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Gettin used to monthly updates (from LA with Love)

Posted on: 27 February 2011


19 hours after the takin off from Malpensa...

I’m around packing and unpacking and repacking for a very intense  schedule, folks… and since it has been one month without updates, I thought about givin you some.

I’m in a very dreamy place as I am writing this… I have a breathtaking view in front of me and I am relaxing with my man after hours of meetings and professionally mattering dinners out.

I am at a very wonderful place right now… you will see at the end of the post ;).

I am actually patching something like… erm… 450 links into this one update, as I am traveling Milan > Los Angeles > New York > Paris (and then it will be Paris > Milan > Berlin > DEATH BED I guess ;)…).

Get used to these very sporadic dates with me in this fashion, because life is just too full for me to have more time to ponder about blogging.

Twitter has taken over as my favorite way to communicate thoughts around: it’s faster, less invasive, immediate and carrying the phone around everytime makes it a quickie that fits my fast life pacing way better than blogging.

It’s just the way it is 😉

I have been recovering quite decently from Labyrinthitis (see previous post), even though I still a bit dizzy at times.

Cuteness female...

Before taking off to Los Angeles (via London) I had finally the permission from doctors to ride my Sweet Swifty again (well, I didn’t really ride him… I mounted him for some dressage… the both of us needed some “contact”  between us after almost two months parted and even if that isn’t our favorite thing to do together, believe me it was clear my lovely horse was finally ecstatic I was on him again).

I also had a wonderful Carnival party in Milan just the other Tuesday: Sami decided to do her best and allow Karim and I to not miss the bash (as we are all over the world in the main festivities… we will have to also attempt a strange version of Ambrosian Carnival in between Milan and Berlin moves…).

I also probably chose my marriage dress.

I said “probably”.

I completed my 8th fitting and out of 8 stylists I have one dress that I have fallen in love with.

As I return home from the other side of the world I will have the final say.

The stop in New York with our wedding planner will furtherly drive me there, I guess.

Cuteness male 😉

Though you know… all these trips are actually for working meetings mainly (but I always manage to fit in more things,especially after at the end of January it was Fede the one flying to New York to substitute me in the originary planned first partner meeting of 2011…).

While in Los Angeles Karim had actually been invited to some of the gazillions luxurious super parties that are in town for the Academy Awards… but he denied all of them because in the small free times that we have out from working commitments we like to live the quieter side of the City of Angels, staying in our surroundings, getting accustomed to our house (which we sooooooo love) and share time with just one another.

Then, Mash is in Europe for the Weeks of Fashion in the main cities and we have no chances for threesomes this time (okay, at the aforementioned parties sure that could have been an option but we don’t like cokeheads and those parties LIVE up and on on cocaine… so no thanx ;))

Vintage gig 2007

The best part of the Oscars time is that we will get to get off from LA to NY takin off from LAX when NOBODY will leave the town… that will make our internal USA move way more pleasant 😉 (yes, I consider lots of famous people absolutely insufferable so I actually hate when it happens that we find them in first class… mainly because the wide majority of them are ALL but first class people in the end ;))

But okay… let’s be a bit more clear in this update… tracking back from last month or something 😉

Not that I have actually done that much myself, because for a good cut I had to be struck at home battling the development of “Laby”; I thank the Skies that I have the cutest friends, the most awesome family and the best boyfriend and fiancé in the world because without their care and support I would have really become gloomy.

I hated being dependent and I hated to not be able to be me; now it’s better (of course, I’m even traveling…) but I still unable to swim, do yoga, and do all my regular things so there’s space to improve yet.

I also am very blessed to have Carlo now, who’s the best personal assistant a human could ask for.


One of the greatest news of the past weeks is that I WILL FINALLY SEE THE HANAMI IN JAPAN:

Yes, we will go there for my birthday as we have also to check the in-location places our wedding planner has selected for the marriage itself.


Spending Sunday Morning in LA: No Lakers on tv. We stroll around 😉

Talkin about trips, we also managed to have a lovely Valentine Day’s private time, unexpected, and awesome, in beautiful France again.

Nothing like Paris… we have rented a house we are just about to use again in a few days from now when we will fly from New York to Paris: first for Maroon5  gig and then for more working commitments (both of Kand myself).

I must admit these hectic times, my Laby stumbling, the fierce chaos of my life trying to keep pacing with the marriage organization, the pr duties, Karim and I needs for time quietly together, the way we cannot ever neglect our amazing families and friends, forced me in many ways to give up on things I do love, like for instance watching Lakers games at night (I am forbidden by doctors: I have to sleep at least 6-7 hours a night) and therefore also writing in the Lakers Blog has been cut (not the reading though), even though some special events, like honoring phred, had to be done anyway ;).

I also gotta have a moment of pride still related with Laker Nation Fandom…

Because when Adam talks about Lakers, Lakers listen and sometimes they retweet him: of course that prompts a double enthusiastic response from me, that got acknowledged by… GOSH!!!!

Amazing @Lakers THEMSELVES, who…

So, The Lakers sent me a Direct Message on Twitter... 😉 *Me #FTW* 😉

YEP… They sent me a direct message.

That made me giggle (okay, it’s idiotic but I reacted so 😉 what can I do… ;))

The one and only Kobe Bean Bryant ALL Star MVP. For the 4th time 😉

We are pondering about some Laker-Land moment… we have been on such a roller coaster about our Purple and Gold, but we keep rooting, always and insistently, because our blood PULSES in Lakers colors and we just couldn’t be anything less than fanatics about them.

Some things put us in a great orientation (the All Star Game, the Boston Game, The Portland Game…) but some other things just don’t ring true…


We just gotta hope playoffs see us blossom- and we gotta trust the one and only Black Mamba. ALWAYS.

The way the latest trades have shaped the NBA is tricky in my opinion and not in a good way for us.

I don’t like (unlike for instance Adam) the way the East seemed to get tougher: I strongly believe the best the competition is in the League of belonging, the toughest and most focused a team becomes; plus you may imagine how disgusted I am about the way DARN KNICKS TREATED MY DANY.

Homeboy got betrayed.

From now on, think of that, my list of dislikes about teams goes this way: 1) Miami; 2) New York; 3) Boston.

That’s it.

My very productive time in Los Angeles.

It’s also too bad while in Los Angeles we missed a good chance to see the GOOD version of the Lakers (double disappointment because Anne was there too with Gene and Noah… getting sweetly excited and as funny as ever…), because these some as 56 hours in LA are only dedicated to work for me (meetings on Friday, representative dinner on Friday, Meetings on Saturday, representative meet and greet on Saturday – when everybody not working would be partying for pre-Oscars…- then on Sunday we are chosing to rest and… to have a special surprise then takin off to New York at evening.

People are calling us insane for givin up the BIG “W” party (Karim’s family… how to put it in… is “friendly” of them brothers…) but we couldn’t care less: we went  (I WENT) in LA this time for my business, and sorry, when it’s about focusing on serious things, the party girl in me disappears in front of the “I’m gonna become a millionaire on my own” one ;).

Without regrets at ALL.:)

But ehi, at least Lakers do look better now even though Kobe Bryant’s elbow newly injured against the Clippers might be a new and further concern.

Oh… a worthy mention in this blog update – before I forget – FOR SURE has to be the amazing show Roberto Benigni did at Sanremo Festival.

Benigni is this era Charlie Chaplin… only even better if it’s possible to say.

The most exciting thing that is actually keepin on making even these days that I am away is the video homage I’m planning for what will be OUR MARRIAGE SONG, namely the wonderful STUTTER.

Meli started working on it by the end of January and she has provided some amazingness so far that I am willingly sharing with you all (the video will be nothing like this… believe I’m putting my best in it).

I think this time the best link in between the posts about my life and the M5 related stuff is clearly this fact 😉

So take some sneak peek at what Meli has drawed and remember to tune in around middle march on my Youtube Page, because this time the homage to Adam (and Anne)’s birthday(s) will actually be Stutter:

This video doesn’t exist

And now after my business let’s try to track back more than a month of M5 news, even though starting with music I should say first that:

NEW RADIOHEAD ALBUM  THE KING OF LIMBS IS AMAZING and definitely already best album of 2011 (sorry, I know… you may try to argue but you lose): as soon as it came out (a day earlier than planned) Karim and I went to Florence for an awesome weekend and we did listen to anything but that. Codex is at the moment our favorite song in the world and that’s why I have used it as backsound of the lil collage in motion that I have made of Adam and Anne at the 2011 Grammy Awards (you will see it later ;))

NEW ADELE ALBUM IS FANTASTIC and I’m thrilled all the world is tributing her glory (it’s months that I am saying she’s best female vocalist currently), plus, Adam himself declared the most right of loves about the whole package (so his taste still good, because incoming awful collaboration with Travis McCoy could have set people off there… me certainly 😉 ) Gym Class Hero my assADELE is one voice he should aim to collaborate with. PERIOD.);

COLDPLAY ARE PLOTTING FESTIVALS AND I WILL SEE THEM IN ITALY AND BRAZIL (cos when they’re in UK  I am taken with marriage ;)),

GRAMMY AWARDS THESE YEAR WERE AWESOME (but that is gonna be encompassed in the M5 post part anyway ;))

I ADORE BEADY EYE’S “THE ROLLER” AND THEIR WHOLE RECORD, and I have got further evidence Liam Gallagher’s voice is just magical to me.

We were leaving from past post Adam and Anne in Los Angeles together; she had arrived after her own commitment that made her miss the Critics Choice Awards after shooting Never Gonna Leave This Bed video, which was shot after Adam and the guys had a great night out with PJ Morton at the Troubadour.

I recuperated a video of the after party of the Critics Choice Awards, but I still unable to break the codex that keeps the USA images of the performance honoring Tarantino impossible to be viewed outside US (I haven’t really minded that enough maybe, but ehi, I have a life so content yourself ;)):

And while we’re at, check the awesome duet on Heavy of Adam and PJ at the Trobadour from this post (click over and you will see the page and the live video, too):

Adam Levine and PJ Morton perform Heavy at the Troubadour

I also found a very cute page with a video of Adam and Jesse sharing some cityseeing tips that you might like (they’re always hilarious together); again, click on the pic and get to the video page:

Maroon 5 can't live without this...

Anne in that maintime as you know had to rock her new bangs in the Pepe campaign that I showed you before; those days away she also tweeted about some things she was doing in Spain that later shaped up to be a WONDERFUL celebratory issue of Harpers Bazaar’s Spain: for their 1 year anniversary issue Anne got the cover and a gorgeous editorial; she also did some things in Germany do you remember?


And do you remember (see last post) when around Xmas time she tweeted from LA that she had a photo session with Yu Tsai?

Well, that ended being a wonderful spread for TUSH Magazine.

Since I like all those, I created a little video to present you all the pictures 😉 (and I like the song that I picked up for soundtrack… I know… you know… I might be cold towards her voice but I LOVE all her songs which are dance-y and speak of heavily sexual stuff 😉 I rely 😉 LOL):

This video doesn’t exist

Anne was away also to be the first Face at Escada’s defilé, as you remember, and those images are also into this other mini video that I created that unifies some random images of Adam and Anne (also from her previous years’ Sports Illustrated spreads… more to come about THIS year after of course):

This video doesn’t exist

After all those commitments Anne flew back to Los Angeles, where she could appreciate lovely romantic things such as the full moon and less iconic, but still great more playful things like bowling… and allegedly she as skills there.

Anne beats Adam in bowling 😉

Many skills ;).

Adam and Anne spent some lovely days in Los Angeles, and Adam also came out to support Sam’s gameshe could be a perfect soccer mom – ; allegedly they ventured out all lovey dovey in their own business time, but we got to learn through third parties that allegedly they couldn’t keep much hands off one another.

And I mean…

Also in public places 😉

I so totally picture that… *sweet* and *very sexy*.

Karim and I do the same so I completely support them there ;).

In fact the two lovebirds, after the cuteness of their Los Angeles rendez-vousflew way before the rest of Maroon 5 in Jamaica; Maroon 5 were meant to be part of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, but Adam and Anne decided to go to the beautiful Caribbean Island before and alone to… well… to keep minding their own business.

And they decided those days alone they would have been REALLY alone: they cut off all phone related facilities.


In full.

Then they had business, and a good one, as a band of course.

Read some interview of James about the way the guys love islands ;):

James about Jamaica Jazz

You will see from the pics from the event that FINALLY after more than a gap of 16 months (last time he had done it he was with Angela Bellotte in New York in September 2009!!!!) Adam DID SHAVE HEAD AGAIN, rocking again one of his many styles (and you know I love him with the razored-off hair… his face is so beautiful he can rock it so well).


I was like “What is, Anne is banning you from doing it?” (insert cute laughing ;)… I don’t think she actually did it), because you know that elapsed time without chopping off all his Chia-Pet like hair was really unusual for Adam ;).

I actually remember that years ago somebody told me Jane (yes… THAT Jane, the one and only, Miss – now Missus actually – Jane Herman, daughter of Fred Segal’s owner Mr. Herman, the Muse behind “Songs About”) used to mock Adam’s shorter do.

Jane Herman. That Jane of "Songs About Jane" ;)

Don’t know if that is true (by those times they were in not happy terms with one another, though now they are ) but whatever it is, you know I am grateful forever to Jane because without her cruelty to Adam, we wouldn’t know Maroon 5 at all ;).

Really... trash. REALLY. Glad it never blossomed. UGH.

And by the way, you know the only girlfriend Adam had that I really HATED to see him paired with was the Bunny Ho herself, Janine Habeck, the German playmate.

I am so so glad after that downfall (I don’t consider the flings he had with Parasite Hilton a serious thing, so she’s out of the UGH list but just because it was a fuck&go thing, that anyway gave us a cooooool song like Figure it Out ;)) Adam’s taste in women got back decently arising.

And you know how ecstatic I am of his choice over Anne.

Because I like him with classy looking people (you know I always loved him with Natalie P. too, even though she loved to make him feel culturally inadequate… like she uses to with anybody not “Harvard”-ed after all ;)…

But better a noisy obnoxious LOVELY and talented Natalie than anything nearby the trashy territories that Janine Habeck symbolized.

But okay, let’s stop this gossip back down to a not so stellar memory lane and let’s get back in Jamaica where the two lovebirds took sun and


You will see from tweets and images from the gig…

Some kind of reproachable fashion sense.


Adam… dear Lord… why oh why sometimes you go THAT color blind?

The wrong kind of rainbow around your body can kill even your undebatable hotness.  And capri pants on a male… gosh they’re so awful… Okay that Jamaica (in the words of Jesse I presume) may have changed you forever, but hopefully your perception of what’s good to wear will get back soon to “PRIOR” to it? 😉

The pictures in the small video are a sneak pick out from THIS SET on Flickr that you should check cos it’s AWESOME:

Okay that you loved those shoes… but why being a colorful hippie meeting an emo guy?

Adam and Mickey in Porto Rico, January 2011

Luckily the stop after Jamaica (Porto Rico) saw Adam keep the shoes, but being way better matched in the rest of the outfit…

As this picture evidences 😉

It makes me laugh sometimes to see how Adam can transition from being PERFECTLY ELEGANT AND PREPPY to be honestly looking like a homeless (and still hot, because with that body and face, he would be hot even dressed in recycled paper…)

Take a Journey in Adam Levine’s Style Rollercoaster through clicking this link (and know that for me the preppy style is actually his best and will forever be, because his noble features SHINE when he’s aptly dressed…)

The Caribbean tournament in Porto Rico wasn’t followed by Anne who had to fly away (and she also of course had loved the Magic of the Island… I wonder if she’s the reason Adam claimed there it changed him forever? I guess SO);  but we learnt soon that the two lovers would have reunited a bunch of days later in Dallas for the Superbowl: Maroon 5 were set to perform, both at the Saturday Direct TV Celebrity Bowl Bash, and for the Tailgate Party of Fox the actual Day of The Superbowl on the official entertainment schedule.

While parted, Anne got to see the movie that I loved the most personally out of the Oscars’ roaster, the AWESOME The Kings Speech. And since her taste are great (who can argue?) she seemed to love it as much as me.

Adam… well… Adam has other tastes for movies.


Btw, you do remember Anne filming with Freja in London when she was there in the days of Maroon5 presence past October, do you? (yep, the very romantic time they had there, and the days when Adam shot the Cosmopolitan naked spread, yep)…

Well, that was for the H&M new Spring Summer Campaign, and now you can see it (click on the picture and you’ll reach the page with the video of the spot):

Anne V and Freja E for H&M Spring Summer Campaign: click on for video

Now let’s instead get into lovely Mickey Madden’s world (you know how much I do have a soft, soft, SOFT spot about him!!!) because he proved once more how much of a lovely and deep creature he is by speaking again about his veganism.

You know I am not into that, but after reading him you know also I totally respect that vision too (mostly because he doesn’t act nor speak like a self assured blinder about it):

Mickey and his dedicated vegan behaviour

You gotta just love Mickey don’t You?

While on the break before Super Bowl, and among chronicle still of their Caribbean times, all of the guys obviously returned to Los Angeles.

The tenderness that California home inspires to them all, but mostly Adam makes it so hard for them to bend to touring.

Gotta reflect on that, because now that they’re actually on the other side of the world, you often, very often get the clear feeling that although they sure love to meet and play for fans everywhere, they also undoubtedly are kind of resident types of musicians.

They always were.

In a way I am glad in my life I’ve got to see them so many times (these incoming triades of Paris, Milan and Berlin marks if I recall correctly my 16th, 17th and 18th times I’ve seen them live…) already because a tiny voice inside me says quite insistently that it might be not much time left before they openly and totally change their vision about going all over the world to play live.

Adam tweeted from Superbowl (see later) about the 17th Birthday of Maroon5 – then Kara’s Flowers – on February 6th: I can’t help but thinkin this time 17th might actually be a not so happy number.

As they would say…

“It’s just a feeling that I have”.

But it’s pretty consistent and I have to say some of the rumors that are floating around about tv shows (I will talk of that later) pretty much confirm these feelings, actually.

Let’s see 😉

PS: In this very moment I’m listening to one of the best albums ever, by a recent discover of mine (how late I am there? I feel ashamed!).


That’s pretty PERFECT awesome music.

For real.

I’m also very into I BLAME COCO at the moment. Northern European music genes produce amazing beats.

And then, beside Radiohead and Adele (see above), I am TOTALLY and completely in LOVE with the awesome iTunes acoustic session of Maroon5, which is pretty spectacular and which I have used a lot in all my patchwork videos of this update as backsound tracks.


GET IT FROM THIS LINK: and do like me… buy only original music if you want to keep music alive.

Okay, back in tracking 😉

Oh… while I’m all over the world Meli still drawing for me of course… though u gonna know THIS PARTICULARLY drawing she already made a few weeks ago had been brought to our Los Angeles home

Gotta put it where it belongs the most (see above about Adam being difficult in partying from his native town… LOL!).

I thought it was fine to place his portrait in a convenient space…

Am I sweet or not?

Also sweet are Maroon5 Latin America fans (and I wonder… don’t they deserve a tour there too? Do it guys, don’t be cruel…).

Among curious news then know that Maroon5 music is also good to train for… FIGHTING.

Seriously 😉 Oh… and as usual Jesse keep sharing cute and brainful things, and they still SWEETHEARTS (Haiti isn’t forgotten right?) and so we all must follow their charitable lead, too.

Let's paaaarty 😉

As on the West Coast the guys were relaxing prior to Dallas, Anne was gearing up for the commitments with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit stuff. She also seemed so happy, poor lovely sweet creature… unaware yet how she would have been tricked – and STOLEN, in my not so humble opinion –  there once more.

You will see I had so much foresight there… unfortunately (not that I have anyhow ever trusted the taste of that magazine… they seem to prefer the most trivial models instead than those who could give them a classy sparkle anyway… So very and uncannily trashy americanism… so far away from European appreciation of elegance also in semi-nudity…).

Anyway, after all that it was SuperBowl Time, with the parties and the playing duties (too bad Adam did not also play at the Celebrity Beach Bowl, but only providing the music to it… I mean… Adam Levine, Matt Bomer at one sight? Malish beauty straight and gay at its peak ;)…)

The three days (that Adam almost missed due to the snowfalls and the late airplanes arrivals, while Anne flew way before him and way more in time… ;)…) were fullfilled and cute and among the minions things they did do, also regarding Anne including fellow SI Swimsuit gals, I have decided to cut the chase short and put all images in a mini video, so that you can get a complete glimpse of images and events, and I can just limit myself in comments by linking Adam and Anne’s twitter posts about the events later (and now).

I am starting to optimize also inspired by Adam’s witty mood – maybe – … or getting almost there 😉

Oh and yes… Adam was darn ORANGE at Dallas weekend.

Embarassingly so: I guess since he did shave from Jamaica, the gradient detach from the tanned skin and the shaved face forced him to a repair… but good Lord… that was so Jersey Shore it did hurt even his perfect face!!! (and in fact he admitted it later… though maybe his way to even the orange madness might not be that good of a solution either lmao… ;)).

From the tv take this excerpts of their perfomance from the Tailgate Party:

I just adore the whole of this to be honest… Getting glimpses of the happiness and satisfaction they all communicated out is satisfying for their listeners / followers too and makes you feel sweetly empathic.

It’s a mood booster in many ways, honestly: then I just feel fine in picturing all of the guys happy, in whatever way or due to whatever reason… I’m this much of a lightweight, yep.

And to be still more honest Keith and the guys would have been a better half time performers choice than dreadful Black Eyed Peas were in my book... the only thing I liked there was Usher’s dancing and since you know for me Usher‘s so overrated, you get an idea… ;).

During the days of Superbowl finally the awesome video for Never Gonna Leave This Bed was released: I STRAIGHT bought it from iTunes and unlike it did happen with the HAO video awfulness, the greatness of this latest video actually made me like the song MORE.

It’s an awesome video, check it:

Everyone was so excited about it, and RIGHTLY so 😉

Past the  SuperBowl Time, it was time for everybody to get back to Los Angeles, as Grammy week was approaching (Adam seemed inspired about fashion choices days before the event… LOL).

Yeah... you saw it already but why not again? 😉

Anne was actually able to reach LA safely and way before Adam did, obtaining good Venice spare time in between.

Days prior the event were a round of preparation, and also there were a pre Sports Illustrated public relation management for Anne, and for Adam a preparation pre European Tour take-off and add to that some time in the studio (hopefully for something we will be able to hear soon?).

But they managed to spend their good times together, and Adam couldn’t hold his praise for his lady not even with his more famous friends, like Ryan Seacrest.

And to be cute to one another (awwww… how cute is of Adam to worry about her safety driving?), of course (and to FrankieGirl!!! Look how cute she is…).

During the days in Los Angeles Adam got to see the video of Sara Bareilles‘s incoming new single, UNCHARTED, in which he sings and stars along with tons of others musicians, being part of the “writer block” song.

You all know I heart massively Sara and to me is always a soothing moment whenever she and the guys merge visions to produce true art in sound and motion and whatever else they decide to put efforts into.

Can’t wait to see the results (the video director is Travis Schneider, the same behind Vevey Forever video and book).

They of course headed to the pre-Grammies bashes, and the best among them is ALWAYS The Roots’ one.

Adam also gave some interviews.

One is on the March Issue of Women’s Health:

Adam on Women's Health Magazine March 2011

The other instead was given the days prior to the Grammies at the Jewish Chronicle and I TOTALLY loved it to pieces:

Adam Levine interviewed by The Jewish Chronicle Feb 2011

Back to the Grammy thing now… You know how much of a let down was last year’s Grammy to me, because I thought it was a pure shame to land Taylor Swift the major prizes, and I was fearing something awfully similar could have happened in 2011 too: instead, seriousness was restored.

This year instead I have to say practically all results were awesome to me, and I would have just let Eminem win more landing him the two SOTY and ROTY awards instead of landing them at over boring Lady Antebellum (I can’t help: country-pop to me is lame, lame, LAME).

I have also to confess that I think Train deserved the Grammy they took over Maroon5.

Maroon 5 in iTunes shots

That song (Ehi Soul Sister) was straight a pure pop-rock  gem and I have loved it completely since I first heard it: if any, you gotta criticize the Academy to not reckoning the greatness of that song in its due year (last one), but like it did happen with Maroon5’s win for This Love, the fact they put the “live” version of the song up for grab told everyone they were rightly the frontrunners for the prize.

I repeat… I think it was fair, actually. Too bad we couldn’t see Adam and the guys televised in another Grammy grab though, like they did in 2005.

Misery is a very good song, but it was no better: now if STUTTER had been instead the first single out of Hands All Over, I keep saying all the performance of the album would have been better, and I am SURE the success both the song and the record could have then enjoyed would have landed Maroon5 their fourth Grammy.

Adam said he is ready for 2012.

I appreciate the positivity.

Let’s see 😉

For sure one awesome thing was the fact Adam performed onstage with Rihanna, Eminem, Dre and awesome vocalist and songwriter Skylar Grey (they bonded at the after party, too allegedly), showing us once more how much of great musician he is, taking duties playing PIANO (I was blown away: that man can do EVERYTHING… if he only would focus on music “Kobe Mode”… *sigh* he can be so perfect being naturally himself):

Adam Levine’s talent is just MASSIVE. Face it.

But let’s start from the start…

Better… let’s start from the PRE-Start.

Adam caused a bit of Mayhem the Friday before Grammies when he couldn’t help but notice (as anyone older than 13) that the new Lady Gaga’s smash hit, Born This Way, was like a Madonna’s medley.

Given that Adam has always expressed admire for Gaga, it’s hard not to notice he was right.

Well, funny enough…

Anne had her entrance at the Grammies NOT along Adam… but Along Lady Gaga 😉 (you hear the song… tell me if Adam wasn’t right ;)):

This video doesn’t exist

No shock or tricky facts… she just had the honor of being part of Lady Gaga’s theatric entrance in an egg, dressed by Thierry Mugler as a horned tall amazon, holding… a vassel that carried Gaga inside, like a womb.

And it was so sweet the way Adam rooted for her, once again Oh man they’re so adorable paired :)…

In this interview from the Official Grammy Red Carpet you see Ryan Seacrest interviewing BOTH Anne and Adam, as they reached the event on February 13th (this is a French News covering of Anne, too):

This video doesn’t exist

Adam’s look was object of some controversy, too (and object of a funny tease by Kurt Sutter, Sons Of Anarchy creator, via Hart Hanson ;)).

I personally loved it (even tough you know I hate capri pants on a male, those pants were instead very European Fashion Forward, very stylish, and loved the whole of his mise).

Of course the Americans are too tacky to understand male fashion and they blasted him on the subsequent Fashion Police Show:

To be honest I don’t think Joan Rivers was actually rude or anything… I think she’s just a bit obsessed about Adam’s sexual life (you may remember a few weeks ago she said that thing about being a female in Hollywood, and getting busy with either Adam or John Mayer…)

Anyway after their entrance they of course stay together all time, and Anne changed her Alien Outfit in favor of an adorable silver and grey dress which was a very good match with Adam’s mise, too:

This video doesn’t exist

The party night was only partially shared though, because Anne had to fly straight towards New York to attend the David Letterman’s unveiling of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover.

Hence, after she praised her man, and before her man headed to the best and most secluded VIP party of the night, she ventured to LAX to catch a red-eye flight to Big Apple.

Adam's Valentine sent to Anne in New York

When she woke up, it was Valentine’s Day too… and she wished happily to everybody to feel it… because Adam sure made sure she had felt it, sending her flowers while she was at the backstage at Ed Sullivan’s Theathre with Letterman (AWWWW).

I wonder how cute that could feel…

Sending love from Coast To Coast 😉

It was maybe that one the call Adam was taken with while shopping in Los Angeles those hours – as you see in the collage below -, before leaving to Europe?

Adam Levine shopping in LA on Valentine's Day 2011

Because as Anne was getting preppy for the big appearing and all the 10 SI Swimsuit girls were gathering in New York, the guys were putting together the final details in their schedules (and suitcases) before saying “bye bye” to United States for a first tranche lasting 5 weeks (the 5 weeks where I WILL SEE THEM, so some truly amazing five weeks on my own behalf, sure ;)… but a strong streak for far away lovers, even though they will sure re-meet before… well, before Russian times for sure, at least ;)).

Anyway, Adam was cheering for Anne a lot, but as I predicted, and as the PR campaign was mostly making clear in the past month, the cover of SI SWIMSUIT 2011 went to a girl who keeps looking to me like a person whose face screams “I cost this much per hour” even though Anne seems of a very different opinion than mine (but she’s always so lovely, I wasn’t expecting any differently).

I can’t help: I find Irina Shayk‘s face really gross and vulgar (also her Intimissimi ad that keeps running on Italian tv screams pornstar to me…).

Girl has a wonderful bottom body (legs and ass especially) but she’s got plunging belly and an axis eyes/nose/lips which seems too much unelegant and trashy to me.

Adam and his love for Italian food

I can’t help.

To me this is a PR mistake, as bad as modeling choice as it was the lame Brooklyn Decker (but at least she was having huge breasts… Irina hasn’t even them instead).

I fear next year cover can go to Chrissy Teigen now, which would be a total laughable shame, as the girl TOTALLY is average looking (even less than that to me) and she’s short and pretty boring on any shot I’ve seen of her.

But she has a very strong support, the editors totally ride her up and it seems everyone finds her funny (Adam also started following on twitter both her and John Legend… I can understand the latter, at least ;)).

Well, it’s not really like Sports Illustrated is THAT much of a big deal (it maybe WAS, but to be honest Anne has the kind of body/features/style/shape that can allow her to do way more high fashion stuff, than SI Swimsuit could ever land to her).

It’s a long time SI cover models are never high fashion ones: Marisa Miller (beautiful, but short), Beyonce (I know… ;)), Bar Rafaeli (short and with tendency to get fat); Brooklyn Decker (a pair of HUGE boobs, no runaway shape, and a face that to be defined butterlike is way too kind).

Irina Shayk may be the closest the cover has gotten to fashion these past years, but still nowhere near credible fashion (her face is too overly sexualized to be ok in high fashion photography).

Anyway… These are Anne’s SI shots (not fine those bikini peachy colors… but she’s so beautiful nonetheless):

This video doesn’t exist

This instead is a patchwork of Anne’s pictures outside Ed Sullivan’s Theathre:

This video doesn’t exist

And to be complete, take the excerpt from David Letterman’s show (with Italian captions… so you can learn a bit of languages too ;)) with the girls reading the Top Ten and the final reveal of the cover:

This video doesn’t exist

Adam touched down on UK soil keeping feeling very lovey doveyprobably remembering all the strolls he and Anne did that previous October I mentioned before.

It’s so sweet the way love makes the guy mellow… 😉

Maroon 5 for David Lynch Foundation: click over to jump there

Anne instead after the Letterman thing weekend started the celebratory in between New York and Las Vegas about the Sports Illustrated issue reveal; I’m not really sure about first outfit/makeup/hairdo (very 80’s… maybe a bit too much to my taste ;)), but she always manages to look adorable even in the worst kind of mises.

On the other side, her body is just to die for… ALWAYS (look the way her stomach is flat… awesome!)

I found cute beyond words the way Anne hinted at her stay in Las Vegas, because that was where she and Adam first met last year (when Maroon5 were the resident musical guests for SI Swimsuit launch – this year it was Ne-Yo); and as teasingly lovely the way Adam said he would have stayed mum about “details” ;).

The whole event was well covered, and as you saw in the above videos of Anne she also managed to take cooking lessons (awww… those might always be useful girl; also because you’re with a gourmet type of man and although he can cook, it’s never bad to learn how to do it also yourself, so you can kinda… tease him – and yourself – more ;)).

I really like the way Anne seems always upbringing and cheerful.

She’s the definition of a sweetheart, with the perfect look of an elf goddess.

In Uk Land in the maintime lovely Sara Bareilles (best tourmate ever with Maroon5 , because they’re friends from a life and she’s naturally fitting in with the boys) was sharing good vibes as well.

The tour started in Brighton, and then moved on to a stream of Uk dates.

Here it is a compendium video out of first night in London at Brixton Academy:

And after that, take Adam’s sweet whispers along, too (so tender!).

Those hours, some of the concertgoers had the amazing experience of having Adam PHONE CALLING THEM (well, some of their friends or lovers who weren’t actually at the gigs, actually); thing that as you can easily picture drove more than one happily insane.


Click on this link and you will see a video of the phone call 😉 (AWWWW!!!).

If I can ever get that as well not (that I will push to be front row… Karim’s with me and we have kinda of a “good manners” type of deal ;)…) I would make him call Serena.

She’s the one who’s gonna miss both Paris and Milan gigs actually so… it’d be due ;).

Anne V in Los Angeles, February 2011 times

While in break times in London, Adam went actually shopping for clothes in one of the COOLEST (if not THE coolest) place the town can offer, namely Dover Street Market (Comme Des Garçons: whenever Japanese style is, Style RULES)

As the Las Vegas mayhem ended, Anne went flying to Los Angeles.

She’s one her track to become a perfect Cali person as well?

Oh, God knows how I wish it so!

Anyway, she was there for attending All Star Game (and poor Adam really was envying her there… poor baby ;)), and then (actually just by the time this post is being written and posted) the Academy Awards Vanity Fair Party.

Awww she is gonna be so so cute there!!! (and Adam had his Oscar time last year… so this year is fair she will send to him cheering shout-outs, right?)

In the days there (a full on week and counting) she also had Malibu sweet & dorky time, she had more driving testing experience (and all around car maintenance) and also, completely cute, she attended as you read way above the game Lakers played against Clippers, along Gene Hong and N.P. 😉 (the game Karim and I would have attended too, if I weren’t more than only focused on my business these LA quick days ;)).

Maroon 5 in Manchester, 21st February 2011

Think that weather hasn’t exactly been always perfect… but it doesn’t matter: I’m really glad Anne is shaping up to be Cali-obsessed.

It’s the way it has to be.

You know…good  influences ;).

Hopefully the two lovers had ways and time to be in long contact: also because Adam as per usual gets so homesick traveling far away he has the only remedy of keeping his system loaded on PacificStandardTime.

Adam also has a way to deal with touring boredome and that’s video-gaming.

Somehow new portatile phones facilities help him even more there.

Fruit Ninja is apparently a good cure as well, indeed.

Then there is always the ADD stopper by excellence to keep Adam relaxed while on tour… yep… the thing Snoop Dogg gets the most shouting up for… from Adam too, of course ;).

It’s very heart-warmening then to know and realize (as per usual actually) everybody gets ravished at their gigs.

It’s so making me angry (but after so many years of wrong biased reps, I am kinda used to it) how many people realize Maroon5 actually KICK ASS only when they go to their live gigs (where it’s impossible not to get how great they are).

It’s the “pretty boys making pop” kind of misunderstanding impression.

Adam in Kilt in Glasgow, 22 Feb 2011

Because of the way they look, and the way their music sounds, people assume Maroon5 is “just” pop.

Instead Maroon5 is GREAT pop, made by guys who can deliver magic live and who have actually their roots in the indie style of playing, more than any pop field.

But ehy… I know the wrong assumption is so rooted by now people will just change their perspective on them only if they get smart enough to actually catch them live.

I hope this is an option that can be kept going on for a while more.

I’m speaking like this because after their Scottish gig (look in the collage how funny Adam was wearing a kilt… BACKWARDS ;)) a news started spreading up in USA:

Adam and Cee-Lo Green seem to be in talks to become judges for a new singing competition, named The Voice, and produced on NBC (Universal TV partner… and Maroon5 is under Universal).


Mostly because that would mean no tour, and I am not the only one thinkin people prefer great artist to tour and not being on tv judging; then I also think there’s no space for more audiences for more singing competitions (American Idol and XFactor are already enough filling); then honestly… unless Adam would plan a year break in case he had to become father or anything related… it’s just wrong for him to land his (undoubtedly awesome) face and expertize to a lame tv show.

I was so loving the impression I used to have he wasn’t fond of singing competition.

I sure hope this is a wrong feed of media.

Then… hasn’t Cee-Lo Green dissed Maroon5 lately?

I don’t really want to see a tv beefing in judging (and I love both Cee-Lo and Adam too much to wish for them to go on tv that way: they have to be on tv for singing THEIR music only.).

I better focus on UNCHARTED VIDEO PREVIEW (click on this)

Then I better share with you pictures of just happened gigs in Luxembourg (coolest state name for Adam… Lux indeed ;)), and keep thinking about boys touring the best way.

I mean… Adam, think twice about tv shows… Andrew WK wouldn’t find it any cool, so that maybe he wouldn’t ever think again you can still “Party Hard“, no matter how you could brag still about it (reversal psychology ;)).

Then take these links and pieces of news about incoming schedules (for Spring and Summer again… so no space for tv shows?) for Maroon5 in Usa, and Caribbean again.

Beside the June show for the Golf tournament, Maroon 5 are set to headline along their Grammy buddies Train the Mid State Fair on July 23:

Maroon 5 and Train for Mid State Fair

Prior to that, and before Maroon 5 will get back to Europe and Asia for keeping on their World Tour (from Istanbul, to Cairo, to Dubai… and all over Asia), the boys are slated to perform on April 12 for Tru Tv special series launch Performances:

This is gonna be cool... 🙂

I think BEFORE this Tru Tv thing (because Istanbul gig is on April 15th, so they got to fly over Mediterranean at least April 14th? Or they could be there by April 13th and then fly from Barbados to Turkey? Who knows ;)), they are going to be part of Breakfast in Barbados event too (and that is overchill and really pleasant scenery, yep):

Breakfast in Barbados 2011 event: click to be informed

So by all counts, I truly truly hope Maroon5 keep being on the road and not really put on hold by any tv show madness.

To me they are a band…

And a band is mostly and ultimately so when it performs live for their fans.

minutes ago... Los Angeles shining from Griffith Park Observatory

That’s why I can’t wait, after we take off to New York in some hours (btw, how cool is to type on iPad from Griffith Observatory and Park?), to fly over to Paris to see them once more…

And then in Milan, once more…

And again in Berlin… once more again.

I hope this chaotic and filled update was worthy the wait.

To be honest I won’t review it much because this weather over LA today is promising and Griffith Park is awesome; we don’t care at all about Oscar Chaos over downtown so we will just taste our hours in a very sexy way.

Oh… we know we’re missing Lakers game with OKC in these moments but… trust me… we are gaining magic nonetheless.

Kobe will forgive us.

Catch you in March.

Bye Bye and be All Up^^^^ ;)!

Miss Z. 🙂

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