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K’s Grandmas are awesome, it’s 2005 in Music again and Adam and Behati are together since two months ;)

Posted on: 9 July 2012

Good morning!

And… Lake Garda rocks.
that’s all 😉

That is a very absurd title I know, but I just wanted an excuse to write a little bit to post MTV First Interview of Maroon 5 recorded last week in New York (which I found absolutely entertaining and which reminded me why no matter the missteps I can’t avoid in the end to love Adam and Maroon5…) along a little cartoon anime slideshow that I made out for Adam and Behati to test a new program I downloaded  for my Mac, while updating shortly the blog, in a day that I still have someway time (Summer comes… and I don’t think when in London for Olympics I’ll update a thing ;)).

We had the most awesome July the 4th celebration along with K’s grandmothers who I made fly over from USA (ehi! my hubby needed his roots in that Day, I am a good wife so I tried my best and that was making up for the fact the day at golfing couldn’t really happen as planned – nor did the fireworks I had spent millions over.. – due to a storm over our area) and overall this has been a good few days in Z’s land (well, if you avoid to consider that TRAGIC Wimbledon Mess such a zero compared to last year, when we went there witnessing and AMAZING finale and met also Nole at the winner party… *sigh*).

But on the SUPER BRIGHT sporty side…

Ladies and Gentlemen, STEVE NASH (one of my all time sporty idols, even when the most bitter adversary) is A LAKER!!!!

Rejoice Laker Nation… we got the TWO smartest players ever on the same side of the shield 🙂 🙂 🙂

That news has made all of my families be endlessly happy: AH! 😉

This past weekend we have spent our days at Lake and Karim and the lovely ladies loved every bit (a lavish on the lake party in their honor didn’t hurt, I admit ;)). I adore his family… I just do.

Now they all know about why I really love Catullo, too 😉 (kinky details… not here. what ???? ;)).

This very early morning my beloved husband left along his grannies to San Francisco to spend a few days with his parents at home, so it means for what it rests of this week I will be SEXLESS (tragedy!!! But I hope Karim will let me at least play a bit with poor unaware souls ;)) and all in the capable hands and care of my crew (treat me right, crew… and NO… Friendly Benefiting no more, sadly 😉 ).

But I have a wonderful set of music to keep me safe during these days, because it looks like 2012 is just up here to make me the happiest.

Hewl yeah: music this Summer is shaping to make me also feel very much American-like… it’s all happening as if it’s 2005 again!!! And I love it!!! And it makes me get back to my years wandering in between UK and USA!!! (does it sound like I am getting old…? Oh boy!)

Let’s note the music that I am loving now: New Maroon 5; New No Doubt; New Pink; New The Killers; New Muse; New Smashing Pumpkins; New Fiona Apple; incoming New Green Day.

I say this is going to be a fantastic Summer in Music 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

But it’s not only a reminiscing flair the one I have for this hot stake of weeks.


I have discovered (finally…) and COMPLETELY fallen in love with OF MONSTERS AND MEN and what opened the door to their magic was this incredibly fantastic video of theirs, for a GLORIOUSLY beautiful song:

Of Monsters and Men “Little Talks”


Oh, while we are on the subject, I still adore Overexposed with each more listening and I guess my Maroon 5 fandom is starting to show back massively (what can I do… I follow my heart, and sometimes I quarrel with it because I’d just love EVERYTHING happen MY WAY, and that not always – sadly – happens…)

And as I said on top of the post, this is the MTV First Interview dated June 26th 2012 I went up to post (the scatter is due to the fact I cannot really bother to fix the material I am given… time is short, and lots of other stuff I have, included Letterman and more interviews will be only posted in the NAWWAL page still):

And this instead is my homeage to Adam and Behati who just celebrated their two months together mark (accordingly to their reserved attitude, thanx to which we keep having really not many pictures of them snuggling, cos they avoid CAREFULLY to be paparazzi’s food, and when they decode them they detach – yasss guys, don’t be gossip trash material, fly above that cos you two are BETTER than that!-, and you know how I love that in Behati too, I have transited the pictures with this “anime like” software… ).

The song that is on the repeat there is the wonderful “Kiss” cover Maroon 5 executed on Overexposed out of Prince’s awesomeness, which I find BRILLIANT:

Back about the super hipster and low-key couple, let’s say that so far Behati has been with Adam in Los Angeles (I don’t count their first – probable – hookup back in his only evening at Coachella this past April… let’s count just the places they went together after officially becoming an item, right?), which includes DisneyWorld and The Voice studios out of it actually; then she went along him in London, Lisbon, Paris, New York, Miami and back to New York still till this very day.

Not bad girl… not bad 😉 keep climbing that tree, I am sure you do it right (I still not very into his bulking up diet and routine he’s allegedly doing for his filming roles, but there I hope it’s just a temporary thing and it seems she isn’t afraid to eat meat either ;)) 😉

I say that this is around their two months mark because I know for sure (thanx to my Fashion insiders mates) that Adam met Anne on May 15 at the Mercer Hotel in New York (before she had an event for Costello Tagliapietra, and after Adam had been in town for the NBC Upfronts event the day before, and had to remain in town for more days), where and when I assume he revealed to her that he was newly coupled (as he should have; things like those must be said face to face, no matter how awkward it can be. When a tie is cut, it is cut, so the awkwardness is just a misrepresentation of feelings that have changed, but that doesn’t mean one has to not face the truth, just to avoid that unpleasant feeling that speak of affection gone wrong).

Hence the Adam + Behati official coupling was at least from the week before that – no matter when exactly Behati spent the first days trying to get with him, – may that have been the Coachella impromptu only night Adam spent in April 2012? Voices are telling me they hooked up firstly already then, but I have NO pics though I was actually at the same party for some hours… –  what does matter is when he decided the thing could develop and become A THING.

These are the only pictures you can see of Adam and Behati’s last night together. No paparazzi calling with her 😉

I don’t know how long this will last (I hope a LOT because I love her perfectly unique cheekbones merged with HIS perfectly unique ones… I love that she is so musical, and fresh, and absolutely lively and hilarious, and most of all I LOVE that out of these two months, Behati spent with Adam 86% of her days… practically in two months she has already been with Adam longer than Anne in their first 6 months together… THAT is what a wise and interested girlfriend does if she wants to keep him – helps also that this way he can have sex regularly, chopping the chances he would otherwise stray away – 😉 and that’s the truth, point blank ;)), but I just love that Adam smiles, and that he’s clearly happy – all his communicative outlets just let this shine clear.

On Saturday the 7th of July Behati and Adam spent the whole day shopping in SoHo, and also went dining and checked La Esquina eatery and still NO flooding tons of pictures from paparazzi, but just snapped tweets from the lucky people who crossed them where shared and only the Daily Mail (again? Seems that Maroon 5 renewed popularity in the UK is pushing the press trying to mirror again his life… but even so, Adam and Behati still very out of paparazzi focus most of the times, and considering the way they could flaunt their links, it’s like they really are trying hard to not give paps any material) tried to make a post out of Adam’s hotel to catch them coming back together after the spending spree (I will try not to comment on Adam’s rolled jeans and super bright matching socks… I will try to hold my soul… *sigh* ;)).

Behati just doesn’t call paparazzi up, and this is practically awesome.

She isn’t using his fame to rise hers a single bit (and his fame now is at a HUGE peak, so she could really take a massive advantage out of that, but she doesn’t a single bit, she doesn’t do it at all), which is precious and show she really cares about Adam as a person, not as a vehicle for herself; her work is hers, but she isn’t using his fame to push it upwards: major props earned already, Bee.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo fastly walk out of paparazzi’s sight to get back at Mercer’s in SoHo, 7 July 2012. I love how anti-paps this couple is 🙂

Keep it this way, and you will come a long way :).

I still laugh my ass off at the fake “news” that Adam is dating “his ex’s friend” – even BEST friend some claim! SMH –  because that is all BS and the two barely ever used to speak to one another (some PR, and “agent” really keeps being low life and manipulative, but again, I am happy Adam is out of that group of people, being out of the previous tie. Those people are NOT good, and someone’s law records show…).

Anyway, enough of these little not important bits and let’s celebrate Love and Life and be happy everybody that even if Adam has the look of a Amish Grizzly man for Can A song Save Your Life? movie (sigh… why kill the hotness that way?), the movie itself will provide us NEW SONGS (he said it on Twitter) and Maroon 5 are also already working on POST OVEREXPOSED songs.

That’s awesome.

Can’t wait to hear this all!!!

Music is awesome, and it’s my life and I am happy it still his life as well, given that his voice still the greatest of my listening pleasures also in year 2012, and no matter how much I hate him when he does The Fuckery That Awful Karaoke Show The Voice.

Oh… and along music, gotta say Summer ain’t bad either 😉

It will be better when my hubby is back so that we can keep the sex daily fest, but I will try other physical plays for these few days when I am forced not to indulge to my FAV (by far) type of gym ;).

I will try contempt and I will try to be a good girl 😉

For sure my K. deserves all (but I hope this will make him gift me with one of my fav “not buyable” gifts… 1… 2… 3 baby? you know you love it too 😉 )

Have a gorgeous week ya’ll !!!

Missus Z. 😀

Edit: (10th July):

I am about to actually include also the Dave Letterman gig… just for fun:

And most importantly, the collage of Adam’s Q Magazine interview: please notice that in there he is NOT preaching for good drugs? He just states sincerely in their 20s they have tried Magic Mushrooms, which EVERYBODY knows already from Midnight Miles book?

Why making out a huge deal? He is not preaching about drugs goodness so please before sharing idiocies, just read the interview, thank you.

The Q Magazine interview of Adam Levine – August 2012 – please notice that he is NOT preaching about doing drugs. And everyone who has got Midnight Miles knew that all Maroon 5 tried magic mushrooms in their 20s. Big Deal…

Note also that the interview is taken at the start of May… when he was just about to seriously start to date Behati 😉 Maybe he thought the missed call in the interview was hers?  Awww 🙂 Young Love 😉

Enjoy your time today too folks, and do as me: go buy JJAMZ’s record Suicide Pack and also Frank Ocean’s amazing channel ORANGE

Bye again Missus Z (who misses hubby and the sex majorly already, by the way ;))



16 Responses to "K’s Grandmas are awesome, it’s 2005 in Music again and Adam and Behati are together since two months ;)"

Awesome as always! Congrats! I have a question: Some blogs and tumblr have been nasty – especially to Behati. They are posting heavy gossips (anonymous obviously). Maybe some “agent” is being evil again? How should Adam and Behati react to hating…? I love them together and I’ll pray a lot for Adam and Behati to last as a couple!!!!

You shouldn’t care about any nasty and fake gossip.
Adam and Behati don’t, and they really consider gossiping an awful feature, for which they wouldn’t really waste a second of their lives.

They are smart and strong and all they care about is their own opinion about themselves.

Behati is a very intelligent and full of real personality girl; even if she’s young, she’s got an amazing attitude and trust me she couldn’t care less of bad mouths, she cares only that she got Adam, and she is gonna be happy about their link even if the whole world wouldn’t.

Same about Adam.

They are unaffected by lies or bad gossip about them.
They live the real life, which is all that matter 😉
Manipulating gossip if for low-leveled losers.
Adam and Behati have nothing to do with that, and that is WONDERFUL, finally 🙂

Don’t worry a single bit: they are very happy and having lots of fun.

The rest is completely irrelevant to their world, and it should be so in everyone’s world, honestly 🙂

I eould also like to say that is really too soon to say, wish or hope this Adam + Behati coupling will last.
I may think she fits him and so, but really so far this is just fun and rebound for both.
Adam is not in it for “the one”; his career just can’t allow that.
He sure looks happy with Bee, and she seems so too, but I don’t think they’d enjoy any pressure to this they have to be overly serious.
Let’s bless their mutual fun; if they last, good.
If they don’t hopefully they will still be having memories of good Summer Sex&Fun.

Which I am sure they are practicing with major dedication 😉

I agree with what you just said here Z.

I like Adam and Behati together a lot (and a lot more than I used to like him and Anne), but to say now that they can last or be together for long is a not-so-easy-to-predict thing.

They are having fun.

What comes after this Summer fun is all written in the stars (and in Adam’s many days of work very far away from home).

I don’t think he wants to commit any soon again to another distant relationship.

He better not: those would never work out in the end.

I think Behati and Adam are a such good match. I don’t feel any pressure for a more serious commitment…Behati is so young! And I don’t see her wanting to marry him at any price but it’s cool to know that Behati was linked to Jamie Strachan for 4 years. To be attached to someone for so long speaks a lot about her personality and feelings.

This remains me of something that Behati said in and interview at the Victoria Secret fashion show last year. She was talking about Lily, another angel that is married to a musician, she was saying that for going on the road and being married to a musician you really have to love music, and at the end she said with emphasis: you have to right? She is so adorable and cool. A lovely girl indeed

HI Zaira! Love your blog! You are so intelligent and chic!
As for Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo…how do you think they are going? I like this couple a lot! They match perfectly but I see 2 challenges between them : distance and Adam’s non commitment speech. He can bite her own tongue one day…
Have you seen the Stern Video of June interview? I’m curious about Adam’s face expressions during the show especially when he says he’s not available….Thanks!

His face was calm and intent; not hiding nor showing much.it was the face you would expect considering he didn’t want to get deeper about that.
As for the Behati & Adam thing, I have no ideas about how they are going; they have been together always until he wasn’t back in LA a couple of days ago (the day Bee was shooting for VickySec).
This is as far as we know a rebound for both; a very great one, but it’s way too soon to say if it will last. Adam has no intentions to settle down. But he will always need and want somebody hot to call his at any time. He’s oversexual and that is a main need for him. So far Behati has been smart and caring and she has spent with him a major amount of time. That certainly is the first way to make things work, but that doesn’t mean it will anyway.
Adam is about to tour and act in AHS a very sexually charged role and that may lead to some on set steam. Who knows.
I like him and Bee a lot together because finally he has chosen somebody to be with that beside being very beautiful and supersexy is also very much into music and know a lot about it.
But… That’s Adam. His sexual/playful cravings are legendary in Hollywood. It may take way more than that to make him start another serious relationship (and by the way, I am still dubious that in his previous serious one he never cheated. Many MONTHS in raw sexless? I can’t see it happening with him. Ever. So if Bee stays more than two weeks apart from him… Let’s just say things may be “open”.
By the way, I am sure what both want right now is just some Summer fun.
Let’s not read more in it until Fall comes.

Do you believe Adam is Leslie Grotto, right?


And surely if anybody wants him to be faithful (well, for what it is possible by Hollywood and rockstars standards, which are one-of-a-kind), they have to be with him more than often, to keep him hooked and entertained.

His ADHD inclination won’t make his sexual addictions disappear at any time, we all agree there and it takes enough to listen to his songs to realize that (Doing Dirt, One More Night, all can hint at betrayals, don’t they?).

He will never slow down.

He probably will have to marry someone as sexually inclined as himself, or it will never last (when he will eventually settle down. I predict around his 40s to be frank).

Stay rocking Missus Z.

I am not a fan of Blind Gossip, but I wouldn’t have any shock felt down my spine if Leslie would be revealed as Adam.
Anyone who has seen him in action at parties or after shows knows well how he works his huge charming slutty ways.
He’s a natural born player.
And yes, one can read it all in his songs, I agree 😉

But it calls attention Bee’s involvment of with family and close friends of Adam. They all are getting along very well. Too much for a simple Summer fun. I don’t think he is so d-bag to introduce his family and friends a “bitch” that he is banging this time….just saying. I like Bee very much and if I would her I’d get out of this relationship fast.

I never said that Summer Fun equals no involvement.
Adam is treating Bee very well and after two months of course he presented her.
He is not a d-bag actually: he’s very sincere though and has stated often he’s not in for things as rings or heavy commitment.
Why should Behati run away?
She’s surely having some of the best sexual/affective experiences ever right now.
She is young and she better experiment.
I did not say Adam and Behati are not involved.
He is not treating her as a bitch at all: contrariwise he is protecting her from press and gossip by keeping this they have very private.
But it’s just two months that they are an item.
And this means the relationship, until time proves it otherwise, still in early stages and for what we know, so far it is only a wonderful Summer hookup.
There is nothing wrong with it.
Bee better ride that horse and have fun 🙂
If it keeps lasting, I will be happy and all, but even if it won’t, I would treasure the experience anyway in her shoes.
And I am sure Bee has many of the qualities Adam actually seeks in for a long-time relationship.
Definitely more than for instance Anne had (they had very little in common beside being both very hot)
Don’t be hard on Adam.
He doesn’t deserve it so far…

What do you think about this text Bee posted a week ago on instagram? I had it, I had it; I quit. I give up. I will keep, I will keep only love; love as pure as the blue sky—-

I’m sad to tell you but some people are saying A&B have already broken up. Check your sources. It would be sad if it is true. I like them.

If that’s the case, hope they had fun as I said 😉 I am sure they had 🙂

Zaira, people have such a fertile imagination! Adam and Bee gave no reason (until now) for anyone thinking about separation. Rather they are very private and no one actually knows what is happening in their protected relationship. The big difference (and that’s the point) is that in recent past Just Jared informed us every step of Adam and his previous GF. Now we have a low key couple and a GF that is not interested in calling paps up… New times! We have to forget gossip and haters. Let Adam and Behati live and make their choices by their own! I understand all this concern they both are loved but we have to wait and see what they’ll do in the future.

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