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Airport late time: Russian Feelings

Posted on: 22 November 2011

Good evening!

Basically airport private flight means avoiding THIS chaos and all, right? GREAT! 😉

Malpensa hub, a very late flight with private allowance (and one has to ask why the private planes have to fly at  impossible slots… *sigh*) and we are waiting for all the checks to be completed and all papers to be signed.

“We” means Karim and I and my parents and my grandparents.

We’re heading to Saint Petersburg and there we’ll be finding also Karim’s parents.

And hopefully grandparents? (I love them so much!).

We’re gonna have a very peculiar Thanksgiving, all there in a rented place that I am pretty sure will blow my mind away.

I love Hermitage since my early, early years and I have a pure fascination with Catherine The Great, so to be there in such a special frame of situation is gonna be awesome.

We have planned this strange reunion shortly after I bought tickets for Maroon 5 gigs in Russia; we thought about having a very special time regardless of the fact the gigs would have taken place or not (you know… since what did happen last time…).

Karim’s family was delighted about this and so were my own folks: it’s gonna kick ass to be so many there and appreciate family in a place that is not ours nor theirs (well, actually K’s family lived here for a few months due to Ambassy’s requests… but that is implied in their job of choice, you know ;)).

What about Italy instead?

Mario Monti has taken over and I really hope he can provide at least a small patch to 17 years of despare and delusion that the criminal Berlusconi stunk in our side, and even praised out for (poor Italians, how clueless can you be?).

When we will be back, there is gonna be Scala’s première and actually another couple Maroon 5 gigs, in Rome and Milan.

But you know by now, I’m not THAT thrilled about any of that.

Sure, I will enjoy them and love them, but I still believe that Moves Like Jagger is generic and Stero Hearts is sub-par decent.

I am glad if they are happy such songs helped them getting back under the radar of people and awards, but artistically… they are far from where they used to shine and shit on others, even if those times might have been less commercially rewarding.

Their choice, and I am sure lots of people still love them wildly and even more than before.

I love them, still, just not as passionately and maybe as blindly as before.

But I still obviously worship Adam’s voice, that is almost a spell on me he keeps exercising , which is why, even though I HATE The Voice of Fuckery, I have bought immediately the song he has recorded with its winner, Javier Colon, which is called Stand Up (nothing groundbreaking, but they have two lovely voices, sure), out of his album which I have no idea of, for the rest of it.

Since we are talking about Russia and Love, then, I have put the above song in a video made out of pictures from VSFS 2011 (the loveliness that are Adam and Anne together remains a fix of mine… I go awwwww everytime they interact 😉 STILL), because I wanted it so, and then I also put together all past appearances of lovely Anne V from her VSFS times, from 2008 to this present year (it’s a 40 minutes video), waiting for the actual show to air when I will be in Russia (I will put the piece up soon or later, complete, you know in the storage page).

Hope you can enjoy beauty (and close an eye to some of the outfits… *sigh*).

This video doesn’t exist


This video doesn’t exist

What else?

Nothing much left.

We still waiting for these damn papers to sign so that we can take off towards one of my most treasured towns in the world.

Wish you all a great time till our next break in 😉

Stay Young, Stay Foolish 😉

Missus Z.


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