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Olympically oriented… Holiday Time!

Posted on: 26 July 2012

Good morning Universe!

London… here we come!

Adam Levine and Keira Knightley film Can A song Save Your Life (final Adam’s scenes, NY, 13th July 2012)

Or Good “almost-full-day” or whatever you want to call this moment in time alike 😉

Look… I am just about to start my holidays and the last I want is to be picky about how I should call the different time sections of the day.

That’s a concern I won’t be having until September, especially after yesterday I had to wake up at 4 am for catching up in a Skype biz meeting with our Chinese partners, the last proper one I had to take part in before I could start my well deserved holiday break.

I’m in the frenzy of packing and I am delighted that we leave towards England…

I am so fond of London and there… when we lived in Uk for a couple of years I had some of the best times of my life.

I adore Brits… I adore that cockney accent I try so hard to master (with alternate results, because I always sound just so purely American, sigh…), I long for their cloudy moody weather even.

Anything is perfect in England&London for me so you can picture how excited I am to spend part of my vacation in such a wonderful place.

And… I don’t wanna mind times.


Thank you very much 😉

Well, actually I will have to be a bit “working-oriented” even during this incoming August, because around the time we are in UK for the Olympics (and you bet I CAN’T WAIT TO STAY in K’s family GLORIOUS mansion just outside London) dad has booked a couple of working days with some local investors we hope to please and expand relationships with.

But I can cope with that, especially if I think that this Summer Swifty will be with us (he travelled through railways this time… no plane ;)) and that I will still have some sea days because we will be moving towards Sardinia sometime around the middle of August and spend some time there too (I need some sea… I know I am so fully and irreparably Italian there… ;)).

Then it’s you know… time for K&I to celebrate one year of a blissful marriage as well in these incoming weeks so…

I can expect/picture/imagine/guess there will be a couple of surprises during August that I have not been informed of.

It’s a given 😉

These past weekends have been spent with the crew as much as possible instead… we even got back in my long-lost and unused house in the Appennini to do some well amazing hiking just last one; I hope my friends can randomly join us both in UK (to cheer the Olympic athletes like they deserve!) and surely in Sardinia; I love to bring with me my people always and space will never be a concern, and that values double-sized when the guest house is of Karim’s side of the family estate.

Can you picture huge?

Ok: now make it bigger… 😉 and that’s how his family (which is now also mine… conjecturally ;)) roll 😉

On the K’s side of the equation, I have also to say that I can’t wait to spend a whole Summer with Charisse!!!!

I love that girl… isn’t it wonderful when you find people in your acquired family that you bond with instantly like you’ve been friends for a life?

Well, I got lotta love for all of K’s cousins… but Chari is special: we connected so immediately even when in 2008 her cousin was just somebody I wanted to bang badly (and he seemed like a priest, not giving up to me at any cost… so much that you know for a while I had the background thought he might have been gay) 😉

Lake Tahoe from Adam Levine’s bedroom.

She is already in London, she flew directly from California the other day after witnessing Maroon 5 gig at Lake Tahoe last Saturday (July 21st).

The gig has been really great she said, but what interested me the most was that she caught a glimpse of sweet Behati there.


Behati and Adam reunited after merely a week and some apart.

He finished shooting his main parts for Can a Song Save Your Life movie on July 13th, and flew back in Los Angeles to record the Fuckery The Voice with Mary J. Blige (Mary J…. tu quoque? *sigh*that show is like a disease that is catching up to all my favorite singing people…) and to film some of American Horror Story, while Behati after their dinner together on July 11 (widely reported by tabloids… and you can look at Adam’s face to realize he didn’t like to be papped, but at least that is so rare with Behati he can stay way quieter than he was forced to for two years) went doing her stuff for Victoria’s Secret charity, then flew to London for a campaign, flew back to New York to do more Victoria’s Secret photo-shoot and then… SHE hopped on a plane and reached her man back and quick in one of the most beautiful places America has to offer (lake Tahoe, that).

Maroon 5 at Lake Tahoe gig, July 21st, 2012

All together…

*awwwwwwwwww* 😉

I have realized there are people not into this romance, trying to serve an incredible amount of dirt to either Adam or Behati or both regarding their private life but I don’t get why or how…

I think they are adorable together and absolutely well matched.

For the millionth time… Behati didn’t do anything wrong to Adam’s previous girlfriend.

The lies that were spread that Behati was a friend of Anne V were just… LIES to begin with.

Behati and Anne were never friends, they just happened to share sets twice in their lives?

Adam has had MANY model girlfriends… just try to recap his dating line-life and you get there’s not a single reason in the world he should stop dating them just because some girl could have known the other.

If anyone keeps trusting lies… then it may be useful to listen (again) to what Adam said to Howard Stern this past June to be assured of the fact the two were never anything more than acquaintances, if any (and again… I doubt even that).

Those petty and fake voices are just another chapter in a bad PR spinning that tries to keep linking what is past and done since February 2012 (and again… also Overexposed says all that was needed about Adam’s previous link: the lyrics are so crystal clear and all is detailed so well there all the other notes are just irrelevant. It’s time to move on and get over that, just as well as he’s done ok? Right.)

The fake news about Anne are still many, though, like the one that she is dating Alexander Skarsgard for instance… but we have Gossip Cop to realize that and put everything in perspective, and use the pr spins with a grain of salt.

Adam Levine with James and PJ plays at Sears Hoffman HQ nearby Chicago, to promote the incoming new Adam’s guitar line in the chain this Fall – 23 July 2012

Not that Anne won’t be paired with somebody most certainly famous soon (she is so beautiful and sexy I am actually surprised she yet hasn’t found a new man… but we are sure that once she will find him, the pictures of them together will float around, aren’t we?), and maybe she could even go for people such as Skarsgard for real (the return of image could be good for both, and both love attention so it could also be a pr dream pairing-up), still the point is that there are still news that keep link Anne with Adam and this when it’s clear they haven’t spoken with one another in months, and not any of the two care about what the other does, and it is time this link DIES.

They are just a past memory for one another and it’s unnecessary that once there are news about Adam, some rag has to spill fake news about Anne, just to keep the two names on the same PR roll.

They are done, and there is no link whatsoever that survives between them two (yeah, they might still following one another on twitter, but I could BET that they have MUTED one another and they actually don’t even read each other’s tweets, just like they have stopped to phone one another or have the slightest of contacts).

I get many people liked them as a couple… and you know (this whole blog testifies it very openly) I also deeply loved A+A but they are not anymore… and there were many and right reasons that lead to their split, so after so many months…

Isn’t it fair to just move on and over?

Maroon 5 play for the private Northwestern Mutual gig in Milwuakee, 23 July 2012

The tie is cut and cut for good… and although I will forever have a wonderful memory of their coupling, because yes, Anne and Adam were very beautiful together, I am very, very relieved Adam is out of that fake PR haze that always seem to surround her though now that he’s not linked anymore to her skeevy and laterally untrustworthy management, so “well” run by that horrible Ali Kavoussi.

Anne V is a good person – I still believe that, honestly I do, and I am happy she now has the amazing career she always pushed so hard for, with many covers on magazines and a name on the rise through worthy fashion campaigns – but all the rest going around with her is screaming fake PR machine from top to bottom, and I just am overjoyed Adam is not forced to be part of that anymore to please her, because if there is something he has always, always stated clearly is that he hates gossip magazines, the fakery Hollywood promotes as for couple and power couples (see the Tom+Katie, Rob+Kirsten, Travolta + Preston type of total fake shit) completely disgusts him, and in fact now that he’s finally with somebody (Behati) who as similarly as he does despise fake gossip, we don’t see them in spreads all over Internet, most of the times, no matter if in these three months they have been almost CONSTANTLY together.

Behati and Adam are just right now in LA… and you have seen nothing. And this is GOOD.

You don’t see any pap set-ups with Behati.

In fact, Adam cringes when he sees paps are around, and the only openly smiling pictures of Behati and Adam were so far those they WEREN’T aware were being taken (those in Hawaii, where they both SHINE in smiling and PDA, because there were no paps in sight they could decode and they could be themselves, lost in their lovingly match).

It’s such a good, good thing that they treasure their privates just the same way.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo on July 11th in New York (her legs are AWESOME!!!) 😉

For how long or short this Behati + Adam thing will end up to be… now they are together and it makes me smile and I don’t really get why so many are upset instead they are an item.

They make me widely smile, actually, for the fact they are a couple.

I like to know they are probably even right now talking about music or photography and that they laugh for silly things (Behati can be very funny and silly and that is just the same Adam is).

They are so very cute, and low-key, and so sweet paired up.

Two musical souls chirping together… people should leave them alone and see if this can blossom and in any case just respect the fact they are sharing valuable time together and trying to repair themselves from invasive, intrusive gossip (from the very start… from when they have been out on dates in Los Angeles and people barely even knew they were an item, for instance).

I for one bless this union, and the fun that they are CERTAINLY having together in this moment.

It’s not like they have to get married… so people better back off and stop looking for their throats.

They don’t deserve anything but support; they are doing their thing and not hurting anybody.

Support them or at least leave them alone, thank you.

I get many girls (and some MTV blogger allegedly) would love Adam to be alone to fulfill their dreams about him but look at the real life

there is simply NO WAY he will ever be alone…

Behati drinks a Margarita at La Esquina (see Adam aside her ;))

Even when not coupled…

Be sure he will hardly spend a night alone in bed, especially in fact when/if not in a relationship.

Even his bandmates know that he’s… different being Adam than the rest (listen and read this adorable interview of James to realize to which degree ;))

It’s simply not his way to be tame or boringly appropriate regarding the other half of the sky: he needs affection and a LOT of sex, and it’s not like he has trouble in finding partners.

He just needs to look, choose, snap fingers and he would have to decide who he would like to take home because still he would have MANY offering themselves (throwing themselves, properly) at him.

His sexual cravings, I repeat, are one of the most known facts in Hollywood, and he has never been shy about his sexual thirst.

Ask anybody who knows him.

Or just ask him ;).

At that point… better coupled with a gorgeous Namibian princess than with a faceless nobody, right?

I think I am right, yep 😉

And you can surely disagree… but it won’t have relevance in my world, let alone in this blog 😉

This blog is my reign and I am really pleased with Behati and Adam being a couple so sorry (not sorry) if you may dislike them… here you will only find positivity about them two.

Deal ;).

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo out and About in New York 11 July 2012 (look how Adam hates to be object of the paps… He will never be free, but at least Behati doesn’t call them up)

I also find this traveling Behati is constantly doing to be so often with Adam honestly amazing, and she will forever gain my praise for that.

Being able to be doing her work, match and spend time working along her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels, going to London and back to USA, rushing and going and going but never missing a chance to be with her boyfriend… That first requires will and then it requires energy and strong determination to make your relationship work, no matter if you have many other things to take care of too.

Behati Prinsloo along the other Victoria’s Secret’s Angels (she is an actual one… ;)) for a July 2012 shooting with Nomad J.R.

That’s such an awesome departure from what Adam had to endure past two years; it’s hard not to think of the difference, and not thinking Behati simply cares WAY MORE than some other girlfriends did about Mr. Levine.

She is just showing it and proving it through actions.

The best way, at any rate, to really send messages out there, in fact (or “through facts” ;)).

Behati Prinsloo and Erin Heatherton share a laugh on July 19th at Victoria’s Secret photoshoot with Norman JR (awww. aren’t they supercute?)

She probably didn’t even sleep to be with him as soon as it was possible to in Tahoe (or did she managed to join him from Atlanta’s departure, too? mystery ;)).

She is the evidence if you really want to spend time with the one you say you care about, you take every chance to be with that person, as soon as it comes.

You don’t waste time being apart when you can actually be with one another… because what’s the point in being separated, when you are an item, unless you really are forced to (and in a world full of airplanes… the concept of being forced to stay apart fades pretty quickly doesn’t it?)?

Adam and Behati and the lucky people sharing a cheer for the camera backstage at Lake Tahoe (July 21st 2012)

This is true, sincere dedication that Behati is demonstrating right from the start and I adore that she didn’t tweet or say a word about that Tahoe thing, or any of the other times they were actually together; she just went there and if it weren’t from Chari’s word and some minor reports from people actually attending Maroon 5 backstage (see these candids) no one would have ever known she was with him.

But you could tell from his tweets Adam was in a spectacular mood this past weekend, and kept it all along these days, till posting an adorable picture of his dog, lady Frankie, wearing Behati’s Minnie mouse tiara she had in Disneyland the past month when they went there together…

Talking about that Frankie picture… it seems that it’s taken in Adam’s LA house. I think that was snapped by Behati actually, already there from the Tahoe break, waiting for Adam to come back after the Chicago+Milwaukee stops: I can’t be sure, but I am pretty confident I am not far away from truth ;).

Well, anyway Adam is happy nowadays because he is with Bee.

It’s clear Behati makes Adam happy: isn’t this a good reason at least to stop hating on her?

I don’t know and I don’t want to predict a thing about this sexy pair that is still so far just a wonderful Summer Love… but I can’t help myself: I like and love and cherish the fact they are trying to spend every possible bite of time together, no matter how hectic Adam’s schedule is nowadays.

Just to detail that, on Friday 20 he was in Atlanta because Maroon 5 had a private Microsoft event to play at… on Saturday he was in Tahoe… in between this Monday and Tuesday he was in a Chicago suburb to promote his new guitar line and various other endorsement projects at Sears HQ in Hoffmann and also in Milwaukee  for an Insurance company event and still… Behati always tries to be with him as much as she can, no matter if she has to revert from one side to the other of USA for keeping up with him.

I love this. I just do. It’s making Adam happy and therefore I am naturally happy too. Yes… I am this lovingly-oriented now that such simple, probably irrelevant – still cute – small facts just make me smile 😉 – I guess I am getting old ;).

But that isn’t the only thought that makes me like this lively 23 years old from Africa.

I actually like her beside the fact she is Adam’s half. I like her on her own right.

I really like, for instance, the fact that Behati doesn’t overpaint her face with make up or step off in elaborated hairdo; whenever you see her, around in her life, she is very fresh-faced, with almost zero make up and a natural feel of originality that goes along with her.

She is always very smiling, and I love the way she has a personality of her own, very well defined; I like that she is bold and has opinions; she is vocal and truthful to herself and she’s got also a very cute sense of humor (that sadly many people just don’t get).

Behati at Lake Tahoe backstage.
Yup. She flew there to be with Adam as soon as the Victoria’s Secret Photoshot was completed. Good job girl. This is how a girlfriend behaves 😉

I for sure shared her views about Bieber looking like Hillary Swank in a tweet that she was forced to delete due to the stupidity of ordals of prepubescent narrow-minded monster preteens.

Too bad.

She just stated a very relatable concept.

And Bieber… why is he still around by the way? Hasn’t One Direction madness (which is as bed, but which will also fade away soon) already made his album a flop, and his popularity shrink considerably?

In a little while, Bieber will cease to sicken the world… it’s just a little matter of time and I can’t wait for that time to come and make air cleaner (just like it happened with Jonas Brothers and all the similarly hyped teen stupid phenomena).

Talking a bit more about Maroon 5 (why did I even mention Bieber in this post? it ruins the global goodness of the subjects so far ;)), Overexposed is still doing very good both on the USA and also the UK chart (amazingly good, since they are not promoting it in any way actually, and especially in UK Overexposed it’s keeping up and has surpassed Chris Brown and Linkin Park in longevity and sales, and that wasn’t at all expected, as it was instead in the USA, where they also are keeping up just as well, and selling more than those acts altogether); the band just won a Teen Choice Award for Payphone as best Breakup song (and it truly is a great one… despite the fact that so far has been just acknowledged by tasteless teens who think that Bieber and One Direction and Twilight are something else but darn TRASH, erasing any credibility/relevance to the award they landed to Maroon 5 anyway…) and after some more shooting days for Adam in Cali/East Coast for AHS and probably that other tv thing he does from time to time the guys will leave towards South America to perform a tour that we hope soon or later will hit Europe as well (snort… -_-).

Behati Prinsloo and her amazing, unique, mesmerizing face

Everything’s pretty fine under Maroon 5 sky.

I am glad about it, now that I fully re-embraced them after I got so positively hit with Overexposed (and so unespectedly, in many ways).

It wasn’t easy for me to almost hate them and Adam for a full year

I still hate that he’s doing the Fuckery The Voice, but that won’t last much longer… we all know this is the last season of the original line-up and I can see already the new panel (I guess John Mayer, Alicia Keys, John Legend and Miranda Lambert could take the seats up to spin some newness in that horrible karaoke show… see if I got something or someone right in the next season).

I still think Moves Like Jagger is a sub-par song… and I know it gave them back stellar popularity, but it’s a cheap song still.

Overexposed instead is full of amazing pop songs.

They are real songs which have real feelings encrypted and THAT is the Maroon5/Adam Levine that I like to cherish.

To like and be a fan of someone, doesn’t certainly mean to be blind or always agreeing with their choices.

At all (and I am not a yessgirl anyway, so take me or leave it here… it’s simple ;)).

I have been asked often what I think of the fact Adam is branching out to acting; in itself, I love that he signed up for two great acting opportunities.

Working with Keira Knightley (I have always loved her since Bend It like Beckham), Mark Ruffalo, and the major director he is submitted to for Can a song Save Your Life is a wonderful thing; and about American Horror Story I am a fan of the show so I can’t wait to see how he will fare there as well, under the directive inputs of his good friend Ryan Murphy.

Look at the slideshow below out of pictures of Adam and Keira on the Can A song… set (songs that you hear as the slideshow goes are among my Maroon 5 favs… “Come Away to the Water“, “Chilly Winter” and “One More Night“):

That said… I don’t think it’s something natural for Adam to act.

Adam Levine departs from LAX on July 19th to reach Atlanta for the Microsoft Private Event performance on July 20th 2012

I try to explain: people with a natural charisma (like the one he possesses) and a full larger-than-life true personality don’t find easy to “act”.

Acting requests to be someone else, erasing your true core to be “alter” from it.

If somebody is fully and proudly “himself”… do that shifting is all but easy and even when it happens, it may result forced or not as smoothly resulting as it should be to be convincing on cameras.

I am sure he has the talent to do everything he wants… and I long to see him on mega screen but I am not surprised his first acting experiences will focus on characters which are “similar to his real personality”.

He’s definitely skilled at many things; he has already acted in videos; he has an enormous knowledge about movies and history of the cinematographic techniques.

His grandfather has been a producer; he’s been raised in Hollywood and breathes movie since he was a kid.

Don’t make him read books… but land him a screenplay and he will probably recite many of the most famous from the 80s and 90s fully and by heart.

There’s nothing more “meant to be” in a way than Adam Levine and movies, and not only because he’s so undeniably gorgeous, of that beauty that only actors are meant to display.

But all that said… it’s not gonna be an easy transposition for him.

He’d need to be a more natural “faker” to be a better actor, I think.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good actor anyway, in a convenient time (just like he probably will be a very nice golfer, in a while, just because he want it very badly now).

Another thing: I don’t like that he is bulking up for the roles he has been scripted for.

I don’t.

I like him in his natural body shape which is… PRETTY DAMN PERFECT as it is.


Adam’s body is lean structured perfection. I hope his bulking up for the movies stops soon. His natural body is flawless without it 😉

Then try to deny my point 😉

I don’t like that much the buffer version of Adam that is showing up lately; nothing that is irreversible and he still gorgeous… it’s just that I love his body shape as it is up above.

Lean, sculpted but not overdone.

Anyway Nature will be back soon: you can’t change the way Nature has decided your body has to be so… let’s just wait for things to get back to normal 😉

Talking about very good genes and natural beauty, and not so conventional one… look as well at his lady, and get as amazed as I do at the wondrous perfection of her unique face, with those sublime, sublime cheekbones:

Behati Prinsloo: Adam Levine’s new girlfriend.
Together since May 2012.
Fierce beauty matches fierce beauty 😉

Oh, well…

I have some soft spots, you know 😉 and I am not afraid to voice my supports, as much I am never afraid to detail my distaste when I feel I have any.

Read also this beautiful interview from the Guardian if you like (more British feels, you gotta get used for the incoming month)… I loved it 😉

The Guardian – 30 Minutes with Adam Levine – July 2012

I have to admit reading it it was hard for me not dream once more of a future Chris Martin + Adam Levine duet in any form.

That would be my musical highlight of a fan.

Hands down.


I leave you with some musical homage, that someway links with my incoming move towards London.

One year ago, we lost one of the most beautiful voices, and one of the most talented artists in contemporary music history.


Amy Winehouse.

Let’s remember her, and through her beautiful voice let’s also share a thought for all the victims of the senseless violence in Aurora, Colorado.

Men shall cherish their lives more… and respect other ones in ways that sometimes seem just out of reach when you follow news on tv, and astonish yourself at the barbarism that seems to run rampant.

Let’s make music heal…

Music is the greatest thing, along Love.

Have all a great Holiday time, or the best August you can.

Dream. Think. Act.

Happy life,

Missus Z. 🙂


68 Responses to "Olympically oriented… Holiday Time!"

What a beautiful post Zaira!
I could not agree more with everything you said.
Also, I wish you a very happy Summer, and to enjoy the London Games.
I will keep following you on Twitter while you’re there.

So well said! I hope A&B keep going because they match perfectly! Those pics of Adam and Anne on Tumblr are pure sickness and totally disrespectful to Behati! I’m sure Anne PR loves going to keep raising her profile still linked to Adam. It’s amazing how Anne still doesn’t get a new man. They are afraid of that marrying thing or she only wants a suscessful (till then?)career!

what adam and anne picture?

Adam Levine’s tumblr are full of Anne+Adam pics. People simply can’t get over it…..

aaaah yeah, then again i saw ppl still posting bee with jamie on bee’s tumblr hoping they would get together again esp after bee and jamie tweeted each other in july 19th >.< i guess some ppl just couldnt move on and accept bee-jamie are still good friends

I so agree with you! Jamie and Bee ended things in good terms and it’s great for both!

i do like A&B, but i hope one day Adam will show his support to Bee, i mean not only Bee who keeps keeping up with him, i mean relationship also gonna work out if both sides do the work, not only one, i’m afraid one day bee will be tired, and since i’m more of Bee’s fan than adam,so as her fan i do want to see adam did the same thing like bee did for him (if not now, maybe later in the near future,that’s if they still together)

Erm… Don’t expect that anytime soon.
He won’t share with the world his feelings like Anne was forcing him to do, expecting vocal support from him to push her career further, or to entertain the crowd.
Adam is with Bee, not with Bee’s career, and I am sure he supports her, but I can’t see him doing again press tours to underline that.
I also don’t expect anytime soon to have Adam and Behati tweet one another for the world to see, because (for Above’s sake, finally) Behati is just like Adam and she treasures her PRIVATE life, and she is not really into tweeting her personal business all over twitter.
Adam’s private life and connections are his, and Bee is smart enough to not let her career step into the relationship, because it’s clear by now if Adam’s girlfriend takes more care of her career than she does of him, he will let the girl go, and without apparent regrets other than some very temporary small mourning (and some good breakup songs slippin over from the ties-cuts).
Behati won’t do Anne’s mistakes there, it’s quite clear by the way she is very reserved about this her and Adam have since the start of May (allegedly they first hooked up at a Coachella party in middle April though).
Behati is not in it for a career push.
She seems to genuinely just like Adam for the person he is, not for the relevancy he has and I really like that.
Behati’s career is going awesomely on its own.
Let the private life be just that… private.
The less this relationship gets inspected by media or the fans… the better will be.
Especially for Bee and Adam, first and foremost.

oh yeah i get what you mean there, but what i mean bout adam supporting bee is more like, be there with her just like bee did for him, no need to show it to public, you know just like bee did and we found out through ppl’s account, not from papz, coz as for now it’s more like bee’s keeping up with him more, i didnt say he got to do the same amount as in right now, but later in the near future,that’s also IF they still together kekeke

I am sure Adam will fly for Bee as well when he can. He has done it already, but so far, simply his schedule is ten times more stuffed than hers. And it will always likely be so. What is very good and lovely, is that unlikely what was happening in previous relationships, Behati doesn’t waste time staying on her own whenever she can be with him, even if for a small amount of hours. She is taking every opportunity she has to be together, and trust me, this is certainly MAJORLY appreciated and loved by Adam; but it’s not like Bee HAS to do that. She WANTS to do that and is bright enough to realize this is what a relationship needs to work.
Time to be spent together.
She is also smart enough to accept if she has a schedule less crazy than his, there’s no shame in her according her agenda to his.
Again, that is just what it’s requested when you are a couple.
If Adam’s schedule would be less intense than it is, I am sure he would do the traveling towards her as well.
He hates to be alone.
Especially when being coupled means have a wonderful, sexy, funny and amazing time with a fierce, gorgeous Namibian Princess 😉 (and nobody blames him there 😉 ).
They know what they have to do.
Don’t worry, they do 😉

behati is a person who is not afraid to show her love to her man but i guess it’s good that she’s more private now with adam, i mean not being too open to public (though she doesnt mind), honestly, it’s kinda make me nervous cause not knowing they still together or not cause the lack of their appearance in public hahaha but well, i respect their privacy though, with bee’s personality, i’m sure adam will have a fun time lol

anyway have you see Behati’s new pic from yesterday shoot ? http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7uxc5MpyQ1qf2l29o1_500.jpg she looks so gorgeous

Behati is a very beautiful, sparkling girl.
Her pictures are always so lovely and cheerful and I really like them.
PS: she must have met Mario Batali just the other day.
Now she follows him, and that is a further Adam’s link she shares now.
All is good.
BUt again, it’s none other’s business than theirs 😉

oh who is mario batali? i googled him and found out he’s a chef or smth? is he good friend of adam? if it’s the case, good to know they all get along with each other’s friends quite well^^

Mario Batali is one of the most famous chef in the world; many celebrities are pals with him and he and Adam bonded even more while being alums of Hank Haney Golf show this past fall. (but Mario is also the chief chef of one of Adam’s pals in LA).
He’s a very talented chef and a very funny man too.
Then you know… I have a soft spot for every Italian who makes it majorly in USA 😉

your are completely right. The less we see of them the best. I’m sure Adam supports Bee’s career and is there for her too, but he doesn’t need to show it to the world , neither does she and that’s what I love about them. Also, I thought Adam didn’t go to Coachella party, for all the comments and tweets. Can you clarify that for me? thanks, I’m really enjoying your posts

Adam went actually for the blink of a night to the Extravaganza party at Coachella.
I was there and somebody looking just like him (tatts and all) seemed to be in the chaotic space too.
I was with my friends and we had other guesting us so I didn’t really check for sure, but the day after on the fields many people (too many for being a collective dream) spoke about him being there as well.
These people also were reporting he hooked up with somebody whose description is a dead ringer for Behati.
As I said, I can’t for sure claim any of this is true because I didn’t see it with my own eyes and none of the friends who were with me at Coachella (whom I trust beyond Truth) did either.
That’s why when I speak of that I say always “allegedly”.
Anyway, when he was claiming “what is better than going to Coachella? NOT going to Coachella” he was actually heading there and coming back, for the small span of hours (I guess he got paid to attend, like all the famous celebrities who can be caught there in fact… they all get paid to show themselves up).

I like this privacy on A&B relationship. It’s obvious Adam wants this way. I only hope this privacy has a good reason because when Adam was with Anne he loved all that attention of paps and all those pics. Oh yes, maybe he didn’t like it at all but he has never demonstrated it in his face.I hope too this is not the case almost everything for Anne and almost nothing for Bee….As Bee’s fans we want someday Adam shows in his face his happiness and love for Bee…if they last obviously. Till now only in Hawaii and through some people testimony we can say something positive about them.

it makes me wonder if he will come to this year VSFS (if they still together by that time)

I don’t think he will attend the show again, and by November he’s filming the Voice (that awful thing) for the live episodes so to move to New York in the middle of the week to film it wouldn’t be easy anyway.
It wouldn’t be very tasteful to replicate things he did with his previous girlfriend so I doubt he (or she, to be honest) would be up for that first to be frank.
And it’s way too early to predict things like these.
I hope people leave A&B alone, without pushing them to be more open for the world to see them together.
Just a couple of sentences from a couple of songs in Overexposed “So won’t you touch me, cos everybody’s watching us now… we’re putting on a show for the crowd” (Doin’ Dirt, a song that depicts cheating on a lover that is never present, but try to be controlling of the significant other from afar, and likes the attention to be displayed for the others too see); “When we did cross the line, how could we forget… what do we let the pressure get into our heads” (“Wipe Your Eyes”, and the bad effect on a relationship of the expectations that are not measured up to the chances of actually being able to spend the right time together alone).
Adam and Behati are together for their own will and pleasure.
It’s their own business and hopefully only theirs.
Adam considers a mistake the way he displayed his previous link to the eyes of the world.
He won’t do that again.
Never to that extent and I think he’s more than right in this.
What that brought to the previous link was just a forced eyesight from strangers into his life, a lot of pretending for cameras, two months of kinda faking tweets to keep “the image” safer and overall nothing good for himself.
I’ll be happy if this will never be replied again, because real life is always best when it’s secluded from all Hollywood fakery and PR machines.

Zaira, I love your blog!
First of all I love Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo dating. She is really an upgrade for him! Yes, there are people (few) against this affair but they are of 2 types: 1) Anne V fans who can’t get over the split and that are talking badly about Bee especially on twitter and tumblr 2) people who wants Adam alone and single to keep their sick dreams alive. That’s why I compliment Adam for his decision to keep his new lady off press. He for sure has feelings for Behati. If Adam didn’t have affection for Bee he woudn’t care to show her in public! She’s a gorgeous girl! Times have changed and I’m sure Adam has learned the lesson! I wonder how much Adam loves his girlfriend personality and attitude. Behati is unique!! As for us, we have to wait and see this love blossom .

wow those ppl are sad ppl ~_~

I was in Tahoe the weekend of the concert and I can tell Adam was on fire, super happy, full of energy, jumping around, he gave us so many amazing guitar solos. He was talkative and joking around with the crowd. He even said that morning he woke up with the best view ever, of course, Bee was there( by the way Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, now I’m obsess with California), you could tell he was really in the mood and that’s also because of Bee. There’s some videos of the concert and if you look carefully you can see she taking pictures of Adam from behind. I love this couple, I love both of them together and by their own. Bee is doing everything right and makes Adam happy, that would have been enough for me to love her but I think she is awesome, I’ll always be her fan.

WHOA you were there? did you see Bee in person? 😀 many ppl who have met her in real person, said she’s gorgeous and so nice.
oooh she’s taking pic of him? hahahaha she loves to take pics XD
can you share the link to that video?

Ok, here are some links from the concert, look on the corner, there’s Bee taking pics with her phone


WOW thanks for the vids, yeah i think i saw her, the one with black tank and light borwn pants right?

yeap, I didn’t see her at first cause she is very discreet but that was her

So Behati will never be in a Maroon 5 video.

Why not?
Adam had many girlfriends in Maroon 5 videos, that was never an Anne’s privilege; he has always had girlfriends in them since This love, so I wouldn’t see anything strange in Behati acting in one.
Behati has already been in a video too: she was the star of the amazing The Virgin’s “Rich Girls” video in 2009 so it’s not like that would be a first experience for her either.

hahahaha well to me not that i dont want her to be in M5 video (coz i would love to see that), but i prefer her not to be in one, idk but imo by not making her in the video, it will be better somehow, so she’s not for the “showy” thing, you know >.<

Very well said Zaira.One more question: do you think the famous Anne’s statement to People mag was combined by A&A or was it a surprise to Adam (the statement not the split obviously)? I think that statement was unnecessary!

completely unnecessary

People Magazine is the only reliable magazine about “gossip” because it is fed by representatives of people involved.
They would never publish a statement without asking all parties involved, so if Anne’s statement was printed, I assume for sure People contacted Adam’s representative and manager (he was the most prominent one in the relationship and at no cost People Magazine would have risked to upset him) and got the green light from them as well.
I am sure Adam and Anne had some sort of agreement post split (something that made sure there wouldn’t be sex tapes or spicy stories coming out on books or tv later on after the split) and it wouldn’t be surprising if part of the agreement involved the fact she would have been silent about their kinky private past, but she hd to come out with the statement instead of him, to have some sort of direct post split visibility in a worthy magazine (the trash magazine can be fed and they were as well with lies, but People Magazine guarantees a way higher profile).
I also think that the statement was nothing surprising.
To me all gossip is unnecessary, but after two years together and a cover about Adam and Blake two weeks prior to that statement, where he mentioned his then allegedly still girlfriend (they were already separated, but people couldn’t know it yet) it was someway due that some reliable news was printed about their split too.
People Magazine didn’t came as a surprise and it was well decided between them both.
The rest of the trash press, instead, was certainly not… but I guess it comes with the perks of “fame”, and until Adam stays in the spotlight, garbage out of Us weekly, Star Magazine, Perez, Just Jared and all the rags will keep being spanned, with their untruthful reports.
It’s Hollywood… the only real thing is glitter that covers tears, never forget.

Adam, Behati and Coachella….destiny

Yeap, it was

Anyway Do you know where this taken?

http://a-levine.com/gallery/albums/Candids/2012/June%2019%20Out%20with%20Behati/0_28129.jpg from last month though, seems like they’re not happy with the papz

Those were taken at Arclight Movie Theatre. Adam’s get-go place for seeing movies, but unfortunately, everybody’s famous get-go place to see movies. It’s pretty near to his house (and mine in Los Angeles, actually) and he’s always there when he wants to see movies.
And sure they were not happy to see paps there.
He hates them, and was probably thinking “Get the fuck out of our time, haven’t you dried me enough already for way too long?”
Poor soul.
It must really be awful to be pestered by paparazzi when you are out doing your own business.
But he knows that’s what he signed up for when he decided he wanted to be famous.

And some mean soul on twitter has said Adam was bored this day and more: “with Anne he was always happy…..”

aaaah ok, papz annoying but their skills only chasing celebs lol XD

so i guess in LA she spent time at adam’s place?
behati usually so open bout her relationship,but it looks like she’s more careful now, since she’s dating a public figure >.< both got so many things to adjust,but with behati and adam personality i hope they could just let it flow

It's sad how so many ppl disapproved them (i mean i used to be one of them,but i accept the fact that she likes him&vice versa,well i should just support lol), some even predicting it wont last, why ppl already predicting that, both just got out from long term rel, and i doubt they want another serious stuff right now hahahaha

true that maybe it won't last (maybe it will), but hey atleast they had fun together, i just hope IF they decided to breakup,it will be a good one,as in they still being friends.

eeeh my post gone @_@

anyway, how does that person know adam is bored? LOL seriously, is that person spent the time with him? XD

what should he do? going round showing off behati and all, even just walking they already got bashed (ofc by you KNOW WHO) ~_~

@rose how would they know adam is bored ~_~ they dont even spend time with him, so what he should do when he’s with behati? showing off? LOLOL even them just walking round already got bashed

@zaira is that mean she’s staying at adam’s place in LA?
behati is quite open bout her relationship but seems like she’s more careful now with adam. I really think they’re not serious, idk why ppl already expecting them to break up, heck this only a summer hookup just like you said,they just enjoying each other’s company,i bet they dont want anything serious right now. If they decided to break up i just hope they will end it in good terms

Yes, of course Behati is at Adam’s when she is in LA.
And so far I think everything is pretty strong between them to be honest.
Yesterday Shawn Tellez (Adam’s Personal Assistant, and a great friend) joined twitter. He follows Behati obviously too, as his wife Gisella does. I still be cautious and call this just a temptative relationship so far, because both Adam and Bee are coming off long terms relationship and it’s never easy to start immediately a stable one again but what I see is a LOT of great potential in fact.
All of his entourage is into her and viceversa (she just followed also Milo, which is the other dude in the pic of Behati and Adam in Hawaii when Adam caresses Behati’s belly), she keeps being all the time with him, and very quiet and discreet about it, and it’s just clear from his (amazing as of late) tweets that Adam is in a wonderful, happy, creative and just spectacular mood lately.
I don’t care if they don’t smile for the paps, and if they hide from them and look pissed when they snap them occasionally; what ONLY matters is that they are most certainly VERY happy behind curtains and on their own, and if people don’t like this or still mourn something that was dead already by January 2012 it’s a problem that has no relevance at all.
I am happy Love is in the air.
And for how long this last (and it may actually last I think) the certain fact is that Adam is very happy since he got with her. All of his video and interviews and solo pictures since he has been in relationship with Behati show a clear eye, a smiling face, and just happiness and energy all around.
Compare that with what he was looking like in February and March (dead in his eyes, and overall really forced in all of his smiles) and you get how wonderful is that he’s out of his previous failed drama and into this new blossoming link.

But still… it’s not anything that they do for the crowd, the fans… whoever look into their lives.
All they are and do are for one another and it’s really only their own business.

Let’s let them live and wish them the best 🙂
All the rest is just Fortune telling and we all know by now Adam really doesn’t believe in that, do we? 😉

zaira, hmmm i saw shawn and bee tweeting each other and it’s so funny somehow their topic LOL XD
i guess this shows they are still very much together,huh?

i never really follow A+A rel, but wow i didnt know that few months before their official broke up,they actually no longer look as happy as it used to be @_@ cause i usually only look at their pics and like “oh still together?! what a record!” hahahaha then i get to see more of her here and there than it used to be XD

Adam seems never hide his mood? when he’s happy he shows it,when he’s not he shows it?! while Bee, no one really notice she’s no longer with Jamie or heartbroken,cause Bee always smiling and all,she never look like she’s depressed,i guess she just naturally a person who never really let stress/depression/heartbroken/any other negative things get into her,she’s just a kind person >.<
that's why many B+J shippers shocked and still cant accept they broke up,i guess i understand how their shippers feeling though,it's kind of a sudden in their eyes.

but just like you said, i think it's time for adam or bee's fans who shipped them with the other ppl,just accept and be happy for AB,just pray the best for them, i just want to see them happy, if it's last then good for them^^

ok this is weird i didnt see my comment lol xD

@zaira so is that mean she spent time at adam’s place while she’s in LA? hmmm Bee is not a person who loves to hide her relationship,she’s quite affectionate person hahaha but i guess she’s being careful now with adam, maybe if they last for many years, this couple will be more open and just dont care bout papz anymore.

@rose how that person would know if adam is bored or not lol if he looks “not smiley” when he’s with bee, i bet not because he was bored, but cause he doesnt like papz taking pics of them together.

idk if they will last or not, maybe not,maybe this just a pure fling as they just out from serious long term rel, but hey they had fun together, they feel happy or this short of time, i guess that’s all they wanted as for now.

it’s just amusing ppl already comparing their 3months rel to Bee-Jamie’s few years rel and A+A couple of years rel lol and it’s funny how ppl only saw from Adam’s POV, hey he’s not the only one who just got out from serious rel,Bee prob also just need a fun companion,at least for now.

let’s just enjoy their fun relationship lol but i hope when they decided to end their rel, it will be in good terms

Adam stopped being happy with Anne as soon as she started to miss their time together to do more photo shots, and at the same time having the nerve to pressure him into engagement ( and I don’t think she wanted to be engaged to him out of some real care she had, but because she could have obtained more fame out of that).
In December 2012 Adam and Anne’s pictures seemed already very forced and fake.
Those around Christmas 2012 were really noything more than show ups for the public (sure she wanted to be papped and tried her best to make Adam ready for it with whining and crying, if what Overexposed says has to be trusted, and it surely has), but you could have guessed they were not looking any happy anymore.
Of course Anne would always call up her friendly stalkers at Just Jared to make it seem like everything was fine between them to milk Adam’s visibility some more, but there were nothing happy about that couple since the time Anne missed to stay in Russia along Maroon 5, claiming a missed airplane.
I don’t really get why people still ship something that was clearly making Adam unhappy and frustrated and angry and sad since that long ago.
Behati at least is spending all the free time she has with Adam and doesn’t seel him to press to gain more fame for herself.
There’s no comparison between the two.
Behati is sincerly into Adam.
Anne was sincerly into the fame he could have given to her.

I couldn’t have written better! I sincerely hope Adam and Behati last! They seem perfect to each other and as a huge Adam fan seeing him so happy as he is now is a blessing and wow!: The name Behati means blessing……Zaira, love your blog! Keep going!

wew @_@ i never noticed that, though during those period i did read bout rumor of them breaking up, i guess it’s not rumored after all >.<

but one think bout behati, when she's into something or someone,she really mean it, i just hope adam could understand her and all^^

well said. I have nothing against Anne, but well said. The pics at the grammys were so awkward, very post, they weren’t happy, it was wired

What I love the most of this new relationship is that Adam seems so relax now. He is smiling and revitalized with new energy. He said in an interview that even though he is a very competitive person right now he is desalinating himself and music from the concept of wining, he just wants to make good music and be relax(that’s really good for us, the ones who enjoy good music). I think this attitude comes from being with someone as easygoing and relax as Bee, who doesn’t demand anything from him but spending the free time he has with her, having fun. I hope this last, and as Zaira I see a lot of potential here. As long as they keep everything quiet and low key. As much as I would love to see Bee in one of Maroon 5 videos I hope Adam doesn’t mix business and pleasure, that would means he is protecting the relationship. It would be and statement of how much he cares about it ( in my opinion when you care a lot about someone you protect that relationship and keep it for yourself, as he said once “what’s wrong with keeping that island of distraction for yourself”)

hmmm you guys know adam better, so if you say there’s POTENTIAL this relationship could work out, then i hope so hahaha

true i think it’s better to keep the relationship off from all those entertainment stuff, maybe later in the future once they already so stable XD

and it seems like they still together, she seems quite close with adam’s PA

You probably meant December 2011? 😉
Anyway, I agree that those pictures of them by then were very awkward, and that during Grammies they were just plain acting up.
But I think there was real pain in their breakup… both seemed very sad about it (Anne tweeted for months sentences of regret and notes on how true love shall survive distance, in an attempt to state she would have maybe hoped they could have kept up still).
I don’t think nor I will ever do that Anne “used” Adam completely.
she surely was enjoying the fame coming from him (something she will keep have because now her profile is forever higher thanx to Adam’s link) but I do honestly believe she had true feelings for him or she wouldn’t have mourned that breakup for so long.
Let’s leave Anne alone…
She has been a HUGE part of Adam’s life and we must respect this, and her, even now that it’s all over.
This at least is my opinion, of course just mine 😉

Of course Karen! People who said that is still mourning Adam’s previous relationship and don’t know what to do except bashing Behati. I think all this negative reaction will be over fast and what really matters is that Adam and Bee are together and happy!

wow seriously, i dont see the point of them (A+A shippers) bashing behati or bashing adam (B+J shippers) cause seriously both of them were single when they hooked up >.< and yeah they probably each other's rebound but hey it's their choice hahaha as long as they enjoy each other,right? 😀 last or not, no one knows,but as for now they seems happy,so that's all matter,i agree with you

oh anyway, is it true that adam had a fling with Bergje Heinen (the model on Payphone)? cause some ppl was like “seriously adam? anne, then bergje and now behati? all the VS models” LOL i seriously never saw any rumored bout them, but why some ppl saying it like he did has a THING with her?! sigh SMH

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if he bedded Bregje because any of the female lead in his videos have been bedded by him.
ANY. SINGLE. ONE (beside Rihanna it seems, but even there… I wouldn’t bet and I am sure he tried anyway to do it 😉 ).
Adam is a sexual predator (that Sharky surname comes out of his thirst) and by then he was free so why not? (word is he also got it on with Minka Kelly, just for the sake of it).
But we don’t really know for sure about either Bregje or Minka yet because no evidence has surfaced of that other than some voices.
Still… well… Adam is an undisputed talent in whoring up anybody worthy so if any don’t be shocked.
It’d be just another one in his infinite collection of female tastes in case.
And by then he wasn’t with Bee, so no fault either.

yeah i know adam “loving” the women hahahaha but idk i just got the feeling he’s not bangin’s those 2 girls, minka still has bf i think and she’s quite loyal hmmmm…..

oh he’s not yet with Bee when they shoot the mv with minka? O.o

anyway i just saw bee tweeted with shawn,seems like they getting along well

Nope, Minka Kelly was and still single since she and Vilmer Valderrama broke up by January.
So nothing was preventing her from some good Adam’s taste I guess 😉
And yes, they shot the video between April 16 and 18 (along with Payphone one) so by then Adam and Bee were not together (they would meet just that incoming weekend, if the Coachella thing has some truth at its basis).
Oh, my… for being somebody who hates (and I truly do) Gossip I know a lot.
Blame my MONSTER memory.
I keep in mind everything and every detail that I come across… even when I don’t want to 😉
Have a nice time of the day/night wherever you are… 🙂 My day just started in Beautiful LondonTown!!!! 😀

oh and who is noah mailbox? @_@

Noah Passovoy is a Sound technician and producer/deejay who’s friends with Adam & Maroon 5 and all of the Phantom Planet guys since A LONG TIME. He’s one of the closest people in Adam’s life and of course Bee shares that link too now.
Allegedly she plays videogames well with all the guys (good… Adam and his crew are ALL huge nerds and game lovers… this is just another sign she fits so well that group ;)).

I live in South East Asia, you’re in london? niiicccee^^ i always want to go there, but still saving up hahahaha

hmmmm did you see adam’s new tweet? wonder what’s that bout =/ hope nth to do with Bee T_T

Zaira I have a question. After the break up and especially after Overexposed I can’t understand A&A interview in the Stern show. By that time, in Adam’s mind all was over. How do you interpret his behavior and his speech in that interview?

I am nobody to try to guess why they did that together, but I have some ideas of course.
And actually, what makes the situation clear to me are two wonderful songs in Overexposed, two songs that really tell EVERYTHING about how they split, and how it was a sad and heartfelt breakup, and not an hateful or angry one.
The songs are Sad (obviously) and the even more revealing Beautiful Goodbye, that I think was completed JUST after the Stern interview (we know that Sad was written in a day in the middle of March, and that signs on the moment Adam told himself the choice was made).
Think that Adam already brought Rebecca along to be interviewed together on Stern, and also then he broke up with her shortly after (yeah, he definitely must stop bringing girlfriends there: it’s poisoning ;)).
I think if yo watch the images of the interview it’s clear they were not well, but if you watch closely, that sense of awkwardness was different than on the Grammy red carpet. on Stern they were willing to make things work NOT for the cameras… (as on the Grammies, where they were absolutely NOT into each other – I guess they fought just before and after the event, and in fact Anne’s make up and hair were not properly made) but for their own need.
When Adam went surprisingly at the Las Vegas event for SI Illustrated in February (helped by John legend), I am sure it was one of his ways to TRY HARD to make the thing work.
Stern was just the same, but then he knew it wouldn’t have anyway.
Anne and Adam wanted TWO different thing: Anne was ready to commit, and for her spending time together would have happened after her career, (in her mind probably just a matter of a couple of years of that on the plane life), because once the promise was made, I am sure she would have stayed with him fore ever after.
Sadly Adam thinks exactly the opposite: he thinks commitment “in words” is just pointless, and he won’t give a ring until his career is ended, because for him what matters is time spent together in the moment and he couldn’t bare to suffer her departures any longer.
If you listen to Beautiful Goodbye, that song says it all.
Adam did a lot for that relationship; he poured his best efforts and it still didn’t work because their approaches to life were way too much incompatible.
But I do believe they have loved each other.
After the Stern interview I wrote in this blog that it seemed like an introduction to the reasons given later of their split.
They were like preparing the crowd about it, but MOSTLY I think they were preparing themselves.
They had to slowly breakup while being away, because I am sure they would have never been able to do it if they had the chance to keep seeing one another (One More Night, anyone?).
When I say things between them were over since January I mean it… in the sense they knew there was no hope for them, unless one of them would have changed completely their sight on their own life.
And that wasn’t possible, and moreover, it wouldn’t have been RIGHT for any of them.
But for months, of course, they had to face how to part… distance helped in doing it, but that doesn’t mean it was easy on either part.
When Adam sings (and hear HOW he does, so soulfully) “Let them go, let them fly, holding back won’t turn back time… believe me I’VE TRIED” he tells all.
HE decided the thing had to end (he says it also in Sad, “wondering is the one I CHOSE was the right one”), but it has probably been one of the most difficult decisions of his life, because I am sure he sincerely loved Anne the best he could.
That’s why I bless Behati.
Without her, Adam would have been desperate for such a long time.
She saved him.
I truly believe she has saved him from a very painful, sad and important heartbreak.
If he’s happy now, and not mourning anymore… that is ALL and everything a Behati’s gift.

You are way too kind regarding Anne.
She tried to push him into a step that is supposed to be very important but she never tried to spend enough time with him.
If she had loved him, she would have acted always very differently.
I still think she essentially used him as a ladder to a broader fame (which she has obtained, so she accomplished her mission well).
I agree on the fact Adam loved her instead.
But not enough to do what would have been his greatest mistake ever, fortunately.
Anne didn’t deserve any of his love in the first place.
She never gave back anything worthy, just long goodbyes and way too many video chats.

Stern show in February 2012

Whoa ok why the latest tweets from both adam and bee sounds gloomy @_@ bee quoted this ““Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” while adam sounds mad or smth

if they really end their relationship, it’s just so saaad, i mean i know it’s just a summer fling,but idk i just saw the potential there =/ well whatever makes them happy i guess >.<

Wow… I think you shouldn’t try to read that much into any of their tweets… that isn’t good for your health?
I don’t think Adam’s tweet had anything to do with Behati, and the same I don’t think Behati’s was about Adam, considering she said to Noah and Shawn 18 hours before that she will be back in LA along them soon.
But anyway… whatever that is I don’t think anyone shall obsess over Adam and Bee’s tweets or their relationship.
Our lives don’t depend on any of theirs.
I HOPE at least?
Take this I said in a friendly way, ok? But I think you’re just a tad too much involved in something that is not really mattering… Not as much as you seem to think for yourself at least.
PS: I am not from London.. I am Italian; I am in London for the Olympics along my husband and his family 😉
Have a nice day! 🙂

hahaha no i’m not obsessed with their tweets though i was just stumbled upon their tweets on my TL and quite shock lol
true true i guess i shouldnt read too much into what they said on twitter,it’s just it was happened before with Bee’s tweet and Voila! she broke up with jamie hahahaha so i was having a bit of dejavu i guess @_@

anyway dont worry,i’m glad there’s someone who thinks like you, it’s just i’m a big Bee’s fan,so i guess i just want her to be happy huhuhu >..< (i used to be a big fan of Coppa Italia lol)
waaaaa you having fun in london? have fun okay^^

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[…] noticed straight two things: that it was taken in July when she had that little few days away from Adam (one of the rare cases they weren’t together) before reaching him at Lake Taohe (the villa is […]

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