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Vive La France! Moving towards Tours and feeling love (much like Adam and Behati?)

Posted on: 8 June 2012

Good morning Universe!

past Friday we moved from Milan to Basel To eventually reach Alsace

We are about to move to Tours, from St.Hilaire.

Yup, we are touring Loira‘s castles and sites (yesterday, dolmens) after a wonderful marriage weekend in Alsace (there weather was really nice) and after a couple of days in the always oh! so adorable Paris, where we had the chance to also witness Maroon 5 at the Alhambre (I LOVE One More Nights, can’t wait to hear the studio version of it).

We also caught lovely Nole Djokovic twice reaching the fifth set at the Roland Garros and YEAHHHHHH Nole 😉 You made us proud there (even though you destroyed our Seppi’s hopes…).

I am quicky-quick because I am using laptop and charge is virtually unexistant while driving is going on but I really didn’t want to wait too much to post something else on the blog.

Summer time means I just wanna do things and writing a blog is cute, but let’s do it occasionally in “death times”… just like a driving one 😉 (I am NOT the driver obviously).


These weeks up from my last post have been amazing, but they didn’t start well.

When we went to Cannes, the tragedies in Brindisi and the numerous Emilia’s earthqwakes made us fledge away from the Rivière.

I couldn’t bare the darkness.

Karim has been amazing in cheering me up, and so have been our friends.

Bride and Groom entrance last Saturday

Just when I was feeling the gloomiest, he said that we should have planned a very different Summer holiday.

“What about Britain, and Olympics, while experiencing our house in the lovely Countryside too?”

Oh. My one and only absolute love…

How can you be so always spot on Karim?

It has instantly cheered me up to start to plan such a space of time.

He always knows what to say and do to make me feel at my best.

I am very lucky in my life… and I’m trying my very best to be as much as great to him as he is constantly to me.

I also will be able to witness Kobe liveOKC have just reached the Finals and just this past night DARN Monkey Bronzey has done a REALLY impressive performance to tie Miami to the Celtics 3-3.

Gotta admit from the highlights Bronzey was spectacular but I still hope Boston takes it so that he won’t still get a ring.

Sorry, Wade… you would deserve but I just can’t stand James.

Anyway Kevin Durant MUST win, if Lakers can’t (and this way beloved Derek Fisher would get another ring, which would please me endlessly).

Am I that bad for really, really disliking Lebron?

I might.

But I can’t help.

I can’t… he could be such a jaw-dropping historic athlete if he weren’t so shallow and not consistent, and if he wouldn’t just relate to his un-dubious athleticism, developing instead also the skills he has in minor amount (the post… erm!).

Happy Life Em&Delph, we love you 🙂

Talking about sports, if weather here in the Loira zone wouldn’t be so bitchy so far, we would have tried some horseback tour as well, but it’s better to move in covered manners.

Plus Margherita is having lots of little pregnancy-related quirms 😉 and we prefer to take care of her at our best.

Not all the crew has moved from Alsace to Paris and now to Loira… of course (though Karim’s parental mansion in Paris could have probably handled it effortlessly…).

We are just 6.

And we are having a lovely fun.

We just stay well spending time together.

We grew together… and after men have completed us, we still feel like sisters and we adore how our men have bonded in similar ways (the strange ways men bond anyway ;)… kidding).

Love and relationships are important.

But I have never really traced the line between which kind of love people do actually need.

For me… it’s a complex need.

For Marghe for instance is way simpler: you either are a friend, a life-companion, a relative, and the things never cross.

France is amazing… even with rain 😉

For K&I… love with a lover can’t be detached from burning passion. But at the same time you gotta connect to a way deeper and cohesive level… you gotta have an amazing number of similar interests. This even if your personality isn’t alike at all (which is exactly K and mine’s case).

Yesterday for instance we started to talk about philosophy in the middle of a Dolmen tour… K&I almost had the same words out from our mouths at the same time, and trust the whole context really was estranged to that conversation until we didn’t bring it up (followed with enthusiastic response by the rest of the guys… I love to have educated friends around ;)).

I hope this bliss of love and links I can live in never fades.

It’s so very important to me… I would feel deprived without such stimulating inputs.

Talking about the importance of friends and lovers, Adam Levine rebounded at the speed of light (did we ever have any doubt? NO. See my previous post ;)) out from his previous girlfriend’s impromptu dumping.

I was sure Anne V and Adam had split way before the People Announcement she did, but reading the newly printed Details interview of Adam, it’s clear she actually dumped him mercilessly by the phone for real: they couldn’t have met in the span of 5 days between the second part of the interview and the press release she released being in different time zones… and… wow. That harsh move really made me question Anne as a whole, but in a way it just reinforces my idea something was so broken since the start of the year between them two, so she just took the time advantage of being in the press at the time The Voice was getting back on tv, linking her name to the press Adam would have received for the tv show (smart PR move, really tasteless move in human terms instead… but ehi, if she dumped him, she clearly couldn’t care less anymore of Adam “humanly”, so, it’s all fair game isn’t it?).

Trying to patch their relationship seemingly didn’t work after their February burst-up… and the quickness of Adam’s rebound, as well as all the press releases by Anne’s camp in the magazines (Ali Kavoussi is a real master in handling names and making profile rises through connections, I must admit) just tells that the both of them didn’t care much about one another since a while.

It’s Hollywood, baby, no surprises there.

Love is just a dress to wear and change most of the times there, let’s face it.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo in Hawaii, May 2012 – look how Sam and Steph Farrar look at them kissing! Awwww 😉 So cute.

But still unrelevant: Anne and Adam were not meant to be together; they really didn’t share much affinity in personality: they were just gorgeous to look at, mainly, as a couple, and that is undeniable (yes, their pictures together will always have a special place in my heart for how beautiful they looked), and for a while it seems like she bonded with his interests and life circles; but evidently not enough, and evidently that was a sort of an effort on her part she just decided wasn’t worthy anymore (a mean person would note she felt stressed by that effort when her profile had risen enough through the course of exact that relationship… but I am willingly to not depict Anne as such a cold spirit, so I don’t agree with this opportunistic view of her).

I am sure Vyalitsyna will find soon another famous guy to pair herself with, especially now that she wants to be an actress and I am sure she will find success in that “casting” of a new beau at her side, as girl is beautiful, determined, smart and definitely she can have plans on how to move on with her profile and career.

She will eventually also find love, if that’s what she wants and look for: many men will be ready to love such a beauty, and hopefully till down the aisle (thing Adam could never do… I hope Anne never really hoped for a marriage with him, because he’s just not the type for marriage… yet).

She is a pro, surrounded by pro and if you want to make it in Hollywood you need the right press, the right connections, the right company and team: Anne will be fine and she knows how to stay in the limelight, and hopefully that will lead to a more successful and solid relationship for her as well, eventually, and with someone sharing more of her interests than Adam ever showed to be sharing.

I hope she doesn’t hold a heavy heart towards Adam… and that she is just looking out to be happy, without hoping he won’t be.

But let’s get back at Mr. Fast Rebounder: Adam is now with GORGEOUS chiseled-faced Namibian goddess Behati Prinsloo (Victoria’s Secret official PINK Angel, if you care to know ;)).

I am really happy about this new couple, for the time being.

First you know I am keen at Namibia since last year’s trip for my birthday… (okay, that’s a not relevant reason ;)); seriously… I think Behati (whom also split in April from his model boyfriend, and so this is a rebound for her too, which means Adam and Behati are just taking it easy and having fun, as they should… ) is a way more convenient fit for Adam, personality-like, from the start compared to Anne (remember how Adam and Anne hated each other at first when meeting through Angela Bellotte… no surprise that later became a reason for splitting).

Behati (see her videos on VS and interviews) is a music enthusiast; she has knowledge about it, she loves to sing, and adores BASKETBALL (see? this is important a lot).

Miss Prinsloo has also a passion for photography (much like Adam, who is constantly snapping pictures of his acquaintances), and has a rock chick chic vibe all attached to her.

From all news, she is incredibly easy going, talkative and fun.

Behati Prinsloo. Adam Levine new lady love. Goddess from Africa… excellent taste, Levine.

I’d say a perfect match (and it seems she pursued Adam so… she must thinks so too).

I am saddened by the way Anne’s camp (it’s obviously her camp, namely again Ali Kavoussi) is trying to put dirt on Adam and Behati for dating

Anne dumped him. Why should she care whom he dates after? Why should Behati or Adam restrain from dating? It’s not really like they are doing Anne any wrong.

Why should have they more gap time pass before dating? We are in year 2012… those hypocrite “codes” are retrogrades, and Anne was never that much of a friend with Behati actually (I don’t remember a single tweet between them in two years of following of Anne… must not have been that deep of a friendship, if there ever was one?).

No, I don’t really see why Adam and Behati can be culpable of dating one another. They are free. No obligations towards their exes (especially Adam, since he was the one left and again without Anne talking to him face to face, even! THAT seems to me worst than dating a colleague of her a month and some after the split? But ehi, that’s me… Haters gonna hate I suppose, and out of preconception very often).

I don’t get this pontificating backlash and I hope nor Adam nor Behati care about that press (much like I don’t get why Adam shouldn’t date another model, just because he was with one… what? Anne was his girlfriend shortly after Angela Bellotte too? That always happens with Adam… he loves models, can you blame him? I won’t for sure, I applaud his choices, he always steps up in looks every time he picks a new one, see Kelly > Arielle > Angela > Anne > Behati : it’s an escalation to me, always, so good for the genetics and keep it up Levine… You aren’t missing a beat).

To heal after a relationship, nothing is better than seeing other people straight, isn’t this also a golden rule?

The beauty of Loira… wow

Didn’t Anne’s rep (Ali Kavoussi) land to magazines that Anne was ready to date immediately after the split, too and that she “was telling her friends she wanted to meet boys”?

Well, Adam and Behati waited a month after their own splits before seeing one another.

It’s more than enough. They look adorable together (beside the cigarettes… darn, Adam will get back to smoke that way, ruining his voice which by default is so delicate and thin… NO. that is the only thing I don’t like about Behati: they should BOTH stop smoking straight ;)).

Behati was with Adam in Paris (assured: witnessed. So much cuteness there).

She will probably be again with him soon after Maroon 5 get back to USA from Europe – these hours actually.

I hope she stars in One More Night Video, too.

But whatever happens, I am just happy to see Adam and his friends smiling in pictures, and if she is responsible of those smiles, bless and power to her.

Life goes on… every experience is a further step into awareness of things, and no one should ever stop to quest around the way to feel and being better.

Let Love Rule.

I know for sure that’s my constant target… and the way Karim is holding me just now that I am finishing writing this tells me I am pretty comforted in the fact the target has been SURELY spotted in this girls’ life 😉

Have a wonderful June… From France with Love 😉

Missus Z.


14 Responses to "Vive La France! Moving towards Tours and feeling love (much like Adam and Behati?)"

Loved it! Congrats! I wish Adam and Bee all the best! Maybe she is the right one he is looking for…who knows?

I don’t really think Adam is looking for the “right one” until he won’t slow down at his career. When he will do that and become a producer and a screen writer (things he has declared since a while to press and media) he will look out for a wife (maybe) and the mother of his children (certainly), but as stated for instance last year at Piers Morgan’s talk show, that won’t happen for 4/6 years more anyway.
I totally think Behati is from the get-go a way better fit for Adam “personality-like” though compared to what Anne V was, though.
And he seems very happy since she came into his life: all of his interviews, tweets and merely the way his face looks since he got with her by the second week of May tells he’s at a very good place right now.
Certainly Behati is very reserved and she won’t sell him or their relationship to bloggers, paparazzi and such (unlike somebody else did already from March 2010, pushed by her “agent”): she was with him in Europe (I witnessed them in Paris, and she was with him both in London and in Portugal) and she joined him back in Los Angeles all this long weekend, and went with him and his crew at Disneyland and still no words or pictures were around, nor she pushed any of these moments through her tweets, or communications AT ALL.
Adam for sure likes this attitude infinitely more than what he had to bend to in previous relationships.
But that doesn’t mean much… I wouldn’t try to see into Behati and Adam’s link anything more than a very beautiful coupling for the Summer so far. If they end up to be stable and long-lasting I will be happy for them: but that requires time to be spent together to work out well, and adjusting Adam’s schedule to any serious relationship right now would mean consequently for his girl to adjust HER schedule to his. Anne never renounced at any of her priorities for Adam; in fact she pulled up in her schedule just after she went with him, and a lot, causing often lots of weeks to pass by without being with him (and I have a hard time believing he never strayed away from her in 4, 5, 6 weeks without having sex with his supposed girlfriend… I don’t see Adam being able to sustain fidelity after such hiatuses, and I wouldn’t even blame him for it: if the girlfriend cared about the relationship, she would have spent more time with him, knowing his sexual cravings, and teh fact ADHD people with a penchant for sex have a TRULY hard time renouncing at chances after a while, as sex helps them relax their running brains…) maybe if Behati will spend all of her spare time with him, taking care of his necessities which are wide when it comes to a relationship, this one they have could actually be more successful than his previouses.
But it’s all written in the future, and right now I think Adam and Behati are just getting to know each other, have lots of sex and a lot of fun, and not planning anything more than that honestly.
And they are right doing so in my book ;).
Adam won’t start a family any time soon: he has been VERY clear and honest about it.
The moment when he actually will, he won’t be on the scenes as consistently anymore, so… in a way it’s good he wants to wait and do a lot professionally before his time expires.

You are wrong about a lot of the details here which bums me out because now I know you don’t have any good sources and I had been trusting you. First of all, to say that Behati doesn’t push any of her “Adam moments” through her tweets, etc is just plain wrong. I knew she was in LA last weekend because she talked about almost missing her flight via Twittter. And then what appeared on her Twitter Saturday? Pictures of her in Disneyland with the caption that she was AT DISNEYLAND (how did you miss that!??) Obviously she is planting clues or teasers so we all know she’s with him. Stupid and immature. And… She re-tweeted a picture of Gene Hong (who is famous pretty much only for being Adam’s roommate) on the set of The Voice just a few days ago! That is totally OBVIOUS to me! Who wouldn’t catch that? Plus, she re-tweeted Gene Hong way back on May 2 so your comment about when they hooked up is wrong too. Obviously she was involved w/ Adam before then.
Finally, if you listened to Adam on the Howard Stern show this morning, he gave a lot of detail about his break up with Anne and said the press had everything wrong. He was heartbroken and obviously still in love with her. He said it was distance and lack of being able to be together that broke them up. They did leave on good terms and there was no bad blood. He spent much more time talking about being so sad about Anne and barely acknowledged he’s even with Behati now. Although, in your defense, you did say it’s probably just a fling so he’s not going to pledge his love at this point. BUT, he made it pretty clear it was a mature, mutual break up and both are very sad right now. Distance is a killer (he said) so it had nothing to do with personality, wanting fame, etc. If she wanted fame she would have stuck it out. She’s alone now. So stop Anne-bashing. Start bashing the 23 year old chain-smoker who thinks she a mermaid. She’s the only one exploiting her relationship with Adam right now. Anne took the high road. Do you want me to write your blog for you? 🙂 Comment back if you can – I’m interested to hear what you have to say. No hard feelings! 🙂

Wow… this is fun to bump into as first thing in the morning at work…
I would like to answer, but not before advising you to get some life and maybe avoid to live through celebrities one?
Tell me when I did claim I was treating what are my opinions on things as I were a professional journalist (because I have no idea why you thought I had “sources”? which “sources”? I comment on things that I bump into if I have interests, I talk about that with my human and real life friends, I vocalize my opinions and I am not doing “journalism”.
I have friends in some places that treat HWood and Fashion news, and one of my best friends in life is one of the highest paid models in the world, coming from my hometown but tell me where I did advocate to myself any “journalist” credibility so that people like you could “follow what I said like I had sources”?
I never did anything like that and i never will… I blog for myself and for fun, and if you sees things over what I write that you think are of a value I never thought they could… it’s YOUR vision and I really couldn’t care less, so let alone if I try to filter the things that I express to please you or whoever else.
Honestly… you live through web too much, let me tell you.
Rethink of your priorities… because it makes you look pretty lame to normal people.
Anyway, since you asked for an answer, I’ll try to give you one (?)
I have no idea when Behati started to tweet things related to Adam or Gene or whoever… that isn’t “publicizing the relationship” (and even at that, she really didn’t push a thing, because only freaks exploiting Twitter Timelines like they have nothing else to do would make the connections you do anyway… and that aren’t as many people as I was hinting at for building a publicizing territory of reaching you know).
What I meant with “publicizing” was what Anne did from the first time, naming calling paparazzi to snap pictures of them together since she first landed in LA for being with him in February 2010 (and even as for tweets, before he tried to tone her down there, she used to be all over sharing the happy news immediately, wasn’t she?).
The way she and her team (her totally sticky and freaky “manager” who has been even charged by lawyer for providing bad and sneaky services when switching agencies, Ali Kavoussi, is one of the scariest people in fashion, and if you don’t believe me, ask for his LAW profile… you’ll be surprised) have used this relationship from the start, and even now that it has ended, is something that displeases me.
It will continue to, because it isn’t fair.
Look, I don’t think Anne is a bad person at all; I think she is a good girl, I believe she didn’t purposely want to hurt Adam, and I wish her the best BUT I don’t like the way she is still trying to get press through him by the interposed services of her management.
That is all.
She gained SO much profile thanks to Adam; whoever denies or tries to claim different is obviously lying to themselves: Anne was not really wide known in USA before Adam, and I can even say she has no fault if she gained status… that came as an effect of a relationship but surely she never did anything to slow down the exposure of the couple, and you know Adam really doesn’t like this type of things.
He loathes blogs, gossip rags, and things related.
He couldn’t are the fact that trash blogs like Just Jared were called by Anne to have news exposed.
That is not journalism or service to Adam: that is trash to him and he declared it so many times I don’t think I need to remind you of that (I am sure you keep track of ANYTHING he says don’t you?…)
So did she loved him?
I don’t know about “love” because I think she never really loved him enough to sacrifice her time and career for him (the thing that would have made them survive: listen to all Adam said and says… if the distance wouldn’t be that often present, and that had majorly to do with Anne keeping working more and more out of her rising profile that she got thanx to Adam, maybe they would have been together still); certainly they had a profound connection, and I am sure it wasn’t easy on her part to say bye either…
She surely pressured Adam for the proposal; the more I listen to Overexposed, the more I realize that.
Do I blame Anne for wanting to get married?
NOT AT ALL: if that she wants, she is right in trying to obtain it; but Adam never lied to her about that. He doesn’t believe in marriage.
She knew.
Maybe if she would have spent more time with Adam, showing him she REALLY wanted to be his forever, he would have slowly moved down to that road but she never used the time only for him and their relationship so in the end I think she didn’t really loved Adam the way the situation would have required to not end.
The same of course can be said about him.
Adam never pressured actually her to renounce at anything (from Stern) and that reality was just the fact they COULD NOT STAY TOGETHER, without stopping to be themselves.
Which brings me back to my first opinion: they were NEVER meant to last in the first place.
They were beautiful and lovely together and sure they had feelings, even very strong for each other BUT that was not “THE LOVE”.
There is no blame there, not on Adam, not on Anne… that was just NOT meant to last.
They know… and so let’s just stop to keep them in news together because all that they have been is no more, and it’s RIGHT so, even if it has hurt for a while and maybe for a while it will keep hurt.
It’s not like they will die; Anne will soon be involved with someone else, and famous else too, because that is what she wants and look out for. She won’t settle for a nobody… and why should she, anyway.
I am sure she is seeing people and many ALREADY actually and I don’t blame her a single bit.
What I see in Behati now is a person who heals Adam’s wounds.
I listened to Stern as well… and you can say he was talking of Anne as a beautiful thing that for him is PAST that taught him for sure he cannot and won’t do another that way because it couldn’t work.
Behati so far tries to spend with him lot of time; will it last?
I don’t know and I don’t care because thanks to her he is NOW happy.
Happier than he could ever be without her.
Behati helped him not to drawn in despair.
She is not milking this at all, not by any degree considered the way she actually could.

So in the end… these are my opinions and I don’t give a Shiiiiizzzzz about how you do consider them: I don’t write what I do for having a reading public… I write for my own fun.
Like it or not: I don’t care.

If you want to read your OWN vision… write a blog yourself, you know.

And have a good day, as well.

Mine already is wonderful 😉

Thank you, but I didn’t understand half of that so I just skimmed it. But for your first few comments, I thought that people write blogs or articles or whatever so people can comment on them and offer opinions? I was mistaken b/c you really went off. If you prefer people who only write comments like “I hope they are happy!” then I won’t read any more for my own fun (like you write for your own fun). Didn’t know!

I heard Stern too! Adam still loves Anne???/No way! He never said that! Anne’s widows are interpreting things according their feelings! He talked about the split very carefully. He was a gentleman. And He was definitive: He said distance kills but in what he did not said is the real reason for the break up. In my opinion It wasn’t only the distance that made A+A break up for sure: it’s only the best public response. As for Behati, time will say.He didn’t want to talk about Behati on Stern mainly because he’s protecting his so recent reationship Adam is happy now (we all see that) and I agree he and Behati keep all off. About twitter, Behati is very different from Anne. We feel Behati is in love, but she has been very private! If Hawaii pics didn’t appear, we never know Adam is dating….Behati smokes?..bad for her, but Adam smokes too…bad for him. Anne’s widows: Stop bashing Behati! Do you work for evil Ali too? Adam and Anne are over for God’s sake! Stop linking them. Now, for this moment is Adam AND Behati!

First of all I want to say I like your blog very much. Well, will this thing Adam and Anne V never end to some people? They are finished. I listened to Howard Stern yesterday and I think even pushed by Stern Adam handled the situation VERY well. I think he wasn’t totally honest about the break up because it’s past now. He doesn’t need and doesn’t want to hurt Anne and tell the truth: they have fought a lot, they decided to split together but the People statement was her idea (and Ali)! I think if there’s real love, distance is not a problem. It was his excuse to break up. Anne would continue that relationship: it was good for her. It’s amazing to see how many people do not like her btw. Adam and Behati may match together . He did not talk about her on Stern by purpose and I think it was very sweet: he wants to protect Behati because some people are bashing her so hard on twitter and in gossip mags. He told the truth: Anne and Behati are not friends, they are accquaintances. The re were no betrayal at all. I like the 2 together, she’s so different from Anne…for better.I loved how Adam said at the end of Stern interview: I’m not available! Behati may be loved it too. Keep your blog going!!!

Zaira, don’t you think Adam could be more kind and respectful to Behati in that Stern interview? I feel a little disappointed by his behavior. He treated Behati as a bitch he’s banging and I”m sure no girl deserves such treatment. I know he wants to keep things private, but common be more respectful. She’s a good girl.

I think he was actually sweet and kind.
He’s very private and so is Behati. She was @ M5 launch party in New York and they vere kissing all time the other day but no news was out about it.
Adam didn’t downplay Behati with Stern at all. He said something that sounded like: “I am involved with this new person and it’s about our private lives and I am not gonna let enter anybody in because it’s only my and her business, thank you”.
This is the right way to be.
Adam had the hardest time in his previous relationship having the world witnessing his stuff so closely.
Anne V wanted that and he let her have it but that is not his inclination.
I prefer him not speaking about Behati, but being attached to her as he still be these very hours in New York.
Crave for publicity also contributee to ruin what he used to cherish before… He needs none of it this time.
He’s into Behati, and you can tell it by the way he firmly protects their privacy.
Adam was a gentleman in every way on Stern.
And it wasn’t easy.
He handled it all wonderfully in my opinion.

What do you think about the rumors Anne is dating in the same week Overexposed is released? I’m loving the way Adam and Behati are keeping their affection out of press. He learned the lesson and by protecting Behati he shows how much he cares about her. And Behati is showing a lot about her personality and character.

I don’t think anything at all. It is no relevant anymore. Hollywood has its rules and PR set ups are the norm. But sometimes truth advances and things are real. I don’t care about these things personally. I wish Anne the best. I can only say I am happy Behati is not a press instigator. Adam sure is very private and it seems this time he has not to force himself to not be to keep his ladylove satisfied.
Anne is past; I wish people would respect her just as Adam did on Stern, flying above the trash of gossip rags and just put a stone over past gracefully.
There is no need to keep Anne in any link with Adam’s moves.
And I don’t want to judge her for things I don’t really know the essence of.
She will hopefully be happy as well; I am sure Adam wished and wishes her so too, and sincerly.

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