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Olympic, Scotland, Lakers, Maroon 5, Behati and Adam ALL AMAZING all around

Posted on: 11 August 2012

Good morning Universe!

Waking up soon (or sooner than yesterday ;))

Ya’ll… go visit Scotland 😉

London is always amazing… and Olympics enhance that 😉

So,  last days of Olympic bliss (can’t wait for the closing Ceremony later tomorrow tonight… my sense of music spider are TINGLING and overexcited out of anticipation!) and a last couple more after in London town before heading to Summer Italian Seashores along K & our friends (whom have all skipped this amazing UK time, letting me stay only with K., his family and mine, beside that awesome bunch of days in AMAZING Scotland, which I will talk about in just a little.

What to say?


First year of marriage has been celebrated in such a romantic, original, very literary way.

Another one of Karim’s amazing presents to my life.

He just organized the PERFECT romantic getaway.

That was.

Perfection. 🙂

so much wild beauty in Skye 🙂

By now I shouldn’t marvel at the skill Karim has to read inside my mind and heart, always knowing what could emotion and surprise me the most… instead I always do.

Because each time he finds new ways to break my hearts in thousands of sparkling lights that keep burning forever, erasing darkness.

He took me in beautiful Scotland for our One Year Anniversary.

We visited Sir Walter Scott‘s places, because he knows I adore Scott, Ivanhoe, and I always love to picture Tolkien’s Lord Of the Rings in these landscapes.

We went visiting Skye, and we climbed mountains, and sailed cold Seas…

Bliss of Love in remote places full of history

We composed our own poetry, we revived our marriage one year later, we learnt how to read sky’s moodied layers, we composed a song of our own, and we had some of the best sex ever (and you know we do that all of the time… so it’s always hard to beat ourselves out ;)).

There was magic… magic all around for us these days.

I am so grateful and so in love and I feel so well accepted with all my strange sides that I feel… so safe.

So in my own place.

I love my husband with all I have to call mine.

I never thought for ages I could have been “one of those soppy wives” gushing all over their love.

Geisha along Lords in London. Truly amazing 😉

But ehi… that’s what I am too now 😉

Deal 😉

(I still way sexier than any of you… and way kinkier, too ;)).

But so many great news are on the desk… and since I have this slice of time I better collect up feelings and describe them along my preferences and likes.

Which is basically the reason I am keeping up with this blog still.

yes we are having fun 😉 a lot of it 😉

The first thing is that Olympics are AMAZING.

I love the feeling.

Even when like yesterday we picked (again) the wrong game to follow live (volley semifinal for men: Brazil destroyed Italy in a blink) in spite of the other choice, which was victorious (in the WaterPolo semifinal, Italy got it over Serbia instead, with a fantastic game).

Everything about it… I adore sports, I have practiced and still many of them everywhere I go (I mean… I brought my horse Swifty along in England because I couldn’t stay away from him this long… it means a lot or doesn’t it? Even though my Swifty is just so much more than a medium to practice sport) and I am the most competitive person you could cross so obviously all Olympics meanings and values are something I feel deep inside.

It’s not UK without a cat…

The effort it takes to be a great performer; the devotion; the focus, the determination… all these are values I strongly rate in my life.

But as much as I love and strive to be a winner, what I love also about Olympics is the humanity of it.

The stories of failures… too.

It’s just that I cherish the failures which are still informed by the RIGHT spirit of sport.

I despise all tricks, and doping and all that goes as on behind the curtains so that somebody not fit can cheat over the results. That is something that makes me thunder out.

You can’t cheat if you are up for sports…

I mean the whole purpose of it is making yourself getting better through competition, but it’s more than anything a game with yourself, not the world!

What cheating does stand for?

Lies. Just lies. To yourself. And there’s nothing worse than it.

And sadly, the stories at Olympics aren’t always great, they can’t be, regarding this attitude towards sports:

You know… for me if you dope yourself, you gotta be DISQUALIFIED from EVERYTHING and FOREVER (no redeem sporty-speaking), and this is what I think and believe in.


Humanly instead, I think Alex Schwazer needs all help and support because this is what happens when you are forced to do sports NOT WILLING IT.

Life and sport when unified request an incredible strength and super mind… and not everyone can have.

I am feeling for this guy humanly and I hope he gets help. He was not meant to compete, and it’s a tragedy he had to just because he had talent, because he didn’t want that life, even if everybody thought he was perfect for it.

Not everyone can be as shining as this woman (IDOL!!!! SHE should have carried Italy’s flag, not dreadful awful Valentina Vezzali, queen of fakes!) Listen to Josefa Idem:

This woman is all I stand for in sport: 8th Olympics, and she had again proved mind and sacrifice in sports CAN ALL AND MORE, but you gotta love what you do, not being forced to it.

Beside the tragedy in the Italian Swimming team (fire all the techs), I think this has been a fairly good Olympic for Italy.

Karim is pretty happy too, and I have again to thank him and his connections for meeting the whole Swimming and Gymnastic teams of USA (some are really cool guys), and even if we did miss meeting the GREAT Usain Bolt, I have recovered from that because now I have LORDS as friends (yes, I have, and I have also met some true Japanese Geishas… which lead to so great fun and… Knowledge 😉 and I’ll stop it here).

But that isn’t the only GREAT sport mindset we are in now.

Because you know I planned to follow Basket in the Olympics to watch Kobe and even though I still don’t like the fact bringing NBA Pro in the competition makes it a snoozefest full of irrelevancy from the agonist point of view,  you may guess still any chance to witness Kobe (and Kevin Durant!!!) makes me happy.

Talking about Basket… it’s always amazing to catch Adam courtside… and his courtside people 😉

And it did… the Final of Basketball tournament was the main reason I wanted to come to the Olympics 😉 so that ticket was in our hands even before we planned which days we would have properly stayed over here 😉

Prior to some days ago regarding basketball I was feeling medium satisfied; I was ecstatic about Steve Nash joining us Lakers but I was still on the fence for more, because that couldn’t have been enough.

I am always very fair in my descriptions about Lakers.

I am a die-hard fan but I can also analyze facts and until a lil lil lil while ago, I was still thinking that we were way behind OKC and some other teams in a rank of NBA favs.

Of course all things can switch but the premises were still unperfect and shaky to me.

That is PAST.

Truly past.

Because two days ago… Lakers just became again NBA favourite.

What was it? (it’s a plaaaaaane…. it’s a biiiirdddd. it’s….)…

It’s all because of THIS (hear me scream and scream and scream and go all whooooooo-hoooo!):

Dwight Howard is a Laker and we’ll kick YOUR ASS. get ready 😉

Yessssssssirrrrrr!!! Dwight Howard is a Laker, and bye bye Andrew Bynum, we wish you all the best, but THIS is what we truly needed.

We still have no coach because Mike Brown is a senseless idiot who gets NOTHING about this game but who cares when you have Kobe&Steve in your team, who are way better coaches than him?


I can’t wait for the meltdowns and allegedly I am not the only one:

Adam Levine tweets enjoyment over Dwight Howard Lakers acquirement


This truly is huge indeed.

Dwight can provide energy and penetration, in a way that could go amazingly with Pau’s game.

And since Kobe IS getting older (you can’t stop time, no matter how immense you are) this is something that can help all the team in finding just about one trillion more arrows at our bow.

I can’t wait to witness (also live, as some trips in LA are in order of course) also live all this greatness.

My special Overexposed edition: the 19th out of 1000 items 😉

And while we are on the subject of greatness… how awesome has the world being regarding Maroon 5 lately?

It’s all so smooooooooth over there.

Sales are very consistent, and the general perception is really nice overall.

Not that I care what others think, but sure THEY do, and we all know somebody strives so much for success he lives like a deprive any negative turn (it comes from his competitiveness, which I so strongly relate with).

Guys are just in to ready their South American Tour; Overexposed still selling AMAZINGLY while they are doing ZERO promotion , One More Night is ready to smash (still with zero promotion) and all the various projects of JJAMZ and all the stuff acting-related Adam is currently involved in are going smoothly.

(yes, I know that there is still also The Fuckery that thing going on but you also know I will never talk about that trash, and considering how the Muppets parodies even don’t contemplate Adam these days, I am sure this painful link is really ending soon, and I couldn’t be happier. Adam is so much more than a reality karaoke show “star”, and I get that gave him back popularity, but now it’s time to stop having to suffer such bad television to climb back and gain audience. he already did it. Leave the trash now, thank you).

Friends are the greatest thing

So, no Trash Talk here… instead I am SO awaiting for Adam in American Horror Story!!!

You know how I had guessed he’d have hooked up for sure with his casting partner who was going to play Theresa, his “wife” in the script…

Well I guess NOT, because although that girl is beautiful and he sure would have tried his ways under other circumstances… that girl is also MARRIED to Channing Tatum 😉 and she’s Jenna Dewan (they all follow each other on twitter too).

I don’t think anybody would upset Channing purposedly 😉

Ryan Murphy now is on twitter and he’s sending updates from the set, in a very cute way.

All seems just so perfect and I can’t wait to see it all 🙂

I am sure though the casting of Theresa anyway took a spin on the direction of “no girl Adam could hook up with” for some reason, the main being that ADAM LEVINE IS FREAKINGLY HAPPILY COUPLED and doesn’t need sexual incentives beside the ones his super hot girlfriend certainly has in the bag to provide 😉

I know you want to see… and did you know she loves to be a freak? 😉

This girl is so gorgeous with that AMAZING  and so originally unique face, and so sexy and spunky I am sure they have the best sexual romps (is it strange that it’s already happened TWO TIMES that when they were together  a MASSIVE Earthquake happenedand unlike in the past

Behati and VS Angels for Olympics

Adam didn’t acknowledged any of them two on Twitter? I think NOT. They probably were having the best sex and the fact ground was moving wasn’t perceived, as the room probably ALWAYS shake when they are in ;))

Because YOU KNOW that you gotta be really good and VERY kinky in bed to not only please Adam, but to make him stay with you all along… (listen to his songs, or the Animal song by The Cab that ADAM wrote… and you get the picture ;)).

There is no way something that has seen him involved for practically 3 months (or are they 4?) straight and continuously isn’t at least WAY more than just a hookup.

Funny Freak Bee Prinsloo 😉

We are certainly in the relationship territory now… and this means nothing regarding the duration of it, but we have for sure passed the testing phase.

This allegedly is causing an endless hate towards poor Behati… like it always happens with all girls who start to be Adam’s one though.

This time around though, the hate this girl gets is empowered by the fact many of the haters are people who just cannot move on from Adam’s previous girlfriend image.

Too bad… because Adam did and it’s not healthy or good or smart or right for anyone keep thinkin a past that ended for a long series of mattering reasons can come back.

Bheati Prinsloo and Candace Swanepoel in July 2012 VS Photoshot

It won’t.

They have cut all ties so long ago and don’t have any surviving contact between them… they sure have been very much in love at some point with one another but that wasn’t enough to make them last.

Adam and Anne are PAST.

Face this and stop torture them with nonsense, hatred, or pressuring requests to get back together or (in Adam’s case, as Anne still single) to ditch new loves just because “fans” (?) cannot accept life moves and so should they.

Were they beautiful as a couple?


Were they happy?

At some point, sure they have been, clearly.

Behati and Karlie Kloss shooting for VS in August 2012

Were they happy in between post VS Fashion Show 2011 and 2012?


They were just not.

They were soooo done.

Done “officially” maybe only since February 2012 also as they detached to never see one another again just after the Stern Show Interview and THEY KNEW they were living their final goodbyes there, but it’s so adamant they were not a happy couple anymore way before then.

It was painful and bad and sad and all you want (don’t tell me, I shipped that couple as hard as possible, I have loved them together majorly and always, but that doesn’t mean my opinion matters in absolute, you know…), but they separated because they just were not right for each other: Anne loved her work more than she ever loved (I am sure she did love him a lot too though, or she wouldn’t have hoped for a marriage ring from him) Adam (at least she never spent with him the time he needed her to spend with him to be satisfied and fully happy and not frustrated and alone, moved towards cheating also probably) and Adam also loved her, but never enough to give her what she wanted (a RING, a promise of forever and happy ever afters, and all the things Anne wanted and surely all the things she will soon find with someone else, but that she was very naive to try to obtain from somebody she was barely spending 20% of her time with yearly) to get.

Adam for Inked Magazine. GORGEOUS.

In the end… a great love story which couldn’t be anything more than a beautiful interlude in their lives.

Adam has all the rights to be happy with his new galpal without having ordeals of idiots blasting him or her because of whatever reason which live just in the weakened and freaky minds of the haters themselves.

Move on already?

Everyone else has, Anne included: even though she is stills single (all the fake reports about guys she was supposedly seen so far are just PR spins, obviously), she has no feelings left at all for Adam, she doesn’t mind what he does and doesn’t even know about that (tweets are muted between them I can bet they are) and I am sure the next hot famous guy she is ready to date and show up with is just round the corner and she will be happy coupled again too, and soon (and hopefully with someone who won’t suffer her repeated absences for work… I am sure she will find a soulmate whom will just be perfect for her lifestyle, and I wish her that, because I still believe she is a good person and that she has a good heart).

Just MOVE ON and stop bashing Behati because of past girlfriend’s reasons.

It’s STUPID and senseless and it makes you look foolish.

Anyway… Back to Bee…

Yes ladies and gents.

The amazing Summer Love of 2012 (which actually started way into Spring… if all has to be trusted, Adam and Behati hooked up in the second half of April 2012 at a Coachella party he wasn’t even supposed to attend 😉 Called it… Destiny?) keeps going strong.

And lovely.

Behati for Juicy Couture 2012

Officially they are together since three months (second week of May 2012), but UNOFFICIALLY they have started to romp on each other’s superbly structured bones since second half of April 2012, which means by now they are around their 4th month together.

More Bee and Candy

4 months when they have been together, I repeat MOST OF THE TIME, because Behati knows what a girlfriend with great foresight does, and uses all of her spare time to be with him, wasting none (I would too, because you know, I love sex and they do that when together, not when being apart. I think it’d be strange to miss opportunities there, right? I know this didn’t always happened with some previous ladies, but maybe they were not that sexually hungry as Adam would request and like and favor? I wouldn’t risk him to stray away if I didn’t provide the business, you know… because he will always satisfy his sexual crave, that’s a fact. But again, I guess you have to be perceptive and sexually competent to understand that, or maybe just being as much as he is into sex, which is not a taste of everybody, I know – being myself a quite HUGE sexual craver -.. ;)).

This may sound unusual to the mass of teens bashing Bee just because she is with Adam now… but wake up little girls the fact is a relationship which is true and worthy cannot last without a REALLY intense sexual activity.

Or (and this ALSO is a fact) in Adam’s world there is no way it can, because for him sex is like a daily need.

Not romantic?

Contrariwise 😉 I can’t think of anything better… if you get what I mean ;).

Behati on set end of July 2012


Behati is always by Adam’s side when not working for VS, being involved in promotions and photo shoots or shooting for her own personal advertising campaigns (Seafolly, Juicy Couture, just to name the latest), and although she loves her work she is far from defined just by the fact to be a model.

She has always stated she doesn’t really care that much about being a model and she never wanted to be one… it happened because she has the PERFECT feature for modeling (5′ 11” height, a very slick frame, the longest legs, and a face which is just SO unique and original which separates her immediately from the rest, because it’s not easy to find those proportions at all and make them look fascinating).

Behati probably finds time for her man because she thinks that love comes before work, and love means you want to be physically with your man, not connected through tweets or thoughts or a webcam…

I love her cheeckbones so much!

And I have a hard time disagreeing with her there 😉 because well… that’s TRUE (but again maybe that involves also to like sex a lot, and not anybody does ;)).

But really… it’s just a matter of different personalities.

I don’t wanna make you think that I think people should ditch their passions for love.

If somebody has always dreamed to be a model, a swimmer… an astronaut there is nothing wrong in having that conflicting with your relationship and in the end there is NO fault if you prefer the passion to the relationship… Passion has no rules, it just happens and my point is that if something else detracts all of your time from your relationship… maybe that is not worthy for you in the first place?

I am just glad Behati has many passions, but it seems none of them has the power to detach her from Adam at the moment (it’s her personality, because also with her previous boyfriend Behati was like this, and this makes me happy because this is exactly what Adam needs: somebody who is into human touch as much as he is and deserves).

This makes me happy, that Adam has found somebody full of passions (as he is) but somebody who at the same time runs for him and to him to never let him being alone.

He HATES being left alone… he always said it and keeps stating it.

Behati in fact also loves music to death, and she always did… she is also pretty educated in how to make sexy music videos so… I wouldn’t mind to see her in Maroon 5 one. She certainly knows how to work the camera along notes, and how to be super sexy and kick-assing while doing it (this is her in one of my fav songs from 2008/2009, The Virgins’ “Rich Girls”. Note that she was a teenage there. A SUPER-HOT one there 😉

Then I mean… she’s an original and true VS Angel, baby… her wings are real ;):

Also the fact she has a contract with VS is pretty helpful to let her have much time… because often that contract has clauses of exclusivity (and a paycheck) that makes you unwilling to get jobs that may NOT please the brand that covers you with money.

Which is perfect at the moment 😉

Adam’s love for basketball dates in his childhood…

Behati loves sport (and her fav sport is basketball… linking to the previous note about Adam’s Lakers obsession, we are sure she has nothing to learn about the game, so in case of courtside presence he wouldn’t have to explain a thing to her and she’d be genuinely involved as much as he would), she is playful and it seems that she loves videogames just like ALL the nerds in Adam’s crew (and just as him, who’s a devoted game player and can get SO into them to become annoying even ;)).

Behati now follows and is followed by ALL of Adam’s personal crew; his longest friends, their wives/girlfriends.

She seems to be loved also by Adam’s family, and that has most certainly to do with the fact ANY TIME she is with him she goes silent, doesn’t tweet personal pics of their love and their houses, she is just into the life without needing to overexpose it, preserving Adam’s privacy like no other has ever done (and think she is with him at a fame peak NOBODY has experienced before her… so she could REALLY milk it so much if he just tried to.), showing genuine care and respect for all that Adam’s life is.

Because truth is… Adam and his family and his inner crew are VERY PRIVATE PERSONS.

They have always been and it’s natural for them to like somebody in their own circle who has the same attitude towards privacy (sure people can be different… but you tend to like more people in your inner life circle who have your same attitude towards some kind of important issues as these right? It’s logical).

Adam and his mum Patsy on a The Insider interview

Behati is just like them.

She highly values privacy in her own life and in this the two just match perfectly, it’s undeniable.

They don’t like to live for others to see that; there is a bounder about that and Adam has always been clear about this in all of his speeches since I have memory of him.

Behati and Adam won’t be showing off their own link any time soon.

Get used to the idea, they won’t.

And this regardless all the crap they have to suffer out from retarded press spins from retarded people who just can’t avoid to be sore losers and hopeless frustrated no-life entities.

Yes, because of course the fact that she and Adam are a (very happy, and you can guess it by Adam’s mood which is amazingly shining since he got with her, being all humorous, exuberant, fresh and all around shining up) a couple has generated lots of hatred towards poor Behati, as I pointed out above.

The amazing fact is that she couldn’t give a SHIT about it, and she carries on being herself and not minding at all, and taking care only of what she and Adam share without feeling the need to explain to others what is that they have, just to make people eat up their retarded words or guesses.

This shows FORCE, mind power and moreover this shows how much she truly takes care and love and respect Adam first, and is not there with him to gain something for herself.

I love this and her.

Behati and her rawring face 😉

Let’s recap a bit what drove me to this little explanation, because in all this the thing that SHINES truly the most to my eyes is how AWESOME Behati Prinsloo is as Adam’s better half.

Truly… this girl is fantastic, I LOVE her personality and balls to no end, and although I keep (and I will keep also in the incoming times) strive that this is for now just a very young bound and love connection nobody should stress or obsess over, I can’t avoid to notice all that scream “amazingly fitting couple” in every step these two makes, each weeks that passes, more and more.

Sure it may end any time (like anything else), but one thing is for sure and that it is a true kind of interest this couple shares, and they do for themselves and NOT for the camera, the press, the PRs, or the career perks.

This already makes it all A GREAT THING.

A thing that I personally really like and support, even though of course it’s only their life, their relationship, their biz, their own thing.

But let’s being a bit clearer.

Behati in New York filming her stuff

We knew Bee was in New York filming for Victoria’s secret commercials in the crossing days from July to August: she always tweets from those things and she did, (getting us to know her beautiful work without being annoying for it) but we also got that she was telling Adam’s crew (Shawn and Gene and Noah) that she was just about to get back there in Los Angeles (where Adam was crazily busy filming both AHS and The Fuckery That thing.

By now it should be clear enough for even not that smart people that Behati and Adam WON’T publicize their romance for the crowd.

Adam never liked that. He’s very private and the fact he was forced to not be in the previous relationship doesn’t mean he loved it. It means he used to love the one forcing him to parade that love.

But now he finally is with somebody as reserved as he is about private life so they simply don’t tweet about their own business.

Which of course doesn’t mean AT ALL they don’t have business (the best kind of it).

They simply probably prefers to fuck the shit out of one another all the time instead of tweeting one another while they are apart or/and together.

I don’t know about you… but this screams HEALTHY and HAPPY relationship to me, if any ;).

Well, since the fact the couple was together in Lake Tahoe gig time just a week before wasn’t a thing for tabloids (again, just because Behati doesn’t give a shit about her fame being enlarged through Adam), some bright IDIOT from a totally loser spin site ( The Voice Wet paint, a collection of no-news from the interweb, made probably by 12 years old, or somebody way older but with even a less developed brain-size… like for instance some Bieber-lover) decided on August 4 to spin some SuperRetarded “guesses”, starting from… keep yourselves held well… TWEETS NOT DIRECTED TO ANYBODY.


Sherlock Holmes is probably trying hard to find this Rachel McRady chick because  he sure would replace Watson with her.

Stupidity of people amazes me.

The one of this retarded “writer” who’s not even smart enough to realize her own lack of sense, but even better, all the people who actually gave any kind of CREDIT to that “guess”.

The Fake news of Adam and Behati breaking up in dreadful The Voice Wet Paint trash – You must really be STUPID to believe anything coming from Wet Paint…

Like Adam would ever direct anything like that let alone to his current cherished beautiful girlfriend… but even to anybody he only slept with for a one-night stand.

Or like Behati (who quotes Dr. Seuss since a life, in completely unrelated ways to her own life) would ever post such personal stuff on Twitter, moreover starting from the premise this time around their relationship is TOTALLY PRIVATE and they are not there for updating the crowds on that, first and foremost.

I know many post pubescent fanbases have no clues on real Adam’s personality and they think he’s there to update them on his likes (or that he should, even) and they skill of analyzing facts with some decent thought processing is fatally reduced by their age and awful taste… but REALLY?

WetPaint is about as credible as that other joke site called “Celebrity Networth” which guesses from blogs and random unchecked news the amount of money possessed by famous people, having stated in their site that they do, “BUT THEY ARE NOT RELIABLE” (for the record, Adam Levine’s supposed networth there is around only 15 Millions, which I think he passed in around 2005 😉 LOL… and people do believe that? They probably don’t know how much taxes he pays… because if they did… they would laugh at that figure 😉 ).

Bee tweets when she is working.. when with Adam… she never does 😉

They just need to generate web traffic through cut&pasting the worst trash they find on web, whenever the site needs a boost to please basic advertisers.

That regardless of the value and testability of the “news”.

But back at our Behati&Adam gate.

Well, on August 4 Behati was already in LA (her tweet about American Airlines, criptic for most, was clear for me because I have a great friend who happens to work at LAX… and that was a late flight from NY to LA she was up in ;)).

She could have tweeted anything to make clear how much all those guesses were fake (she was bombed with many obnoxious tweets from many retards, and sure she had perception of at least a couple of them); she could have done lots of things to just silence it all, instead of having rallies of hateful spits on her from the webwaves (people have to have such a bad life when they need to bad-mouth somebody they don’t know behind a pc screen… how low-level your existence have to be then?).

But the point, the amazing point, is that she DID NOT.

She carried on being all the time with Adam and NEVER tweeting a single thing.

World Wide Champion, Bee. Number One indeed 🙂

I love her for this.

So much.

She’s brave, and strong in her love and in her man.

Adam too is the same, because just the day after one of his best friends, Milo DeCruz (the biker bassist who’s all and always with him) tweeted Bee “Tok Tok”, like somebody knocking on the door… but ten seconds later, according to my friends in LA, that tweet disappeared and I can BET MY LIFE Adam asked for that, like “Man, don’t let losers know that we are happy… they don’t deserve to. And we don’t care. We want privacy just”.

Only a couple days after, we knew for sure they were together just because (like he does every time) Adam stopped with his beautiful Angel at his favorite Mustard Cafe, and even thought he tried to sneak away from the back with her, papz caught them:

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo out at Mustard Cafe 7 August 2012 – NOT broken up at all and REALLY LOVED UP instead. Sorry haters… they WIN, you LOSE 😉

I was so happy about all things here, so many great things: Behati is so fresh faced, no make up, flawless rock chic look (which is not forced and so natural in her); she has THE BEST LEGS (and legs are Adam’s fav female feature, and hers are… perfect!); she keeps hiding behind him and being only focused in him… look the way she embraces him, so lovely and pure…

Behati Prinsloo knows how to dress for a Harley ride with Adam Levine and which shoes have to be worn, too

They are SO cute together and she always has the most sincere care for him first.

Behati also is just like him in the “I won’t dress up if not forced” department.

She has allergia and allegedly a need for ice cream and medicine.. so they went grocery shopping.

We knew that from Adam’s tweeting a picture the other day that they had ventured grocery shopping, and he posted this:

Now we know this picture was taken from Behati 😉 even though Adam tweeted it.
But we do know not out of their will 😉

well, now we know they went into Gelson’s (my own one too!!!) with Bee looking clearly under the blast of allergia (I am allergic and a doctor so I must know that face screams it).

They were both wearing things like they had just jumped off bed (and they surely have to use that beautiful bed he has in his pad…); clearly unfazed by the fact that pap they had to find at night at Gelsons (look at Adam… he is like “Really? even here? Don’t you have a life you loser?”) was going to snap them (and her especially) in the most unflattering combo ever.

Behati’s reaction?


She is all into Adam taking that picture you have seen above and not tweeting it herself, but letting him doing it.

You wish you looked THIS well with allergia and no make up and just jumped out of bed…
Fact is she is beautiful EVEN all messed up 😉 and this makes you mad 😉

She is so natural and true and trust me… she looks beautiful even with messy hair, and the face of allergia…

She didn’t plan to go out and she was forced to by sympthomes… she knows she’s got papped and that she would probably be seen not at her best and what she does? she DOESN’T CARE because she’s with Adam and he’s all of her world.

He doesn’t care either… they are so sweet coming off from the store… I can imagine him cuddling her with the syrup and singing sweet nothings to heal her.

That is a healthy relationship, and I am happy I got to see till which point, even if it’s NOT MY BUSINESS at all still 😉

Sorry for all the haters who cannot get how great all this is.

You are probably very poor mindset 12 years old, or somebody who likes Twilight or Bieber or 50 Shades of Crap (I think I have summoned up the worst of tastes in the whole world with that).

I adore the fact Adam and Behati are so VERY rock’n’roll and they BOTH have the “I don’t give a shit” attitude.

Adam hates as well to dress up unless on occasions (and you know how I think he looks simply PERFECT when polished… but still this isn’t his way, it’s mine, so it’s great he has found somebody as beautiful as he is, who still doesn’t really spend ages in prettifying herself and prefers the “very natural look”, just like she did on the bike ride)… look this video… it’s so sweet:

I am so happy for Adam for finding someone like Behati out of the mess that was the painfully bad way to end the previous link, a link that already left him dried because he was never almost with the object of his love, due to the fact she would have done all of other things first, and only once in a while she would have cared to be with him, if schedule had allowed.

Maroon 5 reharsing for South American Tour

Behati has erased all of his pain, all of his tears, and since I have seen that tweet “Hug life” of him in London (she was aside) on July 1st I was sure she was for real an Angel to him, giving to him all of her time and attention, and stealing none for her own self.

Adam is so carefree and happy these days… I don’t get how anybody claiming to be his fans cannot be glad for that, and thankful to beautiful Behati for providing him happiness, peace, (lots of raw and young sex romance, laugh, energy and everything he is clearly full of these days), and this beautiful sights he has on life right now.

He sounds clearly so joyous, but at the same time he’s not anymore trying to be somebody he’s not to please somebody else.

Just remember that tweet in January, so revealing, about the need of being your true self.

That Adam was so unhappy and trapped in a toxic link… this Adam instead is newly himself, crazy, flamboyant, positive, overenergized, funny… and a dork.

And all this freedom of being himself he feels he has again now… comes from being accepted for who he truly is by Behati.

You may not like this fact… but it shines clearly all the time to me instead.

I so hope this goes on and I am sure all indicates that it can and it would naturally and very easily, if nothing happens of negative suddenly.

Remember… it’s actually 4 months that they are together… and very very OFTEN together.

It seems by now Adam is also more oriented in letting people know; not that he will ever get back to what he was forced to for two years, parading all of his stuff to the public; but I am sure we will get to see occasional gateways of the rocker lovers more often from now on.

And I am also sure none of them will be called up by ANY of them though (so expect more Gelson’s style like awkwardely natural but funny pics ;)… know none of Adam or Behati will care if you think they look “messy” or not properly done… a market at night isn’t a catwalk, and sometimes necessity doesn’t even allow you to look brushed ;)).

Of course, nobody knows, but I bless Behati Prinsloo… The Angel Of Summer Love and Bliss, already, for all that she has ALREADY done of amazing for him.

She may be hated by tons of retards and losers… but she better know that there are people who genuinely like her and are there to see how sparkling she is.

Beside Adam, I mean ;).

Adam who also went modeling while with her in New York in July (remember that strange shirt with the graphics he had put on… see where he got that from below) for the incoming September issue of Inked Magazine (which I have already ordered to be delivered, of course):

Behati was there that day along Noah Passovoy and his girlfriend Liz, but of course and again, you don’t see her trying to steal some spotlight ;).

That isn’t the only cover shot he has done… there is an incoming cover for Men’s Fitness too which will be revealed soon ;).


Some charity work Maroon 5 are involved with and also the Teachers Rock Special Adam has taken part which will be broadcasted on CBS on August 18th

A 50 Cent collaboration on his upcoming album Street King Immortal, out reportedly on November 13th.

I am so happy regarding Maroon 5 Universe as of late (still spin Overexposed daily) that I have decided to post something special (I have reworked it to not make it easy to use it… if you want the total real HD thing, BUY the Special SAJ Ten anniversary Edition, and make the guys even richer ;)):

The level of cuteness is uncountable 😉

(and I cannot wait to have Jesse on board again…).

I also want you all to bless Mumford and Sons, and their return (buy everything again ;)):

What else?


I am sure I wrote enough.

Now let’s let August pass ;)… I’ll be soon skinny dipping in a dream-like sea along with friends and always happy and in love with best husband in the world.

*imagine freely all kinds of sexually jawdropping practices*

*cos you imagine them… but we DO them* 😉

Happy Summer Of Love 😉

Missus Z. 🙂


4 Responses to "Olympic, Scotland, Lakers, Maroon 5, Behati and Adam ALL AMAZING all around"

Hi Zaira 😀
Love Love Love your new Entry here, So Great and you’re keeping it real, and i love how you tried to get to know behati, unlike those teens with their hatred who just look at someone from looks and all their glam.
i love how you did research on behati and not only from GOSSIP sites but really from trusted sites.
Like i have stated, i have NO HIGH Hopes on them as in they will eventually get married etc, but as FOR NOW i just want them to be happy and enjoy their life, IF they end up together, then good for them, means they have found what they’re looking for, if not then i’m glad they did have great time together 😀
Many (stupid) haters attacking behati,most of their reasons just stupid, but what’s matter is her fans knows her well and she’s a good person,and also adam see through her and likes her for who she is,not a super high profile top model,but just a regular girl (Who happened to be a top model) with amazing personality, but ofc physical attraction and chemistry also important hahaha.
I’m sure behati really like adam and so does he to her. Is it “Love”? i’m sure it’s not yet that! but i’m sure they do care for each other A LOT!

keep it up girl, i love reading your entry ❤

Great text as always Zaira! Thanks!
Don’t forget Adam has RT the same Dr. Seuss quote Bee has tweeted and that have originated the crazy rumors! It was so sweet from him to do it! It shows us how much he cares for his lady!

… [Trackback]…

[…] Read More: zairaamaterasu.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/olympic-scotland-lakers-maroon-5-behati-and-adam-all-amazing-all-around/ […]…

Is Adam aware of all this stupid hating towards Behati? What might he do??

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