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Back Home and Surviving Milan débacle with TONS of Love&Sex

Posted on: 7 May 2012

San Francisco 2012

Holla Italy!!!

After one month I’m back, straight at lab, working hard, and taking time in between tests to update (quickly) this.

What I love about the fact I am always on Twitter is that now, when I get back from long times away (it was a month of K&I out of Italy!! Wow ;)) I don’t need really to put all up in this diary because… well, all that happens to me goes on Twitter and so if you are there and follow me… YOU ALREADY KNOW!

But I also like to put small paper-like thoughts over here.

So that when I am old and with no memory left I can collect pieces of souvenirs from here (KIDDING: we have hours of recorded camera and video testifies of all of our lives; it’s just that I would NEVER share a thing of that online 😉 You know me there ;))

So in just a few words, this month away saw:

  • my 27th very posh and crazy birthday celebration in Las Vegas,
  • some amazing home time in in-laws super mansion in San Francisco (how I am growing to adore that town!!!),
  • a couple of run & re-run in our home in Los Angeles, some special threesome time (my very special Bday gift beside the HUGE other one K. gave me… I love you and the way you get me baby 🙂 and you are always THE BEST and BY FAR :)))!) Lakers game (of course we catch the bad and then we are away for the very good.. but still GO LAKERS, always!!!), and the glorious laid-backness only that town give K&I,
  • two weekends at Coachella that were ABSOLUTELY fantastic… Radiohead, Gotye, Kasabian, Noel Gallagher, Calvin Harris being the acts stealing my heart the most, and enjoying – no matter the bodyguards I still have trouble keeping up with – friends, fun, happiness, and a look totally different (raven hair… I MIGHT think of keeping them in a while?) from usual,
  • Los Angeles 2012

    working short time in New York alone, when I did realize I worship that town and I am delighted of our new apartment there, BUT staying there without Karim isn’t the same;

  • a FANTASTIC working time in Sweden;
  • AN ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING and SEXY, ROMANTIC, UNFORGETTABLE coupling time in Sweden. K&I now would love a small small house there too… *sigh* (no, we ain’t gonna get that too… it’s not like we can have one in every town we love? ;))
  • A sad sporty time when we returned yeasterday and I got to witness live in San Siro Milan giving up at once to both Inter AND Juventus (btw, congrats to Juventus: outstanding performance this year in Serie A).
  • a night of FIERCE sexual healing after the Milan loss (that erases all pain 😉 always).

What I keep from all this?

Well… I miss Swifty painfully when I am away?

THAT. But also (more seriously… not that that about Swifty isn’t serious, because IT IS) I am very happy.

I have a wonderful family, a wonderful acquired one, an amazing bunch of life-long friends; I get along very well with all of Karim’s peeps; and first, foremost and totally importantly… I am in love with the most amazing man.


When we are in company… we shine.

Las Vegas 2012

When we are alone… we breathe each other’s souls.

And even when we do argue (because everyone caring about one another truly does) we still love even the part of each other that we can’t tame.

It’s an insane, yet astonishing, chemistry.

I feel so much into this… that when we are not together, I am another version of me.

Less glowing.

It’s not intentional: I keep being up and ongoing (and I keep attract lots of people… too bad I can’t play if K’s isn’t in sight, because in New York and Sweden when alone, a couple men would have deserved some of my baddest game 😉 Karim said next time he will let me do it as long as he can control it someway and GOSH… do I love him when he goes THAT tricky and cruel? Oh, YES. I DO.) but it’s just that I am the best of me when he’s with me.

He makes me… the closest I can be to my own perfection.

That is a sentence he uses for himself talking about what I make of him… and you see? We agree also there 😉

What else?

My Marghe and I meet this lunch time (we have things to tell!!! baby bump of her gotta learn straight from Aunt Zaira all things!!!

New York 2012

Yes, because I will speak directly to the baby, you know ;)) and I am even in such a good mood (despite sporty downgrade… but at least Lakers won and Dani boy is shining too!!!!) that I am even planning a NEW Maroon 5 video on You Tube.

Still hate Adam on The Fuckery that thing (I am SO glad they are losing rating so badly… the sooner he realizes how crap that show is, the better) but I am liking Payphone (yes, I do… at the end of the day a song that mirrors something true in Adam’s life will always be good to me, even with the goddamn awful Benny Blanco’s cheap ass production) and I am looking forward to Overexposed (already preordered the deluxe edition on iTunes, and also the physical Deluxe packages they sell on their site and of course the special SAJ edition, the Japanese Edition from Amazon AND… I am soon getting the Payphone physical CD in promotional copy for Djs that has the three versions of it… I guess I am still a fan, after all – even though I still think Moves Like Jagger IS A VERY GENERIC, FORMULAIC, DOWNGRADING song for them.).

I instead look VERY forward to Adam in American Horror Story. His partner (Theresa her name) has yet to be casted according to Zap2It (they are reliable) and it has to be a “twentysomething” girl.

Whoever that girl will be, I am SURE that is gonna be at least for a while his new REAL girlfriend too.

I am well over Anne V and Adam Levine.

Sure, I will forever look at them together as one of the most beautiful pairing Hollywood ever sa; and I will still think their children, if they had ever lasted together, would have been rivaling Brangelina’s one.

I will still think for a while they REALLY had THAT major thing for one another, and seeing footage of them being affectionate will still hit a powerful note with me.

Coachella 2012

But… their couple, all considered, couldn’t really survive the test of time and life, sadly, and for a GOOD (and mattering) number of reasons, out of the surface (I totally believe they hit various rough patches… I mean, the lyrics of the – cringe-worthy, if that’s the production with the Derulo’s touch…-  song Wipe Your Eyes, which surely dates around past spring, surely are a hint things were FAR from perfection all along?).

In the end, that relationship of theirs wasn’t meant to last (they didn’t like each other at first, they both put careers above their relationship, they stayed together 2 years, but in real days in the same place, barely 5 months, her family didn’t like him, she loved New York more than him & the idea of marriage more than him too… and I have a HARD, HARD time believing the super sex-addicted Adam could stand only masturbating in the long weeks without her… this may have been some task FOR SURE, let’s not be naive ).

If one considers all elements to a real relationship, out of the glam, the cuteness, the immediate rewarding, it’s not a shock Adam and Anne just couldn’t resist as a solid item and so good luck to them in finding a real match because they were not their reciprocal.

Bad for the genetic match (they were looking fiercely perfect together), but good for the life in itself: I am sure when Adam will retire from public spotlight, he will marry and have kids and be a good man but that is certainly not something that is gonna happen fast, much less pushed by someone who was not even living with him, and still was trying to make him tying the knot?

That would have never been a good idea. I am glad it did not happen because marriage is not a game that you can try and see how it goes.

It’s a serious thing (and here it speaks someone who would have never married if I hadn’t find THE right one, at all).

I also think that Adam will spend next year being back to his very slutty self and I can’t avoid to like it.

I want him settled down in many ways, but I can’t resist his sluttiness as well on the other side: the man is born to be a sex toy, and he LIKES that (anyone ever attending some of Hwood parties, or some kinky M5 backstage KNOWS this as the first rule… EVERYONE).

He’s the kinkiest, most playful, actively charming sexy predator I’ve ever seen in action.

Sweden Lovely Times April and May 2012

To tame him will request way more than what Anne had to offer (and I still think “sadly”… oh, how I loved them together!!! *sigh forever sigh*)

It’s the truest part of him still, and I guess “that change he tried to spend on Anne” in being restrained really couldn’t last.

No more “wasted nights” trying to stay tame at home and skyping?

I bet he gave up on them since a while already… 😉

But let’s stop it here… Chronicles will soon be after his next conquests/sexual rompings / hookups /claimed “just friendships” (yeah… those “friendships” where you exchange sexual fluids together, right Adam? ;)) so the fun will be spread soon again, I am sure.

Back on some more serious note… sadly music lost a legend.

Beastie Boys Adam Yauch has passed away… and it’s a devastating news for every music lover.

I am very much into Beastie Boys.

My eldest friends always taught me about their importance for the global music scene.

If it weren’t for them, Eminem couldn’t have been.

If it weren’t for them, mixes between pop and rap couldn’t have happened (see Madonna and Beastie Boys).

Their lyrical power and flawless music taste will forever standout.

They could have produced so much more masterpieces…

I for one am shattered… and I also regret that I wasn’t able to catch Coldplay live at the Bowl (being in Sweden) if only just for THIS AMAZING PIECE:

The ever-amazing Coldplay tribute their due honor to the legendary Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch:

This is probably my fav BB video, Sabotage:

What else?

Oh yeah: Gotye is dominating charts everywhere just as I predicted and wanted as soon as I fell in love with his entire Making Mirrors album… YASSSSSSSSS!!!! 🙂

I would also like to dwell into politics a bit with the France and Greece results but I better hold on…

I said this would have been short, right?

I will be back shortly though.

The video I am willing to prepare for the YouTube channel will see a showdown of Adam’s past KNOWN girlfriends from Jane to the… next one ;)?

They are 22… so I guess I can use a bunch of songs that I haven’t put up yet (at least 4?).

See you in a couple of days I guess.

Happy day!!! 🙂

Missus Z. 🙂


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