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Ready for Cali, my birthday and love but not before Milan at Camp Nou!!!

Posted on: 3 April 2012


In a 4 days span I will turn 27.

Celebrating in California (well, actually my birthday will be spent in Las Vegas, but that’s another story entirely ;)) and then spending time in between Los Angeles (our house!!! Long time not to see!!!), San Francisco (parental house of K… well, parental CASTLE of K ;)) and COACHELLA!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to taste all Coachella fun and Radiohead twice!!!

can't wait!!!

Sadly as you know no Coldplay because I have to get back in Europe (Sweden) for work duties but it’s okay, I prefer to watch them in Europe than in Los Angeles anyway (the crowd is often dead in the USA).

I will see them soon enough no problem: my tickets made somebody else very happy 😉

The lovely thing is that in Coachella (where we will go with security… *sigh*… I love being in Usa but to wander around with that still make me so unconfortable…)we will be kinda dressin up.

And… I will turn my hair into a raven braids basket 😉 I LOVE that!!! It will feel like a three days of disguising party 😉 (x 2), turning us in some sort of hobo/hippies with very expensive yet casual clothes (which is the definition of Coachella hipsters… they are actually way more coordinate and predictable that they’d like to think, so to try to be intentionally like a parody will be fun!!!).


The Day is Upon Us

I prefer to write now and not after the game because Barça-Milan makes me giddy and shaky and overloaded already…

I know we have small chances but I want to spend my hopes well so… let me live this dizzy moment of awaiting in purity.

I don’t wanna make predictions.

I just wanna… live it and support my team.

Any case, to have witnessed Messi and Barcellona last game in San Siro was AWESOME.

A game of great magic 🙂 that last week really made me shine and be super happy 🙂

It was an awesome week because we celebrated also my Margherita’s pregnancy!!!

OMG (number 2) I am gonna be a AUNT! (not genetically, but trust me it won’t count… that baby of her is gonna be SUPER SPOILED by Missus Z, no doubts there!).

Just I hope she will fly carefully to California because I don’t want to cause her stress (and she will join us in Los Angeles, not in Las Vegas, just to avoid chaos).

I am so happy… I have no will to become a mother any soon (you know it and so does Karim) because I have too much to accomplish yet before I can think of raising another soul but the fact she is makes me overjoyed, really!!!

I love the fact her family will expand and I think she’s gonna be a wonderful mum.

Who knows maybe in her new spare time she will update that blog of her that she hasn’t in MONTHS?

Pregnancies makes people bored and get a lot of empty times so…

I keep posting material for her and Serena but it seems they just want it to watch it more than to share it? 😉

They must be upload some soon because in these months Maroon 5 have lost another founding member and are becoming the 5-piece Britney Spears of “new” pop (I cringe and cry… the fact that Jesse is gone, just as I wrote last time, makes me SICK because he was the art in Maroon 5 and now all that’s left is Adam’s ego, given that James is using his creative bits in JJAMZ more than ever… and they are actually sounding GREAT!).

I mean… Look:

what is actually left of them? Adam's ego? *sigh*

And of course, the other news that is up still today is that, AGAIN like I totally already guessed well in last post, Adam and Anne split  just yesterday… except that I am mostly positive that split happened a lot before:

The best couple I ever had feeling for just split... but maybe not exactly "JUST"?

I am feeling almost bipolar about this.

In many ways… As everybody knows, I was not convinced by their appearance together at the Grammies: even in this pic up above, you see Anne clearly awkward next to Adam, and Adam looks like he just has to have her there.

They were used to look so perfect at one another and with one another but there, there was already no sign of affection at all; like they had to be a couple for the world to see but without feeling it.

I also had questions going on after this Howard Stern interview: if you just listen to it, all seems fine and funny (except that is very rare that a relationship portrayed on Stern lasts… ask Becky Ginos or Jonah Hill’s longtime ex galpal), but I could actually watch it on Stern tv and again they looked just so different than in 2011… even in the pictures showing Adam arriving at the interview the day before on Anderson, you can see inside the car a woman with her arms strongly and protectively crossed at her tummy, in the typical defensive position of someone who’s upset. That person was most surely Anne (head is not visible) and all body signs pointed to Splitsville already (Marghe, next time don’t ask me to analyze pictures that you bring up: you know I am more than Holmes-like with that: body language has no secrets to me).

AND their split, no matter if currently the more Adam does things, the more I get mad at him (so much talent, so much wasted in too many idiot stuff), no matter if I know that’s insane and stupid…

Well their split makes me sad.

Not really “sad” in a deep way… just “sad” in that empathic way you feel for a character in a movie I guess.

Or maybe I am properly sad. Stupidly because celebrities and splitting up always are the rule and not the exception and they were never there to ditch their careers for their love anyway, none of them two.

But the truth in me is that I wanted for real to see them form a family though: I will forever think they could have had the most gorgeous babies EVER in Hollywood.

I for real (and practically as soon as they started be a thing)  thought Anne was not only the most beautiful girl he ever dated, but I felt she had the right personality to make him a man and not an ungrown kid with ego troubles still at 33.

I was wrong.

I am now convinced they actually split in January like tabloids claimed but decided to avoid the mess of telling it having the Grammies and SI events lined up already.

I hope they are actually in good terms as spoken but again… good terms mean nothing at all in the end when you weren’t friends before; you won’t become friends after that’s for sure.

I wish Anne to find joy; I unfollowed her on Twitter just because to see her (and now she is back having the icon she had at the start of her story with Adam) act and talk and be cute makes me sadder that she won’t be the mother of his children.

Make freely fun of me… I know that is STUPID by my side but what can I do?

That was my wish.

A childlike wish for children off of a wonderfully well genetically paired couple (but they were so rarely seeing one another so they had little time to practice the sex that making kids would require… another sign that no relationship could survive over).


All that said, one could claim this way next Maroon 5 album will sound like Songs About Jane because Adam will be full of feelings but…

I don’t have high stakes there because the HORRIFYING THING has happened: they have let OTHER PEOPLE write along them!!!

This is almost WORST than The Fuckery  Voice sign up (okay… not “almost”… that is WORSE!).

What kind of serious band doesn’t fully write their material????

Which true feelings can be sung, if it’s not the one who sings or play writing fully the songs that depict them?

I am appalled.

At least I can forever treasure this gem that was still produced when Adam was writing all of his lyrics by himself… the amazing Gotten which has now a video that benefits the homeless youth of Los Angeles.

This song is majestic… too bad the songs that will be included in Overexposed won’t ever reach this purity, being not fully an effort of the band, but a patch up of Blanco/MaxMartin/Ryan Tedder (the old fan in me wishes somehow I will be wrong there, but the music lover in me and the purist of art knows there’s no way art can survive such a mistake).:

Adam’s voice can be so perfect… even on the Hunger Games soundtrack you can see that and hear the magic but… by now he’s so taken trying to be this “superstar” he just can’t see straight anymore.

I am sure among all the new “hookups” he’s about to have, one will be with his partner in the American Horror Story role he’s now gotten confirmed.

Look how I will be once again correct, just like I was about Anne and Jesse and Maroon 5 losing their dignity in full selling completely out following Adam’s ego “lead”.

(You know that when I write all this the old fan in me is desperate, right? Because trust me I am and I wish I could just refuse them in full now that they have let me so down, but I still can’t fully cut ties, because all my youth has been spent with their music and his damn magical voice… 😦 )

Okay, I better focuse on the fact my friends are arriving and MILAN NEEDS US!!!!!

That thought is my everything now!!!

Cross fingers for us?

I mean, I know it should be illegal to wish Messi and Barcelona to lose because they are the best of the bests now but I am a Milan lover and I can’t do any differently so….


Oh, and Happy Easter everybody.

When this month of life abroad ends, we will meet again 😉

Hugs, Missus Z. 🙂


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