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Patchworking emotions from Como Lake

Posted on: 28 March 2010

Morning, world.

Well, actually it’s almost 2 PM here and I still struck in this hotel room, watching from high ceiled door-window the beautiful labdscape of Lake Como that lays under my greedy eyes.

It has been a fantastic weekend, so far.

I  know it’s gonna keep being so.

I think my system will kill me this approaching working week, too.

We tried hard this Friday&Saturday: we went clubbing hard and we also watched all Lakers games from our Vip privées (thank you S & L for allowing me this caprice. Love you guys. But what we’ve spent in two nights valued all requests, innit? Fine though. You guys know how to make people feel awesome. We appreciated. MAJORLY…).

Well, first trial was awful:

and it truly forced me to still have a special sexual healing straight.

I begged the keys for the very, very secluded private bathroom of the club.

I rarely beg stuff (unless it serves for a lovely gaming…) but I just couldn’t remain the whole night with the bad taste of that ashaming loss attached onto my skin.

I needed a clean up.

Luckely I have yet to find a male person who’s able to deny me what I want when I truly want it.

So I had that key.

And I had my healing.

Karim gets always better in his… erm… *comforting skill* 😉

Yesterday we had a family dinner with my mum’s relatives before heading to Como Lake.

My Aunt gifted me with a great advanced birthday present.

A marvel of a diamond necklace by Chopard jewelry.

I know.

I am spoiled.

She said she wanted to gift me a watch, but she was told by mum I would never ever change my Ulysse Nardin watch.

And I wouldn’t.

Love to have one that matches Karim’s.

And then… well… who would change watch, really?

Then we went to Lake Como as I said with the same full gang as we partied out with on Friday.

The game to watch was way better (and easier… Rockets were like a bandaid promo…):

The dancing pattern was shorter though cos we had to lose one hour in the daylight savings.

While we were heading to the hotel, Karim took my hand in his and whispered he couldn’t wait for this next Friday to come.

On Friday we get back to 5 Lands in Liguria, like we did last Easter.

It’s very meaningful for us… for me mostly.

Last year, there, I realized he was going to be someone very special in my life.

I wasn’t fully aware yet how much.

But that special long weekend surely has changed my life.

That’s why there I won’t bring pc, and I will rely only on Twitter to communicate.

I won’t update blogs and I don’t know even if we will wake up to watch the Lakers (we probably will, but it’s not something we plan forcedly…).

I know, we will miss two homecourt games there and I already told everybody in the chat I won’t be part of those against Jazz and Kings

I just wanna treasure every second in Liguria which will remind me, one year later, why and thanx whom I finally met love.

I owe this to him.

And most important… I WANT to make him feel the special creature he is for me.

Weekend after that, it will be an ongoing party for my birthday.

It will start from the obvious wednesday, when we will be at my parent’s house, and then it will go on for four days straight.

Darn, I deserve, I’m Amaterasu after all ;).

I know already I will have the iPad and Slash album wrapped up to be in my hands, glorified.

I know there is an importantly consistent update in my wardrobe that my friends will provide.

I sense a new car is ready to be landing too.

I just hope it’s a small car cos… I like to lay low on cars.

Not my thing.

The week after is Paris.

Well, we will be in Paris when playoff starts.

We better organize a proper watch opportunity.

Okay missing maybe two regular season games (even though they might be two where Divine A. & Russian Fairy could be surfacing back from their retreat, which is lasting ever since they reconnected days ago… awww… how cute 😉 they have disappeared from world… awww 🙂 I so understand that. TOTALLY!!!), but playoffs are COMPLETELY a different matter.

We can’t lose a second of that.

BTW, yesterday Roma beat Inter.

We need to win in a few hours, so also Serie A can be entertaining again ;).

Right, I leave you with two songs I love and feel inspired by today:

Richard Ashcroft, first…

and then I Blame Coco ftr. my adored Robyn:

Rock on your Sunday, peeps 😉

Lotta lurve ;), Miss Z. 🙂


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