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LeBron got half a ring, Italy saved its football face, Overexposed is surprisingly good and true and Florence was awesome

Posted on: 1 July 2012

G… goooo…

Overexposed Lyricgraphic

Good afternoon and Sunday Universe!

Summer shines on (or burns you out, depends on which town you are at in this moment…), the slow yet hectic rhythms of the Great Season of Tan are starting to take over, splitting days and nights in two very differently paced realities, and I keep feeling so well and happy and in love.

In a little while we’ll be celebrating a year long marriage: it’s been a pure bliss, and I am very grateful for it.

We just had a wonderful sex time on my boat and that is the best way to be sweaty in Summer right? 😉

We are moving back from Liguria, where we spent the weekend wandering over coasts, to Milano because… well… in a bunch of hours there is the Final of Euro 2012 and ITALY is THERE!!!! (more on that later ;)).

The more Sun makes day long, the more I am active so I am not suffering all these short trips, and the change of sights because I am always super energetic in this part of the Year that I simply access to a seemingly infinite bucket of power ;).

And then amazing things keep happen to me; for instance I am now followed on Twitter by Maria Latella!!! (really? awesome ;)) and friends are making a mountain out of this (I won’t be in the limelight ANY time soon… better, I won’t EVER be in the limelight, but they keep telling the days of my super exposure are seemingly coming. *sigh*. I still will be a reclusive super rich kid no matter what, deal with it, thank you, on both sides of Atlantic. I am NOT into fame, sorry 😉 I prefer a good life ;)).

Then the other night we had the blissful chance to share air with the Dalai Lama who has been in Milano; thanks to Karim’s and my family’s personal ties we could attend a special event… it’s my second time witnessing the greatness that the Dalai Lama is and I can’t express… the man exudes purity and sanctity.

Maroon 5 and Adam Levine for USA Today 30 June 2012

I feel… so innerly touched by him.

We have spent a couple of days in beautiful Florence last week instead (we came back this Monday actually because both K&I had work to do there); we got to hang out with our local crew there, and we always have so much fun that way, and we are even starting to develop a Florentinian attitude they say (well, Karim was already good with that: it’s me actually stepping up my game of witty and sarcastic humor, with a side of charming vitriolic shades ;)).

In Florence past weekend we witnessed San Giovanni’s fireworks from a Settignano villa; but being the day of Italy vs England (VICTORIOUS) Euro 2012 game, we skipped most of the anticipation for the pyrotechnical spectaculum in favor of a very loud football cheering.

You know how critical I was at first in this tournament of the NON game of our Italian team, but honestly against England we just DID DESERVE 1000%, and from there I have re-qualified everybody in the squad. Everybody.

I don’t know how we  managed later to even DEFEAT MAJESTICALLY the German panzers (the team that I thought would have won it all hands down) but darn we TOTALLY did it and it was epic and we partied all the way back from my parental house towards Milan in the night between Thursday and Friday chanting our asses off like it were no tomorrow 😉

It was AMAZING and now I don’t want to swirl hopes up but you know… WE Have Chances. At least.;).

We are now moving to our house so that we can have THE GREATEST VIEWING PARTY EVER for the Final that we are about to play against Spain…

We all hope we will spend the night out in Milan carouseling again but you never know. You can only hope 🙂

That sporty satisfaction healed me from the tragedy occurred that Le Bronze King Of Overrate James finally won a NBA ring.

Except that he won just HALF of it, being this specific league ring out from half a season.

This is the way I keep avoiding to rage about Miami win.

James Valentine _Maroon 5_Huffington post 27 June 2012

And I am not even against Miami; I am VERY happy for Wade; in fact I would be happy they won if this wasn’t part of the FakeKing hype train machine.

Wade made Miami won; Wade kept them on track with his class and leadership when Bronzey was flopping; but of course the hype is all on the Monkey’s shrine.

It makes me sick :/.

But ehi… Wimbledon started (with some surprises, like Nadal’s sudden and fast loss), I will be following live from Uk the Olympics  (and throw bad wishes LIVE to Bronzey, while admiring Kobe, Kevin and CP3 and Wade) and sport is just too awesome to be carried up and on with heavy hearts right?

Right 😉

I am sure by now all of my long-time readers have already decoded that I have filled this post with Maroon 5 related pictures (which I wasn’t used to since when Mr. Adam Levine betrayed my faith in his artistry signing up for The Fuckery The Voice, abandoning an European Tour that was JUST to touch Italy (twice, actually, as also in the rescheduled date last November his sudden “voice trouble” strangely was perfectly timed with The Voice taping… *ewwwwww* -__-).

Are you shocked?

I know that by now you are wondering IF.

IF I have heard it (you know if you follow my twitter I have…).

IF I own it (Sure… I do and I will again have multiple versions out by hard copies and iTunes versions, as well: I kept buyin ALL of their stuff and also collectors hard copies even when I have been at the peak of my complete dislike of Adam, due to that choice he made about his career that I STILL dislike; I did because his voice for me STILL BE A MIRACLE, and it will always have that influence of miracle-related epiphany to me).

IF I like it.

And I am of course talking about Overexposed, the new Adam Levine’s solo album Maroon 5 record.

Well, you all know how displeased I was with Moves Like Jagger; how much I hated (and STILL hate the concept of) the fact they let other people step into writing along them, outside of the band; you know I was more than against the full on turning pop, which I felt and still feel as a poisoning derived output from The Fuckery that awful karaoke tv show The Voice.

All this all still values, all these are concepts I still have in me… but then I heard the record and it was beyond me… I LIKED it.

Maroon 5 on EW May 2012 on Overexposed and more

Straight up to, too.

I actually properly LOVE it in most part, because it’s SO INCREDIBLY HONEST AND TRUE.

There are flawless songs in there… most notably, there are a few gems which are TRUE Maroon 5 because they are truly out straight from Adam’s soul.

Firs evidence: Sad; second one: The Man Who Never Lied, then Beautiful Goodbye, and Love Somebody (oh, boy… Adam Levine’s Love Inclination in a nutshell!!).

Those songs… those songs have such a power on me because (as the whole album is actually, but those especially) they are real; and when pop meets real… I’m fine with it, you know it.

I am actually so surprised this album clicked so majorly with me.

What was scary to me was the fact I feared Maroon 5 and Adam’s truthfulness about their music would have been compromised by merging with Blanco, Tedder, Max Martin & Co: but you listen to the record and if you know what (WHO) that is written about, and what they lived… then you can place each song in a real human landscape and that makes that glistening, bubbly, simple pop sounds something other and more.

Yes, Overexposed traces all that has been lived between Adam Levine and Anne V, even if not all the songs are about her (only Jane Herman could have had an entire record dedicated to herself and obviously, being still the only one Adam TRULY loved with all of his teenage, unprepared and pure heart).

It’s so obvious and clear that the  most special songs are about Adam’s ex girlfriend though that only a retarded would deny it.

Adam is out of the haze of that failed relationship, and this article in the Sun helps understands how well (he’s happily coupled again, we all know, with adorable and super rock Behati Prinsloo and what I love the most is how quiet and out of paparazzi calling Behati is being since she started being his official girlfriend, one month and a half ago):

Maroon 5 and Adam Levine interview in The Sun UK 28 June 2012 on Overexposed and the perception of Maroon 5, Adam and his breakup with Anne, and how he’s happily moved on with his life, love and music from heartbreak once again

Anyway after listening to the songs in Overexposed, maybe also pushed by the super involved reactions of my – female – friends, I can’t help but feel sorry for how Adam and Anne went unlucky with their feelings for one another.

It’s painful that beautiful-ness had to end because it couldn’t go on, given the two different meanings Adam and Anne had inside themselves regarding what a Love Relationship gotta be.

For Adam, it’s clear, Love doesn’t involve a ring need; Love is something huge and immense, but not something you can promise forever before the time of forever arrives (I am near to that concept, even though I am married, so I get him and I can see where all that comes from).

For Anne, and that broke them (but you can’t blame her if that is what she believes in), Love is a Marriage bound thing that HAS to produce a stable and declared commitment (her family never divorced so her image of marriage is way different than what Adam’s had to endure).

Adam About the truth in Overexposed Lyrics from EW

Listening to the album I actually felt regret for having thought they broke up viciously and for having believed she cut off with him maliciously (he probably knew about the statement she would have given to People, though I still believe Anne’s camp tried to milk out all the press she could have gotten in a not fair and opportunistic way after the break-up, and still for many weeks after that); they sure had massive fights and that never really was confessed for how bad it went to the world (well until now with the record at least), but sure they both had to suffer when realizing they couldn’t do anything else than break up, because neither of them could change what they really wanted out from their relationship to move forward to.

When I listen in row to Sad and Beautiful Goodbye (that might have been written when they last spent a good night together, and Adam knew already it would have been their last, even if the thing in a way progressed after for a while?) through the random feature of Overexposed in the iPod… I can’t take it.

I start always to sob a little.

That’s the AWESOME POWER OF TRUE MUSIC ART and since Maroon 5 and Adam there proved me they still HAVE IT, I can’t avoid to declare myself once again a fan.

It wasn’t easy to buy me back… and I would have NEVER believed they would have with THIS kind of album but in the end… it happened, and it’s quite a shock for me, first and foremost.

It’s so heavy to know that; it gives multiple degrees of despair to paint Overexposed with; and it makes the record so much more than bubble gum listening super pop (which it still be at a superficial listening).

The crew have come with their usual debates about the record; but none of us reached the perfection of Angel Meli conclusions so I will post HER reviews, and various insights she gave about for instance the video of One More Night (which I find amazing)… because nobody could do better.

We all know we contributed with our numerous debates to Meli’s craft in perfect review territory (and it’s since last Friday we are debating Overexposed from town to town, and with lots of passion) and I always tingle and get  stupidely proud whenever she refers to me and thanks me (among others) because you who know me personally are well aware that I simply ADORE, admire and I feel the greatest of gratefulness to that special woman and feel like a scholar basking in her glory anytime she speaks to me (and this happens… just with her, because otherwise I am Dominatrix of the World, thank you ;)).

So here it is the review of Meli, taken from her posts at ATRL (where she Queens around, because how cannot you feel her power whenever she goes and manifest her angel spirit of perfection and goodness ;)):

Angel Meli review about Maroon 5 Overexposed on ATRL Forum

All that said about the record, and how it makes my heart break anytime I reference any song to the real life that it mirrors (Adam said in interviews this week all of Overexposed’s inspiration is actually “LIFE”, and we never had doubts there after hearing it), I am even happier than Adam and Behati Prinsloo are together still (she just went with him two weekends ago in Disneyland, she has been with him in New York all these days for Overexposed promotion –  and there’s a bit of a video you will see also here and not only in the NAWWAL pages  -because that cuteness had to be shared –  and in Miami with him and the band for the iHeart Radio Pool Party at the Fountainbleau, and they are just now coming back together in New York because Adam is due there to keep on filming his movie with Keira Knightley  and what I like is that she isn’t publicizing it AT ALL, thing that Adam surely loves and most of all, thing that Adam NEEDS after the previous relationship had to face the press and media pressure, brought in by Anne’s camp which was craving for it to raise her profile, and so any time they were out there were paparazzi snapping pictures to be ending in hideous blogs such as Just Jared, which Anne loved to “keep informed” much to Adam’s dislike).

Behati Prinsloo glares at Adam Levine and Maroon 5 performing live at the today Concert Series on June 29 2012

Behati SAVED Adam from despair: she came to him like a saving grace, with her joyous, sparkling, lively attitude – who doesn’t know about her awesome personality, should inform themselves: you would be surprised how she is actually VERY similar to Adam’s personality in many ways – and I am SO happy about this, so happy in illogical ways, but I still be.

The more you understand about Overexposed, the more this sparkles clear: Adam would have drowned in despair over the way his love got wasted and misused, if Behati wouldn’t have suddenly and soon come with her smile to cheer him up.

Whoever has affection for Adam shall be grateful to Behati: she indeed is responsible to having brought Adam back to a happy life track and no matter how long they stay together, or how just of a fling this might be, truth is without her Adam would have risked his mood and sanity way too riskily, out of the forced way Anne went off of his life (albeit with his consensus, given that he knew without that ring, the story would have ended… and he didn’t offer that ring willingly, that has never to be forgotten).

I bless Behati: and I am sure she will star in Daylight video if as I hope and believe she and Adam will still be together by September (when I imagine it will be filmed).

Adam may seem a jerk at times and all but he needs love like nobody else; Anne couldn’t be the one or he would have kept her, but her fading away certainly broke his heart (and I am sure it broke Anne’s too, if all her tweets for months were about how love shouldn’t be broken by distance, and people shall not give up in difficult times, most like she was addressing Adam instead decided those were the reasons that had to break them apart).

The way in many songs Adam was keeping saying he couldn’t maybe profess those words “be with me forever, marry me” but at the same time the way he kept asking for her to stay at by his side (and Anne never did: she never sacrificed her time and career for him… that is the “distance” that broke them apart in Adam’s book, though he has stated clearly that Anne did what she felt was right for her and he doesn’t blame her for it at all;  and Anne can keep tweeting that Love isn’t measured by distance but truth is if you are not enough with the person you claim to be in love with, then you are NOT in love, or you would feel the need to spend all of your time together, or at least way more than she spent with him anyway) tells that he came out VERY hurt by the end of their relationship.

But that is past… look this pieces for the other day (29th June) Today Show and at the start, look whom Adam addresses at after Mickey says “Cape Town” shall be next fav place to play (Behati was born inn Namibia, but lived her childhood in Cape Town ;))

He said it on Howard Stern too that the end of the relationship was painful (and way longer due than just by April the 2nd)… where he trashed the magazine reports (fed by Ali Kavoussi, so it’s an indirect dig at Anne’s camp maybe?) that there was drama in the break-up, and also pointed out as I have that Anne and Behati aren’t friends at all (“maybe acquaintances” he said, just as I did…) again indirectly trashing what tabloids published out of Kavoussi’s feeding of the press… I will post the latest Stern interview in Radio form below, and you will listen how Adam gracefully and gentleman-ly put an end to everything Anne and him ever were, with no blame, with respect and clearly with the memory of a very important part of his life that still is now PAST and FINISHED, as he’s now involved with someone else whom he wants to protect from intrusive witnessing… .

Adam’s heart has been cracked enough about this beautiful story of affection gone wrong… I’d love if past would remain past and never get mentioned again, especially when there’s nothing more that is real to talk about, and I am so glad Behati’s attitude towards gossip press is as strict and reserved as Adam’s: she won’t use him the way he was anyway a bit used in his previous love fest.

Now he’s mending that wounded heart, it’s doing it through and thanks to Behati and we should be happy for him, because he just hates to be alone (hasn’t he said that so many times, too? Whoever claims to love him has to realize for properly doing it you have to spend time with him, because he needs the physical contact, even if that may just be a lovingly intertwining of hands, which is the cutest way to show someone you truly love them…).

That fling-possible-outcoming-relationship maybe will produce new music as well, and who knows, maybe next time it won’t be a super pop record production, but it could be something VERY Soul-oriented too (or rockish… after all Behati is all about rock, she quotes amazing songs and she’s a perfect rocker’s girlfriend… maybe in the foreseeable future she could even sing choruses along him? we’ll see ;))

Take by now some commentaries about the record by the band…

From SPOTIFY (each track has an insight):

From Saturday Night Online:

And finally, take the Audio from Maroon 5 Radio Take Over on June 28 2012, firstly AUDIO part:

And then the video extras:

I have tons more of material (as I always had even when I was just posting it up for Margherita and Serena’s blog) but I will put it up in the Storage Page later on along these. It’s not like I will start to have this blog like I used to all of a sudden again 😉 I am not really as in charge anymore and I prefer to sex up my hubby … the Storage Page will keep serve for the rest 😉

All I know is that I like Overexposed, I truly do, and I am happy if Adam’s life isn’t anymore a sad mess, but it’s turning back to a smiling one.

Summer is up for sunny days and sunny love… it’s the way it should be and I feel it will be just so 🙂

Have all a great time of Summer…

Enjoy 😉

Missus Z. 🙂


4 Responses to "LeBron got half a ring, Italy saved its football face, Overexposed is surprisingly good and true and Florence was awesome"

I loved it!! Perfect!

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great article, thanks for all the links and the info. Even though the album is super pop I do can hear Maroon 5.The lyrics of sad, beautiful goodbye are so beautiful and truly tell a story. And by the way I love Behati, I hope they stay together for a long time and who knows, maybe she is the one

[…] am glad about it, now that I fully re-embraced them after I got so positively hit with Overexposed (and so unespectedly, in many […]

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