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Reaching New York in 3 hours

Posted on: 10 July 2011

Note: edited on July 10, GMT -5  hr 23.15

Good morning from the United States!

We’re prancing around in this awesome colonial house (Hamptons, baby!!!!) and we are about to leave to New York in a little while.

Lovely Night London times July 2011

We reached Karim’s clan from London, where we went past weekend to enjoy the FINAL OF WIMBLEDON!!!

Nole won over Rafa in a Final that was amazing for me (they are my two fav players), as much as it was the time in London and the great dinner FTP for the winners, the night of the victory.

Meeting Nole was precious: he’s very lord-like and absolutely enchanting to exchange words with 🙂

Still, Rafa keeps the number one spot in my tennis heart, and Djokovic stays a very close second.

I told him and he smiled and said that he will try his best to make me change my mind.

*cute* 🙂

We had a total fantastic time here in the Big H, filled with parties, family time, yacht leisure (okay… K’s family yacht is INSANE… amazingly so!), horse rides along with dinisties of horseracers (WOW!!!)  and in a way we would like to stay here a couple of days more but we are heading to New York to have the first parties out of the stream of ones K&I will have for our “Bachelor/ette Celebrations” and people are flying in from literally all over the world so it’s not like we can demolish so much fun for our romantic times alone 😉

hamptons 2011

I love these Hamptons, baby!

It’s gonna be pretty wild.

And yep— I hope the boys will have fun because we girls SURELY will.

Don’t be prudes or don’t read further (or incoming posts): I wish my future hubby lots of wild sex at these parties.

He knows for me sex can be like gymnastic if heart is not involved, so as long as he’s safe, he can bang  at those parties whoever he likes.

To me he could even out of the parties, he knows how I feel about sex so he knows I’m very honest there: I am not one who feels any type of jealousy… it’s a conceptual forced feeling our historic culture and religious belief has placed within us to feel like sexual exchanges are breaking promises or faith, but that happens only if those elements strike in for what I am concerned… therefore for me – I get is not a common though – a sex thing can happen without any feeling or faithfulness involved.

I don’t lie about that, and I have always make it clear with all people who have been fortunate enough to share my sheets (or whatever else of the same category of “physical fun items”).

I’m an honest libertine BUT for the love I feel for Karim I don’t have problems in ditchin this for him to be happy…

Still I don’t see the point in being possessive with the one you love because the more you try to hold someone back, the more he/she’s gonna slippin from your chains.

I let him free, even though he has explained to me he can’t do the same…

I get you my K.

Don’t worry.

I understand and you know I don’t feel trapped with you anyway.

But yes, for me he’s free to bang around, even though I imagine he will give up most of chances also at the parties (I suggested to my friends who are there to push him instead… camon!!! Have fun you darn hot thing… make someone else happy with what Nature so kindly and abundantly has given you ;)!)

He won’t find anyway anybody who’s even remotely as unforgettable as me in a sex encounter, that’s for sure, so…I have no fears someone else can involve him as I do.

What I read on flights: Anne V and Natalia Vodianova in Vogue Germany July 2011

What about me then? Oh, it will depend on my mood, given the little boundaries I have agreed to accept and the fact we are in New York so probably lots of the people whom will be at the places we will hang at might be acquaintances of Karim or his clan (not that those hipster/rich types have sexual codes that involve normality anyway…).

And also it could depend on the fact I might find somebody sexy enough to raise my interest at my parties (and you know my taste are refined so it’s really not easy to catch me eye and even less easy to catch my attention after… but I expect people trying as usual).

Karim isn’t as open as me though so I know he had requests to undervalue when we were planning our “party times”.

He cannot stand me with anybody else unless he’s present, so that’s why we have parties in shifted days, this round and also all other rounds that are gonna happen in different towns (his is Monday, mine is Tuesday) so in case I feel the urge, he can… well, operate ;)).

I don’t really complain because by now you know that three is a very interesting number in my life ;)… And in these multiple parties it could even be surpassed.

I don’t wanna over think anything ;)… I let all doors open to *major fun*.

Rule number one in my life: I don’t give a damn about other’s concept of life.

I have mine and I am very sincere.

If you wanna mash with me, you better take it or leave it, and in any case, that won’t affect the way I will keep conducing myself.

Your judgment isn’t important to me: my life is fabulous just because I drive it very much as I like it to be.

Probably I would have been an amazing star in the decadent times in France or Spain by the end of 1800… but then the protections and the acknowledge of the STDS weren’t developed so no… I prefer very much to live nowadays, in the end.

Lots more things to do and chances to take 😉 and way safer.

I love to talk these subject in very pleasant literary debates… and people of huge culture and education actually get very engaged about this all; latest additions to my “literary and artistic circle of friends” are actually Karim’s father and uncle.

We had a very great series of conversations these past days.

They’ve seen the world and experienced all variety of people so I love to talk with them because their minds are very open and very rich.

We will be back in Italy next week: Swifty misses me so in the July travels I have to sneak in chances for rides along him (wonder if he will smell again the taste of another horse on me… he hates that ;)).

Next move will be in California, and Las Vegas.

It will also be a musical trip because after The Fuckery “that thing” ended I have finally allowed myself to re-listen to Maroon 5 so the Hollywood Bowl gig is what we will also do in Los Angeles in two weeks.

I actually also hope to catch Stevie Wonder the day before at the same venue but yet that has to be confirmed.

I still not enamored with Maroon 5 as I used to be though; I fear that wound will never be healed, and that type of worship I used to have for them and for Adam especially will never be restored in full force again.

And so in many ways Moves Like Jagger, which is an undoubtedly little summer pop gem, sounds like Katy Perry to me (and that is NOT good, though catchy-powering), making my liking of the song diminished in value (I can’t appreciate the fact pop-garbage producers like Benny Blanco have taken charges of Maroon 5 songs now… I don’t really like Stereo Hearts as I hoped I would have, either, and he’s involved in that too).

These are my summer songs by the way (part of them have been influenced by my stay away from Italy, especially number 4, which I LOVED as soon as I heard it on the radio the other day :)):

  1. LMFAO  Party Rock Anthem (I was the one telling you months ago this was going to be universally HUGE);
  2. JOVANOTTI and Michael FRANTI The Sound Of SunShine
  3. GIORGIA Il Mio Giorno Migliore (LOOOOVE IT!!!)
  4. ONE REPUBLIC Good Life
  5. COLDPLAY Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
  6. MAROON 5 & CHRISTINA AGUILERA Moves Like Jagger (can’t avoid to like it even though I don’t love it)
  7. JOVANOTTI Il Piu’ Grande Spettacolo
  8. ALOE BLACC I Need A Dollar
  9. BRUNO MARS The Lazy Song
  10. place number ten is free for grabs 😉 I will have a final word at the end of the summer 😉

I leave you with cuteness though.

One thing that hasn’t diminished at all regarding M5 related stuff is still my appreciation of the Adam Levine + Anne V love story (still rooting for them to be together forever and have many gorgeous and physically perfect little Levines with a boost of Russian genes in… oh! how cute they would be!!! Adam and Anne are the best celebrity couple I have ever seen so…) and in fact I had to compose this collage when I downloaded for my friends Marghe and Sere some pictures for them to upload in their Maroon 5 dedicated blog (they will update it someday soon… I have no idea when though because they are bound to reach me in New York just today?):

Most lovely couple Adam Levine and Anne V in Los Feliz, California, July 5, 2011

They are so incredibly cute together.

That melts me since their beginnings, and to be fully honest I don’t even really like the fact Adam will be half naked in the Moves Like Jagger video because Anne wasn’t there with him this time, filming along him (she was in Montenegro for a birthday party, and that explains why they were so huggy and affectionate in the Los Feliz cafe’, before her departure from California).

This by the way are some of the stills from the shooting of Moves Like Jagger video, filmed by one of my fav directors, the uber talented swede Jonas Akerlund, whom Adam interviewed in 2009 for MTV (search this blog):

Anyway I am sure they will reunite very soon, considering Chovy stays at Adam’s pad (cute… he said he was watching a movie with his DOGS… so now he feels Anne’s one is as well his 🙂 who knows how Frankie feels about that?).

I know Love Will Rule.

And talkin about that, Karim and I will travel to New York in a limo with closed space.

We will be about to rule love in 3…2…1… 😉

Catch you sometime around two weeks I think 😉

Kisses, Miss Z. 🙂


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