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I adored Don Giovanni and can’t wait to snowboard!

Posted on: 8 December 2011

Good morning from the sunniest Milan folks!

Day shines and night shone.

The La Scala Don Giovanni Première was SUBLIME in my book, with a direction that I personally really enjoyed, with that final twist in the set that I totally dug, with the interactivity of the performers down the halls and overall thanks to an amazing night with my family and Karim (last year there was also his family, but this year to me the representation was better so it’s a deuce of the past two years as global rewarding for my spirit&soul!).

I can’t get how people could not enjoy that…

And there have been allegedly some (I can’t at lameness of uneducated people…).

Anyway, this is gonna be a very short post because after Maroon5 bailed out (AGAIN!!!!) of their Italian and not only duties, my weekend ain’t gonna be anymore an XFactor (pheeeeewwww… I was hating to have to attend the show just to see M5, but our friends who work in production there had land us special places to enjoy the performance and I couldn’t say “No thanx your show makes me feel icky” that easily to them, although they DO know their show as any other reality makes me feel awful…. ;)) + Rome + Milan trips to their gigs, and this means…

Wonderful Weather + Free Time = Amazing Snowboarding Long Weekend At The Mountains!!!!

At first I was kinda bummed and way disappointed about the further postponing (if there will ever be a postponing at all…) by Maroon 5 but then honestly I recovered very quickly (is not that I trust them that much anymore anyway so it didn’t truly “shock” me this time that they canceled again) and now I am actually happy that my weekend will be a snowy one 😉

I have seen them in Russia, and then a lot of times in this HAO tour in Usa so I don’t care for more of the same cup if they are NOT in it (I’m sure Adam has something USA-related to do these days he will be happier to commit for than not a four dates stopping in far away Europe… I don’t totally buy that he’s sick, surely not as sick as he claims to be because his voice didn’t sound sick at all in Russia, sorry. Maybe he’s sick for real, and then it means I am mean, but my distrust in him comes a long way after certain decisions he made about his professional life that will never make him the person he used to be in my eyes, ever again, sadly).

He’s a TV personality after all… he has stopped to be a serious musician the day he decided to sell his soul to reality tv: canceling gigs again without thinking of fans traveling COUNTRIES to catch them in Europe, and again giving those committed fans merely HOURS of coping time to patch bookings comes naturally after that (Adam’s credit will never be recovered, but I’m sure he doesn’t care much about this either, or he wouldn’t have chosen to put his feet into that degrading world he now claims to love and root for. Too bad the way he ‘s behaving is causing also HIS BAND to experience a lacking of credit and a generally spreading distrust: I wish I could have recorded what people at XFactor Italy and Alcatraz staff production confessed me feeling towards Maroon5 the other day, when they spoke with me about their impromptu canceling… Let’s just say they are now high in their list of “people who we hope to never have anything to share with again”…).

Enough of this broken record of mine (still bugs me a lil, but that pain also is recovering fast, trust me: I’ll enjoy the music he/they will share when they will, but no way I am gonna ever again lose any sleep on their decisions which are gonna keep taking credibility away from them in the eyes of educated music lovers. It’d be a waste of time from my part, since he/they don’t care about that firstly).

I leave you instead with the Tribute for John Lennon in the 31st anniversary of his sad and tragic death, because John is always ruling, dead or alive.

He’s eternally a boss 😉 and eternally every and each one of us must celebrate his supreme legacy :


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