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About to have a great Valentine’s time… and crossing fingers my fav celeb couple will still have theirs, too.

Posted on: 10 February 2012

Good morning universe!!!

Lakers Win in Boston is always a good thing 😉

I’m super thrilled because Lakers won over the Celtics just this past night and this makes a great start for my day today, in a sketchy season… (Milan lost in Italy’s cup to Juventus the other day so any victory in sport field nowadays looks gold to me today ;)).

But moreover, no matter snow that keeps affect the northern of the Country (well, not only), the moment is approaching where I say goodbye to work and I reach the airport to fly away for the Valentine’s time along my amazing hubby, Karim.

Where do we head?

I have NO IDEA.

It’s a surprise that not even the plane will solve because we fly private and therefore destination still disclosed to my eyes ;).

I love this (and I truly hope our week long time in the location will be a HOT time also regarding weather because all this frozen ice is enough for me, thank you ;)).

I know it will be awesome.

Talking about coupling, Valentine’s Day and love I cannot avoid to share a bit about the only celebrity couple that ever made my heart stan.

I really hope just as Karim and I are going to have a great Valentine, also Anne V and Adam Levine will.

I say this because the Page Six folks shot this awful rumor yesterday:

Page Six Rumour on February 8th

Now, the thing looks to me WAY not correct, and it sounds like a push in for making the AWFUL Kate Upton get the good press for taking the SI Swimsuit Cover (thing that sadly looks very likely to me, because SI Swimsuit likes trash looking girls fit for porn, and they haven’t had a classy and deserving cover model since Beyoncé…) just on February 14th actually…

But I do hate the rumour Page Six spread, that many others media outlet immediately quoted (of course, now that Adam’s hot in the press due to The Fuckery Voice, that would have happened).

Talking back to its incorrectness though, we do know that:

1) Adam went solo at the Golden Globes just because Anne was flown away for WORKING, and therefore no sign of a split can be related to that event, if any;

2) Adam and Anne spent the last days of January TOGETHER, as this X17 pictures prove:

well, Adam Levine and Anne V were together on January 29, 2012...

3) Anne went to the shooting of Maroon 5 NEW ALBUM cover shot and also attended ALONG ADAM its filming of the Hank Haney Project day of golfing on January 31 in San Diego, as her twitter (and Hank and Suzanne Haney’s ones) testifies:

If any, they were still together THE WHOLE of January 2012...

4) Anne remained sure in California and did not come along Adam for the SuperBowl festivities (which may seem strange, I admit), but in those days Adam was supposed to do press a lot for the Voice, and also SHOOTING the VIDEO for Slash’s “Gotten”. Maybe as she hadn’t business to do it seemed better to avoid overcharging him with her presence? Still, on February 3rd this was one of Adam’s interviews, and he states pretty clearly that he’s NOT single:

These are signs of the fact the Page Six claimed crap (E Online’s Mark Malkin also quotes the report as false, but again…it’s always just “rep’s reporting” and sometimes reps are crappy talkers too).

Now… it does maybe seem strange that nor Anne’s tweeting anything about Adam lately (she expressed praise for the Voice commercial but she never said a word about any of the Voice episodes, nor on any of Adam’s late tasks, such as the new record label, his cover shots, Teddy Richardson’s spread and so on… and that is DIFFERENT from the past, it’s undeniable); it sure seemed strange to me.

The same (and that actually makes me suspicious), Adam never actually pimped Anne’s chances with the SI Swimsuit thing lately. Again, that is strange, because last year he was all over this, and one of his word THIS year that he’s way more popular could have meant something (but maybe he’s just aware of the crappiness of the SI editors and know his would be wasted breath again).

Now all that I can say is that I hope they are still together.

It’s that.

I love them together so much and since the start I wanted them to procreate perfect babies one day (possibly soon).

I know it’s none of my business at all and after all their lives are theirs and that don’t affect me anyway but I would surely be sad for a while and a little if they actually did break up (the reports suggest or they seem to that it night have been Anne’s choice… in that case, with the Grammy performance with the Beach Boys up and lots of others stuff up these days, it would be logical for Adam’s camp try to dismiss the fuss at least until these event wouldn’t be passed, giving him breath…).


I hope they stay still together and will have an amazing Valentine as a couple.

I also HOPE that Anne get her well due SI Swimsuit cover but I haven’t much faith in their editors’ taste. They would be easily go up with a slut looking big boobed bimbo like the awfully faced Kate Upton, rather than with a classy lady as Anne.

I hope to be wrong about the cover, but also last year it was clear to me that they would have given the cover to that transvestite-looking Irina…

And I hope that when I will be back from my vacation I will have still a celebrity couple to stan up for.

Let’s have this little prayer, because they are so good together and it would take ages to Adam to find anybody as fit for him as Anne always seemed to be 😉

Have all an amazing time around, folks!!!

Happy Valentine to anybody celebrating being in love 😉

Missus Z. 🙂


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