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I think we saw Noah and the Ark last week in NY

Posted on: 5 November 2012



What a time this that has gone from last post has been!

Freak Monday in NY.

Intense… and also freaky and I don’t really mean it just because we could actually spend Halloween in a Country that celebrates it 😉

I have the feeling this post is going to be fairly LONG, all over the place… probably messy… a bit spooky… a LOT loving… and that it will end with lots of videos up.

Where do I start from?

From the fact that I wrote all this (well, almost all… something was added on Sunday as final touches, and unexpectedly, even just RIGHT now today because lovely Behati surprised me a LOT once again with her intense love and dedication to Adam, by STILL be with him just until practically TODAY… despite the fact Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is just around the corner! but later on that, sorry for the spoil ;)) while flying over Atlantic – I lacked sleep -, then for some reason iPad yesterday decided to shut down and I resumed the post only this morning/late afternoon to be posted, cos nothing works better than the quietness of my lab space / my homely couch to somehow edit my blog logorrhea?

I might start from all that actually.

Why not.

And truth to be told is not really like I edit much my blog posting… from the way I write, and the mistakes and errors that I make every single time I update this, you get that I write always very impulsively and I rarely check back.

Which makes my posts messy, but I don’t care because this is my space and I manage it just like I please.

I don’t write this for any occasional reader and (you know how I am ) I actually absolutely don’t care who reads this, or if anyone has an opinion on what I write.

This blog is not for any stranger, even though strangers read it.

That’s a sort of collateral effect/damage that has no relevance to my world.

My blog is written for my pleasure of tracking back memories I like or feel interested in and for my crew and friends who enjoy it and send me material to work over, which I have an opinion or a feeling about myself in such a decent amount to be actually moved in writing.

The fact you occasional readers may agree or not with my perspectives frankly doesn’t move a grain of sand in my universe.

I don’t care either way… I don’t write here for anything else than my own likeness and the only opinions I care about are those of my husband, our families, my real life people and friends and crew.

NOBODY ELSE MATTERS and so, stop to quarrel about what I write here because you’re losing breath, and a lot of good energies that you all could spend LIVING FOR REAL instead than online, battling for or against people you won’t ever even meet.

You don’t belong to my world, so why should I care about you?

Just a friendly reminder about grounding and stop filling my inbox with shit.

Because as I said it would be always un-relevant in my world,unless observations come from the above mentioned crop of people.

So regarding the exegesis of my writings who cares if sometimes (most of times.. always? 😉 LOL) my posts are not really Oxfordian-ly written? Go read a book or a professional article.

Zaira and Karim Oct 2012 Cali Time

These are not articles, these are my life & my likes and dislikes posts and I am not a writer, much less a blogger or a journalist or whatever else you think I am through this pages… I am a scientist, and this is my fucking PERSONAL BLOG, not a “resource” or anything else 😉

A DAMN HOT one scientist I am, too 😉

Got the message?


Let’s move on then.

But let’s take it back from the start, and recollect a bit of this long time (longer than expected) K&I spent abroad.

When we decided to spend some days in USA, we (I swear) didn’t plan to make them over two weeks long.

But then forces of Nature (Sandy) and arrangements (working schedules, mines), family business (Karim’s) and beloved holidays (Halloween) suggested us to simply stay in New York a bit more, just for the sake of it.

You all know I completely adore New York; I just fit it in so well, and with hubby we’ve already talked a lot about the chances to be NY based for a while in the next few years.

I mean… I adore California too and I treasure every time we spend over there both in my house in LA and in K’s parental sort-of-castle in SF, but still… it’s NY that I do feel best in when we are in USA.

Lucky me, half of K’s family is actually Manhattan-based (pheeeeeewwww) so I can get some slack cut for my predilection.

We might even decide to spend a chunk of our lives there in a while.

Men find strength in challenges – NY post Sandy

We have talked often about this and I am all but opposite to the perspective.

I’d love it.

House is there already so it not really problematic in fact.

It would not be.

The “holiday”/”working”/”abroad” time has been spent in California, quickly in LA, just basically to catch Maroon5 at Orpheum (later) and to live a blink at least in Karim’s native home, which is always magical because I adore that flair that surges from San Francisco… it makes me feel belonging, really belonging to my K. a lot.

We might even do nothing at all there… but to imagine him as a little man (for the times he spent there in between his family foreign detachments) playing over there, hiding, taking music and art classes in those hugely-ceiled rooms… it makes me warm.

Anytime there, impromptu, K. would describe me a piece of a long-lost memory of his early days and I know it sounds horribly corny and unoriginal but every single time he does… I weep.

I sob and I weep because it’s like i can see it, like in a back memory of a movie in flashback.

It’s precious.

It’s everything in fact.

This year when we finally decided we could spend Halloween in New York, we had in mind the fact hurricane superstorm mega bitch Sandy could have been a risk too hot to handle, but the fact is that we really enjoy the Upper West Side flair for the holiday and so we arranged all to remain.

Our inspiration for Halloween 2012 were Eva Kant and Diabolik

Picking a costume wasn’t easy but then to celebrate we picked up on Eva Kant and Diabolik because they are just like us: smart, handsome, strong-minded, sexy as hell and utterly, completely, sickly in love and devoted to one another.

If you read the irony about me calling myself “sickly and devotedly in love” I get you.

You are right.

But that’s what I am now and it’s all due to my better half (I still a nympho who loves VERY kinky sex twists, but trust, hubby likes them all too ;)).

But Sandy indeed has been a reveal.

In tough times people reveal themselves; so it has been such an impact to witness how the whole of New York reacted to the impressive, unbearable force of Nature.

With a lot of dignity.

In Italy people would have been wasted away on all this; not here.

People have taken their burdens and work so immediately to get things back on track; and in all this my admire for NY Mayor, Bloomberg, has widened to unprecedented levels.

Then he just endorsed Obama and this is the final confirmation he rocks.

I would actually like him to be a future Presidential Candidate.

He would most definitely get me geared up and fight well for my vote.

Fact is what we face as world in this just-about-happening round of America’s vote is CRUCIAL and I really, really hope America doesn’t fuck up and that they (PLEASE; do it) re-elect Obama.

And these elections are VERY important.

This incoming year is so mattering.

Berlusconi and Grillo are just the same poison hopefully Italy doesn’t drink again….

In Italy we finally got rid of the cancer that Berlusconi has been – and keeps being, but now that his power is fading and the first sentences (always too mitigated by the laws HE PASSED TO SAVE HIS ASS) that is fading a bit as well, making his joke party crumble and crumble in shame – but the stupidity and lack of foresight of my fellow Countrymen, always trying to send at in power chairs people absolutely unfitting, is pushing FUCKING Beppe Grillo so high I am ready to hang my head in shame once again.

Is it possible for us to realize populism is a venom and doesn’t solve a thing, or it just takes a clown with tv in his resume and lots of flamboyant yet dleterious and unpraticable ideas only to move us as masses cheering, and still blindly?

Because Grillo and Berlusconi are scarely EQUAL.

Think about it.

They are.

Another one that is scarely similar to Berlusconi in many ways is Mitt Robo- Romney and God please please protect us from the tragedy that it would be to have him and that TERRORIST of a Vice President in pectore he has chosen for himself (scary, terrifying scum Paul Ryan) because that would be the worst thing to ever happen to the world if they would defeat Obama.

I hope not… but we are talking about the same people who allowed Bush a DOUBLE stint in the White House so we all know how this can turn off and out.

let’s hope USA pick up wisely and that they pick OBAMA.

Romney is somebody who will do good only for the rich.

Better… the SUPER rich.

I am in the wealthy (very?) category in both my Countries and I always laugh when naive people get surprised a rich person would want to be a leftist, or admits being.

Wake up… to be left has more to do with culture, education, progression than money; basically, a lot of the people who call themselves progressive are often VERY rich.

It comes down to talent and focus, and the fact is that we think wealth is a great thing, if and only if it’s the result of a well applied talent that got to blossom and produce a great result.

But once people who are progressive become (or they are from the start) rich, we don’t think it’s anything else than fair to give back and use also our wealth to improve the world.

And to help those less fortunate in actively have more opportunities.

We don’t seclude wealth for ourselves.

We are never defined by it.

We live with it and never, ever ever for it.

Only greedy people can think differently and greediness is just a wrong output in wealth, not a characteristic of it.

Romney is rich and this appeals to the lobbies he sustains and to a plethora of not rich people who think he could help them get there (same mistake many stupid, naive, illogical and blind Italians did with criminal Berlusconi, who as Romney is a tax evasion master, a liar, and somebody who can say everything and its contrary in the span of a blink just to keep the fakery going for HIS ONLY RETURN, and his only gain).

He won’t help nobody but himself and his lobbies in getting rich.

Just like Berlusconi didn’t do anything else but ruin our Country while getting richer himself.

Romney “plans” (?) for America are just the same old formulas Berlusconi used and even stupid Robo-Romney agrees that is not like Italy went to a great place under Berlusconi right ? (of course, just like Berlusconi, ask Robo about this and he will say he was “misunderstood” and “taken out of context”: professional liars with no real vision tend to say whatever and its contrary to gain approval, all conscious they will never apply any of their “plans”, just try to make their own bare interests once in charge).

Get rich or Die trying should be a push to get there by effort, not by tricks, like Romney has always done; I thought Americans were smarter than us in these facts but it seems they are not; I fear they would be not.

Romney is like people in sport using doping to win: and just like doping it’s the death of sport he’s the death of real politic skills (and look, I have always been pro-Obama but at least last turn McCain was a fair man) and politic vision and justice so I pledge and pray in a bunch of hours the whole world won’t be forced and condemned to face his “guide” for 4 years, because that could just be the (proper?) death of the whole world.

USA, don’t fuck it up: OBAMA is and must be your President AGAIN. Don’t throw the world and yourselves under the bus. PLEASE

Am I digressing?

Who cares.

I am spoken out my mind here and just like The Economist did I endorse Obama (but I am convinced he did actually the – possible available – best in his first quadrennium, so I am more openly pro-him than The Economist, which anyway speaks volume because it’s a conservative publication that dismisses the Conservative candidate. Let’s hope America tunes in because Romney put simply would be  world-wide disgrace of epic proportions if elected. So DON’T DO IT).

This is my blog and these are my visions, ideas, opinions and if you don’t like them, I couldn’t give a frigging flying FUCK less.

Go away, I repeat.

You don’t have to be here and read right?

In my world, and in this blog, only things that I like and only MY VISIONS matter.

Write your own blog if you want to read something different.

This space is not open to what you care and like… this space is MINE ;), I hope to have been clear enough in the above lines and in case I was not, sorry if you’re dumb and cannot take what you are supposed to have read.

Deal with your stupidity and the fact it can’t affect me 😉

About things that instead do affect me…

How do I start?

Because yes, there is a field of pain lately in my life… and it grows and even though sometimes I get temporary relief (I learnt Milan won 5-1 last game but it still pains me the way we are NOT playing at all this year) truth is so far my Sporty Season Lovers are SHIT.

They are.

Milan is a sort of bi-polar case borderlining catatonia… and the Lakers…


Guys you better pick it up…

And the Lakers so far are really trying to upset me.

But I mean really.. really much.

What is this fuckery we are starting as?

Here it comes the tirade.

Because well… gotta get this out of steam. I have to or I will explode.

I mean…. my Milan is shit (most than not, yet… it isn’t enough to win a single game 5-1 if when we need at least not to lose we generally blow all goodness up and away like we’d sneeze in a tissue…), Olimpia Milano is shit… and the Lakers, whom I still trust have a GREAT team this year (I still think so) are off to one of the shittiest starters ever and most definitely the worst one since 1978 at least.

Yes I know this past night we won finally against the Pistons but it’s not like my pain and fears are disappearing any time soon due to it.

The derby against the Clippers was PURE HORROR.

K&I bleeded along our LA pride (which still up and worn without any downgrading, thank you very much) and forced to watch the games (?) from NY we went multiple times in sexual healing mode at the wee bit of nights because when your team blows up… sometimes the best remedy is to blow… as well… erm… you get me 😉 (and that WORKS every time. Trust me there ;)).
Anyway to me… We have only ONE to blame all this Lakers ignominy for.
Un-Coach Mike THE DISGRACE Brown.
Wasn’t enough what he (didn’t) display last year? Why in the whole universe did we let him STAY and fathom our chances ill this season too? Man has absolutely NO IDEA on how this game has to be played.

Lakers 2012 / 2013 are a great team. Let’s hope Mike Brown doesn’t destroy it.

I am not trying to compare anything he does with the great PJax (because it’s like comparing Einstein to a Nehanderthalian) but pick ANY of the other NBA coaches and you still have someone who SHITS on anything Brown has ever done, does or will ever do.

Well at least one good thing in the NBA has happened though: our archie-enemy, David FUCKING MONSTER OF BIAS Stern (er, like darth Vader) is no longer the NBA all powerful Commissioner.

Finally. Maybe referees now will be fair to us? (even though until we don’t play well, no referee can be blamed for our fucking up constantly games…)
Please please PLEASE and Fucking please. Send him HOME before it’s too late. My oh my I can’t with him. I can’t.
End of the rant? Maybe ;).
It depends what else I am writing that might make me steam some more off and out (this post is going to be chaotic, as it always happens when I have lots to write and I am tripping on iPad).
We landed on a Sunday anyway so I could do whatever I wanted after and sleep all day in… well… before we went out visiting Marghe and Eva at least ;), we did.

Also very strangely for me I didn’t really sleep much on the flight back to Malpensa so my Sunday and K’s was very… how can I say… slow.

We took things all very slow to re-educate ourselves on Italian timetable, which being already switched to Daylight Savings caused us even more of a jet-lag feel I guess).

I missed Italy anyway.

I always do when I am far away no matter how well I feel far away.

I missed my horse Swifty (today was the re-meet for us too, finally!), my very Italian home cooking, and the constant chit chat on the streets.

Anywhere else, even the loudest place seems always very quiet compared to us 😉

No matter if – especially alone in New York, when all power was almost out despite our house was relying on three additional power-generators – K&I spent a lot of time in a cross atmosphere among Blue Velvet, Last Tango in Paris and Nine Weeks and a half

I missed my Italian sky, the mess that it can be living here, the passion and the flaws, the peaks and the lows of belonging to this unique Country.

I’m Italian to the core because I treasure history and beauty and education.

I am just made of all this and all this is quintessentially Italian, as the greatest geniuses in history testify.

And talking about Beauty, my friends have pushed me in a new direction…

I have also a Tumblr now to basically create gifts for them and I guess one of the most used tags in the end will be #TributeToBeauty

Just get ready 😉

My Tumblr 😉 Expect many #TributeToBeauty posts 😉

So while we are on the actual subject of beauty I am tempted to start first with Behati and Adam and then move towards Maroon 5… generally I keep the two sections kinda separated though intertwined but I have no idea this time and I might end making this part of the post like a pout-pourri.

Let’s see 😉

Talking about beauty… Adam’s body SURELY is a thing of it. Doing yoga with Chad on tour.

Thing is that I have like a LOT of material because a lot has happened… (of course don’t expect any The Karaoke Mess The Fuckery that thing link at episodes because that stay in the NAWWAL sections ;)… but I will post a couple of NY interviews also here because Adam was adorable there and I have to, even though they refer to that awful thing – which he hopefully will detach from, as it seems from what he told The Today Show, ending Season 4. Good. Your plans for acting come first I see. ;))

I am kinda dizzy writing over a plane and I wish I could sleep so beware the incongruities of the writing and… whatever 😉

We had left our best couple and Maroon 5 in last post after they reunited in part of the Asian tour (when Behati literally walked through skies and seas just to be with her love… I still melt when I think of all that she is doing to keep Adam happy… I LOVE this and her for this); the boys then flew to end their tour in Australia and then they went back to LA immediately because Adam had his duties as that thing “element” to fullfill (and they film at once Season 3 and 4 so the poor man literally doesn’t sleep… even less he does than usual, which is somehow scary).

Adam allegedly had to keep his – erm…. not so good looking? not very fitting? awkward? – facial hair up the first day because he might have had to shot more scenes for a Maroon 5 video (Valerie Van Der Graaf was also in Los Angeles… and since the video that could have been completed looks more like Daylight than The Man Who Never Lied, I wonder if in the end Valerie was casted for Daylight and not TMWNL… I am curious, really. I also think that Maroon 5 fans are not that creative to be able to help Maroon 5 to create a real music video, so it wouldn’t sound strange if the guys had to re-plan their intakes for next incoming video, looking as the Project kinda failed… but we’ll see, as I said. I am certainly interested in seeing beautiful Valerie as one of the Maroon 5 video vixen: she fits the line up well ;)).

While Adam was engaged in all of that, Behati was back on the other coast again working her ass off for VSshe is going to be adorable in The Valentine’s Day Commercial!! Can’t wait to see her smile! – and not only (the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show doesn’t make itself up alone and she is one of the Official Angels walking so of course things gotta get prepared well ;)).

She is always so wonderful and adorable… take some video to understand 😉 and get into Bee’s world of lively loveliness…

This is actually Behati’s 2011 Campaign for Frye, so it’s a video of last year but it TOTALLY blows me away so I think you should check it and enjoy her beauty and sexiness and spunk and class… she ROCKS:

In the main time (do you remember? we talked about that previously as well) more news kept surfacing about Adam being on the hunt for a new house.

Of course, like all rich people do, these incumbencies are taken care of by lawyers and paid people; also because, much in his style, whatever house Adam would buy wouldn’t be in its final version; renewals were to be in order anyway so basically what he was hunting for was a neighborhood, a convenient acre surface, a position, and some other details that didn’t need his presence on the spot anyway.

More on this later.

One More Night then was (and still) keep being at the top of Billboard, swindling off Psy’s Gangnam Style competition in really unexpected showing off of power.

Karim and I were ready to fly to California, and the flight made us miss the debut of American Horror Story – Asylum – with the much, much talked about Adam’s debut as a proper actor.

He did good… I actually thought he did better than I expected and you know I had some reserves there (I think he will try to outreach acting more if he gets the right script).

He also started what seemed the longest possible way to die on a Tv series that I remember of (of course, the smart Ryan Murphy would milk his presence on the series as much as possible, knowing that the ratings would respond and sky-rocket… thing that they did, and they really did due to Adam as many analysis pointed out):

If you think a cut arm can make Adam diethink again though, because in Episode 2 he was still bleeding

And seemingly alive:

So basically Ryan Murphy is putting Adam up in every episode (so far) so that audiences made of his army of fans can be kept and hopefully hooked, and even now that he is for sure dead after Episode 3 and the shooting (his Leo alias is dead, of course, not him), he still says that we will see more of him (of course, how could he keep milking him otherwise ;)?) because the season will show more connection between past Biarcliffs facts and current.

I hope really that McDermott coming back shows the connection (because Adam and Dylan’s look are very similar so that MUST be used in the show.. also Zachary Quinto and Adam look alike so that could be another link to be axplored and I’d die if the link was among the THREE of them…)

Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan AHS sex scene

By the way I REALLY love the whole season of AHS so far and this independently from Adam.

That’s MY kind of show… even though it still NOT the kind of show Adam likes at all, as many interviews (that you’re gonna hear soon here too) prove.

So by the time K& I were landing in California, Behati was  working in New York and attending Donna Karan “Connecting The Dots” exhibit (and how lovely she did look? she’s flawless both grungy and classy) , planning some more things for her New York time after the Donna Karan thing and Adam was busy with his duties for that thing too and Maroon 5 were gearing up for the gig at Orpheum Teather… which we attended.

It was a great gig, BUT I personally didn’t like it to be so much talked;(the report mistakes the words said about TMWNL linking them to Harder To breathe, which is idiotic cos harder to breathe was written in 2001 😉 and can’t be about a very recent ex girl right?) especially because some of the words told were not exactly… ahem… believable?

I mean, dear Adam… do you REALLY think that just by saying The Man Who Never Lied isn’t about one of your “very recent ex girlfriends” but about “our record company” (BOOOOOOOM!!! Lol…) we believe you?

These lyrics in NO way can be related to a record company… these are forcefully about a wasted and doomed relationship that was dead already by December 2012 (the time when TMWNL was recorded):

In the middle of hollywood boulevard
Screaming at each other, screaming at each other
Like oh oh oh, can’t take it anymore oh oh oh
Like a tragedy, like a dark comedy
Laughing at each other, laughing at each other, like oh oh oh
It isn’t funny anymore, oh oh

I was the man who never lied
Never lied until today
But I just couldn’t break your heart
Like you did mine yesterday
I was the man who never lied, oh oh oh
I was the man who never lied, oh oh oh, yeah

Sometimes honesty is the worst policy
Happy ever after, happy ever after
Let it go, oh oh, you never need to know, oh oh
I don’t wanna be picking up all of these tiny little pieces, tiny little pieces
Of your heart, oh oh, won’t do it anymore, oh oh

I have no room in me to believe a record company can “break hearts” or “scream” or ask for “happy ever afters”… instead a clingy undeserving exploiting “lover” (?) can do all that (and then send all receipts to press, and then just regret it and hope things can get patched up so that she can still have relevance in the media through her much more famous man… ooops).

But ehi, Adam said so 😉

Guess it’s one of his “clever lies”, but sometimes only really stupid people can believe those Adam 😉

Step up man, it’s not like you can fool everyone just through your astonishingly beautiful face… 😉

Back at the Orpheum gig though… take this little interview before it and admire Jimmy&Ad:

During the gig I found Adam way too puffy for my likings anyway… I don’t like him overbulked, much less when not toned up as he seemed there (or he just was wearing the most unfitting clothes ever).

You know that.

I love him muscular, why not, but I want him back to his slender frame (which he is seemingly displaying again though, so it’s okay… guess Asian food isn’t good for him ;))

A lovely thing that happened at the gig was that all the friends and crew of the boys who were there DID EXPECT BEHATI along and when she wasn’t able to be there, all expressed their missing of her (it’s amazing how Maroon 5 inner circle ADORES Behati and how she connected with both males and females… a thing which is new in Adam’s life actually).

Ali Tamposi and Behati Prinsloo at Maroon 5 gigs – Instagrammed by Ali 😉

Basically Behati is considered the perfect rocker girlfriend; they love her friendly spirit, the fact she is down to Earth and never tries to upstage anyone, and that she sincerely seems wanting to be part of the boys’ crew for her care of Adam, and not trying to steal him away from them.

And after all, how not to love somebody who goes in Africa with her bestie Coco Rocha and feeds elephants, and always look so sweet and funny and genuine?

Behati was working so she couldn’t make it to the gig… and about her work, take a look at this:

and also this:

Ali Tamposi (James’ girl) was particularly adorable as Steph Farrar (Sam’s wife) was too… and I melt everytime I see this love of them gets so supported by the people who cares the most about Adam: certainly they weren’t happy about the way he had been played before, and the fact they treasure this link now speak volumes about how they think Bee is good for Adam.

And their opinion MATTERS actually ;).

Of course (I will repeat this ad nauseam) none of this guarantee the longevity of any lovestory but to be loved also by someone’s friends and family certainly is a good step in the right direction for any relationship to last decently.

But back on the activity.

Once in Los Angeles, Maroon 5 had work to do.

Adam stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest to talk about “Huge News”.

I got mindblown how the usual retards (mostly little girls whose intelligence resembles a hamster, but also grown people who would honestly need a stop to a headshrinker for how they can get heated up about people they genuinely hate with no reason other than a life otherwise not filled by a thing I guess) thought the “huge news” could be about his personal life…

Like Adam talks about those things ON AIR…

He is extremely well reserved and his private life is his own; now that he is not pushed by any fame chaser to drop names and facts, but can be back to his old self when he would absolutely NEVER talk about his private life, because the person he’s with now is as reserved as he is, surely the topic of conversation had to be Maroon 5 WORK, right?

And it was… Listen:

So now Maroon 5 have stepped up their tours to again huge venues

My friends and I, despite we yet don’t know if we can actually attend all those, have already bought super tickets for three of the dates of the American Tour at least:

Well, NY and LA and Vegas have been booked 😉 let’s hope we can make it to all of them three 😉

It’s going to be great honestly 😉 and then we have also the dates in UK already booked and Bercy… I still not convinced about Italian stop at the Lucca Festival… I don’t really like Festivals that way with them…

Yass the tour 😉

Let’s see about that 😉

Also, take the boys’ messages about checking them on tour:

While Adam and Maroon 5 were all out in La doing their stuff, Behati was papped in New York and exploited (why mention Adam along? it was unnecessary… I hate all gossip magazines and Just Jared for trying to do what they were doing previously, namely get in the way of Adam’s personal life.

Adam doesn’t like that and Behati doesn’t like that as well so I hope this useless and out of reach type of posts stop as soon as possible.

Behati is another breed; she’s not in this relationship for chasing a broader fame so let her live and stop to use her to mention Adam: you won’t get anywhere good with that; Adam despises these things, now more than he ever did after having been tricked FOR them messed up his life for two years.

Behati also doesn’t like that and you could tell by her face there in those shots: she probably thought “What the hell, get outta my way…”.

Anyway, days were passing and Adam and Maroon 5 moved on to New York – not before Adam didn’t catch a glimpse of his beloved Prince in Los Angeles though –  (we did too move to New York ;), but before them in fact, so THEY were following us… don’t you think? LOL)… whom do you think was the happiest about all of their promo appearances?

Well, clue is it wasn’t me 😉 (though I was quite happy, sure) ;).

Behati Prinsloo Fashion Collage Nov 12

No words of course were spread over twitter… but after the Today show appearances (full interview and performance) we all knew some how things were bound to happen :

K&I and his grannie (!!!!!) had tickets for the Letterman show; but I knew also that Adam was scheduled to be honored at a GQ event that was private, the Annual GQ Gentlemen’s Ball, which he attended to receive honors for his continued (and always very secretive) charity work for children.

And yes… even though AGAIN she didn’t milk it at all and was always discreet and avoided red carpet and let him shine without trying to steal any spotlight

Behati was his date there…

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine at GQ Gentlemen Ball october 2012 NY

Their first official event attending as a couple.

I am SO happy this happened, and even more than it did with Bee KEEPING IT ALL VERY DEMURE and reserved.

She also was stunningly beautiful and classy dressed like that.

They were just wonderfully looking.

Both 🙂

Listen to the red carpet interview at the GQ Ball:

And Adam indeed shall come up nicely in the list of People’s Sexiest Men Alive because… wow.

He spent all his time in New York actually dressed up mostly and MY OH MY.

He’s honestly gorgeous.

So even when for catching him on Letterman we had to endure the awfulness of Donald Trump (that man is disgusting… Letterman actually worked him amazingly both on camera and out of camera… he was sharp and making him result well as the ass he is… I was burning on that chair and utterly disgusted by how Republicans can be as slimey and horrible as Trump is. And being such liars, of course, with those bronzeys faces. Eeeewwwww), it was all worthy because well… we got another dress up from Adam 😉 (he’s always so shy on camera… I love that):

Maroon 5 – well, Adam and James – had also another private event in New York to play for: the Microsoft event at the Renaissance hotel (Microsoft most likely sponsors their tour… they have played quite a handful of private shows for them by now and as an Apple-ist I cringe… but whatever ;):

He also went to Kelly and Michael show and that interview was really pretty solid and adorable (again his looks were dashing):

When exiting from the show, he jumped in a car and inside there were Behati (of course) and Tony Lucca, his contestant from that thing Season 2 he has signed on his label.

Since I got words even before arriving in New York Adam had booked studio time there, I suppose they have recorded a duet (eeewwwww):

Talking briefly about Adam and duets, what I instead REALLY want to hear as soon as possible is his duet with 50 Cent and EMINEM (!!!!!!!!!) named This Life, up to be readied from 50’s Street King Immortal’s record.

Adam and Eminem.

I think a dream of mine has been made real and now I just miss Chris Martin and Thom Yorke for him to duet with and I can die happy 😉

Adam actually taped also an appearance at Anderson Live that was not broadcasted though due to last-minute coverage of Hurricane Sandy.

I have a bunch of it though and it’s majorly cute because he speaks about CATS (Behati has two of them) and while months ago he said that he doesn’t like them, asked about his partners in crime on The Fuckery that thing Cee-Lo’s cat, suddenly he changed his mind answering a question this time on that topic (he better… cats are awesome and his girlfriend is too so ;)… he HAS to like them ;)):

Was he handsome or what there?

Wow… that was his best look all the week 😉

But just to not make you forget… his girlfriend is pretty flawless too:

And Behati also has an awesome personality and energy, beside one of the most beautiful unique faces (and LEGS!!! HER LEGS!!!) I have ever seen:

The two lovers certainly had their fun of time sharing in New York, but as Sandy was ready to storm onto the poor glorious town (and believe me…. it was NASTY!!!), Adam and the guys headed back to Los Angeles, and Behati – but we did know only later, and way laterally – actually flew to ROME to work to a project that of course she didn’t reveal a thing about (she is amazing like this).

Behati Prinsloo in Rome, 28 october 2012

Before actually goming back to LA, Adam did a The Voice Press event in New York, and his interview is here (this one I post it here even though it’s about that show that I can’t stomach because he was gorgeous there and I like the interview and how he worked it despite the subject; though I really laugh when he defends Aguilera because well, it just makes me laugh that a pperson so much in for very skinny types can praise somebody – who has fought with him a lot – for the fact she lost exactly the only physical frame he likes. But I guess he has to say more clever lies for the sake of his image on the show, right? God bless anyone who can believe he actually likes fat girls LOL …):

There is a conjecture of me and the crew about the reason behind Adam and Christina’s seemingly better relationship on their show: first of all, it’s a matter of image; they cannot fight when they are promoting the show AND their records.

Then we guess after actively trying to get his dick   attention and getting refused out (just because he really doesn’t like fat girls) Adam probably finally gave in to her before getting it on with Behati (around the time when he and the previous girlfriends were actually already split up and he surely had a wandering roundup of sexual relationship to get back his activity after for months he could barely fuck once every three weeks, given that his supposed half was never there with him) for a matter of stopping making her bother him I guess, or just because whatever… a fuck is a fuck in his world – and we all know it goes like that when he’s unleashed—.

Probably Christina wanted more and more but never obtained it – hence the fights they openly had on past season of The Fuckery? that thing; but after he got officially with somebody else she probably had to give up and content herself with being able to recall she also went someday just dickmatized by Adam’s infamously talented— how to say— extremity. 😉

This is only a guess but… well, let’s say it makes sense.

Knowing the subject(s) involved.

Anyway back to more serious things, during the couple of days after the New York staying of Maroon 5 and before the Amp Radio promotional gig, finally the news about Adam’s new house purchase broke.

Adam Levine new Beverly Hills house in Benedict Canyon – October 2012. Of course he will TOTALLY change and renew it. Too peasant for his refined taste 😉

Now, many outlet reported the news, but as usual, let me just say the gossip magazines and sites were only partially informed, while other better news-magazines at least just gave the right cut at the news.

I came in to a site that I trust about riches’ purchases of houses in the LA area because when I decided to set up around Glendale in LA I searched for the services of people basing myself – among other trustees – to someone mentioned often here (well, not like I trust a blog but the person managing this actually knows how to do the job).


Adam Levine new Beverly Hills house, and how he will completely change its very cheap look 😉

Now first of all this surely isn’t a bachelor pad… Adam clearly bought this thinking about his incoming family (that won’t happen ANYTIME soon… expect him to be ready for family not before he’s actually 38/40…).

But the house although very big and family-ready certainly isn’t the style he likes so of course he will totally remake it.

I expect the bedrooms to be cut from 6 to 3, and spaces to be created.

The guest house will certainly stay because it’s convenient, but all the extra space will surely see a basketball court growing and probably an in-site studio, and maybe he will also enlarge the living surface and made his architect increase the size of the buildings.

Certainly he has room to make there the house he wants; the neighborhood is amazing (the Beckhams, Bruce Springsteen… sounds fairly fine ;)) and the schools at reach are amazing to; Harvard Westlake being the first choice of course (he can ask dear friend Jake Gyllenhall about that, and he has probably already done it).

He still have his previous Los Feliz house too (and he will keep it until at least some renovations aren’t made in the new one… and until someone won’t buy it at the price HE WILL THINK FITS 😉 Man is a talented seller anyway 😉 he has surely instructed his lawyers well about anything related to his preferences there):

Adam Levine still have also this under his belt… 😉

I am really happy about Adam moving to BH, even though this way he really moves far away from my house in LA so no way to cross him at Whole Foods anymore 😉 But ehi, it’s not that important.

He picked the house up wisely.

I can’t wait to see how he will transform the house 😉 and after all his dear Mark Haddawy not only made his Los Feliz House, but has already done for himself another Canyon House in Beverly hills so he’s just there to be reached and work for Adam in team again 😉 isn’t he? 😉

As the news of his new purchase broke, Adam and Maroon 5 were scheduled to perform a gig and a promo appearance on Amp Radio on October 30th… I really liked the interview, so here it is:

And by then Behati was already flying all over the world to escape the Hurricane Sandy and reach Los Angeles from Rome…

I wonder if Adam ever watches her videos for Victoria’s Secret, knowing that his dream had always been to be with a VS Angel, and now finally he actually has a TRUE one ;):

and then this…

and the extended version (Behati TRULY stands out over here… her legs are simply perfect and she truly is astonishing with darker brown hair…):

So the fact is that Behati made it in time to be by Adam’s side at the Lakers Game opener on October 30th... and this is truly fantastic to me.

She didn’t probably even sleep to be there considering on October 28 evening she was still in Rome working (and that explains why she was a bit showing tiredness on her face… only stupid people who don’t know how Behati is SINCE AGES and her childhood a basketball fanatic could think she didn’t care or was interested in the game. Behati can probably kick Adam’s ass in the game and hopefully one day she will in the basketball court he’s ready to build in his new house ;)… Behati is a natural in playing basketball. And she knows the game VERY well actually. Adam this time can actually talk for real about basket with his girlfriend, and not have someone pretending she cares while all she thinks about is which angle to offer to paparazzi courtside ;)).

David Beckham Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo (poor angel, so tired after a restless flight and straight there) attend Lakers game opener at Staples Center on October 30th 2012

I am so very impressed by her efforts to be with Adam.

I’ve lost count of how many times she fought odds to spend time with him. She’s in love and so fierce and so passionate.

Lovely Adam and Behati courtside at Lakers game 30 october 2012

She’s just his female counterpart; so many points of their personalities are simply EQUAL that this pair is magic to me.

Look these videos of them arriving and departing Staples Center and IN BETWEEN THE LINES CHECK ADAM’s NEW VINTAGE FERRARI (!!!!!!! Now he has a Porsche and a Ferrari Vintage, a Mercedes vintage and a new one hybrid, and still the Aston Martin, plus FOUR HARLEYS? wow. He definitely needs the space for garages in the Beverly Hills house ;)):

The morning after it was THE GREAT DAY OF HALLOWEEN and all Maroon 5 fans know even too well how that day is SACRED for their inner circle.

They plan their costumes months in advance with a specific care and by now Maroon 5 “Spooktacular” Event is by far THE event of Halloween in Los Angeles.

Adam and Bee 31 oct 2012

That morning Adam and Behati went Grocery shopping and you can see how natural as a couple they are… and how she always goes bareface and totally simple along with him (I suppose those jeans she wears are actually stolen from his cupboard…).

Now Behati is a well known Halloween lover too and in fact so far the editorial of her I dig the most is the i-D one where she went zombiefied.

I was curious to see how she would have dressed like because Adam revealed in the amp interview he and the crew would have gone as Sons Of Anarchy‘s characters and he would have been Opie (sadly deceased).


Behati got some Japanese inspiration and dressed as a very colorful and Harajuku-like mix among a biker chick, and Donna (the haircut) + Lyla (the pornstar look) hybrid.

Donna and Lyla were the two wives of Opie (one is dead, the other survived his death instead).

Adam and Bee on Halloween 2012

Basically, Bee had her twist on the story and I LOVED ALL THAT SHE BROUGHT IN.

She was amazing to me (of course I am a Japan Lover so… it was an easy win for me ;)).

The party was all degrees of awesome.

The Maroon 5 Halloween Parties by now are simply unbeatable I guess.

It was again and once more held up at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, because by now the amount of people going there is so huge Adam’s house just can’t  hold them all; and in fact to spoil who was there is always one of the greatest thing about it.


To me the most important sight was THOM FRIGGING YORKE.

He deejay-ed the party.

So now kill me.

Do it.

I want SO bad a duet between Adam and Thom and I know they are actually acolytes and I can’t dare to hope one day they might actually merge their vocals together.

Know that if it’d happen I would DIE of Pleasure.

Thom Yorke. Deejaying at Maroon 5 party. Sigh

So take a series of collages before I let you see my pick for best costume EVER:

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo attend Maroon 5 Halloween Party 2012

More of the loveliness of Adam and Behati:

Behati Prinsloo as a Japanese pornstar and Adam Levine as SOA Opie Halloween 2012 Maroon 5 bash

Of course all their friends were up and all of them were merged awesomely…

Gene Hong was also very coupled at the bash… time to leave Adam’s place ? 😉

I personally adored Behati’s look on the night… she is herself even dressed as a hooker/biker/pornstar… and she is lively and colorful and unique… :

Behati Prinsloo as an Harajuku version of an hybrid between SOA Donna+Lyla (a pornstar) mashed in a colorful way with a biker rock chick. She was awesome at Maroon 5 Halloween Bash. Just amazing as usual.

Best costumes of the night?

Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward: UNBEATABLE choice

I mean… Daria and Jane… you can’t beat Katy and Shannon choice 😉

Though Mickey as Skrillex was really a strong competitor… 😉

Mickey as Skrillex was amazing…

As I said, everyone was there though…

Maroon 5 8th Spooktacular Halloween Bash 31 October 2012 Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Basically if you are somebody you will attend the Spooktacular bash:

The 8th Spooktacular 😉

and so read a bit of interesting tidbits:

Maroon 5 and Patron presents Hollywood Forever Cemetery 8th Halloween Bash 31 oct 2012

The aftermath day Adam and Behati went out to erase all of their fake inking… so paps caught them still smiling after such a long night of fun:

I thought after this Behati had left LA… but I was wrong :))))

So all in all to sum up Adam and Behati’s lovely time in October and the start of November I had prepared this video (with fitting music always ;)… how I do love to prepare these):

And I thought it would have been IT (I loved the coverage from French Fashion sites by the way…)… but then just this morning I woke up and as usual people who help me somehow collect material for my pages informed me that BEHATI WAS STILL WITH ADAM IN LOS ANGELES also yesterday, Sunday 4th, as Just Jared reported (I still don’t like rags, much less Perez and Just Jared who jaded Adam so many times before he became as popular as he is now…).

What was awesome was the way they turned a paparazzi thing (that they detest, by now it should be clear) to a reason to be charitable and push people at doing good.

The way they use their celebrity status to help others makes me so proud of them, in fact… Read how they went up with that Relief for Sandy text HERE.

Adam and Behati are two charitable and adorable lovers

My jaw anyway had dropped about Bee still being with him though and it did because of LOVE for them, and for how joyous I am every time I realize (even BEYOND my expectations) how wonderful Behati is for Adam, how much she does take a good care of him.

I didn’t expect her to be still with him during the weekend but now I reckon why Adam keeps being untweety and why he is still so very happy (from the images that surfaced of this weekend The Fuckery that thing tapings that he still doing for both season, and in which he looked SHININGLY happy, and as funny as always now that he is back being happy in his life again):

Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher at the Voice press shooting on November 2, 3 in Los Angeles, California

By the way, I did notice from this picture how Adam is coming back to his slender frame and I LOVE it… 😉

As I said, I didn’t expect Behati to still be there because the Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows approachesNovember 7th is around the corner – and I thought she would have been in New York by now already; but now her friend Candice Swanepoel’s tweet on Saturday makes sense:

Candice misses Behati

Basically she expected Behati to be already in New York by then (as I did); but THE LOVE kept her by Adam’s side and I find this UTTERLY AMAZING.

I am not worried about her presence in the VSFS because she’s part of the official Angels Line up, so either she already had her fitting when she was in NY in October (before flying to Rome) or she will today like Adriana Lima will (and also Lindzey Ellingston, another official Angel, hasn’t had her fitting yet so it’s not like Behati is alone in not being yet there before the show):

Behati Prinsloo is walking VSFS 2012 for sure, since she is one of the Angels in the official line up… bask in hate, losers 😉

What really makes the fact that she was still just a bunch of hours back with Adam splendid to me is that once again she did NOTHING to make all this known.

She is always there with him, and still not a word comes out from her to milk this.

She works her things always (the quick trip to Rome, again unmentioned, by the end of October testifies she still work, but she never uses social media to pimp herself out, and I love this in her; she also had a bunch of work done with Victoria’s Secret in October before Adam and Maroon 5 came in on the 22, so it’s not really like she doesn’t work; she is just not whoring her works out to the press or on Twitter and that’s a BIG difference, that of course many retarded haters simply aren’t intelligent enough to understand), but as long as she is not doing her work, she IS BY ADAM’s side.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo at Mustard Cafe – Los Feliz Califonia – 4 November 2012


Like a girlfriend who is in ACTUAL love and cares about a relationship should do.

I mean… if you were Adam Levine’s girlfriend, where else but by him would you like to be?

Why spend nights alone in towns far away MILES AND MILES, when you can be in his bed and have sex with him and spend all possible time you have with him?

Honest to God… what Behati does is just what everyone who is with him shall do and I am glad now Adam is with someone who LIKES being with him, and isn’t there just to be papped round and then flies away at any given chance because in the end anything else but him was more important than him.

Behati is in love with Adam and she SHOWS IT by devoting to him all of her spare time; she shows it by arranging all of her working duties in ways that make her create THE MAXIMUM of room for her to have the maximum of days to spend with her boyfriend, who’s super engaged in millions of activity and has a crazy schedule to be put in the equation.

If she has to barely sleep to be with him as much as possible, take all flights all over the world and quick to not miss a second with him… she does it.

Mind you haters: she does it and SHE NEVER MILKS IT, and she never even mentions it, and she keeps protect him and his family privacy like a warrior.

That’s why she is perfect for him.

Behati Prinsloo in Adam Levine car in NY, 26 oct 2012

She CHERISHES Adam; and therefore I cherish her, because she is making him truly happy, and she makes him finally feel loved and taken care of.

This makes me happy a lot, because he deserves someone loving him and not using him; he has been used so wildly and horribly before Behati came into the picture, that the fact now he is just basking in the love Bee pours onto him makes me feel warm inside, because that has erased his wounds and the fact he wasted years on nothing true.

But in a way this unexpected Behati move made this post:

1) longer;

2) even more messy, because I had to put pieces of this inside the structure I had previously made;

3) even more of a punch in the face of this couple haters (which I don’t mind, because all of them are like a ZERO in life, and so to make them even more mad is a source of infinite fun for me 😉 because I am mean and cruel to people I consider scum and losers… and sure them hating on these two are part of the category of losers, and scum ;))

4) probably even more unreadable… and more filled with media material (which is bad for my storage and the fact that I have to pay a lot for it ;))

BUT in the end I don’t care, because to wake up with the news that the Lakers won and that this couple I so like was still probably have wild sex even by the time I was sleeping just made me happy.

Their sex must be the ultimate freaky stuff 😉

And that explains much in Adam’s grinning face anytime you catch him these days in video or pictures, and anywhere he goes.

Good thing.

Oh and before anyone start to paint dreams because Adam WON’T BE at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year (he won’t for sure), that has nothing to do with anything else than this:

He has to be in Los Angeles for the LIVE SHOWS of The Fuckery that thing which start today, and which move towards wednesday and Thursday this week because of the Super Tuesday of Election:

The Voice schedule which prevents Adam from VSFS 2012

Sorry again for the losers who are going to read anything else into his absence.

Adam and Behati are still in love and really don’t care about any of your hate on them ;).

But you all can keep on making yourself look like asses by keeping on that hate going.

Like it could affect them while they make out, laugh, live, have sex and love one another DAILY, you know 😉


Now I could leave you with the note just in about minutes Adam will be at The Grove for a promotional that thing appearance which will be taped also for Extra TV BUT I won’t cover that and anyway not now because I ma tired enough and I want to rest after two hours of horse riding and trying to patch back this post with all the news that I didn’t expect from this morning ;).

I leave you all with something unexpected instead 😉

This is a video that I caught as soon as we got back home yesterday… I fell in love instantly with the song AND the video so since I am obsessing fully over it today…

Take it and learn a bit more of greatness for yourselves.

This is the amazing Eric Turner vs Avicii “Dancing In My Head”.


Have all a great November and let’s cross fingers tomorrow America Chooses Wisely.


Vote Obama. That’s all.


World cannot sustain a Romney Presidency.

Don’t let us tell you once again “we told you” because Bush was already too much of a disgrace and he allowed this sucky financial mess we are now in.

Romney would make it even worse.

Romney and that horrifying Paul Ryan would just send USA and the whole world to the gutter, without second guesses.



It’s more than mandatory… it’s the only SANE option.

Missus Z.

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