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R.E.M. splits… it’s a been a Bad Day…

Posted on: 22 September 2011

Not even the first amazing party night out at Milan Fashion Week has been able to recover me from the sadness of R.E.M. break up.

I’ve always been a HUGE REM fan… my mum and dad are, so I grew along them and in my book, REM’s love ALWAYS won many others (let’s say U2, for instance).

It’s not that I didn’t expect it… it’s just that it hurts still to know.

I now miss Nirvana, Oasis, Amy… and REM.

Expect my iTunes uploads for Twitter been very REM-ish for a while.

One of the best bands EVER. Thank You &... THANK YOU.

I was going to write this update about my incoming leaving for Rock In Rio, where I will be blessed enough to catch at once Coldplay and Maroon 5 (they substitute Jay Z in one of the best change of setlists EVER in my book… I despise Jay Z, and I will always LOVE to witness Maroon 5 live, even though now I’m not a freak fan of them anymore, since The Fuckery Voice demise, and their music turning way too pop-charting-oriented… I still a fan, just not like I used to, it’s the reality of facts), but I just can’t.

The REM thing summonizes up with the tragedy of another lame-ass USA execution of a man who might be innocent and I just can’t at such wrong things happening.

Today I am this weak, sorry.

Troy Davis shouldn’t have been executed… death penalty is just WRONG and in this at least Italy has always been ahead of times (our philosophers claimed this in 1800 already).

This of course doesn’t excuse Italian current demises, and Berlusconi is an evidence to the maximum that SO MANY THINGS are wrong with my Country, too…

Berlusconi: most DISGUSTING person currently living.

That man should just DIE.

I mean it. He’s old enough and a shame enough and if there would be a good Above, we should NATURALLY see him passing away.

Instead… good people pass away in the core of their lives, like my homie Elena, two days ago.

This isn’t right.

Karim and I spoke so much about this (he wasn’t very familiar with her because we used to hang out more when he wasn’t part of my life… but he got from the atmosphere that she lived her life as a shining diamond sparkling&sharing LOVE), because whenever I am down, I turn to the source of my joy to get soulfully rested and restored.

But yeah… I keep being sad for all this injustice around.

But I don’t like to be gloomy so I try to cheer up and thinking at the other party for Fashion I’m gonna attend today and talking about Fashion… I leave you with the wonderful feature of lovely Anne V in Antidote magazine (it’s actually more of a BOOK than a magazine…).

She’s downright PERFECT and Fantastique, indeed.

Anne V for Antidote Magazine: spectacular

You know I still love to imagine Anne and Adam together (best celebrity couple still… she’s just with him these days, doing grocery shopping in the cutest ways, and being gently silent as she shares Los Angeles laid-back-ness along him prior to the last days of their American tour); because indeed they are blessed with looks and talents (though Adam seems unable to exploit his crystal one in the best way… but that’s merely my own opinion, and as long as he’s happy with his life, it’s all good) and it really seems they share a good heart too.

I love to picture the moment when they’ll be a family (because they definitely would and should do that, and also pretty soon… ?) especially considering I believe they’d be both great parents.

This is one of their vintage picture I love the most… in June 2010, lunching at Joan On Third:

Best couple one year ago... still gloriously amazing together as of NOW

Okay… now I better try and get ready for today’s fashion events… work left me with a huge headache and I have yet to go to the hairdresser.

So, to shorten it up… I’M LATE.

Enjoy your day and … and have a nice one ya’ll.

Missus Z.


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