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Tribute to Beauty: Adam Levine & Anne V cover Vogue Russia Nov 2011

Posted on: 14 October 2011

I don’t think we need much to comment how BEAUTIFUL these two are together.

And even though Adam looks slightly stiff in the pics (but he’s not a model, so it’s very natural he doesn’t feel as comfortable as Anne doing photoshots of that level. Adam surely is as beautiful as a model, but his job ain’t that, and it shows, although I am sure not many musicians could afford to still look THAT credible in a Vogue spread… and I am talking of PURE musicians, not those types of singers/actors that could probably offer better a fake face to cameras, the way – and I add for God’s sake- Adam would never), the set manage to translate very well their perfect matching, conveying a really raw and primordial mixture of sexiness and care that only a blind person could overlook.

They are basically flawless together.

This amazing video of the shot that is now available online (click here if you wanna also be taken to the source page and comment on that… and if you are not sore envious losers, you will just notice the inevitable and praise Adam, Anne, their looks, their love, their sexy charme and wish them the best – and to make some babies, too ;))

This video doesn’t exist

I know they are not really dressed that much to show “the fashion” but honestly WHO CARES?

They are high fashion even being practically naked, and an ode to style and beauty no matter how many layers of clothes they put on themselves (and to get deeper into that: their lean and toned-but-not-too-excessively-pumped-out bodies are, forgive me for the words clashing, the embodiment of what a good fashion appearance should be, so to all the critics out who may blab about the fact Vogue should show clothes, my answer is not only folks, NOT ONLY. Vogue has to trace what is fashionable, and a rocker + a model couple is quintessentially fashion, especially when both are the poster-perfect image of what ATTRACTIVE means).

I was waiting since AGES for them to finally get a major fashion magazine cover together, and when in July Anne tweeted that she had a very special guest and surprise for an incoming Vogue Russia spread, I knew the odds of them to be together and COVERING it were really high.

The title reads that Fashion is Like Sex.

Dunno about that, but Anne and Adam together ARE the sex.

I really really really want them to be forever and gift the world beautiful babies together.

They would be amazingly beautiful (as they are) and very talented in their own way.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen (waiting for the actual Vogue Russia to be in my hands soon) take a look at what human perfection is, and how radiant love can make two people be:

Adam Levine and Anne V for Vogue Russia November 2011

Happy Friday everyone 😉

Missus Z.

NB: Edited on Saturday 12th to add Vogue Russia backstage video (are they even more perfect in motion or what? Awwww!!!)


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