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Glastonbury 2011

Posted on: 27 June 2011


I just want to express my joy for having been part (again!!!) of the amazingness that is Glastonbury Festival.

Random thoughts coming in shuffle…

Forget the unchained-ly awkward stream of observations… time is strict but I like it (three more days at lab and then is PRE-MARRIAGE PARTY MONTH…. *All Around The World*!!!!).

So, back at K&I amazing Glasto days.


  1. Coldplay.
  2. Coldplay. (;)) (they were so great even weather held up again for them… just like at Heineken Jammin. Plus, new songs are FANTASTIC!!!)
  3. Primal Scream (whoooo!!!)
  4. Hurts (we planned our private flight right after them… I couldn’t care less of Beyoncé ;))
  5. Mumford&Sons (overall EXCELLENCE live)
  6. Janelle Monae (perfection… she was WAY better than Jessie J, who wasn’t bad anyway)
  7. Tinie Tempah (my possible new hip hop crush… musically only cos he’s VERY short ;))
  8. Morissey (crazyhead, but sparkling).
  9. Weather surprisingly decent (for Glasto standard)
  10. Camping in the fields!!! (awesome. I mean… K&I and a tiny tent? Amazing. We made friends in incognito ;))


  1. Not having believed the rumor that Radiohead would be performing on Friday, therefore skipping at changing stages to try them. ARGH! Forever sad Zaira 😦
  2. Not having been able (for time schedule) to watch Queens Of The Stone Age (damn!)
  3. I realized I couldn’t care less of watching U2… because their latest album really was one of the biggest disappointment ever to me.
  4. The mess of the dead body @ camps, and the protestors (don’t ruin a festival with politics, ever?)
  5. The trouble at finding clear water
  6. The fact too many good acts again were playing overlapped, and you couldn’t have the full best from the schedule.
  7. iPhone substitutive batteries: way too short on charge.
  8. The price of private bathrooms (REALLY?????)
  9. Way too many weirdos, and way too drunk (even for the notoriously DIFFERENT UK standards ;))
  10. Press passes people trying to hitting on me way too hard. Karim at a certain point had to *politely* (NOT) lift from their ground a pair of the most annoying.  😉

So… This is it.

I’m a very happy lucky bitch 😉

Have all a great start of the week!!!


Miss Z. 😉




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