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Feeling better… after rough 40 hours and a great dinner

Posted on: 30 March 2011

Good sunny afternoon world!

This post can come now, after a very rough patch that I have hit somewhere around the past 40 hours (well, it has stopped being bad since yesterday, actually…).

I have had a great time today so far… I danced my ass off because we have to get ready for my birthday weekend (yep… I celebrate my birthday actually THIS week in Italy… Garda Lake hosting weekend for the crew and HUGE party at a prive’ club for around 70 guests on saturdayand you know I’m fond of commanded dance routines to impress party goers and the rest of the club, right?) and right now I’m enjoying listening to PJ Harvey and writing this while tests at lab performs.

Song and routine we are preparing  for my birthday bash (and DJs are gonna play what we… what I ask of course ;)) is this one (Xaro’s choice is approved!!!):

In fact since I have been given the green light again about doing all gym I used to I feel really better and lighten up.

But sometimes… things happen that you can’t avoid to turn dark for.

Rest in Peace, Rick Friedman

It all started on Sunday: we were returning home from a wonderful Florence weekend, that truly drove us insanely happy; and I had prepared a choco cake (with all stages posted as I like to do on Twitter)…

I was ready to just cozy up with Karim (and the cake) before getting some rest when… I opened the Twitter pages on my iPad and froze.

I read that Rick Friedman, a wonderful creature and amazing Lakers blogged, had passed away.

I felt so incredibly… void.

This is the way I felt. Even though what I wrote really isn’t describing a thing at all.

I spent the Monday glooming it down.

I had to move to ride Swifty and spent the night at MY house because I needed to feel… in my place.

I react so wrong to death…

All my science faith, all my logic… all my approach to the brightest and fullest side of life disappear when I confront myself with THE pain.

I don’t mean nor mind dying MYSELF: as I write in my profile here, I try to live my life in a way that I wouldn’t mind dying the next day, because it is the journey which matters.

I stand by that.

What destroys me about the death concept is when it afflicts those around me.

Sometimes I get affected even by those of celebrities (that I don’t generally care much for) when it happens that I did meet them in the flesh… Like for instance Liz Taylor, when I was living in London and she got Knighted by the Queen.

But yeah… the death affects me clearly when it’s about MY people. My crew. My world.

The people whom I care of, or just… the people that to me makes this world a better world, well… To see those people leaving forever leave me numb and shaking.

Their missing is hard for me to handle.

Rick was one of those and I feel trashed because I wasn’t there when he actually had that passing.

LA Lakers. Best. Team. Ever.

These days I don’t really blog much in LA Times because I have been banned from staying awake at night from doctors (my Laby probably was just a sign of my system being too exploited.. well 3 and half full years of wakin up every three nights to watch games live I guess took their toll on me?) and if I hang there it becomes impossible for me not to bend at the temptation of doing it again, especially these days when Lakers are clearly on the rise up again – impressive strike of 15-1 post all stargame…).

Gotta preserve myself for marriage times (but on playoffs I’ll be there…), so that’s why I hadn’t the faintest idea about Rick’s conditions getting to the final strain.

I know and I am sure he forgave me up there where he is…

But still I had such a gloomy mood those past days.

Then I just wrote to a couple of lovely and caring friends (Lass&Marco) and Karim’s care these two nights once again did the miracle of putting me at a deep ease.

Yesterday dinner in Milan was just wonderful: not only because we dearly love the place and its chef… but because we sexed it all up starting from the Restaurant and keeping it all along into an amazing core of the starry night.

Best. Way. To. Be.

Not that everything is going as we are planning and would like life to be: we still unable to get permissions from Ambassadors to fly to Japan for my birthday.


Keep Helping Japan.

Even though we do realize it ain’t exactly the right time to be there (Hanami isn’t really a feast this tragic year) to plan our great day, we die to be there exactly right now to try to HELP the Country we both feel so close to.

It’s very special this link we furthermost share, between us.

We love Japan with our whole heart and  even though Kyoto seems mostly unaffected by tsunami, it definitely it’s affected like the whole Country by the nuclear scare.

We just want to be there… see with our eyes… feel the bond with the Japanese people we so find special.


But Governments don’t agree (we see their point, we’re not dumb); and our families as well aren’t up for this (and Karim’s one… you know… it’s also THE Government in a way).

In case April trip can’t be made, and if our will won’t prevail, my birthday week will be spent in Miami.

Even though I’d prefer it to be somewhere else (Miami kinda bores me).

Yeah, I’ll tan.

I actually face a very LONG tanning time this year: I will be free from work from end of June, and having the whole of July to get preppied and up for the marriage; then August… it’s OUR month.

Be ready world, cos you’re gonna be ours!

We’re very… ready and up and thrilled and yes… in love.

Love is always the best answer, and we feel so merged with and all around it that it doesn’t matter if we cozy up on the highest white peaks of the Alps or we just let ourselves enjoy quietly art, and friends, or whatever we feel like to be part at any single given moment

Truth is we belong to one another and this mutual acknowledge of belonging is what makes us pass through anything feeling in the end always… stronger.

And always more grateful and happy for what we’ve been blessed to live: to live together, I mean.

I am also really up because working-like my career couldn’t be better and I couldn’t feel any more empowered.

The last deal shaped up last week to be simply the best I could have wished for and I am beyond excited to see what the next bunch of years hold up for me professionally speaking.

In fact I’m so calm and peaceful now I have even agree with Marghe in doing something she can’t do.

Assured that I WON’T EVER post a DAMN thing about the Voice of Fuckery of America and that I still deeply against anything (and ANYONE) related to it, there are other activities of someone I’m still trying not to consider these days (until that Fuckery show isn’t ended in all of its startin, making and finishing parts) that I will somehow cover here, at least for today, so that my friend can later link this I am about to post in her own blog (their own blog… sorry Serena I forgot you ;)).

I didn’t want to do this but Marghe says there’s no way she can upload this material that I had already prepared for her (her site account doesn’t allow that) and MOREOVER (that is actually the true reason I post this up) the result of what you’re gonna see is a CLEAR reference to Anne, and Anne still at the top of my likings so


I did this for you but it’s a one in a million event okay babs?

Take some patchwork of the material Charisse and Meli sent to me about Maroon 5 Coca Cola 24 hours experiment.

The quality of audio and video is poor and there are talk-overs that I didn’t even tried to edit/customize (no way I wanna waste time on them these days, not until that Fuckery awful NBC show which involves Adam still going), and the pieces that I cut together and patched are only 4 hours (out of the more than 9 that I have been sent), including the composition of the Youtube parts, but I’m sure many of you will enjoy this nonetheless.

The song is available for download on April 1st if I do remember correctly.

It’s a cute song, even though to me its most relevant quality it has is that it speaks CLEARLY of Anne (and I love that… I adore the line where it goes “I won’t let anybody hurt you, and I’d hurt whoever tries to” or something… that’s very lovely to tell to your lover), and it has a very deserved feature in PJ Morton (about time!).

I am not really hit by it, but it’s a cute song, sure.

So this is part 1:

This video doesn’t exist

And this is part 2:

This video doesn’t exist


Don’t expect me to start as I used to to chronicle what  Adam did this past weeks because I won’t.

Refer to Marghe and Serena’s blog for that for a while more.

All I will post (because I am ready to honor Anne instead: I still dedicate chunks of my posts to her because she has never disappointed me 😉 AH!) of *that guy who let true music lovers down lately* is this picture collage that I made to test my new Hipstamatic packs and apps (LOVE Hipstamatic to pieces!!!):

Anne V and Adam Levine perfect couple

And now as I said, I’ll finish honoring Anne (who’s awesome); first take a look at my video (with awesome soundtrack) of her Victoria’s Secret 2011 PINK campaign:

This video doesn’t exist

And then take this patchwork of her H&M advertising campaign (when I saw the one out of our MTV with her cute cute smile I squealed… she’s SO adorably cute there!):

This video doesn’t exist

Then enjoy her Sports Illustrated 2011 little lovely video:

This video doesn’t exist

And to end it all, (if you read Russian… ;)) enjoy this beautiful article a friend send to me , which I could grab because Karim was so gentle to read it to me in Italian (of course he does know Russian… the darn fact he knows more languages than I do kills my ego ;)):

Anne V celebratory article for her birthday on March 19th 2011

I didn’t congratulate Adam on his birthday (for obvious reasons, of course: feeling him zero these days it wouldn’t have made sense, right) on March 18th but I happily congratulated Anne instead on March 19th ;)…

The above Russian article was in fact a little homage to her, even though in the article she says she has very little left of her Russian roots in terms of friends and hanging out.

But she luckely mantains the STUNNING Russian look that is her distinctive shine!

Italians think Russians are the most beautiful females in the world (that is why I wrote that sentence above), and I am completely agreeing with my Countrymen there.

Right… I guess it’s all.

My birthday is incoming and next time I’ll write here I will write about where my party took place at.

Japan, hopefully.

Catch you in a couple and some of weeks 😉



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