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Masked Mamba ruling them all, and the perks of love and art and sex

Posted on: 5 March 2012

Hola world! 🙂

Kobe dominating Wade, too 🙂


*trying to gain back some composure* (…) > FAILING!

I am sooooo happy!!

I slept only 4 hours tonight (and now at work I feel like trash) because after Lakers won against the Miami Meat and the Monkey that is LeBronze James (LMAO!!!) & we celebrated at a friends’ house (big fun for 15 crazy Lakerholics!), K&I went home and were so super pumped we had one of the most awesome (and long, even by our standards) sex marathons ever.

I’m dead and reborn and exhausted and shiningly joyful!!!!

My masked Mamba showed once more why he is the only one dignified to be mentioned along Jordan & Magic’s names.

the one and only Masked Mamba. Superpowers and all ;)

the one and only Masked Mamba. Superpowers and all 😉

End of story.

My pride, my pumpness will never abandon me today!!!

And Milan is doing darn greatly too… it’s such perfection in my world of sports right now… and okay I still believe Lakers this year are not serious NBA contenders but who knows?

Miracles happen and we have a miracle playing with us always so…

who knows?

When we will be in LA in April we will surely check some Lakers action, beside Coachella and Radiohead.

I wish I could still say “and Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl” but sadly I will have to be in Sweden for a weekly working project by April 30th so… goodbye Chris.

I will have to catch you elsewhere (bye also to backstage passes… but I will gift a couple of friends with them, if the promoter accepts the names changes).

Not always things may go my way… but ehi!

I’m not here to complain because my life is fantastic, and I have the luck of being able to travel everywhere, and catch my favorite things any place in the world.

I mean… in this past month Karim took me to the most wonderful and wild Valentine Vacation (Africa’s Islands in the Equatorial Chain are off the hook… what a Paradise!!! Bob Dylan knows best ;)), which lasted well over a week…

well... that was Paradise. Indeed.

And just this past weekend we spent three lovely and well loved-up days in my Roman house.

You can’t really complain ever… we can do all we like, we are blessed to be able to being invited personally by King Giorgio Armani to his defilées in every town (though Karim passed that… which allowed me to spend times with some of my gal pals I never get time to be with enough, due to our careers and our constant traveling in the above-mentioned “world” ;)), we can share tables with some of the most influential people in the whole globe and overall we lead a life people can generally just dream of (or not even… because people are used to guess celebrities life, but they rarely have a clue about what really powerful and rich people live like, when radars never emphasize them up – and let me add – LUCKILY).

Roma. Love. K and I. Perfection.

Too bad sometimes sadness still come…

Lucio Dalla passed away and my family (especially my dad, a longtime acquaintance of his) has been seriously hit.

I also keep reminding myself of the person (and not the persona) Lucio… it’s hard, but his unbelievably awesome legacy as musician and artist will TRULY keep him alive for us all.

It won’t dry the tears, sure… but it’s a treasure still that we have and we will always have.

I chose this for Dalla tribute because it honors my favorite football player ever (no, you know it’s not Kaka’ ;)), the Divine Roberto Baggio, whom Lucio loved dearly, just as me:

Love, art, truth, research… inspiration.

All this makes LIFE worthwhile and Lucio was a master of this delicate balance like a very few people I’ve had the honor and the pleasure to meet in my life.

He will live forever (my favorite Oasis song right there ;), in my favorite video version):

Adam Levine and Anne V at 2012 Grammy Awards

About the topic of love and living forever… my friend Marghe has decided to stress me this whole morning about Adam Levine and Anne V. and the state of their relationship (like it’s any of our business…) because her skeevy “agent” Ali Kavoussi this past night has tweeted strange messages that in her opinion are jabs at Adam (who was in Cabo for golfing for the Haney Project, in a place FULL of Playboy chicks, allegedly, while she is in Paris for fashion duties, and that Kavoussi is there with her).

I don’t know.

My opinion of Kavoussi is really bad, due to what my dear BB has always claimed of him, and I believe he might have been one of those making the split rumor going around actually; but honestly… I don’t really care about any of that he said, because well… if Anne’s okay with that, why should strangers mind?

The celebrities’ lives are mostly foggy in reality; what we do know is often a well-carved surface that more often than not isn’t anywhere near the truth.

I hope they are fine and well, because I like and love them together but do I think we really have the true bites about them?

I don’t.

It never happens, especially in Tinseltown Universe.

Sure, Adam and Anne have paraded the state of their relationship post split rumors at the Grammys, and then with a (mostly hilarious to me, as I adore Howard) interview with Howard Stern:

Does this mean all is fine?

I hope so, since to me they should marry and gift the world with perfectly looking babies (Stern allegedly agrees), and I have always rooted for them from the start.

But then… that interview and the rest Adam has given those days in New York (or the look on her face those days, or his these recent days in Chicago for instance, at the Plot Your Escape event which showed him totally grunty – and that might have to do with Jesse not being in Maroon 5 anymore, but maybe not) in a way resonate with me as “We do love each other, but distance is a problem, so don’t get shocked when distance will part us off… love was great, but sometimes it doesn’t suffice” kind of preparatory explanation to be given to an audience that by now knows them as a couple, and would be someway disappointed by their split at this point.

I might be cynical there.

Well, I am cynical always ;).

But is this relationship of them really a problem for anybody other than them two?


I wish them to be together forever and happy and have the most beautiful birthday together soon, and for years to come… if it happens, I will be joyful; if they break up, well, I hope their lives will still be fine and stuff.

It’s not really a world class issue (but yeah, the genetics of the world would miss their possibly perfect off-springs, that would bother me a little ;)).

The fact that Maroon 5 line up is a mess, and they are not addressing Jesse’s departure (temporary? I doubt it but I hope so because to me Jesse IS Maroon 5), THAT is a problem to me instead.

But at least there is something involving them I like these days, and that is the new PJ Morton songs that features Adam and James (he sung it live a year ago, but now we have the recorded version with him and James and I really LOVE it, because when Adam goes soul I still adore him, no matter how many things I hate he’s now involved with):

In the end, all that I care for is MUSIC.

When that is good, the rest is just irrelevant.

And also when that is bad, the rest goes unnoticed.

I leave you musically then: because tomorrow Bruce Springsteen readies the album that will be THE album of the year and you gotta be worshipping the Boss:

I know I will.

WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN (but then all we need is also love, you know ;)).

Have a wonderful March.

I will!!!!

Missus Z. 🙂


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