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Which Lakers Future Is The New Year Holding?

Posted on: 20 December 2011

Hi there Universe!

Ready to roll out to enjoy a wonderful day in Sn Fran, and to buy some Xmas/Chanukah gifts (Mash!!!! landing yours at Staples on Xmas ;)) here I am writing a small post…

I LOVED this ad!!! I. Want:!!!

This is probably my last one of the year… and I was held about writing this as well, because in the last day and half I flew half of the world and I’m prepared to have a wonderful Xmas time in California, an amazing (I’m sure it will be) New Years Eve in Las Vegas, and then I’ll be heading towards Paris to keep feeling blessed and in love (thank you life… I’ve probably been a saint or something in my previous one to get so much this time around? ;)).

This time I got Swifty flying with me 😉  He’s seemingly enjoying the new surroundings and apparently he reacted better than me to the jet lag (but he was chemically helped…).

What to say?

I’m super grateful for this mesmerizing year… For the way my family and my new family are lovely together (and both are with each one of us… and trust, K&I really wanted this to happen, because we’re very much fond of our families: they are our roots and force, indeed).

So happy to have still best friends ever, and really grateful to reckon my married status hasn’t changed a thing in the balances of “the crew”.

It’s important to keep things this way for me.

So, was this year perfect?

Well, not.

But this gives room for the new year to even TOP this one.

I like it like this.

Lakers. The Only Team.

Sadly I am fearing one piece of the “let’s top this year in the new one” puzzle won’t be fitting.

I wanna avoid to extensively post my thoughts in full over the blog (that’s why I waited to write, actually) about the sham against MY LAKERS, because otherwise this post would turn out to be the greatest cursing treaty of all times, but…

WTF (in Italian: ECCHECAZZZZZZZZZZO) ?!!!????!!!!!??????

David Stern made it: he destroyed my beloved team, pulling the trick out of the bomb after he placed it comfortably in our  hands.

He made Chris Paul flying to the Clippers (!!!!!!), he made Lamar leave in the worst possible way, and TO DALLAS (!!!!!!!!!), he let Pau stay just to see him convolute into a shadow of himself, and (just because dramas never come alone), to totally trash the Purple and Gold, also the private life of Kobe finally crumbled and so, also a divorce was added to the explosive and deadly mix of the 2011/2012 Lakers season to make sure everything could seize down for the worst.

Yesterday we got humiliated  by Clippers and I wish I didn’t see it coming but… I actually did.

Oh, Kobe...


But whatever: a fan is a fan.

So, even if this will be an incredible chaos in organizing, for Xmas we are gonna fly in the booth of Staples Center (in helicopter, as you know we have one) to experience the game and then immediately fly back in San Francisco to enjoy the festivities.

My dad can’t wait 😉

So… thinking that I seem to have a certain “good star” up above… can I formulate my Xmas wish to involve somehow my beloved Lakers?

Dear Santa, Baby Jesus, and Dear Great One: I’m not asking anything especially for me, cos really I have way more than a girl can dream (and I used always to dream BIG, so that means something…); it’s not for me that I’m pledging now.

Merry Xmas!

It’s for an army of fans and supporters that share with the little me this burning Lakers passion.

Please… let this season surprise us all FOR THE BETTER.

Let us never fall apart.

Let us grow stronger.

It’d be… that slight improvement on 2011 that I would REALLY look out for in the new year.


I hope I can be heard 😉

And to everyone around… Happy Xmas to you all and to your beloveds.

Catch you in the New Year so…


It seems sort of an oxymoron, but I strongly believe it’s not.

Much Love,

Missus Z. 🙂


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