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It’s morning in Africa: Lion or Gazelle? Gazamba!

Posted on: 25 March 2010

Morning crew!

Kobe vs Manu Ginobili

I’ll be quick.

Very quick.

I hope ;).

It’s running time in so many ways, and this road to the lab today never ends (Karim drives, I type on Noah… ;))

Milan yesterday evening got humiliated by Parma, and trust me it was hard to swallow because we were just so completely UGLY.

Luckely all sport pride got restored by my sweet Lakers guided by the one and only, the Mighty Kobe, the unique Gazamba commanding on court everyone and everything in such a ease it got almost overwhelming (sort of… ;)):

To celebrate it all, I officially ended the lurkerdom in the Lakers Blog and so from today I will be writing there again, beside having always kept the habit of being in chat (still one of the most entertaining things to do while watchin the game on tv. During playoffs it’s gonna help me not scream like a devil ;)).

What more?

Gotta be quick cos really I have a lot to do.

In the maintime, this is what radio passes, namely Giorgia…:

and this (I so find this video funny…then Adam Duritz‘s voice is just so beautiful to hear… :)):

What else?


In the runner topic we gotta update and put Divine A. & his Russian Fairy (who’s coming back from Denmark to allegedly LA again) because this is what the two wrote yesterday evening on their twitters (Adam posting his own one just minutes away from the first shout out of Anne. They mirror one another… how cute ;)):

Anne: “Training begins tom in LA! I hope this time around the mission sticks, and pls no more sore backs, I wanna do a marathon again.”

Adam: “Running shoes feel like two little clouds…but two really ugly clouds with unnecessarily complicated designs and poor color combos…”

Run baby run!

I remember when they first started to date (well, when she first arrived to LA February 19th along him) at a certain point Adam tweeted “I’m gonna run a marathon”.

Dunno about you, but this it’s something I WANNA SEE.

Can’t stop smirking at the thought 😉

Good luck with the training guys (Anne will have to keep him in check. 26+ miles? Running? Adam? LOL… let’s see. I lurk miracle needed over there…).

Still I find the thing just cute in itself.

Running in two is just sweet. Really.

Last but not least, let me post a message directly from Maroon5 about the bidding of the piano: DO IT (I gently requested my people to bid on it for my birthday. That’d be a cute, cute birthday present after all :))


This sums up my morning and day fine enough.

Today is Wii League at me, after a while.

It’s gonna ROOOOCK!!!!

Have all a great day 😉

Catch you later (I leave you with Sophie Ellis Bextor, most beautiful females cheeckbones in music EVER!):



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