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It’s all about Angels! Welcome Eva! Plus iPhone, Milan, Lakers, Magic, Adam, Behati… Happy September world!

Posted on: 15 September 2012


I wasn’t meant to write a blog this soon after the previous one (I have way too much things to do to update this more frequently than once or so in a month)… but on blessed Thursday September 13th, 2012 something did happen that HAD to be pinpointed, celebrated and shared so…

I HAD to come here and write, as soon as I got a lil window-time in this beautiful sunny Saturday of Summer-end.

So now after my well due horseride, after a very good meal my mum has prepared and before K&I get back to Milan for more afternoon sweet things to do (basically… visiting the FIRST reason for I am writing this post about, and some… sport event for tonight ;)) let me announce that my already beautiful life has received yet another gift for me to rejoice and be EXTREMELY grateful for.

On September 13th, 2012 the Earth has welcomed a new shining ANGEL.

Welcome my dearest Eva!

My dearest Margherita gave birth to this miracle creature, instantly transforming what was shaping up to be a terribly bad day for me (work, commitments I didn’t like to oblige, the Rotary Club dinner the evening) into one of the most beautiful, mind-shattering, heart-shaping and amazing days of my whole life.

It’s hard to explain… I thought I was prepared for such a joy but I was definitely NOT. The moment I saw the baby… and Margherita so destroyed but SO happy… something inside me probably just evolved.

That shaking feeling still here… and it will probably remain it inside my soul because Eva has now already become a part of me.

I am gonna be the best support for her… as I will also be the God-mother of her (thank you Margherita… you know it means so much and you know I’d give up my life for her… and YOU).

Even thought Karim and I yet are not planning nor willing babies (we want at least three more years alone 😉 thanx) I can honestly say motherhood is in my plans, and in his.

We talked so much about this as we got to welcome Eva in our lives 🙂

Oh, and if you wonder why Margherita picked up that name… its’ all due to this song that her parents loved and she has always loved to (it’s a beautiful song indeed):

Music is part of mine and my friends and beloveds’ lives so naturally… even the names of our babies are gonna be music-related easily.

I know K&I will surely find names which relate with our artistic passions for sure at least ;).

So… all about today’s post is related to love and angels and all that makes life better and awesome (which leaves me intentionally skip on the mess and chaos of that idiotic anti-muslim “movie” which is causing troubles in Middle East and that I have a slight feeling was created to favor that horrible Robo-Romney’s plans to destroy America and the world along; but as I said, let’s NOT talk about bad thing today, and let’s all just gaze in lovingly shades).

Today for instance I will go see Milan live in San Siro (after an amazing morning ride of my baby Swifty in the fields, and after a well due paid visit to my God-Daughter) after the past weekend we spent the most amazing time in Florence avoiding to catch games of any sort, other than through media reports (sex is the best sport after all 😉 and try to deny me there ;)… the small days when I can’t do that because of my period you know are named like “The Dark Era”… 😉 ).

And you know for Karim and I Florence is ALL about Love&Angelic things 😉

As we are on sport, I have to also say I can’t wait for the new LAKERS season of course.

I have good vibes out of it, and to celebrate those, I will post here a video from Adam’s latest show up (September 5 2012) at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno because there the other guest was MAGIC friggin JOHNSON and they had also a basketball showdown:

I can’t at the amazingness of this.

He was so glowing like a little kid beside his idol, and still managed to be funny and cool.

Magic and Adam on Leno

I would have just fainted being in that room then – even watching it on the video just leaves me fluttering away, to be frank and honest  😉

Of course it doesn’t take a genius to see how much Adam was glowing there… he’s so happy these days and you will see later why (he wasn’t alone those days in California… he had his personal Angel of Love with him all time, and I didn’t expect it so when Behati was revealed being there from a tweet of them two in his living room watching Roddick I melted of cuteness… but that comes later, read furtherly ;)).

What it matters is that I don’t think the Heat will repeat, as Magic fears.

I don’t think AT ALL.

Lakers are up for prizes: I am very confident about it as season starts soon.

And I will surely catch them at Staples this season again (it may happen around Xmas ;))

Go Lakers!!!! 😉

More magical/angelic things?

Before I go for the obvious (and you all expect it) let’s be a nerd some more…

In a couple of days then you know… the new iPhone 5 is out and OF COURSE I am gonna get it 😉

During the whole Keynote Apple had, my fangirling about all Apple stuff mixed marvelously with my Maroon 5 love, because guess which music was highlighted in EVERY product they upgraded?

That’s right: OVEREXPOSED, baby 😉 which still shitting on charts in awesome way, thank you.

One More Night just reached (again) the #2 peak on Billboard 100 (the era of number two’s… let’s hope it can produce a least one number one because that would be SO deserved!) and generally everything couldn’t be better on the Maroon 5 front.

Now that the funny song Gangnam Style is actually NUMBER ONE on iTunes USA, there is a small chance One More Night may reduce the sales gap with Taylor Swift‘s song Adam inspired to write about his friend Jake Gyllenhaal (read my previous post about it) enough to snatch that number one the song is totally deserving to touch (I still think the most perfect pop smash on Overexposed though is Lucky Strike so hopefully THAT song anyway will get its charting chance to shine sooner or later… please don’t waste that like you did with Stutter on Hands All Over… please!), but I don’t want to build my hoped up too much because also another number two peak is very consistent as result and it should be celebrated regardless.

Anyway Maroon 5 are just doing awesomely these days.

Adam Levine interview – The Daily beast Sept 2012


They are always well spoken about from the general and buying public and the popularity of the frontman is getting so big it seems there are no sufficient outlets for him to contain the demand; they are also back on the road for a month and this makes the time flies in a different way.

We left them ending their South American tour (very successful) and get back to California for some days before the Asian leg of the tour started (these days actually).

In that small span of time we have learn that the next single was getting a video (they have to optimize times for these stuff, because beside the tour and that other awful thing which has started again, –  besting the even worst than it competition on a three night premiere, causing certainly happiness for NBC and damage on the brain of awful Simon Cowell, and that at least pleases me – end of note. If you want to see The Fuckery those things episodes go to the NAWWAL pages 😉 and don’t try to find those here 😉 – Maroon 5 are forced to encapsulate all their collateral works into very small schedules) and as we did my hope was that Adam had shaved the goatee he had on Leno to film it (please… let’s hope he did because the Mexican Look isn’t the best on him… although he still gorgeous with any lenght of hair on his flawless face).

Now we all thought the third single was going to be Daylight (and I wasn’t pleased with the choice because I think like many of my friends that the song is cute but unremarkable sonically); instead… we had a surprise when Adam shouted he was shooting a video.

In a little while news surfaced (and THIS pic) that the single will actually be The Man Who Never Lied and that means it is another “No fairy tales after you treated me like shit” type of song that we are gonna get out from Overexposed.

It may also easily be an obvious reference to the fact that probably someone has gone too far with lies thrown around also? Who knows… but I wouldn’t be surprised.

In fact, someone’s camp has exceeded ALL possible lies level for about 4 months straight in between February and June that it could be… but we’d need to ask the video plotter about it (we know Adam will have to have had his say there) and he probably wouldn’t answer other than with a revealing smirk, now that he’s happy and out of the haze of that awful past gone wrong.

Anyway… this is what makes us all believe TMWNL is the third actual single:

The Man Who Never Lied is going to be Maroon 5 third video from Overexposed

About the song though, I praise the choice because first I like it better than Daylight, and that probably is the only reason the single was picked in spite of it; I also firmly believe Adam was so pissed with all the fake reports his ex’s camp spread after the break up he is willingly picking up songs that demonstrate how the relationship was poised to fail from a very long time before when People said it ended (The Man Who Never Lied was written as Payphone in early January), and how really he had to endure way too much before he realized there was no other way to survive than let that painful and failing link die (that cut thing in fact certainly had to be horrible for him to make though, since Beautiful Goodbye and Sad have been completed and written one in February and the other on March 17th, and it was clear from his face&actions in March 2013 and most of April that Adam was heartbroken from the way his love had been wasted in a no successful relationship).

Anyway, we also already know who will be playing Adam’s leading lady in the video and that she is a sort of clone version of the ex, too, appropriately since the song is clearly a very clear depiction of something that had to hurt Adam VERY deeply (legs wise, and boob wise though, and height like also, Valerie tops Anne quite much – face is totally beautiful in them both instead, that kind of typical and mesmerizing blonde beauty that eastern and northern European girl have, that makes them all resemble luminous Fairies): gorgeous new young  model Valerie Van Der Graaf :

Valerie Van Der Graaf will be the partner of Adam in Maroon 5 The Man Who Never Lied video. She’s SO beautiful! And her looks remind me of a (better ?) Anne so it fits the video purpose 😉

We don’t know much about the shot other than it’s BOLD in Adam’s words (and it may be meaning anything, but my guess is that the video somehow involves screaming actions, therefore the captions for BOLD in his tweet?) and that it took two days and half of shooting and that he thinks it’s bananas 😉

I have loved all partners he picked for his videos so far (especially Bregje Heinen in Payphone), and I also love that Behati doesn’t want to appear there in Maroon 5 videos (the songs anyway weren’t fitting for put a loved girlfriend in now, so that’s also a good reason she isn’t there yet) and that means again she is in for the relationship and not for the fame she might get out from there, because she was with Adam during TMWNL filming and she could have asked visibility, but she cannot care less and this you know will forever earn to her my utmost praise and respect (it means also she is not jealous, because everyone could be in seeing her handsome boyfriend rubbing skin with some other very beautiful girl. Behati must be very secure in her relationship by now to allow Adam to be millimeters in contact with someone as amazingly looking as Valerie, for instance. Good Bee… you keep being very good for him :).

Plus about The Man Who Never Lied video is that it is directed from my fav Jonas Akerlund (Wake Up Call & MLJ… but I love the first) whom Adam is a big fan of and that assures me of its amazing outcome already.

Other than that?

What other news in maroon 5 world?

Beside that Maroon 5 just started playing in Asia and there Adam is so popular he has become also a clothing chain endorser (eeehhh… let me NOT judge this… I promised I would have been focused on good things today ;)).

Speaking about tour and live music, well Maroon 5 HAVE FINALLY SET UP EUROPEAN DATES for June 2013 (so far only in UK, which means I’LL BE THERE also around Glasto again!) and that is awesome; and then when they will be back from Australia they will be playing a special event (Alicia Keys will in New York, Maroon 5 in LA) on October 16th and I think WE MAY GO there too ;).

Happy Adam with that— goatee? sigh 😉

I want so bad that they come back in Italy too as well, and I will probably check some of their USA and European tour dates as long as they come off, accordingly with my working schedules.

After all, if Behati can adjust her working duties to be always along her man (and that must be not easy… she is in UK at the moment though, so the time zone gap at least has been significantly reduced between them, who are not used to being so far away and for so long… poor angels! They must find a way to reunite for at least some hours before the Asian/Aussie stops end? Let’s wish them so… We know Adam has developed a profound hate for “loving people just on a telephone/screen”. And luckily these days he has not to suffer for it too much, giving that his current Angel flies to him whenever and wherever humanly possible ;)) I can too for enjoying music, right? 😉

I guess.

Oh, and finally let’s write how much Behati IS an angel to Adam, in this showup of loving post-bits.

Because as you know last time we were guessing she would have been in New York when Adam returned from South America to LA, to take part to Naomi Watts’ brother Ben Watts’ exhibit in which she was a prominent feature; I honestly thought she would have… but then Ben Watts tweeted through Milk Studios Behati wouldn’t have been there and I started to wonder… why?

What could have prevented her if she was supposed to be in New York?

Well… for instance the fact she was NOT in New York but she was still at Adam Levine’s beautiful Hollywood Hills Home ;).

And we had certainty when she tweeted her support to Roddick (bleah… at least that untalented chap has stopped playing, thank God… but Bee and Adam were supportive of him, so not everybody must agree with my joy there 😉 I know…) from Adam’s sofa-bed (I have a direct acknowledge of that pad by now so… I was SURE that was his house even if Bee’s tweet was cryptic and as usual never revealing of their lovestory).

That wasn’t the only evidence we had as day later pictures came of the two lovers together in more than one place.. and I just melted so much I created this video for them with those pictures and as sound I have chosen the song that it is currently my ULTIMATE fav… The XX’s “Angels” which fit this post and Adam and Behati’s story PERFECTLY.

Enjoy 🙂

They are SO cute together… the pics where Behati grabs his ass and the one where he gaze smiling at her as she draws the heart on the glass of the store’s fridge are ALL about true love.

He’s so happy with her… she is really a wonderfully fitting companion for him, and they share everything as of personality… from the silliest notes on life till the way more important bits about politics and fears about world state, and the state of art in it..

I hate when I occasionally surf around the web and I decode and count the lies that were carefully spread taking place of the truth regarding this blissful link these two share.

For instance sites are now writing that this relationship between Behati and Adam started “after 2011 VS show (it’s easy to make those mistakes because writers of sites have the intelligence of a hamster, and they can’t even check their sources twice to decode basic mistakes… or sometimes, you know, they are PAID to spread FALSE news… because these days reciprocal popularity can be all about bizness could get).

Well… NO WAY.

That is just absolutely FAKE.

Beautiful and naturally enchanting Behati

They met there but then Adam was with the ex for some time longer after the show (in fact, up until then their relationship was still decent.. it was when the ex missed the November flight to Russia to meet him and the band there touring that things started to definitively crumble, because Adam started to realize the hard way that all the ex was interested in was her career and not him other than when he was not conflicting, but propelling said career of hers – this is what a VERY well informed person confessed to me and some LA people a couple of months ago, and so far this persona has never mistaken ANY of the inside tips so I trust this 110%).

And how could have Behati and Adam started “meet” as a couple when he spent November in Europe, and when in December when he was in LA he hosted and guested his ex Anne at times at his home?

By the end of year 2011 Adam and Behati were no entities to one another (Behati was also taken/untaken with her previous model guy boyfriend, and in fact they were also in the phase of breaking up and testing the no couple thing back and forth between them).

Truth both Bee and Adam’s relationships by December were taunted already and irreparably (despite fake photo ops organized by someone’s camp) on Adam’s side and gone from lovers to friends state in Behati and Jamie’s case BUT that doesn’t mean Adam & Behati went on with each other as some idiot keeps “guessing” in any of those weeks, DUH!

Adam and Behati started to hook up after Middle April – post Coachella – and in middle May Adam met again (he hadn’t since middle February after the Stern interview he did with Anne) his ex at Mercer Hotel to tell her he was starting an EXCLUSIVE relationship with someone else.

Sidenote: May 16th 2012 was Behati’s 23rd birthday so that gesture from Adam was likely a sort of gift to her, even?

Nobody can know this beside them two of course, but shortly after that day Adam tweeted a funny video of a karate kid and started to word the “You’re welcome” thing that has become a staple for him as he is with Behati… and just the other day Behati has tweeted a piece of that video in one of her moments of chatting time with her lover so far away from her (the guys are on tour in Asia now, and the two lovers are in their worst state of being wildly apart, so you can tell they are online at the same times… but they won’t tweet one another still private in front of the world ;), and therefore to patch together their cryptic tweets is becoming a sort of fun game for some, included a couple of my friends, in Italy and not only – though the club of “tweet collectors loses a lot having Marghe out for daughter duties, lol), making it like that video has some special value for them (it was probably something they found together to have fun, after having come out as “official couple” for the people mattering in THEIR life, namely family and friends, and after having cut in a definite way all rotten branches from their inner spaces).

I have numerous reports on that meeting from insiders & well trusted Fashion Personalities (at hotel too) but beside those, which are private conversations I had, I reckon I haven’t been the only one spotting Adam and Anne that day there anyhow:

The day Adam and Anne V last met, middle May 2012, when Adam told her in person he was with Behati – it was on Bee’s birthday. HIS GIFT to Behati, I suppose 😉

I can’t take all the lies about Adam playing anything dirt to his ex… Because simply he has been way too much of a Gentleman to her, despite the awful way her camp has treated him through tons of FAKE press.

He did all that was requested; he spoke in person and cut all ties the way a Gentleman does.

All that has been said bout Bee and Adam of dirt is just fake reports which are trying to make either him or her or both look bad (to whoever’s eyes)  but truth is they are in love, they are very private and happy, and they have been since May 2012, not a day before.

Adam has been shattered and misused before Behati came in the picture… he has been so desperate and sad for all the first months of 2012… why now that he is so clearly happy people keep pushing him and trying to make him look back at when he was miserable?

He has already troubles in being confident in true love (because so far he hasn’t found anyone loving him for real… and let me cross my fingers he may have NOW?)… he has been exploited for many years by more than one person… of course he’s suspicious and not open to profess his undying links now… Has he ever had a true one which was real and not fake so far?


So far all of the love he tried to share was directed to people clearly not there for him, but mainly for his fame/popularity/similar bonuses.

This new relationship is starting just so we can’t really say a thing on it yet which is definite but please, let Bee and Adam test it on and by themselves and stop throw dirt at them while they are just progressing as an item, in such a cute and reserved way.

Adam has a very strong and SERIOUS approach at “the Big Thing” known as marriage and there’s no way this relationship is anything even REMOTELY close to it but the fact is that he is extremely happy now… and it’s a shock that it took so little for him to heal from what has been a GIANT heartbreak for him (just look at the face he was sporting in the whole start of the year, from middle January to April… you can also have the look at The Fuckery Season 2 episodes which speak more than a million of my useless words: he was looking MISERABLE and like a dead man and all this was due to how BADLY his heart had been treated in those weeks span) and that so soon somebody has been able to clear his heart and mind so well, turning him again at enjoying life fully.

Behati has been able to heal him in NO time; avoiding the thing he has ALWAYS done in his most mattering relationship, namely trying to give them (even if they were clear failures) a second try, which would have been at once useless and unworthy, and mostly damaging even more for his mental and heart-ly stability.

Behati came in and immediately she erased all of his pain; sure it had to be a work of love by her part, because the pieces she had to put together were really shattered but the fact SHE MANAGED IT shall tell anybody how incredibly FIT for Adam she actually is.

They are adorable together and we have got a happy Adam back thanx to Behati… Even if he can’t avoid to eat tons of ice cream with her 😉 (but she stays so thin compared to him! Guess age is starting to change Adam’s once super fast metabolism ;)) I like that somehow he doesn’t care… and that anything in these pictures of them speak about a very well-connected and confident in one another type of couple.

They are so sweet and natural and absolutely “normal” kind of couple.

Way more good looking than any average couple though… but there it was Destiny and Sky Above operating on their perfect genetic so… we can’t really objectify that part of their connection 😉

Adam and Behati all Loved Up at Gelsons September 8th 2012 – COLLAGE

All Adam’s fans should be grateful to Behati. FULL STOP.

But I already know stupidity reigns supreme in way too many heads so I give up in thinking this train of thoughts can be followed by a wide majority.

Good that nor Adam nor Bee care about the way people overreact on them together.

Adam may have started carefully with Bee, being all heartbroken and tested heavily by females’ usage of his popularity… but just look at him these days he’s with Behati and you will see an happy, lovingly shining man: and if you are like me, this is all you really care about, even though it has nothing to do with mine or yours life, my fellow readers.

So while the haters of this beautiful pair are keeping throwing dirt and spreading lies of smoke habits (Adam has always been a smoker since he was 14) and even low.kicks like drugs habits but the truth is just these people are sore losers and can’t take the truth., we can instead see that Bee and Adam are happy and at ease with one another and that they are at the peak of their respective cheerful personalities.

It’s a pity that some can’t appreciate how Adam and Behati are now a stable and happy couple; or how Behati is loved by Adam’s family, and reckoned by his most inner circle and protected by them, and how certainly she is loved by him.

Will it last?

Nobody knows.

And honestly is not mine or your business and it won’t matter in the long haul of facts because what THIS relationship they have has ALREADY achieved has been to take the toxicity out of Adam’s horizon already.

This relationship is already a success phase in his life, and it would be even if it’d end tomorrow (which it won’t, but you get my point).

NOW Adam is at one of the happiest moments I have ever seen him in; and that is enough for me to know, to appreciate and support Behati in everything of SO positive she has gifted that guy (and therefore us fans someway) already with.

The girl he is now with is lively, funny, GORGEOUS and unique; she shares with him the most of passions he has: music, photography, traveling, seasights, dorkyness, nerdyness and a very personal outsight in life; look at this video… she has his same manners (and this video has things in of when they never knew of each other, like rollerskating…):

If this of course isn’t a guarantee of anything, it is a strong sign the BOTH of them right now are certainly happy with one another and why the heck people are constantly trying to pay them (and her) dust for this beauty they have found in one and with one another?

I don’t really condone this need for hating or downplaying this wonderful girl.

I don’t… it makes me dazed and confused because I think great and unique people shall be treasured, not opposed.

The bad mouths are even stating again to question Behati’s career, which is a laughable thing to do once a model is considered ESTABLISHED since a LIFETIME

Vogue would NEVER… this is her video for the amazing June 2012 Vogue Germany editorial (I LOVE how she looks when she classies up… but at the same time I adore the way her natural style is absolutely not artifact and rock’n’roll… I love her tenuity):

Questioning if she works (since it seems impossible to someone the fact she can work but ALSO spend all of her spare time with her man… while THAT shall be the ONLY way for any girl to live… knowing that work and love have to be put in line and prioritized to make a relationship work?), if she is an Angel in Victoria’s Secret still (she is… just two days ago a new video with her came on up on the VS site… and she does YOGA there… guess Adam is proud ;)) is simply showing how out of clues her haters are, because her career is in all aspect a completely successful one, and she still quite young to reach out for way more:

Behati has shot for Victoria’s Secret for THESE Summer campaigns in VS Swim 2012, she has shot just the other month for incoming WINTER campaigns (twice, and I can’t wait to see the one she has made with Karlie Kloss) and the fact people keep trying to drag her status down at times really seems idiotic to me.


Behati is lining up a campaign for NEXT stores in the WOMEN department  that is already up in Europe… And I share this lovely video of it because it emphasizes how cute she is and it’s very recent:

She is doing many works as of late whenever she finds time to and whenever she likes the option.. the fact that she is not pimping this through her twitter doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work… it means that she LIVES too and that she doesn’t need to annoy the world with her constant tweeting about her “working achievements”.

I find it a good attitude actually, rather than not.

The fact she isn’t prone to PR spins and self-spinning of any PR opportunity tells me she enjoys life more than work and this is how things shall work (a wise man has said: you work to live, you must not live to work).

Anyway… this is her amazing editorial for Nasty Magazine (she was shooting this while she was with Adam in July, in a day break from him… so she can still work even being with her man you know).

Behati’s legs and ass are perfection. SO long and slim and toned… you all know legs are Adam’s favorite feature in women do you? Well, Behati’s are the best legs he had to cheer since Cameron Diaz’s 😉

I love her spunk and rock attitude in photos… but watching new and old things, all I get is that she is very unique and versatile and real as model.

She has a timeless, yet not too obvious beauty and all that she exudes is likeability, vitality, energy, and LOVE and passion.

Some of her old stuff that are amazing:

She has CHOSEN NOT TO WALK in Fashion shows more recently (and she had spent time with Adam in stead of that but it was already a year and half or so that she was not really focusing on catwalks, because that is not requested when you get established as she is and it’s anyway a personal choice…) but not because she isn’t fit for it.

In fact her walk is strong and elegant and she is very versatile to wear equally well ready-to-wear and High Fashion flawlessly (and her walks in her career testify this).

Just look some of her old walks and stop trying to question her modeling status (which anyway is FAR from defining her as a person, because Behati is just NOT JUST a model, she has way more interests and talents than just her modeling career displays):

Behati is an all-around delicious cute girl.

So sweet and full of natural charm…in this old video she is adorable and the way she tries to make fun of the way others make fun of her (beautiful) name is just so captivating and luminous:

All said, though, Behati is also STUNNINGLY beautiful…

Just look at this super picture (my gosh in the close up she gives me NATALIA VODIANOVA‘s teas and you know I just worship Natalia so…;)

Behati Prinsloo is purely beautiful. Here she really resembles GODDESS Natalia Vodianova, and there’s no better achievement in looks for me 😉

She is perfect for Adam and I hope this goes on because among the rest she also has one of the best music taste I have ever seen, especially in such young girls.

Every time she tweets lyrics from songs that I know and from band that I love I smile so widely... because she is SUCH a musical soul…

Of course all the retards around never understand the fine-ness of her taste and hints… but those are the same following Bieber and thinking the ex was good for Adam, while she was certainly NOT, given how much she has made him suffer in the end (but I will forever think they looked amazing together because yes, she was beautiful. Just NOT the right person for him, but no one can deny Anne was good looking aside him, and I certainly won’t. They were like Barbie and Ken together… but I prefer substance over dolls anyway so I don’t miss those good pictorials of them at all to be honest now that he’s happy again with someone way more apt for him).

Behati stands tall above in all mattering departments, ESPECIALLY when it’s about taste, connections and personality (while still looking GORGEOUS you know), which are things that truly define and maintain any good human bond:

Behati Prinsloo has an awesome music taste

I LOVE her attitude and it makes me sad somehow people bash her just because she is with a much sought after guy.

But she is making THAT guy very happy… and I can see why and I hope really this can go on… even FOREVER, if so good are going to stay the outcomes.

Of course nobody has no say on Adam’s life, and it may take him FOREVER to find his REAL half… but you all know I am really supporting this latest turn of links for him and I see the positivity it has having on him, even BY CONTRAST.

what I mean with “by contrast”?

For instance Adam and Behati are now apart because as you know Maroon 5 are on tour in Asia and this time she isn’t with him.

You know what I wrote in last post… that Adam – who suffers touring life – had an IMMENSE benefit in mood by having Behati alog him touring in South America.

Well, look at his tweets now that she isn’t with him in Asia and you can TELL he’s already stressed and that his mood isn’t the same it was in South America (no matter the fact the tour is shaping up to be extra successful and he’s making money in there in more than just one way…).

Adam Levine can’t stand the touring life without his baby Angel B…

He MISSES HER already, and this makes him suffer the touring life more.

The first tweet about being in Asia from him was also a message to Behati and her love for sea… (and SO reminding of her image from the top of their Rio De Janeiro’s suite where she called the day “PARADISE”, ain’t it? 😉 Those two are so cute with their back&forths hints… SO cute):

Adam Levine shows us (and Behati) how the sea is in Busan, Korea 😉

Yes, Adam is stressed and he misses his mermaid angel.

Hence the:

1) lack of tweets for some days and

2) useless tweets about stupid band names;

3) the absurd idea of GIVING A TRY AT FOLLOWING FANS (!!!!!!!!!!!) which may turn into Twitter wars (I would be entertained by that actually… but in the long haul we all know any celebrity who follows fans put them on Mute and separate them from the real Timeline list, so it’s not really a “thing” other than for naive people to pursuit 😉 and I for one I would prefer Adam would stay away from that kind of fake proximity with over-zealous crazy-heads… but his choice, I mean 😉 he’s adult – or something ;))

So Adam may follow fans? HILARIOUS. And probably his WORST IDEA ever after that goatee 😉

I don’t think it’s casual that just after the tweet about following fans Behati tweeted an amazing quote from an hilarious sketch movie… maybe a way to tell him “Dude, don’t go there… you know what mess would ensue?” 😉 (I also can see all of her crazy heads mad about Adam trying to delete their tweets hating on Behati in hope to make him follow them without pissing him off… oh, my… that would be like comedy entertainment… 😉 maybe it would be fun to have Adam follow some of the crazy heads? Time will tell 😉 All I know is that certainly I am NOT interested in that. Twitter is fun but ain’t life ;))

Austin Power!!!

For a while Adam will have to endure his Angel’s absence though.

It’s gonna hurt and he clearly isn’t ready for it (so much great sex wasted… and you know when they are together EARTHQUAKES keep happening – in LA it has happened already FOUR TIMES… included in September so maybe for the poor Asian Countries is actually better Bee and Adam aren’t shaking one another or their powerful shags would be damaging those Countries already proved by Earth Power way too much recently… 😉 ) and I get amused in realizing how much he just depends on human touch daily. He’s so cute when he feels lonely… you can read his mind through everything ;).

Poor Behati is renewing her VISA card in London and she will have to come back to the USA/elsewhere for some working action… I hope they can find as I said above some space to reunite before this long month apart ends though because Adam has been treated so well by her that he may crack without her presence aside for more than 10/15 days (they have NEVER been apart for more than 8 days in a row so far… which is AMAZING, but which is gonna cost Adam now a HUGE sense of solitude… and that is The Power Of Love, deal with it ;)).

Behati has always been with Adam these months they have been a couple, no matter how quietly (for instance we got a cute note out from Billboard article about that thing of how Behati was even with him at the reception for the show in Malibu at Matt Burnett’s house… but again she did NOTHING to gain visibility out of it… she is just amazing):

And again Behati kept all this quiet. SHE IS WONDERFUL for Adam

I hope they will also be together when on October 17th (Adam and the guys will be in LA then, after their City Bank gig) Adam will debut on American Horror Story

Because he will need some caring hand on him to make him stand the watch of his beautiful face & body slaughtered by Bloody Face 😉

October 17th: Adam and American Horror Story. Is this perfection or what? 😉

I can’t wait for this and you know it 😉

Ops… I said this post wouldn’t have contained anything but Angels and Love… but a story about an Asylum where the Hate and the Devils reign maybe is a bit off topic?

Oh well…

I am so into this new AHS season you will forgive my wandering there 😉

Take a look at one more promo for it, and shiiiiiverrrrr!!! 😉

I will fight the creepiness with the fact we are now going to the clinic visiting Margherita and Eva…

So no thrills and thoughts of evil will remain too much on me (but I like these shivering thirsts… AHS is awesome!).

What else?

I think nothing else…

Wish you all a wonderful time filled with ALL love and Angel Wings fluttering.

Life is marvelous.

You just gotta be receptive to it the right way and Love will find always a way to make you believe anything can turn up positively 🙂

And make you SHINE from the inside.

See you in October, folks 😉

(I promise not to write another post before… I PROMISE) 😉

Missus ( and incoming God Mother) Z. 🙂
Zaira Scotti on Twitter Counter


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