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Musical June with Coldplay overload starts in 3…2…1…

Posted on: 6 June 2011

Good morning Universe!!!

This is it: your very happy Miss Z. is starting to feel quite dizzy because well… in two months I am gonna marry in Japan and preparations for that are swirling a notch up every day?

Today is June 6.

I marry on August 6. I can’t honestly wait…

Before I forgot… My hat off to Sara Bareilles for her awesome efforts in Japan:

Sara Bareilles is AWESOME

This is actually my last working month and I have tried (and I will still try) my best to focus.

Even though it seems so many happy events get in the way to prevent me from being too much awake, like the celebrations for Milano’s new Mayor the past Monday:

I still smile like an idiot about this because finally my Country has raised up and sent a powerful message to THE CRIMINAL Berlusconi who’s keepin it under tutelage by brainwashing its citizens with the lamest, fakest, more repulsing tricks.

From East to West, North to South the only message loud and clear given out from Administrative Elections was ONLY this one:


You know how embarrassed for my Country I am out of all these years of him ruling us.

Our entire story is devoted to allow not good people to play “the Saviour” role but this with him is just too much.

He bended the Law at his discretion and WE allowed him so.

I can’t take it, I never could and I never will.

I hate to see how irresponsible for anything he wants to be and how unresponsive for way too long Italy has been at his damaging power.

But now THE YOUTH has had enough and I am proud of this.


Look, I’m not an extremist of the Left: I am somebody with sure Progressive views, I can’t stand racism or narrow-minded people who let fears of the differences exhaust their positive outlook at the openness of the world , but I want the Law to be respected, I have the strongest work ethic, I am not there to see anything even remotely anarchic takin anything of my Country out, and I despise Communism as any other type of tyranny (though Nazism will forever be worse than anything else, because its plan was first and foremost to destroy and to commit genocide).

And that’s why I am happy about these results.

The people who like me are repulsed by Berlusconi aren’t coming out from Social Centers and do not live raising fists and chanting all day long.

We are hard-workers with great skills, in my case pretty wealthy, we love art and fashion and traveling and we LOVE CULTURE and EDUCATION and never for a single day in our lives we would fall under the charm of a tv-seller with the culture of a caveman who says the same stale FAKE things from 1994.

Let’s hope THIS generation of young people can send this poisoning criminal where he belongs: in JAIL, or anyway NEVER in a public office again.

He has ruined this beautiful Country (with the sad collaboration of too many blinds and lazy italians) for way, way, WAY too long.

Let the downfall of the awfulness he represents START.

Awww 🙂

And if you wonder how can a Milanist like me despise Milan’s owner so bad, that’s not an issue: I would prefer Milan to be under ANYONE ELSE’s grab.


18th and counting!

I cringe everytime he uses Milan to his paving nasty plans.

Because that’s what he has always done: USING Milan, and no matter if we won under him… he won way, way more for himself than he made us win through him.

(PS: it was great to celebrate Milan along Dolce and Gabbana, btw…it was a day very special to paint best my heart in red and black again!)

In the past 60 days I have contributed (MAJORLY) to realize two of the biggest deals our pharmacy and researching company has ever inked; I have tried everything to succeed, and the last idea of taking our American and Chinese partners experiencing the beauty of Southern Italian Sea last May (with the original site location changed quickly) was surely one of the brightest I ever had.

It was cool to stay in my boat… even though the fact Karim arrived after me and left way before (his own stuff to do, of course… I love when he has an agenda he can’t ditch!) left me sexless way too much (and I can’t ever be fine sexless).

We found a way to celebrate and have LOTS of lovely role plays the weekend after clubbing on the Lake Garda with the whole crew.

I was allowed to play people REALLY bad (I am a bad bad bad girl) and that turned out to be a wonderful source of sexual rawness.

I am a master exercising power onto men: Karim loves to witness that; I never know enough if it’s because he knows now he can stop me from crossing the borderline (if he likes to), or if it’s because he knows I never had better sex than the one he keeps gifting me with (and you know… I have a pretty HUGE list of people of skill there that I slept with, chewed and spat out, and left with broken bones/hearts…).

The icy on cake that day was that actually I was so successful in my hunting for the perfect person to be played and tricked that night that I got offered by two lesbians too .

And well… that for me is always almost MORE flattering than catch men’s desires.

Men are way easier to intrigue and please than women. Men are simpler. It’s like the difference that passes between having a dog following you – it’s a no brainer, dogs can’t avoid to – or having cats willing to please and follow you – that is only a cat’s choice, their imprinting is dominant, unlike canine’s –.

To have females lust after me is like conquering a cat’s devotion, while when it happens with men, is a regular natural reaction, most like a dog can’t avoid to obey to his owner.

So, those two stunningly looking Dutch beauties went up catching me and from their Vip area to our own one they tried hard, OH! so very hard to bring me along at their suite in Sirmione.

Too bad I really don’t see the point in being tasting the lesbian world (beside a dream to see Natalia Vodianova or Michelle Pfeiffer naked maybe, because to me they are the description of females beauty), because in that case the threesome (or foursome) could have been really nice for Karim to appreciate.

wonderfulness from Salento, May 2011

Sorry honey: I like only men.

But you know I wouldn’t get jealous of you in any case. Save the option for your bachelor party 😉 I am anyway sure nobody could come nowhere as near as me when it’s about sexual skills 😉 Try freely anything else.

My confidence there is border-less 😉

(P.S.: if you’re prudes, this is not your place to read over. I don’t care what you may think like… my life is mine and my only principle is BEING TRUE AND HONEST AND REAL. Say always what you think and feel, so that if people stay with you, they stay WITH YOU and not with a person they think you may be, that you are not . Sex is the greatest thing in life. Sex and Love to go hand in hand have to mutually acknowledge one another in total openness and realism. Sexual desires are the most powerful of engines to ANY long lasting love. If sexual desire fades, soon or later love will fade too. The concept of possession is nowhere as important or working as the willing of belonging, which is almost the opposite of wanting to possess’ anyone. Jealousy is a cover up for insecurity about oneself, not the other one. Every woman and every man true to their own sexuality will always want to experience sex in many ways. FACTS).

Let me take one small moment to manifest my thoughts about the new Lakers coach, Mike Brown.

I ma NOT really down with him, but we will see and I have to be confident my Lakers are doing the right thing with him.

I am fascinated with the fact Ettore Messina could be his assistant coach (and it seems very much confirmed).

This is the whole of his press conference, courtesy of the great Mark Medina from LA Times Lakers Blog

Let's see how it ends. We just gotta wait, see and WIN, Mike. WIN.

Messina was one of the “Not Milano BBall Coaches” I have always admired, so it’d be good to follow him as a fan of Laker Nation.

But there’s a thing that especially makes me uncomfortable about Mike Brown with us, though…

It certainly wasn’t right to NOT tell Kobe before about him.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mark Medina (as it often happens) about it:

I am very much agreeing also with Kareem Abdul Jabbar about the idiocity (already goin on, as the Meat will surely win their damn ring now…) that Bronzey is the best in the game (nor now, and certainly never ever in any “HOF” debate…).

Good Lord… I will have a hard time suffering this Heat ring (they are so lucky, Dirk got even injured in the Finals… GRRRR).

But I am way too happy these days to fuse out.

So… whatever, MEAT. You get this ring out of others’ collapses. Treasure it, because it won’t ever repeat: take notice, Bronzey (and go licking Dwayne Wade‘s ass because that’s the only reason you will finally embellish your finger for….)

My very happy mood translates also in my sweet molding heart (NOT… I am not like that I know… but it did sound good? Did it matched my previously sex-overloaded tirade? No? Lol… ;)) acknowledging for once a good thing again about Adam (the one that shouldn’t be mentioned until The Voice of Fuckery  still going on… even though, as that thing has been already renewed, I risk to never speak again of him if I don’t start to avoid thinkin he does… that thing – convoluted thoughts comin off from my still unaccepting soul. My soul will never accept that he took part in a reality show. *sigh*).


When we were at Garda Lake, on Sunday May 29th, we were breakfasting at the cafe’ (we were 16: my house is big BUT I don’t have 16 milk bowls, sorry ;)) and we were checking our phones.

At a certain point, reading my Twitter timeline, I stumbled upon the sweetest ever message Adam gave out to Anne on twitter.

And even I, I admit, even if I am pissed with him about that thing, well I couldn’t avoid to melt.

He was at Prince Forum gig in Los Angeles (May 28th for them) and he totally LIVES for Prince…. but as Anne couldn’t be with him for working matters, he said this:

Damn you, Levine!!!

You and your adorable sweet lovingly heart.


When you turn THAT sweet, I forget even about your reality show musical crime.

That was so sweet, I had to openly say something over twitter (I was almost tempted to listen to a Maroon 5 song before that thing ends, but I held on: my principles for God’s sake survived the cuteness of him. I am happy with myself ;))

how could anybody refuse such a sweet thing? Not even I could.

Anne, in Paris for a working duty (that again involves an Italian photographer and I HOPE HOPE HOPE a GQ or Vogue Italian spread… crosssing all fingers), replied at her man’s love in the cutest way as well :

Aren't they just awesome for one another?

I can’t help.

I could never ever escape the magic that these two sparkle together.

I am a sucker for them since February 2010 (this whole blog testifies it) and I can’t wait for when they will mix their perfect genes together and gift the world with a new generation of handsomely looking babies.

Seriously… this is a collage made with two super recent pictures of them both: Adam, on Memorial Day 2011 at his place, and Anne, a bunch of days prior of that, in Gran Canaria, shooting for we don’t know yet what:

Everything I wanted to say about this stays in the photo. Adam Levine and Anne V together are PERFECTION.

The super hot couple will always be a blessed sight for me.

No matter what.

It’s also not a problem that YET the two aren’t married nor engaged (poor Anne had to rectify it because as she tweeted she was ready to fly from Paris to Venice on June 1st, to spend “hubby time” with her beau, she probably attired tons of stupid hate from stupid rabid Adam’s fans… get a grip, idiots: Adam will never be YOURS… and the day he will decide to finally settle down with somebody – and he must approach that at 32?-, it better be with Anne, because she’s awesome and totally perfect for him…): they shine together and are THE PERFECT couple, celebrity one or not:

Most awesome couple (beside Karim and I, obviously), Adam Levine and Anne V strutting their hotness in Venice, Italy, June 1st 2011. Awww.

They charm me EXACTLY together, even more than I have ever been charmed by Adam alone (and that’s to say SOMETHING, indeed).

the lovely Anne V

Anne V can make me forget the fact Adam let me so down when he decided to “land his talent to The Voice of Fuckery” (any LeBronze’s pun IS intended, because you know how I don’t like Bronzey, exactly because he was given THE BEST of talent skills, but he never does his very best and he never fully commit to play hard to perfect them and be REALLY the best – in the end, I can’t stand underperforming people…).

Anyway, for a while more you will have to rely to Margherita and Serena for having your dose of Maroon 5.

I still striking on them until that thing won’t end.

And as it will reprise (sigh… already at the start of 2012? This cuts my flesh deep under and rips it out… *bleachhhh*), I will get back on strike again.

I love music too much to accept a reality show in ANY of my music digs, sorry.

Maroon 5 and Adam Levine are beauty of music to me… but NOT when they mix with such garbage stuff: I let retards like retarded things, and there is NEVER a possibility that the true art form of REAL good music or performance can EVER have a single thing to share with pre-fabricated stupid reality tv shows, all built up for low-standard-aiming masses.

Would Thom Yorke, Bruce Springsteen, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury… John Lennon… and you go on with that… would they EVER had the dirty thought of accepting be part of such unforgivable sham EVER cross their minds (let alone have them sign onto the contract for it)?


Adam Levine and Anne V spotted by fans in Venice, Italy, on June 2nd 2011

And those are my type of artists: there is where I did ALWAYS hope and believe Adam could and should have aimed at.

Fuck…Even more contemporary artists, such as my nerdy genius Chris Martin, or Matthew Bellamy… surely never Noel Gallagher, or Lenny Kravitz… darn they would NEVER touch a role in reality shows with a long 50 inches pole: and in this sorry, all them will always from now on stand a notch up to Adam (while before I always considered Adam the type of multi-talented artist who could have eventually even SURPASSED them all).


What Adam did downsized him forever as an artist to me.

I still love him, his huge talent, his amazing perfect voice, and I will always be charmed by his looks forever but after what he did, he will never anymore be someone I will worship for the artistry of music, like I used to do for so many, many years, FIRST & FOREMOST.

Doesn’t mean I won’t love his music: I probably always will.

I just stopped think he’s up there with the “Pure artists” club in my book of “perfect likings”.

He’s a fantabulously talented individual with an unique voice and a heck of amazing talent, and he has one of the most special and funny personalities you will ever come across, but that choice he made proved him also like somebody whom is too lazy to battle only with that set of God-given skills the perks of fame and show-biz: he prefers to rely to mere popularity tanks, whenever is it possible: because it’s easier, immediately rewarding, and more ego-pleasing probably.

Maroon 5 at Ca's Foscari private Biennale Party, Venice, ITALY, 2 June 2011 - 1 -

His (respectable, but not approachable for me) choice.

It doesn’t affect his talent; but it DOES affect his status as an artist and his reputation among “serious” ones, surely.

And among brackets… I don’t really think he cares about being taken as a too much of a serious artist: probably it was too much of a responsibility for him and he’s somehow happy about how, with his very commercial tv choice, he erased the need of being taken “seriously” by music critics anymore.

He likes to not think of himself as “all that”, so he’s fine with people screaming at him just “You’re HOT!” and buying his stuff, regardless of any of competency skills about the true appreciation of true music those type of folks (mostly overweight chicks from 18 to 45) can offer in the music debate.

I’m now sure of that: and for me that is a huge darn disappointment, but ehi, not everybody gotta die for art, right?

He doesn’t, and similarly the wide majority of his fans doesn’t seem to, either (and that will never be a good thing for Maroon 5, face it: numbers almost never equals quality, when it comes to music artistry).

Maroon 5 at Ca's Foscari private Biennale Party, Venice, ITALY, 2 June 2011 - 2-

Too bad because his talent was by far enough to let him be a GREAT one, without any of the tricks he has decided to let himself go for, and in the long run vanish along with.

I mean, at The Venice Event (the one that made Maroon5 fly from los Angeles to Venice for two days, to be the musical entertainment at the private party organized at Ca’ Foscari, which included amazing people like Paolo Conte, and the Black Queen Reigning Beauty herself Naomi Campbell) they were invited and chosen because they are DAMN CLASS, but I can’t see this going on that much longer when their leader preaches from a giant revolving chairs like he’s Doctor Spock turned musical guru…

End of the story, anyway… If any of you likes The Voice of Fuckery (many of my friends LOVE the show, and they all are very happy when I let them find the whole episodes merely two hours after they air in the US) it’s definitely your gain, right?

Can’t change my perspective there though, so “the strike” will be the only apt solution for times when “garbage” will risk to affect “beauty”in my very demanding eyes (and ears).

It’s like… a vaccine.

Or an induced coma to preserve true life.

You choose the metaphor you like best 😉

But I ain’t mad at any of Adam’s choices: his life and career are of course a deliberate pattern he only chooses how to shape like; I just can’t fake feelings and if something ain’t at all my taste, I won’t ever claim it is.

But let me close peacefully: this is a collage out from Dasha Zukova‘s party at Ca’ Foscari in Venice, where you see FINALLY Adam avoiding to dress like a brat and gently and elegantly (never as elegantly as Jimmy V though) pose aside gloriously beautiful Anne:

Adam Levine, Anne V and James Valentine party at Ca's Foscari in Venice Biennale - Russian Pavilion - 2nd June 2011

Now let me post two small things about Anne (the fact I am not uploading about her is because when I’d do it I would TOO easily fall in the charm and risk to write way too much about Adam then… and it’s bad because she is doing TONS of great stuff fashion-wise these days, and she would deserve space…).

Anne not only has shot campaign incoming for Dylan & George denim campaign, but (way more important and interesting) she will be the face along handsome Gabriel Aubry (Adam, be careful 😉 kidding…) of True Religion‘s new brand campaign (awwww: she’s dominating the jeans field, if you add Pepe to these!).

But there is some major make-up campaign allegedly looming ahead (Go Anne, Go!!!!) and then there is the new Chanel Chance perfume ad, 10 years after her debut in the fashion industry, with the first version of the same scent.

And the first version (look how adorable she always has been!):

You deserve all success, sweet Russian Fairy 🙂

And I really, really hope soon you will add to your achievement list a beautiful family.

I loved when you said back months ago that you were looking forward to that a lot.

Another small time of beauty (involving families… see the link and connection? ;)) was when Karim’s parents joined us for past week celebration of 2nd June (Italian National Republic Holiday).

My sweet Karim's love gift on June 1st, in Florence. Awww.

Those were four days between Tuscany and Umbria which were so lovely and perfect under every sight.

Too bad in Florence we didn’t get a chance to cross Jersey Shore’s JERKS and serve them as they’d deserve for their lameness against humanity, but hey, you can’t have it all?

We had to waste the chance of letting K’s family’s bodyguards (sadly, we had to endure that again… but I’m getting used to their “company”) serve those retards with some “good care”.

Weather also wasn’t that hip, but still… who cares when you are drowned into the greatest love with your fiancé and your families?

Exactly 😉

We got that somehow Karim’s family would like a Tuscany marriage but sorry… no way.

Kyoto is.

Stop trying 😉

In Florence the first night out dining with our families, we had a chunk of buzz about Shaquille O’Neal‘s retirement announcement.

Wow… the whole place started to speak as Italian news on tv (Restaurant had giants walla screens all around) were showing images of the Former Great Player.

My reaction was… WHATEVER.

I stopped trusting, liking and feel for him as soon as he started being an ass to my Lakers.

I reckon his FORMER greatness.

I am very cold about retiring his jersey at Staples Center, even though I can see why it someway MUST be done.

But I just can’t forgive (you know I am not a forgiver at all).

Everytime I look at him now, I can’t separate from anything his mouthful hatred against all things Lakers for almost a decade after he made us (undeniably) GREAT.

So… farewell, Shaq:

I’d rather keep talking about the beautiful past weekend in beautiful Countryside gems than you, sir.

It was amazing spending quality time for ourselves in beautiful places and also carry our families along.

I’m always charmed and at ease with K’s folks.

the amazingness of Italy

They’re so awesome to talk with; so elegant without being affected… so real and so much a true family (which is rare among those of their status, and even rarest when it comes to families who run great companies and are also involved in Politics… darn t was incredible when they brought us to an AGRITOURISM  and we past the day pickin up black cherries from trees. THEY’RE FRIGGING BILLIONAIRES!!!! And they came up with the idea of staying in the Countryside and be all farmers…. and looked like they had NO PROBLEM whatsoever about it. Now THAT is really, really, REALLY cool!!!).

We had a blast together: we all get along so well, and it’s all but given, especially coming from different Countries as we do (though, to be fair: my family and I have lived in multiple Countries… K’s family OF COURSE did as well all of their lives, given the headfamily working duties 😉 so that’s actually pretty natural for all of us to feel at ease with foreign people, whom we don’t ever perceive as foreign after all…).

They’re very respecteful of everything: but at the same time very honest and open to never let you have second guesses at their words: what they speak, it’s definitely the truth they see, and so you can decide if you can get accustomed, or not.

They are honest and they obviously ask that same honesty to people around them.

I approve of that: is my way of life as well.

They really loved Assisi a lot: they went there previously and so did me and my folks (still always amazing to stay there!).

But yep… my super holiday approaches, marriage approaches… everything is falling into its spaces.

In fact, I am leaving towards Heineken Jammin Festival in two days (I get back my two days of lost freedom I had to spent in that Southern Italian sea, you see ;)) because June, albeit NOT yet a month of holiday, will anyway see me JAMMIN’ & SHUFFLIN’ a lot!!!

And yes, I am all pumped because after Heineken Festival it’s gonna be GLASTONBURY, bitchessssss!!!!!

Both events have the highlight in catching again ADORED CHRIS MARTIN and Coldplay ;).

Can't waittttt 😉


And of course the boys have released new music, after teasing for a few days.

Enjoy the beauty that is Every Teardrop Is A waterfall ( no need to mention that while we were enjoying amazing countryside specs, I immediately downloaded the song from iTunes and the first day alone I listened to it 18 times… LOVE its cheerful, happy, celebratory vibe and it will surely be a smash!!!):

Can’t wait to re-catch my four musical babies live!!! It’s gonna be a blast, they’re so amazing live, everything gets a singalong treatment and they just command the stage… in every possible way!!!).

Coldplay live are just everything a gig should be: rocking singalongs for never less HUNDRED THOUSANDS of people, and a full 12 years of decade remixed and reworked like a giant massive powerful jukebox 🙂

found Anne V in Repubblica Venerdi summer glasses feature. LV rules 😉

And you know, I love it 😉

Plus I can’t wait to hear Liam Gallagher‘s snarling again from Heineken festival stage, too (Beady Eye there!!)…

And Fabri Fibra!!! Whooo!!!

Then there will be Cesare Cremonini and I pretty love his singing live…

There will be Negramaro

Yep, it’s gonna be really really good this incoming long weekend, and after that we will stay a bit in Venice and enjoy Biennale parties too (cos yep, we can ;)).

I’m still undecided if we want to move boat along, or just stay as per usual at Danieli.


We’ll see (Karim has a pass anyway… but we have great memories of Venice together from last year, and it all involved HIS parental friends’ HUGE boat rocking…so mmmh… it’s like we long for a boat anyway ;)).

I expect wonderfulness coming off from Veneto times, and most especially Glasto: hopefully weather won’t be much of a bitch but who cares… music happenings alongside my crew, best friends and my amazing fiance is something that can carry sun inside my soul, no matter if rays from our star shine or not for real.

It’s gonna SO rock.

Catch you  after all the gig-banging.

And when I’ll catch you, I’ll be on my way down the aisle… or something 😉


Your very shining Miss Z. 🙂


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