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I bless(ed) the rains down in Africa

Posted on: 12 April 2011

Good day, wonderful world!

What can I say…

I am happy?

I am incredibly fortunate to live the life I do?

I can’t believe that at 26 (yes, I am 26 since  almost a week…) I have got so many wonderful experiences that I have been gifted already to live, and it seems that’s a fountain that won’t end spilling over anytime soon?

Oh, man…

What a wonderous trip we had for my birthday week.

Before words will be found (somehow… but I know I won’t be able to paint not even a fraction of what I felt and still feel about that all), please take this amazing song, as guideline of amazement (lyrics are somehow imprecise but I loved the pics):

Karim and I listened to the song frequently during our stay… he sang it to me at least in four different versions (most amazing one the night of my birthday arising, in the Namibian Desert, in a tenth, with locals drumming along… it was pure magic!), because he says it’s really fitting the way he sees me.

And that he always felt that; and that he always had the will of taking me “down to Africa”, also to sing me that song under the right sky and with the convenient atmosphere.

Now tell me if I am not the luckiest person that ever lived ;)…

Of course the Namibian trip, for how perfect it has been, couldn’t move completely our minds and hearts off from Japan: it keeps wounding us the way this amazing Country so near to our souls keeps facing adversities; just the day of my birthday, and just to remind us we couldn’t be there as we wanted in that day, another qwake shaked that beautiful, unique land

Will it end?

next year we will be there for Hanami: it's a promise, adored Japan

Those people are so noble and proud and dignified: they don’t run away, they don’t beg help… they stay there to help their own roots and Country rise back with the most impressive love, dedication and loyalty.

So much for me to look forward to, especially when my own Country (Italy) is digging lower and lower into shame (I will carefully avoid to mention Berlusca here because this is a post about purity, love and perfection and he’s all that is OPPOSITE to that, the criminal midget…).

So while we were in Japan, feeling the love totaly upon us and inside ourselves, at a level that almost crashed us in complete bliss, the thoughts of Japan and about Japan were still with us.

I thank all my friends and family, that donated almost 35.000 euros to Japan relief instead than gifting me material things (that I have in abundance); I was stunned when in Africa a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers arrived from Karim’s parents (awww) and along that a check receit of 20.000 dollars that they devolved in my name to the Japan Red Cross.

Now THAT is my way to celebrate birthday.

Thank you everyone… you are all wonderful and it humbles me and makes me feel so happy and secure that you are ALL part of my life.

I love you all.

In Africa we met the real sense of what humanity should stand for.

Namibia is an incredible Country… vast and different… you cannot avoid to love it, nor to notice and appreciate the extreme dignity they have, no matter how poor they are, and how they respect their territory and are very open to others, even though “others” for centuries exploited and bad treated them.

In Namibia there are for real the roots of civilization: some of the most ancient traces of human evolution are there, and there there is the oldest tree in the world; Namibia is also as all of you must know a place of wildlife and a paradise for feline lovers (and I totally am a devoted “big cats” admirer, you know that).

We went to Etosha, to Okonjima, we saw the dried Okawango starting to receive a little bit of water (season of sudden rain just started when we went in, even though we had the best weather actually and just caught a small shore for half a day in ), and while flying on a small private plane (we had used that all week long, to shorten the moves from internal zones to the coasts) we also saw the strange circles that cover the NamibRand Reserve.

I know I have been with jaw falling for marveling myself constantly ALL the week long.

ALL the week long.

We have enjoyed some special places, some incredible resorts (Kulala… oh wow…), but one of the things I REALLY love and admire in Karim is that he never really wants to be the classic super rich kid trying to fake taste exotic places.

So in fact the most amazing experience of our holiday was our day long volunteering for charity, the first full day in.

We dearly love children, and we know how privileged we are… so we have started to collaborate with the Children In Need Foundation and it’s not gonna be just a fancy “once in a while” pop-up.

We are gonna be serious about this.

Our families are gonna be involved too and we hope also our friends will.

Namibia, like most of Africa, has an incredible high rate of HIV positivity and that affects mostly children.

It’s not rethoric…it’s a true fact and the so-called “civilised” (don’t think so) world gotta stop having their heads stick in their asses and turn head around to catch the cries for help that the majority of the rest of the world constantly outs, unheard.

There won’t be ever peace nor collaboration until inequalities as intolerable as these won’t be erased.

In Namibia… the biggest luxury is WATER.

WATER, right?

That water we waste constantly without even thinking… there it’s something that values infinitely more than gold and diamonds (and Namibia HAS diamonds).

We’ve been profoundely changed by our trip.

Karim has already visited a great part of Africa along with his parents and uncle, and it won’t be surprising to know for those of you who know him that he could speak a bit (grrrrrrr) of the local dialects (he speaks fluent German, but the local language has NOTHING to do with it).

There’s something about him that charms everybody… our guide gifted him with a very precious bone completely sculpted as soon as he revealed to him he was into sculpting.

Then he said he would wait for us again to come over, but not at the resort: at his village and into his house, as “cloudly brothers” (it’s a way Namibian people have to call guests that they feel are coming for God’s Grace and Will).

Man, if I think of the sound of his voice when he said it and the way he was looking at us… I feel again the tears filling my eyes.

So powerful.


Only downside of our far away trip is the fact in the maintime Lakers managed to put 5 LOSSES IN A ROW.

Damn… 😦

I feel it’s very unlikely to have a wonderful further Parade before our marriage… but hey, a supporter gotta support and hope always.


In all this bliss, music as usual plays a wide part in my life… I have TOTALLY to mention that before flying over to Namibia, Karim surprised me bringing the two of us at Adele’s concert


Girl’s unbelievable and it’s gonna be hard to top this life experience in 2011 (and I have many Coldplay gigs booked, as well as Radiohead as soon as they are again on the road… but trust me Adele OWNS).


This weekend we will probably go to Liguria and … SAIL!!!!

Weather in Italy is purely amazing and completely Summeri-ish so it’s about time we renew the frequency with my boat (I still shake when I realize that the boat is MINE…).

Let’s cross fingers it won’t change cos I’d like to maintain my supremely uniform and healthy tan 😉

And then… well… you know Karim and I love to sexually tease our boat crew.

We can be so damn naughty and bad… (and when I did celebrate my birthday in Italy at Garda Lake with my posse, trust me we’ve been REALLY cruel and teasing… LMAO. My final “score” at the “Tease the most beautiful and leave them crazy with nothing at all” game reached a grand total of 12 poor hunks left dying over the floor. Karim was all pleased. He likes when  his supremacy gets conformed through someone else’s pain… it’s his dark side, and I love that he has one. Perfectly “good” people are boring and unreal, ya’ll ;)).

Oh… for next clubbing routine we will work over S&M of Rihanna.

Girl has got my mind in copycat.

I was exactly like her at her age.

Well, maybe even younger, way younger than her age… but I so understand and I like her dance-y tracks with heavy sexual references (I don’t like her voice, but there she gets heavily filtered so it works, both for the dance floor and for the upbringing mood).

Also because it’s clear that she KNOWS what she talks about there and doesn’t give a flying “F” about puritans getting shocked (puritans have the most boring and fake life, and will never get how amazing a great sexual life is ;)).

So take S&M and learn the routines… (the new version with Britney Spears is awful… Britney never was sexy, and especially is not now that she moves zero and still be chunky and short):

That’s all for now folks 😉

Catch you in a while…

Be wild and happy and true to yourselves, and GO KICK ASS 😉


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