so he has also made friends (;)) with a lion).

Career wise, to be more awesome in 2013 compared to an already fantastic 2012 will take some interesting twist. 😉

For instance… it will take to see how Adam (only him) will do as Saturday Night Live host… in 7 days from now 🙂

Adam has long wanted to host SNL and sure this is a good move in his blossoming acting direction.

Talking about that...

I will be not anymore in USA when the last episode of AHS Asylum series will air (I adored this and I can’t wait to see it in Italian too) and I will have to wait to know what the hell did happen to Adam’s (Leo) arms in there…

Can Adam Levine's tv future jobs be only like this one and not like THE Fuckery? thanx ;)

Can Adam Levine’s tv future jobs be only like this one and not like THE Fuckery? thanx 😉

I wish he would do another AHS stint because he did decently enough as debut there but it seems (from one interview he gave while promoting The Fuckery season 4) that he has already denied Ryan Murphy request there.


I hope he changes his mind and agrees on more AHS acting ;).

I am curious to see how he will fare; sad that I will not be able to stay in New York enough to catch at least rehearsals 😉 but ehi… I have work to do 🙂

Maroon 5 have just kicked everyone’s asses in 2012 and I am really proud of that, I love the way Overexposed is and I am so glad it got love from the public and Grammy praise too.

It’s deserved.

I may not agree on their single choices now but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they are up to producing amazing pop this time.

I love it.

When the holiday in Cabo ended, Behati and Adam returned in Usa, of course together; Adam’s first and immediate duty was the TCA panel for NBC that he had to do for of course that show that I won’t mention (he looked dapper though ;)).

The hilarious thing is that by the time they were in Cabo together, some retarded site(s) for gossip trash which is feeding a mass of retards readers actually published pictures of Adam which were snapped in JUNE and labeled them current (i.e. from January 2013) telling Adam was spotted on Extra! set interview (this because those days the outlet was airing interviews with The Fuckery Season 4 promos which were actually recorded weeks before).

Dumb fodders.

Really 😉

Sorry for the haters, but this is how Adam and Behati do: they spend time together and not for the cameras but just for themselves (which is tragic for gossip sites because they live out on celebrities actually posing for them); when he does stuff, she does too; and when she’s free, she actually keeps pursuing her passion for photography by hangin around Travis Schneider (excellent mentor).

Adam and Maroon 5 had to perform at the CES infamous event in Las Vegas (money money money) and while there for a couple of days, Adam even gifted his entourage with free holidays and gambling (Noah Passovoy thanked much for it) and even – it seems – gave them his winning checks at the green table.

He seems a very happy man to me ;).

And he has all reason to feel so grateful and generous 🙂

Talking about expanding brands and making money, news surfaced those days that Adam and Nicki Minaj would sign on a multiple year project for a mass retailer in Usa, for developing a proper branded fashion items line.

This means, quite simply, that by now Adam is an A series celebrity.

I also like that he does that with Nicki… it’s going to be fun ;).

The reason he does this?

Money of course; he knows he won’t be a popstar forever (he also doesn’t want that for all his life, has always said he doesn’t see himself on stage at 40) and he wants expand his reach and make all the money which will make him able to retire at a certain point (and maybe then be a family man) the way he wants to do it; these are the moves to be made and they have to be made now.

The biz woman in me praise his patterns endlessly at the moment: the guy is smart, even though I hate he had to start so chaotically by betraying his fans waiting for him on tour (ie: ME) and sign onto The Fuckery ditching his truest essence, which he knows he has even though sometimes he plays it coy ;).

But now a lot of way more interesting things are lined up for him so I hope he gives up on that show and moves on and better ;).

Oh… and by the way Adam’s not the only Maroon 5 related person involved in National Fashion… Jimmy V’s lil sister is going to compete on Project Runway 😉 and he’s so cutely proud it’s melting ;).

But these are talks of the future; at the moment Maroon 5 are still here and active and collecting awards, like they did again at The People Choice Awards on past Sunday:

Behati didn’t attend PCA with Adam… and I actually didn’t expect her to.

That is Maroon 5 moment, not hers; she has never pushed to be stealing Adam’s limelights and so far this has made them super unite as couple; Behati actually was still in Los Angeles all the way till January 12th so she could have; but the point is that she doesn’t really want to be part that way of Adam’s stuff.

She’s not trying to milk him.

This is a great thing and I hope it can be this way as long as sky gets blue 🙂

Of course then now whenever she works and her shots see the light of VS catalogues and films… people know she is “Adam’s one” and this makes media more interested in her; but you don’t see her push this at all.

She keeps never speak about their life; she never tweets when they are together; she keeps it fully and completely private what IS completely private.

She could be daily in news if she would love due to her boyfriend… but she has NEVER used him this way; and for this I really love her.

Perfection. Behati Prinsloo for VS Valentine 2013

Perfection. Behati Prinsloo for VS Valentine 2013

Many people like to bash her, but truth is she’s gorgeous and full of unique-ness, she has a strong personality and she is with one of the sexiest creatures that world has ever seen, being a very wonderful sexy kitten herself (of course, as Adam likes only these sexy things).

That is surely reward and who cares if livid losers spread lies on her or cover her with insults… at the end of the day, she gets to Adam’s bedroom and unfolds him and let him unfold her and they experience the best side of life 😉 and while haters can keep hate 😉 Behati and Adam can keep win instead ;).

For how long they can… I hope they are happy and have TONS of happy sex ;).

Talking about people and sex and musicians (?)… Taylor Swift followed Adam on Twitter after his speech at PCA.

You all know a part of me has always wondered how a Tay + Adam fling could inspire the best revenge song in both… but of course this isn’t happening.

Behati surely will take care this never happens (Taylor wishes it would though, I am sure. After being with Mayer, is not really like any of us can believe she is this naive princess ;), so sure she would love to step a toe in Levine’s crazy penchant for all things (sexy) red, right Swift?).

Then Tay Tay has lots of streets to walk into before reaching the type of sexy Behati has that is requested for having somebody as Adam fall for you 😉

Though definitely she has the physical frame Adam loves.

But let’s not diverge too much from the good road… take this video which is a mash up for all that A&B have lived so far this month (songs choices are always well thought over ;)):

I hope this state of things can go on for a lot still: I do like them as a – very exclusive – couple.

Bless them 😉

On Sunday, when Behati was away already to join her fellow Angels in Miami for a new shot/film, Maroon 5 had a wonderful gig to play.

No, not Golden Globes…

Maroon 5 went to Brentwood School 40th Anniversary celebration and played a Nokia Theather gig for the institution that saw them christened as Kara’s Flowers.

And to everyone’s amaze momentnot only Jesse (of course) was there


The Original 4 : Jesse Adam Ryan and Mickey

The Original 4 : Jesse Adam Ryan and Mickey

It made me so unbelievably happy to see them 4 together again…

I can’t express… it’s marvelous that they still THEM after an entire life 🙂

I can't :) so happy :)

I can’t 🙂 so happy 🙂

I love to perceive that Jesse is slowly getting back into the Maroon 5 things… I want a 5th album which will blow everyone away with its perfection and then Maroon 5 can call it a day just from the top of the world with a record which can be AOTY.

Pop evolution with fusion of jazz and rock.

Jesse can bring this and I want it.

Can’t wait honestly :).

While Adam was into his childhood lullabies, Behati flew to Miami to team with Russel James and her bestie Candice S..

Behati shooting VS in Miami January 2013

Behati shooting VS in Miami January 2013

And they created lots of magic 😉

Now I hope after spending time with Candice in Miami, when Behati gets back to New York (for Adam’s SNL for sure) she can meet again her real BFF namely Coco Rocha who still painfully miss her.

I want this to happen again:

Behati and Coco :)

Behati and Coco 🙂

And while his lady was hard at work, Adam had his chance to relax in the sun of California along Milo, before starting shooting the video for Love Somebody.

Yes… Milo “The Pig Sitter” De Cruz is the friend he was with:

Adam Levine and Milo DeCruz do lunch in Hollywood on January 15th 2013

Adam Levine and Milo DeCruz do lunch in Hollywood on January 15th 2013

Friends are important… and since Adam’s friends ALL like Behati (Jesse is starting to be more vocal about her through instagram’s appreciation especially, and this makes me happy) I’d love for her friends to get to bond a bit with Adam too – even though this is always more difficult, being him as reclusive with strangers as he is.

Anyway back to Behati’s work, she shone in Miami; of course though – it had to happen soon or later – the paps who were on set and whom had already sneaked pics of Alessandra and Candice the days before got a hold of Behati’s perfection too.

And this turned more heads than ever.

The sites known for providing the media spins about the hottest females to the horniest males started to put Bee on their radars… nothing wrong with it cos she deserves admiration but she is not the kind of slutty model who dons thongs all the time and work an overboard “sexy” stare and image all around, all the time.


Behati is more the tomboy type with the physique du role of a Goddess.

And then the media people of course had to drop Adam’s name in.

TMZ now will try it all to make her happen as a sort of vixen… but this will make some uncomfortable pappin’ more likely to happen and this will cause unwanted stress to this very low-key (and for this happy) couple.

I hate that; the thirst and the voyeurism of people ready to drool over lives they’ll never come close to.

I hope this won’t affect Adam and Behati because they do so well in private; I am happy though because Bee again didn’t try to milk this papping or  sudden relevance to national media at all; she just ignored it, posted a friendly reminder to beloved Ali Tamposi (whom of course answered her friend promptly) and went on after the media frenzy to post silly pictures of herself in no glam fashion to dry perverts out.

I love her attitude there ;).

But the fact she’s hot can’t be denied and of course she would attract some fine tasted man as Adam with it 😉

It’s nature ;).

While We are up talking about M5, let me just post one thing about James’ side project JJAMZ because they kicked ass at Leno:

And I hope they smash a lot. In fact they are right now at Sundance Festival kickin even more ass and everyone must buy Suicide Pact (an obvious reference to Maroon 5 habit at pickin up singles past the second one) ;).

Talking of Festivals… Maroon 5 are set to rock The amazing Jazz festival in New Orleans later this year!!! So much greatness again:

And again so completely deserved by our guys ;).

They can keep rocking but you know the fact they are again exploring their jazz mojo makes me all excited about incoming NEW music which hopefully won’t be any related to heartbreak finally but will dwell into beauty and sexy of a good life vibe ;).

This is what just happened yesterday btw… Adam was still in Los Angeles shooting the Skit with Andy Samberg SNL video and Behati was still in Miami, this time shotting for NEXT after she did that other sizzling one for Victoria’s Secret:

Aam and Behati on two coastal shooting duties - January 18th 2013

Aam and Behati on two coastal shooting duties – January 18th 2013

I guess they are about to reunite as soon as Adam flies to New York for his Saturday Night Life hosting gig, which has rehearsal starting on Tuesday for sure ;).

In the maintime Frankie and Behati’s tea-cup pig can be guarded still by Gene back in Adam’s house in LA.

Or wahetever 😉

Ben Watts has already pre-called Behati about some New York Event but aren’t those the Grammys days?

Not sure it can happen Ben but maybe Bee can fete you over with some delay in NY just about now 😉

I hope paparazzi will leave them alone.

Their relationship will be way safer out of all the pap crap (but now that even TMZ is on it, I fear trouble… let’s hope they can keep on being very reclusive and strong, because that is the best hope they will keep on actually being a couple ;)).

Frankie and Behati pig bond as friends at Adam house

Frankie and Behati pig bond as friends at Adam house

I just want their working life to be as amazing as possible and their private lives to be as secure and secluded as possible too.

Am I asking too much?

I hope not: because what I do through this is wishing them WELL :).

By the way… if anybody can give me an hint about the reason behind Example’s questions regarding Adam I’d be happy… I am so hoping they can collaborate!!! It’d be amazing :D!

So much to look forward I guess for this 2013.

Just one last note: K&I may have gotten a cat and start to feel quite… “parental” BUT there’s no plan for us for a bigger family at the moment.

Stop hinting… stop asking… stop guessing ;).

We are still in our honeymoon phase.

Literally 😉

And since this traveling space is so cold and stuttering… why not kill some await… in the best possible way…?

The writing can distress me only so much after all ;).

I just hope we won’t be completely out of force when we will finally land in DC.

Anyway… perks and digs of the on-the-run life I guess 😉

Have all a great rest of the month.

We surely will 😉

Bye&Life 😉

Missus Z. 🙂


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