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And April’s gone too… along with Osama Bin Laden

Posted on: 2 May 2011

Of course, I had to come online and post a blog TODAY.

We woke up around 7 am as usual, and we found our phones pulsating in colors like a disco ball hit by a flashy rainbow (we have different set ups for our iPhones and BBs, and the light that comes is determined by the people sending us texts/video-messages/mails).

We feared at first something bad had happened (we set phones with no sound at night) but then we thought if that was the case, somebody would have called at our HOUSE and that sound would have been heard.

So it had to be a good news, we realized with relief.

We opened our four devices and more or less it was an endless series of missed calls and texts reading:




We immediately phoned Karim’s parents.

You know… well, his family PROPERLY fought that man these years.

From the HQs.

It has been immediately intense for my baby.

He lost friends in the Twin Towers (remember that night last year when I had to console him mutely just due to a documentary we were seeing at night prior to NBA games? You must… I will certainly NEVER forget that night) and after that, also a couple during the subsequently declared wars (I can’t call wars “peace operations”, sorry… a war is a war and no fancy names can change its status).

People celebrating outside White House the news that US force killed Osama Bin Laden

We have an extremely complex and not easy view of all this that arose after 9/11, and the most amazing thing is that we realized we had even way before we actually met (and that is an issue that can cause way more than a simple tension in a relationship… let alone for people as complicated as K&I).

We know it was inevitable to war it up after that… but we still convinced war is never the answer to anything, unless for you “answer” means “way to be all dead soon”.

No matter who *wins*, war has never winning people on its count: only dead ones.

But yeah, the death of Osama Bin Laden is a great relief.

Even though we are completely aware JUST because of it, the world will immediately see his heirs trying to establish their status by attempting I fear MORE than one major move.

So yeah… I just expect terrorism to escalate pretty soon.

Still… this had to be done.

Hitler had to be dead.

Osama had to be dead.

I hope soon Berlusconi follows – a natural, and not imposed – way to be dead too (there, I said it. Italy needs to be freed from him, but not violently. He’s old and I still hope a natural death occurs as soon as possible.)

It’s a very HUGE turmoil of feelings for me and Karim (especially him, who even served during the war of terrorism) today.

Somehow, I feel like this was a further gift to mankind from Pope John Paul the Second who just got beatified (technically, the same day Osama got killed).

Although I am always battling some of the most narrow-minded concepts of Church, I have to say I have always admired and felt Karol Wojtyla, and that he always got me with his speech against war, when war seemed the most fashionable thing around.

Trust me: you know how cynical I can be: I am not a pacifist for the sake of it.

I’m no flower power at all.

My choice about it comes from philosophy and reasoning: in times when armies can erase the entire humanity, to try for peace is the ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE.

I know war is the most productive industry EVER, since EVER… but if we don’t stick in our minds we can’t ever win if we don’t ALL win, and look out for a way to comprehend one another and not fight one another, we will only get one step closer each day to the complete demise of EVERYONE.

There is no party there… no party who can just win.

Ideograms for PEACE and PROSPERITY

My choice for peace and understanding is a strategical one, not a naive one.

But all that said…

let’s honor the victims who fought in clarity and purity of soul, let’s pray for innocents that got killed on EACH side, because they weren’t taking sides at all in their innocence, and just let’s COOPERATE FOR PEACE.


Terrorism isn’t dead, because to scare people is the easiest way to dominate them.

Easiest until mankind won’t step out of fears and embrace brain and heart to the fullest.

Fear works for half-developed humans.

Fully developed humans don’t fear: they try to THINK to overcome fears, and they understand fear cannot rule a good way to live.

Aggressive is not fearless: aggressive is a companion to fearful.

But sure I am happy this whole thing happened in Obama’s presidency run.

Man deserved this hard-to-obtain success (ehi, Donald Trump… please jump off your skyscraper before trying to say again the stupidest things on this event too… IDIOT).

I chose this song to underline my mood, in honor of all those fallen for mankind’s lowest instincts:

And now back to more down-to-Earth and personal events.

Getting near…


My Boat's times in Genova, April 2011

Absolutely unfazed by the fact a balding guy married a smiling chick (yeah, the MARRIAGE OF THE CENTURY… don’t think it brought much luck to his mother’s one the fact all of the world stared in awe watching the whole thing, right?), this further month passes away bringing MYSELF closer to *the day*.

Lotta stuff to be prepared…

Lotta emotions, all cute and fine and lovely, and to be honest we’re not a single bit relentless about this.

K&I are very focused and calm.

They’ve tried to make us question the Kyoto (yep, that’s it… we picked up Kyoto in the end) location due to the Earthqwake – Nuclear scare but it’s OUR marriage.

We want to get married in Japan and there we will.

You love us?

You’ll be moved there by our will to have you near to us that day.

If you don’t feel like sharing our day, be prepared to consequences (okay it sounds at once ungrateful and cocky but trust me when we made this speech to our people it sounded very compassionate and good-to-listen-to… ;)).

Love to eat facing Milan Duomo in Spring

I don’t think really we will have troubles with Parades for NBA to be taken into spotlight before our big month… in fact, we don’t reach out to USA until July (screw Ravinia Festival and anything even remotedly related to, and BRING IT ON GLASTONBURY instead!!!!).

Lakers have been painful to watch to during playoffs and although I really hope as a fan things may change I don’t see odds favourable to us at all.

But I know we gotta take on the Mavs in second round of the playoffs because I can’t stand Mark Cuban AT ALL.

I respect the Mavs… I don’t respect their owner (because he’s a DICK).

Too bad I can’t criticize Lakers will as I am also half performing this year as a fan (not for my responsibility though).

In fact doctors still ban me from not getting enough night sleep after my Labyrinthitis crisis, so I can wake up in the middle of nights ONLY to catch the second halves of games.

It sucks.

It makes me feel half a fan…*sigh*.

But you can’t play with health can you?

Kobe also disappointed me with a gay slur that luckily he managed to *explain* (not really—) or at least decently ask forgiveness for in a video and some partnering made-up moves.

Lakers Orchids in our balcony terrace

Still KOBE… WTF?

Then of course Kobe still Kobe and Still my hero for the way he play and he’s not human like the rest of us…

That man is such an inspiration of strength and will, darn 😉

At least Milan is doing well 😉

Too bad my two sporty passion can never go hand in hand as for results lately but ehi, at least I have always something positive going on, haven’t I?

I’m very up to my sport game too and you know sunny times for me means mostly tennis court battles!!!

I still love the way I focuse into tennis gestures and I compare them with good sex.

My fantasy runs miles you know when it’s about sex but really some things that are not sex reminds me a lot of it

Then the output of sporty games easily always translate ANYWAY into something sexual FOR REAL in my world (you know me, don’t you?) 😉

April has been gracious to me a lot: we have spent some of our weekends finally getting acquainted with my Boat again!!! (love love love it), and then on the Easter time we went to my Florence house, but Karim’s parents and mine also reached to the amazing town (on their own though… we need our spaces free, ourselves… and then we stay naked at home way too much to have our parents rounding nearby… LMAO!).

The boat times and the Florence times BOTH have seen our crew to join us for some clubbing too.

I am amazed the way the bonds we share with my friends and Karim’s friends are completely natural and easy to go.

It’s beautiful to be surrounded by so much care and love.

And then… we just rule the world, don’t we? 😉

In Genova we got a promo copy at the club of AMAZING latest Foo Fighter’s record… that you gotta BUY ASAP:

There is a lot of music going on in my ears (and NO, until that awful thing that involves Adam still going on, I still completely untouched and not listening to any of Maroon5. I can’t take it. The Voice for me – and sure friends have tried to force me watch it – is a shame that can’t be approved, and it never will), and what is amazing is that now on Twitter I have MORE than 2050 followers (WOW!!!! I have added some due following myself to and now I follow 43… you get how AMAZING the difference is???) so I can spread my music appreciation posts so widely all over and wait for some advice from people too!!!

I love the way music is universally speaking 🙂

Music will always be my best friend… ALWAYS.

My consideration for its power is the same that I give to art in general because music IS art.

And Art as Beauty rules my entire world.

Anyway don’t worry… My friends over the other blog will give you updates also on The Voice of Fuckery soon (I landed them links so you will see that thing that I protected my eyes and soul from seeing. I don’t wanna be corrupted by second rated tv… or by tv at all. I try to take the best care of my brain cells, thank you) ;).

I will get back to my appreciation of M5 and Adam as soon as that thing will end.

I miss their music?

SURE, how couldn’t I?

This is just a PART of my Maroon 5 record Collection

Look, these are the 45 albums/specials/VideoPackages I got of them and ONLY in my iTunes: there are more than an entire day of ALBUM/EP/VIDEOEPs music and that doesn’t count the amount of physical recordings (ALL THEY EVER PUT OUT from Kara’s Flowers till now, and ALL their collaborations EVER made) that I have of them, which were these (see the video I made for The Way You Look Tonight below and you get HOW MUCH I am a fan of them) ONE and half year ago (they have grown since then with all that they have put out after that).

I even have special Asian versions of all their music. Do you really think it’s easy for me to NOT listen to my favorite band?

It is.

But I can’t cope with the disappointment they served me with and then I have over 1000 albums now. I can survive some months without their ones, and don’t feel bad for it, since they didn’t care about choosing a tv reality show over playing live for the fans who built them up.

Their choice.

My choice.

And we’re all entitled to feel fine about them, both me and them, of course.

They think music is only entertainment and shouldn’t be a big deal; while for me music is first and foremost great Art and SURE it MUST be taken seriously, thing that I do.

I might update at least on Anne though 😉 Because she is adorable

I am just sad that in the maintime I am NOT covering M5 and Adam, I miss the chance to speak about lovely Anne V…. I miss talking about lovely Russian Fairy, but it’d be hard to talk about her and NOT about her boyfriend (they still best couple EVER in the celeb world to me, and I keep being a total sucker and rooting for them to procreate perfect babies together, for the sake of mankind’s next generations’ BEAUTY) so I am forced to. Maybe though I can prepare a couple of musical videos with her latest working duties… I may soon… She still one of the cutest things ever and so sweet and kind. She’s an all-overly delicious human being, whose beauty is just ONE of her best qualities. ;).

But see… my principle about being true to what I deeply feel and see can’t be changed.

I don’t kiss asses, and I am proud of the way I am.

That’s why until Summer starts sneak in fully I won’t mention “that thing”, “that man”, and “all around involved”.

With this I hope I have answered to the mails I got asking me why I wasn’t covering The Voice, Adam Levine and Maroon 5 anymore since a while.

Yesterday Party Time

I can’t deviate from the value I give to music, as simple as that.

And I HATE reality tv and the way reality tv has transformed music scene into a sham.

It’s clear why I won’t cover M5 or Adam while they keep perpetrating what to my eyes and perception is a real big big big mistake.

I will get back to them when this won’t be an issue for me to deal with anymore.

Be calm.

And respect my choice at least since THIS is my house (I.E.: stop flaming this blog mail or my twitter: I anyway couldn’t care less of what you have to say to me, when it comes to things that belong ONLY to me) and this blog was created to “speak about what I find valuable and great, as I live my life“.


Next topic. Sure… this has taken way too much space today 😉

Just this past night, after practically Milan has won Serie A again (about timeeeee!!!) we had a great great party over Karim’s loft (it seems all so far away after today’s news…) 😉 and we actually met really nice new people thankx to our friends.

We missed our friends this weekend cos we went alone at my Garda Lake House to just… erm… well, doing our business in peace.

We love our crew, we really do… but sometimes we need to stay alone and just stay naked all time.

😉 You know us (and me especially) 😉

My dad last Thursday at Rotary dinner (EXTENDED BOREDOME) was joking with me and K. about our “creative sexual ways” (I am this open and natural about sex thanx to the fact I have parents who never pushed me at considering sex anything more or less than the totally most natural and awesome thing on Earth… and yeah my parents still bangin one another clearly and this is the greatest thing a daughter/son could understand. Sorry Freud…) 😉 and at some point some old fart came over and gave a sight of reproaching (mind your business, I am sure your “oh-so-holy” ass has betrayed your *lovingly* wife behind her back…), without saying a word.

My father said to Karim:

“Never try to become THAT way with my daughter or she’s gonna kick your ass.”.

I love my dad endlessly.

And so does his future son-in-law ;).

Karim in fact had a very gentle but cuttingly fierce way to answer (with a gracious humor) that as I love to ride horses, this time I might have found one ride where the horse ain’t that easy to be driven away from the road HE decides (which is true, and also the reason I am actually gonna marry him… me the person who had over 250 partners and never seemed interested to settle down AT ALL ;)).

My dad nodded in approval.

Colour the world for PEACE and let it blossom

I know I am way too lucky to have such awesome people around me.

I know.

And I appreciate it particularly today, which is anyway a day of deep reflection and thoughtfulness.

So folks… I guess I am done already because I am very tired of writing AND it’s almost time to go off the lab having lunch.

As soon as the phones stop ringing… (whole world is in need to talk these hours… it’s understandable).

Wish you all a great time and a shining May.

We are ready to travel a lot soon again, after all.

And traveling also emphasizes the fact the whole world is interconnected and that we need understanding to not make it blow.

It’s OUR responsibility to make the world a better place FOR EVERYONE.

Because it’s the only way we can keep on living, let’s face it 😉

Let’s end with the obvious musical choice for today:



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