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It’s snowing and half of Italy just can’t take it…

Posted on: 5 February 2012

Yesterday we had an awesome marriage in a fairy-tale like environment… on the pendix of Alps, everything was white and awesome and we had a wonderful time, really.

Too bad a few days of snow (it’s winter… when do we think it is allowed to snow here… in May?) have caused Italy to go havoc and let people DIE for that.

I don’t have words anymore for the sad state of this Country… but I still believe the turnaround is right around the corner and we will get back finally strong after all these shameful display of unability and shallowness.

Anyway… it’s snowing again and we don’t even know if we have to rush back to Milano because we don’t think Serie A will play at all (but we have tickets so… we must try and go to San Siro, since we’re invited in the VIP area by executives.

Talkin about Milano and snow, Radio Deejay birthday party was fantastic.

Fiorello and Jovanotti are two incredibly bright individuals and meeting Renzo Rosso was awesome too.

Hopefully we can also develop a business partnership.

Think Diesel has nothing to do with chemical stuff?

Think again 😉

PS: no pictures today but I leave you with two songs that I find mattering: first, I have finally and completely fallen in love with Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”: he sounds like Sting in the chorus and I melt everytime!!!

And then… tonight it’s Her Madgesty return on the Superbowl, live (after, sadly, The Fuckery thing premieres and Adam slips furtherly into shame by taking charge of its second season… I wonder how he feels knowing that he has no real credibility anymore due to that. I wonder how he can face the print of Kurt Cobain in his bedroom, and then impersonate all that Kurt hated the most about fake in music… too bad Adam… too bad… you have so much talent, and you waste it to be a “tv personality” without depth! but ehy! At least this weekend he did something good: he shot the video for the amazing Gotten. A song that he wrote when he was still a serious musician…I can look forward to that from him at least…).

Anyway… this is Madge’s new song. I love the video and then… it’s Madonna! My opinion about her made her manager even retweet me and send me a tweet greeting 😉 I’m a Madonna fan for life, whatever she does ;):

Enjoy your week!!! 😉

Missus Z.


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