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Posted on: 17 March 2011

Today is the 150 birthday of our beloved (and so very trashed by her own governants/citizens) Italy.

This whole happy recurrence has of course been object of controversy in my Country (it shows well how low we’ve stepped… but I’m positive we can go even lower… *sigh*).

Karim and I are instead overjoyed and we are gonna spend the entirety of the day together in Museums, Galleries, then being by ourselves at home while reading about history, Civil Rights and CONSTITUTION (yeah, that thing some criminal ruling us is trying to make paper cut for wiping his ass… his face it’s the same, so his ass works…).

I’m very happy Karim feels home here; it will be amazing for us to have double citizenship, because for us the belonging to a place we actually root for is a major bond linkage.

Today is not only Italy’s birthday (and Billy Corgan‘s too… you know how I adore the Smashing Pumpkins do you?); it would have been also the birthday of awesome Rudolph Nureyev, and in fact just the other day K&I went to Teatro Smeraldo in Milan to enjoy a magnificent night out celebrating the legacy of the one and only King of Ballet.

Please, enjoy ballet at his peak:

These days of ours though are still hard… because all that is happening in Japan deeply wounds us.

We constantly follow news on tv; my time in Berlin (beside a wonderful evening out with the new partners in one of the coolest restaurants in the world) has been spent Skyping while watching reports from Honshu.

We are yet unable to get passes for my Birthday trip… it seems hard to enjoy Hanami this year over Nihon but even if the celebrations wouldn’t be there… now and even more NOW I wanna get there to see and possibly help the Country…

I so bleed for my Japan.

And Karim does the same.

Before you wonder: NO WAY we change location for the marriage.

Don’t even kid.

Our marriage is sacred and it’s gonna be a Japanese Time.

End of the debate.

Talkin about marriage, and linkin it with birthdays… YES.

I know.

I promised that on the eve of Adam and Anne’s birthdays (which are tomorrow, March 18th, and the day after tomorrow, March 19th) I would have uploaded my most beautiful Homage Video yet, which coincidentally is also Karim and I marriage song.



And well… given the happy recurrences (and the fact the video Meli – and K – helped me made is glorious), this post hosts a little truce in my temporary dislike of Mr. Adam Levine (the temporary dislike, you do know, runs and will run until The Voice Of Fuckery will still a thing), which allows me to do a little twisting of small updates strictly related on the birthday boy and his gorgeous gal (whom I still love daily and utterly. Anne has no part in my temporary dislikes… I still heart her 110% and continuously).

Adorable Anne V Collage

Anne actually makes me feeling better towards Adam these days, you know.

In fact, during her time in Los Angeles this month, her tweets were the only ones that were making me liking him like I used to that fair a bit still.

She has that much power, yep.

Anyway, a promise is a promise so… enjoy STUTTER (you can also catch it from my YouTube page of course) :

This video doesn’t exist

I don’t know if this year the two lovebirds will be able to spend again their birthday weekend together, because just hours ago Anne had to fly back from Los Angeles to New York (she was missing from there for a whole month, so it was time), and Adam has to stay in LA for … THAT THING THAT I WON’T MENTION.

But they sure had a great time together in the past ten days, as you can see here:

Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna enjoy a Laker night out on March 14th 2011

The couple spent a huge amount of time together… but I don’t wanna take ages in detailing it – this is a TRUCE post, not a PEACE post, after all – then you know what?

For all your dose of Maroon 5 news (I know many come here for that), I am kind enough to link the work of my friends Margherita and Serena, who will fill my reluctant shoes for the time The Voice Of Fuckery will be a thing in getting you served with band’s updates.

I can’t personally like ANY of it, and I still bummed like many others about what that choice forced the band to do.

I am also trying to read the less I can of their twitters, unless they are not news about valuable things like live dates, new music available, and similar things that DEFINE a real band… (I swear I am trying to not write bitterly, but it’s hard… that is why I have decided to not update Maroon 5 related news until I keep being let down by Adam’s choices: exactly because I am unable to put a brake on my running brain, and shut it down to avoid explaining how his actions make me feel disappointed in him).

Anyway, my friends have done a pretty nice job covering my unwilling gap so, enjoy:

Maroon 5 March 2011 Updates by Margherita and Serena (Not All Who Wander Are Lost blog).

The good news (the bad one is that just yesterday the Voice of Fuckery actually started taping, and our YOUR bad boy with angel face is so stepping up his fame-chasing antics he even uses to publish promoted tweets – REALLY???? – which I am guessing are actually paid by the producers of the Fuckery Show, to be honest) is that Maroon 5 RESCHEDULED their canceled dates in Europe for November and December and I bought STRAIGHT not only the rescheduled Milan date

I also bought Rome, Padova and… BOTH Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Think that just the day before their revamped Italian stint starts, I will be at La Scala for its première.

New Adam Levine's tattoo

Adam Levine in Amsterdam. Getting a new tat & playing live.

Music all the way.

The best way to get ready for anything…

And in fact as Maroon 5 are shaping up some round in America in festivals & fairs, even though yet we don’t know if we are free, Karim and I have asked Charisse to buy for us too the attendance to BOTH dates at Ravinia Festival in between June and July.

Just to be sure… 😉

Yes… I still adore Maroon 5 music.

Especially when it’s LIVE.

And it’s JUST because I love so much their music, that I can’t stand Maroon 5 had to stop touring to please only the decision of one of their members (okay, it’s the main member… but that doesn’t justify the move at all…).

In Paris (yep, I ended attending the concert actually…) the guys were PURELY awesome; Sara rocked… but nothing can touch Adam and the guys playing live and in fact the most of Sara’s shining came when she joined the band for a wonderful rendition of Out of Goodbyes (and you know I am NOT keen on the song either… so imagine how beautiful it was live if even I fell under its charm).

Yes… Paris gig was simply a gem.


Maroon 5 and Adam Levine in Paris, March 2011.

Oh, how hard is to dislike somebody so talented…

But in the end, my dislike is huge at the moment JUST because he’s SO talented.

I don’t get, I still don’t, why the heck he decided to stop relying on his true skill for doing some lame tv reality.

My whole blood boils if I think about it.

To tame me, somebody (you will be surprised… that somebody was actually Karim) sent me this ARTICLE, that shows…erm… shape details of Adam’s assets.

Karim sent me those to remind me how in the end I will still be charmed by Adam, no matter what… but think that I am so upset by him still that not even his hotness wins me these days.

If I see his body, and think of his voice, and remind myself of his many blessing talents… and THEN I recall he sold it all on THE Fuckery… I can’t help.

I still boil over.

But ehi… this post is a truce post, I said it and I maintain it so enjoy Adam Levine’s bulge details.

And some awesome yoga posture of his that I keep lust over (Karim knows and he keeps making fun of me about it… ;)):

Pretty sure Anne V tucked him into in those naked Cosmo pictures... *yeah* 😉

This part of my upload of course falls under the “Gifts” part of the title…


If your style in visual gifts though is less “physical” and more regularly oriented, then enjoy this other series of way more tamed shots:

Mega Gift Adam Levine collage

What can I say… that he’s gorgeous is under everybody’s eyes.


But I have decided I don’t wanna close the post with him.

So I will leave the final spotlight to Anne, because she just makes me happier than he does these times.

Enjoy shining Russian Fairy in her Victoria’s Secret 2011 campaign:

Anne V for Victorias Secrets PINK 2011

And also this little patchwork video I made with her tv ad campaign shot for H&M with Freja, for the brand Spring Summer 2011 collection:

This video doesn’t exist

I close the update with a surprising thank you to Inter (yes, you’ve read correctly) for having kept Italy in Champions League (wish Milan had been able to do the same), because it’s fair in the day of Italy’s birthday to put aside even sporty rivarly to honor just the Country sporty pride.

Then I will also say that Lakers are starting to shape up for playoffs.

I hope the tests that I am undergoing for finding the best therapy to fight my Labyrinthitis tendency will allow me to wake up at nights at least during playoffs.

Reruns of games are nice… but the true fan can’t content him/herself with merely those.

I need the thrill of live stuff.

And so…

Happy Birthday, Italy!

Happy Birthday Adam and Anne!

Happy life everyone.

And you, you my dearest… Hold On, my adored Japan.

Catch you soon again, your never tamed Miss Z. out in Milan to celebrate her Country with PRIDE 😉


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