Japan Lover

From Berlin To Japan with LOVE

Posted on: 11 March 2011

Oh, man.

My Japan maps

Struck in my Berlin hotel room, alone (Karim isn’t with me in this working trip… he would have joined me for the Maroon5 gig that got canceled, but I will be back anyway on Sunday evening so….), and terribly sad.

It has been so hard to work efficiently today at work, with the new German partners that are so much better than stupid Otto The Prick (and Berlin, even with gloomy weather, rocks so much more than Hannover, too) .

My mind was blanked as the news about Japanese tragedy hit me this morning just minutes before we were about to take off from Malpensa.

I am here, skyping with my Karim and our Japanese related crew.

We are really really shocked, sad, and someway admired by the incredible dignity Japanese people are showin up.

As an Italian… I am doubled in that admire, if I just recall the way tragedies 30000 times less impacting (see: L’Aquila) have got the power of wiping off our system completely.

But the point is…

I bleed for Japan.

You know how deeply linked I am to that Country: it’s my second home away from home.

I will marry there

There I realized firstly in 2009 I was so completely in love with Karim it was fair to admit it.

I… WE belong to Nihon.

And I am in this room and I can’t stop watching news on tv.

We are meant to go to Japan for my birthday but it seems for the whole of March it’s not gonna be “advised” by Authority to go there.

I don’t care: we will go anyway.

I wanna… I must be there.

My heart races and aches at any new image of destroy that tv and web shows.

I just… had to write it down.

Someway… somehow… it makes me feel nearer to the Country that owns my soul so gently, without even knowing it.


Love, Zaira.


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