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January 2012 will taste precious

Posted on: 16 January 2012

Good morning!

Some Cali shot a few days ago

Still trying to cope with getting back in regular-life territory after a wonderful three weeks break around the world, and a great weekend back with my beloved crew, I better try to update some of this blog.

I better?

I don’t know… maybe it’s just that waiting for tests to produce results can be very boring and today I got nothing better to do than update this, instead?

*considers the fact she is tired after a snowy weekend and the heart-wrenching Derby in San Siro, then checks her self-assumed state of boredom again to realize that ain’t the truth*;)

If any, the derby’s awfulness of yesterday night could have prevented me from coming here and writing due to pain/anger/disappointment overload, but then Karim luckily was there this past night to heal everything the best way I know & works for me: SEXUALLY.

😉 Now things are manageable again 😉 and moreover every now and again I still like to show up round here and write a bit, for no particular reason.

Writing relaxes me, and somehow doing it clears my mind which is used to pace way too fast.

I won’t ever feel the update over here as a duty though so my reasons to open this and put some – virtual – ink at it are volatile, dependable and completely unpredictable.

I don’t come often, but I still?

I am also probably aging (EEEEEEKKKK!) though I perceive that only remotely sometimes (I still a party freak whenever chances come, of course, as this past weekend furtherly proved actually!); this means when I have spare times, 97% of chances are that I will love to focus on different things than staring at a pc to write stuff superfast (because writing DO relax me BUT I still produce that at my usual fast pace… that someway manages to slow me down inside… I know… *it’s complicated* 😉 like the whole rest of myself!).

Talking for a moment of aging, to be honest the only field where I perceive I’m aging is the one of sport.

But I need to clear water there: I keep being a daily sport practicer, and no way my body is aging there, nor my mind and focus… no, the field of disappointment (in myself) comes now that I am banned from waking up at nights to catch the Lakers live.

The only way I get to see Lakers live this year just as I did for this past Xmas

After last year’s labyrinthitis, I simply cannot do that anymore, and definitely not once every two days.

I hate that.

I miss following the events directly, even though this season isn’t exactly shaping up to be anything more than a transitional one (last hint, the dreadful lossthat I totally expected – against the Clippers on Saturday).

But watching Kobe still gives me emotional charge, and that works better when done straight when things happen (this year that might happen just like it did over the holidays, being there in person at Staples Center, which rocked especially with K, my father and his, in the best position namely the upper boots of the venue…)

He’s on a pretty amazing roll of performances, while still struggling with his physique (everyone gets old, no matter the class unmatched).

Amidst all of Kobe’s personal life lows and mistakes, as long as he plays basketball with that drive and passionate and committed approach, united to his crystal clear class…

That’s all I look for on a basketball court (while still supporting HARD my homeboy Dani, who’s playing really fine so far!).

We're Past Xmas time...sadly 😉

Anyway, in case Kevin Durant wants to be traded to Lakers Land… well I won’t raise any hand in opposition.

He’s the only player I see capable of keeping up well after Kobe’s legacy: I don’t care for Howard (who’s already shaping up as a sort of a loser to me), or other names which are thrown this days around to Lakers’ ears – things that are bound to happen often when the season clearly won’t be a winning one, no matter how much I’d like it to be -.

I have even started to follow him on Twitter, just to explain how much I like him (and I follow very few people, so that means a lot in my world).

I have also started following Lana Del Rey because I am in love with her video and song “Born To Die” and “Videogames” , that made me fall hard for her crispy, deep, sexual voice.

I found her a cross among my dear Amy (forever missing), the amazing Shirley Manson (Garbage may be back soon… WHOOOO!) and Fiona Apple so I was all over her these past weeks BUT…

Then she went on SNL the other day and she was dreadful so I am taken aback for a while, until she won’t prove herself live.

I am not here for artists who are good only in the studio: real music is LIVE (more on music later on ;))

San Francisco view from a privileged place 😉

Let’s get back to the past chronicles… During times in between last December and last week, I had the pleasure of taking along Swifty, my beloved horse, through all of our holidays spots (well, those houses are all family’s property, but I perceive them as holiday places, naturally yet).

He LOVED both of Karim’s houses (the one PALACE in San Fran, with the stables in their own park… awesome) and also the mansion in Paris (there the stables are a little out of reach, but he loved them anyway, and especially he didn’t really mind any of the airplane traveling. He likes to fly private just as much as I do ;)).

I had a truly special time abroad.

I fit marvelously in Karim’s family: they are always so sweet, kind and caring.

I love them, their way to be at once really upper class when it comes to interests and manners, but then really, really, REALLY down to Earth, true, and very gentle and polite with everyone so that they would never try to upstage regular folks just because they can out from their millions, positions and status.

I love this and I could have fit among them just that way.

While we were away, Italy proved itself to be a place where being unloyal, stealing and generally behaving in no civil nor right way gets way more than a pass. I was appalled to discover that a RIGHT fiscal inquiry that proved beyond any contest that in Italy to fraud the State is a routine, people had it not against the stealers… but against the Finance Police???

Dear sight, even under working task.


It’s Berlusconi’s fault again, to have promoted such a loser&sucker&awful practice as “needed”, “forgivable” and sometimes even “right&requested” (!!!!!)

I hope Monti will be successful in his attempt to give a spinal tap to this Country that risks to crumble ONLY due to its faults and cracks, but still too dumb (allegedly yet) to realize no fairy tale, only work and commitment is gonna make itself rise up again.

And tragedies somehow pile up for our Country… not only the BBB rating (expected) from the S&P’s people will affect us for a bit, but so many things keep going in the wrong direction out of a strange and tenacious combination of destiny & bad humans’ choices.

The tragedy of the Costa Concordia keeps making me cry after two days.

I couldn’t even THINK at first when I got the news and even less after I saw the images.

Las Vegas NYE time was superbly sexy&fun&sharp

So much pain, and so much wrong, and so much unacceptability.

What was the Commander in Chief FUCKING thinking?

Then he abandoned the ship sinking PRIOR to many of the guests???

I can’t fathom my despise.

So I won’t.

But hopefully all these signs of fuckery all over the world aren’t a sign of the Mayans creepy prophecy (that, needless to say, I absolutely DON’T BELIEVE in), because I have way too many things to accomplish yet in my life and I moreover am always optimistic in the things that have yet to come.

The “Universe Countdown” just cannot happen while I’m alive, please and thank you (this is my ego speaking and I love it).

Anyway I’m trying to pack the year 2012 with LOTS of amazing experiences already, so in case I’m wrong… I’ll have lived it to its fullest.

And you know, that for me mostly mean two things: TRAVELING & MUSIC.

When the two things merge it’s just the perfection so… I can’t wait to attend Coachella because of Radiohead, that among brackets will make me fly again ALSO to Japan in July, because you can’t miss at once Thom Yorke and Japan, can you? (and the rest of people at Coachella are PERFECT by the way!!! Noel!!! Florence!!! No Doubt!!! the whole line-up is pretty much flawless to me!):

Those weeks I will be in Los Angeles and California for three weeks again (for life & work) so it’s all perfect… also because guess who’s gonna be at LA venues as well?


we had a blast in vegas


All my tickets in and I can’t wait 😉


Don’t get me wrong I still LOATHE the pastiche that Mylo Xyloto is (hard) especially now that with Charlie Brown being the third single they have no more left of good songs in the album to promote (they used already the only three up to Coldplay usually flawless high standards), but whatever they play, live they are awesome (as Rock In Rio furtherly proved to me).

Too bad next in line for them is that TERRIBLE and commercialized whoring-up partnership with Rihanna, that created the cringe-worthy Princess of China.

Mark my words: that Princess Of China song will sell a LOT, it will boast Coldplay just when they will be touring USA in Spring and make the only single of Mylo Xyloto to reach top ten and maybe (probably) the top of Billboard. But that won’t change the fact the song is LAME. LAME. LAME.

Chris knows what it gets to get spotlight, and the song is so bubble gum pop it will surely please the dumb masses enough to be a super hit… but in all that, half of my esteem for the once un-mistaking Four Kings went way downhill artistically.

Still love them of course… but this year Coldplay just like Maroon 5 did decided to step down from my pedestal due to the wrong turning towards a famewhoring attitude that is affecting their artistic credits.

Nonetheless, I also hope Paradise (which I adore ) wins the Grammy for Best Pop Song for a Duo or Group.

The only other winner I’d take would obviously be Amy, but I don’t like the fact she sings a cover (same problem I have with the Black Keys‘s chosen song).

Paradise is the most deserving song in that lot; I consider Foster The People an overrated & way less talented copy of the Dandy Wharols crossing Phantom Planet, so I really wouldn’t like them to win even though that song is cute & catchy, while about Moves Like Jagger

Dear Lord… the song is the most generic Maroon 5 have ever been.

I can’t expect well with the fact that song could be their return to Grammy win because if it’d happen we would get a fourth album filled with Benny Blanco’s type of unremarkable crap & I can’t take it.

Maroon 5 are (or were? Let’s hope they still ARE) so, so, SO much better than that.

Just listen to these songs that they did for charity compilations (the first and the last out of this mix of songs in the collage – with the always adorable Anne V, which I keep continuatively love – I did for Margherita and Serena’s M5 related blog), and I hope like me you will wish they get back to THIS and not praise such reductive crappy songs like MLJ or SH (please, let’s be serious… Pitbull could have sang those… Yikes!):

This video doesn’t exist

I want their soulful and funky and NO AUTOTUNED talents back in full display and I fear it wouldn’t happen if a Grammy would rise for a song of Moves Like Jagger type (which I think still possible to happen, actually I think if the commissioners won’t praise the late Amy Winehouse, MLJ is the frontrunner for victory due to its astonishingly huge sales).

So what if Moves Like Jagger sold a shitload?

Sales means zero regarding artistry (see Katy Perry streak of number ones with less than a sub-par album).

Moves Like Jagger is a hugely popular song that is by far surpassed by almost anything else on Hands All Over (which I love and I find shameful it only went platinum after & due to MLJ, which became popular probably only due to the overexposure of Adam in *that dreadful tv thing*, and consequent fangirls’ screaming about how he’s HOT!!!! – which he surely is but that’s not the point in buying his music, darn…).

Sure, so far it has gained Maroon 5 an incredible limelight… they just won again an award (a People’s Choice one, which means they really are popular at the moment), they are candidated also at the Brits, they got multiple certifications and stuff going but… I want back quality, not quantity.

QUALITY, because they were so capable there, better than any other in group pop music, and now all that seems worthy is Adam’s hotness?

Sure, just look at him this past night at the Golden Globes, he’s FINER than FINE but… I want him back to willing to be a fantastic singer, not the one tasteless ordals of last-minute fans worship due to the fact he’s on a lame tv show and is “hot”.

He should dress formal any day. Adam Levine wins any competition for FINEST SPECIMEN at this past night Golden Globes Red Carpet. Lord.

For God’s sake Adam get back to your roots (but still wear tuxedos cos you’re flawless when well dressed… Lord Almighty you are), because out of the many blessings Nature gave you the first is your unique voice and your ability to touch inner chords of souls everywhere when you pour your own spirit in your songs, and forget to chase fame in the easiest way just because you’re also – it happens so – handsome and that comes easy in our society for folks like you.

Well, I hope 2012 sees the rise back of Maroon 5 (read Adam) and Coldplay (read… Coldplay ;)) back up in that pedestal they used to share in my world, things that will happen when they get rid of some nasty habit they seems keen with at the moment.

Do I have to call up the Mayans for it or…?

Okay 😉

Let’s find a deal: I know there’s still a pure artistic art in each one of you guys, so just show it soon again and I will be really happy.

I’m not asking much after all (lol ;)!).

Shizzzz it’s late and my tests are done!!! Therefore… hugs everybody, my logorrhoea produced the effect of making me forget totally about Milan’s loss.

Mission accomplished then: so thank you and catch you later again ;).

Missus Z.


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