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Heineken Jammin Festival, Miami MEAT choke, (referendum?) = bliss

Posted on: 13 June 2011

Oh… how awesome!!!!!!

Perfect performance

Today could be one of the best days of the year!!!!

Back after days of COMPLETE no connection (I got hacked past Wednesday in a very obnoxious way… obnoxious especially because it faked I could have ANY darn interest in THE Voice Of Fuckery… Yikes!!! I despise despise despise all about any reality tv show, ESPECIALLY when it butchers THE art of MUSIC!!! The day I will ever watch that thing may the Judgement Day come and bury me down in flames!), today from a very quiet lab, as my tests roll on, I HAVE to get you all on the amazingness that has been the WHOLE Heineken Jammin Festival 2011 experience, and SO much more that is going on in these beautiful – although rainy – hours.

In so many ways, I loved to be not connected because I got even more pleasures out of being with my friends and lover in such awesome spaces and events.

I also had some wild super rewarding sex plays in the mud and washed up through rain which was SUPERBLY satisfying.

Dirrrrrrrt in the best way 😉

I just took a space to read this coming from Save The Children (for obvious reasons) to honor Gwen Stefani and No Doubts efforts for Japan Relief. YOU ROCK guys. YOU ROCK GWEN!!!


Three words: WE MET COLDPLAY (that of course wasn’t my first time, but it always is a FINE pleasure, especially when Guy is all chatty. He’s a dreamboat and always will be), and this time even Karim admitted he liked them – in that break AND especially for their rocking performance on stage.

I think it could all stop there if that were NOT actually the peak.

The peak?


THAT is the peak and forever will be (though I really think he was intimidated by both my and K’s height… not that he would EVER admit it, of course).

My Oasis-Mania will always EQUALLY love both brothers, because one has THE most amazing raspy voice of his generation, and the other the most amazing easy writing skills (can’t wait for Noel’s solo album to drop… and while we’re at it, happy incoming marriage Noel!!!).

The days of the Heineken Jammin have been awesome… maybe not everybody loved the line-up as we did, but to me one of the peaks WAS DEFINITELY FABRI FIBRA!!!!

We re-met him (no big deal… he’s a homie ;)) as well, and actually as usual I had a blast.

We loved especially day one, even though weather wasn’t bright (but during the PERFECT Coldplay set, even rain stop bothering because NOTHING had to mess with the complete bliss that their set was. Gosh, they get better and better and better as performers every single time: the whole thousands and thousands were all so transfixed… males, females – because they have as many males fans as they have females, for God’s grace – everyone just stated the obvious: COLDPLAY are this generation’s U2. End of it. Another level, yep).

Cremonini and Elbow, the amazing Verdena, Negramaro (on second day) were really really good too.

Vasco Rossi on third day is a giver, I mean, Vasco is always a great fun live… but the rest of day three and some of day two was really a filler.

Taylor Momsen should just model because her music SUCKS; then… All Time Low??? REALLY???

Painful awfulness.

Never call them back again (not merely at this festival… just don’t let them come back in Italy ALTOGETHER, for the sake of music!).

Before we took off for the four days of Veneto’s magic we drowned in more bliss thanx to Apple and Steve Jobs, who revealed to the world the news about US:

Watch the whole of the Keynote from Apple Site:

Can't post the video here so CLICK over and watch from Apple site the WHOLE Keynote 🙂 Steve rules!!!

I adore Steve Jobs.

He is what I’d love to become, as I wrote, he’s an imaginative genius ahead of his time and full of dreaming power, without being naive or empty for it.

Steve… I suffer seeing you so weak and consumed… you’ll NEVER know how good you did for the world and… ME.

Love You.

Keeping up with amazingness of the past few days. we had to leave Venice soon on Sunday because Ladies and Gentlemen we had to VOTE for the Referendums (please let the Quorum be reached!!!).

This absolutely fantastic video from Sora Cesira, with its distinctive half Italian-English mash up, tells everything:

Genius again.

The total bliss ensued when this morning, just as I had hoped yesterday before getting some deserved rest, when I woke up to the GREAT news that LeBron(ze) James once again proved himself as the BIGGEST LOSER ever and choked again, overshadowed by Dirk Novitzky‘s TRUE class and losing the ring (he will never get) in favor of the very deserving Dallas Mavericks.




This picture also is genius and it will keep me going smirking ALL day:

Dear Dirk and Lebron, thank you for a great movie... THE LOSS OF THE RING (Genius again!)

I’m very happy of the MEAT demise: I am sorry for Wade, who’s a great champion (in Dirk’s league), but you know my un-appreciativeness of Bronzey’s HYPE is as vast as sky and I hope finally it will stop, after the further proof that he simply CANNOT WIN.

He’s a choker, a loser, and will NEVER ever win, no matter how many (better than him) players he will surround himself with, he has NOT *that* factor that makes people win (read: COJONES).

He’s NOT a champion. He’s just a very good player with a set of natural skills that he NEVER developed rightly because he’s a lazy unfocused PRICK.

Very deserved. Congratulations TEAM Dallas Mavericks (Cuban still a jerk)


This is what he is, because the only thing that holds himself from success is… HIMSELF.

What a waste of human being (You know I consider CRIMINAL when great talents get wasted due to people’s characterial FLAWS… it’s a damage to humanity to me, and let alone how can I take such a low form of life can get HYPED??? Please… shut up and hide under rocks. Losers will remain losers forever, because it’s in themselves the problem, and they just won’t solve that).

Stop hoping he will blossom because at 26 he’s starting to get old and stale ALREADY and should be ashamed the way he lost once again, once more.

Awwwwwwwww. The Laker Fan in me REJOICES so much.

I had really hoped a lot this would happen, and I am so delighted my fears past post were overcome by events 🙂

Today at lab, though, something else arrived that in a way made me very happy (I was thinking about buying it in Japan once there for marriage, because my record collection gotta remain intact a and complete NO matter THE FUCKERY that thing currently making me bleed), but on the other end still signify for some weeks more I can’t bend over that liking.

I can’t be derogatory to my life’s principles.

That means also (among brackets) that although I HAVE listened (once) to the song Adam and Gym Class Heroes did, Stereo Hearts (it’s a cute, unarming song… not a masterpiece, because NOTHING produced by those who write for KESHA and Britney Spears could ever be, but it’s a nice generically cute happy pop summer song that surely will do well everywhere, because generic is what rules the charts nowadays, if you exclude AWESOME Adele), and I reckon is a nice effort (nowhere near as good as the real rock song  Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall, of course, but still a sweet happy pop urban song), I won’t buy the song until The Fuckery Voice ends, no matter if technically the song will be available TOMORROW from iTunes (this breaks a LONG habit, where I would buy ANYTHING off from any of Maroon 5 guys even before listening to the thing, JUST because they’d deserve… but now my fanship has way reduced, due to the musical crime Adam did when he sold his artistry out to a reality tv show… sorry, this is not amendable for me, and it never will. That super status is forever lost in my book, and it won’t come back, because I can’t really take him any seriously anymore, no matter his unmistakable talent and his beautiful voice…):

But I mean… confront the above (cute, I admit it) song with a real rock song full of guitars and real musical play, and with WAY better substance, then draw your conclusion on why I feel so let down about somebody after all:

I mean… there’s NO comparison regarding real artistry quality between these two tracks right?

It doesn’t mean Stereo Hearts won’t succeed (I think it will, and I hope it will because Adam NEEDS a hit after all) but have you looked what is in the chart these days? Kesha? Katy Perry? Taio Cruz? PITBULL???? If that’s what people buy, let me be with the music people DON’T buy, all way long (even if I am sure ETIAW will be bought a LOT everywhere, because it’s just too much of a good song anyway).

Oh well… a least so far Adam didn’t dare to ruin completely his credibility and duet with Justin Bieber or a Jonas Brother… but the way he’s now, I won’t be surprised when he would (ah, the good times when duets were with REAL people like Alicia Keys are forever gone, aren’t they?… what a shame…).

Anyway, back to the gift I got sent.

My Chinese partners sent me this as a present this morning ( they wanted to be kind after I served them with boat rides and Italian Sea last month… cute).

Hands All Over ASIAN Tour Edition, which is a CD + DVD.

I have to wait a while more. But thank you 😉

They also sent me a bid guitar. That I will immediately give to Karim.

Way to keep me cringe over what has gone that won’t return (namely the pure unaffected joy of having special M5 items, when I was proud of them…).

Lucky me, the mail was cute today though most especially because Radiohead FULL package for The King Of Limbs arrived (that’s what I call music…) ;).

That saved me someway.

And kept the mood just as perfect as it can get.

Now we just need a QUORUM.

Do it, Italy.

Do it.

I trust you 😉

Love, Miss Z. 🙂


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