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Back at lab after a true enriching life experience

Posted on: 5 December 2011

Good morning!!!

Back at lab after one of the most beautiful bunch of days ever.

What a wonderful trip our own one to Russia has been!!!

So much beauty and love and family bonding…

So much art and precious time… we didn’t even mind the weather, which for the most part was a bad mixture of rain and icy drops… never too much or long-lasting enough to say we had the proper “snowy” apt Russian feeling.

But who cares?

It has been mesmerizing nonetheless.

We spent every kind of differently-vibed “love” time: with families, with friends (I made Margherita, Serena and a couple other of my girlfriends privately fly to Moscow for a VIP trip surprise to see Maroon 5 there 😉 let’s say they were delighted ;)…), then alone after the familes flew back part to California and part to Italy after the most treasured and peculiar Thanksgiving reunion ever.

What can I say… I feel so blessed.

Saint Petersburg 2011. What a wonderful time

Although Moscow is beautiful, we actually feel this holiday (both Karim and I) as entirely Saint Petersburg-related only.

We went to Moscow by train only to witness the first Maroon 5 gig (the day after we replied the gig experience in Saint Petersburg… good vibes and good gigs both, with a slight preference to the first one probably, but maybe just because acoustic was better then than the subsequent night, and we were closer to the stage), and we stayed there only short of 20 hours (enough for me to buy what will be my Scala Première dress for the incoming days).

We will be back again in Moscow… but we wanted to taste Saint Petersburg mostly and its amazing surroundings only this time.

So much history and fantabulous-ness… such a glorious town indeed.

Everyone must visit there in their lifetimes… it’s mind-blowing if you love art and culture even a fraction than K&I do 🙂

At the Hermitage I truly had the time of my life… I did.

I cried even and that moved my sweet K a lot 🙂 (and someway shocked my in-laws but in the best way that it’s possible to be, fortunately!).

There was an Italian Retrospective at the Museum so it was really MEANT for me and K.

But the town is so much more than just that awesome museum!

We stayed in this dacia on the Neva, and old retire that we could rent thanks to the always powerful connections of my newfound broads.

We had as usual to walk around everywhere (gig included) with bodyguards but by now I truly don’t even mind anymore… I’m used to it whenever we are in long far away trips, or K’s fam is with us (grannies included!!!) or we visit places that rink higher in the special “care” list the fam observes.

But that all isn’t really a bothering after all.

The Thanksgiving menu was a very peculiar mixture of USA, Italian and Russian recipes (the cooks that came along my in-laws are really kick ass pros there!) and I have to say I truly enjoyed the cooking of St. Petersburg restaurants we went at, too.

Then landscapes… oh!!!! Those Russian landscapes!!!

The train trip to Moscow has been one of the most beautiful ever for me… I think I have taken no less than 500 pictures all the way along.

I feel so well after this trip I can share some little bit of the gig in Moscow, as well (my bickering towards the band’s regretful TV choices fades and goes away whenever I witness them live, because they still amazing when they hit the stage and make me fret and make me always get back in love with them…):

The best series of pictures. Thank You for addressing it Yari 😉

They are just so good…

It still make me so angry and disappointed to reckon their second wave of ultra success has to be ralated to such inferior material as MLJ & a Tv show tho… *sigh*.

To think that Moves Like Jagger may take a Grammy and a superior song like Misery was (and it’s not even my favorite out of HAO) didn’t makes me cringe… though I reckon compared to other songs candidated (beside maybe Paradise) it’s the clear runner up (but once shit like Bruno Mars and Rihanna’s albums are candidated for Album Of The Year, that means a little indeed):

So... MLJ is nominated. Will it get that trophy or...?

I still can’t cope with that… but by now that’s the reality, and there’s nothing to change it, no matter how much my inner music lover core refuses to face it.

Talking about music… I decided straight after watching the bill we will be at Coachella this year, cos line-up is SIMPLY PERFECT oh, yeah :)!!! :

I cherish them all 🙂

Music and I just get along the best 🙂

The tickets for Coachella won’t be a problem.

Lakers are back!

It’s the perk of knowing some really “into it” folks back in Cali.

And for music I treasure I will use all bonds and links and whatever.

It’s gonna be fun.

end of lockout!

Other GREAT things lying ahead: NBA STARTS FINALLY!!!!

I had lost hopes really… though I have no idea how the Lakers will survive the cut time… we are not a young team so this shortened season will affect us the most but WHO CARES?

Though the Xmas time will be actually spent in San Francisco and we will move to LA properly for NYE actually (maybe Vegas is a throw-in? we’ll see 😉) I hope to snatch the Xmas game tickets, no matter if we stay in town like only the proper time of the game only and then we hop onto a plane back and forth to San Fran ;).

I’m sure again our contacts will make this possible.

It’s Xmas after all and my family (old & new) can content me SO easily with that ticket… No need for courtside… I will be okay with anything 😉 (Mash!!!! You ready? ;))

What else?

Mario Monti has just unveiled the measures for avoiding Italy collapse and as a wealthy Italian I will be glad to help for my part.

Let the man work and put a patch onto this poor Nation destroyed after 17 years of fuckery from criminal Berlusconi (allowed blindly by the so-called “lefts” who are almost equally as responsible of this disaster as that criminal, because they never stopped him when they seemed to get a chance to).

We can make it and we must.

What else?

Oh, sure… the LOVELINESS that was the VSFS 2011 with the full display of Adam and Anne’s amazing love!!!

That always put me in a great mood because they are so special and perfect together and you know I treasure true beauty over everything because to me it’s a testify of the greatness of creation :).

I was meant to create a video out from the VSFS but I decide to post just the show entirely and a cut of interviews.

Enjoy (here there is also the lip-sync version of the Angels of the hit of the year… wonder which? Moves Like Jagger. *sigh again* ;)):

As for video celebrating the two lovebirds (the two lovebirds the world better start to worship as their beauty and loveliness deserves them to be worshipped for), I actually bumped in this AWESOME creation tribute that is dedicated to them and  fell in love (the creator is a genius and from their tumblr they also share my view on Anne’s Adorableness and the stupidity of her haters, so that’s a double good point for me too) with it.

So I hope you enjoy it as well and go to the creator’s page and thank them for such a quality tribute work whoever they are:

Adam Levine and Anne V.’s Tribute Video from TeamAdamsAngel Tumblr

This video doesn’t exist

Really go to the page of this girl/guy/people and just thank them and praise them as I did multiple times.

It’s a wonderful work, so don’t steal it okay?

I know some of you may had expected the Yoga video of Details Magazine as well but when I will prepare it I will post it into the NAWWAL Storage page ;).

But I don’t have time at the moment, so content yourself.

Gotta get back to work now or daddy will kick my so well shaped ass 😉

Catch you soon 😉

Missus Z. 🙂


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