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Posted on: 9 November 2011

There is nothing like amazing perfect sex

So… Gaining some time after reunion with husband, as works almost ends and I have a couple minutes to spend online.

Yesterday has been an utterly unreplicable experience of re-meeting.

We shut phones down, and we didn’t leave each other’s bodies for hours.

And hours.

And hours.

And this morning we replicated. What a holy situation of bliss…

It truly has been fantastic, and you must know by now my standards are really tough to meet, and match, especially continuously, in the lovemaking department.

But yes… this man can outdo himself (and me) so much, so greatly, all the times… that I couldn’t have married anybody else, really (without him I don’t think I would have married at all. Marriage was supposed to NOT be my thing at all, he fought to make my mind change there and it did JUST because of him).

I think I had to be someone really good and great in my previous times here because that’s the only way that can explain all of my blessings in this current passage over Mother Earth.


But let’s try to be understandable.

Leaving New York alone was PAINFUL. No High Mile nor cuddling... 😦

It has been so hard to fly back from New York alone, as he had to fly to Berlin for work instead, and I couldn’t give up to my own work commitments to follow him as I had hoped to (I love Berlin, but it seems always when I have to be there, Karim can’t follow me (not all the time) and when I am too taken, he has to be there, again alone).

I had an incredible hard time in not merging with his skin for almost five entire days.

You know me… I develop an incredibly bad mood if I can’t have daily sexual activities, and the Skype/cybersexual/kinky online stuff we nonetheless did just couldn’t even remotely match the way we have flawless, amazing sex together (some of you would call it making love… but it doesn’t work for me cos we make AWESOME SEX while being in utter love. We’re just so totally fitting one another’s wild dreams there, the “making love” thing seems just not enough to describe us ;). Then to me sex is one of the greatest things ever, if not THE greatest thing ever and it works just better if love is involved but you know… it can function very well even when love isn’t.).

So my days Karim-deprived were telling me right now I really feel our lives are a UNITE thing.

Not that my friends haven’t been great to be with me and make me happy while I was alone in Milan.

Contrariwise: they were all amazing.

I still believe any person has to be an individuality FIRST, so even when alone, I of course am capable of having fun, be cheerful, do my own stuff and have satisfaction.

It’s just that now that I can’t enjoy out of coupling sexual encounters (faithful, I promised and I mantain, unless we decide ourselves to be open and let somebody sneak in… but that are for very selected people, and generally my own Valentine wild card that Karim has learnt to love and appreciate…) that energetic fulfilling need that I daily have stay someway caged in, making me… feeling appetites I can’t let go.

And from there, it comes some of that bad mood above.

Thank above all my friends know me enough to understand where it comes from, and they are able to forgive me and cheer me and uplift me when things like that happen (some will still offer themselves for some revival of my amazing wild days of friendly benefiting, but by now they do know those days are gone, but always dear to my heart and memory… and somewhere other parts of my body too ;))

My crew is awesome: they know me and so they really took care of me.

Why does it always rain where Italy can't help but fall apart?

We had a quiet night out, because the tragedy in Genova just didn’t call for wild antics out; then we had an awesome clubbing night, sessions of weekend shopping, dinner out with just my gals, and sporty stuff (Milan in San Siro is always good).

But… maybe I am just growin up… I don’t know.

It seemed to me that all the fun I had wasn’t complete still, without not a single moment of me gazing into Karim’s eyes and smelling his skin.

I had fun dancing, I had fun turning down the usual plethora of guys and men tryin to catch my attention (some were cute and also classy…and as usual some kept on trying no matter my note that I wasn’t up for anything, or that I was married. Marriage doesn’t discourage any hunter, I know ;)), and I had the most awesome time of chitty chat with my best friends…

But missing Karim was hard.

I can’t wait for next trip together: it will be in Russia for the end of the month when we will be in Saint Petersburg and Moscow for partly the Maroon 5 gigs over there and partly to celebrate in a very strange fashion a far away Thanksgiving with our families (let’s just call it a reason to celebrate, why not ;)… as we all adore art, I can tell you the place we look the most to be at is OBVIOUSLY The Ermitage :)!

Our time in New York was pretty much all ours; yep, we met with grandmother but mainly we enjoyed our new apartment in the Upper West Side (LOVE IT!!!) just a shot away from The Beacon Theater, Riverside and Lincoln Center.

Gosh I love our house there so much!

Have a house in Manhattan is simply fabulous

We went to Letterman too and enjoyed at the same time (they were taping two episodes) Justin Timberlake (well, not that  I really like him at all, and he SUX as actor still), the awesome The Civil Wars, and then the subsequent taping JOHNNY friggin DEPP and the someway disappointing Foster the People.

We also had the great pleasure of being invited by lovely beauty Brooke Shields at her Broadway show and enjoy the cast company quite after it, and we also went to watch another piece, Mamma Mia!, as New York was preparing to find some snow hours later.

Then the whole of Soho (where some very good friends reside) and the night outs, The Chelsea Piers, dinners at the Top of The Sky…

Oh, New York!!!

As an European, I’ll never be tired of saying it, NY IS the city… I meanI love California and I love to have a house there, but California love expresses itself fully towards the entire Country, while talking about TOWNS, New York just BE IT.

We couldn’t obviously remain these latest few days so we missed Saturday Night Live on the 5th November (too bad, episode is hilarious and yes, I actually enjoyed Maroon 5 there even though I still only moderately like both Moves Like Jagger and Stereo Hearts):

Today we were actually invited to be witnessing the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, where Anne walks and Maroon 5 (and KANYE!!!!!) will perform; but honestly, I will happily content myself with watching it on tv, because I feel not any urge of crazy fandom by now.

I still obviously love Maroon 5, but I can live with missing them sometimes.

It doesn’t nor wouldn’t hurt me anymore at all, like it used to when they used to be flawlessly epic to me, and therefore any missing of their “existence” would have felt like a deprive to my soul.

Now, I am a fan that likes and loves and praises, but not longer completely adores and worships them, pros and cons no matter what.

This makes me somebody who has a number of huge likes in music, but not anymore a devoted and 110% fan of ANYBODY (still, I have my list of likes that I can put in a numbered list, and the top positions still always the same, even without worshipping I presume).

But there’s a thing that they did this past week that I truly loved that involved Maroon 5, and that thing was a chat they did for z100NY radio where Adam confessed his fandom for my other favorite band (and they still them two who keeps being my favorite, no matter Moves Like JaggerMylo Xyloto mistakes of various sorts and crimes against music, bad reality tv shows The Voice shame), namely Coldplay (I also adores that he gives hints about Rock In Rio, a gig that I adored to attend to, for both bands).

Watch it because it’s so cute (in its entirety, actually, not merely the part where he talks about Coldplay, or when he rightly defends his position against those idiots of Fox News, for instance):

Talking about idiots, politics and douchebags – all things that apply to Fox News and anybody trusting that racist, angsty uninforming trash – , and I use the term way too generously, in Italy that stupid criminal Berlusconi is keeping us hanging while the Country falls apart, drowns itself  under water, generally struggles to survive and he still speaking like everything’s fine and like he actually has a voice to raise to make things better.

Can he die already, please?

I mean… NATURALLY (he’s old enough, isn’t he?).

I think Rino Gaetano said it best (it’s scary how this song works now like it did decades ago…):

I really hope my Country can raise the bar, raise its head up and start understanding to be OKAY, to be fine, to be respected and trusted you gotta WORK, be responsible, be true, be HONEST and never give up to ANY of these things.

We have more brain and more talent and more strength than we think; and the fact so many in this Country believed in a rotten, fake, poisoning and poisoned criminal’s “fairy tale” has brought this amazing place on the verge of despare, and bankruptcy.

I know we won’t permit this any longer.

So… as I keep being blessed and happy… I hope my generation will provide the great energy to start a new and better chapter for many, and for all the Italians too.

John Lennon wasn’t the only dreamer.

Last song I post, makes me remember New York in the sweetest way:

Have you all a great time.

The happiest woman on this planet. Ever 😉

Missus Z. 🙂


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