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I’ll have to wake up as September starts to work hard… Will Adam and Behati have to too after a whole August together?

Posted on: 3 September 2012


Obviously my ecstatic mood isn’t all courtesy of my favorite football team (Milan… oh, theeeeeeee… why? why first you craft the worst performance ever on the first Serie A day, then you let Pazzini send us all in the happy stratosphere with a triplet? Do you really want us to go crazy don’t you? Do you REALLY want to hurt me? I’m old by now to stand all this rollercoaster bipolarism from you!), and considering I come back home AND working-ready after more than a month of amazing holidays away, I shall be here in tears and with the worst mug ever and instead, all I feel inside is pure joy.

And it’s marvelous…

There you go… Me this year at the beach.
With iPhone at hand, so I could tweet 😉



The last thing we did in our holiday was to have a lovely traveling around the hills of Moncalieri yesterday. Weather was bad but we snapped amazing photography of the moodied sky, we walked hand in hand and we had sex in the bushes (we did… it was a secluded special little corner of the woods and then weather was kinder… it was an impromptu need like we use to have often and it was amazing, thank you ;)).

Then we went back to Milano homaging the great Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini who just passed away on Friday.

In a little while we will be attending his funeral with my family, just after I leave here.

I’m very touched by this, because Martini was a man like not many others can claim to have been.

A man of true Faith, a real MAN OF RELIGIOUS BREED, a man who was up for Dialogue with all other men and a man who always was there to spoke truths.

Italy loses a giant.

It hurts indeed, especially cos I don’t see anyone of his stature around…

And he isn’t the only great one Italy and the world lost these days I was away, because also the pioneer of stars, the original Moon Walker Neil Armstrong has gone away, ready to wander among galaxies and stardust forever.

I have always been fascinated by Armstrong’s personality and uniqueness.. he will keep inspire me and millions of others for sure even from now on 🙂

I am so pumped and so willingly to remember this month that I have changed my picture profile on twitter, including a shot from the holiday in the set now, and that doesn’t really happen often does it?

Being always so shy&short about sharing private pictures online (and again, this is an Hipstamatic shot K took of me which is small and effected on its own enough to not be a trouble), you really get that I had the time of my life in this August, for being so open about its memory also… visually 😉

Btw, I love the way I always look intent elsewhere when K shots me… and about the hairdo… look, my hair are very LONG and they are too much and it was a tragedy every and each day to find a way to keep them tidy above my head to enjoy the beach and get uniformly tanned also on my face… don’t make fun out of me and that look I sport there ok?

And btw, yes… this year I also worn colored bikinis. I know. It’s a shock for anyone knowing me that I gave up to only B&W pieces ;))

So… what did it happen since out last check here?

A LOT… A lot 😀

The most important thing (and by far) during this break we had is that the brother-in-law of my dearest Angel Meli is safe now, after a major surgery he had which he needed to survive.

This is the news that has dominated K&I’s latest days since we got it, because it was a matter of life and death and we both owe to Meli Angel the simple fact that we met, we fell in love and decided to spend our lives together, so anything that happens of amazing in her life, translates directly to ours and similarly all that may shadow her pure soul makes us uncomfortable and sad.

I love sunsets and this year at the sea I got plenty of them

You know I am very private person and especially regarding these super personal matters but I asked (obviously) Meli if I could write at least this small note here about the surgery and she agreed that I could, so…

this is it.

I had to write at least a couple of words to express our rejoice and participation in such a splendid event, and let everybody know we believe love rules lives and if you are a good person, soon or later you will obtain reward for it also from Destiny.

No one deserves joy and goodness more than Meli and anyone she cherishes over and onto.

K&I are humbled and happy among those persons she cares for, we can include ourselves.

Send Marco our best greetings Meli. We will celebrate him as soon as he can step off the intensive therapy.

Love from the crew, too :).

End of this now… just want to add that life has its ways to make you grateful for anything in it, if you have the right attitude towards it.

Love calls up for love.

Amazing sea…

No matter how hard it seems to find light to move your steps firmly, that light will come, because it lays within you first.

Always believe that.

Thank you Meli cos you are the one who taught me this, and once more.

I (WE) love you so much.

During this rest of August we checked into a magnificent (and very uniquely stilized) villa in Salento.

It was located onto a cliff over the sea and we had at one time much privacy and people nearby in case we’d need anything.

The crew (mixed in Nationalities once again, as we love to practice International Relationships as much as we can obviously) enjoyed it all very much.

That’s a wonderful corner of the world that all of our people (and very much ourselves) enjoyed.

Our villa’s cliff onto sea

I stayed there on boat when we organized one of our meetings over Italy with Chinese partners earlier in previous months… I had gotten fascinated with the nature and people (and food) there and since many friends had had already vacations over the Region I thought it would have been nice to try for ourselves the holiday sense of Salento, too.

Great choice.

It’s not only a place blessed with an incredible sea and natural surrounds…

It also has a lot of historical sites that date back in the Ancient Greeks era.

Karim and I took some private trips out from our friends company to enjoy it all and once we had the last days of the holidays just for ourselves, as all friends already had left, we just started to go round and round even more.

It has been a bliss.

the villa 🙂

No other words fit more than that.

You all know how we love to travel… I have visited half of the world by now, but really… to match ANY part of Italy… it’s simply impossible.

The more than I travel, the more that I realize this simple fact of truth.

I read a lot too… and normal books not on the iPad, because for a dumb reason I forgot to set the iPad correctly with new reading and I didn’t really wanted to re-buy stuff (iCloud, why fail me that way?)

Yes because all I carried along were iPhone (see in the new profile pic… that’s SO me, carrying it everywhere ;)) and iPad: no Mac, nothing…

I practically started watch a bit of tv only the last three days!

Not that the news from all the world were that happy in the first place…

Gorgeous Gallipoli

For instance I am SCARED TO HELL that those two scary people, Mitt Romney and super idiot bigot Paul Ryan might overtake Barack Obama in the Presidency run.

Let’s hope not because those two would embark in a war shortly after carrying the mandate up, and they would send the economy (not their own personal one… they are good in hiding from taxes and making money for themselves, that’s a fact instead) even more in the gutter, given that they would just surrender again to those bankers idiots who have created the worldwide impacting Financial crises under Bush’s administrative Fiascos.

I shiver thinking of Romney and Ryan… and the more Romney speaks (like an Autobot) the more he resembles Berlusconi.

And you all know what it does mean to me:

Warhol Exibit in Otranto


Please America… be wiser than that.

Don’t throw us all in the pits… please.

A little more about this subject later, when I will chronicle some of Maroon 5 + Adam + Behati’s facts this August (and let me say straight… LOVE how those two are connected also as of politics and attitude in expressing their views unfiltered and purely… Behati and Adam are just amazingly fitting together, the more they ARE, the more I see this so clearly and shiningly!)

But not yet.

Let me also tell you that my dearest Marghe is approaching her time so little missus Z. will soon be involved in her “aunt-like” duties.

I can’t wait.

Gosh I am SO pumped for this and even if K&I don’t plan on babies anytime soon, I genuinely cannot wait to nurture Marghe’s precious creature like it were mine.

Otranto sunset

It’s SO amazing as feeling…

It makes me tingle inside 🙂

My Marghe is gonna be the most amazing of mothers... she’s just born to be one.

I used to even make fun out of her (in the lightest and kinder and most affectionate possible way) when we were kids because all she was talking about with glows was already the moment of motherhood, and the outcome of it, and how much she couldn’t wait to be a mother herself.

Pretty impressive when you are like… 7 😉


It’s really cold now that we are back in Milano.

When we landed on Saturday I went straight to stable to remeet my Swifty darling... He was of a good mood, better than I expected (because my horse is really emotional and he gets offended when I don’t mount him for two weeks straight) and I count on the fact that he enjoyed being in England a lot so he wasn’t really upset for my departure to the sea.

Even my horse is spoiled 😉


But our first ride had to cope with storm & wind and all kind of bad weather and I couldn’t even find a jacket strong enough so we just jumped inside instead… and talked.

Yes, because I do talk with Swifty.

A lot 😉

It’s not the strangest thing that I am used to.. and I treasure the oddities in me as much as anyone shall, so I don’t care what you may think.


During holidays K&I have also developed the fishermen skills.

We went on an entire day along a boat of real fishermen and enjoyed the whole experience in a not comparable way… trust me it was also very romantic… so much the fact after we smelled heavily of fish couldn’t really matter a single bit for us 😉

I love my hubby so much…

He’s the best thing that could have ever happened to me (or to anyone else… but he’s mine, so sorry… I won the first prize, just because I’m worthy 😉 )

Love is shaping it up all my life and happily it is shaping up someone else’s life too finally 🙂

But more on that later…

Now it’s time to chronicle JUST a bit  what Maroon 5 have been up to in the break we took, which is essentially touring in Central and Southern America.

This is a glimpse of their greatness, out from an entire gig (this is the Sao Paulo stop… and I can’t wait to listen to this setlist live myself… I love all covers and all the mash ups and I find the production really fitting and on point!):

I have to try to be a bit informative but think all this was happening whith me on holiday so the material I have been receiving during those days was scattered, uncomplete and – I have to admit – I wasn’t really up to check too much beside the reports of my closest friends… forgive me if this all will result a bit in-cohesive 😉

All I know is that the guys have been in a spectacular mood in this tour round.

They all enjoyed the surroundings, the success, the people, and the performances are a testify of that.

I am glad they brought along Sam Farrar because the songs need a boost of bass (and also because Mickey had to attend a marriage in England so he was bound to miss two gigs in South America’s stops, and Sam was a key to not scrap a thing there), and although I don’t use The Fuckery that thing‘s anything, I have to admit that the opener they brought along, Javier Colon, has a flawless voice on his own (I can praise him for that… I won’t ever care to watch how he became acquaintance with Maroon 5 tho) 😉

In the last stop the other night in Paraguay they even endured to pranks, dances, silly things and overall you can realize they have been really fired up by Latinos responses to them.

They also spent their time in Mexico doing charity, and being their generally adorable selves, not leaving anybody cold:

As we are talking – somehow – about schools, take this tidbit of Adam taking part in the CBS feature aired in August “Teachers Rock”, which I had talked about in my previous post too:

Talking about successes, then and finally rejoicing because One More Night FINALLY has started being played also in Italian radios (I love Payphone, but I couldn’t bare it anymore on our broadcasts), let me point some numbers Maroon 5 are pulling in sales.

Overexposed keeps being a complete hit, it has already crossed 1 million + sales worldwide (huge in this lackluster selling climate) and it’s just being certified GOLD in USA, overshadowing most of the releases of the year, and keeping shitting 😉

It’s purely amazing because Maroon 5 aren’t promoting the record or the songs AT ALL, being all involved with touring.

This means that the fact the record is a hit has been pushed by love of people, and not hype.

Then Maroon 5 (as certified by latest Billboard Issue) is selling a shitload this year… look at these two pages and rejoice along me:

Best Selling Usa artists 2012 Page 1 Billboard August 2012

Best Selling Usa artists 2012 Page 2 Billboard August 2012

I’ very pleased with this and with the whole Overexposed performance because I really really love the record (basically, this record made me fall back in full love with them).

I think though it will be hard also for One More Night to reach number one on Billboard Hot 100 (though another number 2 peak is in the bag in my book) and you know why?

Because Taylor Swift has released a very pop and very nice song, which by ANY account is about Jake Gyllenhall and which… it seems… could have been created JUST OUT OF ADAM’s input, if what Taylor said in a special for ABC is to be trusted.

She basically said that sometime this past start of the year, she was in the studio with Max Martin and a friend of her ex came in and asked if they were going to get back together, because said ex seemingly had told him so.

Out of that, Max Martin asked her what was that all about and in a little while they created the song out of the question that friend of his ex had been asked her.

Now…let me point out that:

1) Max Martin at that time was also super-visioning production on Overexposed, and Adam was in the studio often by then;

2)Taylor and Adam knew one another: Maroon 5 in the Fall before had sung her song at a Country Award Night, and when they did she was with Jake still, so they easily have been used to talk about that relationship for a while;

3) Adam is one of Jake’s best friends since childhood, and just around those days he had been spotted lunching with him and other friends MORE than once;

4) Just to make it even more obvious, Taylor Swift’s video for “We are Never ever Getting back Together” stars as the “ex” model Noah Mills, who is one of the persons who resembles Adam THE MOST as physical appearance; she couldn’t have put in there someone looking like Jake, so she went for the most obvious connection (sharp girl).

I hope eventually One More Night could reach the top, but how will Adam feel knowing that he has given the spark to the song that might have prevented it from getting the laurel?

LOL… The man is able to be a mess even unwillingly 😉

Speaking about amazing songs, and love, and cases of Fate and Destiny…

Listen to this beautiful song by Elisa, and its the words… because it fits so much towards what I am about to write later:

I got to replay the song some days ago and it stroke me how much this seemed to apply to Adam Levine after he got his shine and happiness back thanx to the beautiful creature now by his side, amazing Namibian Goddess Behati Prinsloo.

He found the best out of a very dark moment he had to endure due to his past link who failed him majorly, and leaving him sad and in the dust, without mercy.

Behati, Bregje and Candice

Yes, I had to think of that hearing that Elisa’s song Heaven Out Of Hell because during our holidays we have also got some newsbits of the beautifulness which is Adam & Behati’s love story blossoming like the most beautiful of roses, and thinking how bad Adam was looking/feeling just days before he met her in the second half of April, it really hit me in all its evidence.

It’s an endless joy to acknowledge how happy and positive and full of hope he is now instead after that cheerful, joyous, smart and passionate young African Wonder has decided to look out for him and catch him out from his misery.

And she has ALL that it takes to pull any man with blood out of any kind of misery, cos she’s SUPER hot&sexy, and she’s as tall as him (the tallest girl he has had beside Maria, if you look at my little list of Adam’s dating story, which has been somehow reprised – less well and accurately – by  some guy site, too ;)) and that calls for MANY sexy plays ;), which are requested if you are Levine’s better half, as he needs DAILY sex ;).

I don’t get how anybody cannot stan for this relationship… Adam and Behati are SUPER well matched together, like probably has never happened before?

More on that in a while, anyway.

Look how well stunning Behati Prinsloo sits in a bikini in this VS commercial she did for this Summer along her adored friend Candice Swanepoel and (how small the world is?) along Bregje Heinen, aka the Payphone girl video – she is not a VS Angel or anything yet, but she is doing lots of VS things along some other young models so she might eventually become and Angel too, being super-young: Adam keeps having good taste when it comes to models to put in his videos ;))

I have so much to note about that (also because a dear friend of ours, a writer, had the immense pleasure to follow two of the dates of the Mexican tour and he had first sight of the two lovers, a sight that – God bless them for their privacy love – no paparazzi will ever be able to get) but first of all I have to once more re-enforce my immense appreciation for Miss Behati Prinsloo as human being and Angel of Love.

Adam Levine aka THE SEX

She has brought us back the real Adam Levine.

A funny nerd (who happens to be probably the sexiest man on this planet, but unwillingly so on his part as although he sure is cocksure and sexually arrogant, when you take his softer side you’d be surprised about how simple and tender he can get) who loves to play with words in silly ways, who can’t avoid to share jokes even a third grader would find gross, and somebody who’s got the most beautiful smile ever, and who likes to share it.

Well, for months that Adam had disappeared, leaving in his place somebody gloomy and partaking in deceptive behaviors, trying to cope with the huge pain in his heart placed into him by the way his love got wasted on somebody not taking enough care of him the way she should have had.

For months Adam has been somebody dead in his eyes, faking to be fine when he was not; somebody dried off from pain and anger, who had to put up a sort of recital to avoid troubles, but somebody who was clearly unhappy, and very much sad.

Somebody whose smile seemed always forced, or mostly never there at all.

Then it came Behati, to lift him up after one of the most brutal heartbreaks in his life (because he really tried hard to make the previous relationship work, but no relationship can work if the object of your love never finds the time for being with you).

Bless you, African Goddess of Joyfulness.

Adam Levine as usual stands up for LGTB rights. Love that.

With you, we got back Adam in full (political rants included, and LGTB rights advocacy back consistently too... man he is SO funny when he cannot stop to voice his pure liberal passion… I love him for being so unfiltered about the things he finds mattering, no matter how much in trouble his words will find him being at eventually. His purity stays in the fact he won’t shut up to preserve a shallow popularity if this means to renounce at what he thinks defines him primarily. I am glad in this he stays the same, and that The Fuckery that thing experience hasn’t changed his core about it, as I feared it could have).

Bless you Behati, for giving us back the real Adam now and full time, because you are with him… practically full time.

Yep, it’s amazing the way this girl jumps on any plane at any time to be with her man… it’s amazing how she has used ALL of her free month of August to be ONLY with him, enjoying – instead of barely standing – the not easy touring life, always being in the background and taking care of him, without ever once trying to take advantage of the situation. Adam must have pinched himself because for ages he had seen his supposed “lover” stay with him in Summer – a free mostly Summer for her too, let’s note it… – only a bunch of days and then fly away for 4 weeks and a half the first year and for almost 6 weeks the second to be on her own, possibly with at least 12 hours of time-zone difference in between herself and the man she was supposed to love with all of herself.

It sure had to feel different this time around for our little tender Adam: and the ones benefiting the most have been actually Maroon 5 fans, because it takes enough to see the concerts the guys have played this August to realize he has never been more perfectly energetic, happy, pumped and inspired on a stage and on a tour abroad (Adam also suffers the long tours… he loves to play live, but he doesn’t really like to be apart from his roots and people that long in a row… that is why it’s so important for him to have his lover by his side in those moments, to ease the difficulties and find his inner light).

Behati at LAX airport embarking on August tour with the guys – August 2012

In fact, just when Bee left the tour for getting back to work for her fashion duties of September, Adam – although still pumped and great onstage – seemed feel more the pressure of the tour (which lead to his political rant: if he had got chances to fuck, instead of watching tv, half of themess of the rant would have been avoided ;)… although I loved it actually, and agreed with EVERYTHING he said).

Which is another testify of their connection and importance of it, honestly.

Not even the fact Adam was mobbed and almost taken down by a crazy fan as soon as Maroon 5 arrived in Mexico (and he hates being taken down, normally that would have caused a wrath of consequences, any Maroon 5 fan from more than a bunch of years know that), or not even when the gear of the band was held up in Curitiba, causing the gig start at an impossible late hour had been enough of a bad thing to make him stop being all smiling, radiant, joyous and happy.

Man… this guy is back being truly happy, and the only reason for it must be that he feels finally loved for real, and feels that the person who’s with him now shares his passions fully, for real and completely.

During tours and concerts, Behati sits and hangs always with the musicians… she talks with Mickey (the most musical of the band members, a true encyclopedia of music he is), shares smiles and rocks with songwriters (see Ali Tamposi in the pics) during all gigs, genuinely enjoying it all.

Not only… she isn’t bothered to travel, she doesn’t need a hairdresser at any step, she can just content herself with a rucksack (and the love of her man) and she can go on for miles, which is why the touring life is probably just amazing for Behati, and a thing she is able to appreciate rather than barely cope with.

This is very important because if you are meant to be and stay with a musician, you have to love the peculiar kind of life he has to live.

You have to love it, and understand the needs in it… She not only does… she is enthusiastic about this all, which is more than a requirement for a relationship like the one they have to work.

I got words Bee has also snapped many and many pictures on tour.

She adores being behind the camera (much like… guess who? Mr. Levine, who has a passion for photography since decades), and some say even more than being in front of it.

Behati Prinsloo has a huge passion for photography.
She has a lot of talent for it, too.

Her artsy approach at that shows through her instagram (which is bprinsloo, and that it gets generally linked in her tweets), her BEAUTIFUL Tumblr (the girl is really so talented) and her tweets… I long if one day the two will take a trip together in Africa and film something special out of it.

They definitely have so much in common that could just be amazing as of output.
Anyway, back to the two lovers and their keeping being reserved, but undeniably in a relationship which is certainly serious by now.

Behati and Mickey in Brazil hotel talking about – most definitely – MUSIC 😉

Cos well, this love/allaroundthatwordthing is almost five months old already and they have been together still more than 85% of these days (if you count them, by now Behati and Adam have spent more time physically together than Adam and the previous girlfriend did between the entirety of 2010)… this fact is absolutely fantastic, because they both worked during this time… but still all they wanted to also was to arrange their maximum of time to be spent together.

That takes off any “merely rebound” remark some clearly not bright people have attached to this relationship.

Because if you are in it just for rebound, you don’t spend this much time together… you hit it and quit it after a while, you don’t rush to be together at any given chance… and you don’t really spend your touring time together because… erm… touring time is the Holy Graal of “fuckable chances” and if you are not that much in your relationship, that is exactly the moment for NOT spending time together – especially in Brazil… I mean… have you seen the brazilian girls? Adam has always loved them… ;)).

So this is not a rebound.

For any of them, it certainly we can say now it is not.

Adam and Behati on the band van August 2012

Of course again let’s not try to predict future and claim this is gonna be the relationship of all relationship and that they are gonna be together forever, but for sure they are in it for something serious and not for just fun anymore – if they ever were in it just for fun, which I doubt at least on Behati’s part, since she has had not many boyfriends and always cherished her boyfriends seriously once she got with them, without playing around at all.

It could end tomorrow, still… but this is NOT a rebound.

It’s a beautiful meeting of two souls that share an incredible amount of interests and a lot of personality together, and that makes me happy because I see the effect this has having on Adam.

No more photo ops to make people believe he is happy… all we get is the acknowledge Behati and Adam are together but they won’t let us witness and sneak in their love and that is RIGHT, I will always state it.

Behati sith Ali T. at Mexico gig 2012

It’s just so much healthier for any relationship and it makes it way truer and more mattering.

Not to mention this is a way more mature approach that Behati is showing towards what it takes to be HAPPY in a relationship.

Fairy dust is not requested… real bond and real life-sharing interests instead are.

And if some delusional and often very young, naive and manipulated people don’t understand this… pity for them; it’s not like Behati and Adam care about their misguided and asinine judgements/remarks/epically failing “hopes”.

But regardless of the fact we won’t really see at any time photo ops in floods out from Adam and Behati as I said… I got some words by witnessing people who were at the South and Central American spots and when they are in their environment and out of paps and strangers… Behati and Adam are attached to the hip, they are VERY affectionate and completely enamored with one another.

Like they really, really… REALLY share a wonderfully deep connection.

And let me just tell you that Rob has witnessed Maroon 5 backstages and Adam’s… girl biz there for almost a decade… so anything that comes out of his mouth is supremely trusted by me.

Adam and Behati arrive in Rio

My friend said that during the backstage time Adam and Bee were touching and kissing all the time he had turned head towards them.

They were constantly smiling and laughing and allegedly joking and showing each other’s pictures – historical ones ? – .

They call themselves with cute silly names and he said Behati likes to feed Adam (and people have witnessed that actually Adam likes to feed Bee too (how adorable 😉)..

Adam has started to attach funny images in his tweets (the Snoopy one, the headless chicken, and many others) out of Bee’s input and hilariously bright, smart and sometimes vitriolic outsight on life and photography.

He is seemingly VERY creative as of late, and his mood, noted Rob, is simply spectacular, and all this is clearly Bee’s influence on him in his book.

Later during their moves to Brazil, some other witnessed as I reported above (I don’t know these people, but I trust their words because it makes sense) that Adam loves to feed Behati too, and he did in a private dinner only the two of them had as they arrived in Brazil.

He has been so happy in Brazil, and also purely stated that “life feels like a dream”, and Behati just after tweeted a picture of their Hotel in Rio with a wonderful sight from top and the writing that it was PERFECTION, hinting that the place was also home of “jaws” (Jaws is a code for Shark… and you shall know Adam’s nickname is “Sharky”: now do and make your conclusions… I did 😉 )

All this fills my heart with joy.

Behati with a fan in Guadalajara Mex

Just look at them… just look at him on stage those days.

Adam damn GLOWS and he is this glowing only when he is happy in his heart.

And it’s all due to Behati, who’s never there for herself, but only for him (in fact as soon as she went missed from the tour he started to be relentless and putting himself in trouble with a good chunk of political tweets… he missed to use his spare time making love to her… which could explain also why Maroon 5 added the cover of the Police “This Bed is Too Big Without You” as soon as she went away from South America back in New York to do her things for modeling. and for NYFW ;)) .

Take again a look at how this girl is cheerful and awesome in this mix of very new (including the Pelotonia charity she did in July) and some older videos of her where you can clearly catch her energy, loveliness, “true-ness” and spirit.

She is an amazing girl with an amazing flair about her and who can give beautiful inspirations in life.

I really believe she is teh best thing that could have happened to Adam, and that she had a wonderful timing for arriving as a saviour in his life.

Her sparkling personality is just so pleasant and full of positivity, I find hard to believe there are many stupid teens who cannot give her a break, just because she has what they – probably – wanted for themselves, regardless of the fact Bee makes Adam REALLY happy.


Just check here :

She has even said to fans trying to include her in pics with the band that she couldn’t be part of that because she is not part of Maroon 5 (even though as you see above, when asked kindly and out of forced situation, she happily agrees in posing for pics, but never if this overshadows or steals Maroon5 time and space – and THAT is how a girlfriend does).

Of course she was bashed also for this by the usual not so smart people… but instead what she did do and state is the greatest testify of love…

She knows her place; she is not with Adam to steal his thunder, or to exploit him or Maroon 5.

Adam is super happy since being with Bee 🙂

She is there because she fell for a funny dork who is as beautiful as a Greek God and sings like an angel (and what makes this all way good is that she was a fangirl for them and him WAY before she ever got to know them personally. She indeed is the perfect person to be with Adam… she has always been a lover of him, and that’s wonderful!).

But I can see the part she loves maybe the most is the funny dork.

And that makes her Adam’s perfect match, because she is also a very dorky (and yet stunningly beautiful) person (again, anyone who knows about her career and personality easy will agree on this note).

I cringe for all the haters that have spent all of August sending Behati messages of desperate refusal, angry tweets, insane notions about all the lies someone else’s people have meaning-ly spread all over sites, making those fake rumors a source of popularity for the supposed “poor one” and a reason of hathred for the supposed “bad girl”…

Of course those lies can be believed only by people with no brain, and I don’t care about those, and Adam and Bee also don’t and WON’T, so… sorry losers.

Keep trying, but you will never succeed in anything else than look and sound like poor fools 😉

After all, the fact Behati still not care and she never acknowledges all that hate she’s being getting at all makes me assured she is living joyfully along her man and all she cares about is HIS opinion and affection.

Their bond is based on their reciprocal feelings and from all accounts I have been informed throughout, well, that bond is already damn strong.

Good for them… sorry haters 😉

Let Adam fluke all of your stupidity away with some traditional Peruvian instrumentals ;)…

Peruvian Paraphernalia, as tipped by Adam Levine himself

Behati tweeted barely while with him during August, and all of her tweets have been funny ones, immediately backed by funny tweets of Adam (have you noticed how his humor is back in force? he’s allegedly cracking jokes repeatedly because Behati is just like him in this as well, and she has always been so, it’s not like she’s fronting some skill she actually hasn’t there).

She even managed to be adorable by tweeting a note about ADHD people antics (and we all know Adam has it):

Behati is even the cutest when she speaks about Adam’s ADHD.
Lovely creature she is 🙂
I am sure she takes the best care of him, also because of this.

The amazing-ness of this tweet stays in the way she treats this as a plus of personality, and not something to be hidden or overlooked or ignored or covered.

She can take Adam for who he is completely… making him feel accepted and loved without compromises, or “but” or “if”.

I loved that tweet so much. I really really did. I can see her care for him, and every new thing I learn about her makes me hope that this relationship lasts, because it’s so good for him to have someone like her by his side.

The cuteness of Bee and Adam set up back in their kids days 🙂

Now just to clear a bit some of the fake news surrounding this romance (beside the ongoing lie that Behati and the previous girlfriend Anne were friends, which they were ABSOLUTELY NOT, or the fact Behati tried to get with Adam when he was still involved with other people, which is again a big fat lie, and beside the false reports that Behati is either mean or cruel or that she drove Adam to smoke… Adam uses to smoke since he was a TEEN, so cut the bullshit and stop sperading hate on false facts thank you), let me give in my two cents about Behati’s status as a model and how she would spend time with Adam this constantly either because 1) doesn’t have much work to do ; or 2) because she is trying to use him to rise her popularity.

Behati Prinsloo TRUE friends in the model industry, out of the LIES someone’s team has spread for months…

Dear ignorant messes of people who have no clue about modeling fees… let me clear your poor minds.

Fact number 1 (and that is the only fact you may need to understand actually): Behati is an OFFICIAL ANGEL UNDER VS CONTRACT SINCE 2009.


Therefore, Behati Prinsloo earns with that alone (and that alone WITHOUT when she has shots and runaways for VS… that pays you again and in addition to the contract of Angel, right?) around a million dollar per year. Let me just direct you to Forbes data, taken into account by Models.com:

Behati Prinsloo’s finances are very good out of her modeling talents, thank you. She earns with VS more than she would with ten covers or shared ads campaign for fashion brands… even though she does that too, mind you haters 😉

Another little note for all those who have no idea on how fashion works… let me clear for you what a VICTORIA’s SECRET ANGEL truly is.

It seems like there is a lot of confusion there…

Btw, let me also precise that I don’t think that Bee is the best model in the world or anything like that.

Super tall Bee Prinsloo 🙂

My love is Natalia Vodianova (that’s a supermodel for sure) and then there is my BB, (but lifelong friends shouldn’t matter in any list, still she is a far most accomplished model than any of you could ever meet;)); is not like Behati is a supermodel like Kate Moss, or Miranda Kerr or Lara Stone or Doutzen or Adriana or Natalia Vodianova herself, let alone like Giselle or Naomi or Heidi… she is still a very young model with an enviable status, definitely one of the best models in the world, but she has room in her career to fill and she will never become a Karlie Kloss of sort I think, even though she seems interested in a lot of other things beside modeling  so I don’t think she even wants that in the first place ;).

Still… Behati’s status is already higher than Anne V’s ever was – it’s laughable that her team tries to sell her as a Victoria’s Secret model, when all she has ever done for them was a couple of catalogue shots and three walking on their runaway, while the most notable of them were obtained when she was with her latest high profile boyfriend… and look, I really like Anne’s work in fashion and I admire her strong drive and professional thirst and commitment which has pushed her deservedly at the top of her game with continuous success, so I am not here to bash her or disregard her in any way, but it means something if your highest achievement in modeling at almost 27 is still your Sports Illustrated run, and yet you haven’t even covered that after 8 years… “Supermodel” is a way overused word these days,( which in my book is a bad thing for fashion first) -, due to her exclusive contract.

And the funny thing is that she isn’t pimping it at all, and she lays very low about it, she never really floods anybody with her career achievements, she never really acts or speaks as she’s craving for attention, which is very appreciable especially coming from somebody who lives in one one of the most competitive and hard professional environments, namely fashion&modeling.

So to anyone saying she spends lot of time with Adam because she can having no works to do… this is fake, she works a lot, but she uses ALL of her spare time to be with Adam, thing that his previous girlfriend, while she was working or NOT, never cared to do.

Conclusion: as girlfriend (I ma not judging the person in itself, only the girlfriend’s type of attitude) Behati Prinsloo is simply LIGHT YEARS better than the previous one was to Adam, his sanity, his tranquillity, his mood and his joy.

Full point.

Evidences speak, timetables speak, past facts speak.

And above it all, and after all, any opinions here don’t matter anyway though: Adam has chosen and in my book he has chosen wisely, because the way Behati carries herself on makes him happy, and this is so true when she tweeted this the other day (and note: she LOVES music as much as him and KNOWS it for real), Adam immediately retweeted her, and he did because THANX to her HE FOUND HAPPINESS BACK AGAIN:

Adam Levine retweets girlfriend Behati Prinsloo on August 31 2012

This girl is flawless in her persona. She is the perfectly fitting musician girlfriend, I’ll never get tired to state this.

Adam better treasure that… and from the way Bee looks happy with him, I am sure he does 🙂

For sure Behati’s care for him is awesome.

When the other day Adam ventured in a political debate with the usual Conservatives who are fearing his huge following could be moving towards NOT voting Robo-Romney out of his input (and they FEAR IT, and I HOPE FOR IT because Romney is an idiot and a dangerous one, as all of his supporters are, in my book, and I won’t ever even change view there), Behati, on the other side of the globe, (she was certainly in connection with him then) tweeted this after a while, and that made me go all “Awwwwww” because she is up always to get his back covered (how cute and passionate):

Behati has got Adam’s back. HOW LOVELY THIS IS? AWWWW 🙂

She is so passionate and full of love…

Easily one of the brightest soul he has met so far 🙂

I also love that she is very much cared about by historical queens of the runaways like Coco Rocha (her real best friend… a true sweetheart), and always is surrounded by love from other models, in a very natural and true way.

Not a bitch at all, even though evil press instigated by sore and sour people are trying to fake notions about her which are absolutely out of the range of truthfulness.

Behati is a very sweet girl, and the words I have got about her are from the insides of modeling world, again, whom I trust like I do for my family (and a couple of them actually ARE practically family ;))

Anyway… THESE ARE THE ONLY OFFICIAL ANGELS OF VS (all of them they ever were):

The real Victoria’s Secret ANGELS name list.
You gotta be a lot to be an angel… because once you are, you get the richest contract in modeling.

Behati is there since 2009.

So to claim she is trying whatever to rise her profile now that she is with Adam is fake on a multiple levels of reasoning.

First because she isn’t milking AT ALL this link (contrariwise, she is the most private ever a girl could be); and then because she doesn’t need to rise a thing, having already achieved the maximum a model could, and at a super young age (she got her VS Angel contract when she was not even 20 years old).

I hope the haters won’t mind that beside her VS’s things, then Behati does also other – selected – things.

At the moment she is THE FACE (the sole face) of Seafolly, of Juicy Couture, and the MAIN face of Desigual, JCrew (somebody else got some years ago a Desigual advertising duty, but NOT as the main face.. does it means something? I don’t want to dwell into though… but sometimes the delusion of people irks me, so words escape from my mouth, and maybe they shouldn’t):

She works when she likes to.. but the good thing is that she knows her priorities 😉

I have to say I endlessly love Behati’s face… her face is a wonder… and I LOVE that she also has hazel eyes, just like Adam: the most magical eyes color…

Behati’s face is a marvelous thing to watch

Look, she also wears bikinis pretty well, and lots of other things too because it’s not like she hasn’t done editorials or covers as well you know… (less than others? Sure.. because she doesn’t need that to make money, babies… her money comes from VS primarly so why stress if you don’t have to? she has other interests to pursue you know ;))

This btw are some of the campaigns Bee did in 2012:

I created also a little video which includes what both Behati and Adam have done in August (August that they have spent ALL together), and also some other shots of Bee where you can appreciate how gorgeous she is (but I like her very much because outside of her job she is just very fresh faced and natural, and she never overdoes anything about her, which makes her effortlessly cool):

For instance she looks very beautiful in Armani for Vogue Germany 😉 and Armani agrees:

She has a wonderful flair to herself… very reminiscent of Renaissance Beauties

Anyway… just because… Bee has just covered L’Officiel in the Dutch version and she rocks all tipe of HF there, all brands, with a spot on style and with her personality which still shine through the shots very well:

Behati Prinsloo covers l’Officiel NL September 2012

Not to be outdone by his girlfriend…

Here we are this is Adam and his INKED Magazine cover+ feature (I LOVED the full interview… he’s such a sweetheart and  when they said there he was kind to fans when shooting it all they meant this (see Bee talking with Noah Passovoy&girlfriends behind him… and again praise Bee for not taking ANY advantage in this relationship for herself):

Adam Levine in NY July 2012 for the cover of INKED stops to cheer fans – Note behind him Behati and Noah Passovoy+ gf

this is the collage of Inked Magazine:

Adam for Inked Magazine September 2012 – Full feature

Talking about Adam and extra curricular activities…


Answer: not any more than I already am.

Oh dear.. I can’t wait.

Adam Levine as “Leo” in American Horror Story: Asylum

He’s gonna be slaughtered and reduced in scalp so that Bloody Face will wear his BEAUTIFUL face on his one?

You bet it…

Oh my… these trailers give me life!!!:

I have also a confession: for a hot minute… I risked to have to watch at least some reports about The Fuckery (a tragedy that I was lucky to escape anyway, thank above).

This because if Billie Joe Armstrong had ever taken part in it ALONG Adam being his helping mentor, I am sure my love for this pair would have forced me, even in disgust, to check at least ten minutes of that fucking mess, to catch them two talking about music TOGETHER.

But luckily, Billie Joe decided to mentor for Christina Fat Mess Aguilera (God bless her voice though: I will always love her voice), despite (or maybe just because) the fact he is a dear friend of Adam since Adam was a teen (Kara’s Flower’s album was produced by Rob Cavallo THANX to Green Day’s help).

Billie Joe Armstrong on The Voice and his longtime friendship with Adam Levine

It didn’t happen… pheeeeeewwwww

And I think I can live well without ever having to think about The Fuckery, thank you 😉

What are the guys up to now that they are back in LA for a couple of days?

Nothing I hope… they shall just rest because all that they have is just one week of freedom before embarking in the Asian/Australian leg of the tour.

No chances Adam and Bee will be seen together in NY these days for New York Fashion Week events then, unless the earthquakes keep going in LA and Adam doesn’t lose his house 😉

About his house anyway, which you all know I adore, now I get why he agreed to feature it in Architectural Digest in March… he’s looking up to sell it!

It was about time… all celebrities after some years and after some renewal sell their pads… it’s a good way to move money and I was actually surprised it was taking Adam THIS long to start to ditch his.

He needs a bigger house.

And he also needs to say bye to Gene and maybe relocate in Calabasas, and maybe.. I don’t know… share a house with some other female other than Frankie Girl 😉 (I know Behati is always at his when she is in LA, but what I meant is that he shall start to BUY a house WITH his significant other, rather than just host her when she comes ;)).

What else now?

I don’t know… I think I have reported all I wanted to… and by the way I have to move up to Cathedral for the Funeral and I shall stop being feisty.

Wish You all a Wonderful time… try to get enlightened by love and great things, and pass by unrelevant stuff especially if about or brought to you by unrelevant people 😉

Take Care in Greatness.

Always 😉

Hugs and catch you soon, yours truly

Missus Z. 🙂
Zaira Scotti on Twitter Counter

5 Responses to "I’ll have to wake up as September starts to work hard… Will Adam and Behati have to too after a whole August together?"

Great article Zaira!
Did you see Behati made a reference to Modest Mouse yesterday in a tweet?
She really loves music! The other one before her didn’t even know who Queens of The Stone Age were, and instead Behati rocks on and for real.
I am so happy for Adam.
He isn’t with a fake poser anymore.

Amazing as always Zaira! Congrats! I give all my support to Adam and Behati! it’s so good to see Adam being Adam again!

wow i love this entry, behati just amazing and wonderful person,i’m glad adam is happy with her. i hope one day adam will be there to support her too 😀

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[…] by half of the month of September had passed the tour was clearly getting to show on Adam… who surely did miss the perfection of the South American experience when Behati was all along with him, making him the happiest I have ever seen him on any tour (because he suffers touring a lot, […]

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