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Good morning!

Nut at table in Play Room

My baby Nut 🙂

Or is it… a truly awkward one?

I guess by now, it’s just a further morning (actually I will finish this at late evening… and prepare to a LOT of typos because there is no way I will double check a thing if I ever want to finish the thing for real ops ;))…

I have been long awaiting to create this post because in the past few days so much that I care of has happened in Italy that I have been on a roller coaster of powerful moods straight for around a week right now.

I have been in need of taking my time in relax… working (going abroad to Berlin again) then just spend time with Karim, and have a wonderful Milan Night in San Siro (whoooaaa we were great against Lazio!!! And I who thought Barcelona Magic was a one night stand!!!), then relax again and be just naked for a whole Sunday before the awkward sensation out of last week vanished enough to let me write.

Then I woke up today basking in Kobe Bryant’s amazing performance against the Atlanta Hawks and got really pumped up (despite the morning chill), and tried to find my way to start put in words what I have been felt lately.

What I have watched on tv yesterday (Presa Diretta about the Tsunami stuff) also has cleared my mind and its knotting reasoning a bit more.

That outcome after past week tho still intense.


What am I talking about?


Italian Elections.

That is obvious.


For weeks (months… let’s cut it.. FOR YEARS) I have waited for a sign of change in my fellow Countrymen, and waited for this all to manifest itself in the just-happened turn of ballots.

I waited for them to understand criminal liars aren’t going to do our poor Italy any favor (because the only ones they look forward to would benefit solely themselves) and I was hoping this year would have proven my hopes right.

I was hoping after the worst bunch of years, clearly linked to disarmingly awful management out from essentially one party (person) Italians would have stopped to believe tales and would have boldly faced reality and would have acted consequently, because after all we are an heritage of amazingly talented people and we have skills, talents, brains and creativity to always find our way to become better, no matter how disadvantaged we are feeling or how bad the situation is looking.

Because DAMN… I am PROUD to be Italian… for what we are SUPPOSED to be.

I get so disheartened whenever I realize this concept of “Italian” might be just a thing of the past, since it’s almost all my life that the values that seem predominating in my Country are the exact opposite than what I strive for and I thrive on.

These elections… and my hopes…


Some HUGE change definitely has been showin… but…



Will it do Italy any favor?

I doubt it; and I doubt it JUST BECAUSE of the way Italians are.


Grillo has won; I expected a huge result from him (it’s months that I fear it), but not nearly as huge as it was.

Watching Presa Diretta yesterday has made me undertsand better why Italians (and why so many of them) have chosen a former comedian as mentor… but while I do get the disbelief and outrageous anger towards “regular” politicians is a thing that – positively – finally has gotten to the limelight, I still very dubious that a recipe like the one Grillo suggests (? does he in the end suggest something after all?) can fix troubles.

Not only that… the other one, the cancer this Country keeps proudly displaying (oh, poor us),  still around and not as done as anybody with brain and heart wanted him to be.

Berlusconi is sadly alive, maybe not as well as the past but doing decently enough to have again at least a third of this Country lobotomized out of his lies and fake promises, STILL.

I can’t believe the way populism is so ready to mesmerize Italians.

Grillo and Berlusconi are just the same soup baked and cooked in populist sauces, the only difference being the fact Grillo is NOT a criminal while Berlusconi instead is one of the biggest CRIMINALS around.

I get scared when I see how much desperation (or sometimes just laziness) can revolve and push people in trusting what in my book should hardly be trusted.

Yes, Italians love fake promises, they love to have others think for them and find them easy solutions (that never exist in reality, especially in difficult realities such as the times we are in), and they are ready to believe the grossest tales as long as they are pledged to escape a reality that they don’t find flattering.

I cringe at this all, because I am a different breed: I think in hard times people have to FACE the difficulty and get over it by their own forces, with dedication, pride, with determination and drive.

In a way, M5S pledges for this kind of personal push, but I see so many anarchists and unreliable people merged into their following that I can’t avoid to question the goodness of the Movement itself.

I so believe Italians have the resources to finally turn tables and make their (our) Country free from the disgusting stealing robbering behaviors for 60 years its politicians have implemented… I just fear Grillo is not the one to guide this whole process.

Berlusconi keeps being around. DAMN.

Berlusconi keeps being around. DAMN.

I don’t think he’s fit; I on the other hand deeply believe Italians have to do what it takes to save Italy from the cliff we’re hanging on the verge of.


With talent; that talent which Italians have in their genetic pool so strong but which they seem to always forget about, drowned in fears.

This electoral result freaks me, I guess you got it…

Except that it actually doesn’t even surprise me that everything has gone this way, to be honest with you; the more I evaluate the whole situation, the more “surprised” isn’t really the way I feel about this all.

We have even more populists people claiming the little that’s left of Italians’ dignity throughout surrealistic suggestions (which are really dangerous tho) such as “let’s leave Euro” “let’s exit from the Financial system” (which is sucky and so totally wrong, but which pays our debt, idiots), and similarly out of reach “brilliant” (no) agendas.

We are probably the only Country in the world (ever?) to give TWO COMEDIANS the highest rise rate in the last 45 days before an actual “matter-of-life-and-death” turn of election.

Yeah I know this has been said by that German bloke who pissed Napolitano so much off for… but that is exactly what I do think myself as well and I have way before he said it openly to the world.

Italians… Italians make me an elitist… I have come to realize I barely (I don’t?) trust my fellow Countrymen choices that much in times of pain.

The Incredible LOSS of PD

The Incredible LOSS of PD

I go appalled every time “democracy” works over here because every single time they pick up Fairy Tellers promising them solutions which won’t ever work and which generally are not even remotely applicable to the true matters.

We keep having the oldest political class (yes, in the Parliament now many young people are stepping in, but the political parties and all the lobbies and all the commanding chain in this Nation STILL an affair of painfully old people, let’s face it).

How can they reckon what would work for us, when they are not even belonging to the generation(s) they are throwing off a (very high) cliff?

Why we still the only Country where people at the Left don’t really understand a thing about the generation(s) they pledge the voting of?

Why the Left in Italy has about the same talent for win that Inter had to show in the infamous 2002 Serie A League, losing a race that was virtually won just because they simply couldn’t believe they could actually lose?


Sure… we gotta get up and try (as P!nk would say… I love that song) but sometimes trust me is all but easy.

Sometimes… especially after having been for some days again in a Country like USA… I would love to just give up and leave.

We go there in two weeks again and really… sometimes… I think seriously about that all.

But it’s a very quick thought: I’d never do that… I am an Italian with the love for the Country which is shaped out of the way Japanese people love and adore their own.

I would never leave the boat that sink.

I am not Schettino.

Even if it’s truly (and believe me it is) hard to keep on witnessing the way Italians do pay dust to themselves so constantly.


Even the POPE has resigned knowing he wasn’t fit anymore for the huge task he has to sustain and what about our political class, where the youngest ones are all above 65?

(By the way, I really got to respect Ratzinger after his stepping off... You all know I NEVER liked him as Pope, but this decision he took about leaving makes his persona gain lots of points in my book. I had to say this).

Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI steps off the Pope's soil

Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI steps off the Pope’s soil

I want fresh forces, but forces who understand politics and LAWS, not a bunch of digerati who can claim this Country (one of those with the hugest debt) can exit frigging Euro or can give a minimum wadge salary (that’d be great, but simply it cannot happen with our financial woes) and an ordeals of retards will believe this all and will create un-governability, will send Stocks down the hill and generally will ruin the already thin chances Italy has to resurface from a downward spiral.

Basically… my problem with Italy is that I don’t trust Italians’ choices again, because those choices are just about as opposite as possible to anything great this Country has ever done in its glorious past.

Why don’t Italians try to be great as they can and work their asses off and stop to wait for others to bail them, instead of believing all Fairy Tellers and let them sink us all any time an inch more down the water?

And I totally agree these politicians must NOT be trusted but then why a third of Italians have kept faith in Berlusconi?

I really have to recall that men can be great.

In fact… I often am envious of K. because he can claim his Country has OBAMA.

It was amazing to attend his Inaugural festivities even if the trip we had was a riddle among snow and delayed flights and chaos…

But we met Cindy Lauper and Nancy Pelosi (exquisite person), we had truly a wonderful family time no matter how brief and we were so into this all both K&I got a little tattoo to commemorate the magic, which not even Fakeyoncé could disturb (for the record: I have the greatest opinion of Beyoncé as singer… but I really perceive her as totally constructed and fake in her “perfection” so I couldn’t bare to stand her excuses for faking her singing, because I am sure if they hadn’t uncovered her lies she would have gone for the gold and never say she was singing in playback. That is what sets me off with her… the fakery, which she shall not be bound to since her skills are HUGE).

Beyonce' fakes on Obama's Inaugural

Beyonce’ fakes on Obama’s Inaugural

But yes, it was amazing, and I so wish Italy could claim a progressive party and man such as USA can.

That was where last post ended… we were just about to witness the magic and I didn’t imagine this post would have come more than a month after but you know me… life has its turns and this blog is just my fun memory and generally February, March and April are very hectic for me; both work-wise and because in them there are always the trips for Valentine’s time (later on that… this year it was marvelous again), our K’s time and then my Birthday time.

So when heavy working schedule mix with long trips to foreign places (or to K’s home, like it will happen in March), it’s not really like I can have time to write posts.

I queue things along and then when I will be able to write, I will (this generally happens in airports halls or when I perform tests at lab, just like now ;)).

Oh, nothing... just best Italian Journalist and Historicist alive ;)

Oh, nothing… just best Italian Journalist and Historicist alive 😉

To make it more understandable: when we came back from Valentine’s vacation in the amazing Caribbean Islands, I went straight to Florence out from the plane for a THREE days conference which was taking place in weekend and then straight drove (well, K did…) to reach Milan and VOTE.

The day of Elections while the results were making me so worked off, I practically fell asleep by exhaustion at 9h30 pm.

I think somehow I am getting old and I need breaks to sustain some pacing my life has.

When I am turning 28 soon I will shed a tear to my former physical invincibility.

Which has gone away, clearly ;).

I am also starting to enjoy quieter nights out dining with the crew instead of the formal super clubby mod we were put on display on weekends.

Sure I do still enjoy to dance and feel musically entangled in lobo strobes but it’s just that I realize “generation-speaking” that is starting (conveniently) not being my thing anymore.

Chapters of life and age showing… and I have to say I actually like this comprehension I have of the rightfulness of this all.

Is there anything lamer than adults trying to deny they are adults by behaving like kids?

I allow that to artists because they MUST remain kids at heart always (so basically I allow K to be so, even if that really isn’t his way to be at all), but regular people with no artistry in their DNA keeping acting teens when they are not… those gain all my disrespect and I don’t plan to be self-hating any time soon ;).

By the way though yes, Ia m aging and I am almost 28… I still super hot and super fit tho so it’s okay.

I’ll just sleep more and have sex at more convenient hours 😉 (still as often as possible as that calls for a perfect shape and beauty appearance too ;)).

But back at what I was writing.

Life is the greatest thing indeed.

Lately I am really trying to figure out what I stand for at the moment… not only these rhythms that are pacing out at different values…

It’s clear I am approaching that phase of life when all of my peers are starting to turn into family units; I love this.

All you need is Love &... cookies ;)

All you need is Love &… cookies 😉

I love that we are together since forever and we are all coming to the same places, this is amazing.

I love that I am starting to feel some kind of urgency towards motherhood, too.


Not yet 😉

But the more we are around friends (really close ones) with kids, or ready to have some, the more I naturally start to understand I might get there with ease, too.

Look… not because I feel pressured for or towards it…

JUST BECAUSE K&I feel like we are starting to be ready (but again, that yet doesn’t mean we are trying a thing ;)).

While I was traveling like a fool past month, and I also got blasted by flu, Karim was there being amazing and I suddenly felt so HOME.

It was no mattering where I actually was… He’s HOME for me.

His soul is home for mine.

And I think we could be great parents in a while.

We just need to complete our working crafts and feel full with them.

He’s on the verge of wrapping up the most amazing project in three Countries; I have a very FULL 2013 ahead.

Once these things are accomplished and once we both slide in our meant to chairs in our Companies… who knows.


One thing I know for sure.

In a month I get 28 and I feel a woman and not a girl by now in full.

Women have a different mind sets than girls.

And I am getting ready to new chapters in my life most definitely and the wonderful things is that I feel so GREAT about this all.

I am loving getting older; the experiences my life has gifted me with are something precious and very special and I believe in a little while I could be good in passing all this to a new generation; and that new generation, THAT’s FOR SURE, would also be fathered by the most perfect man in the world (perfect also because he is not perfect… though people meeting Karim won’t believe he is not, because this is what he looks and feels like to all of us… but I know him better and I can tell you he is not perfect, but just because of it he is PERFECT FOR ME :)).

When we went to Venice Carnival I just glowed in him.

Carnival Loving Time 2013

Carnival Loving Time 2013

The mere things he does to make me smile or to teach me things I didn’t know blow my mind and heart off every single time.

The Valentine’s trip then…

For days and weeks he made me believe we would have gone to Pennsylvania at Hershey’s SPA and then to New York for Maroon 5 MSG gig and then meet with his family in Miami (they obviously have a beach house there too… where’s the surprise ;)).

Weather was freezy POLAR in Italy so I was looking forward to some chocolate and more freeze and then (but only then) some beachy hot time instead…

Instead we went to the Caribbean magic and passed from the Cays in Turks and then move to Santo Domingo and touch a sleeve of Cuban salsa as well…

We touched Nature in the most perfect way, meeting sharks and turtles and iguanas and feeling like Adam and Eve in the Eden and HONEST TO ABOVE…

There I truly felt like if I could get pregnant IMMEDIATELY and even give birth right there and be only K&I forever alone on those islands NOTHING would have been more prefect.

Yes, I am THAT in love.

Caribbean Love 2013

Caribbean Love 2013

And the greatest thing is that while the passion still there (because I live for sex and I am the most sexual kinky fuck you could imagine… and he LOOOOOVES it, no matter what) the real plus part of our bond is that we are completely into one another’s minds and talents.

We look up to one another.

We genuinely think the other can make our world EVOLVE, which is why even when we quarrel (like anybody does if they care about one another) we can actually try to guess if something the other thinks could be in fact… right over our own opinion.

This only can happen when you REALLY think the other is amazing, because then your ego (even our two ones, which are MEGA) can step off a bit and make you get better through the other’s input.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get mad when K beats me at ANYTHING though ;).

Because I do.

My competitive side is just… moon-sized ;).

But I also always say that is a wonderous thing that I can LOVE my best competitor this much and always feel blessed even when he kicks my ass.

The satisfaction I get whenever is HIS ass that I kick multiplies out of this all, too 😉

*insert evil laugh*

*And a LOOOOOOONG kiss* 😉

Talking about competitive sides… it’s hard (especially after the AMAZING performances of late) not to connect with what THE AMAZING MAMBA is doing at the moment.

Since our beloved Jerry Buss has passed away (and you can understand what was missing the past 18 months in the Lakers organization… THE MAN was not there to have his hold on tight…) Kobe Bryant has been even more perfect than ever.

Irreplaceable. Jerry Buss. Lakers MAKER.

Irreplaceable. Jerry Buss. Lakers MAKER.

This guy has the GREATEST STRIVE TO PERFECTION I HAVE EVER SEEN, and he inspires me so much I can’t really put it in words.

He’s starting to think about retirement of course but just as I said to him… that day for me will make the transition about him from INHUMAN PERFECT ATHLETE to SUPREME SPORT LEGEND ICON.

He’s doing it all to save the Lakers from the shame of NOT being in the playoffs (currently we are seating at ninth place), easily ALSO for honoring the man whom brought him in the BEST FRANCHISE IN SPORTS EVER:

Lakers position after Atlanta Win

You all know how much I love the Lakers…

I will also – of course – when Kobe won’t be playing anymore.

But like it always happens with my sporty idols… when THEY stop, a part of me buries with them and what they have inspired me out of LIFE lessons properly, through their sport’s mastery.

So when Kobe retires… a part of me will be completed and a seed will be planted forever in me and its offsprings (hopefully) will be also part of me forever.

Kobe is my FOCUS&Determination icon.

He will always be an hero for me, long past his Lakers’ days (and his obvious status as legend).

Laker and Legend for LIFE

Laker and Legend for LIFE

I always love when he connects with my other sporty loves… and just to say one thing, tonight Djokovic was also at Staples witnessing Mamba’s greatness and so the circle MILAN>LAKERS>TENNIS got full because Kobe and Nole are both Milan devotees 😉

Love how Kobe LOVED his coming too 😉

utter perfection in Kobe and Nole

utter perfection in Kobe and Nole

Great minds… ;))))

I love that Kobe has the same way Karim has to download stress… playing classic sonatas on piano.

Talent is something that flourishes so highly in them two… and you know I can only like talented (multi talented actually) type of people.

So will the Lakers made it to playoffs?

I don’t think chances are that high at stakes actually…

His Mamba-ness

His Mamba-ness

This because it doesn’t ONLY rely on Lakers… we have to hope those ahead slow down and this is never a good way to obtain things. But it’s our fault to have let the opportunity slides off our hands to be the sole responsibles of our own future so, whatever it happens, it will be on us and teach us better for the future (hopefully).

What I do know is that I adore to see Kobe and Nash play together; I have let go of Pau‘s disappointments by now (he’s injuried so it wouldn’t even be cute to speak about it) and Howard keeps being… I don’t know… resilient to finally give in to us and be a COMPLETE Laker?

Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant Lakers LOVE

Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant Lakers LOVE

I still on the fence about him; can’t help but feeling Kobe’s feels there (I know, I am biased probably but this is how I am ;)).

I hope Lakers make it to the playoffs also because being in the USA for a while in the next two months, I would love to witness again a game live at Staples

I will actually be soon at Staples but that will be again just for a bunch of hours of gig catching when Maroon 5 play there in two weeks (less than it!!!) and it won’t last much , as we will be based in San Francisco by the time of K’s festivities 😉 and then we move to New York for both mine and his work (yes, no leisure time this time in NY)… and then from there is – hopefully if nothing goes wrong – HANAMI TIME IN JAPAN FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! (and THAT will surely be only leisure time 😉 because I do deserve ;)).

Hanami Time for my incoming 28th birthday!

Hanami Time for my incoming 28th birthday!

So right now I generally start to go backwards to the past post and put up Maroon 5 & then Adam (and Behati’s) things.

I will this time too, but since more than a month and A LOT of things have happened, I will try to be quick (none of you believe I will actually be able to, do you?) because already the video things are like a million pieces and this is going to be one of the longest posts ever already just out of them.

Take a seat?

Good 😉

Before I start, let me just point out for the millionth time that when I write about M5 or Adam… I do it only because they are part of my entertainment and “world of likes”.

The two lovebirds pose alike - Adam and Behati

The two lovebirds pose alike – Adam and Behati

This is not a gossip blog; this is my blog and here I list what I am interested in.

The day I will not find this fun anymore, I will stop; or the day I won’t find reasons to update about all my likes; I’ll stop this.

Gossip is not my thing; in fact, I love that for instance now Adam is very private about his personal and love life: that’s the way I carry my life too (I don’t let strangers enter for real in my circle and  am very picky in my true life friendships) and for sure, the best way to have a safe and healthy and HAPPY life is let the crazy outsiders as separate as possible from the core of your inmost and safest personal place.

Super Classy Adam Levine - vintage

Super Classy Adam Levine – vintage

I am glad Adam has learnt it through bad experience off his (recent and not so recent) past: no true lover will ever ask you to display your privateness, unless it’s for gaining personally out from your weaknesses.

He seems to learn, and it’s about time since he’s getting old (and he feels it ;)).

I always get appalled anytime “fans” claim the “idols” owe them anything other than the consuming of their professional creations; what fans are responsible for it’s the fame the idols may have but that fame came because what artists and idols PRODUCED matched a taste and a liking and then the only thing fans are to be credited for are to have been rewarded with THE PRODUCTS off from their idols.

The fans don’t own the idols at all; they can just own the products that the idols put off, and the occasional proxemity derived from the live consuming of that product, too.

Fans are fans because they LIKE THE PRODUCTS the “idols” make; in no way the “idols” life belong AT ANY PART to no fan.

I wish the ordeals of crazy heads who are way too invested in celebrity lives would understand this, that in no way the life of their idols are linked or will ever be linked for real to theirs..

In some years, Maroon 5 won’t be public anymore, just like it always happens with musicians – or actors –; Adam and the guys will lead very private lives and stay in themselves like it’s only fair to be… what will the crazy fans do then?

Stop breathing?

In the past month I got harassed by some very amusing mad folks and in all occasions (beside laughing my ass off at them) I just thought “poor them… do they really believe any of the people they worship would ever think anything different than “these are crazy” about them?” It’s sad when lives are so poor you have to borrow some celebrity’s one to feel you have a purpose in your days.

Behati and Candice in Caribbean Blue ;)

Behati and Candice in Caribbean Blue 😉

This isn’t how I work and this isn’t what this blog is up for.

These are my youth memories and my music likes are of course involved, as music plays such a HUGE part in my daily things, but as you have read before, I am not that young anymore so these chronicles (and all the material I upload) could just be gone at ANY GIVEN TIME from now on.

I won’t keep on writing for much longer, be sure ;)…

I will surely be stopping as soon as I have a kid for instance, or just turn this into a “mummy care” blog (with no pics whatsoever of my family of course… you know that privacy and I are double tied).

It’s just about what I decide to do, the rest of the days this blog may or may not have, and it’s no big deal really… just a phase of my life that takes place onto another one which ends, right?

Oh, and always remember… Internet is not real life.

A fandom is not real life.

For how important that all may seem (at least to teen people, and everyone has been teen so I do understand… I much less understand grown people spending TONS of time online following celebrities in their every move, as they couldn’t live a hour without imagining what they do or what they don’t… really? I suggest to go out and take a look at the sky 😉 and maybe talk in real life with real people flesh and bone, for a good change ;)), in reality it is just NOT important at all; it should not matter till the point you don’t feel fine if for a day you don’t check your internet, twitter or whatever in fear you miss Above-Knows-What that your idol might be sharing there.

These stuff… are not mattering for real in your life; trust ;).

It has happened to me quite a number of times by now to reject some material some people were sending me to be published here just because it seemed to me way too much of a reach by said people to suggest me to write one thing or another – for instance under a picture they sent – and to just completely reject the entire ideas they had about things the pictures or the link had to stand for (to be more clear: some people were sending me material to empower their sort of fans/stans wars through this blog and NO THANK YOU, I have left sixth grade a lot time ago and this is just ridicolous, especially when coming from grown up people well past their TWENTIES even. I don’t use, thank you very much ;)).

I don’t even know how to react to these things; they seem all so out of world to me… I can’t really picture how those brains work (or if they do exist at all).

A fandom might be nice, but not if it becomes borderly obsessive, or an obsession entirely.


That’s gross and sad and just plain wrong: read a book in case… do not create  a book in your mind using by suggestions living people’s lives.

Real life is made of the real people in your life, not a celebrity dream: try to step aside this all if you come here to read about celebrities (here or anywhere else), because you’re destroying your life this way.

Adam Levine and mum Patsy at Lakers old games

Adam Levine and mum Patsy at Lakers old games

Okay 😉

Now I can start to put the pieces of the past month together, musically speaking ;).

I will actually put together the timelines of both M5 & Behati + Adam (sort of) because there’s no other way to do this in a quick way (today is testing day but is not like I can just play at work… I don’t want the lab cubicle to explode, especially NOT with me in it ;)!)

I will try my best to be understandable…

In case I wouldn’t (it’s fairly possible); just have fun with all the videos and magazines which are gonna be put up ;).

Let’s start from where it all ended previous post then.

It was 20 of February and Adam had just shot a video for Saturday Night Live with the Lonely Island, after (check previous post) have also shot a video for Love Somebody.

Talking about that video… what if BOTH Love Somebody video and The Man Who Never Lied one (which have both been done already, with Emily Ratajkowski and Valerie Van Der Graaf) will be part of the re-edition of Overexposed, which I suppose will be packed around the Summer, as part of a bonus content (which hopefully is going to include a new song, a new version of Lucky Strike with a female vocalist featured, and some more surprises)?

I’d be VERY down to this all.

It’s not the moment to make Love Somebody a fourth single: as I predicted Daylight went to Top Ten in BBHot100 just for a hot minute (still, that is the best chart achievement of ANY Maroon 5 album ever: 3 Top Ten hits were not even possible with Songs About Jane!) but the sappy mood just won’t do much more (as it won’t the insane new rule for the BBHot100 chart… what a travesty, Bill Werde!!), and it would be foolish to push another similarly sounding single in Love Somebody.

the impressive chart success of Maroon 5 currently

the impressive chart success of Maroon 5 currently

Please guys don’t do it.

You have THE PERFECT songs in Lucky Strike, Doin’ Dirt and Wipe Your Eyes to rule the chart again… cut the sappy stuff and although I really like the way Daylight sounds live, I still don’t think it is at all that memorable song.

It’s in the line of Won’T Go Home Without You… cute but nothing historical; in years it won’t ever be mentioned in your best 7 tracks meme.

It’s time to let it go and bring the groove back ;).

But back at the chronicles; That week My Life, the amazing track that 50 Cent recorded with Adam and Eminem (KIIINGG!!!) debuted at number 2 in the UK charts, besting Justin Timberlake’s super hyped Suit & Tie but not Will.I.Am & Britney Spears horrific Scream and Shout (ewww).

While Adam was around in Cali, before moving to New York for the SNL rehearsals, Behati was working to something we will know about soon (I guess), as her stylist Lisa Houghton tweeted.

Behati was also up for the Victoria’s Secret promotion for the Valentine Day’s festivities, and a bunch of videos started to be shared which are showing her amazingness really well:

A thing that bugs me (but I do understand where it comes from) is that the media and VS are trying obvioulsy to milk the fact Behati is with Adam; SHE DOESN’T DO THAT, being respecteful of her boyfriend and so good for him… but the media outlets do and this causes stress and charge for the couple.

By now is UTTERLY clear Adam and Behati won’t talk publicly of their relationship and THAT IS GREAT AND RIGHT; but the fact they won’t is making newsmakers trying to push them into doing it , even if by denying lies.

Case in point (which generated a LONG mess): on January 23, Ryan Seacrest had to have Adam live to speak about his incoming gig.

When the interview aired, the usual brainless suspects tried to read into Ryan talking with one of Adam’s assistants (NOT ADAM, be careful) the sentence that he (Adam they hoped, but it may have been the assistant, right?) was “newly single”:

This caused havoc online; the many mad people who hate Behati just because she is with Adam took the chance to vent into her account and offend her all possible ways; the psycho widows around had no hesitation in covering her with hateful names and horrible reactions; doesn’t matter that she was (and STILL IS) clearly with Adam (clearly to anyone a bit into his circle); the fact is that the careful media handling of some previous famewhoring exploiter has depicted Behati so bad, fragile minds have fallen for the lies and just cannot see the truth not even when it’s as bright as the Sun.

In all this insane and undeserved hate, not only Behati behaved so very classily and never stepped down to her haters sad levels; she just kept on being herself and being protected by her people (Candice, Doutzen), after she tweeted simply “Haters Will Hate, Lovers Will Love: It’s You’re Choice“.

And aside the grammar flaw, the point is exactly that: she doesn’t owe explanations; her life and Adam’s are only THEIRS and it’s good the hate she gets still hasn’t affected that one bit.

I admire her way to be about this all, and as usual I praise her for having in mind always and only ONE THING FIRST: ADAM.

Adam also has always made clear his private life is now SUPER private and he won’t put it on display; but I am fairly certain for every wound senseless and disgusting people cause to his Mermaid Angel, he has a way to heal her and make her feel the best on Earth, otherwise she wouldn’t be this brave in facing so vulgar hatred she definitely doesn’t deserve, being so lovely and caring.

Adam will fight (but privately) for his love, the way it should be.

No disrespecteful “fans” have rights to get a glimpse of their precious lives.

BTW, before I forget… Adam was again up in the last episode of American Horror Story Asylum (I have watched the Italian version on our Sky but the dubbing is ATROCIOUS to be frank… I came back to the original audio all times ;)):

I love the way his acting potential shows in the series; I can’t wait to see the way he does in the giant screen when Can A Song Save Your Life will be out 🙂

He has the classic beauty of all old school Hollywood studs; he just needs to practice and refine his moves.

I am sure he can do it all 🙂

That day it was out an interview Adam had in Vanity Fair of February:

Adam Levine for Vanity Fair Feb 2013

Adam Levine for Vanity Fair Feb 2013

Behati is strong. Haters won’t break her or so I wish her.

I am glad she has people supporting her also openly; especially Coco Rocha, who has always been adorable with her.

Talking about connections, VS as I said didn’t waste time to pair Maroon 5 and Adam’s personal Angel.

In fact they used a – wonderful – version of old gem “Woman” for this promo video… the funny thing being that Behati actually is in it for not more than a blink… ;):

Behati anyway is gorgeous… her fresh beauty is refreshing for the eyes and her soul is so cute and quirky, just as Adam’s.

And anyway Vanity Fair was not the only magazine which Adam graced these weeks…

This is Men’s Health March number and you just… ENJOY 😉 (I have bought both the digital and print version… you know ;)):

Adam Levine for Men_s_Health Magazine March 2013 - 1

Adam Levine for Men_s_Health Magazine March 2013 – 1

Adam Levine for Men_s_Health Magazine March 2013 - 2

Adam Levine for Men_s_Health Magazine March 2013 – 2

And to feast your eyes some more… this is the video that was into the iPad edition:

GORGEOUS. This is what he is ;).

His body is awesome and so it’s his attitude, and the way he crafts things so fine regarding himself.

The fact he’s got an ego just make this all BETTER.

But not everything was fine, press speaking, those days… It surfaced a piece of Billboard about Prince where we found out why, months ago, the version of “Kiss” which was part of the Deluxe Edition of Overexposed disappeared suddenly, replaced by a cover of Let’s Stay Together (I have both deluxes in digital AND vynil and Cd of course… collector Zaira never fails ;)).

Allegedly Prince was not amused about the cover inclusion and of course, as the huge Prince worshipper he is, Adam immediately took the song off the album:

Prince and Maroon 5 KISS cover quarrel

Prince and Maroon 5 KISS cover quarrel

Things like that happen; the only important thing is that Maroon 5 made up for their mistake (and I keep having the very beautiful Kiss cover, tho ;)).

Adam flew to New York to work on his SNL stint; in days, his people (AND BEHATI of course, who was adorable and laid back and approachable and as usual very gracious and kind with fans coming to cheer her man) arrived there too to be by his side; also friends, tv mogul friends , life long almost sisters and caring godmothers and family and of course long lost bro Jesse supported him and these were the results (promo and then the full episode):

then this:

and finally the episode:

Now sure he wasn’t perfect and sure the cue cards bugged him BUT those bugs also very trained actors (which Adam is not yet) so I won’t put a crux on Adam’s shoulder for having done what everyone does there  (by SNL crew’s ORDERS everybody gotta read cue cards) and blast him for having not been perfect or totally natural reading the suggestions.

Some have done it but they were clearly biased; I liked this report a lot instead, because it’s fairly true:

Adam Levine Pokes Fun at Himself on SNL _Popcrush

Adam Levine Pokes Fun at Himself on SNL _Popcrush

Fact is he was very good in the taped skits, especially the Catfish one; so much the Original NEV Praised him 🙂 Also Pat Monahan of Train was praising his friend for the skit about Train and M5 and John Mayer (cute ;)!).

The whole SNL he did was really good; it was actually GREAT for a non actor with zero live acting experience; and it was SUBLIME for the YOLO collaboration with The Lonely Island.

The guys also had their time to do some good while in NY for SNL; pledging for charities:

MTV Act Blog – Adam Levine Is Hosting SNL + Helping Haiti This Weekend

MTV Act Blog – Adam Levine Is Hosting SNL + Helping Haiti This Weekend

What was adorable was anyway the after party bonanza with friends and famous ones and the satisfaction of having accomplished something that is a standout for anyone’s career.

Here his almost sisters Savannah Buffett (that Savannah) and Lucy (that cousin Lucy, yep) share love and joy at the SNL after party at the Cutting Room with THE GIRL that rules Adam’s world.

Yep… Behati (the one that he’s supposed “not to be with”… *rollseyes*):

After party Saturday Night Life: Behati, Savannah, Lucy

After party Saturday Night Life: Behati, Savannah, Lucy

The multi-hypenate Adam has come a long, long way since his Kara’s Flower rejection days.

He surely deserves it all; he works his ass off and always tries to stay alerted and focused (and being him an ADHD person, that alone is a struggle and a huge task in itself).

The most important thing though was that even if he has ZERO live acting experience, Adam Levine is now a HUGE rating force (ask yourself why Ryan Murphy pushed his presence so much in AHS? or why any rerun with him crashes ratings?), and this means his SNL episode was the HIGHEST RATED OF THE SEASON (Justin Timberlake will break this I guess this Saturday, but the point is Justin Bieber nor anyone else couldn’t, and Adam has zero experience compared to Timberlake so his one it is still an enormous achievement, that he can only improve ;)).

If you want to know though, Adam is not the only one venturing outside M5; of course there is James with JJAMZ, but you all better be ready also for May 14th, when PJ Morton will put out “New Orleans”.

If you want to please your ears, listen to the BEAUTIFUL track PJ & Stevie Wonder did, called Only One:

Beautiful right? I bought it of course and so you should do as well 😉

After the SNL happy time, Adam went back to California while Behati had to stop in Miami for work.

This would be a double duty time in Miami actually (always having her friends & lover in mind it seems)… first she shot with Bruce Weber and Noah Mills (allegedly… and the two apparently just shot something together again in Zanzibar, but this come later on); while later she would be there again to share with her fellow Angels the Victoria’s Secret spot by Michael Bay (that the week after though):

And while we are at it… take into all these amazing shots for VS 2013 Behati’s campaigns 😉 gaze into her beauty and spunky attitude and try to understand why Adam is blessed to have gotten her :

While his lady was rocking beaches and lingerie and swimsuits, and also some good female professional company, Adam played golf with actor friend Greg Ellis (mocking the stupid fans who keep on believe the twitter account  RealAdamLevine is actually his, and with the compliance of Greg actually… I love how he is sometimes cruel with the stupidity of people 😉 I love to do the same), then went with his mum at his brother Michael Rent’s performance:

Adam Levine Mum Patsy and Family at Rent in LA 3 February 2013

Adam Levine Mum Patsy and Family at Rent in LA 3 February 2013

Then he taped The Fuckery that thing The Karaoke Showtime with his co-mentor for season 4, Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott, and then (this is very recent) on February 9th he went to the recording studio with Glee’s Matthew Morrison (who’s signed to his 222 label) to put a duet in the works.

Busy man?

Sure 😉

In fact, Adam is SUPER busy, because now he has the luxury not many people have in the industry to be a household name.

In fact is pretty difficult for male NON SOLO artists to ever accomplish that status.

Adam has reached it, and now, beside the music career as part of Maroon 5; as writer and composer; as solo artist (with other artists); as record label owner; as tv personality; as tv actor; as MOVIE actor… he is now ALSO at a status which allows him to have endorsements OUT of the music world (which he already has: for Samsung and JHC speakers along Maroon 5, and for First Act Guitars as a solo entity), like the very lucrative Proactive one:

Just know that the rumored fee (very likely) Adam has obtained for endorsing Proactive after Katy perry did (3.5 Million$) and Justin Bieber did (4.1M$) is around 4.6M$ for 18 months.

This is the power of being a household name, folks.

And you know Adam hasn’t stopped endorsing here because he is at that stage where he can create things IN HIS name.

Like… yep. The fragrance deals, which are rumored to be putting in his pockets a predicted 25M$ in the next dozen of months:

Adam Levine fragrances - WWD magazine

Adam Levine fragrances – WWD magazine

This is amazingly rewarding… but sure it’s also a bit draining as for scheduling and arrangements…

In fact in Los Angeles he had the first meet and greet for the Perfume the first week of February, in between rehearsals for the Grammys and recording with Morrison:

In fact Adam has never spare days practically… in his media tour for the perfumes and the clothing line he looked exhausted (I let you see this now even though it’s a patchwork  which involves events happened the second half of February because it works better this way to make you see his tired eyes and face ;))

I am glad he is surrounded by people who love him dearly and since forever and by now no leeches or exploiters are around him anymore because his energies would be drained completely if he couldn’t find rest in love comfortably now that his whole world never really stops at all.

Love and honest care and zero exploiting is VERY important… especially considering since the start of his tv adventure, Adam has become richer and richer (he always still so awkward when he has to promote things… he says the funniest and strangest things, and the cute fact is that he can get away with almost anything ;)).

Out of his tv judge stint he has so far collected 3+6+10+ 12M$ in that role alone; add the figures up above for the Proactive and the fragrances; add the projected 18M$ contract he has started to get for just the first moves of the clothing line; and then consider his music royalties, the fact in 2012 Maroon 5 have been one of the most played bands; add the incoming tour; add the fact the as Billboard reports he is in the Top 40 moneymakers worldwide; add the out gigs… you can easily see in the past 2 and for the incoming 2 years Mr. Adam Levine will easily cross the astonishing sum of 75+M$ income ALREADY out of taxes.

Top Money Makers Billboard 2013

And I am being low.

Think that he wasn’t exactly poor before this all, because he was always the author of his music, Maroon 5 are well successful worldwide since a decade (a decade when music was selling way more than now) and you know… he was born with a silver spoon already.

And probably you get why it is always more important for him to protect his private life and stay as clear as possible from fake exploiters and leeches.

Leeches that have kept using him even when it was really not necessary (or smart or fair… but have they ever been fair to him? no way…).

Case in point, the SUPER CREEPY 7 Hollywood Magazine “Icons” issue.

This glossy magazine was launched in November with David Gandy as main train… he failed miserably to sell it and then the team behind it (read the contributors in the magazine credits, and you will laugh your ass off at the fact they all belong to a “team” so very familiar… a team of people I won’t even mention because they are the worst of the worst) decided ONCE more to use the name they always used to get relevance again, and began to promote it in the media outlets (complacent ones, I suppose paid as well) to present Adam Levine naked again on the cover of it (and that, oh! miracle! finally sold the glossy piece of trash the magazine is).

Too bad that nakedness by Adam was dated July 2011, as the entire Levine’s spread is recycled and repainted work out of the Vogue Russia cover feature he shot then, and which then was out in November 2011.

Adam Levine used again for 7Hollywood Magazine winter 2013_the photos are from 2011

Adam Levine used again for 7Hollywood Magazine winter 2013_the photos are from 2011

To make it all creepier, (the words in the article are all old, because of course Adam wasn’t reached for a new interview, and they had to recycle words material, just to have a promo push without being object of lawsuit), also the video of the shot was a recycled one from 2011 of course presented as if it was not old (I have the iPad version of / Hollywood and also that number of Vogue Russia, so I do know…):

I guess some famewhoring crew won’t ever learn decency and realness.

Good luck with the new venture… it’s not as good or rich as what they lost this new cow they can try to milk, nor even remotely as popular or worthy, but as long is giving them something that can be spent they won’t mind, and hopefully on the other side we have finally finished to be milked by all those losers this way, which is the only thing that matters.

Long gone the exploiters, let’s get back to the specific status Adam is in now, which is extremely rewarding but also which causes a tons of stress and fatigue, which sometime soon might be showin in some of his behaviors (I hope not, but when he is stressed he can be unpredictable, and he’s very human and mistaken when that happens).

First of all: Adam totally deserves this all which is pouring onto his head at the moment: he is very talented and although I HATE (properly, I do) that this all virtually started with a role that I detest and despise (because even I can reckon The Fuckery that thing success started this all at this scale), the fact it all happened finally so greatly for him is something that I am very happy for.

Maroon 5 Grammy Party 2013 with STING

Maroon 5 Grammy Party 2013 with STING

Adam has never tried to hide the fact he loves to make money (and his honesty there is something I respect… I just hate the fact the medium to get that better is a sub par Karaoke show, because that is not good for music, although I admit it has been actually good for HIS music, giving him new perspective and energies and inspirations for sure), and I see the fact he is finally having and making more than many could ever dream of like a signal he will in a while  be able to retire and have the family that he deserves.

Not yet, and not for some years more for sure… but now he knows, and sometimes hints at, at the fact in a while he will kiss everyone’s goodbye and just live with the well deserved wealth and memory of a worldwide fame his talent has created for himself and those who will be lucky enough to be there the day he will decide it’s time to become, for instance, a father (I still have doubts he is going to ever marry anyone to be honest, but surely he will father children).

I think in itself that is a marvelous thing indeed, to realize you have worked and reached all your goals and then you feel entitled to take a backseat and live a “normal” life, just way less ordinary than most people could.

I hope only he can find peace and not get stressed in the way to that retirement of gold he most definitely has already planned, or is starting to plan.

Grammy time 2013

Grammy time 2013

I don’t really think he’ll be public anymore by the time he is 40 and it doesn’t take long to there… he turns 34 in two weeks ;).


While Adam was spinning from one side to another of LA to take care of all his number of biz ventures, and also always open to do some charitybecause he’s just cute like that – , Behati too was doing her things; back in new York after the first Miami duty, and before getting back there for Michael Bay, she had nights with fellow models Caroline Winberg and Lily Donaldson and then went to support her dear Coco for her The Face première, an event which was making Behati VERY happy & surely Coco Rocha was overjoyed too; then spend some time in the city after Miami VS shot to take part at the NYFW correlated events:

The latter part of this video is something that we will talk about later after commenting another FAKE piece of “report” regarding Adam and Behati’s life (will they ever stop to try to ruin them? Leave them alone and let their relationship be, for as long as THEY – and ONLY they – will decide it has to last!).

Ops, before I forget… also Airlines have fallen for Adam on their covers… this I took it personally while flying from New York to Miami (then to Turks) the morning after MSG Maroon 5 gig ;)):

Adam Levine covers Sky Delta Magazine Feb 2013

Adam Levine covers Sky Delta Magazine Feb 2013

It was Grammy time in Los Angeles…

And Maroon 5 was gearing up with fabulous Alicia Keys for that (when I heard it I jumped in my seat… even thought it was a bed atually ;)!).

I never thought Maroon 5 had a chance in the winning department this year, but I was extremely proud of their two nods, because Overexposed SO deserved recognition and I am so happy it got it; it’s a perfect pop album, as great as good pop gets and to see it nominated was making me so proud 🙂

I am sure deep in their hearts all the guys knew they wouldn’t have won a thing, despite these interviews ;):

and these:


But Grammy Awards have always respected the guysThey have been regularly nominated and won a lot (sometimes unexpectedly even for them…) so the point is that they are Music Royalty and this is all that matters; not many can claim such a career and sure they do realize this.

I am sure another Grammy will come before they cease to be.

Oh and … hard not to agree with Neil Patrick Harris about Adam on the Grammys, either 😉

Mark my words 😉

Anyway… this is the whole Grammy Night (in two sections):

and this:

Now take a careful look at all the hints; see how HAPPY Adam and the guys were?

See how it was planned from quite a time that he would have taken HIS MUM to the night?

Remember how I wrote already during the 8-9 February Behati was in Miami working with Michael Bay, and pourtant it would have been just impossible for her to attend the Grammys?

Maroon 5 Grammy After Party at Soho House LA 2013

Maroon 5 Grammy After Party at Soho House LA 2013


Then remember this fact, and where Behati was and why she couldn’t be with Adam in Los Angeles being in Miami… and take a look at this beautiful train of pictures about the Grammys (highlight… Sting coming to Maroon 5 Soho House after party, which incidentally was another plug for Adam’s fragrance ;)…):


After the Grammys Adam had some organization time with Milo just before the band had to start his North American tour (just like it did happen before Grammy actually) as he’s his wingman, of course (a very dark one ;)):

While the boys were gearing and moving towards the first location for the tour, Steph Farrar and Gisella Tellez shared pictures of their lovely offsprings, with a message of love towards the snaptaker… Behati of course (now tell me… why would the two ladies be this friendly with her, beside due to the fact she’s PART OF THE FAMILY? Is that hard for people to understand that the fact there is no publicity about Bee and Adam’s link doesn’t mean at all that the link is weak, contrariwise, it really DOES MEAN THE LINK IS VERY SERIOUS INDEED?)

Another person who has a direct insight into M5 life and especially Bee and Adam’s is Maroon 5 main photographer, Travis Schneider (the amazing man behind Vevey Forever movie).

Travis is definitely someone in the knows.

But the fact he is, doesn’t mean strangers have to be too, so keeps that in mind as well in the continuous of this post (or simply, plug in your brain ;)).

While we are at it, know and appreciate the fact Rozzi Crane is up with Maroon 5 as featured artist on tour, as she sings a couple of duets with Adam at any gig (I love the way she takes on Mary J. Blige’s version of Wake Up Call a lot).

Adam has bet a lot on the girl; in fact out of all the money he is making I suppose a fair chunk of it is destined to his 222 label, which Rozzi was signed onto FIRST almost two years ago in fact, so her success means and it will mean for him a new venture to develop especially when he won’t be an active musician himself anymore (it will happen sooner than later).

Girl has a great voice, but so far I have to admit the thing I like her most in is still the Come Away To The Water duet on the Hunger Games Soundtrack.

The tour started on the verge of Valentine’s day…

And no matter how much stupid people wants this not to be, Adam and Behati counted the hours to be spending time together even if they technically couldn’t spend the proper Valentine’s Day together (not that it matters for Adam, because as he has said always for a healthy relationship, Valentine’s Day doesn’t count… each day must be Valentines, in fact).

Oh, and is not surprise Jewish women everywhere would love Adam as their Valentine… too bad he’s taken ladies ;).

But I am willing to bet a lot of men would love Behati to be their Valentine, too ;)…

But I am sure as these Valentines video for VS prove, that the two lovers have a very beautiful way to celebrate their bond in each given hour they can be together; take a look and get inspired ;):

Style of this girl is so effortlessly cool and rock-ish… I love it (even if it’s not my own style, I love it on others when it’s genuine and for sure Bee’s style IS genuine for her.

Behati was not at the start of the tour as I wrote before due to The Pharmacy night out for NYFW festivities; she met with her people and had fun and had her PR duties done and have Galore time with Galore Magazine; but that doesn’t mean she was not focused on her man, who was ready to come to New York a day before the MSG gig to (again) do his stuff for his fragrance at Macy’s.

Before that though Adam ventured into Instagram, too… he needs practice with the linking feature still, I guess, but he will get there ;).

Another thing I am sure of is that, while he has also the new option of the clothing line for kMart (I find it so cute… that someone who has probably not even ever stepped into a Kmart can develop an entire line for them; but then again that’s the point of endorsing: developing biz that would languish otherwise) he definitely find comfort in the vision of his personal Angel swaying privately for him at any time he requests:

Pieces of fabrics are WAAAAY optional, we guess ;):

This Fabulous commercial Behati stars in is amazing.


She is breathtaking there 🙂

Anyway… as we put on some more interviews Adam did for his Perfume&Clothing&various things, take another careful note at the fact Behati was WITH HIM, already that day before the gig; she was with him; with his crew; with his family and closest friends; she went to the night out before the gig; and to all the activity; she met fans at the hotel Adam was at; she was gracious and awesome.

Behati with Ali and Savannah and James at MSG gig prenight party Feb 2013

Behati with Ali and Savannah and James at MSG gig prenight party Feb 2013

She shared the pride of all Maroon 5 closest people in seeing the band finally fullfilling at best their premises; she sure was proud as well; like all of the fam&acolytes are.

She was undoubtedly with Adam all those 40+ hours BUT…

Behati, Sam and Steph Farrar at MSG Feb 2013

Behati, Sam and Steph Farrar at MSG Feb 2013

Guess what?

Insane people claiming a long list of lies; obsessed losers and stalkers; hopeless retards who probably seriously need mental therapy; and a bunch of fake “journalists” mostly fed up by the evil PR side of leeches had the balls to claim that she wasn’t there; that Adam and Behati have troubles “and that’s why she didn’t attend Grammys” (while the thing was a schedule known from a while, and the two had no problems at all with it, or between themselves) and that “insiders” (yeah, sure…) said she was not at MSG during the gig.


Bunch of lies, courtesy of Page Six, promptly rebooted by a series of similarly scum-mish tabloids.

The point is that again nobody from Bee or adam’s sides said a word on this trash.


Because they keep NOT caring at all.

Mario Batali cheers Adam Levine and Maroon 5 at MSG gig

Mario Batali cheers Adam Levine and Maroon 5 at MSG gig

Tabloids and insane people can keep believe what they want; while Behati and Adam can keep having their very private and personal life (together, still) which doesn’t belong to strangers; therefore they won’t ever answers the trash.

I totally support their attitude regarding this, you know; and I am really proud this is the way they chose to be.

Let’s just be open about the professional stuff and let the people know only that.

Naturally once again after the article surfaced Behati got attacked again; again no answers direct… just a very revealing picture of happiness, romace and a Bob Marley’s quote which means a lot in her and Adam’s story.

Behati Prinsloo and Maroon 5 crew in Connecticut and New Jersey February 2013 for M5 gigs

Behati Prinsloo and Maroon 5 crew in Connecticut and New Jersey February 2013 for M5 gigs

And here we go, just to dismantle the fakers (that keep roaming the story… just the other day The Huffington Post kept saying “Adam is single since April last year” LOL… while he was coupled AGAIN exactly after April last year… not that you can expect them to know it all, especially when they cannot even write “romantic” correctly in their own language ;)).

Maroon 5 left New York immediately after the gig at MSG; Behati stayed in New York for a very important event; do you remember when in November at the VSFS taping she said after her apartment flooded she was guest at a model friend’s house, and that the model friend was pregnant?

Well that model friend was Shannan Click and she had a baby shower the day after the gig, hosted by the Aunt of her baby daddy… the legend, Anjelica Houston.

Of course Behati attended.

Would you say no to a legend and a dear friend who helped you when in need?

No, you wouldn’t.

I just hope Behati avoided at all costs the slimey individual that was there too and who has caused Adam’s a lot of dirt in his life; I won’t even name that piece of trash, I just hope Behati stays well away from him because THAT in case would be the end of the relationship, given the opinion Adam has of the “man” and his “posse”.

Achtung, Behati!

Stay steer clear out of his greedy touch.

For your best future.


Not only Behati and Adam were well together again in Connecticut and New Jersey a coupla days after MSG… but Adam also sang She will Be Loved to Behati (and only to her) while she was in the middle of the crowd to take pictures of her beau singing.

Behati Prinsloo at M5 gig when Adam sung SWBL to her

Behati Prinsloo at M5 gig when Adam sung SWBL to her

Tabloids lies can suck it: Adam and Behati are still together and quite (very much) happy still.

This is actually their time together ut in video: ENJOY :

I mean, I repeat for the millionth time: Adam is not up to marry; this lovestory (which is at its tenth month by now, and which is very strong actually) could finish TOMORROW (in case it would I’d expect Taylor Swift to jump on Adam’s bones in a millisecond… she is SOOOOOOO thirsty for him it’s getting ridicolous ;)).

Nothing is given or promised for future but I find disgusting the way these two lovers cannot have their moments; I find horrible and repulsive the lies spread about them; I find terrible that Behati gets harassed anytime because of her relationship, especially when all she’s doing is loving Adam FOR REAL; and without exploiting him a bit, and instead of being praised for it she gets hated.

It must be difficult but then again; she doesn’t care, because her prize is Adam and then any obstacle shall disappear in front of such a thing.

Now take these videos of “Professional” Adam…:

This one…:

and this one:

Surely the man is doing a lot; sure he is tired; but sure he is also a happy man who knows he has fortress in love finally, and not a chain or a weight to drag him buried down.

Adam Levine for Shop Your Way Feb 2013 Refinery29 Interview

Adam Levine for Shop Your Way Feb 2013 Refinery29 Interview

So, even when stress and weakness get into him, and for instance make him have larynghitis… Adam goes on and keeps it on, because he has inner force that derives from a good place he’s at this very moment (which I trust is Behati’s gift to him).

Adam sick in Grand Rapids Michigan

I have to say he didn’t really tweet much after that, but if you took note Behati was having also need of him that day… I am sure he was a CLOSE witness of her day at the Soho Store in VS lilac glory 😉 (Perks of video chats in phone):

Similarly, Behati can now shine and you can totally get she is happy, like when she had to come back from the tour bus in New Jersey and get back to New York first to present The Fabulous Swim line, alone and with Miranda Kerr at location.

Check her grace, gorgeousness, style and cuteness.

And enjoy how Adam’s family showed her love by greeting her in this very important (professionally speaking) day:

Messages of love from family and friends to Behati

All in different pieces, but always all together, check the fabulous Behati :

Then this:

isn’t she adorable in interviews? Her accent is fantastic!

Now look the launch event in itself:

and finally listen this interview (I won’t even mention the way Hollywood Life titled this… It’s hilarious the way fake lies spread and people don’t even bother to check facts… but who cares, this is the audio, but after that I will post a written piece taken the same day where Behati actually says se is with Adam, but as usual won’t get into details about it (the way she should not do):

And this is the ACTUAL written interview where you can clearly realize Adam and Bee are a couple (this if you care to know the truth ;)):



Last but not least, enjoy some slideshow of her cuteness that I made:

I ma also very happy Behati’s style (again, not my own style… but I do appreciate it because it’s HERS undoubtedly) gets’ reckoned by good people:

Style Icon Behati Prinsloo

Style Icon Behati Prinsloo

After this Behati flew to Zanzibar for another misterious shot with amazing Cass Bird (photographer extraordinaire)(again with Noah Mills?) in Africa and after that, just yesterday, she apparently ventured in the Caribbean for more VS things...

Zanzibar magic

Zanzibar magic

We will learn soon what that was about I guess.

For now know that Behati is also the face for ESPRIT 2013.

I love that she is carefully picking up campaigns which cannot harm her VS Angel status; in fact, just like it did happen with NEXT and Seafolly, which are competitor in theory with VS brand, these firms are ALL not operating on the USA soil (Esprit doesn’t since last winter) so Behati can be their face without being a damage to her main source of work.

Smart Behati.


Behati Prinsloo for ESPRIT 2013

Behati Prinsloo for ESPRIT 2013

I am not really on the fence or at a window; about when the lovebirds will reunite.

I suppose easily in California when Adam is there to tour with his band mates and then up for his 34th birthday celebration in LA and Las Vegas.

Sure she will know how to make him feel the most special birthday EVER.

I wonder when she will finally be able to go to her homeland for real and maybe spend some quality family time there…

She must miss some of that; but she has found love at least so that shall be fine.

Love is the answer and once you get it all the rest loses grip.

Let me just preach a bit before I can end this HUUUUGE post.

Maroon 5 tour keeps going awesomely and in fact let me show you what it was in February, and that’s basically what I Do care the most:

I strongly advice all of you to try and witness this tour because as I have written in the video… this time around they are REALLY reaching out for the stars (that they are themselves), as each gig is monumental and really engaging this era.

It’s an experience you will treasure I swear even if you are not even familiar with them.

At MSG they were fantastic and I expect even more at Staples Center; I am also quite curious to see how this American energy will translate in the UK gigs…

But whatever… you TRY to catch them.

You won’t regret it and no matter how not cheap their tickets are… this time around more than any other time IT’s WORTHY.

Trust me on this.

Do it 😉

Let the music shine.

It’s all that I have ever wanted for this blog to display, actually.


Have a great March… catch you sometimes in April 😉

Missus Z. (very tired… ;)).

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