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27 January 2012. Light Up a Candle for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Posted on: 27 January 2012

Here we are.

Another year.

Anne Frank as emblematic face and soul of millions of individuals hatefully deprived of their own precious lives

And seemingly we still need to be reminded to REMEMBER.

Because it gets so easy, way too easy, to let heavy thoughts and reasons to ponder fly away these days.

We are lazy… mentally lazy; and often numbed on our inmost soul part, to face realities we just wish never were, to begin with.

But we can’t try to push aside things that sure hurt (and for some are a reminder of their own shame), just because to face them makes us ache.

Aching inside is a sign we DO care.

If mankind will let the memory of humanity past crimes fade away, what will happen, if not worse crimes and restless abominations rise back again?

Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

It isn’t JUST (and it will be already enough… but really it isn’t JUST that) a reminder of the crimes against the Jews in Nazi times; along jews there were so many other humans getting persecuted due to their race, belief, sexual orientation; it isn’t JUST a Jew related reminder.

It is a reminder for us all on how humans can get inhuman and let hate and bestiality overturn Countries and History.

We can’t forget.

Or not only humanity will be allowed once more to bend to its worst tendencies and get beastly turned against one another of its children, but we will face every single time, any single time that we forget our past horrifying crimes, a stigma growing back and blossom which will be greater and greater, with every single day we will allow hate to take its place among us.

I have faith mankind is born to be great.

No one more than myself truly does believe the human beings are filled with amazing qualities and prerogatives.

But at the same time I know the lowest instincts bewilders way too many humans; because it’s easier to be selfish, lame, hateful, scared and coward than aim to greatness, spreading acceptance and comprehension, and practice love even when its cost may affect us directly.

Truth is all men are created equal, but not all men can live up to their major premises of goodness and value.

Today reminds us that we might not be always the greatest we can and should, but surely we must avoid and fight to let ourselves become the worst that we can be.

For this, for fighting the beastly version of each one of us, this is the day we have to remember men were able, and I am sure they still, to WILLING TO ERASE AN ENTIRE FRACTION OF THEMSELVES, only because of a hate that has NO REASON, NO FAIR SOURCE, NO JUSTIFYING, and NO EXCUSE.

I am at work and over Rai 3 I am performing chemical tests while following the specials about International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

They are about to broadcast an Ettore Scola’s special feature documentary.

Light a candle. Keep it burn ALL along your own life. Never forget. Never allow this again.

I am ready to cry.

Good tears.

Vigilant tears.

Tears that make me  aware my heart isn’t a stone, therefore it beats for me to never allow nor condone anything even remotely similar to the spiteful instincts that drove entire populations to support exterminations instances, and retarded, criminal and inhuman stances against other human beings, that had just features or religious belief or inmost sexual orientation they believed were “wrong”, when the only thing that was wrong was their idea they had the truth revealed, that nobody on his planet in fact has, to back their hate against what was human, while they in fact ceased to be human in their pursuit of criminal homicides rages and actions.

These tears streaming on me say that I will always stand and fight crimes against humanity.

Forever in my life I will fight that and surround me of people that absolutely hate racism, in any shape, form and condescending habit.

Don’t forget today.

And not only for the length of today.

27 January is because we weren’t able to fully be.

Missus Z.


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