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On a Mylo Xyloto’s refusal… as I pack towards New York

Posted on: 24 October 2011

Strange and peculiar morning/day.

A real disappointing effort

A day of packing, a day of work… a day of music, a day of mourns.

Let’s go in line…

This morning I should have enjoyed Coldplay and their long awaited Mylo Xyloto album on my way to my very early working shift (7h30 am: China business requests that, and I am happy to oblige as that is any company’s brightest side of the future, let’s face it).

I knew the pre-order was up for grabs so around 5h30 am I woke up, I downloaded it (along the wonderful iBook of Steve Jobs) and I listened.

And… I didn’t find it awesome.

I actually didn’t find it even GOOD.

Oh, let’s be honest… at times I didn’t even find it decent… 😦

It’s hours that I have it on loop (along my other buy… Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, which is really good if you love the genre, and I do).

This is what I judged the tunes of the two albums like, (and the iBook) just this morning (and actually some of the Mylo Xyloto’s track could be lower than what I gave out…):

The Mylo Xyloto disappointment as certified from my iTunes stars...

Maybe for you all it ain’t a big deal but for me, Coldplay devotee since the first Yellow came out (I was in UK studying/living at that time, more than in Italy) it sure – kinda – is.

Look, I’m not against them turning “pop”: they always have been pop to me after A Rush Of Blood To The Head… and I am all for merging/exploring/mashing of genres but the majority of Mylo Xyloto is overproduced, lyrically underwhelming, missing whatever kind of point type of generic shiz.


Any longtime Coldplay lover can easily see this is by far their worst album.

And I won’t even weight in the whole Princess Of China Bull. My oh,…my.

Autotune in a Coldplay song?

It’s awful.



Noel's record instead is quite amazing

Chris should just ditch Goop, be open about cheating (all the lyrics of the album scream variously between “Kate Bosworth” to “Generic Hookup“) become truly the Hollywood darling he secretely wishes to be and stop imitating the (wrong) road of U2, simply.

Yes, cause with Mylo Xyloto Coldplay made exactly the same mistake U2 did: they thought they could be good in any mix, while they just proved they weren’t.

They’re stadium rockers (in Coldplay’s case, “pop rockers”) who shouldn’t ever let dancey beats switch over and fluke off their signature guitars/melodies.

Sadly, they just tried way too hard, and failed miserably.

Oh well… live the tunes are still amazing, so that is already a plus and surely the fact this album is very lame won’t touch my overall love for Coldplay.

Anyone can miss a point and doing it with the FIFTH record only is remarkable.

Steve's biography is AMAZING on iBook 🙂

I will listen more to Noel, than Coldplay while in US, that is for sure.

Yes, because I’m on the verge to leave towards Big Apple for:

  • Business (mine);
  • Business (Karim’s);
  • Pleasure (of both);
  • Stepping into our just renewed Manhattan apartment;
  • Celebrating Halloween


Too bad we can’t stay that long to appreciate neither SLN (on the 5th November) or the VSFS 2011  on November 9th (which we had already the places for, thanx to powerful producers friends of Karim’s fam) appreciating Maroon 5 and Kanye West and Anne on those days, performing/catwalking there…

But Karim’s gotta be in Germany those days and I don’t see the point of enjoying those shows without him.

Yeah, I’ve become that good of a wife, haven’t I? 😉

I leave you with an homage to Marco Simoncelli though.

The tragedy that occurred yesterday in Sepang made me cry so hard yesterday.

Farewell, Sic: you will now ride over the purest angels’ clouds up there in a shining sky.

Love, Missus Z. 🙂


1 Response to "On a Mylo Xyloto’s refusal… as I pack towards New York"

[…] get me wrong I still LOATHE the pastiche that Mylo Xyloto is (hard) especially now that with Charlie Brown being the third single they have no more left of good […]

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